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malta luxury yacht charter

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221  Crewed Luxury Yachts for Charter in Malta

Malta Yacht Charters

A luxury superyacht vacation in the beautiful Maltese waters is like a journey through time, beautifully combining historical architecture, spectacular landscapes and cosmopolitan café culture.

Malta Luxury Yacht Charter Guide Malta boasts the largest density of historic sights of any other country, ranging from Neolithic temples to the legacy of the Knights of St John. This makes it the perfect place to spend some time ashore, taking in the Mediterranean island atmosphere and exploring the many Cathedrals, museums, galleries and fantastic restaurants on offer.

Malta’s capital Valletta is a UNESCO recognised World Heritage City and the European Capital of Culture 2018. Built on a peninsula, Valletta benefits from panoramic sea views and is home to the renowned Grand Harbour, a popular luxury charter yacht destination.

Yacht Charters in Malta Malta luxury yacht charters are ideal for making use of the huge selection of watertoys stored on board your superyacht, in particular snorkelling and scuba diving in the crystal clear waters. The island’s location in the south of the Mediterranean Sea ensures that it benefits from a glorious climate and long summer charter season where the weather is pleasant from the months of April to October. Whether embarking on a vacation on board a crewed sailing yacht or a sleek sports yacht, charters in Malta offer the perfect mix of sun, beaches and local culture.

Charter Itineraries in Malta Yacht charter itineraries in Malta can also include its Sister Isles of Gozo and Comino which each offer its own individual charm and scenic beauty.  According to legend the mythical island of Gozo is the Calypso’s isle of Homer’s Odyssey. Its tranquil landscapes are dotted with baroque churches and old stone farmhouses while its rugged coastline hosts some of the best dive sites in the Mediterranean.

Comino is also renowned for its world-class snorkelling and diving areas, and plays host to its own Blue Lagoon which is perfect for children and novice divers with its safe and beautifully clear water. At only 3.5 square kilometres, Comino is car-free and has only one hotel, leaving it unspoilt and polluted – the perfect place to enjoy life at sea on board your luxury superyacht.

Chartering a Private Yacht in Malta For more information about renting a private luxury charter yacht Malta, please contact your preferred Yacht Charter Broker who can help you plan your dream itinerary and offer advice about the best time to visit this idyllic destination.

Google map

Malta Timezone

Local Time: 06:52.  GMT + 1

Google map

Discover Malta

Crewed Charter Yachts in Malta

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B2 Yacht Charter in Malta

86m   Abeking & Rasmussen

from $926,000 p/week ♦︎

Tranquility Yacht Charter in Malta


Dar Yacht Charter in Malta

108m Benetti

108m   2019

from $1,954,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Black Pearl Yacht Charter in Malta

Black Pearl 14

105m Oceanco

105m   2018

Christina O Yacht Charter in Malta

Christina O 34

99m Canadian Vickers

99m   1943/2020

from $763,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Faith Yacht Charter in Malta

97m Feadship

97m   2017/2022

from $1,743,000 p/w eek ♦︎

O'Pari Yacht Charter in Malta

95m Golden Yachts

from $1,194,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Whisper Yacht Charter in Malta

95m Lurssen

from $1,303,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Tranquility Yacht Charter in Malta

Tranquility 22

92m Oceanco

92m   2014/2023

from $1,100,000 p/w eek

Dar Yacht Charter in Malta

90m Oceanco

90m   2018/2024

Chakra Yacht Charter in Malta

86m Scheepswerf Gebr. van der Werf

86m   1998/2024

from $539,000 p/w eek ♦︎

B2 Yacht Charter in Malta

86m Abeking & Rasmussen

86m   2009/2022

from $926,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Bold Yacht Charter in Malta

85m SilverYachts

from $953,000 p/w eek ♦︎

O'Ptasia Yacht Charter in Malta

O'Ptasia 12

85m Golden Yachts

85m   2018/2022

from $980,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Solandge Yacht Charter in Malta

Solandge 12

85m Lurssen

85m   2013/2022

from $1,086,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Air Yacht Charter in Malta

81m Feadship

81m   2011/2017

from $1,008,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Elements Yacht Charter in Malta

Elements 12

80m Yachtley

from $872,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Dragon Yacht Charter in Malta

80m Columbus Yachts

Excellence Yacht Charter in Malta

Excellence 12

80m Abeking & Rasmussen

from $1,150,000 p/w eek

Tatiana Yacht Charter in Malta

80m Bilgin Yachts

from $841,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Malia Yacht Charter in Malta

78m Golden Yachts

78m   2023/2024

from $817,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Legend Yacht Charter in Malta

77m IHC Verschure

77m   1974/2019

from $646,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Boadicea Yacht Charter in Malta

Boadicea 12

77m   1999/2022

from $645,000 p/w eek

Wheels Yacht Charter in Malta

76m Oceanco

76m   2008/2019

from $858,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Kensho Yacht Charter in Malta

75m Admiral Yachts

from $977,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Lady Vera Yacht Charter in Malta

Lady Vera 12

74m Nobiskrug

74m   2011/2023

from $760,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Naia Yacht Charter in Malta

74m Freire Shipyard

74m   2011/2014

from $595,000 p/w eek

Coral Ocean Yacht Charter in Malta

Coral Ocean 13

73m Lurssen

73m   1994/2022

from $708,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Planet Nine Yacht Charter in Malta

Planet Nine 12

73m Admiral Yachts

from $650,000 p/w eek

Bleu De Nimes Yacht Charter in Malta

Bleu De Nimes 28

72m Clelands Shipbuilding Co

72m   1980/2020

from $534,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Serenity Yacht Charter in Malta

Serenity 28

72m   2004/2017

from $597,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Force Blue Yacht Charter in Malta

Force Blue 12

71m Royal Denship

71m   2002/2022

from $392,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Freedom Yacht Charter in Malta

70m Benetti

70m   2000/2016

from $500,000 p/w eek *

Joy Yacht Charter in Malta

70m Feadship

Sherakhan Yacht Charter in Malta

Sherakhan 26

70m Vuijk Scheepswerven

70m   2005/2022

from $592,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Nomad Yacht Charter in Malta

69m Oceanfast

69m   2003/2020

from $414,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Wayfinder Yacht Charter in Malta

Wayfinder 12

68m Astilleros Armon

from $375,000 p/w eek

Vertigo Yacht Charter in Malta

67m Alloy Yachts

67m   2011/2019

from $354,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Triumph Yacht Charter in Malta

65m Benetti

Ventum Maris Yacht Charter in Malta

Ventum Maris 12

66m   2011/2021

from $530,000 p/w eek

Joia The Crown Jewel Yacht Charter in Malta

Joia The Crown Jewel 12

65m Codecasa

65m   2010/2023

from $545,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Seanna Yacht Charter in Malta

from $462,000 p/w eek

Running On Waves Yacht Charter in Malta

Running On Waves 42

64m Segel Masten Yachten

64m   2011/2021

from $114,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Lioness V Yacht Charter in Malta

Lioness V 12

64m Benetti

64m   2006/2023

from $490,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Almax Yacht Charter in Malta

63m Sunrise Yachts

63m   2015/2023

from $501,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Artisan Yacht Charter in Malta

63m Benetti

63m   2019/2022

Soundwave Yacht Charter in Malta

Soundwave 12

from $706,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Virginian Yacht Charter in Malta

Virginian 12

62m Feadship

62m   1990/2024

from $267,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Mary-Jean II Yacht Charter in Malta

Mary-Jean II 12

62m   2010/2023

from $320,000 p/w eek

Arience Yacht Charter in Malta

61m Abeking & Rasmussen

61m   2012/2022

from $648,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Marguerite Yacht Charter in Malta

Marguerite 12

61m Lurssen

61m   2004/2021

from $450,000 p/w eek

Bella Vita Yacht Charter in Malta

Bella Vita 12

60m Lurssen

60m   2010/2022

from $550,000 p/w eek

La Blanca Yacht Charter in Malta

La Blanca 12

60m Benetti

60m   2008/2023

from $430,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Light Holic Yacht Charter in Malta

Light Holic 12

60m   2011/2014

from $349,000 p/w eek ♦︎

O'Eva Yacht Charter in Malta

60m CMN Yachts

60m   2009/2023

from $305,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Paloma Yacht Charter in Malta

60m Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Ind.

60m   1965/2018

from $174,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Satemi Yacht Charter in Malta

Slipstream 12

from $380,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Christina V Yacht Charter in Malta

Christina V 12

59m Benetti

59m   2009/2016

from $347,000 p/w eek ♦︎

IDyllic Yacht Charter in Malta

59m   2008/2022

from $316,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Marala Yacht Charter in Malta

59m Camper & Nicholsons

59m   1931/2022

from $240,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Kokomo Yacht Charter in Malta

58m Alloy Yachts

58m   2010/2018

from $235,000 p/w eek

Queen Mare Yacht Charter in Malta

Queen Mare 12

58m Alpha Marine

58m   2012/2021

from $261,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Aelia Yacht Charter in Malta

56m Benetti

56m   2015/2023

from $369,000 p/w eek ♦︎

The Wellesley Yacht Charter in Malta

The Wellesley 12

56m Oceanco

56m   1993/2016

from $251,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Zenji Yacht Charter in Malta

56m Perini Navi

56m   2004/2022

from $250,000 p/w eek *

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Crewed Luxury Yachts in Malta

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Elite Sailing in Malta

Day charters in malta, sunset charters in malta, overnight charters in malta, corporate team building events.

Let us help you strengthen your team in a different motivated and fun environment

malta luxury yacht charter

A special day, holiday or a corporate event you will never forget

Welcome to Elite Sailing Charters Malta

This is the sailing adventure you deserve.  Do something different, memorable, and fun.  Surprise your loved ones for birthdays, anniversaries, proposals and more.

A family run experience offered by father and son, Fabio and Jason, be assured that you are in safe and very experienced hands with a family that has had a true passion for real sailing for generations.

malta luxury yacht charter

Experience stunning locations around the Maltese islands and indulge in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. We offer various packages from day charters, evening charters, sailing holidays or short breaks as well as corporate charters specialising in team building events.

Come and join us for an unforgettable experience where you can sit back or be hands on as much as you like and get introduced to sailing under the guidance of our RYA certified skippers. Our luxury skippered sailing charters are tailor-made completely to your requirements. 

From the route/weather planning to the itinerary, we will listen to your every request and ensure that we help you plan a holiday of a lifetime!

A Journey of Discovery

malta luxury yacht charter

malta luxury yacht charter

Once on board you will find yourself on an oasis of tranquility, exploring the breath-taking seascape, ranging from quiet coves and enticing sandy beaches to weather-beaten coastlines and imposing cliffs. 

Inlets of scintillating sand with evocative names such as Blue Lagoon,  Crystal Lagoon  and other hidden gems  will provide an intimate spot for your dip, practise some paddle boarding at your own pace or snorkel in comfort and experience the clear blue waters and its underwater world.

malta luxury yacht charter

In recent times the need to get away from crowds has never been so important.  Sailing guarantees you can achieve this! A perfect choice for your family, friends, work colleagues, corporate events or team building events.

The perfect way to end the day. Join us for a magical evening with your loved ones, with the wind in the sails and the setting sun on the horizon.

malta luxury yacht charter

The ultimate relaxed and unrestrained holiday. Would you enjoy being pampered whist sailing around the Maltese islands for a weekend break, or even for a few days?

Welcome to the world’s most motivating team building exercise. Sailing is a natural team building activity were the crew on board has to work together to get the boat sailing.

malta luxury yacht charter

Other Yacht Options

If you are looking for a smaller yacht, a larger yacht, a catamaran or a motor yacht, then we have other options for you to consider too. With contacts from all over the Maltese islands, we have access to a range of yachts, motor yachts and catamarans so we are sure to be able to find an option for you.

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malta luxury yacht charter

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malta luxury yacht charter

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malta luxury yacht charter

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malta luxury yacht charter

Portomaso to Ras II Wahx

Yachts for charter in malta, number of guests.

Sunreef 80 Sail

23.99m | Sunreef | 2022

malta luxury yacht charter

27.33m | Wally Yachts | 2018

malta luxury yacht charter

34m | RMK Marine | 2006

malta luxury yacht charter

34.2m | Royal Huisman | 2000

malta luxury yacht charter

Over the Rainbow

35m | A.M. Dickie & Sons | 1930

malta luxury yacht charter

Minor Family Affair

35.15m | Princess | 2017

malta luxury yacht charter

38.9m | Fitzroy | 2006

malta luxury yacht charter

39.3m | Tansu | 2016

malta luxury yacht charter

40.05m | Sunseeker | 2014

malta luxury yacht charter

Silver Wind

43.63m | ISA Yachts | 2014

Mochafy22 yacht for charter


45.02m | Sunrise | 2009

malta luxury yacht charter

Starburst III

47.5m | Bilgin | 2017

Te Manu Yacht Charter

49.38m | Codecasa | 1998

malta luxury yacht charter

50.4m | Feadship | 1990

malta luxury yacht charter

51.7m | Alloy | 2006

malta luxury yacht charter

52m | Sanlorenzo | 2022

malta luxury yacht charter

52.12m | Amels | 2004

malta luxury yacht charter

The Wellesley

56.20m | Oceanco | 1993

Katina yacht for charter

60m | Brodosplit BSO d.o.o. | 2015

malta luxury yacht charter

62.5m | Codecasa | 2003

malta luxury yacht charter


162m | Brodogradevna Industrija Split | 2021

malta luxury yacht charter

19.5m | Lagoon | 2017

malta luxury yacht charter

20.15m | Azimut | 2022

malta luxury yacht charter

20.36m | Fountaine Pajot | 2021

malta luxury yacht charter

20.46m | Sunseeker | 2022

malta luxury yacht charter

20.5m | Prestige | 2018

malta luxury yacht charter

21.25m | Princess | 2016

malta luxury yacht charter


21.32m | Princess | 2021

malta luxury yacht charter

22.26m | Pershing | 2008

malta luxury yacht charter

22.31m | Princess | 2022

malta luxury yacht charter

22.64m | Azimut | 2018

malta luxury yacht charter

22.7m | Sunreef Yachts | 2022

malta luxury yacht charter

23.28m | Lagoon | 2019

malta luxury yacht charter

23.60m | Sunseeker | 2021

malta luxury yacht charter

23.6m | Sunseeker | 2018

malta luxury yacht charter


23.6m | Baltic Yachts | 2008

malta luxury yacht charter

24m | Sunreef | 2021

malta luxury yacht charter

24.64m | Sanlorenzo | 2020

malta luxury yacht charter

25m | Sunseeker | 2007

malta luxury yacht charter

25m | Sunseeker | 2006

malta luxury yacht charter

25.15m | Oyster Yachts | 2015

malta luxury yacht charter


26m | Sunseeker | 2003

malta luxury yacht charter

26.21m | Custom Line | 2008

malta luxury yacht charter


26.4m | Riva | 2010

malta luxury yacht charter

26.78m | Azimut | 2019

malta luxury yacht charter

27.74m | Sanlorenzo | 2022

malta luxury yacht charter

27.96m | Pershing | 2012

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malta luxury yacht charter




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malta luxury yacht charter

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Valletta in Malta

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30m Exterior Blue Hull

  • Malta Itinerary

Featured Yachts in Malta

Jetski Running Next To The Superyacht

TATIANA | From EUR€ 775,000/wk

Latest malta yachting news.

Classic 54m superyacht SEAGULL II ready for 2024 charters in the Mediterranean

Classic 54m superyacht SEAGULL II ready ...

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Malta Yacht Charter, Malta

The small archipelago of Malta is a wonderful addition to any Mediterranean luxury yacht charter and the destination is famous for its extensive variety of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including megalithic temples that are some of the world's oldest free-standing structures. Here, the past is mixed with the present in a passionate display of life.

Wherever you go on the island of Malta, you'll find stunning architecture and scenery. Many people don't realize that Malta is more than just a historical gem; it's also an outstanding sailing yacht charter destination in the Mediterranean with warm sunshine and clear blue skies from April through to October. The Maltese Island of Malta, Gozo and Comino provide a charming cruising ground for your Malta luxury yacht charter vacation.

Countless spas, boutiques and luxury boutiques line the streets of the towns in the world's fifth most densely populated country, ensuring that when you are not cruising by motor yacht or sailing yacht, you won't have far to travel to reach the next amazing exhibition. As well as the modern amusements and ancient relics, Malta has a great selection of beautiful beaches and secretive coves for hours of water sports in peace and privacy.

Malta, Comino and Gozo make up the Maltese archipelago and the islands lie between North Africa and Sicily where the Western Mediterranean and Eastern Mediterranean meet.

From the main island of Malta, travel to Comino, where there are some amazing wreck and cave dives that are home to seahorses as well as octopi, stingrays and parrotfish. Have the island all to yourself for a romantic dinner on the beach, or hike along the tracks and discover such sights as the Santa Maria Caves, St. Mary's Tower and other buildings erected in defence of the island during WWII.

The final island of Gozo will take you away from the noise and bright lights of modern civilisation for a natural world completely in harmony with itself. The stone buildings add to the already strong character of this region that feels from another time, and holistic lifestylers, fitness fanatics and those just looking to switch off will find what they were searching for here.

Malta is a truly unique and wonderful yacht charter area with impressive buildings and landscapes, superb coastlines and seascapes, and warm and friendly locals: To organise your Malta luxury yacht charter or to speak to a professional broker about your options, please contact CharterWorld.

5 quick reasons to visit Malta

UNESCO Heritage Sites, Vibrant nightlife, Magnificent wreck dives, Stunning coastal caves and grottoes, Completely tranquil destinations

More about this part of the Mediterranean Sea

Malta is placed in the Middle of the Mediterranean Sea on the cusp of the Western Mediterranean and Eastern Mediterranean luxury yacht charter grounds. Nearby, Sicily and the Aeolian Islands have copious volcanic sites that have created unique landscapes and fertile soils that have been put to use as vineyards.

Also close by is the Amalfi Coast, with such sites as Naples and the charming clifftop town of Ravello.

Scattered in the Mediterranean Sea are the islands of Linosa, Lampedusa and Pantelleria for even more beautiful beaches and pristine natural parks. Tunisia could also be included in an itinerary to Malta, adding a destination that has familiar aspects to be found in other magnificent Mediterranean destinations while still remaining wonderfully unique.

Malta Yacht Charter Experiences

A Malta luxury yacht charter is the perfect way to efficiently take in all sites across the islands, and sailing yachts and motor yachts, mono-hulls and catamarans of all sizes are suited to the excellent anchorages and well-designed modern ports.

From the moment you arrive in Valletta Harbour your group will immerse themselves in charming and grandiose buildings that loudly announce the magnificent history of this small island, and this popular tourist destination is awash in alluring cafes and restaurants as well as boutiques, international brand stores, galleries and museums.

Valletta on its own has plenty to fill your days: Begin your exploration of its history in the unmissable National War Museum in Fort St. Elmo - while Malta has several war museums, this is the most comprehensive and well maintained. Next door, the Knights Hospitallers is worth a look and is an atmospheric venue for events, while out in the fresh air the highly maintained Lower Barrakka Gardens give magnificent views out over the harbour. Visitors venturing into the town centre have the opportunity to enter The Grandmaster Palace Courtyard to learn more about the city's storied past. As the sun sets, discover the vibrant bar and club scene along the waterfront.

As you leave behind the crowds and spend your time in transit dining alfresco or sunbathing on the sundeck, and find a serene cove to anchor and sleep in peace surrounded by the sounds of nature.

Inland, Mdina is known for its bars and pedestrianised shopping streets, and in particular for the Silent City where there are historical treasures and a collection of Caravaggio paintings. St. Paul's Catacombs is also an incredible and worthwhile tour before your head down the southern roads to the 3200 BC ruins of Ħaġar Qim and the Blue Grotto, one of the most stunning natural sites in Malta.

The sleepy island of Gozo is a part of the Malta archipelago and is thought to be the legendary "Calypso’s Isle" of Homer’s Odyssey. It’s a peaceful, mystical backwater, with rugged landscape and spectacular coastline. Pull into rocky inlets or red sand beaches and spend hours entertaining yourself snorkelling, fishing and Scuba diving amongst some of the Mediterranean's best dive sites.

This destination is popular with older travellers who enjoy the peace and quiet, lack of modern development and retention of the old traditions. Many of the buildings are still made from natural stone instead of concrete so Gozo has an atmosphere all of its own.

Comino is a small inhabited island with only four people living there. Although there is a hotel, many visitors just come for the day to dive in the famous Blue Lagoon, leaving the rest of the island bays and beaches to your group. By kayak, paddleboard or tender, take your time amongst the Santa Maria and Julia caves to the west, where the white cliffs and topaz blue sea are perfect for adventurers and for artists and photographers to capture.

The Blue Lagoon is fairly busy from 10 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon, after which luxury yacht charter parties will have the place to themselves. Travel south to the natural amphitheatre of the Crystal Lagoon with its steep cliffs and glassy green water, which provides excellent seclusion for an overnight anchorage.

Things to Consider:

Yachting seasons & climate:.

Malta has an inviting year-round climate, where the winter season temperature drops to a warm average of 13°C/55°F and summer soars to a comfortable 27°C/81°F, with a high of 32°C/90°F.

From July to September the sea temperature sits around 26°C/79°F and are wonderfully warm for snorkelling, watersports and for beginner Scuba divers heading down to depths around 10m/33ft.

July is the driest month with little to no rainfall, and November through to January is the wettest season and visitors should plan their wardrobe accordingly.

Clothing to Pack For Your Charter:

Although there are some excellent beaches across the three main islands of Malta, visitors are most likely to spend their time exploring the streets of Valetta and the ruins to be found from the coast through to the interior. As such, a sturdy pair of hiking boots and a lightweight jacket is recommended, and visitors might want to include a long pair of trousers for walking along overgrown trails.

In town, smart-casual dress is typically seen for the cafes, bars and clubs as well as visiting the numerous museums, galleries and religious sites.

Main Ports and Marinas:

Valletta Port, Marsamxett Port, Bugibba Port, Cirkewwa Port, Marsaxlokk Port, Mgarr Port

Famous Restaurants & Clubs:

Inspirtions! Cafe (Valletta), The Whisky Bar (Valletta), Charles Grech Cafe & Cocktail Bar (Valletta), Twenty Two night club (Portomaso), Southport Restaurant, Cafe & Bar (Marsaxlokk), Havana Club (Paceville)

A Must See Attraction:

Grandmaster Palace Courtyard, Lower Barrakka Gardens, National War Museum - Fort St Elmo, The Knights Hospitallers, Blue Grotto

Best beaches to visit in your yacht:

Golden Sands Beach, Armier Bay Beach, Gnejna Bay, St. Peter's Pool

Local Yacht Events:

Sport Malta Regatta, Rolex Middle Sea Race

Best time to go:

Like most of the Mediterranean, the Malta yacht chartering season generally runs from April to the end of October. The summer season in July and August tends to have the best weather, as these are the hottest months with lighter winds. This is also the high season as far as yacht charter goes.

Other good times to charter your yacht is generally on either of the shoulder seasons (April-May and September-October), each side of the main summer season, as the temperatures are still comfortable, and the onshore tourists have yet to arrive in their largest numbers.

Autumn can be a great time to visit when the sea temperatures are still warm and there is a significant amount of sunshine, however visitors should expect short sharp thunderstorms during the evenings of this season.

Further Charter Information

Yacht Rentals Available: Go here for the current list of yacht rentals in Malta.

Malta Itineraries: Here is a selection of broker itineraries for Malta.

News: Read the latest superyacht news about Malta.

Below is a selection on outstanding Grenada charter boats, please  contact us  for additional yachts as well as detailed information.

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Malta Yachting News

Malta yacht charter enquiry.

'So, thank you Matt for finding us this lovely yacht!!! Without your service so far our production probably would have stalled. I appreciate your help and constant research. Thank you so much!'_ R. M from Germany, chartering in Malta.

Yachting Destinations Near Malta

In close proximity to Malta are a number of exciting sailing destination.

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malta luxury yacht charter

Ionian Islands

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Yachts for charter in malta, golden horizon | from eur€ 910,000/wk.


ELEMENTS | From EUR€ 800,000/wk

Luxury Charter Yacht ELEMENTS

Christina O | From EUR€ 700,000/wk

The 99m Yacht CHRISTINA O

LAUREN L | From EUR€ 695,000/wk

The 89m Yacht LAUREN L

SOUNDWAVE | From EUR€ 650,000/wk

11.11 profile photo with tender in the Mediterranean

BOADICEA | From EUR€ 625,000/wk

Cruising Aboard Yacht BOADICEA

ARIENCE | From EUR€ 595,000/wk

Beautiful Arience Superyacht Available For Charter

SERENITY | From EUR€ 550,000/wk

Luxury Yacht SERENITY

LOON | From EUR€ 540,000/wk

The 68m Yacht ICON

LIONESS V | From EUR€ 450,000/wk


THIS IS IT | From EUR€ 450,000/wk

Luxury Catamaran THIS IS IT

SOLEMATES | From US$ 400,000/wk

Motor Yacht PROJECT CASTOR - Render

WAYFINDER | From EUR€ 375,000/wk

Yacht Support Vessel WAYFINDER Cruising With Tenders

LIGHT HOLIC | From EUR€ 320,000/wk

The 60m Yacht LIGHT HOLIC

SEVEN SINS | From US$ 300,000/wk

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72m Tankoa mega yacht SOLO offering amazing charter rate reduction from Malta to Sicily

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Western Mediterranean


Aeolian Islands

Yacht SUERTE - Amalfi, Italy

Amalfi Coast

View Of Sorrento City And Gulf Of Naples Campania Province Italy

Charter Yacht Disclaimer

This document is not contractual. The yacht charters and their particulars displayed in the results above are displayed in good faith and whilst believed to be correct are not guaranteed. CharterWorld Limited does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information and/or images displayed. All information is subject to change without notice and is without warrantee. A professional CharterWorld yacht charter consultant will discuss each charter during your charter selection process. Starting prices are shown in a range of currencies for a one-week charter, unless otherwise marked. Exact pricing and other details will be confirmed on the particular charter contract. Just follow the "reserve this yacht charter" link for your chosen yacht charter or contact us and someone from the CharterWorld team will be in touch shortly.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, orders placed between 13th August and 22nd August may be delayed by a few days to be delivered.

Boat Charter Destinations

Embark on an unparalleled adventure with our "Luxury Yacht Charter" experiences. As the premier provider of yacht charters, we invite you to discover the epitome of sailing luxury. Our bespoke voyages, expertly navigated by skilled captains, take you to serene, hidden coastal gems beyond the popular Blue Lagoon in Comino – a testament to the exclusive and tranquil experiences we offer in luxury travel.

Explore Our Diverse Yacht Fleet Our fleet, boasting over 90 premium yachts, caters to every preference. From sleek sailing yachts, perfect for those who cherish the classic sailing experience, to high-performance motor yachts for thrill-seekers. Our traditional gulets offer an authentic voyage, while our extravagant luxury yachts provide the ultimate indulgence. For versatile exploration, choose our RIBS, each yacht equipped with top-notch amenities and manned by seasoned professionals.

Tailored Luxury Yacht Charter experiences. Whether it's a family vacation, a romantic getaway, a corporate event, or your dream wedding setting, our 'Luxury Yacht Charter' services are meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled experiences. We stand out in the yacht rental market with our tailor-made packages, superior customer service, and competitive pricing.

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Why Choose Our Yacht Charter Services Our yacht charters are more than just sailing. Discover exclusive, serene destinations, enjoy premium onboard amenities, and relax with the assurance of a professional crew dedicated to your safety and satisfaction. Ideal for luxury sailing holidays or unique marine experiences, our yacht rentals set the standard in bespoke yachting adventures.

Embark on your luxury sailing journey with us, and sail into a world of elegance and adventure. Our commitment to excellence ensures your yacht charter experience will be the highlight of your luxury travels, redefining bespoke yachting adventures.

Learn more about our Luxury Yacht Charter Services and start planning your ultimate sea adventure today!

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Charter a yacht in Malta and discover the beauty of the Maltese coast line. Enjoy the luxury of cruising around this lovely island, whilst spending a relaxed day with family and friends and enjoying total privacy.

boat charters malta and sicily.

Explore the Sicilian coast from a unique perspective. Enhance your boating experience and discover new places to visit.

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Explore the Mediterranean

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Charter a Yacht in Malta Today!

Our exclusive yacht charter offers unparalleled access to Malta's breathtaking coastline,

stunning natural harbors, and vibrant culture.

Let us take you on a journey

you'll never forget!

Yachting With Style!

About the Yacht


Builder: Sunseeker Int'l UK Model: Predator 64 Year: 2010 Engines: 2 x MAN V8 

Length: 20m / 64ft Beam: 5m / 16ft Draft: 1,48m / 5ft Type: Motoryacht

Cabins: 3 Shower / WC: 3 Spacious: Salon

Cabrio Hardtop

Charter: 12 Overnight: 4 Crew: 2

Why Choose Us?

Expert Crew: Our experienced crew members are here to ensure your safety and comfort. They know the Mediterranean waters like the back of their hand and are ready to guide you to the best spots.  

Custom Itineraries: Tailor your trip to your desires, whether it's island hopping, secluded bays, or vibrant nightlife.  

Tailored Experiences: Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a corporate event, we can customize your yacht charter to suit your preferences.

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We Are Offering For You

Charter M/Y Vellamo and discover beautiful places around Malta, Comino and Gozo where anything is possible, and everything is within reach.

Visit the Blue Lagoon for crystal clear waters and the Santa Maria Caves, picturesque fishing village Marsaxlokk or stunning Golden and Ramla Bay, known for its red-golden sand, enjoy traditional Gozitan and Mediterranean couisine.

​ You can choose between a local restaurant or indulge yourself in a 5-star restaurant.

malta luxury yacht charter

Your Best Yacht Experience:

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Inspiration tour

Explore hidden spots and let the serene sea set you free as you discover secluded and breathtaking locations along Malta's coastline


Adrenalin tour

Experience an exhilarating adventure with the water toys available onboard, adding excitement and thrills to your yacht journey


Sunrise tour

Witness breathtaking panoramas as the sun rises over the Mediterranean, offering stunning views and serene moments to start your day


Sunset tour

Enjoy the magical ambiance of a Mediterranean sunset from the deck of the yacht, providing picturesque scenery and unforgettable moments


Gourmet meals tour

Indulge in delicious snacks paired with exquisite wines, creating a culinary journey that complements the beauty of the sea and coastline


Business meeting & working from yacht

Conduct your business meetings or work tasks in a unique and inspiring environment, surrounded by the tranquility of the sea and stunning views

Yacht Gallery

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Day Charter Rates

Charter a Yacht in Malta Image from Gallery 1

Low Season 01/10 - 31/03

Mid season 01/04-30/04, high season 01/05 - 30/09, full day charter, 10:00 - 18:00, € 4,000, € 4,900, 10:00 - 13:00 14:00 - 18:00, € 2,000, € 2,500, half day charter, overnight charter, 10:00 - 18:00 (+1), € 6,500, € 8,500, *incl. 12% vat, captain and deckhand/stew, fuel up to 30 nm., our partners.

Vellamo Partner Zeitlager

Book a Yacht Charter in Malta

Whether you're seeking a romantic getaway, a family adventure, or a unique way to celebrate a special occasion, chartering a yacht in Malta caters to all your desires. 

Don't let this opportunity sail away – book your Malta yacht charter today and embark on a journey that will leave you mesmerized by the beauty of the Mediterranean. 

Meet the Team

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We ensure safety and comfort onboard and guarantee an amazing charter experience. Your holiday is in safe hands.

Capt. Joseph Gatt


We ensure your luxurious and pleasant journey, your safety, and smooth yacht operations.  

Stew. Lesia Yavtushenko

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We provide personalized support, guide and assist our customers in planning and enjoying their dream holidays.

You live the dream, we manage it!

Sana Tubbesing

Cruise Manager

Our Clients Say

Charter a Yacht in Malta. Feedback 1

"I have spent my New Year Eve with close friends on board M/Y Vellamo. We were impressed with service and professionalism that we received from all team. I highly recommend this company!" 

Yuri L., IT -   ProjectManager

  • How do I book a yacht charter? You can easily book a yacht charter through our website and You can secure your booking with a 50% upfront payment.
  • Is there a maximum number of guests allowed? The maximum capacity varies depending on the type of charter. For Day Charters, it's up to 12 guests and for Overnight Charters it's 4 guests.
  • What types of charters do you offer? We offer Day and Overnight Charters, each with its unique features and inclusions.
  • Is there a maximum number of guests allowed? The maximum capacity varies depending on the type of charter. For Day Charters, it's up to 12 guests and for Overnight Charters it's 5 guests.

Upcoming Events

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-17 at 15_edited.j

The Malta International Fireworks Festival

April 21st, 27th and 30th

Spectacular colorful unforgettable event. This year's Malta International Fireworks Festival is happening in Valletta on April 21st, 27th and 30th. The fireworks are shot from the point near Grand Harbour, so our yacht is the perfect place to stand in order to enjoy the show.

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2024 Rolex Middle Sea Race

2024 Rolex Middle Sea Race is one of the most beautiful 600-mile races you can watch from the front row of Vellamo in October. The circular course starts and ends in Malta's Grand Harbor and attracts fleets of over 100 yachts from all parts of the world.

malta luxury yacht charter

Singa Ltd Il-Piazetta A, Suit 52,

Tower Road,  S LM 1607, Malta

[email protected]

+49 170 113 33 33

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Malta Map

islands of paradise

Travel back in time..

The tiny yet captivating Maltese archipelago comprises three Mediterranean islands, Malta , Gozo , and Comino . Malta, perfectly nestled between Sicily and the North African coast, is renowned for having a laidback tropical vibe, picture-perfect beaches, and mind-blowing scuba diving. Whether you want to splash in breathtakingly blue waters, explore ancient medieval towns and castles, bask in constant sunshine, or wander around a 5.000-year-old necropolis, Malta has something for everyone! Malta is characterized by sunshine, rich and intriguing history, pure aquamarine seas, and a hub for culture. This wondrous island is home to various fishing villages, underground catacombs, the Blue Lagoon, St. Paul’s Island , and remarkable forts, all of which are not to be missed. Spend your afternoon being transported back 7.000 years into ancient history, visiting some of the world’s oldest megalithic temples, or admiring one of the 300 churches across Malta and Gozo. If you’re looking for a Mediterranean paradise, book your dream vacation to Malta with a luxury yacht charter and discover the true wonders of the Mediterranean. Malta’s Grand Harbour Marina is located in the heart of Valletta , Malta’s historic home port, the capital, and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Exceptional highlights for your Maltese holiday include taking a coastal hike in Gozo, scuba diving, touring a palace, and taking a jeep tour to the Simar Valley and Salt Pans .

Malta Map

Crystal Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

Fort Rinella

St. Paul's Island

Simar Valley

Have a look

Featured yachts and other destinations you might enjoy..

Do you want to explore more of the Mediterranean , the French Riviera , or the Balearics ? Have a look at our featured yachts and find the most suitable destination for your luxury getaway. We understand that it might be hard to choose which yacht or destination fits best to your needs. With our 30 years of charter experience, we are more than happy to assist you with any open questions.

Rara Avis Yacht Charter Exterior

'A rare bird'

Alexandra Yacht Charter Exterior

large and luxurious

San Limi Yacht Charter Exterior

Motorsailing deluxe

Menorca Yacht Charter

Calmness Re-invented

Adriatic Yacht Charter

Island Paradise

The adriatic.

Sicily Yacht Charter

wild italian gem

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Superyacht Charter Malta

Historic Valletta skyline at sunset, with the iconic St. Paul's Cathedral dome, as viewed from a yacht.

With perfect water temperatures, cool autumn breezes, and empty beaches, Malta and the sister islands of Gozo and Comino are the places to head for an Indian summer.

With its rich maritime heritage, stunning coastline, and azure waters, Malta offers the perfect setting for an unforgettable yacht charter experience. Whether you’re seeking relaxation on secluded beaches, exploring ancient harbors and historic sites, or indulging in world-class cuisine and nightlife, Malta has something to offer for every yacht enthusiast.

You’ll be in awe of the clear water in Malta and her sister islands of Gozo and Comino. They arguably have some of the most transparent waters in the whole Mediterranean and are home to the famous Blue Lagoon. The currents surrounding Malta and the neighboring islands of Gozo and Comino keep the waters in this part of the Mediterranean so clear, making them ideal for you to enjoy many water activities while on your boat rental. If you love to dive, the ocean floor abounds with shipwrecks that make for fantastic diving experiences on a sailing yacht charter. If you prefer to relax, swim, or snorkel, the islands have plenty of sandy beaches to enjoy.

The best things to see and do on yacht charters in Malta

Begin your yacht rental in Malta journey in Valletta, the capital city and a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its architectural marvels and historic landmarks. Wander through the narrow streets of this fortified city, marvel at the grandeur of St. John’s Co-Cathedral, and soak in panoramic views from the Upper Barrakka Gardens overlooking the Grand Harbor.

Venture beyond Valletta to explore Malta’s rich archaeological heritage, including the ancient Megalithic Temples of Ħaġar Qim, Mnajdra, and Ġgantija. These prehistoric sites offer a fascinating glimpse into Malta’s distant past, dating back over 5,000 years.

Journey to Mdina, the enchanting medieval walled city known as the “Silent City,” where time stands still amidst its narrow alleys and historic palaces. Explore its ancient streets, visit St. Paul’s Cathedral, and savor the serenity of Bastion Square.

Head to Malta’s beautiful beaches and coves on your private yacht charter for a relaxing escape. Enjoy beaches like Golden Bay, Mellieha Bay, and Ramla Bay on the neighboring island of Gozo. Take a boat rental to explore the island’s stunning coastline, including the Blue Grotto sea caves and the picturesque fishing village of Marsaxlokk.

Maltese culture

Delve into Malta’s rich history by visiting fortified cities like Vittoriosa, exploring ancient catacombs in Rabat, and learning about the island’s military heritage at the War Museum in Valletta. Then, indulge your taste buds with the flavors of Maltese cuisine, from savory pastizzi to hearty rabbit stew, and sample local specialties at bustling markets and quaint cafes.

Immerse yourself in Maltese culture in the Mediterranean Sea by attending festivals and events throughout the year, from religious processions and village feasts to music festivals and cultural celebrations. With its wealth of experiences, Malta offers every traveler on a sailing boat a journey of discovery, relaxation, and unforgettable memories. Most of the Maltese population is Roman Catholic, and religion plays a significant role in Maltese culture and daily life. The islands are dotted with ornate churches, chapels, and religious festivals, such as Easter processions and village feasts dedicated to patron saints, which are celebrated with fervor and tradition.

Get in touch with a Malta yacht charter broker

Northrop & Johnson is a leading international yacht brokerage with access to the best and most luxurious yachts for charter, including Mediterranean private yacht charters and Malta boat charters. Our yacht charter brokers in Malta boast unparalleled expertise and market intelligence. N&J delivers exceptional yacht rental service and specializes in crafting iconic itineraries for sailing yacht charters and motor yacht charters in Malta. We can also assist you with a Malta boat charter excursion or a private catamaran charter. Contact our yacht charter brokers today if you want to charter a luxury yacht in Malta. We will be thrilled to assist you on your yachting journey.

Other yacht charter destinations closest to Malta

  • West Mediterranean

Charter Highlights Malta

  • Dine at The Harbour Club, Valletta
  • Savior cocktails at the Quarterdeck Bar, Valletta
  • Discover the ancient capital of Mdina, Malta
  • Explore a labyrinth of ancient catacombs, Malta
  • Comino’s Blue Lagoon is renowned for its incredibly clear blue waters
  • Discover tombstones of the famed Knights of Malta in Saint John’s Co-Cathedral, Valletta
  • Enjoy traditional festivals throughout the summer
  • Savor fresh fish by the water’s edge at the family-run Ta’Karolina restaurant, Xlendi in Gozo
  • Discover Gozo’s Ggantija temples – reputed to be the world’s oldest freestanding buildings
  • Enjoy day trips on boat rentals to destinations like Comino, the smallest inhabited island in the Maltese archipelago
  • Take a sunset cruise to Filfla, a small uninhabited islet located southwest of Malta, known for its rugged cliffs and protected status as a nature reserve

Malta Yacht Charter Itinerary

For a full list of all available itineraries & excursions, or to chart your own course please inquire.

malta luxury yacht charter

Best Yachts for Charter in Malta

Motor yachts for charter in malta, sailing yachts for charter in malta, malta yacht charter faqs, what to expect from a yacht rental in malta.

Embark on an unparalleled yacht charter in Malta, where the azure waters of the Ionian Islands beckon and the Amalfi Coast’s breathtaking vistas await just a day trip away. Choose from an array of boat types docked at Kalkara Marina, perfectly suited for exploring Malta’s main island, the historical richness of Gozo Island, and beyond. Whether you’re drawn to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites scattered across these main islands or seeking the tranquility of a secluded cove, our bespoke charter services cater to every whim. Experience the ultimate in luxury and discovery with a yacht charter that promises unforgettable moments amidst the Mediterranean’s most cherished destinations.

Sailing through Malta’s crystal clear waters, you’ll discover that each yacht in our fleet offers an enjoyable experience, tailor-made for an amazing day at sea. From the awe-inspiring rock formations around Comino Island, hailed as a must-see attraction, to the legendary landscapes tied to Homer’s Odyssey, Malta’s coastline is a treasure trove of natural beauty. With the addition of more yachts for the high season, we ensure that every journey with us is as unique as the islands themselves. Whether it’s your first time sailing or you’re a seasoned sailor, the pristine waters and scenic vistas of Malta promise an unforgettable adventure.

Finding the perfect boat for a day charter in the Maltese archipelago is anything but trouble. Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters of the Crystal Lagoon, explore renowned dive sites, or enjoy a romantic dinner aboard, all while surrounded by the beauty of this popular destination. Known as Calypso’s Isle, the allure of these islands extends beyond the sea, offering enchanting experiences at every turn. Whether you’re navigating the tranquil waters or simply soaking in the sun, a yacht charter here ensures a seamless blend of adventure and relaxation.

Where is Malta?

Lying to the southwest of Italy, Malta is an ideal gateway from many of the popular cruising grounds in the Mediterranean for those on a luxury boat rental. You’ll love all Malta offers, with a pleasant year-round climate, deep natural harbors, and rich history.

The coastline stretches some 120 miles around the three islands, offering a range of harbors and anchorages, including one of the Mediterranean’s largest natural harbors, the deep-water port of Grand Harbour Marina, which is located right at the heart of the island by the Maltese capital of Valletta. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Valletta is resplendent with ancient buildings, including cathedrals, palazzos, and fortifications from the period of the knights who were driven off the island by Napoleon in the late 18th Century. Further cultural hotspots can be found in the ancient capital of Mdina. Known as the Silent City, the citadel is a testament to Malta’s long and often troubled history and abounds with historical sites.

Cruising around Malta in sailing yachts will provide picturesque fishing villages, beautiful anchoring spots, grottos, and secluded bays. If you want to explore further, the island of Comino and the Blue lagoon is a short distance away on sailing yachts and offers protected anchorages, crystal-clear waters, and fantastic beaches. The sleepy island of Gozo is also worth circumnavigating before returning to Malta. The island remains relatively undeveloped and inland; you will find remnants of monuments and forts spanning back over the past six millennia.

When is the Malta yachting season?

The yachting season in Malta typically runs from late spring to early autumn, roughly from April to October. During this period, the weather is generally warm and sunny, with comfortable temperatures ideal for sailing and exploring the islands.

In particular, the peak yachting season in Malta falls during the summer months, from June to August, when temperatures are at their highest, and the seas are warm for swimming and water sports. This period also coincides with the peak tourist season, so popular destinations and marinas may be more crowded.

What other destinations should I see on a yacht charter in the Mediterranean Sea?

A yacht charter in the Mediterranean Sea offers endless possibilities for exploration and discovery. Here are some other destinations worth considering for your Mediterranean yacht charter:

Greek Islands

Explore the stunning Greek Islands , including popular destinations like Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete, as well as lesser-known gems like Milos, Naxos, and Corfu. Discover ancient ruins, picturesque villages, and pristine beaches while enjoying the legendary Greek hospitality and cuisine.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Take a romantic sunset cruise along the breathtaking Amalfi Coast on a motor yacht charter, with its dramatic cliffs, colorful villages, and crystal-clear waters. Visit charming towns like Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello and explore hidden coves, sea caves, and historic landmarks along the Italian Riviera .

French Riviera

Experience the glamour and elegance of the French Riviera , with its world-famous resorts, luxury boutiques, and vibrant nightlife. Visit iconic destinations such as Saint-Tropez, Cannes, and Monaco , and enjoy sunbathing on glamorous beaches, dining at Michelin-starred restaurants, and partying at exclusive nightclubs.

Balearic Islands

Discover the Balearic Islands of Spain , including Ibiza, Mallorca, and Menorca, known for their beautiful beaches, lively nightlife, and rich cultural heritage. Explore historic cities, charming villages, and stunning natural landscapes while enjoying the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Croatian Coast

Sail along the scenic Croatian Coast on your private yacht charter and take in the picturesque islands, historic towns, and crystal-clear bays. Visit popular destinations like Dubrovnik, Split, and Hvar, as well as hidden gems like Korčula, Vis, and Brač, and experience the beauty and charm of the Adriatic Sea .

Turkish Riviera

Explore the Turkish Riviera on a boat rental, with its ancient ruins, bustling markets, and beautiful beaches. Visit historic sites like Ephesus and Bodrum, sail along the stunning Turquoise Coast, and indulge in delicious Turkish cuisine and hospitality.

Where can I berth my yacht in Malta?

You can berth your yacht at several marinas and harbors located around the Maltese Islands. Some of the popular marinas and harbors in Malta include:

Msida Marina

Located near Valletta, Msida Marina offers berths for yachts of various sizes, including large sailing yachts and provides easy access to the capital city’s historic sites, shopping, and dining options.

Ta’ Xbiex Marina

Situated adjacent to Msida Marina, Ta’ Xbiex Marina offers berthing facilities for yachts and superyachts, with stunning views of Valletta’s skyline and the Grand Harbor.

Portomaso Marina

Portomaso Marina is a modern and upscale marina offering berths for luxury yachts and access to the nearby Portomaso Business Tower and Hilton Hotel complex.

Grand Harbour Marina

Situated in the historic Grand Harbour of Valletta, Grand Harbour Marina is one of the largest and most prestigious marinas in Malta, offering berths for superyachts and luxury vessels. You can dock your sailing boat here and access Valletta’s historic attractions and waterfront restaurants.

Mgarr Marina (Gozo)

Located on the island of Gozo, Mgarr Marina offers berths for yachts and sailing vessels, providing access to the charming island of Gozo and its scenic coastline, beaches, and attractions.

How much does a Malta sailing yacht charter cost?

The cost of a yacht rental in Malta will depend on several factors, including your yacht choice, length of charter experience, and cruising itinerary. The larger and more prestigious the vessel, the more expensive the yacht rental will be. Northrop & Johnson has yachts for charter that start at around US$50,000 for a week, rising to in excess of one million for the world’s finest superyachts and mega yachts. If you want to enjoy a luxury yacht rental in Malta, the team at Northrop & Johnson will be delighted to assist you. Contact us today.

What amenities can I expect aboard a sailing yacht charter?

The amenities aboard every Malta yacht rental will differ depending on your choice of vessel . Typical amenities you can expect aboard a luxury superyacht include:

  • Swimming pool
  • Cinema room
  • Spacious salons and deck spaces
  • Professional kitchen
  • Helipad or helicopter hangar with fueling facilities
  • Garage with tenders and water toys
  • Fully equipped gym
  • Spa facilities

Which airport will I fly into for my luxury yacht charter?

For a luxury boat rental holiday in Malta, you will typically fly into Malta International Airport (MLA), also known as Luqa Airport. Located near the town of Luqa, approximately 5 kilometers southwest of Malta’s capital city, Valletta, Malta International Airport is the main gateway to the Maltese Islands.

The airport serves as a hub for both domestic and international flights, offering connections to major cities across Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Malta International Airport is well-equipped with modern facilities, including car rental services, restaurants, shops, and transportation options to reach nearby marinas and harbors where luxury yachts are typically chartered.

Upon arrival at Malta International Airport, you can easily access your luxury yacht charter by arranging ground transportation to the nearest marina or harbor, where your yacht will be awaiting your arrival.

What is the preferred currency in Malta?

The preferred currency in Malta is the Euro (€). It is the official currency used for all transactions, including purchases, dining, accommodation, and other services. The Euro replaced the Maltese lira (LM) in 2008 when Malta adopted the Euro as its official currency after joining the Eurozone. As a result, those on sailing yachts in Malta can use the Euro for all their financial transactions, making it convenient for travelers from other European countries and around the world.

What other yacht charter destinations are around Malta?

  • Aeolian Islands
  • Ionian Islands
  • Mediterranean

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malta luxury yacht charter

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Yacht Charter in Malta

Sam K by Sunseeker - Top rates for a Charter of a private Motor Yacht in Malta

Malta yacht charter

Someplace on earth seem to have been designed with heaven in mind. Malta is one of these slices of heavens right in the Mediterranean Sea center with many tricks to impress you up to its sleeves. Throughout history, aristocracy, royalty, and elegance have reigned over the splendid city and left several historical traces. Malta's landscape is carved with baroque churches, creamy, golden limestone houses, and Egyptian influenced temples. Malta may be described as a Mediterranean masterpiece, painted with cultural and historical colors, and natural wonders. A walk through the capital city of Valletta will undoubtedly leave you an unforgettable memory.

Why charter a yacht in Malta?

It was once said that an island could only be called such when viewed from the sea. Chartering a yacht in Malta will genuinely offer you a way to appreciate the island's beautiful gifts. From your yacht's vantage point, explore the stunning Valletta and the Three Cities, with its fortification, rocky cliffs, and bays around Malta, Gozo, and Comino. Inland or off the land, Malta has plenty of ways to transform your stay into an incredible adventure. Whether you decide to explore Valletta's iconic landmarks in your yacht's comfort, including the historic Fort St Elmo or the touristic praised Valletta Waterfront. Beyond Valletta, you will find traditional villages, spicing up your holidays, such as Marsaxlokk, Gozo, and the Three Cities. Malta has a wealth of underneath treasures you will admire as you wander through the azure sea on your yacht board and take a dip at Comino to discover the artificial reefs. For a whole boatload of reasons, Malta is indeed the crowned jewel of the Mediterranean Sea.

What are yacht charter prices in Malta?

Yacht charter in Malta takes a refreshing turn as you anchor your fleet at one of the most exclusive places. With the expertise of your crew, the average rate for Catamaran starts at $1,200 per day. You may find catamarans as low as $470 for day use in Malta. If catamarans aren't your cup of tea, sailboat and motorboats are available for rent from $4,000 to $500,000 weekly. For a world-class comfort and luxury exhibit, charter a yacht from $15,000 for a day.

When is the yachting season in Malta?

The yachting season in Malta spreads over seven months, running from early April through late October. The Spring months that are April and May, have unclouded skies and warm weather, ideal for chartering a yacht. As the temperature increases as we enter the summer months, you will have the full possibility to explore the sea gifts beneath Malta's shorelines from June to September. The winter months are unsurprisingly mild in Malta. As a Mediterranean city, Valletta and the surrounding city are summery in winter compared to the rest of the European continent. Yet, for yacht chartering, it is not recommended to venture in the sea.

Malta yacht charter for a day

Malta in a day on a yacht charter is a unique event as you start the exploration of this stunning archipelago. One day on a yacht charter in Malta isn't enough to fully celebrate the natural island gift, from UNESCO World Heritage Sites to timeless fishing villages and biological hotspots. On the must-see attraction is Popeye Village, a postcard like a site overflowing with vintage colored residences and surrounded by emerald water. Built on Anchor Bay and for Popeye, the musical production, the island as a quirky and tacky ambiance you wouldn't want to miss. Depending on the months you will be visiting, Popeye Village surprises visitors with its themed festivities, whether it's Easter, Halloween, or during the carnival season, witness the transformation under your eyes. Cradled by the waves of the Mediterranean Sea, set sail to the Blue Grotto. As the name suggests, the Blue Grotto is a collection of seven caves, sparkling with translucent and bright blue water. As the sun set, anchor at the Senglea harbor to watch the sunbeam lighting up the cobbled streets and monuments with orange streams.

Malta yacht charter overnight

Delight in an overnight yacht charter in Malta to immerse into a whimsical world. The Blue Lagoon has a particular place in the heart of the Maltese people. Located on the island of Comino, the Blue Lagoon feels like we are dipping in a borderless swimming pool. On the schedule is a gorgeous day swimming in clear water, snorkeling, diving, or kayaking. For a little moment of privacy, swim to Cominotto where you can enjoy the sea for yourself. As if the Blue Lagoon wasn't enough, Comino Island was also graced with the Crystal Lagoon and equally praised for the water experience without the crowd's horde.

Malta yacht charter for a week

After a day spent in the capital city Valletta, exploring the many Romanesque monuments, most notably Rotunda of Mosta, Grandlaster's Palace or Gardjola Gardens, travel to Gozo unparalleled adventure. Compared to the bustling capital Valletta, the quiet sister is a discreet haven, bursting with greenery, history, and local folklore. Gozo is said to be the perfect isle of Calypso in Homer's Odyssey; yet you don't visit Gozo for a myth, but because of its legendary landscape and magnificent coastline. Amongst many things, Gozo is home to the Blue Hole, on its own, seems to be an out of this world experience. Venture away from the sea coastline to meet the picturesque Ta'Pinu Basilica. A religious shrine, originating from the catholic tradition, the basilica is an unchartered territory to tourists and an opportunity to visit the place exclusively. Continue your journey to Comino island before landing in Cospicua, one of the Three Cities. Relatively unvisited, yet a testimony of Malta's maritime fortune, Vittoriosa, Senglea, and Cospicua form part of the Three Cities. The Three Cities are an indelible symbol of the Maltese lifestyle, starting with the iconic palaces, churches, forts, and bastions.

Wedding yacht charter in Malta

There is nothing comparable to a wedding in Malta. Splendid at the core, a wedding yacht charter in the historical city of Valletta is flawless. For a sunset cruise or a day charter, Malta's landscape is the most stunning wedding backdrop you could have. With a touch of Maltese culture, sail to Gozo for a laid-back wedding, with a sprinkle of culture and greenery, or navigate to the sparkling island of Comino where you may trade your wedding attire a swimming suit.

Luxury yacht holiday in Malta

In the world of yachting, superyacht and megayacht are arguably the crowned jewel in the connoisseurs' eyes. Onboard of your majestic fleet, navigate to incomparable sightseeing locations, with Goza and Comino vying for your attention. Explore the rarely unexplored Delimara, Blue Grotto Caves, St Julians, and St Paul's Bay for a unique landscape.

Yacht Charter IN Malta

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  • Yacht Charter in Valletta
  • Yacht Charter in Gozo


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AX Hotels Malta

Cruise our Flavour

This full day, all-access immersion into maltese gastronomy is organised by rosselli’s experience team who are experts at designing one-of-a-kind itineraries that redefine experiential travel for our privileged guests..

Rosselli - AX Privilege - Luxury Services - Cruise Our Flavours

Sail and Dine Michelin Style with Grain

Picture this. You’re taking in the stunning panoramic coast and cliff views of our Maltese archipelago from the luxurious comfort of your yacht. Or you’re on your chartered Azimut yacht for a local stress-free getaway, a special occasion celebrating a loved one, or out for the day with your mates. You’ve just one thing left to do – organise a superlative dining experience onboard that will take your sailing journey to the next level. For further information contact us on  +356 2124 5245  or  e-mail us here!

Served straight to your yacht, our five-star team of passionate sous-chefs, led by one of Malta’s most exclusive elite names, Victor Borg, will deliver a gourmet lunch or dinner crafted and meticulously planned to your personal tastes. Otherwise, leave it in our skilled, creative and expert hands to surprise you. In any case, each dish will be a tour de force of distinctive flavour, texture, taste, aroma and art, paired with the finest selection of world wines.

Before you start, our enthusiastic mixologist will concoct refreshing, elegant and flamboyant cocktails on the spot.

Chartering an Azimut

Rosselli AX Privilege has teamed up with Azimut to organise memorable charter yacht trips for its guests. As with other collaborations, Rosselli only looks to the best – in this case the successful and recognised Azimut brand which epitomises Italian style and elegance backed by the strength of technology and innovation. The yachts all have spacious lounge areas, vast deck spaces and comfortable cabins. Whether guests are after sports and speed, or relaxed luxury and comfort for a trip of relaxation and enjoyment, an elegant yacht moored at the marina awaits, to be taken out to sea.

Elegance Reimagined.

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The Location

  • Static Charter

Dynamic Yacht Charter

From this year Riti Yacht is being offered to the public for Dynamic Chartering. That is to cruise around Malta and its island, or anywhere in the Mediterranean waters. We can organise trips to Sicily or Greece as per request.

No of Guests: 12 + 2 CREW

DEPARTURE 0900h from Kalkara Marina

RETURN 1700h

Price includes : Fuel to on site, normally the Blue Lagoon & back, Captain & Crew to attend to you whilst on board, a large platter with cold cuts & pasta with 2 bottles of local wine, water and 3 large bottles of soft drinks. Other preferences can be discussed.

Other alcoholic / non-alcoholic beverages & beer consumed will be at a small charge.

Guests can also make use of water toys and snorkelling masks available. We have electric jet surf board. Diver propulsion vehicle. Kayak and Stand up paddle boards.

RITI is a luxury yacht docked at the picturesque Kalkara Marina in Malta. Boasting fantastic unobstructed views of the Birgu and Kalkara coast, RITI is a three bedroom yacht with ample outdoor lounging areas. Some of RITI’s features include a communal kitchen and dining area, and free WiFi.

Whether it’s a day away with friends or a few nights under the stars with a loved one that you’re after, bookings for static charters can be made directly through this website.

We believe in giving guests an unforgettable experience aboard RITI, where guests will find whatever their heart desires and more!

Book the holiday If you dream

Located in the picturesque village of Kalkara, the Marina boasts gorgeous unobstructed views of , Bighi, one of Malta’s most historic buildings, the Birgu coast, and, of course, the Mediterranean Sea!

Static Yacht Charter

Tired of the same old, same old? Why not try something a little different?

Static yacht charter is a great way to get away from all the trouble that life may throw your way – with a static charter, guests are able to enjoy all the luxuries of being on a yacht without having to leave the dock. With a near constant view of the sea and all the necessary amenities a stone’s throw away, guests can enjoy the experience of a lifetime aboard RITI, whether they’d like to book the whole boat for a day, or a room per night.

During their stay, guests will have full use of the communal areas of the luxury yacht, free access to WiFi, and can rely on a professional multi-lingual team to assist with any queries.

Three bedroom yacht

  • Master bedroom (sleeps 2) with 2 ensuites
  • 2 twin rooms (each room sleeps 2), with an ensuite each
  • Indoor dining area
  • Indoor lounge area
  • Outdoor dining area
  • 3 Outdoor lounging areas
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • TV and entertainment facilities
  • Smoke-free rooms
  • Free parking outside the marina
  • Airport shuttle (additional charge)

Ivan Said Mob : +356 99487189 Email : [email protected]

RITI Yacht is managed by International Yachting Management

CALL US ON +356 79951005

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Share the extraordinary adventure of sailing along the coast of the Maltese Islands with your family and friends aboard Gulet KelSea for a once in a lifetime luxury experience. 

Our charters.

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malta luxury yacht charter

Yacht In Malta

Sailing Yachts

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Sailing Yachts Malta




yacht parking


Dufour 52


Day sailing yacht charter.

  • Gas Barbecue 35 € Day.
  • Paddle board 25 € Day.
  • Departure from Marina free.
  • Departure from Sliema 100 €.


Check in & check out.

  • Embarkation time 18:45 pm
  • Disembarkation time 8:30 am


  • Refundable cash deposit for yachts up to 40 feet 3.000 €
  • Refundable cash deposit for yachts more than 40 feet 4.000 €
  • Refundable cash deposit for Catamarans 5.000 €


  • Includes full water tanks, cooking gas bottles, linen, blanket and towel for each crew member and end cleaning.
  • 3 Cabins yachts 110 €
  • 4 Cabins yachts 135 €
  • 5 Cabins yachts 160 €
  • Catamarans 170 €


  • Skipper per day 235 €
  • Hostess per day 210 €
  • Outboard for the dingy per week 95 €
  • Gas barbecue per week 45 €
  • Paddle board per week 45 €
  • Fishing rod per week 50 €
  • Yachts are delivered with full tanks.
  • Refuelling will be done at Marina the clients are charged per litre spent.

Best Sailing Yachts To Rent In Malta

Hire a yacht charter in Malta at the best price and impress your guests. Yacht rental in Malta is the perfect solution for those who want to organize celebrations that positively mark the memory of all guests. Renting for sailing Yacht charter in Malta combines with all kinds of occasions, from corporate gatherings to celebrations between friends or family. We at YACHT IN MALTA offer affordable yacht service according to your budget and requirements. We have the exclusive collections of luxury yachts in Malta.

Main advantages related to yacht rentals for parties. The advantages of hiring a yacht rental service for sailing yacht in Malta are numerous. With regard to comfort, we offer the service that is able to meet the needs related to the structure of the yacht and the particularities of the event. We also provide greater safety, preventing users from going through moments of instability, which would reduce the quality of the event and the satisfaction. A sea tour with a yacht rental in Malta is advantageous, as we offer relaxation of a party atmosphere and the relaxation of a short trip in the presence of only guests, all of this in a particular way.

It’s time to enjoy Mediterranean view Our yachts have complete cabins and suites with a lot of luxury, they are equipped with,full kitchen, surround sound, navigation instruments, complete leisure structure, refrigerator, stove and freezer (facilities depend on the type of yacht you hire). We offer yacht renting service at affordable prices for several occasions – birthday party, corporate celebrations, get-togethers, on honeymoon/marriage celebration, etc. visit our website and get the latest information on hiring yachts.

Classic & Luxury Sailing Yachts Rental In Malta

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with our sailing charters in Malta. Our expert team will take you on a journey through the stunning Mediterranean waters, where you’ll discover hidden coves and beaches, swim in turquoise lagoons, and soak up the sun while sailing along the picturesque Maltese coastline.

Whether you’re an experienced sailor or a beginner, our sailing charters are perfect for all skill levels. Our professional crew will take care of everything, from navigating the seas to preparing delicious meals on board. With our luxury yachts and catamarans, you’ll have all the amenities you need for a comfortable and enjoyable trip.

We offer a variety of sailing charters to suit your preferences, from day trips to week-long adventures. Explore the historic Grand Harbour of Valletta, visit the stunning Blue Lagoon, or sail to the beautiful island of Gozo. No matter where you choose to go, you’ll be surrounded by breathtaking scenery and have the opportunity to experience the best of Malta.

Booking a sailing charter in Malta is easy. Simply choose your preferred charter, and our team will take care of the rest. We’ll provide you with all the necessary information and equipment, so all you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey.

Don’t miss out on the chance to explore the beauty of Malta from the sea. Book your sailing charter today and experience the trip of a lifetime.

Your Dream Vacation Awaits


If you’re yearning for a vacation that combines the thrill of sailing with the beauty of the Mediterranean, look no further. Hiring a sailing yacht in Malta is your passport to unforgettable adventures. In this guide, we’ll show you why setting sail in Malta is the perfect choice for your next getaway.

Why Choose to Hire a Sailing Yacht in Malta?

Breathtaking Scenery: Malta’s coastline is a picturesque masterpiece, and there’s no better way to experience it than from the deck of a sailing yacht. Enjoy uninterrupted views of azure waters and dramatic cliffs as you cruise along the coast.

Freedom and Flexibility: Hiring a sailing yacht in Malta gives you the freedom to set your own course. Explore secluded bays, hidden coves, and charming harbors at your own pace, with the wind as your guide.

Island-Hopping Adventures: With Malta’s strategic location in the Mediterranean, you can easily hop between the islands of Malta, Gozo, and Comino, each offering its own unique charm and attractions.

Professional Crew or Bareboat: Whether you’re an experienced sailor or a novice, Malta offers options for both. You can choose to hire a yacht with a professional crew for a hassle-free experience or opt for a bareboat charter if you’re a seasoned sailor.

Book Your Sailing Yacht Charter Adventure in Malta

Ready to embark on your sailing adventure in Malta? Booking your dream yacht is simple. Explore our selection of sailing yachts, select the one that suits your preferences, and get ready to set sail on the Mediterranean.

Hiring a sailing yacht in Malta opens the door to a world of exploration and relaxation. Whether you crave adventure, relaxation, or a mix of both, this experience promises unforgettable moments against the backdrop of Malta’s natural beauty. Don’t miss out—book your sailing yacht in Malta today!


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    Malta's capital Valletta is a UNESCO recognised World Heritage City and the European Capital of Culture 2018. Built on a peninsula, Valletta benefits from panoramic sea views and is home to the renowned Grand Harbour, a popular luxury charter yacht destination. Yacht Charters in Malta Malta luxury yacht charters are ideal for making use of ...

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    Luxury Yacht Hire Malta - Elite Sailing Charters in Malta. Hire a luxury yacht or boat in Malta. Experience stunning locations around Malta. ... He was very responsive and helpful leading up to the charter and an amazing host the second we came aboard, champagne at the ready! Being out on his sailboat was the highlight of our trip.

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    Malta's Premium Luxury Yacht Charter Service. Featuring the best yachts available for charter on the island with professional crew onboard. We welcome our clients with an introduction of what Malta has to offer as a Yacht Charter destination, and how to plan the perfect trip together. Destinations include: Malta, Comino, Gozo, Sicily and Italy. ...

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    Malta Yacht Charter Guide. Closer to Africa than the other countries of the Mediterranean, there is a particular exoticism about Malta. The secluded bays, warm waters, and uninhabited islands of the archipelago are perfect for a private yacht charter vacation.

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    Malta Yacht Charter Experiences. A Malta luxury yacht charter is the perfect way to efficiently take in all sites across the islands, and sailing yachts and motor yachts, mono-hulls and catamarans of all sizes are suited to the excellent anchorages and well-designed modern ports.

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    Northrop & Johnson has yachts for charter that start at around US$50,000 for a week, rising to in excess of one million for the world's finest superyachts and mega yachts. If you want to enjoy a luxury yacht rental in Malta, the team at Northrop & Johnson will be delighted to assist you. Contact us today.

  12. The 20 Best Yacht Charters in Malta

    With the expertise of your crew, the average rate for Catamaran starts at $1,200 per day. You may find catamarans as low as $470 for day use in Malta. If catamarans aren't your cup of tea, sailboat and motorboats are available for rent from $4,000 to $500,000 weekly. For a world-class comfort and luxury exhibit, charter a yacht from $15,000 for ...

  13. Luxury Private Yachts for Charter in Malta

    Browse our charter selection of Luxury Yachts for Charter in Malta. Bespoke experiences upon request contact us for more information. ... HOT YACHT Luxury Yacht Charter Malta. 📧 [email protected]. 📞 +356 9943 8260. 📩 ...

  14. Experiences

    Our half-day charter yacht experience is a delightful escape that packs adventure and luxury into just four memorable hours. With the Mediterranean as your playground, you can explore the stunning coastline, take refreshing dips in crystal-clear waters, and enjoy the sun-drenched deck while savoring the beauty of Malta's shores.

  15. Charter Yacht Malta

    Experience the ultimate luxury with charter yacht Malta services. Discover boat trips, sailing experiences, and yacht rentals with AX Rosselli. EXPLORE. DRAG. Fri, 8 Mar 2024 - Sat, 9 Mar 2024. Dates. Guests. Adults. Children - Age: Child (1) - Age: Child (2) Book Direct: Enjoy 20% off! SUMMER24 Apply Promo Code.

  16. Destinations

    HOT YACHT Luxury Yacht Charter Malta. 📧 [email protected]. 📞 +356 9943 8260. 📩 ...

  17. Luxury yacht charter

    RITI is a luxury yacht docked at the picturesque Kalkara Marina in Malta. Boasting fantastic unobstructed views of the Birgu and Kalkara coast, RITI is a three bedroom yacht with ample outdoor lounging areas. Some of RITI's features include a communal kitchen and dining area, and free WiFi. Whether it's a day away with friends or a few ...

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    Malta Sailing Adventures offers a variety of crewed boat rentals, boat tours and luxury sailing yacht charters for friends, families and businesses wanting to have a fun filled experience whilst exploring the beauty of the Maltese Islands. ... Private use of luxury Beneteau Oceanis 50 Sailing Yacht for up to 10 guests for agreed charter hours ...

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    Book Now. Embark on a journey of a lifetime with Malta Gulet Charters, where the allure of Malta's coastal beauty combines with the comfort & luxury of our gulet. We offer Boat Trips around Malta and Gozo, Sailing holidays around Malta. Our Charters operate day and night.


    Experience the ultimate luxury and exclusivity with a private yacht charter in Malta. Book your charter today and embark on the trip of a lifetime. Hire a Luxury Private Yacht charter in Malta starting from 600€ per day. Book your private Yacht Charter today. Call us on +35677078270.

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