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How to Buy A Yacht

luxury yachts group

Which yacht is right for you?

Many factors contribute to the selection of a yacht. At the root of any sound yacht purchase decision is the core performance factors that are essential to consider long before you review interior decoration or layout.

  • Motor or Sailing yacht
  • High speed performance, Semi-planing hull shape or slow full-displacement?
  • Size restrictions: Will you need access to a location with draft, beam, length or height restrictions? Does the dock behind your home have X feet available water or a fixed bridge limiting access to yacht with an air draft of less than Y feet?
  • Guest carriage requirements: Number of guests cruising onboard and sleeping onboard?
  • Maintenance issues: Are parts readily available in the intended cruising areas?
  • Crew: Will the yacht accommodate a suitable number of crew to match your service expectations?
  • Range: Where in the world do you wish to travel? If those ports are not serviced by a yacht transport service then the yacht will need to have an ocean passage making range and hull shape.
  • Full-displacement vs. Semi-displacement?

The pros and cons of semi-displacement compared to full-displacement are:

Semi-Displacement Full-Displacement
Speed 18-25 knot cruising speed 10-12 knot cruising speed
Fuel Consumption Very high fuel consumption. Often four to six times the fuel consumption of a similar sized full displacement yacht. Fuel efficient when compared with a semi-displacement.
Transatlantic passages Not self powered, but possible using yacht transportation at a cost of $850-$1,200 per foot each way. Capable of self powered transatlantic passages. Costs range from $250 to $600 per foot depending upon crew size and engine size.
Engine Maintenance Specialist engineering. High powered engines require more maintenance from outside companies and specialists. Lower power rating and crew engineers should be capable of maintaining 95% of all engineering needs.
Stability / Comfort Hard/fast roll due to hard chine hull shape. Slow roll. Generally more comfortable at anchor.
Volume When designed initially for speed semi-displacement models generally have shallower draft and less interior volume than full-displacement models of the same length. Volume considerations have less impact on performance so hull shapes generally contain more interior volume than the similar length in semi-displacement.
Noise Generally louder interiors whilst underway due to desire to reduce weight in construction and larger engines and faster water movement. No restriction on build weight allows full implementation of noise attenuation. (not all manufacturers employ the necessary construction to minimize noise).

How to buy a yacht?

There is a standard sequence to buying a yacht that is accepted by the global yachting community. Variations from these steps are possible but fairly rare.

Search and selection

Search and selection

Working with a yacht broker from Luxury Yacht Group your requirements are refined and suitable yachts reviewed and inspected. Inspection can be made at a regularly scheduled boat shows or by special appointment for a personal inspection subject to the yacht's availability.


Once a suitable yacht is found a formal offer is made by the buyer. This is presented by your broker on an industry standard contract to buy the yacht. This sales agreement outlines the timing for the sea trial, survey, acceptance and closing. When you make your offer it is normal to deposit 10% of the offer price into escrow with your attorney or broker. It is essential that your offer includes an accurate inventory of the vessel. At Luxury Yacht Group we always take a photographic inventory of the vessel and include that with the offer to buy.


Offer Accepted

The seller will accept, reject or counter your offer to buy. It is rare for the first offer to be accepted so it usually takes a week or two to receive an accepted offer.


Depending upon the size of the yacht the survey can take from one to 14 days to complete. During the survey all mechanical, electrical and electronics equipment is tested. The objective of the survey is to get an accurate understanding of the current vessel condition and precisely how much the yacht will cost to maintain in the next few years. As part of the survey it is strongly recommended that the vessel is hauled out of the water for inspection. The cost of the survey is paid for by the buyer.

Sea Trial

At a convenient time before, during or after the survey the prospective buyer is able to take the yacht out to sea to establish the vessel's performance underway. This sea trial, usually limited in duration to 4 hours, is normally at the seller's expense. During the sea trial the engines are tested to verify cruising and maximum speed and it is a good opportunity for the buyer to verify the motion of the vessel and noise levels throughout the interior whilst underway.


Following successful survey and sea trial the buyer submits written acceptance of the vessel. From this point onwards the 10% deposit paid is at risk should the buyer not close the sale at the agreed upon closing date. It is very normal for deficiencies found during survey to be included in a conditional acceptance that gives the seller time to make repairs or allow a financial allowance for the buyer to make repairs after the closing. For example a deficiency is found in the air conditioning system that cannot be repaired prior to closing so a conditional acceptance is signed by both buyer and seller giving $20,000 off the previously agreed price in consideration of the non-functional air conditioning.


Just like real estate the act of a closing is a fairly straight forward exchange of signatures on important documents. The protocol of delivery and acceptance clearly lists the location and time of the ownership exchange. At closing the buyer should have new registration and insurance already lined up. The Luxury Yacht Group yacht management team will happily assist any new buyer in establishing the necessary official papers and insurance required.

Flags of convenience?

The large majority of yachts are flagged (registered) offshore. The most popular registries are the Cayman Islands, Marshall Islands and St. Vincent. These three registries offer relatively protected and inexpensive yacht registry services. Most offshore registries require that the new owner establish a corporation in their jurisdiction that owns the vessel. The beneficial owner is simply the majority shareholder in the corporation. In most cases, by flagging your vessel offshore, taxes can be avoided on the value of the hull. The savings can be significant when compared with the value of the sales tax (TVA or VAT) that would have to be paid.

Maintenance costs?

The costs of yacht ownership are significant and it is incredibly rare for a yacht owner to make money by chartering their yacht. Be very leery of any yacht broker telling you that you will make money buying and chartering a yacht. The Luxury Yacht Group management team has created the operating cost calculator that gives a general idea regarding operating costs. This can be found here: Operating Cost Calculator.

Crew costs?

The crew team at Luxury Yacht Group has developed a formula for salary ranges based upon the number of crew onboard. The table also gives the standard crew breakdown with regards job titles.

Our top 5 recommendations to new yacht buyers?

  • Hire the best crew that you can find. Most problems that we see yacht owner's experience could be overcome by a good crew. Luxury Yacht Group's crew placement team has over 22,000 crew to choose from and has the best placement guarantee in the business. Please call +1 954 525 9959 or e-mail [email protected] for more information on our crew placement service.
  • Take your time buying a yacht. Yachts that are for sale at 'great' or 'giveaway' prices are rarely a good buy. The cost of refitting a distressed vessel can far exceed the capital savings that you think are present on day one. Our brokerage staff can direct you to a good value vessel and away from a money pit.
  • Charter prior to owning. Yachting is very expensive and owning a yacht is a truly unique vacation experience. Chartering a yacht is a great way to sample yacht ownership with a fixed cost and minimal time commitment. Luxury Yacht Group can charter you a very similar yacht to the one that you are looking at so that you can be familiar with the brand or style of the yacht that you are interested in buying.
  • Understand the cost of ownership. The cost of yachting is fairly tough to justify in the real world however it is an amazing luxury experience that is only within reach of the truly successful. Please speak to a yacht management professional prior to purchasing a yacht so that you have a clear understanding of the operating costs associated with that yacht.
  • Have a strong shore support team. Yachting is a luxury pastime with ups and downs. The Luxury Yacht Group yacht management team is available to support your operations to smooth over any issues that may arise. If you chose to operate the vessel from your existing offices please call us to help with the setup. We are happy to train your existing accounting or Payroll Company in some of the intricacies of yacht operations.

Sales Articles

There’s nothing like a boat show

Miami International Boat Show 2016

The 2016 Miami International Boat Show has come to an end. Initial reports indicate the show was a success despite some kinks related to the venue change.

17 Feb 2016

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

Show chaos is over...was it worth while?

The 55th edition of the Fort Lauderdale show has been and gone with its usual hoopla and hype. The weather cooperated and conditions on the docks were the best that we've seen in years with no flooded tents or blown away banners.

05 Nov 2014

Boating vs Yachting

Boating vs Yachting

Yachting industry professionals know there is a significant difference between yachting and boating, and the differentiating factor is not as simple as the overall length. Both have their pros and cons of course and need to be recognized and respected for their differences.

31 Aug 2018

Follow These Seven Steps to Buy a Yacht

Follow These Seven Steps to Buy a Yacht

06 May 2016


Leading the future

luxury yachts group

News and Events

luxury yachts group

Thursday, June 20, 2024

Pershing Yacht terrace at 7 Pines Resort Ibiza: the place to be.

Riva and Officina Italiana Design together for five more years.

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Riva and Officina Italiana Design together for five more years.

First all-aluminium Custom Line 50 superyacht launched.

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

First all-aluminium Custom Line 50 superyacht launched.

Social Responsibility

Building the future.

Our journey to creating an increasingly sustainable business model also impacts our corporate governance structures.

luxury yachts group

Heritage & values

Thanks to Italy's centuries-old yachting tradition, the Ferretti Group is a world leader in the design, construction and sale of luxury yachts and pleasure…

luxury yachts group

Design & innovation

Innovation is contagious, it spreads from person to person, from product to process, from design to technology. For the Ferretti Group this also means…

luxury yachts group

Production Centres

People & technologies.

Innovative, reliable boats requires cutting-edge production facilities and talented, passionate people. The Ferretti Group shipyards combine state-of-the-art…

Your private island is off limits to others, but it holds no limits for you

What if you had a private island where you make your own rules? An island that is off limits to others but holds no limits for you? What if your private island could move with you and it was off the coast of Porto Cervo at dawn and in front of Capri at sunset? And above all, what if on your private island you could embrace all its inhabitants? No need to wonder where this island is because you are the owner. #yourprivateisland

luxury yachts group

Directory of Icons


Protagonist was launched in 1987 and today is a leading magazine for yachting enthusiasts and motor boat owners. The featured articles cover a variety of topics, including yachting, the sea, luxury, design, culture and travel.

luxury yachts group

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Luxury Yacht Group

Administration Services Brokerage & Charter Crew

Administration Services , Brokerage & Charter , Crew


Luxury Yacht Group provides imaginative, creative solutions for yacht management, crew placement, sales and charter. We've developed and continually refine the largest database in the industry, and place more crew on yachts than any other agency. Our diverse team have degrees in everything from management to to design, many with practical, on board yachting experience.

  • Antibes France
  • Ft Lauderdale United States
Marcy Laturno
Rupert Connor
Emma Batchelder

News summary

Image for Does the stereotyping of US crew still exist?

Does the stereotyping of US crew still exist?

Insurance and recruitment professionals discuss whether American crew still face adversity from foreign-flagged yachts…

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Discover the Hanse 410

Le Grand 53 XL

FJORD presents its exciting new flagship, the 53 XL

New flagship for the Dehler fleet

The new Dehler 46 SQ

New brand, one boat, many talents

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The new SEALINE S390

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Diversity, humanity and professionalism

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Current financial reports 2022/2023

New luxury yachts for sale

HanseYachts AG is the second-largest  sailing yacht builder in the world in terms of the number of series-production sailing yachts built per year. The company is among the top ten manufacturers worldwide of  motor yachts . More than 80% of the manufactured vessels sold are for export. It has one of the most state-of-the-art and diverse range of yachts for sale , featuring over 40 different models.

For many  sailboat and motor yacht enthusiasts, purchasing their own boat is a lifelong dream come true. HanseYachts AG allows customers to pick from an almost infinite range of options as they design their one-of-a-kind dream yacht. One thing all our sailboats and motorboats have in common is their unmistakable design and unwavering ‘Engineered in Germany’ seal of quality. Furthermore, all models are manufactured at our locations in Europe. Set sail with us – pick from our range of new yachts and become a part of the HanseYachts AG family!

Easy to sail cruising yacht

Sailing yachts

  • Fast sailing boats
  • Luxury yachts
  • Performance cruisers

Fast luxury yacht

The Moody DS41 wins American award.


We’ll arrange your perfect yachting vacation in the destination of your dreams


We create exceptional charter experiences and long lasting memories, choose your dream destination.

Mediterranean, Caribbean, South Pacific, South East Asia and more

Book your next charter with us

We ensure planning your charter is easy and enjoyable


You need go no further!

We'll Match the Right Yacht to Meet Your Criteria

Yachts personally inspected and selected by our experienced Team .... plus hundreds more

Motor Yachts

Motor Yachts

Sailing Yachts

Sailing Yachts


Meet Your Team

Your trusted experts: each of our team has 15 years or more experience in the luxury charter yacht industry

Jeni Tidmarsh

Jeni Tidmarsh

Head office.

  • P: +61-459-303-221

Local Time: 07:57 AM

Radek Gendek

Radek Gendek

European office.

  • P: +33 6 85 60 15 79

Local Time: 11:57 PM

Sharon Bahmer

Sharon Bahmer

  • P: +1-954-495-4255
  • M: +1-954-448-9222

Local Time: 05:57 PM

Rebecca Montgomery

Rebecca Montgomery

  • P: +61-490-094-072

Emily Mack

  • P: +1 207 694 4768

Joanna Kozak

Joanna Kozak

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Xenia Bregianni

Xenia Bregianni

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Local Time: 12:57 AM

Magda Starobrat

Magda Starobrat

  • P: +48 531 847 103

Chrisy Bird

Chrisy Bird

New zealand.

  • M: +64 2102205398

Local Time: 09:57 AM

Private yacht charters designed to pamper

All our yachts come with professional crews Your luxury hotel on the sea

Here's the secret to arranging the perfect yacht vacation in your dream destination! It's simple, you're already in the right place. Just tell us what you wish for, and we'll start with the best selection of charter yachts available to match your criteria in the destination of your dreams. Leave everything to our international team of charter experts who have an infinite knowledge of charter yachts and destinations worldwide. You'll enjoy the benefit of more than 140-years combined international yachting experience. Our mission is to take care of every fine detail to ensure your charter vacation is exceptional. It's as simple as that. You get to enjoy the experience from the time of your first enquiry to us.

“Luxury Charter Group deserves in full the fantastic reputation the company has built. You were extremely competent and solicitous to make this voyage a very memorable one and I thank you for taking such good care of us. I certainly will work with you in my next charters, and I have already given your name and referred Luxury Charter Group to several interested friends. Thank you very much for everything.” — RI Charter Turkey & Greece, July

Choose your Dream Charter Destination




South Pacific

US & Territories

US & Territories

Latest charter news.

Your 2024 Guide to a Luxury Yacht Charter in Montenegro

Your Guide to a Luxury Yacht Charter in Montenegro this summer

Montenegro is the new must-see, sought-after yachting destination in the Mediterranean. This is a spectacular land of mountainous limestone cliffs towering above crystal clear cobalt blue waters. It's not too late to plan this summer's luxury yacht charter vacation in this tiny secret jewel of the Eastern Med, or combine a visit here with your charter in the ever-popular Croatia. Talk to us today.

Ferretti: a luxury Italian yacht charter brand

Why a Ferretti is a Fabulous Choice for your Next Luxury Yacht Charter

Available for charter in every cruising ground of the world, Ferretti superyachts are popular for their size and spacious layouts, luxurious amenities and facilities such as on-deck jacuzzi, gym, large entertaining areas and in some cases dedicated spa for health and well-being, as well as timeless Italian-design and styling, performance and head-turning good looks ideal for your next vacation.

List of Top Cities for your Luxury Yacht Charter

Our Top Ten Cities to Visit on a Luxury Yacht Charter

Most yacht charters focus on sandy beaches and small villages. But it is also possible to combine your charter with a visit to some amazing cities within your chosen cruising area. That’s one of the special aspects of a yacht charter - you can explore a range of locations without the hassle of handling your luggage. So here are some of the best cities if you do want to include an urban experience while on charter.

Island-Hop in Style: Exploring the Ionian

Island-Hopping in Style: Unveiling the Beauty of the Ionian

Embarking on a luxury yacht charter in the Ionian Archipelago is like stepping into a dreamscape of azure waters, verdant landscapes, and picturesque villages that seem straight out of a postcard. Nestled on the western coast of Greece, the Ionian Islands offer a perfect blend of natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture. From sun-soaked beaches to hidden coves, each island in this enchanting archipelago possesses its own distinctive charm waiting to be discovered.

Your Guide to Luxury Yacht Charters in the French Riviera

Classic Chic: Your Guide to Luxury Yacht Charters on the French Riviera

Indulge in the epitome of luxury and sophistication with a French Riviera luxury yacht charter, where glamour and elegance blend seamlessly with breathtaking coastal beauty. The French Riviera, also known as the Côte d'Azur, has long been a playground for the rich and famous, offering a perfect blend of opulent resorts, picturesque villages, and sparkling turquoise waters.

8 Good Reasons to Book with Luxury Charter Group

We are the luxury charter experts and have been excelling in this space for 30 years, or a combined total of 140 years! Our clients’ feedback assures us that our experience, expertise and dedication are the main reasons they rely on us, why they rebook time and again and refer their friends and contacts to us.

  • Personalised service: we take care of the details
  • We deliver exceptional charter experiences
  • Up-to-date charter yacht knowledge
  • Personal experience of the destinations
  • Unbiased independent advice
  • Global operations base
  • Financial security
  • Secure charter contracts

Why you should choose us...

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You make the memories, we’ll make the arrangements.

CKIM Group Yacht Charter Brokerage

Yacht Sea Blue

Luxury Yacht Charter Vacations

Enjoy Paradise on private Yacht Charter Vacations. Easily search our database of Crewed Yachts & Catamarans Worldwide. Furthermore, are you searching for an exclusive vacation ? Then step aboard a luxurious, fully-crewed private yacht, for a customized experience catered for you.

Picture yourself lying back, cold drink in hand, and relaxing on the sun-baked wooden deck of a luxury yacht. Indeed, this can be your experience on one of many yacht charter vacations. Imagine, the beautiful, sleek vessel is gliding through the gentle Caribbean Sea. As you soak up the warmth, you gaze out at the most pristine, perfect white sandy beach waiting to welcome you. It’s not until you finally set sail that you can truly appreciate the luxurious comfort and style that awaits you.

Moreover, experience the freedom to swim, scuba, or snorkel in turquoise blue waters and explore fabulous white sandy beaches lined with palm trees and beautiful flora and fauna. Do you dream about enjoying tropical cocktails in an beautiful location?

luxury yachts group


It’s time to turn your dreams of a yacht charter vacation into a reality! We are yacht charter brokers with decades of experience in the sector. And we are ready to search the world for the yacht, crew, and destination that is right for you.

Luxury Yacht, Charter Vacations by CKIM Group, offers customized yachting experiences in the most desired charter destinations worldwide. Book the Trip of a Lifetime Today!

Let us help you discover one of the world’s best-kept travel secrets: luxury yacht chartering! Moreover, why is chartering a private yacht better than a vacation at a resort or a ship with 100+ guests?

Motor yacht icon

Motor Yacht

luxury yachts group

Power Catamarans

luxury yachts group


luxury yachts group

Then Select Just the Right Yacht.

Our priority is whatever you desire. From a crewed powered motor yacht to a catamaran, both powered or unpowered, to sailboats and motor sailors, the choice – and destinations – are yours. Just tell us about you, your group, and your preferences. We’ll handle the rest, creating the vacation you’ll never forget and the one you’ll never tire of talking about.

Latest Posts

A new business expanding croatia wine, gulet libra and captain marko offer a unique croatian experience, harbors along the new england coast, karin patrick’s take on havana, cuba.

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  1. Home

    Luxury Yacht Group finds crew work onboard the finest yachts around the world. We place thousands of crew on yachts every year for full time, rotational, seasonal or day work positions. Find Your Next Job Employers. The best crew have discovered Luxury! With over 140,000 crew registered and over 250,000 references verified Luxury Yacht Group is ...

  2. Crew Positions

    About the Yacht Positions. The diversity and opportunities to work aboard superyachts around the world are endless. The yachts range in size from 60ft to 600ft with crew of 1 - 100 crew members in four primary departments. Each department is responsible for a unique set of tasks aboard and is suited for individuals with specific skillsets and ...

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    Luxury Yacht Group operates the world's largest crew agency, has developed practical shore support services and offers custom sales and charter programs. Meet the Team. Rupert Connor President Marcy Laturno Executive Director of Crew Placement & Charter Management Specialist ...

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    Luxury Yacht Group 101 SE 14th Street Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316, USA

  5. Rupert Connor

    Rupert Connor is the Founder and President of Luxury Yacht Group LLC. He is a well-respected expert in the yachting industry who is actively involved in every aspect of operations within each area of the company.Originally from Buckinghamshire, England, Rupert moved to the United States in 1999 after spending nine years at sea as a professional yacht captain.

  6. Luxury Yacht Group

    Luxury Yacht Group | 2,413 followers on LinkedIn. The Ultimate Yachting Experience. Crew: Luxury Yacht Group leads the industry in providing professional yacht crew to luxury yachts of all sizes.

  7. Fraser

    FRASER - The home of luxury yachts. Discover over 75+ years of experience offered by our yacht brokerage teams of over 200+ people, speaking more than 25 different languages with yacht brokers in 19 locations worldwide and specialists in over 50 key luxury yachting services covering every aspect of yacht ownership, yacht sales, yacht charter, yacht construction, yacht management and crew ...

  8. Charter

    Burkut 177ft Baglietto. This yacht comes with an elegant, open-plan interior as well as a spacious sundeck allowing the option for indoor or outdoor entertainment. Launch Year: 2009 Guest: 10 Crew: 13. Charter Budget (adjust slider below) 436 yachts. $ 0.

  9. Luxury Yacht Group

    Luxury Yacht Group. 10,378 likes · 4 talking about this. Luxury Yacht Group offers the ultimate yachting experience with unparalleled & personalized service

  10. Yacht Buying

    Luxury Yacht Group's crew placement team has over 22,000 crew to choose from and has the best placement guarantee in the business. Please call +1 954 525 9959 or e-mail [email protected] for more information on our crew placement service. Take your time buying a yacht.

  11. Luxury Yachts by Ferretti Group: Leading Luxury Yachting Worldwide

    Directoryof Icons. Protagonist was launched in 1987 and today is a leading magazine for yachting enthusiasts and motor boat owners. The featured articles cover a variety of topics, including yachting, the sea, luxury, design, culture and travel. Browse the mag. Ferretti Group: creating emotion, dreams and desire, guaranteeing the highest levels ...

  12. SuperyachtNews.com

    Luxury Yacht Group provides imaginative, creative solutions for yacht management, crew placement, sales and charter. We've developed and continually refine the largest database in the industry, and place more crew on yachts than any other agency. Our diverse team have degrees in everything from management to to design, many with practical, on ...

  13. Luxury Yacht Crew Placement and Crew Management

    Our Crew Placement team focuses on finding reliable, motivated candidates who have the right combination of experience, skills and personalities to ensure that the placement will work for the owner and crew alike. We recruit and match experienced and new crew with yachts worldwide. Our team will manage the crew selection process from beginning ...

  14. Luxury Yacht Group LLC Careers and Employment

    He launched Luxury Yacht Group in 2001 with a great emphasis on building the world's largest crew agency. Driven by a keen understanding of the right way to operate a yacht successfully, he rapidly expanded to include yacht operations, charter and sales. Luxury Yacht Group has superb in-house talent working behind the scenes.

  15. Luxury Yacht Group (@luxuryyachtgroup)

    Luxury Yacht Group has offices in Antibes, Southampton, Fort Lauderdale, San Diego, Auckland and Sydney and we want to hear from you! 💻 The Mediterranean season is winding into it's last stretch with the Monaco Yacht Show fast approaching, and Fort Lauderdale gearing up for FLIBS 2018 ⚓️ Make sure to check in to your crew profiles on ...

  16. New yachts for sale, luxury, cruising, racing

    The founding brand accounts for over half of HanseYachts AG's annual revenue. Today, Hanse offers a range of trend-setting sailing yachts measuring between 31 feet (ca. 9 m) and 56 feet (ca. 17 m) in length and time and again sets new standards in the industry with a host of pioneering innovations. With 8 sailing yacht models and 11,500 ...

  17. Luxury Private Yacht Charters

    June 16, 2024 Yachting & Industry News, Mega Yacht News Why a Ferretti is a Fabulous Choice for your Next Luxury Yacht Charter. Available for charter in every cruising ground of the world, Ferretti superyachts are popular for their size and spacious layouts, luxurious amenities and facilities such as on-deck jacuzzi, gym, large entertaining areas and in some cases dedicated spa for health and ...

  18. World Yacht Group

    YOU. World Yacht Group is a reputable international yacht brokerage firm offering one of the largest selections of luxury yachts for charter and for sale as well as a full yacht management service giving the owners peace of mind and confidence. Thanks to our experience, detailed knowledge, extensive network and insight on yachts, shipyards ...

  19. Yacht Charter Vacations

    CKIM Group is a boutique Luxury yacht charter vacations company. Assisting clients with their worldwide vacations on crewed yachts. Skip to main content. You make the memories, we'll make the arrangements. (321) 360-4836 Facebook profile Instagram profile Twitter profile. About toggle dropdown menu.

  20. Likino-Dulyovo, Russia: All You Must Know Before You Go (2024

    Likino-Dulyovo Tourism: Tripadvisor has 61 reviews of Likino-Dulyovo Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Likino-Dulyovo resource.

  21. Kapotnya District

    A residential and industrial region in the south-east of Mocsow. It was founded on the spot of two villages: Chagino (what is now the Moscow Oil Refinery) and Ryazantsevo (demolished in 1979). in 1960 the town was incorporated into the City of Moscow as a district. Population - 45,000 people (2002). The district is one of the most polluted residential areas in Moscow, due to the Moscow Oil ...

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    Statue of Lenin. Suggest edits to improve what we show. Ленин - символ нашей эпохи. Памятники Ленину в нашей стране-все разные. Ленин и очень большой и очень маленький.И сидит, и стоит ,и думает. Но он все еще Живее ...