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Princess Grace Kelly's Honeymoon Yacht Just Got a Stunning Renovation — Here's How to Get on Board

The yacht sails the Gálapagos Islands as part of the Quasar Expeditions fleet.

yacht experience grace kelly

Courtesy of Quasar Expeditions

If you've ever dreamed of sailing in Princess Grace Kelly's former honeymoon yacht — in the Gálapagos , no less — that dream could very well come true. 

The elegant yacht was gifted to Grace Kelly by Aristotle Onassis for her wedding to Prince Rainier III in 1956. Nearly 70 years later, the vessel is now named the M/V Grace , and it belongs to Travel + Leisure World's Best Award -winner Quasar Expeditions' two-vessel fleet. The boutique expedition company, named the best intimate-ship ocean cruise line in 2022, just completed a significant renovation on the yacht.

On the passenger side of the M/V Grace , Chilean design firm Enrique Concha & Co completely updated the eight cabins (which house a maximum of 16 passengers) and the bar. They also added a new coffee lounge, and throughout the ship, the design is now thoroughly modern, but warm. The vessel's earthy wood paneling and flooring add an organic touch, accented by design details like raw wood coffee tables in the lounge and rattan baskets in the en-suite baths. Enrique Concha & Co also expanded the outdoor deck space, providing additional space for guests to enjoy the sun and the views of the volcanic Gálapagos Islands.

But the renovation also included upgrades to the engines, generators, and propellers that allow the yacht to operate more efficiently — they speed the ship up to a maximum of 15 knots, providing the yacht with a greater range during its voyages, while also reducing fuel consumption overall. Stabilizers were also added to the yacht for an even more comfortable onboard experience, while the kitchen was also updated to elevate the ship's culinary offerings.

M/V Grace operates exclusively in the Gálapagos, sailing two eight-day itineraries, one eastern and one western, and one 15-day itinerary that combines both shorter voyages. Rates for the eight-day voyages start at $8,500 per person, and you can make your bookings at quasarex.com .

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Galapagos on Grace Kelly’s Yacht

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Hand-crafted, luxury experiences curated by our team—speak to our concierge to learn more

Concierge avatar.

Price available on enquiry

More information available upon request. Minimum duration may apply. Please read our terms and conditions before booking.

Book this safari-style wildlife experience aboard a historic luxury yacht for 16 guests, expertly guided by knowledgeable and entertaining Galapagos guides.

Meet Grace: a classic, historic yacht that has been completely rebuilt with features ideally suited to the Galapagos Islands.

Since her royal beginnings, the award-winning Grace Yacht has been renewed from bow to stern, and continues to be updated with features that make her the perfect home away from home in Galapagos.

Refined yet adventurous and agile, it’s no wonder Princess Grace Kelly selected this ship for her honeymoon. Guests who cruise aboard the yacht will experience the Islands the way Darwin did in the past: personally and privately, but with the added distinction, comfort, and elegance of today.

This luxurious 16- Guest yacht offers expanded deck space, stabilizers for smooth cruising, naturalist guides with 15+ years of experience, and itineraries crafted for maximum wildlife encounters. Welcome aboard Grace for the journey of a lifetime.

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Wildlife in the Galapagos

When it comes to wildlife, no place on Earth compares to the Galapagos. Dragons that dive to over 30 feet beneath the waves in search for food, penguins over one thousand miles away from Antarctica, flightless birds that swim and fish underwater like bullet torpedoes and prehistoric giant tortoises with elephant-like feet that once roamed the earth with dinosaurs, are just a small fraction of the nearly 9,000 species, most found nowhere else in the world, that make the Galapagos Islands a haven for life. The abundant wildlife that inhabits the archipelago yearround includes; boobies (blue, nazca and red), flightless cormorants, flamingoes, finches, frigatebirds (great and magnificent), Galapagos hawks, iguanas (land and marine), Galapagos penguins, sea lions, fur seals, giant tortoises, dolphins, sea turtles, rays, whales and many more. There are a a handful of species that migrate to the islands including; the waved albatross, whale sharks, humpback whales and several other smaller bird species.

How to get there

All visitors traveling to the Galapagos must take a flight to the islands from one of mainland Ecuador’s two largest cities (Quito or Guayaquil). Due to flight schedules, this normally requires at least an overnight stay in continental Ecuador. Quito stands at roughly 9,500 ft (2,800 m) above sea level. Guayaquil is at sea level.

Flight time between Quito and Guayaquil: | 50 mins |

Flight time between Guayaquil and Galapagos: | 2 hours |

Best times to visit and how long for

Peak season usually starts around January with normal season between end of January to May. High season runs between June to August and low season from September to the beginning of December.

One of the biggest mistakes travellers make when visiting the Galapagos is simply not leaving enough time to experience the islands to the fullest. As a result, many times, you are not able to visit the very best and more remote visitor sites in the islands. Our partner have crafted the just-right 7 nights / 8 days itineraries to maximize your time for exploration, breath-taking wildlife encounters, and optimal relaxation. Over the course of 35 years of Galapagos experience, our partner has crafted 8-day itineraries of equal quality in terms of remoteness, site visitations, expedition activities, scenery, and wildlife encounters.

Why a yacht is the preferred way to experience Galapagos

97.4% of The Galapagos Archipelago is a National Park (an area of 51,000 sq mi / 133,000 sq km) and only 3% is inhabited by humans. Considering that 15 of the 18 major islands are only accessible by sea, taking Galapagos cruises by yacht is the ultimate and only way to really visit this natural paradise.

Why our supplier is the optimal choice for this expedition

Simply put, Galapagos is a one-of-a-kind destination. There is no other place on earth where you can safely get up close to and interact with wild animals in their natural habitats. Designed with Galapagos in mind, the experience our partner delivers and their flagship and intimate yachts offer an unparalleled, up-close experience with wildlife and nature, away from the crowds, more like that of a private yacht. Offering true personality and character, their yachts give you flexible, privileged access to the remote locations on the islands, taking you where large ships cannot and are complemented by hand-picked Naturalist Guides and staff that are there for you every step of the way.

Most of our partner's guests regularly stay in 5-star luxury properties as often as they like. However, their travellers are looking for more than nice accommodations; they are looking for experiences that change and transform them. Our partners yachts, complement their true specialty: the experience.

Awards and recognition

Our partner has been voted # 1 in the World for 4 years in a row by Travel + Leisure Worlds Best Awards and Best Small-Shop Ocean Cruise Line

yacht experience grace kelly

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yacht experience grace kelly

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Quasar Expeditions

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  • Yacht Charters

A safari-style wildlife adventure aboard our historic luxury yacht from the Golden Age of Travel

Travel+Leisure's 2023 World's Best Intimate Cruise Line

The New & Intimate Grace Yacht EXCLUSIVELY FOR ONLY 16 GUESTS

Quasar’s iconic yacht has just received extensive interior and technical upgrades to optimize the cruising experience, maximize comfort, and elevate her contemporary aesthetics. In collaboration with a renowned South American design firm, this remodel has revealed a yacht nothing short of radiant and remarkable—like Grace Kelly herself.

Since her royal beginnings, our award-winning Grace yacht has been renewed from bow to stern, and continues to be updated with features ideally suited to the Galapagos Islands. Refined yet adventurous and agile, it’s no wonder Princess Grace Kelly selected this ship for her honeymoon.

Guests who cruise aboard the new yacht will experience the Islands the way Darwin did in the past: personally and privately, but with the added distinction, comfort, and elegance of today. This luxurious 16-Guest yacht offers expanded deck space, stabilizers for smooth cruising, naturalist guides with 15+ years of experience, and itineraries crafted for maximum wildlife encounters.

We can’t wait to welcome you aboard the new Grace for the journey of a lifetime.

Grace Kelly History

Experience the Galapagos from the vantage of Grace Kelly’s former yacht, a symbol of her timeless style. Read Full History

Immersive Galapagos Itineraries

We craft flexibility into our yacht safaris so you can capitalize on unexpected peak wildlife experiences.

Galapagos Small-ship Exclusivity

Bask in expanded space, supreme comfort, and ultimate privacy aboard our 16-Guest yacht.

Ecofriendly Galapagos Cruise

Experience what others don’t led by the most experienced, knowledgeable and entertaining Galapagos guides.

Grace Yacht Cabin Photos


Grace Yacht Cabin Photos


Puerto Ayora, Galapagos Cruise Itinerary

view itinerary in brief

Baltra Island, Galapagos Cruise Itinerary


Galapagos Grace Yacht Itinerary PDF

Receive Grace’s PDF itineraries in your inbox and enjoy a detailed day by day description of the activities, highlights and wildlife!

Wine & Dine

Get in touch for a complimentary consultation

Work with a specialist to plan your perfect trip

Enjoy the trip of a lifetime

Galapagos Cruise Reviews & Testimonials

Quasar As Seen On:

Elite Traveler

Explore Top Cruise Suites - Grace Kelly Suite

Condé Nast Traveler Readers' Choice Awards 2023

Condé Nast Traveler: Best Expedition Cruise Line 2023

Travel+Leisure World's Best Awards 2023

Travel+Leisure: 2023 World's Best Awards

Forbes Magazine

The Galapagos is Back in Business


Galápagos Islands: What to Know Before You Go

Brides Magazine

8 Royal Honeymoon Destinations to Inspire Your Own

The New York Times Magazine

10 Tours to Turn Travelers Into Photographers

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6 Conservation Vacation Destinations Where Wildlife and Families Both Win

Trip extensions in mainland ecuador.


You’ll be happy to hear that you can’t go wrong.

Our Grace itinerary options are not better or worse–they are simply different. Each guarantees authentic experiences and lifetime memories.

What is the right length of time for a yacht safari? One of the biggest mistakes travelers make when visiting the Galapagos is simply not leaving enough time to experience the islands to the fullest. We’ve crafted a just-right 8 day/7 night and 14 day/15 night itinerary options to maximize your time for exploration, breathtaking wildlife encounters, and optimal relaxation.

8 Days / 7 Nights Itineraries Over the course of 30+ years of Galapagos experience, Quasar has crafted two 8 day/ 7 night itineraries of equal quality in terms of site visitations, expedition activities, scenery, and wildlife encounters. Join us for a week of discovery through the lens of Darwin.

15 Days / 14 Nights Itinerary For those time-privileged travelers seeking deeper Galapagos immersion, we offer a 15 day/14 night itinerary. This expedition covers the entire archipelago, ensuring no experience is left a mystery. Guests enjoy a higher chance of encountering the rare species that inspired Darwin’s brilliant works.

In 2012, Galapagos National Park began requiring all cruise organizations to wait two weeks before visiting the same landing site. This regulation was introduced to disperse boats more evenly and lighten the environmental load for the Park’s 80+ visitor sites, and resulted in 2-3 cruise itineraries for every ship in Galapagos.

One of our Galapagos experts will happily offer itinerary guidance and answer questions about the journeys we offer.

Availability for the departure dates shown below can change daily and even hourly. Please contact us for up to date availability, or to place a courtesy hold on your space. Click this link for ways to contact us .


Note on Dates: Grace’s 15 Day Darwin’s Legacy itinerary is a back to back combination of the two 8 Day itineraries above. It can begin on any of the dates above and will run for two weeks, from Saturday to Saturday.

Availability aboard Grace yacht changes moment to moment. For the latest pricing and availability we invite you to call us, fill out a contact form or start a live chat session.

Because of her limited number of cabins and her high demand, we are happy to place a courtesy hold on available cabins for you as you gather additional information and sort out the details.

Quasar's 2024 Grace Cruise Rates include Galapagos National Park Fees, Transit Control Cards, Open Bar (excluding Premium brands), and Wi-Fi . Rates are per person in USD for 8 or 15-day cruises, valid from January 1 through December 31, 2024.

Quasar's 2025 Grace Cruise Rates include Galapagos National Park Fees, Transit Control Cards, Open Bar (excluding Premium brands), and Wi-Fi . Rates are per person in USD for 8 or 15-day cruises, valid from January 1 through December 31, 2025.


Galapagos Cruise Safety Map

M/Y Grace abides under all international standards of safety for a Galapagos cruise ship of its type. It is ISM (International Safety Management) certified and is equipped with an emergency alarm system, 3 emergency life rafts for 26 pax each, emergency life vests, fog horns, a PA system, smoke detectors, a sprinkler system and fire extinguishers. All emergency equipment is SOLAS certified. The yacht also carries 2 dingies (pangas/zodiacs) for 12 pax each for day to day activities.

Sea Kayaking Galapagos

Offered on all Quasar departures, guests of any experience level are invited to explore the ins and outs of Galapagos. From crystal clear waters to calm inlets, sea kayaking offers insider access to secluded coves, mangrove estuaries, and beautiful beaches.

Guided Walks & Hikes in Galapagos

Experience the Galapagos by foot, guided by naturalist guides with 15+ years of experience touring the islands. With colorful plantlife, inspiring wildlife encounters, and other-wordly terrain, Guests of any age enjoy land excursions on every island.

Snorkeling in Galapagos

Explore the vibrant underwater world of the Galapagos from the ship or shore. One of the most renowned daily activities in Galapagos, snorkeling requires no prior experience and can be enjoyed immensely by guests of all ages.

Wine & Dine the Galapagos Way

At Quasar Expeditions, our vision is to create authentic, meaningful land and sea experiences for our fellow travelers – unforgettable dining experiences included. The sustainably-sourced, thoughtfully-prepared cultural cuisine we serve pays tribute to the unique history, gastronomy, people, and agriculture of our destinations.

Feast on freshly caught tuna, sip on locally-grown coffee, and enjoy Ecuadorian flavors brand new to your pallet. Our menus are carefully crafted by celebrated chefs to nourish our Guests and fuel your Authentic Experiences and Lifetime Memories.

Galapagos Guides & Locals

Each of our naturalists have over 15 years of experience providing Guests with an insider understanding of the Galapagos. All are level-3 certified, the highest level of guide expertise attainable in the archipelago.

Hospitality Specialists

The most knowledgeable, friendly team of local experts and hospitality specialists in the region has been selected to enhance your M/Y Grace experience. Prepare to be delighted by the friendliness and great service of one of the best crew teams in the Galapagos.

Bird Watching in Galapagos

Bird watchers delight in daily opportunities to see some of the most rare, bizarre, and exotic bird species in the world. Keep a lookout for the quirky Flightless Cormorant, which due to the lack of predators, has lost its ability to fly.

Star Gazing in Galapagos

Galapagos skies are starry and bright. Enjoy star-gazing experiences during several nights of your cruise, led by our experienced naturalists guides.

The location of the archipelago right at the equator, combined with the absence of light pollution, makes Galapagos skies ideal to witness the constellations of both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

Galapagos Photography Destination

An internationally famous photography destination, the Galapagos Islands are packed with unique landscapes, captivating wildlife, dramatic sunsets, and otherworldly terrain. Kodak moments await around every twist and turn.

Scuba Diving Galapagos

Scuba diving is offered as an additional activity for those guests seeking full Galapagos immersion. With vibrant marine life encounters and radiant coves, this world-class experience is a Guest favorite.

Please inquire for full details on how to book a dive trip directly with an island based diving outfitter.

Although the M/Y Grace looks as young and chic as the princess who honeymooned aboard her in the 1950s, she is nonetheless what the French call une femme d'un certain age: born in 1928, just before The Crash silenced the Roaring Twenties, she’s surrendered none of her youth’s glamour to the scars and wrinkles of a gallant life, including a stint chasing submarines during World War II. Combat aged on her, but benefactors like Aristotle Onassis, John Issa, and Prince Rainier ensured she was kept in the style to which she was accustomed. Now, as the M/Y Grace, she plies the waters of the Galapagos Islands, once again the elegant hostess to carefree, adventurous, perfect parties.

The M/Y Grace bore many names since Santiago Soulas, an Argentinean, commissioned her in Southampton. She weighed 298 tons, was 147 feet long, with a 23-foot beam and a draft of 12 feet. Soulas named her after his daughter Monica, and kept her four years before selling her to Zarch Couyoumbian, a Greek gentleman who named her Rion.

In 1938, Sir George Tilley, chairman of the Prudential Insurance Co., acquired and enjoyed her until 1939, when the British conscripted her for the war effort. The War Years The Royal Navy—well-heeled in warships—needed smaller vessels for coastal patrols and snatched yachts from the Mediterranean and the Caribbean playgrounds. Rion found herself in a Tynemouth shipyard, stripped of her furnishings and paneling.

She was strengthened to carry a 12-pound quick-firing gun on the forecastle, twin 40mm Oerlikons alongside the bridge and a rack on the stern holding eight 300 lb. depth charges. The corporate crew quarters were removed and hammock-hooks were welded to the deck. The forward suite became the operations and sonar room, another suite became the radio room, and the aft suite was an ammunition magazine.

On October 21, 1939, she joined the Royal Navy with a crew of 20 under the command of Lt. T. Brydon, RNVR. She and 15 other vessels patrolled the entrances to the Solent and along the Isle of Wight: calm waters with the Germans focused on the skies. On patrol off the Nab Tower, however, a Dornier 110 returning from a bombing raid strafed Rion. She took some damage to her superstructure but suffered no casualties. On May 26, 1940, during Operation Dynamo, Rion was dispatched to the beaches of Dunkirk to evacuate the British Expeditionary Force.

She made three 39-mile runs from Dunkirk to Dover, each time delivering 300 soldiers. On her third run, a near-miss from a bomb off her starboard bow killed 14 soldiers and one sailor and left shrapnel holes in the hull. Repaired in Portsmouth, she resumed duty in the channels from Portsmouth to Southampton.

Rion’s finest hour came on November 22, 1940 with a daring nighttime capture. She was patrolling south of the Isle of Wight with HMS Shemara and HMS Valera. At 2:44 a.m. radar contact was obtained 10 miles southwest. Lt. Brydon ordered pursuit and discovered a German E-boat floundering in the swells, and Rion and Shemara opened fire from astern of the boat. The Germans returned small-arms fire but surrendered when a shell from Rion hit her bridge. Rion escorted the E-Boat to the Portsmouth Harbour naval base.

Rion had not finished yet: she discovered a submarine on the night of March 23, 1941, and made numerous depth charge runs, but the large oil slick seen at dawn was insufficient evidence to confirm that Rion had destroyed the U-boat. By June 3rd, Rion’s port engine had been crippled, and she was decommissioned for three months before returning to duty: stripped of armaments and refitted with three-tier bunks and a red cross painted on her sides and upper deck, she became an annex to the Royal Navy Hospital. Here she remained until the war’s end, when she was rechristened HMS Noir.

On October 1945 she was decommissioned and 17 months later she arrived at her original builders—Southampton’s Camper & Nicholson—for restoration. On September 16, 1947 she was returned to Sir George Tilley who kept her until his death in 1951.

In 1951, Aristotle Onassis’ charter firm acquired HMS Noir and renamed her Arion. He kept the yacht for just over 3 years, hosting countless celebrities on her decks during this period. Sir Winston Churchill, a known friend of Aristotle Onassis, cruised aboard HMS Noir during this period.

In January of 1956, shortly after hearing of Prince Rainier’s engagement to Hollywood Film legend Grace Kelly, Aristotle Onassis presented the yacht to the principality of Monaco as an early gift for the royal couple’s upcoming wedding. Prince Rainier spent over a month refurbishing the yacht to be in perfect conditions to welcome Grace Kelly to Monaco on her arrival aboard the SS Constitution.

After the wedding, the royal couple began their honeymoon with a short stay in Mallorca, Spain, followed by a cruise aboard the yacht—which they christened Deo Juvente II—along the coasts of Corsica and Sardinia.

The yacht was kept by the principality of Monaco for 2 years, until a Jugoslav businesswoman living in Monaco purchased her in 1958 and renamed her Daska, after her daughter. The yacht cruised the waters around Monaco for about 2 years under her new owner, before Crest Shipping’s charter business purchased her and brought her to the Bahamas in 1960.

Around 1975, Vassilios (Bill) Lefakinis, the owner of Valef Yachts in Greece, purchased the yacht, signing the sales contract on a cocktail napkin inside the iconic Athens Hilton Hotel. He promptly renamed her Angela after his mother. The newly christened ship was available for charter for a short time under Cove Shipping Charters in the Caribbean, headquartered in Montego Bay. The yacht remained here for a couple of years until she sailed back to Middle East to help evacuate passengers during the Lebanese Civil War. Then, she underwent a massive upgrade that included a refurbished interior and a new teak deck before re-entering the charter market, where she served passengers until Lefakinis sold her in 1982.

She again became Daska in 1983, before seizure by the Jamaican government for non-payment of taxes. She languished in Montego Bay until 1985, when John Issa, chairman of SuperClubs, discovered her at auction. Thoroughly refitted in Tampa, Florida, she cruised along the East Coast, bearing the name of one of John Issa’s daughters: Zein. The M/Y Zein arrived in Negril for the opening of Grand Lido Negril in 1989 and remained there until 2006, tempting buyers from around the world, including Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, who hoped to use her as a shadow boat for his mega-yacht, The Octopus .

In 2007 Quasar Expeditions acquired the M/Y Zein and rechristened her the M/Y Grace: a name that would take her back into her history, to her most elegant times. Over the course of the next 2 years the yacht was refitted to embark her new era as one of the most elegant and tasteful ships cruising the enchanted Galapagos Islands.

yacht experience grace kelly

  • Walks & Hikes (WH) =
  • Snorkeling (SN) =
  • Kayaking (KY) =
  • Panga Ride (PR) =

South America Chevron

Ecuador Chevron

Galápagos Islands Chevron

Cruise Around the Galápagos Islands on Grace Kelly's Yacht

By Claire Gallam

Image may contain Transportation Vehicle Boat Animal Bird Rubble Watercraft and Vessel

Regardless of how many guidebooks I read and how many documentaries I saw that detailed the unabashed beauty of this cluster of islands off the coast of Ecuador, nothing prepared me for the Galápagos . I always knew I wanted to experience the Galápagos differently so when I heard that M/Y Grace , Grace Kelly and Prince Rainer's former honeymoon yacht was now being operated by Quasar Expeditions here, it was a done deal.

If you want all of the bells and whistles of a high-end cruise (Wi-Fi, in-room TVs, sprawling lounges, nightly entertainment) Quasar’s M/Y Grace is probably not the yacht for you. However, if you want to hark back to another era, and sail on a luxury yacht outfitted with a private chef, an aft-facing hot tub, and two on-board naturalists, there’s no ship like it.

The yacht was brought back to life—it had been sitting empty for decades in Montego Bay—in 2007 by Quasar Expeditions , an adventure company started by husband and wife team Eduardo and Dolores Diaz. The Diaz’s passion for the Galápagos runs deep, which is why it was one of the first destinations the company focused on when they launched in 1983.

I lucked out with a full-beam master suite, one of the only two suites on the ship. Situated on the Albert Deck, the suite’s furnishings—rich mahogany panels, side tables, and mirrors, a plush Queen bed and more storage space than my current apartment—didn’t feel opulent, but elegant. You could imagine Grace Kelly and Prince Rainer of Monaco sailing on it so many years ago. Quasar is committed to keeping the entire journey completely uninterrupted. At first it was extremely difficult to adjust to the lack of Wi-Fi, but now I can’t even fathom how different the trip would have been if we'd been connected to the outside world. No Internet meant more intimate conversations with the two families on the boat during dinner, as well late-night laughs with the always affable Dolores in the hot tub.

Because of Grace ’s smaller size (it’s just 145 feet long), the boat can navigate through smaller channels and in shallower waters. We were able to get up close and personal with sea lions sunbathing on rocks and ride right alongside pods of dolphins without a big ship in sight. There were also fewer passengers to wrangle each morning which meant we got to experience and visit the islands before any of the other boats even arrived. While I initially dreaded the 7 a.m. wake-up calls, all was forgiven once I realized there was no one else hiking to the top of Pinnacle Point or that I had Black Turtle Cove all to myself.

Image may contain Wood Furniture Bed Hardwood Room Indoors Bedroom and Flooring

A suite on the M/Y Grace yacht.

Even though the mornings were busy with snorkeling adventures and our afternoons filled with hikes along lava fields and visits to private beaches, there was plenty of free time to soak up the peaceful solitude of being one of the only yachts in the water. Plus, the lack of light pollution from the boat (and the fact no other boats were ever in sight), meant we spent most of our clear nights stargazing from the top of the ship.

The M/Y Grace offers two distinct itineraries for curious passengers, both of which were inspired by Darwin’s 19th-century venture. The first seven-day itinerary starts on Baltra , the island that’s home to the Galápagos’ brand new international airport. It weaves through Santa Fé Island towards Isabela and through Santiago Island (home to breathtaking James Bay), populous Santa Cruz, and ends in San Cristobal . The yacht makes two scheduled stops a day—once in the morning and once at night—and this particular itinerary comes with plenty of active adventures, from kayaking to canoeing to hiking expeditions.

The itinerary I took started on San Cristobal Island and navigated through Española Hood Island, Floreana Island, Santa Cruz (with a necessary stop to reconnect to Wi-Fi), Rábida, Santiago, Pinnacle Rock—famed for its sweeping views—and finally ended in Baltra. Every day brought new sights and new adventures, from Española’s Gardner Bay, which features long white sandy beaches and colonies of sea lions to the tortoise reserve on Santa Cruz. The real highlights of this itinerary though were Rábida Island, home to flocks of bright pink flamingos and Bache’s Beach, where a curious baby penguin got so close we could practically hear his heartbeat.

In addition to these itineraries, Quasar is also introducing more expert-led trips, like one led by Richard Dawkins , the world-famous evolutionary biologist. The trip with Dawkins takes you deep into the islands’ biological history and provides lectures onboard. There are also trips available, where passengers get to learn the art of wildlife and landscape photography from experts. In other words, I'll be returning as soon as possible.


Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel

Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel

Pikaia Lodge

Pikaia Lodge

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South America Travel Guide

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yacht experience grace kelly

Celebrate the Galapagos Islands’ ecological paradise while also pampering yourself as you experience the small-ship exclusivity of a Grace cruise, a yacht nothing short of radiant and remarkable, just like Grace Kelly herself, the American actress and Princess of Monaco after whom the ship is named after and inextricably linked. This historic, 145-foot luxury yacht steeped in tales of love and war, invitingly welcomes up to 16 guests in 9 impressively-sized staterooms and numerous well-appointed social spaces to explore Galapagos’ enchanted isles on immersive 8-day itineraries which can be combined to created an epic 15-day itinerary.

Life Aboard The Grace Cruise

Recently renovated by renowned South American design firm, her capacity was thoughtfully reduced from 20 t0 16 to provide a more balanced distribution of larger staterooms and social areas to give a more spacious feel, and also means her guest-to-guide ratio is an incredible 10:1 maximum, but often less! As part of the remodel, her now 9 staterooms and bathrooms have been designed to match practicality with the contemporary decor now found throughout the ship, and feature modern adjustable lighting allowing you to set the mood, as well as USB ports for your gadgets.

Elsewhere, the revamp enhances the guest experience even further, with tasteful, contemporary decor creates a refined look that sets the tone for your time aboard, elevated bar and lounge areas fitted with tailored furniture for extra comfort, a new coffee lounge where guests can enjoy the finest Ecuadorian coffee experience, a brand new onboard boutique for travel essentials and souvenirs, and a newly equipped kitchen for an improved culinary journey on board.

Grace elegantly mixes the timeless style of her former celebrity owner with all the modern amenities you could desire. An outdoor bar, Jacuzzi, alfresco lounge and dining areas provide ample seating and inviting settings to settle in, relax and enjoy moments of wildlife spotting, whilst her indoor bar and lounge area perfect for getting out of the sun, watching a film on the large television, and chatting with your fellow travelers. For a quiet moment or a romantic interlude, escape to the private resting area at the stern of the ship, which is home to the Grace’s original wheel dating from 1927. Sun worshipers and stargazers alike will feel at home on the uppermost deck, which is open to the sky.

You will enjoy the locally-sourced, and thoughtfully prepared cuisine served aboard the ship. Lunch and dinner are both served as indoor buffets. Dinner takes things up a notch and features local Ecuadorian flavors and international cuisine, all perfectly accompanied with a glass of wine from the onboard climatized cellar.

Excursions From Your Grace Galapagos Cruise

The Grace offers two eight-day cruises, each designed to maximize wildlife encounters on various islands. Intrepid travelers with more time to spend in the islands may choose the 15-day Darwin’s Muse itinerary, which combines both of the shorter plans. During the Following Darwin’s Trail cruise, you will spend your days exploring some of the same islands the scientist traveled through on his famed voyage, accompanied by expert naturalist guides eager to impart their 15+ years of experience.

Look for fur seals and sea birds on Buccaneer’s Cove’s rugged shore on Santiago Island and visit the breeding center of the Charles Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz Island. During the Beyond Darwin’s Footsteps cruise, you will discover islands the explorer was never privileged to see. You will be able to snorkel in Gardner Bay and Inlet on Espanola Island in hopes of seeing parrotfish, damselfish, and even the occasional white-tipped reef shark. On North Seymour Island, take a hike in search of marine and land iguanas and frigate birds. No matter which itinerary you choose, you will have opportunities to hike, snorkel, kayak, and take dingy rides.

A Ship Steeped In History

Though she has all the style and amenities of a modern ship, the Grace is what the French gracefully call “une femme d’un certain age.” This woman of a certain age started life in 1927 as a luxury yacht before she was conscripted in 1939 by the British Navy to join the war efforts.

The Grace, under another name, spent the early years of WWII patrolling along the Isle of Wight. In 1940, the ship was part of Operation Dynamo and made three runs between Dover and Dunkirk, rescuing roughly 900 British Expeditionary Forces from French beaches. On the return of the third trip, a bomb narrowly missed her starboard bow, killing 14 soldiers plus one sailor and leaving the ship sidelined for a short time.

The Grace finished WWII as a hospital ship before hosting Sir Winston Churchill for a post-war cruise. But, history wasn’t finished with this ship yet. In 1951, the vessel was acquired by Aristotle Onassis and given to Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco as a wedding present. After Grace Kelly arrived from America on the ship, the couple spent their honeymoon aboard the Grace, leisurely cruising along Corsica and Sardinia.

Not only will you sail on a royal yacht, but you will also be treated like royalty by ten crew members, plus a dedicated cruise director. Honeymooners, families of all ages, and anyone looking for an upscale way to cruise the Galapagos will delight in the combination of refined elegance and wildlife adventures the Grace provides.

Itineraries & Prices

8 day - beyond darwin's footsteps.

itinerary map


AM : You’ll need to rise early this morning to catch your flight to the Galapagos. All our flights to the Galapagos originate in Quito and stop briefly in the port city of Guayaquil to take on passengers before heading on to the islands. For this itinerary, you will be landing on the island of Baltra. After passing through Galapagos National Park inspection your National Park Guide will be there to greet you holding a sign with the name of your yacht on it and will accompany you on the short bus ride to the Itabaca channel. Once we cross the Itabaca Channel, we will visit Los Gemelos. The terrestrial world of the tortoise and underworld of the lava tubes meet at Los Gemelos (the twins). These two large sinkholes craters were formed by collapsed lava tubes. The contrast between the marine desert coast and the verdant Lost World look of the highlands is most striking here and you can easily encounter rain even when the sun is shining half an hour away at the coast.

Los Gemelos is surrounded by a Scalesia forest. Scalesia is endemic to Galapagos and many endemic and native species call the forest home. This is an excellent place to view some of Darwin’s famous finches along with the elusive and dazzling vermillion flycatcher. A highlight of any trip to the archipelago is a visit to the Santa Cruz Highlands, where the sparse, dry coastal vegetation transitions to lush wet fields and forests overgrown with moss and lichens. Our afternoon destination is the Wild Tortoise Reserve where we will have chances to track and view these friendly ancient creatures in their natural setting. This extends to the adjacent pasturelands, where farmers give tortoise safe quarter in exchange for allowing paying visitors to see them. We will then board your home while in Galapagos, the Grace Yacht.

PM : In the late afternoon, we can visit Puerto Ayora, home to both the Galapagos National Park Service Headquarters and Charles Darwin Research Station, the center of the great restorative efforts taking place in the park, and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here we visit the Giant Tortoise Breeding & Rearing Program run by the research station, which began by rescuing the remaining 14 tortoises on the island of Española in 1970. This program has restored the population of animals there to over 1,000 today. You will see many of these animals, with their sweet ET necks and faces; from hatchlings to juveniles to large, distinguished individuals. This is where famed tortoise, Lonesome George, lived out his last days as the last of his particular race of tortoise.

We’ll enjoy our first Pacific sunset aboard the Grace yacht by celebrating happy hour atop her sky lounge where drinks are available daily along with hors d’oeuvres. A little later we gather in the main salon for a presentation by our guide on the next day’s activates and visitor sites, before sitting down to dinner. We spend a bit more time in port this evening before setting sail for the island of Floreana.

Grace Yacht's Eastern & Central Beyond Darwin's Footsteps 8-Day Itinerary Day One -  Embarkation.

Peace Asylum, Cormorant Point & Devil’s Crown

AM : Floreana has had a colorful history: Pirates, whalers, convicts and a small band of somewhat peculiar colonists—a self proclaimed Baroness among them—who chose a Robinson Crusoe existence that ended in death and mystery. Today roughly a hundred Ecuadorians inhabit the island. In 1793 British whalers set up a barrel as the island’s post office, to send letters home on passing ships. The tradition continues to this day, simply by dropping a post card into the barrel without a stamp. The catch is you must take a post card from the barrel and see that it gets to the right place. That is how the system began and continues to this day. Some claim it works better than the 

official Ecuadorian post office. You’ll have a chance to continue the traditions by sending your own card and picking up others.

Continuing a bit farther inland at Post Office Bay you will have the opportunity to enter the underworld of Floreana in the form of a lava tube. The lava tube descends fairly deep into the earth back toward the ocean, where you can swim in a subterranean grotto beneath the tide. Bring a good waterproof flashlight. Snorkeling in Post Office Bay offers choice encounters with waiting sea turtles and tropical fish. 

We return to the Grace for lunch and a siesta. Our next landing is further along the shore to the northeast. On route we pass within view of Baroness Point in an area of mangrove lined lagoons. Eloise Wehrborn de WagnerBosquet, the self proclaimed Baroness (of Floreana) frequented this overlook, but we will leave the rest of her intriguing story to your Galapagos guide

PM : Punta Cormorant offers two highly contrasting beaches; the strand where we land is composed of volcanic olivine crystals, giving it a greenish tint that glitters in the sun. From here you’ll notice the small cinder cone that forms the point. Our landing is just to the west of the cinder cone where a trail crosses the neck of an isthmus to a beach of very fine white sand known as Flour Beach. Flour Beach was formed by the erosion of coral skeletons. Between the two beaches, in a basin formed by the surrounding volcanic cones, is a ypersaline lagoon frequented by flamingoes, pintails, stilts and other wading birds. We stop at the lagoon and then continue on the trail to Four Beach. Be careful not to wade into the tide with bare feet! If you stand at the edge of the water and look into the tidal area you will soon notice that the silty surf is rife with rays. Sea turtles also surf the waves off the beach. We return to our yacht and set out to our snorkeling destination as we don wetsuits while making our way around Punta Cormorant. Not far from the north shore of Floreana is the tiny islet known as Champion. Champion is considered one of the top snorkeling sites the Galapagos offering prime underwater sea lion interactions. Dolphins are frequently seen near the shore along with humpback whales who like the bay off Flour Beach. As you swim with the sea lions you will be surrounded by an assortment of tropical fish including yellowtail grunts, amberjacks and schools of king angel. You may spot sleepy white-tipped reef sharks hugging the bottom. Sea turtles glide by, while torpedo-like Galapagos penguins can also be encountered in the waters off Champion.

Alternatively we may snorkel at Devil’s Crown which is located some 250 meters (700 ft) north of Punta Cormorant. The crown is an old submerged volcanic cone that has been worn down by waves. Devil’s Crown is home to a myriad of marine species including several species of corals, sea urchins, and many other creatures including a great number of fish species, making this place one of the best snorkeling sites in the Galapagos. The eroded crater walls form a popular roosting site for seabirds including boobies and pelicans. The 

snorkeling begins outside the crater to the southeast, where a swift current will take you for a ride along the north side of the crown and right into the middle. Relax, enjoy the ride and let the current do the work. After the ride keep your eyes open for spotted eagle rays and golden rays that like to swim near the crown. Once back aboard the Grace you’ll want to soak in the warm Jacuzzi after peeling off your wetsuit and then retire for hors d’ouevres and drinks to enjoy the sunset.

Grace Yacht's Eastern & Central Beyond Darwin's Footsteps 8-Day Itinerary Day Two -  Flamingos at Cormorant Point.

Punta Suarez, Gardner Bay & Gardner Islet

AM : The quantity and variety of wildlife at Punta Suarez is remarkable. Sea lions surf the waves beyond the breakwater landing, and tiny pups are known to greet your toes upon arrival. A few steps inland is a colorful variety of marine iguana in the Galapagos. They bear distinctive red and black markings, some with a flash of turquoise running down their spine. They nap in communal piles or cling to the rocks for warmth. The trail then takes us beside the western edge of the island where masked boobies (also known as Nazca boobies) nest along the cliff’s edge. The trail descends to a rocky beach before rising to an open area where you may see a large gathering of nesting blue-foot boobies. Galapagos doves, cactus finch, and mocking birds forage nearby, unconcerned by human presence. Both lava and swallow-tailed gulls, with their red-ringed eyes, sit atop the cliffs in company with marine iguanas.

The trail continues to the high cliff edge of the southern shore; below, a shelf of black lava reaches out into the surf where a blowhole shoots a periodic geyser of saltwater into the air. Further east along the cliff is the Albatross Airport where waved albatross line up to launch their great winged bodies from the cliffs, soaring out over the dramatic shoreline of crashing waves and driven spray. These are the largest birds you will see in the Galapagos with wingspans up to 2.25 m or 7.4 ft. They are the only species of albatross exclusive to the tropics. In the trees set back from the cliff is one of only two places in the world where the waved albatross nests. The 12,000 pairs that inhabit Hood Island comprise all but a tiny fraction of the world’s population of this species. Lucky visitors can watch courtship ‘fencing’ done with great yellow beaks. Large, fluffy, perfectly camouflaged chicks adorn nests on the ground nearby. The Albatross lay their eggs from April through June though they can be seen fencing long after that. Eggs take two months to hatch. Hungry chicks can eat up to 2 kg (4.4 lb) a day which keeps their parents busy. By December the chicks are fully grown and ready to set out on their own in January. Pairs mate for life.

PM : On the northeastern shore of Hood, Gardner Bay offers a magnificent long white sandy beach, where colonies of sea lions laze in the sun, sea turtles swim offshore and inquisitive mockingbirds boldly investigate new arrivals. You will be lured from the powdery white sand into the turquoise water for a swim, but just a little further off-shore the snorkeling by Gardner Island offers peak encounters with playful young sea lions and schools of surprisingly large tropical fish, including yellow-tailed surgeonfish, king angelfish and bump- head parrotfish. The young sea lions like to snack and play along Gardner Island’s sea cliff. They dart up from the depths, playfully show off their skills, and then disappear. Sleepy white-tipped reef sharks can also be seen napping on the bottom. Gardner Bay and Islet also offer inviting waters for those interested in kayaking. For all who visit here, Española is a highlight of the Galapagos.

Grace Yacht's Eastern & Central Beyond Darwin's Footsteps 8-Day Itinerary Day Three - Sea Lions at Española.

Punta Pitt, Lobos Island & Kicker Rock

AM : Punta Pitt is located at the east end of San Cristóbal Island. The trail includes an olivine beach approximately 90 meters and a trail that ascends to the top of a volcanic tuff hill passing through several natural viewpoints. Punta Pitt is composed of a volcanic tuff substrate. This is the only site in the Galapagos Islands, where you can watch the three species of boobies and two species of frigates nesting in the same area. This is due to its geographic location, an abundance of food so there is hardly any competition between them. The blue-footed boobies nest in the interior of Punta Pitt, red-footed boobies nest on bushes, and masked boobies nest in the cliffs. Sealions can also be found in the area. San Cristobal was the first island Darwin visited when he arrived in 1835. He reported encountering a pair of giant tortoises feeding on cactus during that outing.

PM : To the southeast of Kicker Rock lies Isla Lobos. The tiny island is separated from much larger San Cristobal by a narrow channel and little bay. This basalt island outcropping lives up to its name of Sea Lion Island and is home to a noisy population of frolicking and barking beasts. It is also a nesting place for blue-footed boobies and an excellent spot for snorkeling with sea lions. After walking the trail for some baby sea lion and booby watching amidst the sands beneath the salt bushes we have a real treat in store. We change into our snorkeling gear for some swimming with sea lions! The sea lions like to dart past and then swim up to you to blow bubbles at your mask. On occasion, they have been known to leap over, and then dive in front of unsuspecting snorkelers. Following our snorkeling outing, you will discover that the best place to warm up from your dip is in Grace’s Jacuzzi.

Heading up the coast from Isla Lobos we will have a chance to visit Leon Dormido, also known as Kicker Rock, a spectacular formation that rises 152 meters (500 feet) out of the Pacific. It takes the form of a sleeping lion, hence its Spanish name. From another angle one can see that the rock is split forming a colossal tablet and, piercing the sea, a great chisel ready for etching. We will circumnavigate the rock formation which is an ancient and eroded volcanic lava tuff cone in search of birds, and possibly, hammerhead sharks.

Grace Yacht's Eastern & Central Beyond Darwin's Footsteps 8-Day Itinerary Day Four - Kicker Rock.

Santa Fe Island & South Plaza

AM : Santa Fe offers one of the more beautiful and sheltered coves on the islands. Its turquoise lagoon is protected by a peninsula of tiny islets forming an ideal anchorage. The island lies southeast of Santa Cruz Island within sight of Puerto Ayora. Geologically it is one of the oldest islands in the archipelago and for many years was thought to be a product of an uplift event. Through satellite imagery, it has been possible to determine the island’s volcanic origins.

A wet landing on a sandy white beach brings us into contact with one of many sea lion colonies. Bulls contend for the right of being beach master, while smaller males mask as females to make stealthy mating moves. Galapagos hawks are sometimes easily approached, perched atop salt bushes. An ascending trail leads toward the cliffs, where a dense thicket stands to the inland side of the island. The cliffside provides an expansive view of the ocean. You will be struck by the forest of giant prickly pear cactus found here that live up to their name, with tree-sized trunks! These are the largest of their kind in the Galapagos. At the top of the trail, our goal is to spot one of the large species of land iguana endemic to Santa Fe. Beige to chocolate brown with dragon-like spines, these big iguanas truly resemble dinosaurs. An indigenous species of rice rat also inhabits the thicket, and lucky hikers may spot harmless Galapagos snakes. After the hike, there is nothing more inviting than snorkeling in the calm waters of the bay where sea lions play, sea turtles swim, and tropical fish hide amidst the islets that form the natural reef. Santa Fe offers a more advanced kayaking route along its northern shore that ends at sea caves and is subject to conditions.

PM : South Plaza Island lies just a few hundred meters off the east coast of Santa Cruz Island. South Plaza is one of the smallest yet richest islands in the archipelago. Just over 400 feet wide, it was formed by lava upwelling from the bottom of the ocean. Our landing is in the channel between North and South Plaza, where the island tilts toward the water. South Plaza is known for its lush and diverse flora. A grove of luminescent green prickly-pear cacti, a ground cover of red sesuvium, the turquoise waters of the channel, and fiery sally lightfoot crabs combine to create a colorful palate of an island to explore. One of the big attractions here is the friendly yellow land iguanas waiting for lunch to drop from a cactus in the form of a prickly pear. We follow a trail up the tilt of the island to cliffs that look out over the ocean. Swallow-tailed gulls with red-banded eyes nest atop the overlook where you may spot marine life such as manta rays. South Plaza has a very healthy population of sea lions including a colony of bachelors that sit atop the cliff. They unintentionally polish the surrounding rocks with the oil from their fur. We may see red-billed tropicbirds, Nazca, and blue-footed boobies catching rides on the wind currents.

Grace Yacht's Eastern & Central Beyond Darwin's Footsteps 8-Day Itinerary Day Five - Land Iguana.

North Seymour Island & Bartolome Island

AM : North Seymour Island was lifted from the ocean floor by a seismic event, and its origins as a seabed give the island its low, flat profile. Cliffs only a few meters high form much of the shoreline, where swallow-tailed gulls sit perched in ledges. A tiny forest of silver-grey Palo Santo trees stands just above the landing, usually without leaves, waiting for the rain to bring them into bloom. This island is teeming with life! You might have to give way to a passing sea lion or marine iguana. Blue-footed boobies nest on either side of the trail where mating pairs perform their courtship dance. You are likely to see fluffy white chicks peeking out from beneath their protective mothers. The trail follows the eastern shore along the beach. You may be fortunate to witness flocks of brown pelicans and blue-footed boobies hunting schools of fish. The boobies, which look so comical on land, are ideally adapted as dive bombers and easily pierce the water, zeroing in on their targeted prey. Frigate birds with wingspans of up to 5 feet soar overhead and all around. They have named for the way that the trim of their wings in flight is reminiscent of the square-rigged sailing warship. Not coincidentally frigate birds are also called Man O’ War birds and they live up to that name in a literal way when they target boobies, pelicans, and other birds to steal their catch. Because the frigates are pelagic, they cannot take off from the water, so they do better at snatching fish from the surface or simply stealing them. They also target marine iguanas and young baby sea turtles. The trail turns east and inland to reveal the nesting stronghold of the frigates. Here you can see males with large, bright red, inflamed throat sacks known as gular pouches, all done to attract females. Your guide will point out the difference between the Magnificent, or Man O’ War frigates, and their Great frigate bird cousins. Large puff-ball frigate bird chicks inhabit nests, waiting for their parents to return with a meal. Even at this young age they possess long hooked beaks and act defiant when they feel threatened. You will also get a closer look at the feathers of the proud parents and notice their iridescent quality and deep green tinge.

Another inhabitant along the trail is the yellow land iguana. The species was originally introduced to the North Seymour in 1932 by Captain Alan Hancock and his crew from Baltra to rescue the creatures from the poor conditions left by goats and other feral animals. The iguanas colonized the island without a problem. The original colony disappeared from Baltra when it became a US military base in WWII. In 1980 Charles Darwin Station began a breeding program using some of the animals found on Seymour and successfully reintroduced their prodigy to both islands. Today the population on Seymour is roughly 600 and on Baltra 1,500.

Our snorkeling site at North Seymour also attracts scuba divers. You have a chance to see many types of rays here including marble rays, golden eagle rays, spotted eagle rays, stingrays, and even manta rays. Dormitories of white-tipped reef sharks sleep on the bottom while schools of king angelfish and yellow-tailed surgeonfish swarm the rocky shoreline passing the occasional parrot and damselfish. Some of the rocks are well-disguised scorpionfish. Large schools of tightly packed blue and gold snappers, grunts, and jacks are usually found plying these waters. Sea lions pay visits from both Seymour and nearby Mosquera Island as sea turtles and the occasional hammerhead shark can been seen down in the depths. Creole fish, the color of red salsa, hieroglyphic hawkfish, with neon-like etchings on their flanks, and burrfish.

PM : Bartolomé is famous for Pinnacle Rock, a towering spearheaded obelisk that rises from the ocean’s edge and is the best-known landmark in the Galapagos, which served as a backdrop in the film Master & Commander. Galapagos penguins the only species of penguin found north of the equator walk precariously along narrow volcanic ledges at their base. Sea lions snooze on rocky platforms, ready to slide into the water to play with passing snorkelers. Below the surface, shoals of tropical fish dodge in and out of the rocks past urchins, sea stars, and anemones. A perfectly crescent sandy beach lies just to the east of the pinnacle and across a narrow isthmus another beach mirrors this one to the south. Sea turtles use both beaches and another to the west of the Pinnacle as nesting sites and can sometimes be seen wading back out into the shallow water near the shore or resting in the sand recovering from the arduous task of digging nests, laying eggs, and covering them over.

Penguins like to rest atop the nearby rocks by our next landing site, about a quarter-mile east along the shore. Here the submerged walls of a tiny volcanic crater give the impression of a large fountain pool. This dry landing no wet feet! is the entrance to a 600-meter (2000-foot) pathway complete with stairs and boardwalks leading to Bartolome’s summit. The route is not difficult and presents an open textbook of the islands’ volcanic origins; a site left untouched after its last eruption, where small cones stand in various stages of erosion and lava tubes form bobsled-like runs down from the summit. At the top, you will be rewarded with spectacular views of Santiago Island and Sullivan Bay to the west, and far below, Pinnacle Rock and our beach, where the crystal turquoise waters of the bay cradle your yacht. Our next landing site is a short distance away to the southeast. This evening will be especially relaxed and you can have a long lingering soak in the Jacuzzi. The Grace yacht can stay anchored where she is tonight as we are already within sight of our morning’s landing site across the channel just to the south. The view east toward the tiny twin table mountain islands of Daphne Major and Daphne Minor is particularly inviting with the sun setting behind them.

Grace Yacht's Eastern & Central Beyond Darwin's Footsteps 8-Day Itinerary Day Six - Blue-Footed Boobies.

Chinese Hat Islet & Dragon Hill

AM : Tiny Sombrero Chino (Chinese Hat) Island is named for the resemblance its shape has to a traditional Chinese Coolie’s hat. Today’s visitor site is off-limits to larger groups and day boats, making Sombrero Chino, along with Daphne Major, one of the least visited sites in the central islands. The island lies just off the southeastern tip of the large nearby island of Santiago; separated by a narrow channel that makes for very calm, protected waters. Our landing site is a tiny crescent-shaped cove with a sandy white beach cradled between black lava rocks and the crystal turquoise waters of the channel. A sea lion colony likes to rest on the warm white sands, while the rockier sections of the coast are alive with fiery colored sally lightfoot crabs. Marine iguanas sun themselves atop the rocks after foraging for algae in the channel. American oystercatchers stalk the tide pools stabbing at shellfish with their bright orange beaks. A quarter-mile (400 meters) trail sets off into the island’s volcanic interior to explore its rock formations, including excellent examples of pahoehoe lava resembling black rock ropes. The area is inhabited by ground-hugging red sesuvim plants and curious lava lizards.

Back at the cove, you will not only have another opportunity to snorkel with sea lions, but rockier sections of the coastline are inhabited by Galapagos penguins that dart past unsuspecting snorkelers. You’ll also have a chance to see the penguins during a panga ride. Galapagos penguins are the only species of penguin you’ll find living north of the nearby equator. Paddlers will have the opportunity to kayak here in the areas that are not off-limits (indicated by National Park Signs).

PM : In the early afternoon we set out to Dragon Hill. There be dragons in the Galapagos in the form of bright yellow land iguanas that inhabit the northeastern shore of Santa Cruz Island. The large spines on their backs make them look even more like their legendary cousins. All they lack are wings. In the 1900s their ancestors were once moved to nearby Venezia islet to protect them from the feral dogs that once roamed Santa Cruz. When the dogs were removed the colony was returned and today they thrive around the hill that is named in their honor, Cerro Dragon. The lava flows that reach out from the shore from Cerro Dragon form black reefs that make for excellent snorkeling at high tide. As we make our dry landing keep your eyes open for yellow warblers that stand out against the black lava. We head up the beach to a trail that takes us to a hypersaline lagoon. This is a seasonal haunt for pink flamingos. As we make our way from the coast toward the top of Dragon Hill you’ll notice the transition from intertidal vegetation like mangroves to dry zone vegetation including Palo Santo cactus and the silvery leafed Palo Santo trees. Keep your eyes open for the famous Darwin’s Finches. Also known as Galapagos finches, they were first collected by Charles Darwin and make a group of about 15 species that are found nowhere else. Ironically they are not related to true finches.

While we walk through the Scalesia forests that ring the hill, keep your eyes open for the dragons. Endemic cactus finch and woodpecker finch perch overhead. The loop trail heads inland and up the hill. The rough terrain makes this hike a bit challenging, but the view back toward the bay is rewarding. The real reward, of course, is the dragons hiding in the thicket which you are sure to spot. Back at the beach, you may be lucky enough to see one of Santa Cruz Island’s fearless Galapagos hawks perched atop the lava surveying the surroundings.

Grace Yacht's Eastern & Central Beyond Darwin's Footsteps 8-Day Itinerary Day Seven - Sally-Lightfoot Crab.


AM : This last morning of our voyage through the Galapagos we visit Black Turtle Cove. Located on the northern shore of Santa Cruz, the cove is a living illustration of how mangroves alter the marine environment to create a rich and unique habitat. Four species of mangrove crowd from the shore out into the lagoon, which stretches almost a mile inland. As we drift through the quiet waters in our dinghy, we are likely to see spotted eagle rays and cow nosed or golden rays, which swim in a diamond formation. White-tipped reef sharks can be seen beneath the boat and Pacific green sea turtles come to the surface for air and to mate. Sea birds, including brown pelicans, blue herons and lava herons, come to feed in the cove which has also been declared a “Turtle Sanctuary”.

It’s time to begin your journey home as we set sail for nearby Baltra Island. During WWII the island was a US Air Force base and one can still see the remnants of the old foundations left behind from that era once ashore. It doesn’t take long for the Grace to navigate north along Baltra’s western shore to the island’s port. Don’t worry about your bags, your guide will instruct you on how to prepare your luggage and have it ready for pick up in your cabin. Our crew will see to transporting your luggage ashore where you will reunite with it at the airport. All you need to do is take along your carry-on luggage in the panga for the short crossing to shore. Once there a bus will pick us up for the 5-minute drive to the airport. Your guide will be there to make sure you are checked in on the proper flight. This is your last chance to purchase souvenirs in the Galapagos and the airport offers an assortment of shops where you can purchase everything from baseball caps and t-shirts to animal figurines, jewelry, and much more; all with a Galapagos theme. There is one final checkpoint before you enter the waiting area from which you will board your flight. Almost all flights to the mainland stop in Guayaquil and continue on to Quito so make sure you know where to get off the plane. We say farewell to the Galapagos as you begin your journey home, or on to other destinations like the Ecuadorian highlands, Amazon, or nearby Peru.

Grace Yacht's Eastern & Central Beyond Darwin's Footsteps 8-Day Itinerary Day Eight - Disembarkation.

8 Day - Following Darwin's Trail

itinerary map

AM : You’ll need to rise early this morning to catch your flight to the Galapagos. All our flights to the Galapagos originate in Quito and stop briefly in the port city of Guayaquil to take on passengers before heading on to the islands. For this itinerary, you will be landing on the island of Baltra. After passing through Galapagos National Park inspection your National Park Guide will be there to greet you, holding a sign with the name of your yacht. Your guide will accompany you on the short bus ride to the waterfront. During WWII the island of Baltra was a US Air Force base and one can still see the remnants of the old foundations left behind from that era. We transfer via panga dinghy to the waiting Grace. The crew will see that your luggage is transferred to your cabin.

At the dock, we board a dinghy (panga) to make the short crossing to Grace. You only need to bring your carry-on luggage on the panga as our crew will transfer your luggage to your cabin. You’ll have time to settle into your new home for the week before assembling to review safety procedures and coming events with your Galapagos National Park Guide. While this is taking place the Grace will start her engines and set off into the archipelago.

PM : At the north end of Santa Cruz Island is Las Bachas, comprised of two sandy white-coral beaches that are are major egg-laying sites for sea turtles. The official story of how Las Bachas got its name comes from the Galapagos National Park. During WWII the US military discarded two barges on the beaches. When the first settlers to the area following the war arrived they mispronounced barges as bachas, resulting in the name. There are other explanations of how the location got its name having to do with indentations left in the sand by both eggs laying sea turtles and their departing hatchlings, but we will go with the Park’s.

We go ashore the white sandy beach and are greeted by patrolling blue-footed boobies. A brief walk inland takes us to a lagoon where pink flamingos are often found along with great blue herons, common stilts, brown noddies, white-cheek pintail ducks, and migratory birds. Snorkeling today is from the beach and you can also enjoy a swim in these waters, which are typically warmer than in other places in the Galapagos.

Grace Yacht's Western & Central Following Darwin's Trail 8-Day Itinerary Day One - Turtle Sighting.

Prince Phillip’s Steps & Darwin Bay

AM : Our first landing is Prince Phillip’s Steps, named for a visit by the British Monarch in 1964. The dry landing begins at the base of this 25-meter (81-foot) stairway leading up to a narrow stretch of land that opens out onto a small plateau. This is a small peninsula that forms the southeastern section of the island. Red-footed boobies wrap their webbed feet around branches to precariously perch in the bushes where they nest. In contrast, their masked-booby cousins dot the surface of the scrublands beyond. Crossing through the sparse vegetation, you will come to a broad lava field that extends toward sea cliffs that form the island’s southern edge. The cavities and holes that have been eroded into the fragile lava are an ideal nesting ground for storm petrels. There are two species, the Galapagos petrel, which is active by day, and the wooden petrel, which feeds at night. The petrels flutter out over the ocean in swarms, then return to nest in the cracks and tunnels of the lava field but not without hazard. Short-eared owls lay in camouflaged wait here and make their living feeding off the returning petrels. After completing the two-hour hike we return to the vessel to change into our wetsuits for some snorkeling at one of the best sites on the islands.

By Phillip’s Steps, along the cliffs that form the protected southern bay of the Tower’s caldera, we enter the water into another world. The first thing you will notice when snorkeling here is very large tropical fish. These are warm water fish feeding off cold water nutrients. You’ll find the full assortment here including an oversize parrot, unicorn, angel, and hogfish along with schools of perch, surgeonfish, and various types of butterflyfish. Hiding in and around the rocky shoreline that drops off into the caldera you will also see a rainbow assortment of wrasse, basslet, anthias, and tang. This is the place to bring your underwater tropical fish identification chart. There are some special treats to be found here including occasional visits by fur sea lions. This area of the bay is also excellent for some kayaking in the calm waters close to the shore to observe nesting birds and you might like to go out for a spin after lunch, before our next landing across the bay to the north.

PM : Landing on the white coral sands of Darwin Bay and walking up the beach, you find yourself surrounded by the bustling activity of great frigate birds. Puffball chicks and their proud papas - who sport bulging scarlet throat-sacks - crowd the surrounding branches, while yellow-crowned herons and lava herons feed by the shore. Farther along you will discover a stunning series of sheltered pools set into a rocky outcrop. Watch your step for marine iguanas, lava lizards, and Galapagos doves that blend with the trail. The trail beside the pools leads up to a cliff overlooking the ocean filled caldera, where pairs of swallow-tailed gulls, the only nocturnal gulls in the world, can be seen nesting at the cliff’s edge. Lava gulls and pintail ducks ride the sea breezes nearby.

A brief panga ride brings us to the base of those same cliffs to reveal the full variety of bird species sheltering in the ledges and crevices created by the weathered basalt. Among them, red-billed tropicbirds enter and leave their nests trailing exotic kite-like tails. This is also an intriguing place to go deep-water snorkeling. The center of the caldera is very deep and attracts hammerheads and large manta rays which sometimes patrol the western edge of the caldera that is more open to the sea. You can snorkel here gazing down into the depths where you just may spot these large animals if you are fortunate. But don’t worry, if you don’t want to see them there is the equally amazing and far more sheltered snorkeling experience across the bay. Right around sunset, we will leave Tower to set out across the archipelago to the far western islands. Remember to watch the inner bay at sunset as you might spot a giant manta ray.

Grace Yacht's Western & Central Following Darwin's Trail 8-Day Itinerary Day Two - Prince Phillip's Steps Excursion.

James Bay & Espumilla Beach

AM : In the morning we make our way along the northwestern shore of Santiago Island to South James Bay (Puerto Egas), which offers access to three unique sites. One landing is on a black beach with intriguing eroded rock formations inland. A trail crosses the dry interior eastward and rises to the rim of an extinct volcanic crater; cracks within it allow seawater to seep in, which then dries to form salt deposits that have been mined in the past. Darwin describes his visit to South James Bay in Voyage of the Beagle. Another path leads south, where hikers are treated to a series of crystal-clear grottos formed of broken lava tubes. These are home to sea lions and tropical fish. This is the best place in the islands to see fur sea lions lazing on the rocks by the grottos. Further to the north, another landing and path lead to a series of inland lagoons, home to flamingos. Birders coming to James Bay will have the opportunity to spot vermillion flycatchers, Galapagos hawks, and the tool-wielding woodpecker finch. Puerto Egas is a good spot for taking pictures - the light for photography is perfect at either dawn or sunset. The lava and the black sand seem to catch fire and the animals acquire a surreal and lovely quality. The marine iguanas that inhabit the area resemble Samurai warriors and can easily be seen grazing on seaweed in the more shallow pools of the grotto.

James Bay is a snorkeling site that is accessed from the shore instead of a dinghy. The sandy beach slopes off into a rocky bottom where a multitude of sea turtles like to hide by blending in with the rocks. But these rocks move and will swim right up to you. At certain times of the year, large schools of golden rays and spotted eagle rays also glide by. Both fur sea lions and California sea lions occasionally pass through as well.

PM : In the afternoon visitors to Espumilla Beach come in search of birds rather than freshwater. The short walk up the beach leads inland to a mangrove typically inhabited by the Common stilts. Beyond the mangroves is a brackish lagoon where flocks of pink flamingos and white-cheeked pintails wade in search of mollusks. The trail makes a passes over a tiny hilltop through a sparse Palo Santo forest before looping back to the beach. Galapagos finches and Vermilion flycatchers inhabit the area. The tuff formations that form the cliffs that surround the cove have created a natural sculptor gallery rising from the sea with formations including the Monk and Elephant Rock. An audience of hundreds of seabirds looks down upon the gallery from surrounding cliffs. Buccaneer Cove and Espumilla Beach offer one of the more dramatic kayaking routes in the Galapagos for paddlers looking for a challenge.

Grace Yacht's Western & Central Following Darwin's Trail 8-Day Itinerary Day Three - Getting Up Close to Sea Lions.

Punta Vicente Roca & Tagus Cove

AM : Located at the ‘mouth’ of the head of the sea horse, which forms the northern part of the Isabela is Punta Vicente Roca. Here the remnants of an ancient volcano form two turquoise coves with a bay well protected from the ocean swells. The spot is a popular anchorage from which to take panga rides along the cliff where a partially sunken cave beckons explorers. Masked and blue-footed boobies sit perched along with the point and the sheer cliffs, while flightless cormorants inhabit the shoreline. The upwelling of coldwater currents in combination with the protection of the coves makes Punta Vicente Roca one of the archipelago’s most sought after dive spots. One cove is only accessible from the sea by way of an underwater passage. The passage opens to calm waters of the hidden cove where sea lions laze on the beach having traveled along the underwater route. The entire area of Punta Vicente Roca lies on the flank of 2,600 foot Volcano Ecuador. This is the island’s sixth largest volcano. Half of Volcano Ecuador slid into the ocean leaving a spectacular cutaway view of its caldera. The site offers deep water snorkeling where sea lions turtles, spotted eagle rays, and even manta rays are the attraction. After our visit here we set off south and west across the Bolivar channel. Keep your eyes open in this best place in the islands for spotting whales.

PM : We head north along the western coast of Isabela Island, to Tagus Cove, named for a British warship that moored here in 1814. Historically the cove was used as an anchorage for pirates and whalers. One can still find the names of their ships carved into the rock above our landing, a practice now prohibited. The cove’s quiet waters make for an ideal panga ride beneath its sheltered cliffs, where blue-footed boobies, brown noddies, pelicans, and noddy terns make their nests, and flightless cormorants and penguins inhabit the lava ledges. From our landing, a wooden stairway rises to the trail entrance for a view of Darwin Lake; a perfectly round saltwater crater, barely separated from the ocean but above sea level! From the air one can see that both Tagus Cove and Darwin Lake are formed from one, partially flooded, tuff cone on the eastern edge of the giant Darwin volcano. The cove is formed by a breached and flooded section of the crater with Darwin Lake forming the very center of the same cone. The trail continues around the lake through a dry vegetation zone and then climbs inland to a promontory formed by spatter cones. The site provides spectacular views back toward our anchorage, as well as to Darwin Volcano and Wolf Volcano to the north.

While one does not normally think of greener pastures when planning to go snorkeling, that is exactly what you will find at Tagus Cove. The carpet of green algae that covers the floor of the cove gives the impression of a submerged pasture, and that is just what it is. You can find marine iguanas grazing the algae along with numerous sea turtles gliding and munching their way along. Because the cove opens to the rich waters of the Bolivar Channel this is one of the best snorkeling sites on the island. You also have a good chance of snorkeling with underwater feathered friends including Galapagos penguins and rare flightless cormorants. For those who want to dive deeper, special rewards are waiting for you at 3 meters where camouflaged creatures await, including scorpionfish nestled against the outcrops and sea horses masquerading as twigs of the seaweed waving in the currents. The rare Port Jackson shark can also be found here. Kayakers can enjoy a paddle around the cove, offering excellent views of nesting birds on the cliff walls above.

Grace Yacht's Western & Central Following Darwin's Trail 8-Day Itinerary Day Four - Tagus Cove.

Espinosa Point & Urbina Bay

AM : Fernandina is the youngest and westernmost island in the Galapagos. It sits across the Bolivar Channel opposite Isabela. Our destination is Punta Espinosa, a narrow spit of land in the northeast corner of the island, where several unique Galapagos species can be seen nearby. As our panga driver skillfully navigates the reef, penguins show off by throwing themselves from the rocks into the water. Red and turquoise-blue crabs disperse across the lava shoreline, while great blue and lava herons forage through the mangrove roots. The landing is a dry one, set in a quiet inlet beneath the branches of a small mangrove forest. A short walk through the vegetation leads to a large colony of marine iguanas—a schoolyard of Godzilla’s children— resting atop one another in friendly heaps along the rocky shoreline, spitting water to clear their bodies of salt. Nearby, sea lions frolic in a sheltered lagoon.

Dominating this landscape from high overhead looms the summit of La Cumbre, 1,495 meters (4,858 feet), one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Farther down this stretch of shore, the world’s only species of flightless cormorants have established a colony near an inviting inlet frequented by sea turtles. Because these birds evolved without land predators - it was easier to feed on the squid, octopus, eel, and fish found in the ocean - the cormorants progressively took to the sea. They developed heavier, more powerful legs and feet for kicking, serpent-like necks, and fur-like plumage. Their wings are now mere vestiges. Back toward the landing and farther inland, the island’s black lava flows become more evident, forming a quiet, inner mangrove lagoon where you will spot rays and sea turtles gliding just below the surface. Galapagos hawks survey the entire scene from overhead.

The snorkeling off Punta Espinoza offers some real treats, as many of the creatures you just saw on land, including the Godzilla-like marine iguanas, flightless cormorants, Galapagos penguins, and sea lions await you in the waters off of the point (which incidentally was used as a set during the making of Master & Commander). A key feature of the ocean bottom here are the troughs formed by volcanic rock and ocean currents. Because these waters reach out into the Bolivar Channel they can be quite cold. Sea turtles like to hang out in the warm water of the troughs. You’ll also see marine iguanas ferrying back and forth between underwater grazing areas and their colonies onshore. This is an excellent place to see underwater iguanas munching on algae. If you are fortunate you may catch a glimpse of a flightless cormorant demonstrating their swimming abilities or watch a Galapagos penguin zip by. You will feel the difference in ocean temperature and watch the water get clearer as you move from the more protected shallow areas out into the cold rich waters of the channel. The Bolivar Channel is the very best place in the Galapagos to see dolphins and whales. On rare occasions, our groups have been able to swim with dolphins, kayak with melon-headed whales, and even spot the elusive sperm whale.

PM : Urbina Bay is directly west of Isabela’s Volcano Alcedo, where we will make an easy, wet landing (a hop into a few inches of water) onto a gently sloping beach. In 1954, a Disney film crew caught sight of this gleaming white strip and went to investigate. To their astonishment, three miles (5 km) of the marine reef had been uplifted by as much as 13 feet (4 meters) prior to their arrival. They discovered schools of stranded fish and other creatures in newly formed tidal pools along with the skeletons of sea turtles and sharks unable to make it to the ocean as a result of the uplift event. Alcedo erupted a few weeks later.

Now visitors can walk amongst the boulder-sized dried coral heads, mollusks, and other organisms that once formed the ocean floor. A highlight of this excursion is the giant land iguanas, whose vivid and gaudy yellow skin suggests that dinosaurs may have been very colorful indeed. Giant tortoises inhabit this coastal plain during the wet season, before migrating to the highlands when it turns dry. Our landing beach provides a nesting site for sea turtles and will also provide you with opportunities to snorkel amongst marine creatures, or just relax onshore. Here we must take care not to step on the sea turtle nests dug carefully into the sand. For those looking for snorkeling from a beach, this is the place, with tropical fish hiding amongst the rocks to the north side of the bay. This evening you have a real treat as the Grace sits at anchor in the Bolivar Channel where you will be spectacularly surrounded by the towering shield volcanoes that form Fernandina and Isabela. Sunset in the channel is also an excellent time to spot whales and dolphins that feed in these productive waters created by the upwelling of the Cromwell Current, while you enjoy a happy hour at the Sky lounge on the upper rear deck.

Grace Yacht's Western & Central Following Darwin's Trail 8-Day Itinerary Day Five - Isabela Island Excursion.

Elizabeth Bay & Punta Moreno

AM : Continuing our voyage south along the west coast of Isabela we enter the outer part of Elizabeth Bay where we come upon a tall rocky islet that is home to a colony of Galapagos Penguins. Looming to the south is the Sierra Negra volcano that forms the southern part of Isabela Island. In 2018 glowing rivers of lava lit up the night as they flowed down the flank of Sierra Negra toward Elizabeth Bay, where some of our lucky passengers had a front-row seat on one of the archipelago's most spectacular performances.

In contrast to the rugged lava fields of Sierra Negra, Elizabeth Bay is one of the most sensitive habitats in the Galapagos. This outing is entire aboard our pangas. The tangle of mangroves roots that line the Bay, as it narrows to a channel before widening out to the back bay, tend to still the waters making it seem like a giant aquarium while giving the area a green forested look. Spotted eagle rays, golden rays, and sea turtle glide just below the surface with the latter coming up occasionally to breathe. You may see a Galapagos hawk circling high overhead as we drift the calm waters. Approaching the back of the Bay, we bring our panga closer into a cluster of mangroves for a surprise. Sealions use the horizontal trunks of the mangroves as resting areas earning them the nickname tree lions.

PM : We return to the Grace for lunch as she makes her way a bit farther along the coast of Isabela to our next visitors’ site, Punta Moreno. You’ll likely be surprised at just how much life you can find in and around a pahoehoe lava field. In 2018 Sierra Negra Volcano, which looms over the entire southern part of the island (and really is the southern part of the island) gave the area a fresh coat of glowing lava that reached within 3 miles of our landing site. This is one of the least visited sites in the Galapagos.

Along the shore, you’ll have chances to see Galapagos penguins, flightless cormorants, and a colony of marine iguanas with a reddish tinge that sport the usual mohawk from head to tail. Sally Light-footed crabs dot the coast reminding us of the color of molten lava. This is one of those landing sites where you are best off with sneakers or hiking shoes due to time spent hiking over fields of broken lava (not because of hot lava) and there’s more here than lava lizards and cactus. As we cross the broken fields that sometimes sound like clinking glass, you’ll come upon a little oasis formed by natural pools surrounded by green grasses. These have become home and resting places for a variety of birds including gallinules, pink flamingos, pintail ducks, and more. As we continue along, the trail brings us to series of coastal lagoons, that again provides a surprising oasis of green including mangrove forests where pelicans nest. Look toward the bottom of the lagoons for resting white-tipped reef sharks, while green sea turtles ply the surface and great blue herons wade the shoreline. The snorkeling off Punta Moreno above a rocky bottom offers a similar assortment including sea turtles, stingrays, and sea lions mixed in with bumped head parrotfish, king angelfish, and schools of yellow-tailed and surgeon Pacific creole fish, and much more.

Grace Yacht's Western & Central Following Darwin's Trail 8-Day Itinerary Day Six - Penguins at Isabela.

Darwin Station/Puerto Ayora & Highlands

AM : Puerto Villamil has a feeling of standing on the edge of the earth. The tiny fishing village, founded in 1897 by Don Antonio Gíl, is something of a forgotten gem in the islands. It has a population of roughly 2,000 people and is set amidst miles of white sandy beaches that rest at the outer edge of Sierra Negra Volcano. Buried pirates treasures has been unearthed here some years ago in the shadow of a tall coconut palm, thereby giving credence to all the legends of hidden treasure buried beneath palm trees. 

We visit Las Tintoreras which showcase colonies of sea lions, Galapagos turtles and iguanas; skates, sharks, penguins, sea cucumbers, urchins and a myriad members of the native flora and fauna whose peaceful interactions make you question exactly who’s really watching who. We continue to cuevas del Sucre which are fascinating lava formations, caves and tunnels located at an endemic forest.

Before finishing up the morning and navigating in the afternoon, we visit a breeding station for the endemic giant tortoise lead by the National Park Service as well as a hyper-saline lagoon frequented by flamingos and other waders and shore birds.

PM : Navigation to Santa Cruz Island

Grace Yacht's Western & Central Following Darwin's Trail 8-Day Itinerary Day Seven - Giant Tortoise Breeding & Rearing Program.

AM : We say goodbye to the Grace to take a 40 min. bus ride early in the morning to visit Los Gemelos. The terrestrial world of the tortoise and underworld of the lava tubes meet at Los Gemelos (the twins). These two large sinkholes craters were formed by collapsed lava tubes. The contrast between the marine desert coast and verdant Lost World look of the highlands is most striking here and you can easily encounter rain even when sun is shining a half an hour away at the coast.

Los Gemelos are surrounded by a Scalesia forest. Scalesia is endemic to Galapagos and many endemic and native species call the forest home. This is an excellent place to view some of Darwin’s famous finches along with the elusive and dazzling vermillion flycatcher. After visiting Los Gemelos, we continue our bus ride for another 20 mins to the Itabaca channel. We will cross the channel and take a short bus ride to Baltra’s airport to bid you farewell.

Grace Yacht's Western & Central Following Darwin's Trail 8-Day Itinerary Day Eight - Disembarkation.


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The four Premium Staterooms are located on the lower Carolina C-Deck and as such have ocean-view portholes. Two have twin beds and two a queen bed. They also have features like a digital air-conditioner, a hairdryer, a safety box, and a closet to fit all your luggage. Guests can enjoy the private bathrooms that come with a body wash, a solid soap, shampoo, and conditioner to keep you refreshed.

There are two twin suites on the upper Albert A-Deck, both well designed and air-conditioned to ensure your utmost comfort. They have an ocean view window for you to take in the scenery of Galapagos Island, a safety box, a closet, and a hairdryer. The bathrooms are equipped with hot water.

Master Suite

The Grace's Master Suites are also located on the upper Albert A-Deck, and feature ocean-view windows, a sitting area, a digital air conditioner, a spacious closet to fit all your belongings, a safety box, and multiple electrical outlets. The beautifully designed bathrooms have hot showers, a hairdryer, and amenities to keep you feeling fresh.

Grace Kelly Suite

The Grace Kelly Suite is uniquely located on the middle Monaco M-Deck, in prime proximity to the Interior Lounge and Jacuzzi, and is spacious with ocean-view windows giving guests a tasteful view of the Galapagos Islands. The suite features a desk, a closet, a safety deposit box, and multiple electrical outlets. The gorgeous hot water bathroom has all the amenities to ensure the guest stays refreshed.

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Sail the Galapagos on Grace Kelly’s Historic Honeymoon Yacht

On the m/y grace, you can follow in the footsteps of monaco’s iconic princess—and charles darwin., casey hatfield-chiotti, casey hatfield-chiotti's most recent stories.

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M/Y Grace Yacht

When Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier in the 1956, Aristotle Onassis presented the royal couple with a luxury yacht as a wedding present. The newlyweds honeymooned on the 147-foot vessel, built by Camper and Nicholsons, along the coasts of Corsica and Sardinia before parting with it in 1958.

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‘Glamorous and Chic’: Snow Polo Is a Hit With the World’s Elite Winter Travelers

Built in England for the Argentinean tycoon Santiago Soulas in 1928, the life of the M/Y Grace might make good fodder for a screenplay. In 1938, Sir George Tilley, chairman of Prudential Insurance Co., acquired the yacht, named Rion at the time, until the British conscripted her a year later for the war effort. In 1940, Rion was given the harrowing task of evacuating the British Expeditionary Force from the beaches of Dunkirk. She made two successful runs before a bomb on the third run struck her starboard bow killing 15 and damaging the hull. After she was repaired, Rion captured a German E-boat that same year south of the Isle of Wight.

The M/Y Grace ’s two decks also allow guests to walk 360 degrees around the boat, maximizing the chances for spotting wildlife such as dolphins, whales, manta rays, sea lions and a host of rare birds including the Galapagos’ famed blue-footed boobies and short-eared owls. In addition to the Grace Kelly Suite, other luxurious onboard accommodations include staterooms with queen beds, wooden furnishings, and luxurious bathrooms that include walk-in showers and vanities.

The M/Y Grace sleeps 18 and can be booked for two itineraries: “Following in Darwin’s Footsteps” begins on Baltra and continues to remote and rarely-visited islands like Genovesa and the western side of Isabela and Fernandina, while “Beyond Darwin’s Footsteps” begins on San Cristobál and ends on Baltra. The private charter rate starts at $127,000 per week.

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Grace Galapagos Cruise

Grace Galápagos Cruise

A small piece of history on this beautiful cruise ship, a galápagos cruise on board the grace.

Grace Galapagos Cruise

  • A vintage ship steeped in history
  • Walk the same decks as Grace Kelly once did!
  • Wonderful food and service
  • Superb wildlife itineraries

Built as a luxury plaything for the super-rich in the 1920s, used by the British as part of the war effort in the 1940s, bought by the world's most famous shipping magnate in the 1950s, host to Winston Churchill twice, then given as a wedding gift to the most glamorous couple of the century who honeymooned on board. This boat truly is a remarkable slice of history. Acquired by the current owners in 2007, they then spent 2 years completely refurbishing her into what is now the most beautiful and elegant way to see the wonders of Galápagos.

Timeless luxury As befits the boat that was owned and honeymooned on by Prince Rainier and Princess Grace (Kelly) of Monaco, Motor Yacht Grace is simply stunning.

For the ultimate Galápagos experience of a lifetime for that special occasion, why not book the Grace Kelly Suite? Featuring decor by award-winning designer Adriana Hoyos, the suite is the exact same location where Grace Kelly's suite was located in the 1950's. This is the most spacious accommodation in the yacht and features sumptuous fitting and the latest mood lighting to enable you to set your perfect ambiance.

Two further master suites are available, each with queen bed, gorgeous teak decking, and wonderful panoramic windows. There are also twin suites, and premium twin staterooms available. All accommodation is decorated and furnished to the highest standards, with plenty of storage, luxury cosmetics, and individual air conditioning for your comfort.

Relax in oppulance With a maximum of only 18 guests on board at any time, the Grace delivers a truly boutique experience. Her public areas are just as stunning as her staterooms, and feature original features restored to the highest standards. On the stern resting deck you will even see the original brass ship's wheel from 1927, inscribed with the yacht's original name.

The main saloon features period-style luxury leather seating and hand-crafted wooden fittings, delivering perfectly that bygone feeling and offering a cozy and snug place to relax, and to listen to the briefings delivered by your bilingual naturalist guides.

The outside saloon is the perfect place to enjoy the sea breeze and sip cocktails from its bar at the end of a busy day exploring all that Galápagos has to offer. If you need to soak up some of the equatorial sun then the upper sun lounge is the perfect place to unwind.

Fine dining Al Fresco Grace features an Al Fresco dining room at the stern of the vessel which offers simply the best view with dinner in the Galápagos! Reviews of a cruise on Grace consistently rate the dining experience as one of the best in the fleet. Her chefs are among the best in the islands, and the variety and quality of the cuisine is astonishing.

For guests with specific dietary restrictions, allergies or any other requirements, just make sure to advise your Galápagos expert when you call us and we will make sure that the Grace caters to your every need, ensuring you of a true luxury experience that meets your requirements perfectly.

An intimate view of the Galápagos wildlife Because the Grace accommodates 18 passenger, and the National Park limits groups to 16 per guide, you are able to enjoy a truly intimate naturalist experience as you will be in small groups of only 9 people per guide - one of the best ratios in the Galápagos cruise fleet.

The Grace's operators believe in showing you the best of the Galápagos, including some of the more remote islands. They don't believe that avoiding these longer trips to save fuel will give you the most of your experience in the archipelago. To this end, Grace offers two remarkable itineraries to choose from - one focusing on the western islands departing from Baltra, and one for the eastern islands, departing from San Cristobal.

These itineraries have been designed to get you up close and personal with the most iconic species and habitats that the islands have to offer. Your naturalist guides are experts in all aspects of the islands' fauna, flora and geology, and they will bring the Galápagos to life for you. If you have particular islands or species that you simply must see, talk to one of our Galápagos experts today and we can advise you on the best Grace itinerary to fit your goals.

Our comments What more can we say? A truly historic yacht, award-winning interior designer, stunning food, choice of two wonderful itineraries… If you are planning your Galápagos adventure as part of a special celebration, or as your "trip of a lifetime", we really can't think of any better ship to book than the honeymoon yacht of Grace Kelly. Captain Jacinto and his crew are consistently rated amongst the best in the Galápagos fleet. If you can find any space on this popular ship then we really recommend a voyage on Grace. You won't be disappointed!

Dates & Prices on board the Grace

When do you want to travel.

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Amenities on board the Grace

Transfers to and from ship

Snorkel gear (free of charge)

Travel for good: Your Each booking contributes to Ventura’s Conservation Project.

Kayaks on board

Air conditioning & private bathroom

Single travellers can share cabin

Water, Coffee, Tea & fresh juices

-15% for children ≤ 15

English guide

Sundeck with jacuzzi

Food & Drinks on board the Grace

The food on our Galapágos Cruises is among the very best you will find in South America. Most of the on-board chefs are internationally trained and have prior experience working in the best hotels and restaurants in Ecuador and indeed around the world.

You can expect a first-class selection of food, including a good variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, locally sourced poultry and fish/seafood, rice and pasta dishes. Most boats will always include some typical Ecuadorian dishes on the menu during your cruise. If you have specific dietary requirements then these can usually be accommodated by the chef providing you have given advance notice. Please make sure you tell us about any allergies or dietary requirements you have at the time you book with us. If you leave it until you arrive at the dockside, then it may well be impossible to accommodate your needs.

Most boats serve a range of options at meal times in a relaxed buffet-style. At the first class and luxury end of the market, some boats have more formal dining where you will be served at your seat. However the atmosphere is always relaxed on board our cruises, and never stuffy or formal.

At Galapatours we love and respect the pristine ecosystems and fascinating wildlife of the Galápagos Islands, and we insist that our cruise partners do too. To protect the archipelago all our cruise vessels must have sophisticated water filtration systems, modern efficient engines, and strict maintenance schedules to minimize pollution.

The Galápagos National Park authority also defines exact cruising routes that dictate which ships can visit highlights at specific times, as well as limiting passenger numbers. These measures ensure that animals and habitats are not disturbed by too many visitors.

But at Galapatours we like to go even further. We voluntarily offset all the CO2 emissions of every cruise we sell - at no cost to you. And you can also play your part by traveling responsibly and following our Eco Guidelines during your stay. Click here to find out more about these guidelines, our commitment to sustainable tourism, and the Galápagos National Park rules.

Cabins categories on board the Grace


Grace Kelly Suite


Max. occupancy :

More about this cabin

Master Suite

Master Suite


Deluxe Staterooms


Premium Stateroom


Technical details of Grace

Small yacht, main engines, 8 cylinder twin -500 bhp, 147 ft / 45m, gross tonnage, electricity, cruising speed, 22.1 feet / 7 m, 23 ft / 4 m, reviews of grace.

Cindy Wendel

Grace Galapagos Cruise

Just amazing! As I'm sitting here watching the snow fall, I am wishing it was Thursday night three weeks ago when we had finished the most delicious dinner and were laughing and frolicking onboard MY GRACE. It now feels like a dream! It was the most outstanding trip for many reasons. First, the beauty of the Galápagos Islands is indescribable as is the beauty of MY GRACE! My husband and I LOVED everything about our trip. Words cannot describe how we especially LOVED LOVED the crew! From our outstanding guides Rafa and Walter, Captain Jacinto, lovely Melissa and Nelly, fabulous chefs Vicente and Walter, charming Sau'l, the bartender, engineers Edgar, Luis Miguel and Pedro and panga drivers Miguel and Pablo...let me put it this way...I choked up as we departed at the thought of never seeing them again!! Thank you so much all of you for showing us all the time of our lives!!!! PS And wow! Everyone of them really knows how to "shake a tail feather!" Xoxoxo

Robert Munson

Unsere Galapagos Cruise auf der Grace Die Kreuzfahrt auf der M/Y Grace war erstklassig. Die Yacht war umwerfend, unsere Kabine war sehr gemütlich eingerichtet und alles war einfach perfekt. Jedes einzelne Crew-Mitglied war super freundlich und tat sein Bestes, um es allen Gästen gut ergehen zu lassen. Unsere Naturführer Raphael und Walter waren sehr gebildet und versorgten uns mit vielen Informationen. Unsere Abschiedsfeier dauerte die ganze Nacht und zeigt, was für eine enge Bindung die Passagiere und die Crew Mitglieder zueinander hatten. Diese Kreuzfahrt war wirklich etwas ganz Besonderes.

The Galapagos excursion on M/Y Grace…2/10 - 2/17/18 The Galapagos excursion on M/Y Grace was everything we could have hoped for. The yacht, complete with it's rich history, was delightful. Our cabin (C2) was extremely comfortable and well appointed. Every member of the crew was friendly and went out of their way to make sure every need or request was promptly addressed. Our guides, Raphael and Walter, were knowledgeable about every aspect of our daily snorkels, hikes and history of the Galapagos' world treasure. The 3 hour farewell celebration and dance party between the crew and our traveling friends speaks to the bond created during our week together.

Allison Warren

Best of the best: Grace Galapagos Best of the best: Outstanding activities Elegant vessel Luxury cabin Gourmet foot Skilled and passionate staff Brilliant guide Flawless service I would return in a heartbeat

Die Beste unter den Besten! Die Beste unter den Besten! Tolle Ausflüge, elegantes Schiff, luxuriöse Kabinen, Essen wie im Gourmet-Restaurant, geschultes und motiviertes Personal, brillianter Naturführer, hervorragender Service! Wenn ich könnte, würde ich sofort wieder an Bord der Grace sein.

Rachel Dapuzzo

Wir hatten einen wunderschönen Aufenthalt Wir hatten einen wunderschönen Aufnethalt auf der Grace. Die Besatzung war unglaublich eifrig, das Essen war wunderbar und auch der Küchenchef war eon toller Bursche! Er nahm auf jeden einzelnen Gast und auf Extrawünsche Rücksicht. Der Guide war wirklich außerordentlich, Raffael ist der beste Guide in ganz Galapagos! Das Schiff ist sehr hübsch. Diese Erfahrung auf den Galapagos Inseln gewesen zu sein gehört zu den magischsten Momenten. Diejenigen, die nch am Zweifeln sind, sollten es definitiv buchen!

Similar Ships

Natural Paradise Galapagos Cruise

Natural Paradise

Completed in 2016, the Natural Paradise will delight you with her wonderful open communal areas, gorgeous sun deck, and light-filled rooms. Featuring every facility you can imagine, the Natural Paradise has also been fitted with stabilizers – this brings you one of the most comfortable cruising experiences in the Galápagos with even more stability than catamarans for your sailing comfort. The decor throughout Natural Paradise is modern and crisp and yet warm and welcoming. Beautiful artwork throughout the boat reflects some of the natural wonders you’ll see on your adventure, and furnishings and fittings are of the highest quality and are immaculately presented. A range of staterooms, junior suites and suites are available, giving you maximum choice. All feature en suite bathrooms with incredible showers and luxury L’Occitan cosmetics, hair dryers, and stunning sea views. For those who are looking for a little more luxury, two junior suites are available with California King beds and private balconies as well as splendid full suites with King beds, private terraces and over 3552 ft of private space. With a maximum of 16 passengers on board and yet a crew of 10, Natural Paradise offers unrivalled levels of service. As well as being chosen for their eye for detail and immaculate presentation, crew members are warm and welcoming and provide a real home-from-home feel – there are smiles everywhere on Natural Paradise! Food is freshly prepared on board and features a great range of dishes, including local specialities and fantastic seafood. The sun deck barbecue and dining table provides some memorable informal dining experiences. Coffee, teas, ice, and water are available 24 hours whenever you require and the crew always provide you with welcome snacks on returns from excursions. A wonderful, purpose-built vessel that makes for a breathtaking Galápagos cruising experience. A range of accommodation means there’s something for everyone, and the luxurious yet informal feel makes for remarkable, intimate communal experiences as well as decadent private time relaxing in your suite. Natural Paradise has raised the bar for new vessels in the area.

Galapagos Tribute

Embark on an extraordinary journey with the Tribute Yacht, a beacon of luxury cruising in the enchanting Galapagos Islands. As the epitome of sophistication, this yacht redefines the exploration experience, offering guests an exquisite blend of breathtaking ocean views, refined dining, and unparalleled comfort. With a guest capacity capped at 20, the Tribute Yacht ensures an intimate and exclusive voyage, allowing guests to indulge in the serenity of small-group luxury. The vessel boasts premium suites, meticulously designed to provide a sanctuary of comfort and style. From the Panorama Suites offering spacious elegance to the Premium Suites with added features like a convertible sofa and extra storage, and the expansive Owner’s Suite spanning 50m2, every accommodation option reflects opulence. Safety takes precedence aboard the Tribute Yacht, demonstrated by the acquisition of the International Safety Management Certificate. Rigorous inspections and scheduled maintenance ensure that the vessel operates in impeccable, secure condition, providing peace of mind for all esteemed guests. Luxury permeates every aspect of the Tribute Yacht, from the cocktail bar and wine vault to ocean-view dining and a delightful coffee and chocolate corner. The upper deck beckons with the serenity of the sunset lounge, a private massage area, and a workout zone, while the sun deck offers al fresco dining, BBQ feasts, and panoramic views. Immerse yourself in the refined elegance of the Tribute Yacht, where every moment is carefully crafted to make your Galapagos voyage an unforgettable synthesis of luxury and adventure.


The luxury yacht constructed in 2018 is a testament to the pinnacle of purpose-built vessels, with its modern design and luxurious features making it the epitome of sophistication. Infinity has been crafted to offer unparalleled luxury while being environmentally friendly, and to provide a safe and secure experience for guests throughout their journey. It has been designed to exceed international maritime safety standards and offer opulent accommodations that perfectly complement the stunning views from the private balconies. One of the unique aspects of Infinity is its impressive capacity, which can accommodate up to 20 passengers. This is unusual for Galápagos vessels, as most are limited to 16 guests due to the maximum number of people that can accompany a Galápagos naturalist guide inside the National Park. Infinity has redefined the rule book by offering two naturalist guides, resulting in a more intimate and personalized experience with a smaller group of only 10 guests. This allows for a closer encounter with the remarkable Galápagos creatures and ample time to learn about the fascinating islands from the bilingual guides. In addition to kayaks and snorkeling gear, Infinity also features pangas and other facilities to enhance your enjoyment on board. The yacht offers a range of itineraries, including 8-, 5-, and 4-day options that visit some of the more remote islands that other cruise vessels may not, such as the incredible [Genovesa](//galapatours.com/destinations/genovesa "Galápagos Genovesa Island") and [Fernandina](//galapatours.com/destinations/fernandina "Fernandina Galápagos Island"). The yacht has been designed to offer ample space for socializing, fine dining, and relaxing with a cocktail, making for a truly special and unforgettable experience. The vessel boasts inside and al fresco dining, an al fresco bar, and a sun deck with breathtaking views and a jacuzzi. The cabins on Infinity are designed to provide a truly luxurious experience, with panoramic windows leading to private balconies and private en suite bathrooms that are beautifully finished. All rooms feature flat screen TVs, and there are two suites available that offer a spacious living room area and floor-to-ceiling glass panels leading to large private balconies. Fine dining on Infinity is a true luxury experience, with some of the best South American and Old World wines, a wide range of premium drinks, and complimentary filtered water, soft drinks, tea, and coffee available at any time. Food on board is restaurant quality, and guests can enjoy sumptuous meals in the spacious dining area or a relaxed lunch or barbecue on the al fresco dining porch. Infinity is equipped with the latest technology and safety features, making it one of the most comfortable and luxurious vessels in the Galápagos. This remarkable ship is perfect for those seeking an intimate exploration of the wonders of the Galápagos Islands in unparalleled style and luxury, and it is certain to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will be treasured forever.


- Stunning former private yacht - Ultimate in exclusivity - only 14 guests - Automatic stabilizers for comfort - 1:1 staff to guest ratio! For many people owning a private luxury yacht is the ultimate in indulgence. Thanks to the Motor Yacht Passion you can now experience this for yourself as you discover the wonders of Galápagos. Built originally as a private family floating palace, Passion entered the Galápagos cruise fleet in 2015. Intended to be the standout luxury experience in the islands, her name perfectly describes what the owners and crew have for your comfort and for the archipelago - passion. The most exclusive experience Other vessels of this size operating Galápagos tourist cruises will usually be fitted out to carry 40 guests in elegant comfort. Passion carries a maximum of only 14 guests in exclusive opulence and charm. You have the choice of stunning accommodation between four luxurious staterooms, and two simply remarkable suites. The staterooms feature beautiful, modern design, with luxury fabrics and linens. Each boast a gorgeous private bathroom filled with designer toiletries and beautiful fixtures and fittings and, uniquely, a bathtub. Every stateroom has USB points, allowing you to charge all your devices directly. They also enjoy beautiful wood paneling, individual climate control, generous windows and ample storage and closet space. For the ultimate experience, particularly if you are embarking on a “trip-of-a-lifetime” Galápagos cruise adventure, why not see if a suite is available? There are two on board - the Master Suite and the VIP Suite. Both offer unprecedented levels of luxury for a Galápagos cruise, including two private bathrooms in each suite laid out in Italian marble with bathtub, as well as a beautiful private lounge area. There is no better way to travel around the islands. A beautiful social environment Away from your stateroom or suite, the Passion is no less sumptuous. The panoramic Sky Lounge and Bar is an amazing place to relax with a drink and swap stories about your Galápagos adventure. Complimentary water, tea, coffee and fruit juice is always available. The main sundeck offers a delightful, comfortable area to soak up the equatorial sun and embrace the sights and sounds of the Galápagos. There is a smaller, more intimate sundeck with a hot tub - perfect for quiet relaxation. When it comes to food, a Passion cruise offers you a wonderful fine dining experience, whether sitting down at the beautiful table for dinner in the sumptuous dining room, or enjoying a relaxed lunch in the charming alfresco dining area. The culinary team will prepare you a stunning array of Ecuadorian and international dishes, made with the freshest ingredients, and designed to delight all of your senses. Her head chef tells us that the "farewell grill" is his favorite meal. "More than the food, this evening is always a memorable experience, as we always chat with the guests as well as exchanging grilling tips and a secret recipe or two!" With Passion you can enjoy a Galápagos cruise that amazes your taste buds, as well as all your other senses! See the wonders of Galápagos The Passion naturalist cruise itineraries were designed by Fiddi Angermeyer, one of the pioneers of Galápagos cruising. He has extensive experience and intimate knowledge of the archipelago and its currents and winds— knowledge he has combined to give you the ultimate voyage of discovery. He tells us: "When I was a boy in the early 60s my parents and their brothers, original Galápagos colonizers, offered adventurous trips through the archipelago on their fishing boats and that is how the cruise industry in the islands was born. For over 30 years we have personally rebuilt all our vessels, converting them into the ideal way to the archipelago, with the comforts and safety of today, but with the charm of past centuries." With Passion you have a choice of two varied itineraries, one to the east and the other to the west. The western itinerary goes around Fernandina and the Isabella, with their many volcanoes and crystal clear waters teeming with life. The eastern itinerary sails through the easterly islands with their impressive landscapes and bird and animal species that can’t be found anywhere else. As well as dry and wet landings, you will also enjoy snorkeling and swimming, and Passion carries kayaks for guests to use to add another dimension to your Galápagos adventure. Our comments This is the pinnacle in luxury Galápagos cruising. We can’t think of any better way to celebrate a life milestone like a wedding or an anniversary, or a retirement or other key moment than to book the Master Suite on the yacht Passion and visit the stunning Galápagos. Whether you book a suite or one of the gorgeous staterooms, you will not find a more luxurious and attentive experience. The Angermeyer touch is everywhere here, from the thoughtfully designed itineraries to the smallest details in the service and presentation on board. A Galápagos cruise on Passion will give you memories for a lifetime.

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Sail Around the Galapagos on Grace Kelly's Honeymoon Yacht

  • November 3, 2008

Sail Around the Galapagos on Grace Kelly's Honeymoon Yacht

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Grace Kelly’s Restored Yacht Now Transports Passengers Around the Galápagos Islands

By Todd Plummer

The Grace at Sunset

There is so little left unexplored in the world that following in another person's footsteps is inevitable. Over time, the appeal of certain destinations becomes not just the destination itself, but experiencing it the way someone else already has—like Princess Margaret’s Mustique , Hemingway’s Kenya, or Chanel’s Paris . So when we heard that a vessel formerly belonging to Princess Grace of Monaco had been spotted floating around the Galápagos Islands, our curiosity was piqued. After all, the Galápagos are filled with cruising vessels taking travelers from island to island, and many of those boats tend to be miniature cruise ships: clunky, charmless, and impersonal. Not the case with this ship.

The history of the M/Y Grace is like something out of a movie. Originally owned by an Argentinian tycoon who used it for personal trips across the Atlantic, the Grace was eventually hired by the British Government for missions during World War II—it hosted Winston Churchill when he visited British war ships in the Mediterranean. After the war, it was purchased by Aristotle Onassis (as in, second husband of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis ) and remained in his hands for a few years until he eventually refurbished it and gave it as a wedding gift to Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly at their wedding in 1956. For years, Princess Grace used the vessel to entertain important guests of the Principality on day-long excursions on the Mediterranean, as well as for holidays with her family between the Italian and French Rivieras. Think of the all the conversation this boat has seen. All the rosé. And all the Hermés headscarfs !

The Graces Hot Tub

But it wasn’t always smooth sailing for the Grace. After a few years of glamorous cruising on the high seas, the Principality of Monaco sold the vessel to a businessman, who in turn sold it to a private owner in the Caribbean. For decades, the Grace languished in obscurity. For a time it was even called the Zein—an inelegant name which pays no homage to the ship’s iconic former owner. It even sat decommissioned in Montego Bay for a few years when one of the owners failed to pay taxes to the Jamaican government.

The Grace Kelly Suite

Then ahoy! In 2006 word started to spread that a Caribbean yacht formerly owned by Grace Kelly was on the market. It was purchased by Quasar Expeditions, a small-group adventure company with a few itineraries in Ecuador, Peru and Patagonia but specializing in Galápagos expeditions. “When we bought her, the refurbishing work was intensive…We worked on returning her to her former splendor,” says Quasar’s owner, Dolores Diez. “We used the original blueprints for the hull and technical areas, and took into consideration her former looks but used modern materials to provide her with the latest requirements on safety and make her more environmentally friendly.” The result of Quasar’s painstaking restoration is a triumph. The interiors are polished and smart, and the public spaces flow effortlessly from one to the next. It is a modern vessel, timeless in its design.

The Top Spring 2024 Fashion Trends Are Here&-Shop Them All Now

By Talia Abbas

Meghan Markle Gives Trending Pointed Flats a Regal Spin

By Alex Kessler

Beyoncé, Kylie Jenner, and Lori Harvey Are All Wearing This Emerging Ghanaian Designer

By Hannah Jackson

Bartolome Overlook

Each journey's adventure-filled agenda includes outings like kayak tours, snorkels, or naturalist-guided hikes to spot giant monitor lizards and blue-footed boobies. Seeing these islands on a smaller vessel such as the Grace makes for a personal experience that the Galápagos’s larger vessels simply can’t deliver. The Grace fits just about twenty-five guests, and is often booked out for multi-generational family trips. You might arrive as a stranger, but having shared this remarkable experience, you leave with literally a boatload of new friends. For a swashbuckling itinerary through the Galápagos that does not skimp on comfort or taste (short of chartering your own private vessel for twenty times the price), there is no better alternative.

On deck

After each day’s activities, you might be inclined to relax and reflect. The best place to do this is on the ship’s bow, where white railings frame azure waters like artwork. Stand by one of those railings and look out to where the sea meets the sky. It’s easy to get lost in your thoughts here. And while she might have been oceans away during a different time, it’s still tantalizing to think that one of the world’s most elegant women once did exactly what you’re doing now.

Vogue Daily

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Grace Kelly Yacht Experience

yacht experience grace kelly

Schiff entdecken Angebot anfodern

yacht experience grace kelly

Constant in Beweging

Varende locaties

yacht experience grace kelly

Grace Kelly is volledig airconditioned. De entree is uitgerust met een ontvangstbalie, flatscreen en garderobe. Alle lounges zijn voorzien van een afzonderlijk regelbaar geluidssysteem. Bands, orkesten en andere externe geluidsbronnen kunnen hierop worden aangesloten. De Grace Kelly Lounge is standaard ingericht met een volledig uitgeruste DJ booth. De DJ kan hierdoor zonder enige op- en afbouw ‘inprikken’ en desgewenst in ‘full swing’ uw gasten ontvangen.

Grace Kelly is Nederlands enige varende evenementenlocatie met een sfeervol, modern gestylede masterbedroom, die desgewenst als bruidssuite kan worden ingezet. Zowel de Grace Kelly Lounge als de Monaco Lounge hebben volledig ingerichte bars. Het topdeck kan op verzoek worden ingericht met een mobiele (cocktail)bar en/of buitengrill.

Het schip heeft een volledig ingerichte keuken. De chef-koks van Constant in Beweging kunnen aan boord tot 250 gasten culinair verzorgen. De Grace Kelly heeft een vaste meubelcollectie van statafels, hoge en lage zitbanken en loungebanken.

yacht experience grace kelly

Meesterlijk goed gastheerschap

Onze mensen staan met open armen klaar om u en uw gasten te ontvangen. Iedereen heeft op de schepen van Constant in Beweging dan ook een dubbele rol. Van chef-kok tot kapitein: iedereen aan boord is in de eerste plaats gastheer of gastvrouw voor de gasten van uw evenement.

Ontmoet onze crew →

yacht experience grace kelly

Wat een waanzinnig leuke ervaring hebben wij gehad op de Grace Kelly. Alles was top geregeld. Dank Chantal, Jan en Eric voor deze onvergetelijke avond!

Jelle de Beer

yacht experience grace kelly

Persoonlijk vond ik het geweldig en vooral de catering en Sjoerd. Wat een gouden vent!! Maar ook de rest van het personeel, heeft volgens mij heel hard gewerkt.

Ireen Rientjes

yacht experience grace kelly

Het is een erg geslaagd feest geweest. Sjoerd was altijd aanwezig met de helicopterview of om gerechten uit te serveren, DJ speelde in op de wensen van de gasten. Ik heb veel positieve reacties gekregen op het food concept. Bijzondere gerechtjes en erg smaakvol. Complimenten! Het doel van de Omdenkshow is ook bereikt. Ik hoop dat we met deze ervaring in onze broekzak volgende probleemsituaties anders kunnen benaderen.

Michiel van der Sleen

yacht experience grace kelly

We hebben een fantastische dag gehad, Sjoerd heeft ons helemaal verwend, echt top. Het entertainment was ook erg leuk, dus al met al een zeer geslaagde dag.

Kelly Huntjens

yacht experience grace kelly

Bedankt voor de goeie communicatie de afgelopen tijd. We vonden het erg leuk, het eten was super en er was genoeg! Tot nu toe hoor ik nog alleen maar positieve reacties.

Mike Klerkx

yacht experience grace kelly

Adembenemend is de Blue Rhapsody . Vooral de kleur en de entourage vinden wij het mooist; de boot komt in de Biesbosch geweldig tot zijn recht. Het is een aanwinst voor de Nederlandse locaties en kan overal in Nederland worden neergelegd om tot 600 mensen te hosten. Dit jaar vormt Blue Rhapsody het decor van ons kerstevenement. Waarom Blue Rhapsody ? Het schip is uniek, nieuw en straalt een stukje klasse uit. Dit miste nog een beetje in Nederland.

Giselle Goossens

yacht experience grace kelly

Blue Rhapsody; ook voor artiesten een fantastisch podium. Perfect voor interactief entertainment, met een fijne sfeer.

Sos Petrosyan

yacht experience grace kelly

Het is een eer te mogen varen op de Blue Rhapsody. Het team is één grote familie en erg fijn om mee samen te werken

yacht experience grace kelly

Het schip is groot! Als je iemand nodig hebt, moet je soms even zoeken. Zelfs de crewcabines hebben hier een eigen douche en toilet. Vet Nice!

Janneke & Karin

yacht experience grace kelly

De hele look; het vertegenwoordigt het plaatje van het concept. Als partner van Blue Rhapsody denk ik hierover mee, verder dan het uniform

yacht experience grace kelly

De route naar de Blue Rhapsody toe met een fluisterboot is al heerlijk! Voor een intern evenement met 300 man hebben wij het schip al in optie staan.

Judith Noortman

yacht experience grace kelly

Ik ben zwaar onder de indruk. Alles wat je van Constant in Beweging gewend bent: kwaliteit van A tot Z.

Ruud Duynisveld

yacht experience grace kelly

Qua vormgeving en afwerkingsniveau is dit echt the next step. Prachtige aanvulling voor de evenementenmarkt.

Marc van Laere

yacht experience grace kelly

Blue Rhapsody zal een soort mythe zijn én blijven. Let maar op: dit team heeft al eerder bewezen ons te verrassen en ook nu verbazen ze ons met kwaliteit.

Marc Liethof

yacht experience grace kelly

Vanuit ons heel erg bedankt voor de goede zorgen en vooral de flexibiliteit, was een partij met wat onvoorziene uitdagingen. Vanuit onze opdrachtgever nog de volgende boodschap: Please send my regards and thanks to the Grace Kelly Staff. The food was excellent and service ran smoothly. I never saw any one without a drink! Vanuit Brand New Live hebben we prettig mogen samenwerken met jullie. Zou leuk zijn als hier een keer een vervolg aan komt.

Jamel van Laarhoven

yacht experience grace kelly

Thank you again for the great work accomplished by you and your team for our event this week. The full evening program was highly appreciated by our guests. We had to push them out of the boat as some did not want to leave(which is a good sign). You contributed greatly to the success of our event

Vincent Chellinbrom

yacht experience grace kelly

Gisteren heb ik met Youandi en Jeroen geëvalueerd hoe het was. En het was boven verwachting. Iedereen vond het een super feest. Het rode loper moment was inderdaad alles wat we hadden bedacht en meer. Dus grote complimenten voor jullie en hoe jullie dit hebben georganiseerd. Alles verliep top en in een flow. Het eten vonden ze goed, personeel en acteurs vonden ze ook top.

Eleonora van IJssel

yacht experience grace kelly

Het was in één woord geweldig! Sjoerd is een kanjer! Dank voor al je hulp! En alle andere medewerkers voor, zoals mijn gasten zeiden: het mooiste feestje sinds tijden.

yacht experience grace kelly

Namens alle collega’s willen wij jou en je team bedanken voor de goede zorgen vrijdag! Alles verliep perfect! Wij hebben een fantastische avond gehad aan boord van Grace Kelly, een avond die nog lang nabesproken zal worden.

Nick Miltenburg

yacht experience grace kelly

Ik kende de foto’s, maar die geven niet weer hoe de Blue Rhapsody in het echt is. Het dek, het tussendek, het is prachtig! De boot straalt luxe uit en het organiseren van een evenement op het schip is dan ook direct een unieke belevenis. De buitenkant van de Blue Rhapsody heeft me het meest verrast. Belangrijk aan een evenement is, dat je iemand uit zijn dagelijkse sleur haalt. Het moment dat je dit schip ziet liggen, ben je dat direct en ben je ‘om’.

Edwin Nunnink

yacht experience grace kelly

Blue Rhapsody is de perfecte locatie voor zakelijke evenementen.

Nancy Vroomen

yacht experience grace kelly

Het is jammer dat Blue Rhapsody niet in Cannes vaart tijdens het filmfestival, want het schip heeft zeker die allure!

yacht experience grace kelly

Je moet wel gek zijn, wil je hier niet van onder de indruk zijn. Prachtig! De Blue Rhapsody, het eten, de show en natuurlijk de verrassing van Angelique Schmeinck. We doen al 20 jaar zaken met Constant in Beweging, maar dit schip kan met gemak nog 20 jaar als evenementenlocatie mee.

Ben van den Driesschen

yacht experience grace kelly

Bedankt voor een geweldige avond en voor de service, het vriendelijke personeel, het heerlijke eten en de mooie sfeer op het schip! @Sjoerd, heel fijn dat je zo lekker meedenkt, alles aanstuurt en ook daadwerkelijk ontzorgt op de avond zelf. Een perfecte gastheer!

Diane Parlevliet

yacht experience grace kelly

Constant in Beweging is niet alleen een bureau dat je inhuurt, ze worden tijdelijk je collega’s. En dat maakt de samenwerking zo prettig.

Judith Kouwenhoven - Verburg


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yacht experience grace kelly

Grace: A deluxe luxury motor yacht, one of the finest in the Islands

Days: 8 | From: $9,950/per person

The Grace yacht offers the chance to cruise through the Galapagos on a magnificent and historic vessel that was once a wedding present for Princess Grace of Monaco. With a maximum of 16 passengers, she provides one of the best guide-to-guest ratios in the islands. The guides and cuisine are of the highest quality, and the decks and social areas are spacious and well-appointed. Excursion options include hiking, snorkeling, and kayaking.

  • Regular departures throughout the year
  • Available for private charter

yacht experience grace kelly

We tailor itineraries to your dates and interests, adjusting ships, excursions and length as desired.

We consistently receive 5 star reviews from our discerning clients.

yacht experience grace kelly

Vessel Information


On the Albert Deck there are 2 full beam master suites (A1 & A4) both with 1 queen bed and 2 suites (A2 & A3) with 2 twin beds that can convert to 1 queen bed. Both of these cabins have windows.

On the Carolina Deck there are 2 premium staterooms (C1 & C2) both with 1 queen bed, 1 premium twin/queen staterooms (C3) with 2 twin beds that can convert to 1 queen bed, and 1 premium full beam stateroom (C5) with a twin bed and a queen bed. All of these cabins have portholes.

On the Monaco Deck there is the Grace Kelly Suite.

All cabins have private bathrooms, individual climate controls, and ample storage space for clothing and luggage. Amenities in the private bathroom include a walk-in shower, vanity, shampoo, conditioner, soap, and hairdryers available.

Yacht Specifications

Construction: completed in 1928, retrofitted in 2007, last renovation in 2018 Type: Motor Yacht / Expeditions Vessel Length: 145 ft. / 44 mts. Beam: 22 ft. / 7 mts. Engines: 8 cylinder - Twin Deutz - 500 bhp ea. Cruising speed: 12 knots Accommodations: 9 cabins Crew: 9 crew members plus 2 naturalist guides (on a full ship) & 1 cruise director Electricity: 110 volts AC / 60 Hz: 2 flat prongs Amenities: Air Renewal System, Air conditioning throughout, TV/CD/VHS/DVD , boutique, Jacuzzi Communications Equipment: UHF, VHF radio, Satellite Phones

yacht experience grace kelly

Itineraries & Pricing

Beyond darwin's footsteps (8 days).

Tuesday Arrive to Baltra / Santa Cruz Highlands

Wednesday Floreana: Post Office Bay / Cormorant Point / Devil’s Crown

Thursday Española: Punta Suarez / Gardner Bay

Friday San Cristobal: Punta Pitt / Lobos Island / Kicker Rock

Saturday Santa Fe / South Plaza

Sunday North Seymour / Bartolome

Monday Chines Hat / Dragon Hill (Santa Cruz)

Tuesday Black Turtle Cove (Santa Cruz) / Return to Mainland

Following in Darwin's Footsteps (8 days)

Tuesday Arrive to Baltra / Bachas Beach (Santa Cruz)

Wednesday Genovesa: Prince Philips Steps / Darwin Bay

Thursday Santiago: James Bay / Espumilla Beach / Buccaneer’s Cove

Friday Isabela: Punta Vicente Roca / Tagus Cove

Saturday Espinosa Point (Fernandina) / Urbina Bay (Isabela)

Sunday Isabela: Elizabeth Bay / Punta Moreno

Monday Las Tintoreras, Sucre’s Cave, Breeding Center & Wetlands (Isabela) / cruise to Santa Cruz

Tuesday Los Gemelos (Santa Cruz) / Return to Mainland

(800) 342-1796

Displayed itineraries are just summaries. Our travel specialists will help you select the best cruise based on your interests, timing and budget.

Trip length: 8 days, every Saturday to Saturday

Max number of passengers: 16, 9 cabins

Prices 2024:

Included: All meals, guides & activities, snorkeling equipment, wetsuits, kayaks, water, coffee, tea, and select wines, local beer, cocktails, spirits, soft drinks, juice, coffee, hot chocolate

Not included: Park fees (about $120 per person), Galapagos airfare (about $600 per person), holiday surcharge, gratuities, and premium brands of wines, beer, or spirits

Grace Kelly Suite: $12,650 – $15,350 per person

Master Suites A1 & A4: $11,350 – $13,800 per person

Suites A2 & A3: $10,450 – $12,700 per person

Premium Staterooms C1, C2, C3, & C5: $9,950 – $12,100

Children 15 years and under receive a 15% discount (maximum of 3 children discounts per family, not available during Christmas and New Year departures)

Single Supplement 75% (suites, normal departure), 50% (staterooms, normal departure), 100% (Christmas and New Year departures)

Charters: from $172,200

Reviews from this trip

Our week-long cruise on board the Grace in the Galapagos was the trip of a lifetime. From the moment we landed in San Cristobal until the moment we were dropped off at Baltra, our trip was comfortable, exciting, and magical.
We loved our guides, the trip on the Grace exceeded expectations.
The crew was extraordinary -- the rooms were spotless and comfortable, the food was excellent (I am a vegetarian, and the cook provided me with tasty and healthy meals each day), and the service was impeccable. We were literally treated like family.
One of the best trips we've ever experienced. We feel we had the best ship in the islands: The Grace. Her crew was very personable and provided excellent service. The Grace is a beautiful ship and well maintained. The food was not exceptional but good. We highly recommended this trip for anyone with a specific interest in the uniqueness of The Galapagos Islands.

Call us to start planning your journey today:

1 (510) 548-8487

Why Travel with Vaya?

yacht experience grace kelly

We're TRUE specialists

We’ve not only traveled there, we’ve lived there. Our smart and engaging specialists are all current or former expatriates with years of experience in the region.

yacht experience grace kelly

Uplifting service

From the first phone call to after you get back, we're here for you every step of the way. We listen, create, customize and advocate for you, and design experiences that go beyond the expected.

yacht experience grace kelly

Thoughtful travel

Our discerning sensibility and good taste go beyond just choices in hotels and top guides; we have a walk the walk commitment to the environment and are genuine leaders in conservation efforts.

yacht experience grace kelly

Grace Kelly Suite

yacht experience grace kelly

Master Suite

yacht experience grace kelly

Premium stateroom - Queen bed

yacht experience grace kelly

Premium stateroom - Twin beds

yacht experience grace kelly

  • Al fresco lounge

yacht experience grace kelly

Exterior dining area

yacht experience grace kelly

  • Al fresco bar

Grace Yacht

Remote escape

M/Y Grace is an authentic classic adventure yacht for those seeking to explore the Galapagos in true style. This 16-passenger boat was Princess Grace Kelly’s honeymoon yacht, and features 9 beautifully decorated staterooms ensuring a comfortable and elegant experience on the Galapagos Islands.


Grace Kelly Suite Master Suites Twin Suites Premium Staterooms Premium Staterooms

183 sq ft | 1 Queen size bed  | 2 guests 186 sq ft | 1 Queen size bed | 2 guests 138 sq ft | 2 Twin beds OR 1 Queen bed | 2 guests 149 sq ft | 1 Queen bed OR 2 Twin beds | 2 guests 149 sq ft | 1 Full bed + 1 Twin bed | 2-3 guests

  • Indoor lounge/presentation room
  • Dining area
  • Coffee station
  • Snorkeling gear

In-cabin amenities:

  • En-suite bathroom
  • Individual climate controls
  • Seciurity box
  • Desk or sitting area
  • Walks & hikes
  • Panga (Dinghy) rides

NOTES: Grace Yacht accommodates 16 passengers, plus 13 crew members. Minimum age aboard is 5 years old. Younger children are welcome under certain exceptions or in private charters. Wi-Fi is available throughout the ship; however, connectivity in the Galapagos is spotty. Booking fee includes all meals throughtout the cruise, as well as select alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, juice, coffee, tea, and water. Cabin sizes shown above are approximate.

yacht experience grace kelly

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Grace Kelly Charter Yacht

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Grace Kelly

  • Amenities & Toys
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  • + Shortlist


33m  /  108'3   mengi-yay   2007 / 2013.

  • Previous Yacht

Cabin Configuration

The 32.9m/107'11" 'Grace Kelly' motor yacht built by shipyard Mengi-Yay is available for charter for up to 10 guests in 5 cabins. This yacht features interior styling by Studio Aegean.

Built in 2007, Grace Kelly is the ideal luxury yacht for kicking back and relaxing whilst on charter, showcasing clever use of space with an artful combination of integrated systems and luxurious features, she's a crowd-pleaser for sure.

Guest Accommodation

Grace Kelly offers guest accommodation for up to 10 guests in 5 suites comprising a master suite, two double cabins and two twin cabins. There are 7 beds in total, including 2 king, 1 queen and 4 singles. She is also capable of carrying up to 5 crew onboard to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht charter experience.

Onboard Comfort & Entertainment

A charter on Grace Kelly is comfortable and convenient thanks to the provided amenities such as a deck jacuzzi, perfect to enjoy the scenery with your favourite drink in hand.

Grace Kelly benefits from some excellent features to improve your charter such as Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to stay connected at all times, should you wish. You can stay comfortable on board whatever the weather, with air conditioning during your charter.

Performance & Range

Built with a GRP hull and wood superstructure, she has impressive speed and great efficiency thanks to her planing hull. Powered by twin MTU engines, she comfortably cruises at 14 knots, reaches a maximum speed of 26 knots.

A charter on motor yacht Grace Kelly will offer you a week of unforgettable family memories


There are currently no testimonials for Grace Kelly, please provide .

Grace Kelly Photos

Grace Kelly Yacht 11

Amenities & Entertainment

For your relaxation and entertainment Grace Kelly has the following facilities, for more details please speak to your yacht charter broker.

  • + shortlist

'Grace Kelly' Charter Rates & Destinations

Please contact your charter broker for a quote or check availability .

Charter Grace Kelly

To charter this luxury yacht contact your charter broker , or we can help you.

To charter this luxury yacht contact your charter broker or

Update your yacht

Yacht Owner, Captain or Central Agents - Send us latest Photos, Charter Rates or Corrections Contact Us


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NOTE to U.S. Customs & Border Protection


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Grace Kelly


The 108.27ft  /33m  Custom motor yacht  ‘Grace Kelly’  was built in 2007 by Mengi-Yay and last refitted in 2013. Previously named Nira, her luxurious interior is designed by Studio Aegean and her exterior styling is by Kerim Demir.

Grace Kelly’s interior layout sleeps up to 10 guests in 5 rooms, including a master suite, 2 double cabins and 2 twin cabins. She is also capable of carrying up to 5 crew onboard to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht experience. Timeless styling, beautiful furnishings and sumptuous seating feature throughout to create an elegant and comfortable atmosphere.

Onboard, you’ll enjoy many leisure and entertainment facilities onboard, making her ideal for entertaining friends and family on your charter vacation. There’s plenty of space for enjoying an alfresco lunch or dinner on deck, or simply lounging in the sunshine and working on your tan.

Grace Kelly is capable of 18 knots flat out, with a cruising speed of 14 knots from her 8,592- fuel tanks.

A Jacuzzi on deck is just perfect for relaxing with friends and family, while taking in the breath-taking scenery after a long day of exploration.

Wi-Fi connection is available throughout, so you’ll be able to stay connected while you’re away, great for business, checking emails or sharing your experience on social media.

Air conditioning keeps conditions comfortable throughout the cabins, even on the warmest of days or nights.

Grace Kelly Photos & Videos

Grace kelly features & pricing.



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  1. Iconic Grace Kelly's restored yacht available for charter and other

    yacht experience grace kelly

  2. Grace Kelly

    yacht experience grace kelly

  3. You can now sail on Grace Kelly's honeymoon yacht around the Galapagos

    yacht experience grace kelly

  4. Grace Kelly's former yacht is now taking people around the Galápagos

    yacht experience grace kelly

  5. Grace Kelly’s Restored Yacht Now Transports Passengers Around the

    yacht experience grace kelly

  6. Grace Kelly's honeymoon yacht

    yacht experience grace kelly


  1. Grace Galapagos Cruise

    Grace Yacht The New & Intimate Grace Yacht EXCLUSIVE FOR ONLY 16 GUESTS Adventurer, meet Grace: the classiest yacht in the Galapagos Islands, meticulously restored to offer the bucket-list wildlife safari you're seeking.

  2. Princess Grace Kelly's Honeymoon Yacht Just Got a Stunning ...

    The elegant yacht was gifted to Grace Kelly by Aristotle Onassis for her wedding to Prince Rainier III in 1956. Nearly 70 years later, the vessel is now named the M/V Grace, and it belongs...

  3. Explore Galapagos Aboard Grace Kelly's Honeymoon Yacht

    Refined yet adventurous and agile, it's no wonder Princess Grace Kelly selected this ship for her honeymoon. Guests who cruise aboard the yacht will experience the Islands the way Darwin did in the past: personally and privately, but with the added distinction, comfort, and elegance of today.

  4. Galapagos Luxury Cruises & Tours

    CRUISE WITH THE CLASS OF GRACE KELLY Experience the Galapagos from the vantage of Grace Kelly's former yacht, a symbol of her timeless style. Read Full History MAXIMIZE YOUR ANIMAL ENCOUNTERS We craft flexibility into our yacht safaris so you can capitalize on unexpected peak wildlife experiences. ENJOY SMALL-SHIP EXCLUSIVITY FIT FOR ROYALTY

  5. Grace Kelly's Revamped Honeymoon Yacht Is Ready for Galápagos Cruises

    Grace Kelly's 147-Foot Honeymoon Superyacht Just Got a Luxe Makeover. Here's a Look Inside. The elegant 147-footer is ready to embark on cruises around the Galápagos Islands. Published on...

  6. Cruise Around the Galápagos Islands on Grace Kelly's Yacht

    Cruise Around the Galápagos Islands on Grace Kelly's Yacht | Condé Nast Traveler South America Ecuador Galápagos Islands News & Advice Cruise Around the Galápagos Islands on Grace Kelly's...

  7. Grace Kelly's 147-Foot Honeymoon Superyacht Got a Luxe Makeover.

    The boutique cruise line revamped Princess Grace Kelly's historic honeymoon yacht earlier this year to ready it for expeditions in the famous archipelago. The 147-footer, originally built by...

  8. Grace Galapagos Cruise

    Grace Grace A royal, luxurious, intimate yacht steeped in history and romance, ideal for special celebrations. Overview Itineraries & Prices Accommodations Cabins / Charter Starting at: $10,950 / Person Shared, small group cruise based on DBL occupancy 8 Days 2 Itineraries 16 Guests 9 Cabins Adventure Honeymoon Overview Highlights

  9. Sail the Galapagos on Grace Kelly's Historic Honeymoon Yacht

    When Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier in the 1956, Aristotle Onassis presented the royal couple with a luxury yacht as a wedding present. The newlyweds honeymooned on the 147-foot vessel, built ...

  10. Grace Galápagos Cruise

    A Galápagos Cruise on board the Grace. 9 Reviews. Luxury. +60. A vintage ship steeped in history. Walk the same decks as Grace Kelly once did! Wonderful food and service. Superb wildlife itineraries. Built as a luxury plaything for the super-rich in the 1920s, used by the British as part of the war effort in the 1940s, bought by the world's ...

  11. Sail Around the Galapagos on Grace Kelly's Honeymoon Yacht

    November 3, 2008. A wedding gift from Aristotle Onassis, Princess Grace of Monaco's honeymoon yacht, re-named "MY Grace" after her late owner, reflects Grace Kelly's own elegance and beauty. The indulgent onboard service, coupled with a remarkable nature and wildlife experience, is unlike anything currently offered in the Galapagos.

  12. Experience M/Y Grace: The Royal Honeymoon Yacht with Quasar ...

    49K views 10 years ago Princess Grace Kelly's royal honeymoon yacht, today offers the most unique cruising experience in the Galapagos Islands. Explore more about M/Y Grace yacht at...

  13. Grace Kelly's Restored Yacht Now Transports Passengers Around the

    In 2006 word started to spread that a Caribbean yacht formerly owned by Grace Kelly was on the market. It was purchased by Quasar Expeditions, a small-group adventure company with a few...

  14. The story of Grace Kelly's 45m Camper & Nicholsons honeymoon yacht

    The historic yacht has been renewed from bow to stern, where she can accommodate 16 guests across nine cabins, including the famous Grace Kelly Suite, with further accommodation for a crew of 12. Guests can make the most of her ample spaces, including a main saloon, dining area, well-stocked bar, library and al fresco lounge.

  15. Yacht Experience Grace Kelly

    The Yacht Experience Grace Kelly ist eine glamouröse Stilikone auf dem Wasser. Mit ihrer graziösen Form sowie dem luxuriösen und trendigen Interieur ist dieses Schiff mit einer Länge von 50 Metern eine imposante Erscheinung an jedem Kai.

  16. Yacht Experience Grace Kelly

    Yacht Experience Grace Kelly is een glamoureus stijlicoon. Met haar gracieuze lijn en luxe, trendy interieur is dit evenementenschip een imposante verschijning aan de kade. Het luxe jacht beschikt over verschillende ruimtes, verdeeld over drie levels. Grace Kelly is van alle gemakken voorzien en geschikt voor uiteenlopende evenementen: een ...

  17. The Grace yacht: deluxe luxury motor cruising in the Galapagos Islands

    Grace: A deluxe luxury motor yacht, one of the finest in the Islands. Days: 8 | From: $9,950/per person. The Grace yacht offers the chance to cruise through the Galapagos on a magnificent and historic vessel that was once a wedding present for Princess Grace of Monaco. With a maximum of 16 passengers, she provides one of the best guide-to-guest ...

  18. M/Y Grace Yacht

    M/Y Grace is an authentic classic adventure yacht for those seeking to explore the Galapagos in true style. This 16-passenger boat was Princess Grace Kelly's honeymoon yacht, and features 9 beautifully decorated staterooms ensuring a comfortable and elegant experience on the Galapagos Islands. Grace Yacht accommodates 16 passengers, plus 13 ...

  19. GRACE KELLY Yacht Charter Price

    The 32.9m/107'11" 'Grace Kelly' motor yacht built by shipyard Mengi-Yay is available for charter for up to 10 guests in 5 cabins. This yacht features interior styling by Studio Aegean.

  20. Grace Kelly Showreel

    VDOMDHTMLtml> Grace Kelly Showreel | Constant in Beweging - YouTube Magical Cruising in StyleThe Yacht Experience Grace Kelly is een glamoureus stijlicoon te water. Met haar gracieuze lijn,...

  21. Constant in Beweging

    Constant in Beweging - The Yacht Experience Grace Kelly Constant 25 subscribers Subscribe 8.3K views 6 years ago The Yacht Experience Grace Kelly promo video Show more Walking in and around...


    3 Share Save 8.6K views 9 years ago The Yacht Experience Grace Kelly ist eine glamouröse Stilikone auf dem Wasser. Mit ihrer graziösen Form sowie dem luxuriösen und trendigen Interieur ist dieses...

  23. Grace Kelly

    The 108.27ft /33m Custom motor yacht 'Grace Kelly' was built in 2007 by Mengi-Yay and last refitted in 2013. Previously named Nira, her luxurious interior is designed by Studio Aegean and her exterior styling is by Kerim Demir.