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A Closer Look at the $1.5 Billion Superyacht Eclipse

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride, but that does not mean we have to stop working towards getting the desires of our hearts. Everyone wants to the best because the spirit of competition was instilled in us in our childhood. By the age of four, you are frowning if your dress or shirt is not as good as your sibling's. It is not wrong to have high levels of self-esteem but sometimes wanting to be the greatest can have us being arrogant like the makers of Titanic who were so proud of their creation that they thought it would never sink only to have it become a disaster that claimed the lives of 1,500 people. Pride comes before a fall, and Roman Abramovich should have learned from this proverb if not from the story of the Titanic. Then again, do we ever learn? Roman went out of his way to have a yacht that would eclipse all other boats at sea; hence, he came up with "Eclipse," a 533-foot long yacht. He was able to get the desires of his heart since Eclipse was named the world's most expensive and largest yacht according to Marine Insight , but the achievement lasted for less than three years because Azzam took over the title in April 2013, with a length of 590 feet. Let's take a closer look at Roman's Eclipse and see if it is worth being valued at $1.5 billion.

The defense system

With money and fame comes enemies and Roman was not going to take chances with his life, so he installed a high-level security system on his yacht. News can make or break you, and we all know that the paparazzi always are putting their noses where they should not. Roman, therefore, ensured that they would never catch him with his pants down by installing an anti-paparazzi security system to protect him from their prying eyes. As The Guardian explains , the system is in the form of a laser beam that detects electronic light sensors from digital cameras; then it hits back at the camera with a bright light such that any pictures a person takes will be useless. The essence, therefore, is not to stop the cameramen from taking shots of the boat, but to frustrate their efforts by making all shots captured unusable. Of course, a relentless cameraman can still go out of his way to get the analog cameras that use film since they would not be detected by the lasers. With such a serious hitch it makes you wonder why someone with all the wealth in the world could not ensure that even such cameras do not get anywhere close to him, or maybe we can blame technology for that.

You can never be too careful, so if paparazzi are not bothering you, it could be that pirates are planning to kidnap you and have their payday or the people you have pissed off want you dead. Roman had that covered with bulletproof glass windows all round his master suite as well as an armor plate surrounding it and the bridge. If things get too hot to remain on the boat, the option of getting out into the sea and escaping is well catered for by a submarine that can carry two passengers. Alternatively, the two helicopter pads will make sure that a helicopter is ready to fly Roman to safety. Moreover, in this day, when someone will kill you remotely using a drone strike, Roman went steps further to ensure that no danger would find him unprepared. He, therefore, has a missile detection system on the boat that was installed by AST, a company with a close connection to the German defense ministry; goes to show the expertise of the firm.

Other features

Besides the extravagant and high-tech defense system, other things that Roman has on Eclipse are two swimming pools, a disco hall, 24 guest cabins, and a few hot tubs. Those who pay attention to their looks will find the beauty salon, spa, massage room, and gym very instrumental. The cabins are luxurious and are fitted with a 6-feet home cinema screen and specialized security systems.

How much does it cost to maintain it?

When you hear of a boat being referred to as a "$1.5 billion superyacht," you think that is the cost of constructing it. The figure was around $400 million, but then with time passage, the billionaire has to keep upgrading the boat and installing features he might find necessary. Therefore the amount has gone up considerably over the years . The cost of construction may be too high, but have you ever considered how much it costs Roman to maintain it? Imagine the dollars you part with every year to keep your car running, yet this is a large boat that has lots of crew members and staff. You complain of thousands of dollars that go into babysitting per year yet they are your children being looked after; Roman has to fork out 40 million Euros every year to maintain the 70 crewmembers aboard the Eclipse, according to The Sun.

Parking fees for your vehicle can put a dent in your pocket especially when they add up; parking charges for Disney World are around $25 per day, so if you plan on staying for five days in the resort hotel, you should be prepared to pay $125. If you think that is too much, think of Roman who cannot take his boat home and park it in a garage. He, therefore, has no choice but to pay dockage fees when the boat is not at sea, and it costs him around $2,000 per day, as reported by City Room .

With insurance covers, fuel, and repairs, you can be sure that the yearly cost goes up significantly. For instance, in 2017, when Eclipse stopped at Port Gruz to refuel and ordered 750 tons of fuel, the cost was around one million euros. In early 2015, Eclipse underwent a renovation, and by the end of the year, it was back at its builders for maintenance. Such expenses can only be catered for billionaires; as for the rest of us, let's keep competing on who has the trendiest clothes, handbags, and shoes and leave the superyachts to the likes of Roman Abramovich.

Dana Hanson

Written by  Dana Hanson

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The 15 Most Expensive Yachts in the World

These dream machines show what's possible when money is no object., rachel cormack.

Digital Editor

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Al Saïd Lürssen

As superyachts continue to get bigger and more extravagant than ever before, so too do the accompanying price tags. According to the Boats Group’s market index, the average cost of a yacht above 80 feet in the US last year was $5.3 million. As you’ll see below, though, there are a handful of high-end vessels that blow that figure out of the water.

Although it’s difficult to get exact prices in what is a fiercely secretive industry, sales of luxury yachts have surged amid the pandemic and the ultra-wealthy are more willing than ever to fork out for ostentatious ocean goers. Case in point: Billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos reportedly parted with $485 million for his Oceanco megayacht that’s currently in build.

Believe it or not, that’s quite a modest price compared to at least half of the entries on this list. Lürssen’s Dilbar , for instance, is rumored to have cost in the ballpark of $800 million. As alluded to, the shipyards behind these lavish, nine-figure designs seldom share details regarding ownership or price. Therefore, the amounts cited here are estimates pulled together from Wikipedia and other reliable sources. Still, the 15 vessels here give you a good idea of what’s possible when money is no object and the best builders in the business are at your whim.

Lürssen: ‘Dilbar’ — $800 Million

EU authorities began to seize Russian Oligarch's superyachts

Delivered in 2016, Lürssen’s Dilbar is the largest motor yacht in the world by gross tonnage. It’s also the most expensive with an original price tag in the ballpark of $800 million. Weighing in at 15,917 tons, the monolithic 512-footer is one of the most complex and challenging vessels the German yard has ever built. Penned by Espen Øino, Dilbar features a classic profile and a light ivory hull with bronze accents. Onboard, meanwhile, the elegant interiors were brought to life by Winch Design and outfitted with only the best luxury materials. The pièce de résistance is, of course, the 82-foot swimming pool. Lürssen says it is the largest pool ever to have been installed on a yacht. Seafarers also have access to 41,000 square feet of saloons, staterooms, spas and cinemas to explore. German authorities impounded Dilbar earlier this year after establishing it was linked to a Russian billionaire. According to the US Treasury Department, the yacht is now worth between $600 million and $700 million, with annual maintenance costs of about $60 million.

Blohm+Voss: ‘Eclipse’ — $600 Million

Blohm & Voss "Eclipse" Superyacht

The epic 533-foot Blohm+Voss superyacht Eclipse took half a decade to come to fruition before it was finally delivered to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich in 2010. At that time, it was the largest yacht in the world and certainly one of the most expensive. It has now been 20-odd years and Eclipse still sits at the top of both lists and is estimated to be worth over $600 million. Designed inside and out by Terence Disdale, the vessel is equipped with 17 staterooms, a 185-foot-long owner’s deck with a palatial owner’s suite, a giant swimming pool that doubles as a dance floor, a gym, a beach club and a spa. Other highlights include a helicopter hangar with space for three choppers and a garage that can hold six tenders. On top of that, Eclipse has a top-end speed of 21 knots, with a range of 6,000 nautical miles.

Lürssen: ‘Azzam’ — $600 Million

1.5 billion dollar yacht

Lürssen has proven itself adept at delivering sizable (and expensive) vessels. In fact, the German yard is behind the world’s longest superyacht, which reportedly set one private owner back more than $600 million. Delivered in 2013, Azzam measures just shy of 593 feet and offers a volume of 13,136 GT. Penned by Nauta Yacht, the yacht’s exterior is characterized by a long, sleek forward area and a series of tiers ascending to the skydeck. The interior, meanwhile, was brought to life by Christophe Leoni and showcases luxurious decor inspired by the Empire style of the early 19th century. Azzam is no slouch on the high seas, either, with a top speed of more than 30 knots. Astonishingly, the behemoth only took three years to build after one year of engineering. Azzam also underwent a refit in 2020 that likely resulted in a few more dollars being spent on her.

Lürssen: ‘Al Said’ — $600 Million

1.5 billion dollar yacht

Another nine-figure Lürssen megayacht on the list is Al Saïd . Delivered in 2008, the 508-footer reportedly set the Sultan of Oman roughly $600 million and, well, you can tell. Designed by Espen Øino, Al Saïd ’s exterior is reminiscent of a classic cruise liner with the twin-exhaust stacks in the center of the superstructure. Sporting a steel hull and lightweight aluminum superstructure, the yacht is capable of 25 knots flat out, with a cruising speed of 22 knots. Inside, meanwhile, the contemporary interior was penned by Redman Whiteley Dixon. Highlights include a concert hall that can hold a 50-piece orchestra.

Lürssen: ‘A+’ (Topaz) — $527 Million

Lürssen Topaz largest yachts in the world

Lürssen megayacht A+ , previously known as Topaz , reportedly cost approximately $527 million (€400 million) to come to fruition. It is the fourth-largest yacht ever built by the German shipyard and was launched back in 2012. It’s rumored that Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al Nahyan, the deputy prime minister of the UAE and owner of Manchester City Football Club, took delivery of the vessel and is the current owner. A+ ’s exterior was penned by Tim Heywood Designs, while her interior was brought to life by Terence Disdale. She is equipped with cabins for 62 guests and 72 crew, as well as two helipads, a pool and a large swim platform. What more do you need?

Fincantieri: ‘Serene’ — $444 Million

A float plane flies over the super yacht Serene during take off in Ketchikan, Alaska Friday morning. Work began on the 493-foot 3-inch yacht in 2007 by Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri. The ship has a crew of 52 and room for 24 guests. The seven deck vessel has landing capabilities for two helicopters and for a submarine and a sea water pool. (AP Photo/Ketchikan Daily News, Hall Anderson)

Fincantieri’s first superyacht turned out to be big in terms of both proportions and price. The 439-footer was the largest yacht ever launched in Italy when it hit the water in 2011 and cost approximately $444 million (€450 million) to complete. Designed by Espen Øino, the seven-deck vessel is characterized by a sleek blue hull, a contrasting white superstructure and a ton of racy curves. She’s brimming with amenities, too, including an enclosed winter garden for dining in any season, a tender garage large enough to house a submarine and a supersized swimming pool for soaking. She also has two helipads and a hangar to facilitate comings and goings. Although the details of Serene ’s interior remain tightly under wraps, we do know Pascale Reymond of Reymond Langton Design penned the 43,056-square-foot living quarters.

Platinum Yachts: ‘Dubai’ — $400 Million

DUBAI UAE - DEC 16: Dubai - yacht of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum the ruler of the Emirate of Dubai. December 16 2014 in Dubai UAE

Dubai was, quite literally, built for royalty at a princely fee of roughly $400 million. The superyacht was originally commissioned by Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei as a joint project between Blohm+Voss and Lürssen. The duo only got to finish the bare hull and skeletal superstructure before construction was halted in 1998. The incomplete design was then sold to the government of Dubai and turned into a royal yacht for the country’s ruler. The 532-footer, which was finished off by Platinum Yachts, was delivered to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in 2006. Penned by Winch Design, Dubai spans seven decks and can sleep 24 guests and 88 crew. Befitting a sheikh, she is also equipped with a landing pad for a Black Hawk helicopter, a submarine garage, a disco and a cinema.

Blohm+Voss : ‘Motor Yacht A’ — $300 Million

Motor Yacht A 2008

Legend has it that architect Philippe Starck sketched the design for Motor Yacht A on a napkin in a matter of minutes. Blohm + Voss then sold the superyacht for approximately $300 million. Commissioned by Russian industrialist Andrey Melnichenko, the 390-footer is characterized by a minimalist exterior and a highly distinctive pelican bow that cuts a striking silhouette. With a beam of 62 feet, the vessel offers a generous interior volume of 5,500 GT. She offers accommodation for 14 guests and 42 crew. She also has no less than three swimming pools, one of which has a glass bottom that creates a wow factor on the deck below. Melnichenko kept  Motor Yacht A for nearly a decade before replacing it with Nobiskrug’s Sailing Yacht A . The 468-footer is not only the largest sailing yacht in the world, but also the most expensive with an estimated value of $578 million .

Lürssen: ‘Radiant’ — $300 Million

1.5 billion dollar yacht

The tale behind Radiant ’s price tag is almost as long as the 360-footer itself. Rumor has it, the superyacht was built for Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky at a cost of roughly $149 million (€148.5 million). After Berezovsky ran into financial difficulties, he asked Edmiston to list the vessel for $352 million (€350 million) and it eventually sold for a hair under that. Delivered in 2010, Radiant sports a steel hull, an aluminum superstructure and gorgeous teak decking. She can comfortably accommodate up to 20 guests in 10 suites, as well as up to 44 crew. Her top-tier amenities include a movie theatre, a beauty salon, a beach club, a gym, a pool, a Jacuzzi, a helipad and a fully stocked tender garage. Certainly sounds worthy of $300 million to us.

Lürssen: ‘Pelorus’ — $300 Million

1.5 billion dollar yacht

In the late ‘90s, Saudi Arabian businessman Abdulmohsen Abdulmalik Al-Sheikh commissioned Lürssen to create Pelorus . The 377-footer hit the seas in 2003 and was the 11th-largest yacht in the world at the time. During her maiden voyage, Pelorus was sold to Roman Abramovich. The Russian entrepreneur had it altered by Blohm & Voss, adding a second helipad and other lavish amenities. Fast forward to 2009, Irina Abramovich received the yacht as part of her divorce settlement from Roman. She sold it to David Geffen in 2011 via broker Merle Wood for $300 million. Pelorus features a sleek exterior designed by Tim Heywood and a beachy chic interior penned by Terence Disdale. She has several terraces with doors that open out to the sea to create a true indoor/outdoor feel.

Peters Werft: ‘Al Mirqab’ — $300 Million

1.5 billion dollar yacht

The 436-foot Al Mirqab is one of the largest yachts in the world and has a price tag to match. Launched in 2008, the $300 million vessel was built for Qatar’s former prime minister under the supervision of Kusch Yachts in the Peters Werft shipyard in Germany. Penned by Tim Heywood, the elegant exterior pairs a long, navy-blue hull with a contrasting white superstructure. The interior, meanwhile, was brought to life by Andrew Winch and has won several awards. Arguably, the most striking feature is the Arabic-influenced motifs on the marble floors. Another highlight is the swimming pool on the lower deck, which can be opened up to the sea via side hatches in the hull. Al Mirqab has staterooms for 36, and crew quarters for 45. She was also treated to a refit in 2014 and thus looks fresher than your average 14-year-old vessel.

Abeking & Rasmussen: ‘Aviva’ — $250 Million

1.5 billion dollar yacht

Abeking & Rasmussen’s Aviva shows what kind of lavish amenities you can get with $250 million. The 323-footer, which was delivered in 2017, features the largest gym on any yacht. It’s so big, in fact, that it houses a full-size paddle tennis court that pulls double duty as a soccer field when the nets are down. Penned by Toby Silverton and Reymond Langton Design, Aviva pairs a curvacious blue exterior with a chic modern interior. She is equipped with a hybrid propulsion system that enables her to reach up to 11 knots using only electric motors or 20 knots with the addition of diesel power. The yacht is reportedly the sequel to another smaller Aviva that was delivered to British billionaire Joe Lewis in 2007. The yacht was launched just 33 months after the signing of the contract, which is quite an impressive feat given the complexity and scope of the project.

Lürssen: ‘Octopus’ — $200 Million 

Octopus Superyacht Exterior

Launched in 2003 at a cost of approximately $200 million, Octopus was built by Lürssen for late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. The 414-footer is regularly loaned out for expeditions and scientific research initiatives. A true explorer, it features a dive center with a hyperbaric chamber, a yellow submarine named Pagoo and a remotely operated vehicle that can dive thousands of feet below the surface. Of course, this is complemented by state-of-the-art research technology. In addition, Octopus features two helipads, a hangar and seven tenders to facilitate comings and goings. She is also equipped with 13 staterooms, several bars, a recording studio, a cinema, a spa, a gym, a library and a basketball court. (You might remember Allen once owned the Portland Trail Blazers.) What’s more, Octopus appears to be climbing in price as time goes on. In 2019, the vessel was listed for sale for a cool $325 million .

Lürssen: ‘Rising Sun’ — $200 Million

Lürssen Rising Sun superyacht

Rising Sun was designed by one of the brightest minds in the industry: the late, legendary Jon Bannenberg. In fact, it was the last yacht the Australian designer penned before he died in 2002. The $200 million vessel was built by Lürssen and delivered to Oracle CEO Larry Ellison two years later in 2004. The 138-footer is characterized by large expanses of glass that let in plenty of the sun’s rays. In addition, it offers 86,000 square feet of living space brought to life by Seccombe Design. There are nine cabins for up to 18 guests and generous crew quarters for up to 46 crew. Elsewhere, you’ll find a gym, a cinema, a wine cellar and a basketball court. As for grunt, Rising Sun promises a maximum speed of 28 knots and a cruising speed of 26 knots. She was last refitted in 2011 and is currently owned by billionaire David Geffen.

Lürssen: ‘Solandge’ — $150 Million

Lürssen’s Solandge

Lürssen’s Solandge is rumored to have cost $150 million to come to fruition, and you can tell. Delivered in 2013, the 279-footer is replete with the finest materials. The floor, for example, sports no less than 50 types of exotic wood. There are also around 50 samples of natural stone in the bathrooms. Designed by Espen Øino, Solandge has a sleek exterior with elegant, clean lines. Aileen Rodriguez’s interior, meanwhile, is full to the brim with extravagant amenities. The spa comprises multiple pools on different decks, along with a hammam and a sauna. In addition, the yacht features a beauty salon is equipped with a sink and crane that together creates “snow” à la a snow room, as well as a gym and a massage room. As Lürssen puts it, Solandge was built with pure yachting pleasure in mind.

Rachel Cormack is a digital editor at Robb Report. She cut her teeth writing for HuffPost, Concrete Playground, and several other online publications in Australia, before moving to New York at the…

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Marine Insight

Top 15 Most Expensive Yachts In The World

Yachts were simple vessels at the time of their inception in the ’90s, designed primarily for water sports; however, in the 2000s, they were transformed into luxurious maritime structures.

Such superyachts are commissioned for the rich and combine technological excellence with a glorious display of opulence and power. Apart from being genuinely majestic and gigantic, these yachts have amazingly unique features, as we will see in this article featuring the most expensive superyachts in the world.

1. History Supreme – $4.8 Billion 

The yacht History Supreme boasts of being the most expensive private superyacht in the world. It was constructed by the famous designer in Liverpool, Stuart Hughes, famous for turning ordinary gadgets like iPhones into luxury goods by covering them with precious metals such as gold or diamonds. Hence, the dining area, the railings, and anchor of the most expensive yacht in the world are adorned with priceless metals.

This magnificent yacht was made for a wealthy businessman hailing from Malaysia. Some news reports underlined the probability of Malaysian business tycoon Robert Kuok, the owner of this maritime wonder.

History Supreme

It is 100 feet and was completed in three years. Adorned with more than 10,000 kg of solid gold, silver and platinum, it is the most extravagant vessel. The yacht’s structure, anchors, deck areas, kitchen, and washrooms are made of precious metals. Its bottom is gold-plated, while the main bedroom has a walled structure made from a genuine meteorite and a decorative design carved from an authentic dinosaur tooth. 70 kg of gold was used only for making the lavish aquarium separating the main bedroom from the seating area.

Other features, such as expensive liquor in cases made of rare diamonds or the use of historical artefacts in its interior, are why the yacht is the most costly.

2. Eclipse – $1.5 Billion 

Roman Abramovich, the Russian billionaire and politician and the famous owner of the soccer club Chelsea, is the proud possessor of the Eclipse, which comes second in the list of the most expensive yachts in the world.

Eclipse is estimated to be worth 1.5 billion dollars and was built by Blohm and Voss, a ship construction company headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. Terence Disdale, a renowned yacht designer who has renovated more than 40 superyachts, is responsible for the eye-catching interiors of the Eclipse.


The yacht is approximately 536 feet, and its magnanimous size incorporates numerous features of extraordinary luxury. It possesses two helipads, 23 cabins and a dozen guest cabins, hot tubs and swimming pools near the main deck.

It is a sailing beauty that offers comfort and entertainment as it is endowed with a dance hall, jacuzzi, launch boats, and a mini-submarine. It has high-security features like missile detection system, bulletproof windows and sharp camera surveillance. An interesting feature is the laser system that prevents photographers from clicking pictures even from afar.

3. Azzam – $650 Million

Built by the German shipbuilder Lürssen, Azzam is the third most expensive and extravagant yacht owned by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nayan, president of the United Arab Emirates. It was completed in 2013 in Bremen, Germany, with a tonnage capacity of 14,500 tonnes.

Azzam, which translates to determination in Arabic, is true to its name, as reflected in many of its stunning features. Its exteriors were designed by Nauta, a design company based in Milan. At the same time, its interior designs were carefully chosen to replicate the empire grandeur of medieval times, brought alive by Christophe Leoni, a prominent French designer.


It measures 590 feet in length, and its most distinguishing feature is its speed which is impressive for its size. Also, it is a no-pillar construction, an engineering marvel in itself. Azzam can attain a speed of more than 35 knots. Endowed with around 55 luxurious suites and a large salon accommodating 40 guests, it is representative of royalty at its finest. It has swimming pools, a golf course, double helicopter landing pads, and a sea-facing gym. Propelled by the latest technology dual engines, it is managed by 85 highly trained crew members.

4. Dilbar Superyacht -$600 million

Dilbar Superyacht was launched in 2015 at the German Lurssen Shipyard and was finally delivered a year later in 2016. One of the largest superyachts, she was constructed as Project Omar, with her interiors and exteriors crafted by Andrew Winch and Espen Oeino. She has a classic profile, a light ivory hull, a steel hull and an aluminium superstructure.

As of 2022, she is the 6th longest yacht in the world. At 1,917 tonnes, the 156 m superyacht is also one of the largest yachts by volume. It features never-seen-before entertainment and recreation spaces, too, like the 25 m swimming pool having 180 cubic metres of water, the largest pool ever built on a yacht. 

Dilbar Superyacht

Dilbar was owned by Rusian Billionaire Alisher Usmanov. In 2022, German authorities seized the yacht as they placed sanctions on many Russian Oligarchs during the Russian Invasion of Ukraine.

The yacht, which is said to have cost a whopping $600 million, can easily accommodate 36 guests and also 96 crew members.

5. Al Said – $600 Million

Al Said is a luxurious superyacht constructed by Lurssen 2008, a famous yacht construction company. It is owned by the Sultan of Oman, Sultan Qaboos Bin Saad Al Said hence its name. Al Said measures 156 m, and when it was completed, it held the title of the second biggest superyacht in the world, with a capacity to host more than 75 guests and accommodate over 150 crew members.

Al Said

Espen Oeino chose its exteriors and hand-crafted the interiors by Redman Whitely Dixon. Al Said has a steel and aluminium structure and can attain a maximum speed of 25 knots and a cruising speed of about 23 knots.

Comprising six open deck areas and other attractive features, its main attraction is the concert hall which can be used for a professional concert amidst the seas. It also has luxurious master bedrooms, jacuzzis, helipads, and features common to all luxurious yachts.

6. Topaz – $527 Million 

The Topaz superyacht was launched in 2012 by the German shipbuilding company Lurrsen. It was commissioned for Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, belonging to the royal family of Abu Dhabi and an essential functionary of the country, who acquired the exotic yacht for 527 million dollars.

Topaz comprises a steel and aluminium structure with a total tonnage of around 11,700 tonnes. Its design combines functionality with extravagance, evident in its features such as a swimming platform, a gym, a soccer field, a movie theatre, a disco hall, and a vast conference room. Its interiors have been designed by Terence Disdale, and the exteriors by luxury yachts designer Tim Heywood.


Topaz measures around 482 feet and its powerful engines help it achieve an impressive speed of about 25 knots. Security measures have been amalgamated into the yacht’s design, as it has an emergency generator. Topaz contains eight decks and other awe-inspiring features like dual helipads. It can accommodate 62 guests and has 26 luxurious rooms, served by a crew comprising 50 members.

7. Rising Sun- $ 400 million

The 138.6 metres yacht Rising Sun was constructed by Lurssen at their Bremen Shipyard in Germany. The stunning yacht’s interior was designed by Seccombe design, while its fabulous exteriors are the work of Bannenberg and Rowell. She was delivered in 2004 and refitted in 2011.

It was originally bought by Larry Ellison, the CEO of Oracle Corporation; however, it was later acquired by Geffen Records’ David Geffen.

Rising Sun

Rising Sun cost $ 200 million in 2004, but now after the refittings, her cost is more than $ 400 million. 

She can accommodate 18 guests in 9 suites and about 45 crew members. She has a luxury spa, a beauty salon, underwater lights, a wine cellar, a gymnasium and much more. Her basketball court on the main deck also works as a helicopter pad when needed. She also has a private cinema with stunning ocean views too.

The yacht has a living area of more than 8000 m2 over five levels and 3300 m2 of deck space layered with teak.

She has a steel hull and a superstructure of aluminium with hawseholes plated in chromium. She can cruise at 26 knots and attain a maximum speed of 30 knots.

8. Superyacht Dubai – $350 Million

Dubai yacht was launched in 2006, constructed jointly by Blohm & Voss and Lurrsen shipbuilding companies. It is owned by the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid al-Maktoum.

The unique features of this superyacht comprise numerous open decks, hot water bathing areas and a lavish swimming pool endowed with custom-designed tiles made by the finest artisans. The most exciting interior is the main staircase. Circular in shape, it changes colours as it reflects and refracts the light reaching it through the uppermost deck. The interior is bright and bold, a blend of colours representative of the vibrant Middle Eastern culture.

Superyacht Dubai

Dubai comprises an expansive deck for his highness, sufficient rooms for accommodating 115 guests and a maximum of 80 crew members. It also has a comfortable lounge area, a helipad, a squash court, a movie theatre, gyms, and an expansive dining room with a chandelier embedded with rubies, emeralds and pearls. Dubai has specially designed engines that help it attain speeds of up to 26 knots.

9. Serene – $330 Million 

Counted among the world’s biggest and most extravagant superyachts, Serene is no less than a sailing palace. Owned by the crown prince and deputy prime minister of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Bin Salman, Serene was constructed in 2011 in Italy. Interestingly, before its acquisition by the Saudi Prince, it was used by Bill Gates, who leased it for millions of dollars.


It is a representation of finesse at its best, designed by Fincantieri, a prominent Italian shipbuilding company. The interiors were completed by Espen Oeino, a renowned designer. Serene measures almost 440 feet, and its tonnage are 8000. Endowed with specially designed engines, novel two-screwed propulsion, and robust engines, it can comfortably accommodate 25 people and more than 50 staff.

It has many unique technological features, such as a convertible helipad that turns into a swimming pool or a dance hall. Guest will never be bored onboard the Serene as it comprises movie theatres, music rooms, meeting spaces, lounges, a sauna, salons, a jacuzzi, a beach room, and a transparent room to view the beautiful underwater marine life.

10. Motor Yacht A – $323 Million

This Superyacht was designed by a French Architect, Philippe Starck and constructed by Blohm & Voss shipbuilders in Kiel. Measuring 120 m with a tonnage of 6000, it is among the world’s biggest motor yachts combining smart design with extraordinary elegance. It was launched in 2008 and is possessed by the businessman Andrey Melnichenko.

Superyacht A

The yacht’s interiors span more than 20,000 sq feet while the main suite covers 2500 sq feet. A unique feature of this brilliantly designed yacht is its adjustable shifting walls. It also has 6 large rooms comfortably accommodating more than 15 guests and 50 staff members. Having a dance floor, helipads, rescue boats, and swimming pools with a transparent bottom made of glass, Superyacht A offers true comfort at sea.

It is a sailing wonder capable of attaining a maximum speed of 23 knots. Security features of the yacht include bomb-proof windows, motion detectors, and camera surveillance. It is said that it also has a secret escape pod.

11. Motoryacht Radiant – $320 Million

Radiant is a beautiful motor yacht constructed in 2009 by Lurrssen shipbuilders, and it belongs to the owner of Al-Futtaim Group, Abdulla Al Futtaim. Measuring 360 feet, she can reach a fantastic speed of 22 knots. Its expansive fuel tanks can accommodate more than 9500 gallons of fuel, and Radiant is recognised as the world’s 32nd luxurious superyacht.

Her interiors were styled by the famous Gle Pushelburg, while her exteriors have been designed by Tim Heywood. The vessel was last refitted in 2023.

Motoryacht Radiant

It can carry more than 22 people and 45 crew comfortably. The hull of Radiant is made of steel, while its structure is largely constituted of aluminium. Delicate quality floor layering has been used for the decks. Functional features of the radiant include numerous swimming decks, helipads, a sauna bath, a massage room, garages, cinema halls, expansive seating areas, workout spaces and hot water baths, etc.

She has a gross tonnage of 5027 GT, a 16.3 m beam and a 4.4 m draught. The yacht is currently sailing under the flag of the Cayman Islands. 

12. Pelorus – $300 Million

The superyacht Pelorus was constructed by Lurrsen in Germany and was launched in 2003. Abdulmalik Al-Sheikh, a Saudi businessman, commissioned it in 2016, and it ended up with the Chinese business tycoon Samuel Tak Lee. It can accommodate more than 60 guests and about 45 crew members.

Tim Heywood and Terence Disdale, two internationally reputed names in the yacht design industry, worked together to design the superyacht that gives an aura of living on the beachside villas. It also has two helipads, swimming pools, a sauna, and a private deck with a comprehensive view. Pelorus has commendable security features, backup engines and generators.


Pelorus translates to expansive, and the yacht is quite faithful to its name since it is one of the 59 motor yachts in the world that measure more than 100 m and has a better speed than most yachts of her size. Currently, it is under the flagship of the Cayman Islands.

13. Al Mirqab – $ 300 million

Al Mirqab is a 133 m motor yacht constructed in 2008 by Peters Schiffbau in Wewelsfleth.  Her exteriors were penned by Tim Heywood, while the interiors were carved by Andrew Winch Design.

But what made her stand out when she was launched was her massive size, and to this day, the iconic yacht remains one of the most expensive and biggest yachts in the world. 

Al Mirqab

The $ 300 million vessel was constructed for the former PM of Qatar, Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani. She has a long, beautiful navy-blue steel hull and a white superstructure of aluminium.

She was refitted in 2014 and has a 19.5 m beam and a 4.9 m draft. She can accommodate around 60 guests and an equal number of crew members. 

Al Mirqab can attain a maximum cruising speed of 23 knots and also has anchor stabilisers that increase comfort while the yacht is in rough waters or anchored.

Apart from the many large amenities onboard, the yacht has the largest spa that Winch design has ever worked on to this day, an enclosed pool and balcony terraces. Another striking feature is the Middle Eastern or Arabic-influenced motifs on its marble flooring.

14.  Octopus Yacht- $ 285 million

Octopus is a 126 m-long megayacht constructed for Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. One of the largest yachts in the world, she was launched in 2003 and has been chartered for several scientific missions, exploration projects and even rescues.

She has a steel hull and a steel superstructure, a gross tonnage of 9932 GT, a 5.76 m draft and a beam of 21 m. She was refitted in 2021 and can attain a cruising speed of 12.5 knots. She can accommodate 12 guests and 42 crew members.

Octopus Yacht

She is a true ocean explorer with a 12,500 nautical mile range and is famous for being a prominent explorer superyacht. She has 8 decks, a private elevator, a cinema, a gym, spas, and an observation lounge with a glass bottom for enjoying the underwater marine views.

The yacht has a bridge deck pool, a jacuzzi and also a pizza oven. It has storage space for water toys like jet skis, 7 tenders, 2 submersibles, fishing equipment, and also a large SUV. It has 2 helipads and space for 2 helicopters.

15. Aviva Yacht – $ 250 million

Aviva Yacht belongs to British Businessman Joe Lewis. One of the richest people in the UK, he is also an investor and philanthropist, as well as the owner of the Tavistock Group. 

Aviva was constructed in 2017 by Abeking & Rasmussen, situated in Lower Saxony. She is the biggest yacht built by the company that constructs naval vessels and cruise ships too.

Aviva Yacht

Aviva is 98 m long and has twin diesel-electric MTU engines capable of outputting 3862 horsepower. She has a steel hull and an aluminium superstructure. She also has a piano, an elevator, a beach club, a gym etc. 

However, its main feature is its indoor tennis court, making Aviva the first yacht to have an indoor padel tennis court.

She has 364,505 litres of fuel tanks, allowing her to cruise at a speed of 14 knots. She can also attain a maximum speed of 20 knots. AVIVA can accommodate 16 guests and 35 crew members after being refitted twice since its launch.

Owning a luxury yacht is a symbol of wealth and opulence. The world’s richest people spare no expense when it comes to their recreational yachts. The 15 most expensive yachts are a testament to this fact and display impressive feats of engineering and design.

They are made per the client’s choices and needs and also function as status symbols, gathering lots of attention and admiration wherever they sail. It is fascinating to see how people are ready to invest whopping amounts of money in these floating palaces, and we can only expect to see bigger, more luxurious and technologically advanced yachts in the near future, which would easily surpass those mentioned in this list in terms of parameters like size or design.

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1.5 billion dollar yacht

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Zahra is an alumna of Miranda House, University of Delhi. She is an avid writer, possessing immaculate research and editing skills. Author of several academic papers, she has also worked as a freelance writer, producing many technical, creative and marketing pieces. A true aesthete at heart, she loves books a little more than anything else.

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At 162.5 metres, Eclipse is the second largest superyacht in the world and was dethroned from the top spot three years after its launch by megayacht Azzam.

Step on board the 162.5m Eclipse - the second largest superyacht in the world

Designer Terry Disdale talks us through the four and a half years, nine decks and 162.5 metres of the world’s second largest superyacht.

Terry Disdale didn’t set out to design the biggest superyacht in the world. “No one ever said to me, ‘I want a 160 metre boat’,” he says over breakfast near his office in Richmond, London. “When the yacht was still on the drawing board, there was a rumour going round that someone was building an even bigger boat, and the owner was asked if he knew about it. He said he didn’t, and that he didn’t care. Breaking records was the farthest thing from his mind.”

What he did care about was helicopters – he wanted to carry more than one; and the pool – it had to be big. There were also some early discussions about low bulwarks and big windows, and that was the totality of the brief for what would become Eclipse . “To be given free rein is actually a dreadful thing,” says Disdale.  “I asked myself what I wanted: something timeless. How do you design something timeless that’s still going to look good and not be anaemic? It’s so easy to get carried away, but you’ve got to be able to look at it in 20 years and decide it still looks OK.” But that’s the trick, isn’t it? And the measure of a designer.

  • The 25 largest yachts in the world

At least Disdale had some hooks on which to hang the design. “Part of what creates the yacht looking like that is you’ve got to land this huge helicopter on the front, so the superstructure is pushed back. The formation of the boat is built around helicopter usage. And we didn’t want the boat to look unbalanced when the helicopter is on the foredeck. Some boats have a foredeck that looks wrong whenever a helicopter sits there.”

The lines of the boat were dictated by another prerequisite: the two significant lifeboats demanded by Solas. The sheerline runs straight aft from the bow and steps up amidships, the high freeboard created giving visual support to the lifeboats. “If you’d had a different sheerline, the lifeboats wouldn’t have looked comfortable,” the designer says. This, plus the addition of a 15 metre pool aft on the main deck, meant that the overall length of Eclipse – 162.5 metres – was defined not by ego but by practicality.

“Everyone thinks that a boat starts with a sketch, some glamorous visual of the outside of the boat. But that’s not how things work in my office – we start with a plan, a general arrangement.” The project, from this first design stage to the boat’s launch at Blohm+Voss ’s Hamburg yard in 2009, took four and a half years – a remarkable achievement given the scale of the yacht, which was only overtaken as the world’s biggest in 2013 with the launch of 180 metre Azzam . 

Up to 20 engineers from Blue Ocean Yacht Management were present on site throughout the build, whipping it along to meet the aggressive delivery schedule. Disdale doesn’t recall any sleepless nights – “at least, no more than usual!” he laughs. The pressure of designing what was then the world’s top yacht – both inside and out – did obviously register, though. “It’s a huge responsibility building something of that magnitude, which is going to be under everyone’s magnifying glass. It’s not just ‘doing a job’, this thing is going to be scrutinised and analysed by everyone. There’s a responsibility to yourself as a designer.”

A decade from delivery, and more than 15 years from the moment Disdale first put pen to paper, he says he wouldn’t change a thing – and nor has the owner, who has kept Disdale’s designs largely unchanged. “For me, it’s more a clean piece of architecture than it is a piece of styling. The fact that you have a helipad on the front creates the superstructure to bow dimension, which is beautiful. If it wasn’t there, you wouldn’t have that length. And then when you get to the back of the boat, the swimming pool is dictating another piece of the story. I don’t know what I would change now. I don’t sit around saying, ‘I wish I did this or that’. Maybe I’d make the rear end look a bit more inviting, the way the staircases lead into the boat, but anti-piracy was a concern, plus there are a load of services and facilities back there. There’s a full-size pantry to serve the beach club, which very few boats have, and gull-wing doors with a pullout barbecue and pizza oven. There’s a lot you don’t see.”

Disdale’s long experience in the business means he is able to resist the temptation to force designs, or slavishly follow trends that flare and fade, leaving boats looking old before their time. “ Eclipse is a handsome boat, and it looks like a boat. It doesn’t make any pretence,” he says. “The key word is elegance. Very few boats can make that claim any more. Modern boats are purposeful, aggressive, macho, which has led to them all having snub noses. They look angry. You could paint them grey and stick a cannon on the front and it wouldn’t upset their stance at all. Eclipse is not like that.” It’s a familiar sermon from Disdale, who famously posts his 10 “design commandments” up round his office. “One of  the most important tools in your box is restraint. I can have complete freedom when designing a superstructure, but restraint is actually the most important thing – knowing when to stop gilding the lily. Don’t gild it! Use silver leaf.”

  • Inside the Surrey home of legendary superyacht designer Terence Disdale  

The obvious benefit of a single designer being responsible for the interior and exterior of a yacht is a seamless flow between the two, and that is absolutely true of Eclipse , whose interior conforms to another one of Disdale’s mantras: “ beach house not penthouse ”. “If you’ve got a dining room with satin on the chairs and gold braid around them, but you live in a T-shirt and shorts, then you’re not comfortable,” he says. 

The pool is a vast entertaining space, with 3.2 metre overheads and a retracting glass sunroof. “The ambience of the pool is as important as how it looks. You’ve got to want to sit by it.” Or dance on it: the blue granite bottom of the pool rises up to sit flush with the deck. It can also be lowered a touch to create a paddling pool.

The interior of any boat should be about “pure relaxation”, says Disdale. “People are on vacation, people are chilled.” He relates one story of an Arab client in the 1980s, who he dissuaded from fitting gold taps to his superyacht. “I told him he already had a 65 metre on the quay – he had already made his statement. It was a process of trying to quieten his ostentation.” You get the feeling no such effort was needed with the owner of Eclipse . “He had already owned three yachts to our design, so consequently was very familiar with my way of working and the habitat I create.” It’s impossible to miss the very deliberate warmth of that habitat and a design miracle that, despite using broadly the same colour palette throughout, nowhere do you tire of the ochre-like shades. 

This uniformity wasn’t applied to the lobbies between decks: different artists were tasked with creating unique works to give each lobby a flavour, so there is no confusion about what deck you’re on – a problem when you have nine. One of these pieces is a wooden sculpture made up of seven pieces, the design for which was hand drawn by Disdale and sent to Japan for manufacture. It’s a stunning work and symptomatic of the detail shown throughout – even in more mundane pieces, like the sideboards in the cabins that were designed in Europe and crafted in Chile.

With no clear-cut brief on the yacht’s layout, Disdale was forced to second-guess, “but that’s my job”, he says. “You have to work out how people will move around the boat.” The benefit of an LOA like Eclipse ’s is the owner can swallow serious acreage without impacting the guest experience. It’s not about avoiding guests, but being able to operate independently of them.

It would be easy to mistake the guest suites for the owner’s own quarters, such is their footprint. There are 18 guest cabins in total, served by 100 crew. From the moment the guests arrive by chopper, mainly on the top helideck, they’re absorbed in the comfort of the boat and have access to the main stairwell and elevator. It’s a transition of which Disdale is particularly proud. “It came from understanding how a boat is used. When you get out of the helicopter, you’re blown to pieces, and then where do you go?” The answer is an intimate lounge, where you can freshen up before entering the interior proper. It also gives pilots somewhere to conduct safety briefings, he points out. Eclipse is able to travel with multiple helicopters on board because one can be housed in the forward hangar, one above it on the retractable platform and another on the sundeck.

At the other extremity of the boat, the convenience continues with a huge bathing platform and staircases that fold down into the water for easy boarding – even for those wearing full dive gear. The beach club wasn’t maxed out, with a comfortable lounge along the centreline preferred to a big open area that is harder to secure. Beyond, though, the lower deck opens up into a huge 77 square metre gym and spa area, complete with massage room, beauty salon, sauna, shower areas and the yacht’s second plunge pool. Visual interest is added by banks of portholes with views into the swimming pool, which dapple light across this whole space. Choosing somewhere to relax on deck is slightly harder – where do you start? The options are endless but special mention has to be made of the wood-burning fire pit on the upper deck – perfect for nights on deck under the stars.

Disdale and his team were present in June 2009 when the boat appeared from the giant drydock in Hamburg. No butterflies – he claims to have been pretty zen about seeing her free of scaffolding and plastic. “Although you design every part of it and you see it being built, nothing prepares you for the feeling you get when you actually see it in the flesh. The tug pulled it out and there was the thickness of a mattress between the wing stations and the shed walls. Literally – they tied mattresses to the stations. When it appeared I was gobsmacked.” As was the owner, pleasingly for the man who’d dedicated nearly five years to the project.

“It’s like cars,” explains the car fanatic. “I was talking about Lamborghinis the other day. They used to have the Miura, a beautiful car. But they replaced it with the Countach, which looks like it was carved from cheese. One is ageless and one looks stuck in time. Elegance is the most important thing. The Miura is elegant, the Jaguar E-Type is elegant.” He’s too modest to say but Eclipse belongs in that league – beautiful for ever.

First published in the April 2016 edition of BOAT International. Get this magazine sent straight to your door, or subscribe and never miss an issue.

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ECLIPSE Yacht – Epic $600M Superyacht

The ECLIPSE yacht was once the largest yacht in the world at an impressive length of 162.5 metres (533 ft) but currently ranks in second place after AZZAM.

Though she is known as the billion-dollar yacht, it is estimated that her true value lies between US $500 – $700 million.

The vessel can host 36 guests and is even rumored to feature a state-of-the-art anti-paparazzi system to protect the privacy of those on board.

162 meters
Blohm and Voss
Terence Disdale
Terence Disdale
25 knots
13,564 ton

Eclipse yacht SV

ECLIPSE yacht interior

The interior (and the exterior) was designed by Terence Disdale , who has become one of the top names in the industry despite having no formal design education.

ECLIPSE was his largest project to date, and he also worked on prominent vessels such as A+ and AL SALAMAH. The interior of ECLIPSE is classically designed in a style that is to be expected from one of the largest yachts in the world.

The upholstery and furniture follow a beige and crème color palette with wooden accents.

The yacht’s 18 cabins can welcome 36 guests as well as 70 crew members, which is an unusually large number even for a vessel of this size.

A large dance floor, several fireplaces, two swimming pools, and two helipads are also included onboard.

The ECLIPSE yacht interior is so large that there is even a cinema dedicated exclusively to crew members. In 2015 the interior of ECLIPSE was refitted by Blohm and Voss in Hamburg.

Eclipse yacht BV


The ECLIPSE yacht is the second-largest yacht in the world with a length of 162.5 meters (533 ft), a beam of 22 meters (72.2 ft), and a draft of 5.9 meters (19.4 ft).

She was built by the German shipyard Blohm & Voss and delivered to her owner in 2010.

Four MTU engines power ECLIPSE and allow her to reach top speeds of 25 knots, although her average cruising speed lies at 22 knots.

Her total volume lies at 13564 tons making her not only one of the longest but also the heaviest yachts in the world.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Eclipse-yacht-FV1-1024x1024.jpg

Like the interior of ECLIPSE, the interior was designed by Terence Disdale. According to rumors, Abramovich fitted her with an anti-paparazzi system that detects electronic light sensors from digital cameras.

However, there is no proof of this, although many newspapers report its existence.

On deck are several swimming pools and jacuzzis, and the aft of the vessel features a sizeable beach club. The yacht has a sleek design that attests to Terence Disdale’s classical style.

Eclipse tender FV

ECLIPSE came to fame as being the most expensive yacht ever built at the time for an approximate price of US $500 million.

She has seen further improvements since her purchase by Abramovich in 2010 and it is often widely reported that she is worth US $1.2 – $1.5 billion.

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  • Blohm + Voss
  • Terence Disdale

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The World’s Most Expensive Yachts—Including Some That Cost Billions

most expensive yachts

Though superyachts are already among the most costly consumer items available, the prices of the most expensive yachts in the world are still astounding. In recent decades, those with money to burn have settled on these floating palaces as an ideal locus for demonstrating their prosperity, and, as such, the global luxury yacht industry is undergoing a golden age. The world’s überwealthy think of their motor yachts as toys, and they’re constantly trying to outdo each other in scale, design, amenities, materials, and sheer profligacy.

Knowing this, what features does it take to own one of the most expensive yachts in existence? And how much do these opulent vessels actually cost? To that end, AD has compiled a list of the five priciest superyachts currently out on the water. As with many things connected to the very wealthy, details are shrouded in secrecy—often intentionally—to shield the assets from taxation or seizure, or to protect privacy.

Below, dive into the five reportedly most expensive yachts in the world.

5. Dubai ($400 million)

Image may contain Transportation Vehicle Yacht and Boat

This 531-foot yacht is reportedly owned by United Arab Emirates Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai. Though it was originally planned for another Middle Eastern potentate, Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei, he suddenly voided the contract in 2001. With exteriors designed by Andrew Winch and interiors by Platinum Yachts, this German-built Blohm + Voss vessel features several Jacuzzis, a pool inlaid with handmade mosaic tiles that is reportedly large enough to hold 115 people, a circular staircase, a discotheque with an appropriately sized dance floor, squash courts, a movie theater, a dining room for 90 guests (the other 25 presumably have to eat in the pool?), a helipad, and a submarine.

4. Topaz ($527 million)

most expensive yacht

Resembling a stealth bomber, this 483-foot ship is reportedly owned by Russian fertilizer and coal oligarch Andrey Melnichenko. With exteriors by Tim Heywood Design Ltd. and interior designs by Terence Disdale Design, this German-built Lürssen Yacht features a 2,500-square-foot primary bedroom, six guest suites (with moveable walls so they can be transformed into four grand staterooms), glassware and tableware fashioned from French crystal, a helicopter hangar, a 30-foot speedboat tender, and three swimming pools, including one with a glass-bottom dangling menacingly above a disco.

3. Azzam ($600 million)

most expensive yachts

This 590-foot ship is currently thought to be the largest private yacht in the world and one of the fastest, with a top speed of 35 miles per hour. To achieve this immense scale and speed, it required a pair of gas turbines and two stratospherically potent diesel engines, rendering it very difficult to build. It is reportedly owned by a member of the royal family of the UAE, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. With exteriors by Nauta Yacht and interiors by French decorator Cristophe Leoni, this yacht was also built by Lürssen in Germany. The vessel is set apart by its early 19th-century Empire-style veneered furniture, as well as its state-of-the-art security systems, including a fully bulletproof primary suite and a high-tech missile deterrence capabilities.

2. Eclipse ($1.5 billion)

most expensive yachts

In addition to being the second-costliest, this 533-footer is thought to be the world’s second-largest private yacht. Owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich , the ship was claimed to be located in Turkey and may be impounded as part of the United Kingdom’s sanctions against Russia. Designed by Terry Disdale and built by Blohm + Voss, it features two-dozen guest cabins, two swimming pools, two helipads, and multiple hot tubs. For privacy and security reasons, it hosts a missile detection system, bulletproof windows in the primary bedroom and on the bridge, an anti-paparazzi shield, and, when all of that fails, a mini-submarine that can take a few VIPs 164 feet under the ocean’s surface.

1. History Supreme ($4.8 billion)

History Supreme has never actually been seen in a major port, and rumors suggest that the yacht may not be real and instead just a publicity stunt. Reportedly owned by Malaysia’s richest man, Robert Kuok, and designed by Stuart Hughes in the UK, the yacht is only a paltry 100 feet long. Its worth is said to be derived from its lavish finishes, including a statue constructed from genuine Tyrannosaurus rex bones, a liquor bottle embedded with an 18.5-carat diamond, and a primary bedroom with one wall made from meteorite and another from a 24-karat gold Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium. If you see it somewhere, let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Jeff Bezos’s yacht?

Most Expensive Yachts

This is why people like Amazon founder Jeff Bezos work to keep their yachts out of the public eye. Though we are not including Jeff Bezos’s yacht, Koru (Maori for “coil”), in this list because it is a sailing yacht and thus excluded from the realm of these motor yachts, it created controversy in the Netherlands when its presence became known. Jeff Bezos’s abided the $500 million price tag of Oceanco, the Dutch custom yacht builder, to create the 417-foot megayacht. But when the company, at Bezos’s behest, requested that a local bridge be dismantled to make way for its gigantic mast on its journey from the shipyard, public sentiment turned against the cento-billionaire, and Oceano shelved its request. Maybe a port like Monaco would be more accommodating?

Also not on this list is the world’s largest private yacht, reportedly owned by Alisher Usmanov. Though size and cost typically scale in the world of superyachts, this is not always the case (see #1 in this list.) Also, Somnio, the 728-feet dream-monikered yacht liner that tops our list of the world’s largest private yachts , isn’t quite done being constructed. And it is not, like most of the largest superyachts, privately owned by one individual or family—it’s a kind of floating condo, with 39 eight-figure homes available to potential owners solely by invitation.

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Most Expensive

The 20 most expensive yachts in the world.

The Most Expensive Yachts in the World

What are the most expensive yachts in the world?

If you have a passion for sailing or can appreciate the engineering masterpieces mentioned below, then this is an article for you. 

To be able to afford even afford the cheapest superyacht on our list, your net worth will need to be in the hundreds of millions, if not, billions range!

Here’s a list of the 20 most expensive yachts in the world…  

Table of Contents

The list of yachts and figures mentioned below have been compiled from various sources around the web, such as Luxhabitat , List25 and Unilad . 

These are the 20 most expensive yachts in the world:  

20. Lionheart – $150 Million

Most Expensive Yachts - Lionheart

Sir Philip Green kicks off the list with his 207-foot behemoth, Lionheart.

The British retail billionaire commissioned Italian shipbuilding company, Benetti, to build his superyacht.

The boat has six VIP rooms, several private balconies and was finished in 2016.

Lionheart has had many famous faces walking its decks, including Kate Moss , Simon Cowell and Cristiano Ronaldo .

19. Aviva – $150 Million

Most Expensive Yachts - Aviva

British billionaire Joe Lewis’s superyacht comes in at number nineteen at a cool $150 million.

His boat has a full-size tennis court and is thought to house some of his most precious and expensive art pieces, including Picasso.

When he’s not spending time in his Bahamas residence, Joe spends several months a year aboard Aviva and his other three superyachts.

18. Solandge – $180 Million

Most Expensive Yachts - Solandge

Next up, we have the $180 million dollar superyacht built by Lurssen. 

In 2017, the Solandge was the highest brokerage and is available to rent for around $1.1 million a week.

The 280-foot yacht has eight VIP suites, a grand piano and a glass art installation by Murano.

17. Ecstasea – $200 Million

Most Expensive Yachts - Ectasea

Built by Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich in 2004, Ecstasea was the largest Feadship ever built.

The yacht is made of steel and is approximately 85.95 metres long and has a beam of 11.50 metres. This means it has a deadweight of 585 metric tons!

Ecstasea comfortably sleeps 14 passengers and has won multiple design awards for its stunning interior.

16. The Rising Sun – $200 Million

Most Expensive Yachts - The Rising Sun

The Rising Sun was designed by Jon Bannenberg and built by Lürssen in 2004 for Larry Ellison .

It has 82 rooms over five floors, a basketball court, wine cellar and a movie theatre.

From 2010 it has been owned by David Geffen and is the 12th largest superyacht in the world, measuring 138 metres.

The Rising Sun cost $200 million to build and has since had even more money spent on luxury fixtures and fittings.

15. Octopus – $200 Million 

Most Expensive Yachts - Octopus

Designed and built in 2003 for Microsoft Co-founder, Paul Allen, Octopus has one hell of a lavish interior.

It has a large study, basketball court, recording studio, an outside bar with a whirlpool and a glass bottom swimming pool.

Octopus sleeps up to 26 guests and 56 crew members at any one time and comes equipped with two submarines and two helipads. 

14. Lady Moura – $210 Million

Most Expensive Yachts - Lady Moura

The next most expensive superyacht in the world is Lady Moura.

Lady Moura is owned by Saudi Arabian businessman Nasser Al-Rashid, who’s also an advisor to the Saudi Royal family.

The yacht comes with some very impressive features, such as a pool with a retractable roof, a helicopter and 24 karat gold lettering and embellishments throughout.

If that wasn’t enough, Lady Moura also features a unique sand-covered hydraulic platform that comes out of one side, to give guests a beach-like experience in the middle of the ocean.

13. Al Mirqab – $250 Million 

Most Expensive Yachts - Al Mirqab

Al Mirqab is owned by Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al-Thani, the former Prime Minister of Qatar.

The yacht has 10 bedrooms, a helipad, a swimming pool, a selection of VIP suites, an onboard cinema, jacuzzi and a variety of watersports equipment.

After it was completed in 2008, it was dubbed the second most beautiful yacht in the world.

It can accommodate up to 24 guests and comfortably house crew members in its 55 crew cabins.

12. Dilbar – $256 Million

Most Expensive Yachts - Dilbar

Number twelve is Russian owned superyacht, Dilbar.

It belongs to Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov, and he’s often seen using Dilbar to cruise around his private islands.

As well as being one of the most expensive yachts in the world, it’s also one of the largest – measuring a colossal 360ft in length and just over 50ft high.

It was built in 2008 by Lürssen Yachts and was named after Alisher’s mother.

Dilbar has one helipad, several swimming pools and accommodates 20 guests and 48 cabin crew.

11. Pelorus – $300 Million

Most Expensive Yachts - Pelorus

Pelorus was built by Lürssen in 2003 and bought by Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich in 2004.

Since then, Pelorus has changed hands a few times and is now owned by HongKong based billionaire, Samuel Tak Lee.

Pelorus is 115 meters long and weighs a staggering 5517 tonnes.

As well as all the normal luxuries you’d expect to find onboard a superyacht of this calibre, she also comes equipped with two helipads, landing boats and jet skis.

She accommodates a full-time crew of 46, year round.

10. Serene – $300 Million

Most Expensive Yachts - Serene

The tenth most expensive yacht in the world is the 439-foot, Serene.

Built-in 2011 by Fincantieri, for Russian billionaire Yuri Scheffler, Serene is has been one of the favourite rental yachts for the mega-rich, reportedly costing celebrities like Bill Gates around million a week!

It was purchased in 2015 by Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia and sleeps around 24 guests and 52 crew members.

It comes with multiple swimming pools, two helipads, a submarine, and an amazing underwater viewing room!

9. Al Said – $300 Million

Most Expensive Yachts - Al Said

The next mega yacht on the list is owned by and named after the Sultan of Oman, Qaboos Bin Said Al Said.

Built between 2007-2008, little else is known about the Al Said, other than it has a large concert hall that’s big enough to house a 50-piece orchestra.

Also, it can host up to 70 guests, sleep a crew of 154 and reach around 22 knots!

8. Radiant – $320 Million

Most Expensive Yachts - Radiant

Built by Lürssen in 2009, Radiant is owned by Emirate Billionaire Abdulla Al Futtaim.

The superyacht is roughly 110 meters long, weighs approximately 5027 gross tons and sleeps up to 20 guests and 44 crew members.

She comes with multiple swimming pools, a helipad, a massage room, a swimming platform, a movie theatre, a gym and a jacuzzi.

The Radiant is also equipped with a highly powerful water cannon to defend herself from pirate attacks!

7. Dubai – $400 Million

Most Expensive Yachts - Dubai

Dubai is owned by the Sheik of Dubai, Mohammed Rashid al-Maktoum.

Some of its features include jacuzzis, a swimming pool with handmade tiles, a helipad and a striking circular glass staircase which changes colour when lit from above.

Dubai also houses a split-level owner’s deck, several VIP and social areas, guest suites and a crew of up to 115 people.

6. Motor Yacht A – $440 Million 

Most Expensive Yachts - Motor Yacht A

This very impressive looking 390-foot superyacht was built by Blohm + Voss shipyard and launched in 2008.

It’s thought to be owned by Andrey Melnichenko, a Russian billionaire businessman and philanthropist.

Motor Yacht A can accommodate 14 guests and 42 crew members and is around 400 feet long.

It features a 2,500 sqft master bedroom, a disco, a helicopter hanger, a separate 30-foot speedboat and a glass-bottomed swimming pool.


5. Topaz – $527 Million

Most Expensive Yachts - Topaz

Coming in at number five is this stunning Lürssen built superyacht, Topaz.

She was built for Abu Dhabi tycoon, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan in Germany and launched in 2012.

The exterior was designed by Tim Heywood and Terrance Disdale Design did the interior.

It has a large jacuzzi on the main deck, a swimming pool, double helicopter landing pads and a state-of-the-art gym, cinema and conference room.

4. Azzam – $600 Million

Most Expensive Yachts - Azzam

This 590-foot megayacht is the world’s largest yacht to date.

Its owned by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nayan, President of the United Arab Emirates and Emir of Abu Dhabi.

Lürssen Yachts are the ones behind this mega build. Azzam has its very own missile defence system, a bullet-proof master suite and can reach speeds of more than 30 knots, or 35mph, making it one of the fastest yachts on the planet!

3. Streets of Monaco – $1 Billion

Most Expensive Yachts - Streets of Monaco

The first billion-dollar yacht on our list is the “Streets of Monaco”.

By far one of the most impressive and expensive yachts in the world, once finished, the Streets of Monaco is going to be a 509-foot mega yacht, designed to feature miniature versions of some of Monaco’s and Monte Carlos most renowned landmarks.

The finished superyacht will include a go-kart circuit, three swimming pools, a mini-submarine a helipad, seven guest suites, a mini waterfall and a restaurant that with a fabulous underwater view.

2. Eclipse – $1.5 Billion 

Most Expensive Yachts - Eclipse

The second most expensive yacht in the world, Eclipse, is owned by Roman Abramovich.

The Russian billionaire has spared no expense when it comes to his superyacht.

He’s installed a private defence system, including missile detection sensors, intruder alarms and armour plating and bulletproof windows in his master bedroom. 

On top of that, Eclipse has two helipads, two swimming pools, 24 guest bedrooms, a disco hall and a mini-submarine.

It’s unclear how much Eclipse actually cost, but it is believed to be in the region of $1.5 billion!

1. History Supreme – $4.8 Billion

Most Expensive Yachts - History Supreme

Topping the list of the most expensive superyachts in the world at an eye-watering $4.8 billion is History Supreme.

This magnificent accomplishment is built from 10,000 kilograms of solid gold and platinum and is 100-foot long.

It was designed by Stuart Huges, a world-renowned luxury designer, for Malaysia’s richest man, Robert Knok. The History Supreme took roughly three years to build and features an array of luxury items.

The master bedroom includes a genuine Tyrannosaurus Rex bone statue and a wall made entirely of meteorite rocks!

If that wasn’t enough, the master suite also has a 24-carat gold Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the 20 most expensive yachts in the world.

How cool would it be to spend a few months a year cruising the world on one of these bad boys!

Here’s a quick recap of the 20 most expensive yachts in the world!

  • History Supreme – $4.8 Billion
  • Eclipse – $1.5 Billion
  • Streets of Monaco – $1 Billion
  • Azzam – $600 Million
  • Topaz – $527 Million
  • Motor Yacht A – $440 Million 
  • Dubai – $400 Million
  • Radiant – $320 Million
  • Al Said – $300 Million
  • Serene – $300 Million
  • Pelorus – $300 Million
  • Dilbar – $256 Million
  • Al Mirqab – $250 Million
  • Lady Moura – $210 Million
  • Octopus – $200 Million 
  • The Rising Sun – $200 Million
  • Exstasea – $200 Million
  • Solandge – $180 Million
  • Aviva – $150 Million
  • Lionheart – $150 Million

What’s your favourite most expensive yacht? Leave a comment below.

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The 20 Most Expensive Tequilas in the World

The Most Expensive Tequilas in the World

What are the most expensive tequilas in the world?

Tequila is one of the most popular liquors in the world and, in the United States alone, nearly 20 million 9-liter cases are consumed every year!

Whether you’re drinking it neat or mixing it into a margarita, you probably have a favorite brand that you know tastes great.

However, some brands can get incredibly expensive, and it is these tequilas that we are counting down today.

How did we select this list of tequilas?

We’ve put over 10 hours of research into re-writing and updating this list for 2024.

The tequilas on this list were selected by taking the current average sale price, at the time of writing.

Prices for rare tequila can vary depending on where they’re listed for sale; so for each tequila on this list, we checked the price across multiple websites and settled on the average.

Next comes the question, when does tequila stop being tequila, and start being artwork?

If you’re a fan of tequila you can probably think of at least one brand that treats their bottles as artwork.

These bottles can often be worth thousands, but is it all just similar tequila in a fancy and unique bottle?

We’ve decided we’re not going to be the judge of what’s tequila and what’s artwork, so what you see on this list reflects a true order, based on price per bottle.

The 2 Most Expensive Tequilas in the World

Tequila is a very versatile liquor and there is no shortage of varieties you can find at your local store.

That said, some of these tequilas are reserved for only the most wealthy buyers, and you certainly won’t want to drink them on a casual night out.

Without further ado, here’s our list of the 20 most expensive tequilas money can buy:

20. 1800 Coleccion Tequila

Most Expensive Tequilas - 1800 Coleccion Tequila

Price/Bottle: $2,000

This unique expensive tequila gets its name from the year that distillers started using oak barrels for aging, and it is owned by the insanely wealthy Beckmann family.

Distilled twice during its 10-year aging process, this tequila has a flavor reminiscent of Amaretto, but with a bolder kick that reminds you that it’s tequila.

For $2,000, this tequila comes in its own crystal decanter trimmed with pewter and securely placed in a lavish case lined with suede to protect its precious contents.

It doesn’t get much more high-end than that!

19. Barrique de Ponciano Porfidio

Most Expensive Tequilas - Barrique de Ponciano Porfidio

Price/Bottle: $2,200

Made from 100% agave, Barrique de Ponciano Porfidio is a luxury tequila that has been aged for 10 years in French oak barrels and it is limited to special batches of only 2,000 bottles per year.

While its purity does impact this tequila’s price, the bottle that it comes in also makes it more expensive.

Each bottle comes with lettering and images engraved with one of the most expensive precious metals in the world, 21-karat gold.

It definitely looks and tastes every bit worth its hefty price tag.

18. Clase Azul Extra Añejo Ultra

Most Expensive Tequilas - Clase Azul Ultra

Price/Bottle: $2,500

The first Clase Azul product to appear on this list is the only one in regular production and not a limited edition.

Clase Azul’s extra anejo ultra is aged for 5 years in American whiskey and sherry casks.

The bottle is decorated in platinum, silver, and 24-karat gold.

You can expect to pay around $2,500 a bottle for this tequila.

17. AsomBroso Reserva del Porto Extra Anejo

Most Expensive Tequilas - AsomBroso Reserva del Porto

Price/Bottle: $2800

This brandy-like tequila is the type of drink that you break out during life’s greatest milestones.

Aged for 10 years in port wine barrels from Portugal, it is mixed with a small portion of white oak-aged tequila before being bottled.

Stored in a bottle shaped like a historical decanter found in an eighteenth-century Portuguese castle, it even comes secured in its own cedar humidor.

Although this tequila usually costs $2,800, you can sometimes get lucky and find it on sale for $1,499, which is honestly a great price, all things considered.

16. AsomBroso The Collaboration 12 Year Extra Anejo

Most Expensive Tequilas - AsomBroso The 12 Year Collaboration

Price/Bottle: $3,000

AsomBroso’s The Collaboration is an extra anejo tequila, aged 12 years in Silver Oak Cellar’s American casks.

The tequila is bottled inside a crystal decanter hand-made by Luciano Gambaro, a famous Italian artist.

The decanter is then packaged in a custom-polished humidor with laser engraving.

A single bottle might set you back $3,000, but there are places where you might be able to get your hands on one for cheaper.

15. Tesla Tequila Limited Edition Anejo

Most Expensive Tequilas - Tesla Limited Edition Tequila

Price/Bottle: $4,000

It does seem that Elon Musk can do no wrong. 

Tesla Tequila started as an April Fool’s joke but quickly became a physical product that sold out immediately.

For the limited edition variant, only 420 bottles were produced, a number that jokingly references a time when Musk said he was going to take Tesla private at $420 a share.

The numbered limited edition variant with matching shot glass is currently selling for around $4,000, whilst the regular variant can fetch up to $1,500.

14. Codigo 1530 14 Year Extra Anejo

Most Expensive Tequilas - Codigo 1530 14 Year Extra Anejo

Price/Bottle: $4,500

Codigo’s 1530 extra Añejo has been aged inside French White Oak Napa Valley Cabernet wine barrels for 14 years and then finished in French Cognac casks.

This is Codigo’s most expensive tequila they’ve ever produced.

A single bottle is now worth $4,500.

13. Clase Azul Pink Limited Edition Reposado

Most Expensive Tequilas - Clase Azul Pink Limited Edition

Price/Bottle: $6,000

This isn’t the first Clase Azul tequila featured on this list, and it definitely won’t be the last.

The ‘Pink’ limited edition reposado was originally released in 2016 for breast cancer awareness, with a percentage of the proceeds being donated to charity.

Just 3000 bottles of the original 2016 version were produced, featuring a white bottle hand-painted with pink artwork.

There have since been one or two other ‘Pink’ breast cancer awareness releases from Clase Azul.

12. Patron Limited Edition En Lalique Serie 3

Most Expensive Tequilas - Patron En Lalique Serie 3 Limited Edition

Price/Bottle: $7,500

Patron’s En Lalique Serie line the creme de la creme of their tequila. 

Whatever we have here is the Serie 3, their latest release, but it’s the least expensive of the three.

The Serie 3 contains a blend of 14 different extra anejo tequilas, aged in 6 different barrel types.

Held in a crystal hand-carved decanter, with decoration inspired by the Weber Blue Agave.

The decanter is stored inside a luxurious wooden box.

Each decanter is numbered, and given the fact that this is Patron’s latest release, you can expect the Serie 3’s price to rise over the next few years.

11. Patron Limited Edition En Lalique Serie 1 Extra Anejo

Most Expensive Tequilas - Patron En Lalique Serie 1 Limited Edition

Price/Bottle: $8000

Patron’s En Lalique Serie 1 uses some of their oldest tequila, presented in a hand-made decanter inspired by Mexico’s Weber Blue Agave plant, topped off with an amber stopper.

Although this bottle cost $8,000, it’s not their most expensive tequila. 

Patron went one step further for their next tequila, but more on that shortly.

10. Dos Armadillos Extra Anejo Sterling Silver

Most Expensive Tequilas - Dos Armadillos Sterling Silver Extra Anejo

Price/Bottle: $10,000

The Dos Armadillos Extra Anejo uses only an 8-year mature Blue Weber Agave.

The tequila is bottled in their signature armadillo-armored bottle, however, the armor for this edition is made entirely out of sterling silver.

$10,000 is the current price to pick up one of these bottles, a number that’s far more expensive than any other product in their range.

9. Clase Azul Puebla Limited Edition

Most Expensive Tequilas - Clase Azul Puebla Limited Edition

The Clase Azul Puebla limited edition tequila was released on the 5th of May 2021, to commemorate Cinco de Mayo, or the Battle of Puebla.

Cinco de Mayo is a yearly celebration held on the 5th of May to celebrate Mexico’s victory over the Second French Empire in 1862.

Just 300 bottles were produced and sold with a price tag of $400.

If you wished to purchase a bottle of Puebla Limited Edition today, the price would be more along the lines of $10,000.

8. Clase Azul Dia de Muertos Limited Edition

Most Expensive Tequilas - Clase Azul Dia De Los Muertos

The Dia de Los Muertos collection from Clase Azul features several individual releases, but with most of them fetching similar prices, we’ve decided to include them in one single entry.

Dia de Muertos, or ‘The Day of the Dead’ as it’s otherwise known, is a traditional Mexican holiday celebrated during November. 

Clase Azul has released a new edition within the Dia de Muertos line annually for the past several years.

Some of the bottle designs for the Dia de Muertos range are spectacular and tend to rise in value once they are no longer produced.

7. Patron Limited Edition En Lalique Serie 2 Extra Anejo

Most Expensive Tequilas - Patron En Lalique Serie 2 Limited Edition

Price/Bottle: $10,500

Patron’s En Lalique Serie 2 is aged and made slowly in small batches to ensure perfect quality.

The bottle is carved crystal, featuring a crystal bee stopper with hand-painted gold accents.

It’s then placed inside a wooden box that spins to open, creating a rather luxurious effect.

We’ve seen prices ranging from $8,000 to $12,000 for this bottle, so if you’re patient you might be able to get it at a good price.

6. Clase Azul Master Artisans

Most Expensive Tequilas - Clase Azul Master Artisans Limited Edition

Price/Bottle: $20,000

Clase Azul’s most popular and iconic tequila is their resposado tequila, housed in a blue and white bottle.

In 2021, the brand collaborated with the award-winning artist, Ángel Santos to create a hand-crafted, limited edition resposado.

The ‘Master Artisans’ line aims to highlight the work of Mexico’s most talented artists.

The Ángel Santos edition, which at launch sold for $5,000 a bottle , can now reach up to $20,000.

5. Clase Azul Jalisco 200 Limited Edition

Most Expensive Tequilas - Clase Azul Jalisco 200 Limited Edition

Price/Bottle: $25,000

The Clase Azul Jalisco is an extra anejo tequila, named after Jalisco, a state in Mexico.

As the name might also suggest, only 200 bottles of this limited-edition tequila were distilled.

The tequila comes packaged inside a custom-built wooden box, which opens to reveal a drinking glass on either side.

With just 200 bottles released, getting your hands on one of these bottles isn’t cheap.

4. Clase Azul 15th Anniversary Edition

Price/bottle: $30,000.

The Clase Azul celebrated its 15th anniversary by releasing 15 limited edition bottles priced at $30,000 each.

Each of the unique bottles was handcrafted to convey the story of Mexico and all proceeds from the sale of these bottles were donated to the Fundacion con Causa Azul A.C, which supports the work of craftsmen and artisans in Mexico.

Although this tequila is no longer available for sale, we imagine that Clase Azul will release another special edition for a future anniversary, so if you want to grab a bottle, be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

3. Jose Cuervo 250 Aniversario The Rolling Stones Special Edition

Most Expensive Tequilas - Jose Cuervo 250 Anniversario Rolling Stones

Price/Bottle: $75,000

Jose Cuervo was the very first legal tequila company to be established, with the company’s history dating back to 1795 .

To celebrate the 250th anniversary of Case Cuervo, Jose Cuervo released the 250 Anniversario tequila.

They also released a limited edition of the tequila, in collaboration with the Rolling Stones rock band.

The Jose Cuervo brand played a leading role in the Rolling Stones’ 1972 North American tour, ‘Tequila Sunrise’.

For the Rolling Stones special edition, the tequila bottle is embossed with the famous ‘Hot Lips’ logo in 14-carat gold, and spikes along the sides.

It also comes packaged in a leather guitar-shaped case, including seven shot glasses.

The tequila was initially released with a price tag of just $4,000, but prices have skyrocketed to almost $75,000 since then.

2. Tequila Ley .925 Ultra-Premium

Most Expensive Tequilas - Tequila Ley .925 Ultra-Premium

Price/Bottle: $225,000

In 2006, the artists at Tequila Ley designed three unique bottles to contain the tequila designed by Mexican artist Alejandro Gomez.

Each bottle was only created 33 times, for a total of 99 bottles, each more expensive than the last.

While this tequila in a glass bottle retails for $3,500, the gold and silver bottle goes for $25,000, and the gold and platinum for $150,000.

The most expensive of all was the white gold and platinum, which carried the insane price tag of $225,000!

Although the tequila itself is delectable, the real stars are the bottles that collectors and tequila enthusiasts scrambled to try and grab while they lasted.

1. Tequila Ley .925 Diamante

Most Expensive Tequilas - Tequila Ley .925 Diamante

Price/Bottle: $3.5 Million

Recorded as the most expensive tequila ever sold by a mile, the .925 Diamante is a true work of art.

The Ley .925 Diamante tequila is made from 100% Blue Weber agave, which is grown in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico.

The tequila is then aged for 7 years inside French Oak barrels before being poured into a platinum and white gold version of Tequila Ley’s signature-shaped bottle.

However, none of these things truly account for the Diamante’s insane price tag.

As the name might suggest, the bottle is encrusted with 4000 diamonds, amounting to a total of 18.5 carats.

Now that we’ve come to the end of the list, you might have noticed a common theme.

Clase Azul had the most entries on this list, holding seven positions in the top 20.

This is largely due to the fact they treat their bottles as artwork, often showcasing hand-painted art in limited edition releases.

That’s not to take away from their tequila, but to say that their unique approach is very popular among collectors and tequila enthusiasts alike.

Here’s a quick recap of the 20 most expensive tequilas in the world:

  • Tequila Ley .925 Diamante
  • Tequila Ley .925 Ultra-Premium
  • Jose Cuervo 250 Aniversario The Rolling Stones Special Edition
  • Clase Azul 15th Anniversary Edition
  • Clase Azul Jalisco 200 Limited Edition
  • Clase Azul Tequila Master Artisans
  • Patron Limited Edition En Lalique Serie 2 Extra Anejo
  • Clase Azul Dia de Los Muertos Limited Edition
  • Clase Azul Puebla Limited Edition Tequila
  • Dos Armadillos Sterling Silver Extra Anejo
  • Patron Limited Edition En Lalique Serie 1 Extra Anejo
  • Patron Limited Edition En Lalique Serie 3
  • Clase Azul Pink Limited Edition Reposado
  • Codigo 1530 Fourteen Years Extra Anejo
  • Tesla Tequila Anejo
  • Asombroso The Collaboration 12 Year Extra Anejo
  • AsomBroso Reserva del Porto Extra Anejo
  • Clase Azul Extra Añejo Ultra
  • Barrique de Ponciano Porfidio
  • 1800 Coleccion Tequila

Are there any tequilas we missed out from the list? Leave a comment below.

The 25 most expensive cigars in the world.

1.5 billion dollar yacht

What are the most expensive cigars in the world?

Cigars have risen in price rapidly over the past two decades.

They’re associated with luxury and wealth more than ever before, and cigar aficionados are constantly looking for rare and exclusive cigars to add to their collections.

This begs the question: how expensive can cigars be, and how difficult could it be to get your hands on the rarest of the rare?

Today we’re bringing you our updated list of the most expensive cigars in the world.

How did we select this list of cigars?

One of the issues with many expensive cigar lists on the internet, including the original version of our own, is how the cigar values are calculated.

For instance, there was once an auction for a very rare box of cigars that sold for more than half a million dollars, but the box consisted of almost 800 cigars. More details on that are below.

We’ve decided to thoroughly calculate the price/stick for each of the entries on this list, so you can have a clearer understanding of exactly which cigars are the most expensive in the world.

Whilst it may be difficult to obtain some of these cigars individually, assuming you’d want to obtain them of course, we think this is the best way of ranking the list.

Another thing we decided to take into account is limited edition releases which are packaged in custom humidors instead of regular boxes.

These humidors can often cost thousands of dollars alone, and end up distorting the price of the cigar.

Can people still buy these cigars?

Most of the cigars featured on this list can still be bought and smoked to this day. 

Many of them are limited edition lines and are likely harder to find than most cigars.

What exactly makes some cigars more expensive than others?

Typically, there are a few things that can factor into cigar price:

  • Limited edition productions
  • Aged tobacco
  • Brand recognition

Limited edition productions can often limit the total number of cigars produced, and as time passes the number of those remaining drops.

A lot of rare cigar releases also use aged tobacco leaves, and you’ll see several brands on this list that age their tobacco for at least 10 years before the cigar is rolled.

Brand recognition also plays a part as particular brands such as Cohiba are always sought after.

Finally, if none of the above results in a cigar being expensive, there are a select few who will cover cigars in gold leaf, and diamonds, and infuse them with expensive cognac.

But more on that later.

The 25 Most Expensive Cigars

We’ve done countless hours of research to ensure that our updated version of this list is the best resource available.

Without further ado, let’s get into this list of the 25 most expensive cigars in the world:

25. El Septimo The Zaya Collection (Mirifico Sapphire)

Most Expensive Cigars - El Septimo The Zaya Collection

Price/Stick: $100

The Zaya Collection, produced by El Septimo, contains 8 different varieties of cigars.

Each variety contains five different filler tobaccos, with the tobacco leaves aged up to 15 years.

Typically, each cigar features are larger ring gauge of around 60, due to the variety of filler leaves used.

Whilst the cigars within this collection have very different flavor profiles from one another, the prices/stick are relatively similar.

At the time of researching this article, we’ve included the variety selling for the most, which is Mirifico Sapphire, at $100/stick.

Other varieties within the collection include:

  • Bomba Orange
  • Short Dream Topaz
  • Kolosso Amethyst
  • Fabuloso Dark Ruby
  • Excepcion Esmerelda
  • Double Shot White
  • Bullet Black

24. Arturo Fuente Opus X 20th Anniversary

Most Expensive Cigars - Arturo Fuente Opus X 20th Anniversary

Price/Stick: $115

Arturo Fuente has long been known for their high-quality cigars, and their Opus X range contains some of the most sought-after cigars in the brand’s history.

The Opus X line was created in 1995 and in 2016 Fuente released the ‘Opus X 20th Anniversary’ edition to commemorate 20 years of the Opus X.

The ’20th Anniversary’ line contained four cigars:

  • Father & Son
  • God’s Whisper
  • Power of A Dream

The prices do vary between each variety, however, because the ‘God’s Whisper’ variety comes in a ‘Perfecto’ size it tends to be sold for higher prices than the rest of the line.

23. Cohiba Spectre 2023

Most Expensive Cigars - Cohiba Spectre 2023

Price/Stick: $130

The Spectre line from Cohiba was initially introduced in 2018 and cost $90 per stick.

Separate versions of the Cohiba Spectre have since been released annually, with the most expensive being the Spectre 2023.

The 2023 Spectre is limited to 600 boxes of 10 cigars, featuring a 52 ring gauge and 6 1/2 inches in length.

What’s most interesting about the release is the packaging, which differs somewhat from most cigars, including that of Cohiba.

The cigars are stored in a box that opens vertically, featuring a hydraulic system that elevates the tubed cigars when you press the ‘O’ button inside the Cohiba logo.

22. Davidoff Royal Release Salamones

Most Expensive Cigars - Davidoff Royal Release Salamones

Price/Stick: $150

To be qualified enough to roll the Royal Release Salamones, Davidoff makes sure you have more than 15 years of experience rolling cigars.

This cigar is only rolled by 8 different people who together have rolled over 7 million cigars.

The Royal Release Salmones takes 10 years to grow from tobacco seed to finished product and is sold in boxes of 10 for $1,500.

21. Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2 Reserva Cosecha 2012

Most Expensive Cigars - Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No 2 Reserva Cosecha 2012

Price/Stick: $181

The Epicure No. 2 is one of Hoyo de Monterrey’s signature cigars.

In 2016, Habanos SA announced the release of the No. 2 Reserva Cosecha 2012.

This blend only uses tobacco leaves from 2012, aged for a minimum of three years.

With just 5000 boxes of 20 cigars produced, this cigar is bound to increase in value with time.

20. Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas Gran Reserva Cosecha 2013

Most Expensive Cigars - Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas Gran Reserva Cosecha 2013

Price/Stick: $200

Here we have another Hoyo de Monterrey ‘Reserva’ release, the Double Coronas Gran Reserva Cosecha 2013.

Typically, Gran Reserva lines are more sought after than regular Reserva series, due to the difference in tobacco aging.

Reserva cigar blends use tobacco leaves that are aged for a minimum of three years.

Whereas Gran Reserva blends use tobacco leaves aged for a minimum of 5 years.

Gran Reservas are also produced with only 15 sticks per box, instead of the usual 20.

19. Cohiba Siglo De Oro (Year of the Rabbit)

Most Expensive Cigars - Cohiba Siglo De Oro

Price/Stick: $250

In 2023, Cohiba announced the release of the Siglo De Oro, to commemorate both the Chinese ‘Year of the Rabbit’, and also the 30th anniversary of the Siglo series.

Naturally, people across China, Hong Kong, and various other countries in Asia were the first to see these cigars unveiled.

Only 18,888 boxes of the Siglo De Oro will be produced.

That number might sound oddly specific, and it is indeed no coincidence, as the number 8 is lucky in Chinese culture.

The Siglo De Oro is a 54 ring gauge, 4 1/2 inch long cigar, sold in boxes of 18.

  18. H. Upmann Sir Winston Gran Reserva Cosecha 2011

Most Expensive Cigars - H. Upmann Sir Winston Gran Reserva Cosecha 2011

Price/Stick: $260

H. Upmann is one of the oldest cigar brands in the world, with history going all the way back to 1843.

The Sir Winston Gran Reserva Cosecha is of course named after the legendary Sir Winston Churchill , who was known not only for being one of the most important prime ministers in British history; but also for his love of cigars.

The Gran Reserve line was launched by H. Upmann in 2009, and in 2011 the Sir Winston edition was released.

Just 5000 boxes of 15 cigars were produced, for a total of 75,000 cigars.

17. Partagas Serie E No.1 Colección Habanos 2013

Price/stick: $280.

The Serie E No. 1 Colección Habanos 2013 from Partagas appears 18th on our list of the most expensive cigars.

With this particular cigar now being over 10 years old, its price has risen heavily.

You can still find this cigar for sale in the USA for roughly $280 per stick, however, prices do vary.

16. Hoyo De Monterrey Maravillas Collection 2015

Price/stick: $290.

The most expensive Hoyo de Monterrey cigar is the Maravillas Collection 2015.

There were just 2000 boxes of 20 cigars produced, amounting to a total of 40,000 cigars.

Given the smaller production number in comparison to the other Hoyo de Monterrey’s featured on this list, you can expect to pay $290/stick for this cigar.

15. Cohiba Behike Series

Most Expensive Cigars - Cohiba Behike

Price/Stick $300

Cohiba Behikes are one of the most popular and sought-after cigars in the world.

Behike cigars are known for their full-strength flavor and quality, provided you can get your hands on the authentic product.

They’re sold in three different ring gauges: 52, 54, and 56.

These sizes are represented in their names respectively: Behike 52, Behike 54, and Behike 56.

The Cohiba Behike cigars are sold in 10-count boxes and increase in price depending on their size.

14. Oliva Serie V Roaring Twenties Super Limited Edition

Most Expensive Cigars - Oliva Serie V Roaring Twenties Super Limited Edition

Oliva Cigar Co. are well known for producing cigars that provide a great smoking experience for a great value.

However, in 2023 they decided to do something a little different.

The most popular line of Oliva cigars is the ‘Series V’, and last year they announced a new Series V Roaring Twenties Super Limited Edition.

When we take a look at the average price of an Oliva cigar, we can see a price of around $10, so what’s different?

The packaging is the most notable difference, with the Roaring Twenties SLE cigars being placed in boxes produced by Daniel Marshall.

Half of the cigars (the top layer) are also covered in gold foil.

In addition, there will only ever be 300 boxes created, for a total of 3000 cigars.

13. Trinidad Casilda Coleccion Habanos 2019

Price/stick: $370.

As you may have already noticed, Habanos limited edition collections can become incredibly expensive.

The Trinidad Casilda 2019 is another edition within the Coleccion Habanos with only 3000 boxes being produced.

This cigar once again features the traditional book-shaped box packaging as with any ‘Coleccion Habanos’ release.

Getting your hands on a single stick could cost up to $370.

12. Daniel Marshall 24KT Golden Gigante

Most Expensive Cigars - Daniel Marshall 24KT Gold Cigar

Price/Stick: $395

Continuing both the obsession with gold and also the story of Daniel Marshall brings us to the next cigar on our list.

For those who are unaware of Daniel Marshall ; he’s a well-known figure within the cigar industry for his work with manufacturing custom humidors.

In 2011, Marshall decided to create a 24KT gold cigar for his friend’s 64th birthday. 

Marshall then produced a limited run of the cigar which would be packaged in a custom-signed travel humidor.

The 24kt cigar comes in two sizes, Torpedo and Gigante, with the Gigante size being the more expensive of the two.

Its base is that of the DM2 cigar, also sold by Daniel Marshall, which is rolled and sold to him by the Plasencia factory.

Daniel then covers the cigar with a thin layer of gold leaf from Italy.

  11. Montecristo Gran Piramides Limited Edition 2017

Most Expensive Cigars - Montecristo Gran Piramides 2017

Price/Stick: $400 

Montecristo is one of the most popular cigar brands in the world, and one of their most expensive cigars is the Gran Piramides Limited Edition from 2017.

The Gran Piramides are part of the ‘Coleccion Habanos’, which come packaged in a box that’s shaped to look like a book.

At its core, the Gran Piramides are a Montecristo No. 2 that has been increased in size for this limited collection.

This cigar has a length of 6.25 inches and a ring gauge of 57, while Montecristo No. 2’s are a 52 ring gauge, and slightly shorter in length.

Only 2000 boxes of the Gran Piramides 2017 were produced by Habanos SA.

10. Partagas Lusitanias Gran Reserva Cosecha 2007

Most Expensive Cigars - Partagas Lusitanias Gran Reserva Cosecha 2007

Price/Stick: $430

Continuing with another Habanos SA-produced cigar, the 2007 Gran Reserva Lusitanias from Partagas is our 11th most expensive cigar.

Just 5000 boxes of 15 cigars were produced, resulting in a total count of 75,000 cigars.

The Gran Reserve Cosecha 2007 can still be found for sale, but given its age, you might have to shell out more than you wish to.

9. Cohiba Talisman Edicion Limitada 2017

Most Expensive Cigars - Cohiba Talisman Edicion Limitada 2017

Price/Stick: $450

When it was originally released, the Cohiba Talisman EL 2017 cost just $547 for a box of 10.

Since their release, the price has risen rapidly year over year.

The cigars were produced at the world-famous El Laguito factory in Havana, Cuba.

At the time of writing this article, you’d be lucky to find a single stick for under $450.

8. Cohiba 55 Aniversario Edicion Limitada 2021

Most Expensive Cigars - Cohiba 55 Aniversario Edicion Limitada 2021

Price/Stick: $500

While not the most expensive release from Cohiba in the year 2021, the next entry on this list was certainly an important one.

The 55 Anniversario Edicion Limitada 2021 marked the 55th anniversary of Cohiba.

As the name suggests, the cigar was indeed a limited edition, and difficult to get a hold of.

The cigar was released in 10-count boxes, costing roughly $5000/box.

7. Davidoff Oro Blanco

Most Expensive Cigars - Davidoff Oro Blanco

Price/Stick: $600

Davidoff claims that the Oro Blanco is the most exceptional cigar they’ve ever created.

The Oro Blanco is a 6-inch, 54 ring gauge, toro-shaped cigar, with an all-Dominican wrapper, binder, and filler

So why does it cost $600 per cigar?

One of the main reasons for its high cost is due to Davidoff’s aging process.

The Oro Blanco, which translates to “White Gold”, is made with tobacco leaves grown in areas with some of the richest soil across the entire Dominican Republic.

The leaves are then aged for 12 years before the cigar is rolled; a task completed only by Davidoff’s most experienced rollers (15+ years of experience).

After one additional year of aging, the single cigar is then reviewed, approved, and placed into a custom box.

6. Mayan Sicars

Price/stick: $633.

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned a specific auction involving a box of 800 cigars.

In 2012, a large crate of Mayan cigars, expected to be more than 600 years old, was discovered in Guatemala.

It’s important to mention that the most reliable source of this information mentions the sale of all 800 cigars for a total of $507,000, which would put the price/stick at $633.

The cigars were buried deep below the surface in sealed clay pots, and discovered by an archeologist team from Tampa University.

Who paid the $507,000? A man named Gary Liotta, owner of the Santiago Cigar Factory in New York.

5. Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve

Most Expensive Cigars - Gurkha His Majesties Reserve

Price/Stick: $750

On the sixth spot, we have Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve cigar.

It’s made each year, and if you’re a cigar enthusiast, you will need to preorder them a few years beforehand. 

The total size of each cigar is 7-5 x 52 inches. The Connecticut Maduro wrapper comes with a Dominican binder and filler that is aged for 12 years.

The filler is infused with Louis XIII cognac, which gives it an amazing aroma.

This cigar is very rare and special, and the cognac has been known for selling only to dignitaries worldwide. 

A total of 75 boxes are being made every year. The incredible aroma, as well as the taste of the cigar, will be something that you will be so impressed with that you will never forget. 

4. Cohiba Ideales Coleccion 2021

Most Expensive Cigars - Cohiba Ideales Limited Edition 2021

Price/Stick: $1100

As the name suggests, this Cohiba cigar was released in 2021, measuring almost 7 inches in length, with a 56 ring gauge.

The Ideales Coleccion 2021 is limited to just 3000 boxes of 20 cigars, totaling 60,000 sticks.

The box is manufactured to look like a book.

Cohiba’s Ideales Coleccion 2021 is the last cigar to feature on this list that isn’t either covered in gold leaf and crystals or nearly 20 years old.

Which makes it the most expensive plain cigar that can still be purchased today.

3. Gurkha Black Dragon (2006 Edition)

Price/stick: $1,150.

The Gurkha Black Dragon is a cigar that you can still buy and smoke newer versions of to this day, but the original 2006 edition is a rare find.

The OG boxes were handmade using camel bone and were limited to just 5 boxes of 100 cigars.

Those who have smoked the original Black Dragon from 2006, and the newer editions seem to conclude that the taste is more or less the same.

Although the 2006 first edition of the Gurkha Black Dragon cost around $1,150, given how limited it was at the time; the current version of this cigar can be added to your collection for just $40/stick.

2. King of Denmark Cigar

Price/stick: $4,500.

The King of Denmark cigar is produced by Royal Danish and only 30 sticks are rolled per day.

Buyers can customize the cigar with both 24KT gold leaf and Swarovski crystals. 

They’re also able to have their name inscribed on the cigar.

Whilst this cigar doesn’t have to cost you thousands, it can reach up to $4,500/stick depending on the customization.

1. Gurkha Royal Courtesan

Most Expensive Cigars - Gurkha Royal Courtesan

Price/Stick: $1.36 Million

The most expensive cigar in the world is the Gurkha Royal Courtesan cigar.

The Royal Courtesan is worth a ridiculous $1.36 million per stick.

One of the most interesting things here is that Gurkha are not known for their quality. 

In fact, Gurkha’s quality control is often a common problem reported by fellow cigar aficionados.

This begs the question: why does this cigar cost so much more money than anything else on the list before it?

Let’s get into the details of the Royal Courtesan:

  • The cigar’s filler is infused with Remy Martin’s Louis XIII cognac.
  • It’s hand-rolled by a select few skilled rollers, who are blindfolded.
  • The band of the cigar is covered in 5-carat diamonds.
  • Rare Himalayan tobacco leaves are used for the wrapper.
  • The wrapper is also covered in a layer of 24KT gold leaf.
  • Personal delivery to the owner by a messenger

Notable Mentions

That concludes our main list of the 25 most expensive cigars in the world.

There are, however, a few entries we’d like to mention.

Although these weren’t included in the main list, they’re worth mentioning to any fellow cigar aficionado.

Regius Double Corona Cigar

Price: $52,000.

We decided to leave out the Regius Double Corona from our main list as the cigar itself is not the main reason for the high price.

In 2013, Regius Cigars developed their Double Corona cigar, which is produced in Nicaragua.

However, the main attraction was not actually the cigar itself, but what was included with the purchase.

The buyer of the cigar would be flown first class out to Regius headquarters in Nicaragua, where they would be given a private tour of the factory.

They would also be allowed to create their own cigar blend, and be given 1000 sticks of said blend to take home with them.

Gran Habano #5 El Gigante

Price: $185,000.

Technically this cigar does have a clear price/stick, selling for $185,000 in 2013.

However, it’s probably worth mentioning that the cigar is 19 feet long, 3 feet thick, and weighs over 600 pounds.

Here are some interesting facts about the Gran Habano #5 El Gigante:

  • Despite its size, it can be smoked by multiple people at the same time.
  • Made with 1,600 pounds of tobacco.
  • Equivalent to smoking 25,000 cigars
  • Contains 15,000 wrapper leaves
  • Has a ring gauge of 1920
  • Weighs 2,500 pounds with the wooden case

We decided to separate the El Gigante from our main list of expensive cigars, but the story itself is worth mentioning.

If you enjoyed this list, don’t forget to check out our other most expensive lists:

  • The Most Expensive Vodkas
  • The Most Expensive Alcoholic Drinks
  • The Most Expensive Cigarettes
  • The Most Expensive Bourbons
  • The Most Expensive Tequila

Here’s a quick recap of the 25 most expensive cigars in the world, per stick:

  • Gurkha Royal Courtesan
  • King of Denmark
  • Gurkha Black Dragon (2006 Edition)
  • Cohiba Ideales Coleccion 2021
  • Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve
  • Mayan Sicars
  • Davidoff Oro Blanco
  • Cohiba 55 Aniversario Edicion Limitada 2021
  • Cohiba Talisman Edicion Limitada 2017
  • Partagas Lusitanias Gran Reserva Cosecha 2007
  • Montecristo Gran Piramides Limited Edition 2017
  • Daniel Marshall 24KT Golden Gigante
  • Trinidad Casilda Coleccion Habanos 2019
  • Oliva Serie V Roaring Twenties Super Limited Edition
  • Cohiba Behike Series
  • Hoyo De Monterrey Maravillas Collection 2015
  • Partagas Serie E No.1 Colección Habanos 2013
  • H. Upmann Sir Winston Gran Reserva Cosecha 2011
  • Cohiba Siglo De Oro (Year of the Rabbit)
  • Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas Gran Reserva Cosecha 2013
  • Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2 Reserva Cosecha 2012
  • Davidoff Royal Release Salamones
  • Cohiba Spectre 2023
  • Arturo Fuente Opus X 20th Anniversary
  • El Septimo The Zaya Collection (Mirifico Sapphire)

Are there any cigars we’ve missed from this list? Leave a comment below.

The 10 most expensive countries to live in worldwide.

The Most Expensive Countries to Live in

Which are the most expensive countries to live in worldwide? Hold tight, as you’re about to find out.

If you’ve dreamed about moving abroad and starting life afresh in a new country, then read through this list before you do, as you might be shocked to find out just how expensive some of these lesser-known countries are. 

We’ve put together this list based on accommodation and living expenses for a single person living in the capital city of each country, and according to population. 

Here’s a list of the 10 most expensive countries to live in worldwide…

The list of countries and figures mentioned below have been compiled from various sources around the web, such as World Population Review & Nomad List .

These are the 10 most expensive countries to live in worldwide:

10. Barbados – $2,061

Most Expensive Countries - Barbados

Kicking off our list of the 10 most expensive countries to live in worldwide, is Barbados. 

Barbados is a sovereign island nation in the Lesser Antilles of the West Indies, which is the Caribbean region of North America. 

It covers approximately 349km² and is 23 kilometres wide and 34 kilometres long, with a total population of 285,719 people. 

Barbados is the fourth-most densely populated country in the Americas and, it’s capital city, Bridgetown, has approximately 110,000 people living in it. 

To rent a one-bedroom studio apartment in Bridgetown, you’re looking at spending around $500 a month, or $100 a night in an Airbnb. 

A basic meal out will cost you no less than $13. A beer is around $6.50 and coffee is approximately $5.00 depending on where you go. 

9. Japan – $2,612

Most Expensive Countries - Japan

The ninth most expensive country to live in worldwide is Japan. 

Japan is an archipelago island nation in South-East Asia, made up of 6,852 islands, with a current total population of 126.8 million people. 

Of the 6,582 islands, the four largest islands account for the majority of inhabitants, as roughly 97% Japans population live on the four islands. 

Japan has many major cities, like Osaka, Yokohoma, Nagoya and Sapporo, which are all populated by more than 2 million people. 

However, Tokyo, Japans Capital City and the largest city in Japan, has an approximate population of 37 million people. 

To rent a one-bedroom studio apartment in Tokyo, you’re looking at spending in the region of $1,370 a month, or $111 a night in an Airbnb. 

Eating out varies in price, but as an average for one person, you should be looking at spending around $15.00 for a basic meal and around $6.00 for a beer.

Coffee is also pretty reasonable, considering how expensive Tokyo is, at $2.81 a cup. 

8. Norway – $2,659

Most Expensive Countries - Norway

Located in Northern Europe, Norway is a Scandinavian country with a total population of 5.3 million people. 

Norway shares its borders with Sweden, Russia and Finland, and has a total landmass of 385,203 km².

It’s only the 171st most densely populated country on earth, with roughly 14 people for every square kilometre. 

Rent is expensive in Norway’s capital, so renting a one-bedroom studio apartment in Oslo, will set you back around $1,193 a month, or $85 a night in an Airbnb. 

You won’t have much change left from $15 when buying a meal out, and a beer will set you back around $9.11.

7. The Bahamas – $2,704

Most Expensive Countries - The Bahamas

The next most expensive country in the world to live in is The Bahamas. 

Made up of over 700 islands, the Bahamas has an approximate population of 389,482 million people living across its 13,943km² landmass. 

The largest city in the Bahamas is Nassau, with a total population of 255,000. 

If you’re thinking about visiting the Bahamas, then you should budget approximately $950 a month for a one-bedroom studio apartment in the city, or $149 a night for an Airbnb. 

You’ll need to take at least $50-$100 with you when you go out for a meal and some drinks, as a basic meal costs around $15-$20 and a beer will cost you around $2.50. 

Coffee is a little on the expensive side, at around $5 each. 

6. Luxembourg – $2,751

Most Expensive Countries - Luxembourg

One of the smallest countries on our list, Luxembourg, is also one of the smallest sovereign nations on the planet, and it won’t leave you with a lot of wiggle room when it comes to your monthly expenses. 

Luxembourg is a landlocked country, located in western Europe, and has an estimated population of 620,319 people. 

Its population is small compared to other countries on the list, however, it has roughly 207 people per square kilometre, making it the 67th most densely populated country on earth. 

When you arrive in Luxembourg City, you can expect to pay around $1,322 per month for a one-bedroom studio apartment, or $80 a night in an Airbnb. 

Luxembourg seems like it’s slightly more expensive than the Bahamas when it comes to luxuries like beer and coffee, as one beer will cost you around $9 and coffee will set you back $6. 

Eating a basic meal out will cost between $17-$25 for one person depending on what you order. 

5. Iceland – $2,802

Most Expensive Countries - Iceland

Coming in at number five on our list of the most expensive countries in the world is Iceland. 

Iceland is located between the North and Atlantic Oceans and has a total surface area of 103,001 square kilometres. 

However, Iceland’s population of 339,949 people, remains relatively low in comparison to others on our list as its harsh geographical landscape proves difficult to live in for many, at times. 

As a result, Iceland has the lowest population density of any European country, at just 3 people per kilometre. 

Staying in Iceland will cost you approximately $1,236 a month for a one-bedroom studio apartment in the capital city of Reykjavik, or $128 a night in an Airbnb.  

Whilst you’re there, eating out will cost you around $12 for a basic meal, $8 for a beer and $2.15 for a cup of coffee. 

4. Denmark – $3,312

Most Expensive Countries - Denmark

The southernmost Nordic country in Northern Europe, Denmark, is the fourth most expensive country to live in worldwide. 

Denmark, bordered by Germany, Sweden and Norway has a total current population of 5.7 million people. 

The Scandinavian countries capital city is Copenhagen, which has an urban population of 1.2 million people, and a metropolitan population of 1.99 million.  

Known as one of the happiest places to live on earth, Copenhagen is also a very expensive city to live in.

For a one-bedroom studio apartment, you’re looking at $1,917 a month, or $96 a night in an Airbnb. 

Eating out will cost you approximately $18 per person and beers and coffee are anyway between $5.50-$6.50 a pop!

3. Switzerland – $3,162

Most Expensive Countries - Switzerland

Switzerland is the third most expensive country to live in worldwide. 

With more than 8.6 million people living across, 41,285 square kilometres, Switzerland is the 95th most populated country in the world, and the 135th largest country in terms of the total landmass. 

Switzerland has a number of beautiful cities to live in, like it’s capital, Bern, and it’s the largest city, Zurich. 

Bern has approximately 133,000 people living there and accommodation for a month in Bern, for one person, will cost in the region of $1,366, or $86 a night in an Airbnb. 

A meal out will cost you approximately $15-$20, with an additional beer costing around $6.00 and coffee costing around $5.00 a cup. 

2. Cayman Islands – $3,387

Most Expensive Countries - Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands is the second most populated British overseas territory in the world, just behind Bermuda.

It is located in the western end of the Caribbean sea and has a total current population of approximately 63,000 people. 

It’s made up of a number of islands like Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. 

The Cayman Islands are well known for housing offshore companies, and it’s believed that there are over 100,000 companies registered in the Cayman Islands. 

If you’re considering doing business in George Town, the capital city of the Cayman Islands, then a one-bedroom studio apartment will cost you around $1,924 a month or $83 a night in an Airbnb. 

Food and drink on the island are where you might spend a lot of your money.

A basic meal out will cost you at least $20-$30, with beer costing around $8.00 and coffee costing around $7 a cup. 

1. Bermuda – $5,011  

Most Expensive Countries - Bermuda

At over $5,000 a month for accommodation and living expenses, Bermuda is the most expensive place to live in worldwide.

Similar to the Cayman Islands, Bermuda is another British territory located in the North Atlantic. 

Bermuda has a total population of approximately 65,000 people living across a total landmass of 20.5 square miles. 

Its capital city, Hamilton, is also Bermudas only incorporated city and has a current population of just over 1,000 people. 

When looking for accommodation in the city, you’re going to need some deep pockets, as a one-bedroom studio apartment will cost you around $2,675 a month, or $212 a night in an Airbnb. 

If you’re a drinker, then get prepared to spend some cash, as one glass of beer will cost you a minimum of $10, and dinner will be around $20-$30 per person. 

Bermuda is the most expensive country to live in worldwide. 

We hope you enjoyed our list of the 10 most expensive countries to live in worldwide.

Well, there you have it, those were some super expensive countries to live in.

Living in those countries might make you think twice about drinking alcohol , on a regular occasion, and make you sharpen the purse strings a bit more.

However, it’s all relative and depends on your disposable income and expenses.

So, if you’re still planning on moving to, or even visiting one of these countries long term, then at least you know what to expect. 

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 most expensive countries to live in worldwide:

  • Bermuda – $5,011
  • Cayman Islands – $3,387
  • Switzerland – $3,162
  • Denmark – $3,312
  • Iceland – $2,802
  • Luxembourg – $2,751
  • The Bahamas – $2,704
  • Japan – $2,612
  • Norway – $2,291
  • Barbados – $2,061

What’s your favourite most expensive country? Leave a comment below.

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22 Most Expensive Yachts in the World and Who Owns Them

Yachts are luxury items that only the wealthy can afford. But how expensive are the most expensive yachts in the world? $500,000? A million? Well, think hundreds of millions to a whopping $4 billion! And, to match the jaw-dropping price tag, these superyachts have extravagant features and amenities like a helipad and even a submarine.

This guide will explore the most lavish and expensive yachts, their worth, and who currently owns them.

22. Ecstasea 

Yacht Ecstasea 01

Owner:  Alshair Fiyaz, Pakistani investor and billionaire Price:  $120 million

 Do you feel the need for speed? The Ecstasea is one of the fastest superyachts in existence. Despite its massive 282-foot length, it can blast through the water with 43,000 horsepower or 35 knots. Inside, however, it’s designed for maximum relaxation, offering amenities like massage rooms and cocktail bars with a beach house theme.

21. Lady Moura

Barcelona Spain April 30 2022: Lady Moura Yacht One Of

Owner:  Ricardo Salinas Pliego, Mexican business mogul Price:  $125 million

One look at the 24-karat gold-plated name sign, and you’ll know that Lady Moura is special. It boasts a pool, helipad, fitness center, movie theater, and business suite. There’s even a disco floor with a DJ room when the passengers are feeling funky! It was commissioned for a Saudi business mogul but wound up in the hands of a Mexican business leader in later years.

20. Solandge

Marbella Malaga Spain September 1 2019. Mega Yacht Solandge Build

Owner:  Muqrin bin Abdulaziz, former Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Price:  $150 million

It’s hard to get more luxurious than the Solandge, one of the most expensive yachts in the world. Between the sauna, gym, bar, movie theater, and steam room, passengers can live like royalty… which is right on brand considering its owner, former Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Muqrin bin Abdulaziz. Even its pool is designed to the nines with a glass bottom for ocean viewing.

19. Lionheart

Ibiza Spain June 10 2017: The 90 Meter Luxury

Owner:  Sir Philip Green, British retail mogul Price:  $150 million

The sleek and stylish Lionhart is a yacht that sits among Sir Philip’s many other yachts in Monaco – he’s made a collection of them! However, the Lionheart stands out as a crown jewel for its opulent luxury and sophisticated technology. You might not expect a huge superyacht to be fast, but the Lionheart can reach a top cruising speed of 15 knots!


Ai Artefact

Owner:  Mike Lazaridis, founder of Blackberry Price:  $150 million

The ARTEFACT is owned by Blackberry founder Mike Lazaridis, and fittingly, it’s decked out with all the latest in superyacht tech. Not only does it boast amenities like surround-sound movie theaters, but it’s also very environmentally conscious. It’s equipped with solar panels, a wastewater recycling unit, and a battery storage system that lessens the strain on its internal combustion engines. Folks in the industry consider the ARTEFACT one of the world’s most innovative and groundbreaking yacht designs.

17. Octopus

Malaga,,spain, ,january,08,,2020:,world,largest,yacht,octopus

Owner: Unnamed buyer Price: $200 million

We’re starting off our list of the most expensive yachts in the world with the 126.2m or 414-foot motor yacht known as Octopus. And, as expected from a vessel this size, it boasts out-of-this-world amenities and luxuries, including not one but two helipads!

Jonathan Quinn Barnett, a famous architect, penned the interiors, while Espen Oeino International designed the exteriors. German shipbuilding conglomerate Lürssen built the yacht. In 2019, Blohm+Voss  refitted the superyacht and tweaked the original 2003 design in preparation for the charter market. And, yes, that means you can rent the Octopus for $2,200,000 per week.

The late Microsoft co-founder and billionaire Paul Allen commissioned and owned the Octopus. A year after Allen’s death, the Octopus went on sale. The new owners are, unfortunately, unknown.

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16. Rising Sun


Owner: David Geffen, a media mogul Price: $200 million

The Rising Sun is also a Lürssen-built yacht. The 138.01m yacht has 82 rooms, over five floors, a wine cellar, a basketball court, and a movie theater. In addition to being one of the most expensive yachts, it is also one of the  largest superyachts in the world .

Fun fact: David Geffen and Larry Ellison, a co-founder of Oracle, previously co-owned the Rising Sun. In 2010, Ellison sold his half to Geffen.

Super Mega Yacht Aviva Owned By British Billionaire Businessman Joe

Owner:  Joe Lewis, billionaire investor Price:  $250 million

With a steel hull design and hybrid engine system, the Aviva is a marvel among those who know a thing or two about yachts. It’s renowned for its functionality on the water. It’s also a place of fun: There are game rooms, art rooms, bistros, VIP suites, and a full-size padel tennis court. Joe Lewis actually built the yacht around the padel court, making it the heart of the entire vessel.

14. Al Mirqab


Owner: Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al-Thani, Qatar’s former prime minister Price: $250 million

Peterswerft – Kusch built the Al Mirqab in 2008. This superyacht has a 133m length overall (LOA), and as expected from its size, it can accommodate 60 guests and 60 crews. It is famous for its impressively large wellness spa, underwater viewing room, and more.

Aerial,photograph,of,dilbar ,biggest,yacht,in,the,world,,taken

Owner: Alisher Usmanov, a Russian oligarch Price: $256 million

The Russian-owned superyacht is a design by Lürssen Yachts. Apart from being one of the most expensive yachts in the world, it is one of the largest, with a height of over 50 feet and 360 feet in length. Dilbar can accommodate 48 cabin crew members and 20 guests. It also has several swimming pools and one helipad.

Miami, ,march,25:,photo,of,superyacht,serene,at,downtown

Owner: Mohammed Bin Salman, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Price: $330 million

Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri built the Serene in 2011. This superyacht boasts eight diesel-electric MTU 2,828hp engines, which propels the vessel to a maximum speed of 25 knots. In terms of amenities, the Serene doesn’t disappoint.

It has an underwater viewing room, two helipads, a submarine, and multiple swimming pools. However, the helipad can be converted into a pool or a dance floor. It can accommodate up to 24 guests and 52 cabin crew. Additionally, it features an outdoor movie hall, a steam room, a Hamman beauty center, a pool with seawater, and a showroom, among many other luxurious facilities.

11. Pelorus 

The Mega Yacht Pelorus Is Moored In The Port Of

Owner:  Samuel Tak Lee, Hong Kong property billionaire Price:  $350 million

Pelorus means “vast” in Greek, which is fitting for a 377-foot superyacht decked out with everything from grand pianos to helicopter pads. It’s so large that it requires a full-time, year-round crew of almost 50 people! It also has an impressive pedigree, with many billionaire owners buying and selling it over the years. It’s lived in Germany, Saudi Arabia, Russia, the United States, and more. Today, it’s owned by Chinese real estate mogul Samuel Tak Lee. 

10. Al Said

Muttrah,,oman, ,nov,28,,2015:,al,said, ,yacht

Owner: A member of the royal family of Oman Price: $300 million

This is the world’s highest displacement superyacht featuring a displacement of 15,850 tonnes. While Espen Oeino credits the vessel’s exterior design, RWD designed its interior. It was built in 2008 by Lürssen. Though named after Qaboos Bin Said Al Said, the late Sultan of Oman, it is owned by an unnamed Omani royal.

With a colossal 505 feet in length, the luxurious vessel sleeps up to 70 guests and 154 cabin crew. Details of its elegant fixtures and fittings are not known. However, one of its most known and comfortable features is a concert hall big enough to accommodate a 50-piece Orchestra.

Additionally, it has a maximum speed of 25 knots since it is fitted with twin diesel 11,149hp MTU engines.

Monaco,,monte Carlo,,4,sept,2015:,megayacht,most,expensive,radiant,,the

Owner: Abdulla Al Futtaim, an Emirati businessman Price: $320 million

Radiant is another Lürssen-built superyacht. Aside from the standard amenities like spa and helipad, the Radiant is particularly famous for its security features. It has an escape launch, a turbo-powered speedboat, and even sonic guns and military-military grade water cannon!

Dubai,,uae, ,dec,16:,dubai, ,yacht,of,the

Owner: Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, United Arab Emirates Prime Minister Price: $400 million

Dubai is one of the most extravagant yachts globally, featuring sunbathing areas, Jacuzzis, a helipad, and mosaic swimming with elaborate handmade tiling. It also has an exquisite VIP lounge, a large social area, and a split-level owner’s deck. Its glass-made circular staircase also changes color when lit from above. Dubai can accommodate up to 115 crew and guests.

7. Motor Yacht A

Bequia,,st.vincent,and,grenadines,,12 15 2017,,motor,yacht,a,,owner,roman

Owner: Andrey Melnichenko, Russian billionaire and Philanthropist Price: $440 million

At first glance, Motor Yacht A looks like a stealth warship or military submarine, but this Blohm + Voss-built vessel is a superyacht, believe it or not. As impressive as its exterior, the Motor Yacht A boasts extravagant amenities like its three swimming pools that can change currents.

Palma De Mallorca Spain April 23 2023:sailing Mega Yacht

Owner: Jeff Bezos, ex-Amazon CEO Price: $500 million

Billed as the world’s largest sailing yacht, Koru is 417 feet long and features three masts that provide plenty of wind power when the wind is blowing as opposed to the typical diesel-powered yachts owned by other billionaires. It’s no secret that Bezos wants to slow climate change, already having advocated for naming the new hockey arena in Seattle the Climate Pledge Arena while at Amazon.

Koru features an on-deck pool and a voluptuous mermaid on the bow, that bears a resemblance to Lauren Sánchez, his current girlfriend. Koru will be trailed by Abeona, a 246-foot support vessel, that will house all of the toys, including ATVs, supercars, seaplanes, motorcycles, smaller boats, scuba gear, personal submarines, and even helicopters (that Ms. Sánchez could fly).

Jeddah,/,saudi,arabia, ,october,06,,2014.,photo,of

Owner: Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister of UAE Price: $527 million

Lürssen built the Topaz or A+ in 2012. It is also one of the largest luxury yachts, with a colossal length of 482 feet. It has a maximum speed of 23 knots thanks to the 7,990 HP engine.

Topaz features underwater lighting, a conference room, air conditioning, and a large Jacuzzi. It also has an aluminum superstructure with eight viewing decks, double helicopter landing pads, a movie theatre, and a modern gymnasium.

Cadiz,,spain, ,16,january,,2021:,the,united,arab,emirates

Owner: Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nayan, Emir of Abu Dhabi Price: $600 million

The Azzam is the world’s largest megayacht, with a whopping 180.61m LOA. Despite its large size, this 2013 Lürssen-built superyacht manages to be one of the fastest as well. Its four-engine system puts out 35,048 kW of power, propelling the extravagant vessel to a maximum of 30 knots! Other impressive feature of the Azzam is its bulletproof master suite.

Fun fact: The original plan for the Azzam is 145 meters. However, the design grew to optimize the structure and accommodate the yacht’s complex engines.

3. Streets of Monaco

Concept photo of Streets of Monaco

Owner: No owner yet Price: $1 billion

Streets of Monaco is the first billion-dollar yacht on our list, and it’s impressive. This 508 feet yacht manages to feature miniature versions of some of Monaco and Monte Carlos’s most renowned landmarks.

In addition to its Monaco-inspired exteriors, the Street of Monaco also has an extravagant list of amenities and facilities, including a casino, go-kart, a three-floor bedroom, and submarines.


Owner: Roman Abramovich, a former Chelsea boss, and a billionaire Russian oligarch. Price: $1.5 billion

This is the world’s most expensive private yacht, designed by Terence Disdale and built by Blohm+Voss. With a length of 533 feet, it is the second-largest yacht in the world. Its unique features are the bulletproof windows in the main bedroom, intruder alarms, missile detection system, and armor plating. Aside from its security features, the Eclipse features multiple hot tubs, a disco hall, a mini-submarine, two helipads, 24 guest bedrooms, and two swimming pools.

1. History Supreme


Owner: Robert Knok, the richest man in Malaysia Price: $4.8 billion

The most expensive yacht in the world is no other than the History Supreme. This superyacht screams luxury with its 10,000 kilograms of solid gold and platinum! If that wasn’t enough, this Stuart Hughes-designed yacht has a meteorite rock wall in the main suite and a 68 kg 24-carat gold Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium.

The extravagant vessel also features a statue made of Tyrannosaurus Rex bones and a liquor bottle adorned with a rare 18.5-carat diamond. Other areas plated with gold are the deck, anchor, dining area, railings, and staircases.

Final Thoughts

Judging from this list, owning a luxurious yacht is not just about having money; you need big, solid money before even thinking of it. Most of the owners of these yachts are billionaires and multi-millionaires. Cruising around one of these most expensive yachts is a slice of heaven experience on earth. We hope you enjoyed it!

Table of Contents


Super Mega Yacht Aviva Owned By British Billionaire Businessman Joe

15 Most Expensive Yachts In the World

The first McDonald's Store Museum in Illinois, USA

The 15 States That Love McDonald’s the Most

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1.5 billion dollar yacht

"She should be sued for 1.5 billion dollars" - Hollywood fame Amanda Seales faces massive backlash for calling Trump's assassination attempt fake

F ormer US president Donald Trump was recently shot while he was addressing an event in the Butler, Pennsylvania rally, on Saturday, July 13, 2024. Trump, who hopes to overcome his 2020 defeat by winning the upcoming 2024 elections against Democrat Joe Biden, was shot by a gunman who used an AR rifle from a roof nearby, where the rally was happening.

Trump was shot in the right ear. While the bullet did not do much damage to Trump's right ear, there was some blood seen on the former president's hands and suit, while Secret Service agents shielded him from further damage.

While the whole world seems concerned about the former president, American actress and author Amanda Seales has called this assassination attempt fake via a video uploaded on her socials in which she said:

"That sh*t was more staged than a Tyler Perry production of Madea runs for president. I lived in Harlem long enough to know that gunshots do not sound like making popcorn on the stove . Pop pop pop!"

She continued:

"Where did the blood come from ? So in theatre , in movie they have what's called blood pellets . You they even use in Halloween ….. pellet of fake blood ….to be frank small hands trump will not respond by raising his … this was I believe done to try to show his strength, counter to Biden's fragility…. Molly you in danger girl"

Fans on X reacted to Amanda Seales's video and labeled her comments as hateful. They wanted the actress to take her video down. Here is what some of the netizens commented after reacting to her video.

"Tell that to the innocent Trump supporter who just wanted to go to a rally to cheer for his President who tragically lost his life. Your comments are hateful and divisive and should be deleted," a netizen wrote.
"The families of the deceased should sue this women, like the families of sandy hook sued Alex Jones. This is defamation. People died. She's calling it a hoax and acting," another user commented.

While the shootout happened during the rally, Donald Trump was not the only one who got injured. A member of the audience was killed and another is in a critical state, as reported by several media houses.

Fans on X commented about Amanda's video and asked her how can she question this tragedy to be fake and staged. Several people wrote about how she would be sued for her comments:

"I think the family of the murdered rally attendee should sue her for 1 billion... you know, give her the Alex Jones treatment," a user wrote
"So, Amanda, what about the dead individual on the roof of the building with a bullet in his head? Good staging? And the man shot dead in the crowd? Enlighten us please, another user wrote ."

Who shot Donald Trump?

The gunman who shot the former US president, during a rally has been identified already by the officials and secret services. He is reportedly a 20-year-old man named Thomas Matthew Crooks according to the reports of several media houses.

The Secret Service killed the suspect using sniper rifles right after he took shots at the president and the audience. Trump is not gravely injured and will recover soon, from the reported upper right ear injury.

Stay tuned for more news and updates on the same.

"She should be sued for 1.5 billion dollars" - Hollywood fame Amanda Seales faces massive backlash for calling Trump's assassination attempt fake

Exiled Chinese tycoon Guo Wengui convicted in billion-dollar fraud scheme

Prosecutors said guo wengui and his business partner solicited more than $1 billion of investments in various entities and ventures through false statements and representations..

Portrait of Thao Nguyen

Guo Wengui, an exiled Chinese billionaire known for his criticism of the Chinese Communist Party and close ties with American conservatives, was convicted by a U.S. jury on Tuesday of defrauding his online followers of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Guo, who went by multiple aliases such as "Miles Kwok" and "Ho Wan Kwok," garnered a substantial online following through his  YouTube videos  in which he criticized the Chinese communist government. Federal prosecutors in Manhattan accused Guo of raising more than $1 billion by guaranteeing his thousands of followers that they would not lose money if they invested in his various business and cryptocurrency schemes.

Prosecutors said Guo used the money to fund his lavish lifestyle, such as purchasing a New Jersey mansion, a red Lamborghini and a yacht. Following a seven-week trial, Guo was convicted Tuesday of nine of 12 criminal counts he faced, including racketeering conspiracy and wire fraud.

He faces decades in prison, according to U.S. Attorney Damian Williams. U.S. District Judge Analisa Torres set his sentencing for Nov. 19.

"Miles Guo, an exiled Chinese businessman and purported billionaire, brazenly operated several interrelated fraud schemes, all designed to fleece his loyal followers out of their hard-earned money so that Guo could spend his days in his 50,000 square foot mansion, driving his $1 million Lamborghini, or lounging on his $37 million yacht," Williams said in a statement.

"Thousands of Guo’s online followers were victimized so that Guo could live of a life of excess," Williams added. "Today, Guo’s schemes have been put to an end."

'I am proud of going to prison today': Trump aide Steve Bannon reports to federal prison for defying House Jan. 6 subpoena

$1 billion dollar fraud conspiracy lasted several years

Guo was arrested in March 2023 in New York after federal authorities accused him of operating a "sprawling and complex scheme" between 2018 and 2023, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York. He was initially charged with 12 criminal counts, including wire fraud, securities fraud, bank fraud, and money laundering.

Prosecutors said Guo, along with his business partner Kin Ming Je, solicited more than $1 billion of investments in various entities and ventures through false statements and representations. The scheme involved lying to victims about their investments and promising them "outsized returns" if they provided money to Guo's multiple entities, including GTV Media, the Himalaya Farm Alliance, G|CLUBS, and the Himalaya Exchange, according to prosecutors.

During the trial, prosecutor Juliana Murray said Guo used the illicit funds as his "personal piggy bank" to maintain his lavish lifestyle in the United States. During his closing argument last week, prosecutor Ryan Finkel played videos of Guo pitching investments, including several in which Guo stood on a yacht deck.

Guo and Je laundered the money to multiple bank accounts and made expensive purchases such as a 50,000 square foot New Jersey mansion, a custom Bugatti sports car for $4.4 million, a Ferrari worth $3.5 million, a $37 million luxury yacht and a $62,000 television, according to prosecutors. Guo also purchased furniture and decorative items, including Chinese and Persian rugs worth about $978,000.

Je, a dual citizen of Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, is still at large, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Je was charged 11 of the same charges as Guo but faces an additional 20 years maximum in prison for obstruction of justice.

Federal authorities also arrested and charged a co-conspirator of Guo and Je in March 2023. Yanping Wang, also known as "Yvette Wang," was charged with wire fraud, securities fraud, and money laundering, according to a complaint.

Who is Guo Wengui?

The business tycoon was once believed to be among the richest people in China, The Associated Press reported. Guo left China in late 2014 and came to the U.S. seeking asylum, accusing Chinese officials of corruption.

The U.S. Attorney's Office said Guo has resided in the United States since around 2015 and gained a large online following that "aligned with his purported policy objectives in China and who were also inclined to believe (Guo's) statements regarding investment and money-making opportunities." CNN reported that Guo had amassed his followers through livestreaming events.

In 2017, Guo's lawyer told The New York Times that the billionaire was seeking asylum because his criticism of Chinese officials made him "a political opponent of the Chinese regime." Guo's assets were seized by the governments of China and Hong Kong in 2017 during money laundering investigations, according to CNN.

Guo was also an ally of Steve Bannon, a one-time adviser to former President Donald Trump. During the trial, Finkel showed jurors Bannon promoting one of Guo's ventures at a news conference in 2018, Reuters reported.

Bannon was arrested in August 2020 on Guo's yacht in an unrelated fraud case and was later pardoned by Trump. He was then  convicted  in 2022 for defying a subpoena from the House committee that investigated the  Capitol attack on Jan. 6, 2021 .

Bannon began his four-month prison sentence earlier this month.

Contributing: Amritpal Kaur Sandhu-Longoria, Maureen Groppe, and Bart Jansen, USA TODAY; Reuters

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