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We offer professional reliable motor vessel and sailing yacht delivery relocations. Our team can safely deliver or relocate your boat to your destination throughout the  United States, Hawaii, Florida, New York, Maine, Conneticut, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, California, Atlantic Coast, Pacific Coast, East Coast, West Coast, Gulf Coasts, Great Lakes, Caribbean Islands, Cayman Islands and the Bahamas.

Boat Management Services

In need of your boat being taken care of while you are back on land? We can take care of that for you.  Most insurance companies require that a captain keeps watch of your yacht while you are away. Give us a call to discuss the services that you need while you are away from your vessel.

Vessel Port-to-Port Delivery

Selling or buying and need to move your boat, long distance deliveries, sailing or motor yacht delivery.

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North American Leader in International Yacht Transport Services

Your trusted partner for global yacht transport & delivery, experience stress-free yacht relocation with our expert team.

We take immense pride in being the leading name for all your luxury yacht transport  and global boat shipping needs. With our extensive knowledge and experience in yacht logistics, we offer first-class solutions for yacht relocation services, superyacht shipping, sailboat and boat transport, and much more.

We redefine yacht transport and logistics through a commitment to excellence. Our dedication to safety, reliability, and personalized service sets us apart as industry leaders.  Reach out today for a comprehensive quote and embark on a journey characterized by first-class service.


Cross Chartering Yacht Transport is the largest yacht transporter to and from North America and focuses exclusively on the transportation of yachts. Through our highly skilled and experienced fleet management and operations team, we can provide safe, reliable, and cost-effective yacht transport solutions worldwide.

Our teams specialize in heavy lift and customized yacht transport logistics.


Unrivaled expertise in yacht shipping & logistics.

Cross Chartering Yacht Transport works hand-in-hand with boat/yacht manufacturers, brokers, captains of vessels, and private yacht owners to provide the best custom-designed shipping options to fit any scenario or requirement.

This allows us to provide the safest, fastest, and most secure yacht delivery services for your needs and budget, regardless of the destination.

We have a track record of successfully transporting and delivering yachts, power boats, boats, and sailboats, making us the preferred choice for owners who demand excellence.


Cross Chartering Yacht Transport combines technology, innovation, and logistics to ensure your vessel arrives at its USA or global destination safely and on time anywhere globally.

Our experienced crew comprises yacht shipping professionals who know the marine industry inside and out and are master troubleshooters, problem solvers, and communication experts. Our custom-built cradles ensure that your vessel always arrives safely and securely during yacht transport.

You can rely on us as a global leader with extensive experience in yacht transports of your superyacht to its destination with the utmost care despite time and cost constraints.

Global Yacht TRANSPORT and Logistics


Our specialized yacht delivery service is designed to ensure your cherished vessel’s secure and dependable transportation. Whether you’re seeking international yacht shipping or yacht transport within your own country, our team of experts is committed to guaranteeing a seamless journey for your yacht.


Yacht Transports & Global Boat Shipping Tailored to Your Needs

Navigating the intricate landscape of international yacht shipping can be a daunting task. That’s where our yacht transport expertise shines. With tailored solutions for yacht logistics, our global yacht shipping services remove the complexities. From managing customs and regulations to overseeing the entire logistical process, we ensure a smooth voyage from port-to-port.

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Unrivaled Expertise in Superyacht & Boat Transport

Superyachts necessitate specialized handling and shipping solutions. Our team’s proficiency in transporting superyachts guarantees a secure and protected voyage for your vessel, regardless of size. As yacht transport leaders worldwide, you can rely on us to carefully deliver your superyacht to its destination.

Reliable Sailboat Transport Across Continents

Embarking on a sailing adventure across the world? Our sailboat transport services have got you covered. With a deep understanding of sailboat handling, we ensure your vessel reaches new waters efficiently and safely.

Logistics Mastery: Orchestrating Every Detail of Your Vessel’s Journey

We stand at the forefront of superyacht shipping and sailboat transport, setting the bar for excellence in yacht logistics. Our team’s expertise, combined with our state-of-the-art equipment, ensures that your yacht’s journey during yacht transport is smooth and secure. Whether you’re relocating a sailboat or arranging global boat shipping, we’re committed to delivering results that speak of quality, precision, and a customer-focused approach.

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Very rarely do I get to have such phenomenal experience with anyone in the boating industry… But the experience with Paul–Cross Chartering Yacht Transport was nothing short of spectacular. The timing, the care, the professionalism…. Makes me wanna buy another yacht just so I can ship it with him haha. Feel free to send people my contact info for referrals. A++++ all the way <3

The team at Cross Chartering Yacht Transport safely and efficiently moved 96′ S/Y Symmetry from St. Thomas to La Paz. This was our second voyage with Paul Haber and his group. Even our grumpy captain was happy, that rarely occurs!

Initially, I received 3 shipping quotes; Paul’s was a good amount cheaper so I was skeptical but man was the experience incredible!!! The attention to detail was beyond professional. Unlike other shipping companies that book you and then you only hear from them twice (loading day & delivery day). Paul has an entire team that was in-touch with me almost daily. He treats your boats like his own and I will never use or recommend anyone but Paul and Cross Chartering!

Rossmore B.

Yacht transport news.

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Yacht Delivery

Delivery Captain rates and yacht delivery costs

  • Post author: ANDREA CIOTOLI
  • Post published: June 18, 2016
  • Post category: Uncategorized


Yacht Delivery Rates & Costs

view from the mast

Here at  Delivery Captain , we understand that to perform a professional job, you need professional qualified people. So, same applies to yacht deliveries, you want qualified and professional crew to make it right! Yacht delivery skipper and crew must be a focus point. Never take any risk by giving out the job to anyone who does not have the necessary experience and qualification.

As a boat owner, you will find it very difficult to find the right person for the job going through the net. Too many unqualified and unprofessional people on the web, unfortunately.

References are always a good mean of understanding if the skipper/crew are qualified and reliable, but even that will not be 100% safe.

Try not to make your selection based only on employing a skipper going for a cheap rate. This may eventually result in losing your money, and probably even worse  your boat .

Therefore, you are better off dealing with a good and recognised yacht delivery  company that will take full responsibility. A good company will follow you in every step and will ensure all is done professionally. Taking care of your yacht from start to finish giving you that peace of mind you deserve.

Delivery Captain can provide such service, with over 17 years of experience in the field. Our yacht delivery team will join the vessel on a specific date agreed between Delivery Captain and the owner agent. The following few days will be dedicated to boat preparation, boat check and test, sea trial, route strategy, weather check, provisioning, fuelling, paperwork check, initial delivery plan. We estimate departure within three days, weather permitting.

Sailing Yacht blue hull

During delivery, we will provide a satellite tracking position via mail, so that you can be kept up to date with boat position at all times. 

Yacht Delivery  rates  and yacht delivery  costs  are not the same thing, and they differ from each other by definition. The rates are the fixed basic fee that yacht delivery company will charge. The costs instead are many variables, depending on how much is spent along the way. When we consider costs we should look at diesel cost and quantity, onboard food, crew travel cost and so forth. It’ very difficult to provide a list of costs, however, we made a shortlist to take under account different factors:

  • How old is the boat
  • Fuel consumption
  • The distance to travel
  • The departure point
  • The destination
  • The time of the year for any route chosen
  • Off Season deliveries
  • Marinas and stops
  • Forced stops due to bad weather or repairs
  • Canal Passages

This is only a small list and very generic, a much more accurate list can be generated for each boat and any route. Yacht delivery rates and costs will always be kept to its lowest possible level. We deliver  sailing yachts , sailing catamarans and motor yachts.

Our standard rates range is between £1.99 – £2.50 GBP Sterling Pounds per NM (nautical mile).

yacht delivery captain


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yacht delivery rates

Global Yacht Transport

Portrait view of full deck

Yacht Shipping

Setting the industry standard in yacht transport solutions.

Peters & May, the industry’s forefront boat transport solutions provider, exceeds client expectations across the board. We handle vessels from tender-sized boats to impressive 40-meter giants.

Whether your goal is an extended cruise or attending a yachting event, our decades of experience lead us to the right transport solution, aligning with your unique needs, budget, and timeline.

Our exceptional service and vast knowledge let us tailor boat shipping solutions that meet your requirements.

We aren’t just for leisure boats; we’re experts in superyacht shipping and racing yacht transport, meeting their specialized needs with precision.

Shipping the World’s First Floating Eco-Luxury Suite

Shipping the ammonite yacht, first flat rail shipment out of the philippines, dna performance sailing g4 catamaran shipment, 63m flo-flo superyacht shipment – utopia iv, customs and vat.

With many years experience and our very own in-house Customs Manager, we are on hand to guide you through any international trade service operations, and answer any customs / VAT questions you may have.

  • Pre shipment Letters of Credit scrutiny and amendment service
  • Full Letter of Credit services
  • Certificates of origin
  • Preparation and presentation of export license application forms

Masts, Spares and equipment transportation

We understand the importance and recognise the unique requirements that the transportation of specialist equipment such as masts, spares and containers need. With our global contacts the team are able to provide the most cost effective and efficient solution to ensure your cargo reaches its destination within your timescales.

  • Shipping containers
  • Support boats
  • Specialist camera equipment
  • Urgent spares


Our expert full time professional Loadmasters with industry approved qualifications and some with 25 years of experience in military maritime logistics deployment are at the centre of our commitment to provide a trusted and personal service.

  • Preparation of all loading / discharge equipment
  • Manage all loading / discharge operations
  • Co-ordination of third parties including divers, ship's crew etc.
  • Client point of contact on the day of loading / discharge
  • Skills to design lifting gear solutions

Technical Support

Our expert Technical Support Team works alongside our Loadmasters to provide necessary overall support prior to and during all loading and discharge operations. From technical drawings to bespoke cradle designs and welding services, our team will ensure that each loading / discharge is executed safely, efficiently and to industry standards.

  • Bespoke cradle design
  • Co-ordination of Loadmasters
  • Welding fabrication
  • Technical diagrams - stow plans, loading / discharge diagrams
  • Onsite cradle / equipment maintenance and distribution

Yacht Transport

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yacht delivery rates

Where We Operate

Destination variety:.

As a global leader in yacht transportation, we’ve delivered yachts to a diverse array of destinations. From the azure Mediterranean to the serene Caribbean, our clients enjoy the benefits of our expansive reach.

Global Reach

We operate from a multitude of strategic locations worldwide. Our presence spans continents, with offices in Asia, Europe, and North America, guaranteeing easy access to our services.

Why Choose Peters & May

Peters & May is your unrivaled choice for seamless shipping solutions. Our wealth of experience, global reach, and dedication to precision make us the preferred partner for all your shipping requirements. Our team of experts ensures your cargo arrives safely and on time, wherever your destination may be. You can trust Peters & May to deliver excellence every time. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who choose us as their trusted shipping partner.

Passion for Yachts:

Our genuine passion for yachts transcends mere logistics. At Peters & May, we treat every yacht as if it were our own, ensuring the safety and care it deserves.


We’re not just a logistics company; we’re an active member of the yachting community. Our sponsorship of prestigious yachting events and regattas is a testament to our deep understanding of the unique needs of yachts and their owners.

Logistics Prowess:

Peters & May’s logistics expertise ensures that your yacht’s journey is managed with unrivaled precision. Our team is dedicated to overseeing every detail, providing the highest standard of service.

Unwavering Commitment

Peters & May’s unwavering commitment to excellence extends far beyond logistics. With us, your yacht’s transport isn’t just a service – it’s a journey of excellence.

Get a Quote

Peters & May has over 50 years of experience in international logistics and a track record of successfully transporting yachts worldwide. We offer a comprehensive service, handling everything from shipping the yacht itself to equipment, customs, and more. Our clients trust us for our commitment to excellence and passion for the industry.

The shipping duration can vary depending on the destination, the size of the yacht, and other factors. We’ll provide you with a timeline as part of our proposal to ensure you have a clear understanding of the process.

We’ll provide you with a comprehensive proposal that outlines the entire process from dockside to delivery, demonstrating the equipment and methods we’ll use. Our experts will guide you on the necessary preparations and handling of your yacht.

Safety is our top priority. We employ specialized equipment and expert teams to guarantee your yacht’s security.

Yachting World

  • Digital Edition

Yachting World cover

Yacht shipping versus yacht delivery under sail – which method really costs more and why?

Will Bruton

  • Will Bruton
  • June 11, 2017

Depending on the size of your yacht and the distance between ports, the difference in price between yacht delivery and yacht shipping may be smaller than you think.

yacht delivery rates

A transocean passage can be a cruising delight, but it can also represent a logistical challenge. Owners who are constrained by time through work and family commitments, or who need to have their boat in a certain place at a set time, be it for a regatta or a charter, may not be able to sail their own yacht to its next destination.

Over the past ten years the business of moving yachts has seen significant developments. Several delivery companies now offer the services of qualified crew, 24-hour engineering support and satellite tracking as standard. In parallel, global yacht shipping has expanded vastly, resulting in faster deliveries and more destinations covered.

What is the difference in price between yacht delivery by sail and yacht shipping? We requested a quote to move a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 44DS with a value of £250,000 from Antigua to Palma following the 2017 ARC. By ship: we were quoted £12,900 , including insurance and cradle rental. However, the shipment offered was later than the departure date we initially requested. By sail: quoted £8,500, not including fuel (estimated at £1,400), marina fees (est. £250), and return flights for three crew to UK (est. £1,800) giving a total of £11,950 .

Jeremy Wyatt, director of World Cruising Club, sees many yachts moved by both methods following events like the ARC.

“In general there are two types of cruisers, the ‘traditional’ liveaboards who will cruise the Caribbean then sail home to Europe or the US. More recently, though, we have seen more time-poor sailors, usually because they have not retired or are not able to spend extended periods sailing,” he comments.

“These are the owners who would be expected to ship back home. The convenience to them is not needing to spend six weeks preparing and sailing a boat back via the Azores and [that convenience] outweighs the cost of shipping.

“There is also the argument that shipping saves wear and tear, which is a hidden cost of sailing it back. Some boats, particularly catamarans, are also not really suited to the North Atlantic route back to Europe.”

ARC Europe: Crossing the Atlantic west to east is a very different experience

Trusted hands

Engaging a delivery company involves putting a valuable asset in the hands of a skipper and crew you have probably never met. So how do you decide if they are up to the job?

yacht delivery rates

Simon Weeks is a freelance delivery skipper, based in Hamble, UK, who sails worldwide. “As a minimum, I would always ask for a skipper’s CV, verifiable references, and some contact well in advance of the trip,” he recommends.

Pete Green, owner of Halcyon Yacht Delivery, has developed clear criteria for both skippers and crew. “We run with a minimum of three crew on short and medium trips and four crew on transocean deliveries,” he comments.

“Our minimum skipper qualification is RYA Yachtmaster Ocean with lots of previous experience. In terms of crew, on medium to long trips we insist that one of the two crew must be a RYA Yachtmaster Offshore and, on shorter trips, a Yachtmaster Coastal. The third crew member must have RYA Day Skipper or equivalent experience.

“Anyone going on a Halcyon delivery has to supply two referees who are followed up, plus either a face to face or telephone interview during which a short theory exam is undertaken to assess the extent of the crew’s knowledge.”

It is perhaps not surprising that, in a market where margins have been squeezed in recent years, not all yacht deliveries go to plan. “There are certainly some cowboys out there,” comments Weeks. “We pick up numerous deliveries every year from owners that have been let down.”

“There was one yacht we delivered from Spain to the UK that had been left by another skipper who decided he didn’t want to finish the trip. We were given a list of defects that the previous skipper had identified.”

“We were prepared for some maintenance before setting off but were surprised to discover that the yacht was absolutely fine. It turned out the list had been created so that the skipper could justify going home early.”

How yacht delivery companies operate has also been publicly called into question on several occasions. Many operations rely on unpaid volunteer crew keen to build their experience, a practice that not everyone in the industry supports.

There have also been reports of skippers pressured to sail into unsuitable conditions. In 2012, Farnborough-based Reliance Yacht Management was successfully sued for negligence after the deaths of a delivery skipper and two crew.

The wear and tear inflicted on a yacht on a delivery passage is a major consideration. With brand new yachts, the job becomes particularly involved, explains Green.

“It’s always a challenge to deliver a brand new yacht thousands of miles in perfect condition. We spend time bubble-wrapping every inch of the interior to protect it. Also, we don’t use certain items, including the oven, and we put foil on the top of the hob to make sure it is protected.”

“On the exterior, we check all fixtures and fittings before setting off to make sure blocks are secure, winches have been tightened to the deck sufficiently, and sails have been bent on correctly. Lifejackets and harnesses stay on deck to avoid scratching the interior.”

At the other end of the scale, some yachts being delivered haven’t been sailed in years. “It can be a tricky issue,” comments Green.

“Nearly all delivery companies and skippers specify minimum levels of equipment as part of the contract, but boat condition can be more problematic. Contact will be made with the owner beforehand to establish the yacht’s age and whether there has been a recent survey, but this only gives half the picture. My checklist includes all the seacocks, the rig, engine and much more.”

Shipping routes

Shipping yachts has become an increasingly popular option for many owners in recent years. It’s an appealing prospect, largely due to the inherent predictability of an operation that relies on big ships that can handle all but the worst weather with ease.

yacht delivery rates

Credit: William Bruton

Shipping companies increasingly charter purpose-built vessels that speed up the operation further.

“It’s possible to ship with the mast left up, the shore power connected and crane the boat straight into the water at the other end,” explains Josh Flavell, a former delivery skipper who now works for Peters & May.

The list of destinations covered has also grown. “Whilst routes used to be dictated by the traditional yachting seasons and its major events, such as the ARC, today we are delivering to some of the world’s remote cruising grounds as well. Alaska and Tahiti are two of the more far-flung places we sailed last year,” reports Sander Shuurman from Sevenstar Yacht Transport.

The Oyster Yachts team in Palma manages many yacht handovers to and from shipping companies on behalf of owners. “It’s a very popular option,” explains Mark Durham, Oyster Palma’s operations manager.

“Although the shipping fees appear higher than the professional delivery companies, higher wear and tear heading east across the Atlantic means many are choosing what is a much more predictable option.

“There are some downsides. One is [to do with] the vagaries of loading dates. It can lead to multiple rescheduling, both of the loading and offloading team’s plans, and of course the planned program after arrival.

“Although the passage time will almost always be shorter than the own-hull sailing time, the additional costs incurred at each end due to delays can add substantially to the basic charges, so they should always be budgeted for as well.”

Whilst yachts won’t incur sail or motor maintenance issues, Hamish Burgess-Simpson, project manager from Oyster, warns that shipped yachts can arrive “truly filthy”, depending on their loaded position on deck.

“The dirt washes off the topsides with a bit of effort, but it can be permanently ingrained in the canvas work,” he adds. This dirt, generated largely by the ship’s stacks, can be mostly avoided by ensuring your yacht is placed forward of the exhaust system, but it’s still advisable to stow all canvas.

The price of moving a boat, whether by ship or delivery crew, can be hard to estimate. “In recent years the bottom line for owners has become increasingly price driven, so we try to provide quotes that include all of the major expenses, including cradle hire and insurance whilst the boat is in our hands,” says Josh Flavell from Peters & May.

“Our costs vary quite significantly. If we are utilising a scheduled ‘liner’ service, then the cost can be higher as the ship sails whether it is full or not.

“However, where we are using a chartered service ship, [which accounts for] about 70 per cent of our shipping, we can often offer a much lower price.”

Despite an ever-increasing choice of routes, some destinations will always require a delivery crew, or a combination of shipping and delivery. “We recently delivered a yacht to her owner’s private island in the Western Isles,” says Pete Green of Halcyon Yacht Delivery.

yacht delivery rates

Photo Wayne Larris Photography/Peters&May

Hidden costs of yacht delivery and yacht shipping

Both shipping and sailing a yacht can potentially incur hidden costs:

  • Cradle hire: yachts being shipped are secured to the deck in cradles. Whilst you may own one, it may not be suitable for shipping. If it is, there will also be an additional cost of shipping the cradle itself or storing it ashore.
  • Insurance: many shipping companies include insurance from when the yacht goes into the ship’s crane to when it comes out, but not all – check with your insurer in advance.
  • Berthing: ships are delayed sometimes, particularly due to loading and unloading.
  • Satellite communications: one owner we spoke to reported a satellite phone bill in excess of £15,000 following a transatlantic delivery. The data connection had been left open by accident by the delivery skipper. If allowing use of your own satellite communication equipment, agree terms in advance in writing.
  • Wear and tear: on long passages, particularly heading into prevailing weather systems, some wear and tear on equipment should be expected. Consider timing of cosmetic work to the yacht carefully and ensure running gear works freely before handing over to a delivery company.
  • Insurance: again, check your policy. Your insurer may specify requirements for the delivery which may go beyond the skipper’s qualifications. Crew may also need to meet certain requirements.

yacht delivery rates

William Bruton, 27, grew up in Lancashire and learned to sail in 2012. He now works as a freelance skipper all over the world, specialising in Oyster yachts. He is currently based in Japan.

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Yacht transport prices: Unveiling Competitive Rates

Affordable Pricing and Instant Quotes

Yacht transport is crucial in the seamless movement of luxurious vessels across various destinations. At Ship Vehicles , we understand the significance of transporting yachts and boats securely and efficiently. As a leading transport company specializing in shipping vehicles, including yachts and boats, we take pride in delivering exceptional services that cater to the unique needs of our clients.

With the increasing popularity of yacht ownership and the desire to explore different waterways and coasts, the demand for professional yacht transport has soared. Yacht owners often seek reliable solutions to transport their prized possessions, whether for maintenance, relocation, or participation in international events. This is where Ship Vehicles steps in, offering a seamless and trustworthy solution for all yacht transport needs.

As experts in the field, we possess extensive knowledge and experience in handling the intricate logistics involved in yacht transportation. Our dedicated team of professionals is well-versed in the specialized requirements of handling yachts, ensuring their safe and timely delivery to the desired destinations.

Each yacht is unique, and its transportation requires personalized attention. Our team works closely with clients to assess their specific requirements and create customized transport solutions tailored to their needs. From comprehensive insurance coverage to meticulous route planning, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring a smooth and secure journey for your prized yacht.

Factors Affecting Yacht Transport Costs

Factors Affecting Yacht Transport Costs

Regarding yacht transport costs, distance plays a significant role in determining the overall price. Whether you require long-distance or shorter transport, Ship Vehicles has you covered. Our comprehensive services cater to clients across various locations, ensuring a seamless shipping experience.

Long-Distance Transport vs. Shorter Distances

For longer distances, the cost of yacht transport tends to be higher. Factors such as fuel consumption, driver accommodations, and travel time contribute to the overall expenses. We utilize efficient routing and strategic planning to optimize costs for long-distance transport, offering competitive rates that save you money.

Per Mile Rates and Their Relevance to Cost Estimation

To estimate the cost of yacht transport, per-mile rates serve as a useful metric. Ship Vehicles calculate pricing based on the distance covered, providing transparency and accuracy in cost estimation. Our competitive per-mile rates are designed to ensure affordability without compromising on the quality of service.

Boat Size and Specifications: Analyzing How Boat Size and Dimensions Affect Transportation Costs

The size and specifications of your boat significantly influence transportation costs. We understand the intricacies of handling boats of different sizes and dimensions, offering tailored solutions to meet your requirements.

Beam Width, Height, and Other Dimensions

Boat size, including beam width and height, affects the transportation complexity and the necessary equipment for safe delivery. Larger boats with wider beams and higher heights may require specialized handling and equipment, impacting the overall transport cost. Our company has the expertise and resources to handle boats of various sizes, ensuring their secure transportation at competitive rates.

Implications of Transporting Larger Vessels or Small Boats

Transporting larger vessels generally incurs higher costs due to the increased logistics involved. Specialized equipment, permits, and arrangements are required to accommodate these larger boats. Conversely, transporting small boats may have lower associated costs. Ship Vehicles offers comprehensive services for vessels of all sizes, providing cost-effective solutions tailored to your boat’s unique specifications.

Transportation Route and Destination

The transportation route and the destination port play a significant role in determining yacht transport ship costs. We understand the nuances of different routes and destination ports, allowing us to optimize logistics and provide competitive pricing.

Understanding the Role of Destination Port and Associated Costs

The destination port often incurs additional costs, including port fees, customs duties, and handling charges. We have a vast network of partnerships and expertise in navigating various destination ports, ensuring a smooth and efficient process while minimizing additional expenses.

Highlighting the Varying Costs Depending on the Transportation Route

The chosen transportation route can also impact the overall cost of yacht transport. Factors such as tolls, road conditions, and permit requirements can vary depending on the route. Ship Vehicles analyzes multiple route options to determine the most cost-effective and efficient path for transporting your yacht.

Additional Factors: Discussing Other Variables Influencing Yacht Transport Costs

In addition to distance, boat size, and transportation route, several other factors can influence yacht transport costs. We consider these variables to provide accurate and competitive pricing for our clients.

Insurance Coverage and Cargo Insurance

Ship Vehicles understands the importance of protecting your valuable investment. We offer comprehensive insurance coverage options to safeguard your yacht during transportation. Our cargo insurance covers any unforeseen events, providing peace of mind throughout shipping.

Customs Clearance and Special Permits

International yacht transport may involve customs clearance and special permits. our company extensive experience in handling customs procedures and can guide you through the necessary documentation, minimizing delays and associated boat transportation costs.

Water Tanks and Loose Items Within the Yacht

Water tanks or loose items within the yacht may affect the weight and stability during transport. Ship Vehicles considers these factors and provides professional guidance on securing and preparing your yacht for safe transportation.

We recognize the importance of delivering exceptional service while managing costs. Our transparent pricing structure and our commitment to customer satisfaction ensure you receive the best value for your yacht transport needs.

Yacht Transport Companies and Services

Yacht Transport Companies and Services

Regarding yacht transport, various boat shipping or boat transport companies offer specialized services to meet the unique needs of yacht owners. These boat transportation companies play a crucial role in ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of yachts and boats across different locations.

We take pride in being a trusted and reliable boat transport company at Ship Vehicles . Our comprehensive range of services caters to the diverse requirements of yacht owners, providing peace of mind throughout the shipping process.

Ship Vehicles offers a dedicated and professional yacht transport service designed to handle all aspects of your yacht transportation needs. We understand the significance of your yacht as a valuable possession, and our team is committed to delivering it safely and efficiently to the desired destination.

Our experienced professionals possess in-depth knowledge of the intricacies involved in yacht transport. With state-of-the-art equipment and specialized techniques, we ensure that your yacht is handled with the utmost care and attention throughout transportation.

Emphasizing the Expertise and Reliability of Ship Vehicles in Transporting Yachts and Boats

We pride ourselves on our expertise and reliability in transporting yachts and boats. Our team of skilled professionals has extensive experience handling vessels of all sizes and specifications, making us well-equipped to cater to a wide range of yacht transportation requirements.

We understand the importance of trust and dependability when choosing a yacht or boat shipping company. Ship Vehicles has built a solid reputation for providing exceptional service, earning the trust of countless satisfied clients. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our attention to detail, clear communication, and efficient execution of every transport project.

When you choose us, you can expect a seamless and stress-free experience from start to finish. We prioritize customer satisfaction and ensure your yacht is transported safely, securely, and on time. With our reliable and professional services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your valuable investment is in capable hands.

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How to Save Money on Yacht Transport

Safe and Timely Delivery: Ship Vehicles' Commitment

When it comes to yacht transport, there are several strategies you can employ to save costs while ensuring a smooth and secure shipment. Ship Vehicles is here to provide expert advice and cost-effective solutions to make the most of your yacht shipping budget.

Comparing Different Companies and Their Shipping Rates

One of the most effective ways to save money on yacht shipping is to compare the services and rates offered by different companies. We understand the importance of transparency and competitive pricing. By requesting quotes or boat shipping quotes from multiple companies, including Ship Vehicles, you can evaluate the cost differences and select the option that best suits your budget and requirements.

Proper Planning and Preparation to Minimize Costs

Proper planning and preparation are crucial in minimizing yacht transport costs. Here are some tips to consider:

Timing: Plan your yacht shipping in advance to secure better pricing options and avoid peak seasons with higher rates.

Flexibility: If possible, be flexible with your transport schedule. This can allow for more efficient routing and potentially lower costs.

Documentation: Ensure all necessary paperwork, permits, and clearances are to avoid delays or additional expenses.

Packaging and Preparation : Properly secure loose items and consider removing non-essential equipment to reduce weight and lower transportation costs.

Utilizing Ship Vehicles’ Services to Ensure a Cost-Effective and Safe Shipment

Regarding cost-effective yacht shipping, Ship Vehicles offers a range of services designed to meet your needs while providing competitive rates and ensuring the safety of your yacht.

Offering Competitive Rates and Transparent Pricing Options

We believe in providing competitive rates without compromising on quality. Our pricing is transparent, allowing you to understand the breakdown of costs and make informed decisions. By choosing us, you can know you’re getting the best value for your money.

Showcasing Positive Customer Reviews and Trust Pilot rating

Don’t just take our word for it – the positive feedback from our satisfied customers speaks volumes. We take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction, and our Trustpilot ratings reflect our dedication to delivering exceptional service. We encourage you to explore the reviews and testimonials on our website to gain further confidence in our reliability and expertise.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the difference between yacht shipping and yacht transport.

Yacht shipping and yacht shipping refers to moving a yacht from one location to another. They involve using specialized carriers, such as cargo ships or container vessels, to safely and securely transport the yacht.

How much does it cost to yacht transport typically amount?

Yacht transport costs can vary depending on several factors, including the distance, boat size, transportation route, and insurance coverage. As a reputable transport company, Ship Vehicles offers competitive pricing options and transparent breakdowns of costs to help you understand the expenses involved.

Why should I choose a reputable transport company for yacht transport?

Opting for a reputable transport company, such as Ship Vehicles , ensures the expertise, reliability, and adherence to safety standards necessary for a smooth and secure yacht delivery experience. The company’s extensive experience in yacht transportation minimizes risks and provides peace of mind.

Does insurance coverage play a role in yacht transport?

Yes, insurance coverage is essential when transporting a yacht. Ship Vehicles offers comprehensive insurance options, including cargo insurance, to protect your yacht during transport against any unforeseen events or damage that may occur.

How are transportation costs calculated for yacht transport?

Yacht transportation costs are determined by various factors, including the distance, boat size, transportation route, and any additional services required. Ship Vehicles provides detailed cost breakdowns, including transportation costs, insurance fees, and any applicable permits, ensuring transparency in pricing.

Is overland transport available for yachts?

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Get your free quote, please fill out the form or give us a call anytime., (888) 231-0113.

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Transport TO

Would You Like a Quote to Ship Your Household Goods?

1 bedroom 2 bedrooms 3 bedrooms 4 bedrooms 5 bedrooms studio

yacht delivery rates

We pride ourselves in our professional approach to yacht deliveries. Our professional skippers strive to complete the safe and efficient delivery of every yacht we handle and every single boat we deliver is handled with kid gloves. Our Captains are all licensed by the USCG and are familiar with most systems found on board today. 

PYD will never "push the vessel" or rush a delivery unless absolutely necessary for the safety of the crew and the vessel. If heading out to sea is the prudent decision to avoid dangerous weather or coast lines, we will do so. If ducking into a protected harbor to ride out a storm is the right thing to do, we will do that as well. We are professional sailors with lots of experience and will always put the care and safety of your pride and joy as our highest priority.

Whether you want your vessel delivered down the coast or across an ocean, PYD will provide you the same professional care, reliability, and safety in every delivery made.

Areas of Operation

We currently have Skippers and crew that are familiar with the US East Coast, Bahamas, Caribbean, US West Coast, Mexico, Panama, Central America and Canada's West Coast to Alaska as well as Indonesia. We can also deliver trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific. We keep in touch with skippers and crews from all parts of the world so if we don't have a knowledgeable skipper for the areas in which you wish to sail, we can usually find one that is reputable, knowledgeable and trustworthy for you.

Professional Captains and Crew

Our captains have a USCG 100T Master's license or better. They also have more than 20 years of experience overall and at least five years experience in the waters of the related delivery. They are honest and prudent sailors that will never take unnecessary risks with your boat.

Fair and Transparent Fees

Our delivery fees and associated costs are not the lowest in this business, but they are certainly competitive for what you get. We are completely transparent and upfront with all our fees and estimated costs. A written estimate will be provided before you make a commitment to use our services.

Local Knowledge

Our delivery skippers and crews all have a solid knowledge of the local waters they will be sailing in. They are also up to date with all foreign customs, laws and regulations of the local countries and ports of call.

Our Service

Every delivery begins with an estimate of the delivery. We will send you a questionnaire that will help us develop the estimate. If the estimate is accepted, we will provide a sailing contract and a quote for our fees along with payment terms.

The next step is an inspection of your vessel. We do charge for this service but will wave this fee if you have a current USCG Inspection Certificate. Nevertheless, we need to be confident that the vessel is capable of making the journey at hand as well as familiarize ourselves with the vessel and its equipment. We may make a recommendation to repair certain items or remedy certain deficiencies. An estimate of this work will also be provided if necessary and, if approved, performed before departure.

Once we are comfortable that the vessel seaworthy and safe to sail, we will provide a final sailing plan with our predictions of weather and contingencies. While underway, if something breaks, we will attempt to repair it ourselves. If necessary, we may have to pull into an appropriate port and hire the necessary work. This will also be done with the owners full approval.

We will make every attempt to reduce stress on your boat by avoiding bad weather, holing up or even heaving to. If the seas are rough we slow down so the vessel doesn't pound (we like to sleep, too!) We are never in a hurry with our deliveries unless the weather forces us do so.

On arrival, we will make all the necessary reports to the local officials and clear the vessel for sailing in the local waters. We will also perform a thorough wash down of the exterior and clean the interior leaving the vessel in as good a condition as possible.

Haven Yacht Delivery

What determines the rate?

The daily rate is $650 – $1000 per day, which is based the on the amount of crew we need to complete the trip safely.

What are the other costs?

Additional costs include travel and expenses for the crew, fuel, and any other boat supplies.

How can I estimate the overall delivery cost?

We will need to determine your yachts fuel burn rate, and tank capacity, which will allow us to figure out how many fuel stops we need and roughly how fast we can travel. Generally, more speed = more fuel burned. If you have a fuel curve for your boat, or a rough idea of how much fuel it consumes, we can divide the speed by the total distance to get the number of running hours. This will allow us to get a rough estimate of fuel costs, as well as the travel days it will take from beginning to end.

What does a typical Delivery Look like?

A delivery starts with a signed agreement, and a deposit which is usually around 50% of the estimated costs. A credit card is also required for fuel payments and boat expenses such as parts and moorage. The captain and crew will arrive at your vessel and promptly conduct a vessel and safety inspection which is billed at a half-day rate. The inspection includes: Vessel documents, safety equipment including fire extinguishers, life jackets, life ring, life raft/ tender, EPRIB, navigation lights, radar, GPS, VHF radios, horn, and electrical and mechanical operation of the main engines and generator, transmissions, and steerage, and general sea-worthiness of the vessel. The crew will then purchase any necessary supplies and remedy any minor issues of the vessel. Next, the crew will provision the vessel with food and water for the voyage. Once this process is complete, the crew will depart with the vessel for the destination port indicated in the agreement.

Examples of Delivery Costs

Dana point, ca to olympia, wa , 1300 nm- $22,400.

Delivery Crew 8.5 days – $8500 Fuel – $12,500 Moorage, Provisions & Travel Expenses – $1400

Portland, OR to Tacoma, WA 400 nm – $6000

Delivery Captain only 4 days – $2600 Fuel – $3000 Moorage, Provisions & Travel Expenses – $380

Ketchikan, AK to Seattle, WA 700 nm – $14,250

Delivery Crew 8 days – $8000 Fuel – $4400 Moorage, Provisions & Travel Expenses – $1850

Professional Yacht Delivery By A Licensed Master Captain

Yacht delivery and boat captain service.

My name is Captain Dave Subers and I specialize in charter and boat delivery service .

I have a USCG 100-ton masters license with thousands of miles of experience. I have many licensed Captains, Mates and Engineers available to ensure the right person is available for your delivery, based on your needs and the needs of the boat.

Trusted Yacht Delivery is based in Stuart, Florida and we specialize in the transport of motor vessels, powerboats and commercial vessels on the water, using their own power. We will deliver your boat to the port of your choice along the U.S. Atlantic & Gulf Coasts, the Bahamas , Caribbean or around the world.

If want to know more About Us or have any question? please visit FAQ  or give us a call.

Select Boat Delivery Projects over the past year...

64' absolute navetta miami, fl to bimini bahamas + local training, 38' tiara stuart, fl to fort myers, fl, 43' mainship sedan fort myers, fl to daytona beach, fl, 64' offshore yacht charleston, sc to boca raton, fl, 50' galeon fly sarasota, fl to watts bar, tn, 42' regal fly fort myers, fl to jupiter, fl, 60' viking my punta gorda, fl to melbourne, fl, 65' grand alaskan annapolis, md to naples, fl, 48' searay fly boca raton to cape coral, fl, 60' sunreef wpb to nyc, 35' meridian palatka, fl to sarasota, fl, 36' monk port charlotte, fl to port labelle, fl, 35' monteray local yard delivery, 44' defever local new owner training, 47' grand banks tampa, fl to myrtle beach, sc, 42' jefferson local yard delivery, 46' sessa survey, 35' tiara port charlotte to miami, fl, 47' sabreline greenwich, ct to jacksonville, fl, 59' marquis south florida/bahamas, 48' lagoon british virgin islands (bvi), 63' grand alaskan ft. pierce, fl to punta gorda, fl, 48' searay miami, fl to norseman yard, 68 hatteras cockpit my key west, fl to west palm beach, fl, 55 hatteras stanford, ct to jacksonville, fl, 42 regal pompano beach, fl to jacksonville, fl, 41 hunter dsc gulfport, ms to kemah, tx, 48' absolute navetta las olas, fl to orange beach, al, 43' cruisers danvers, ma to baltimore, md, 63' hatteras fort lauderdale, fl to stuart, fl, 54' savannah stuart, fl - new capt training, 63' bertram npb, fl to eleuthera, bahamas, 75' hatteras jupiter, fl to west palm beach, fl, 52' viking nassau, bahamas to west palm beach, fl, 53' tiara coupe hobe sound, fl to westbrook, ct.

Looking for a great West Palm Beach Boat Tour ? Try the Flying Lady Boat Tours. They have boat tours in Jupiter, FL and West Palm Beach and are good friends.

46' Azimut Boca Raton, FL to Tampa, FL

45 lagoon fort lauderdale, fl to key west, fl, 48' searay flybridge stuart, fl to west end, bahamas, 50' lagoon power cat stuart, fl - new capt training, 42' boston whaler miami, fl to port everglades, fl, 43' galeon htc st petersburg, fl to pensacola, fl, 38' gulfstar trawler knoxville, tn to stuart, fl, qualified credentialed captains and crew to deliver your boat.

Depending on the delivery, we have Captains and Crew available with various skill sets to best match your delivery. Most of our Captains have 1,000s of hours of Offshore deliveries, some with vast Bahamas and  Caribbean  knowledge, and many with mechanical degrees and skillsets that best match up with older boats that may require more mechanical attention.

Why use Trusted Yacht Delivery?

  • Protecting your vessel and ensuring the safety of everyone on board is our #1 priority.
  • Your vessel will be delivered in a timely, safe and professional manner.
  • Yacht delivery is more cost effective than shipping your vessel.
  • Maximize your time enjoying your vessel and minimize your time spent on care and preparation.

For all your Delivery needs

  • Owner Assisted Deliveries
  • Full Crew Deliveries
  • Repositioning for Boat Shows
  • Delivery to New Owners
  • Transfers Between Dealerships
  • Seasonal Transportation Needs
  • Delivery to the boatyard for Repairs
  • Holiday & Vacation Delivery & Return
  • Vessel Port-to-Port Delivery
  • Survey Assistance

Recent Boat Relocation Routes

  • Miami, FL to Daytona Beach, FL
  • Cape May, NJ to Stuart, FL
  • Tampa Bay, FL to Miami, FL
  • Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Clearwater, FL
  • Tampa Bay, FL to Mobile, AL
  • Miami, FL to Freeport, Bahamas
  • Cape Coral, FL to West Palm Beach, FL
  • Stuart, FL to St. Petersburg, FL
  • Ft Lauderdale, FL  to Charleston, SC
  • Miami, FL to Annapolis, MD

Satellite Tracking & Communications

Trusted Yacht Delivery utilizes the latest satellite technology service to show the progress of your vessel during deliveries. From the moment we leave the dock until we reach your intended destination you can monitor our progress.

This service also gives us satellite communications with you, the Coast Guard or anyone else that we may need to reach when we are outside of normal cellular communications.

From our Blog

Yacht delivery from gulfport, ms to kemah, tx.

Yacht Delivery from Gulfport, MS to Kemah, TX. While on boat delivery from Boston, MA to Middle River on the Chesapeake Bay, on a 41 Cruisers, I received a call from my new client. Tommy had been looking for a captain to help him and a friend move his ‘new to him’ 41DS Hunter from Gulfport, MS to Kemah, TX in the Houston area. After agreeing on a price and date, we were all set to meet in Gulfport to start the delivery.

Check Ride Certification – Insurance Underwriters Evaluation Sign Off by Captain

If your insurance company requested an evaluation and/or training, you can get either (or both) from Captain Dave Subers. New boat owners as well as experienced yachters with new policies are often requested to have a United States Coast Guard Licensed Captain sign off on the yacht owner’s vessel familiarity and operation before the new boat’s insurance policy goes into effect.

Yacht Delivery & Boat Relocation

Trusted Yacht Delivery is a Florida-based vessel relocation business specializing in navigating the waters of the United Stated and the Caribbean. Whether it’s a motor vessel, powerboat, or commercial vessel, our qualified and credentialed Captains and Crew can safely deliver or relocate different types of vessels to a location that is most convenient to you.

How to become a Boat Captain…it’s Easy

Are you a seasoned boater who loves taking friends and family out on the water? Or perhaps while growing up, you spent a lot of time out on the water and being around people who love boating? Do you daydream about nautical charts and make plans for the fun of it? If yes is your answer to any of these, then becoming a charter boat captain may be a suitable profession for you.

Why Hire a Captain to deliver or receive your boat from a Shipping Transport Company

The process all started when the yacht broker contacted Trusted Yacht Delivery to help with a delivery of a 2017 51’ SeaRay Flybridge that needed to go Miami to Freeport Bahamas to be loaded on the ship shipping ship called the Happy Dragon.

Boat Deliveries don’t always go according to Plan

I was recently contacted by a new boat owner to help him move his boat from Sanibel Island on the West Coast of Florida to Jacksonville. In my planning we were going to travel through Fort Myers, and then proceed through the lock system of the Okeechobee waterway. Our trip was planned to go through Lake Okeechobee and then on to Stuart Florida. Unfortunately as we approached the Port Myaca lock, the starboard side engine started to overheat.


4726 SE Capstan Ave Suite 5C, Stuart, FL 34997

Trusted Yacht Delivery is a captain delivery and charter service for yacht deliveries, vessel relocations and charter captain services.

We have a select group of experienced master captains and crew available to accommodate your schedule and to provide an efficient delivery or charter captain based on the logistics of the trip.

We will pair the best captain and crew for your delivery or charter based on your needs so you have the best people for the job based on location, age of your boat, guest needs, etc.

Call us today at 855-373-0700 for a free quote, or complete our boat delivery quote form .

Copyright 2022 | Trusted Yacht Delivery | 855-373-0700 | All Rights Reserved

Yacht Delivery Quote

Owner/agent information, trip information, vessel information, confirmation, tracking login.

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  • Rates & Services

Coastal Yacht Delivery

Ryan Githens USCG Master 100 Tons Power/Assistance Towing

yacht delivery rates

Offering Worry Free Yacht Delivery, Instruction, and Daily For Hire on the East Coast and Gulf of Mexico!

About Our Services

Pre-departure safety inspection.

We will conduct a safety inspection to ensure your vessel is ready for the trip. Vessel will not leave the dock without being properly equipped and secure for sea.

Knowledgeable Captains

Captain Ryan and his team of licensed

 Captains have many years of experience on the water. We have Captains on the East Coast and in the Gulf of Mexico ready to cater to your requests.

Post Delivery Report

Owner will receive a detailed report outlining the entire trip from start to finish. Daily updates for multi-day deliveries will be sent via email.

"Capt. Ryan is an A++ Captain and Seaman, he is professional, he listens, and he teaches! 

He was patient with me and he took care of my yachts as if they were his. He is prompt

and ready to get to work. He is the ONLY CAPTAIN I TRUST WITH MY VESSELS."

Captain M. Jamal, USN Retired

 " From the minute I listed with CAPCA to find a captain, I didn't look any further after Ryan reached out to us. He checked all the boxes! What initially started out looking for someone to captain our boat to surprise my husband for his 40th, quickly turned into us no longer able to bring our boat by land, and Captain Ryan came to the rescue! He worked through our many delays with ease and patience. He is incredibly flexible and extremely thorough every step of the way. Even when we lacked having a piece of safety equipment, he quickly got what was needed so we could get underway. Highly recommend if you need someone reliable and will give you peace of mind. Thank you so much Captain Ryan for all your help! "

Nikki S. 

Schedule a Delivery

Questions or comments.

Send us an email or give us a call with any questions

Coastal Yacht Delivery

Ryan Githens 443-876-6998 [email protected]

Send us the details and we'll contact you ASAP.

This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

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CEO of AP Moeller - Maersk Vincent Clerc attends a press conference, in Copenhagen

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European Central Bank (ECB) headquarters in Frankfurt

Wall Street turns higher as Nvidia rebounds, focus on Fed meeting

Wall Street's major indexes gained ground on Tuesday with chip stocks paring earlier losses as Nvidia erased losses and investors looked ahead to the Federal Reserve's policy meeting conclusion on Wednesday for clues on interest rate policy.

An ibis bird perches next to the Reserve Bank of Australia headquarters in central Sydney

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Where global shipping rates are headed in 2024 with Red Sea attacks continuing

Where global shipping rates are headed in 2024 with Red Sea attacks continuing


Indian navy captures ship from Somali pirates, rescuing 17 crew members

Navy captures MV Ruen off the Indian coast, ending the three-month hijacking of the Maltese-flagged bulk carrier.

The Maltese-flagged bulk cargo vessel Ruen

Indian naval forces including special commandos have seized a cargo vessel that had been hijacked by Somali pirates and rescued 17 crew members, a spokesperson for the navy said.

In a post on the social media platform X on Saturday, the navy said that all 35 pirates on board the Maltese-flagged bulk cargo vessel MV Ruen had surrendered, and the ship had been checked for the presence of illegal arms, ammunition and contraband.

Keep reading

Pirates, emperors and the middle east axes of evil, us says somali pirates likely behind attempted tanker seizure near yemen, pirates seize control of cargo ship near somalia, say owners.

The MV Ruen was hijacked late last year and the navy said it first intercepted the vessel on Friday.

“The pirates onboard the vessel have been called upon to surrender and release the vessel and any civilians they may be holding against their will,” the navy said in a statement.

“The Indian navy remains committed to maritime security and safety of seafarers in the region,” it added.

The vessel may have been used as the base for the takeover of a Bangladesh-flagged cargo ship off the coast of Somalia earlier this week, the European Union naval force said.

The hijacking of the Ruen in December was the first successful takeover of a vessel involving Somali pirates since 2017 when a crackdown by international navies stopped a rash of seizures in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean.

#INSKolkata , in the last 40 hours, through concerted actions successfully cornered and coerced all 35 Pirates to surrender & ensured safe evacuation of 17 crew members in the evening today #16Mar 24 from the pirate vessel without any injury. #INSKolkata had carried out the… — SpokespersonNavy (@indiannavy) March 16, 2024

Somali pirates have caused chaos in important global waterways for a decade, but had been dormant until a resurgence of attacks starting late last year.

India has deployed at least a dozen warships east of the Red Sea to provide security against pirates as Western powers focus on attacks by Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthis.

The subcontinent’s navy has also increased its surveillance of the Arabian Sea after a recent spate of attacks in the region.

In January, the navy rescued all crew members from a Liberian-flagged merchant vessel after its attempted hijack in the Arabian Sea.

At least 17 incidents of hijacking, attempted hijacking and suspicious approaches have been recorded by the Indian navy since December 1.

Data from the Indian navy’s Information Fusion Centre – Indian Ocean Region shows at least three hijackings in December.

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Custom Curtains, Drapes & Blinds in Elektrostal'

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  • Albuquerque
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  • Elektrostal', Moscow Oblast, Russia

Featured Reviews for Custom Curtains, Drapes & Blinds in Elektrostal'

What types of services do elektrostal', moscow oblast, russia window treatment companies offer, to find custom curtains, custom drapes and custom blinds for windows, browse elektrostal' window treatment contractors on houzz., business services, connect with us.

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  1. Yacht Delivery Service

    yacht delivery rates

  2. Yacht Delivery Rates & Costs

    yacht delivery rates

  3. YST Yacht Delivery Service

    yacht delivery rates

  4. Yacht Delivery Captain for Hire

    yacht delivery rates

  5. Yacht Delivery

    yacht delivery rates

  6. Yacht Delivery Rates & Costs

    yacht delivery rates


  1. Captain and Crew Daily Rates and Fees

    Delivery crew and captain rates and fees, how to calculate cost . Captain James Lowe USCG 200 Ton Licensed Master (727) 236-1385 Contact Form ... Yacht Delivery Schedule Of Our Rates. YOU are HIRING a boat CREW and paying a DAILY RATE to man a vessel

  2. Yacht Delivery Relocation

    We provide boat delivery services. Get the best Yacht Delivery Rates for your logistics. Call us at 855-373-0700 for a Fast and Free Quote.

  3. Blue Water Boat Delivery

    Rates; Video Gallery; Select Page. Need a Captain? Get a Free Online Quote. Or Call: (248) 495-4119. Blue Water Boat and Yacht Delivery Reliable and Experienced Delivery Captains. Boat Delivery Services. We offer professional reliable motor vessel and sailing yacht delivery relocations. Our team can safely deliver or relocate your boat to your ...

  4. Yacht Transportation & Boat Delivery Florida

    855-373-0700. 4726 SE Capstan Ave Suite 5C, Stuart, FL 34997. Trusted Yacht Delivery is a captain delivery and charter service for yacht deliveries, vessel relocations and charter captain services. We have a select group of experienced master captains and crew available to accommodate your schedule and to provide an efficient delivery or ...

  5. Cross Chartering Yacht Transport

    Cross Chartering Yacht Transport works hand-in-hand with boat/yacht manufacturers, brokers, captains of vessels, and private yacht owners to provide the best custom-designed shipping options to fit any scenario or requirement. This allows us to provide the safest, fastest, and most secure yacht delivery services for your needs and budget ...

  6. Rates

    YACHT DELIVERY RATES. CREW REQUIRED. 1 Captain and 1 Deck Hand Larger boats may require a second hand. CREW. CAPTAIN: Up to $550.00 per day for all motor vessels, power boats and yachts. DECKHAND: $225.00 per day. CREDENTIALED SEAMAN: $275.00 per day. TRAVEL FEES.

  7. Yacht Delivery Rates & Costs

    Yacht delivery rates and costs will always be kept to its lowest possible level. We deliver sailing yachts, sailing catamarans and motor yachts. Our standard rates range is between £1.99 - £2.50 GBP Sterling Pounds per NM (nautical mile). Yacht Delivery rates & costs. Qualified PRO skippers & crew.

  8. Yacht Shipping

    Peters & May is your unrivaled choice for seamless shipping solutions. Our wealth of experience, global reach, and dedication to precision make us the preferred partner for all your shipping requirements. Our team of experts ensures your cargo arrives safely and on time, wherever your destination may be. You can trust Peters & May to deliver ...

  9. Yacht shipping versus yacht delivery under sail

    Hidden costs of yacht delivery and yacht shipping. Both shipping and sailing a yacht can potentially incur hidden costs: Ship. Cradle hire: yachts being shipped are secured to the deck in cradles ...

  10. Professional Yacht Delivery

    So, with a $300/day captain and two crew at $100/day, just the delivery fees could be 6-7 thousand dollars. Provisioning would cost about $900-$1100. Port fees typically cost around $300 depending on the day and time of arrival. In the worse case scenario of having to motor the entire way (assuming about 1 gph fuel consumption rate and diesel ...

  11. Boat Transport: International Shipping, Towing, and Deliveries

    Yacht delivery under its own steam In many cases the departure and end points of the route will point towards a particular solution. For instance, moving a boat from Croatia to an English Channel port would involve a 2,800-mile voyage by sea - the same distance as an Atlantic crossing - or 1,200 miles by road.

  12. Yacht transport prices: Unveiling Competitive Rates

    To estimate the cost of yacht transport, per-mile rates serve as a useful metric. Ship Vehicles calculate pricing based on the distance covered, providing transparency and accuracy in cost estimation. Our competitive per-mile rates are designed to ensure affordability without compromising on the quality of service.

  13. How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Boat?

    A: Boat transport cost per mile can range from $1.25 to $15.00 per mile, depending on the size of your boat and how far you need it transported. Getting quotes from different transporters to compare prices and services is essential. Additionally, some companies may offer discounts for multiple boat shipments or during off-peak seasons.

  14. Professional Yacht Delivery

    Our professional skippers strive to complete the safe and efficient delivery of every yacht we handle and every single boat we deliver is handled with kid gloves. Our Captains are all licensed by the USCG and are familiar with most systems found on board today. PYD will never "push the vessel" or rush a delivery unless absolutely necessary for ...

  15. Rates and Fees

    If you are on a maintenance plan with Captain Marty's yacht Service, cost should average $300/month, depending on vessel size. If we discover an issue, we will document it and send to the owner for review. Captain Marty's rate is $85/hour for repairs and is insured up to $1,000,000 per incident for repairs. If Captain Marty cannot perform ...

  16. Deep Blue Yacht Delivery & Services

    YACHT DELIVERY / CONCIERGE / RATES / THE CAPTAIN / CONTACT / GET QUOTE / USCG LICENSED, EXPERIENCED & PROFESSIONAL . Offering extensive yacht delivery and concierge services for owners of motor vessels, powerboats and yachts. We understand the passion you have for boating. Our priority is treating your vessel with the highest degree of ...

  17. Pricing

    Fuel - $3000. Moorage, Provisions & Travel Expenses - $380. Ketchikan, AK to Seattle, WA 700 nm - $14,250. Delivery Crew 8 days - $8000. Fuel - $4400. Moorage, Provisions & Travel Expenses - $1850. Pricing What determines the rate? The daily rate is $650 - $1000 per day, which is based the on the amount of crew we need to complete ...

  18. How to Find the Right Delivery Captain

    Money Matters: If you hope to get your boat delivered on the cheap, you'll probably get what you pay for. Budget for the real world. In addition to the captain's day rate, you'll have to pay to bring the captain to the boat or get him back home after the vessel arrives at home port. You'll cover expenses such as meals, and lay days, too.

  19. Boat Delivery

    Boat Delivery Captain for hire. Specialize in Yacht Delivery from Maine to Florida including the Gulf Coast, Bahamas & Worldwide. Call us at 855-373-0700

  20. Boat Shipping Options for Easy and Safe Transport

    Getting the best boat shipping quote requires some research and preparation. Start by gathering information about your boat's size, weight, and destination. Next, research several boat shipping companies and compare their services, rates, and reviews.

  21. Coastal Yacht Delivery

    Coastal Yacht Delivery. Ryan Githens 443-876-6998 [email protected]. Send us the details and we'll contact you ASAP. Offering experienced Vessel Captains and worry free service!

  22. Container rates drop to unsustainable levels, Maersk CEO says

    The global container shipping market faces overcapacity in the coming years and the rates paid by customers have fallen to an unsustainable level, Maersk CEO Vincent Clerc told the group's annual ...

  23. Where global shipping rates are headed in 2024

    SELECT. All Credit Cards. Find the Credit Card for You. Best Credit Cards. Best Rewards Credit Cards. Best Travel Credit Cards. Best 0% APR Credit Cards. Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards

  24. Indian navy captures ship from Somali pirates, rescuing 17 crew members

    Indian naval forces including special commandos have seized a cargo vessel that had been hijacked by Somali pirates and rescued 17 crew members, a spokesperson for the navy said.

  25. ELLOGISTIK, OOO Company Profile

    Find company research, competitor information, contact details & financial data for !company_name! of !company_city_state!. Get the latest business insights from Dun & Bradstreet.

  26. S-400 missile system

    The S-400 Triumf (Russian: C-400 Триумф - Triumf; translation: Triumph; NATO reporting name: SA-21 Growler), previously known as the S-300 PMU-3, is a mobile surface-to-air missile (SAM) system developed in the 1990s by Russia's NPO Almaz as an upgrade to the S-300 family of missiles. The S-400 was approved for service on 28 April 2007 and the first battalion of the systems assumed ...

  27. Custom Curtains, Drapes & Blinds in Elektrostal'

    Search 522 Elektrostal' custom curtains, drapes & blinds to find the best custom curtain, drape and blind service for your project. See the top reviewed local custom curtains, drapes and blinds in Elektrostal', Moscow Oblast, Russia on Houzz.

  28. Venture Global Buys LNG Shipping Fleet to Sell Fuel Directly

    Venture Global LNG Inc., the US liquefied natural gas exporter embroiled in a dispute with several of its customers, is acquiring nine LNG carriers and expanding its sales operations to market ...