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Last updated on May 9, 2021

Best Boat Security Systems

A boat is a sizeable investment. And as such must be kept safe at all times. You obviously can’t monitor it 24/7 but a boat security system certainly can. For those times you leave your boat unattended at a dock or at anchor, a boat security system will be “your eyes”.

The endless misfortunes that can befall your boat range from fires to thefts and collisions. By installing a security system, you’ll have first hand evidence of any unusual occurrences on your boat.

But note that these systems aren’t only for monitoring your boat from afar—even use it when onboard.

Does this sound like something you definitely need? Let’s have a look at our top recommendations that you can pick from.

Types of Security Systems

We’ll start by outlining that there are different types of systems. We list them below:

  • Local alarm: This system is designed to alert people onboard or nearby of any disturbances to your boat. 
  • Remote alarm: What happens if you’re not near the boat? This system will alert an owner of any suspicious activities happening on your boat even if you’re far away. Notification is done either via text, email or SMS.
  • Interactive: This type goes beyond merely notifying the owner. It also allows you to immediately respond to a situation.

Top 5 Best Boat Alarm Systems and Tracking Devices

1. skippers wireless boat security system.

Wireless Boat Security System

First off, you’ll be impressed by how easy this unit is to set up. This is largely because it’s a wireless security system so no wiring is necessary to install the gadget.

Not only is it easy to install, but simple to use too. The intuitive keypad controller allows you to easily program the unit to your desired function. And it comes with four programmable modes.

This Skippers device displays a red flashing light which indicates that the system is armed and ready to start surveillance.

The alarm on this boat security system is pretty loud. You’re bound to hear it from a distance. The siren is designed to sound for three minutes before it shuts off.

For this system to function it needs to be connected to 12V DC power. It comes with two Energizer batteries located in the keypad but note that they are largely for back-up only. And these batteries will last you anything between six months to a year.

Generally the device is quite sturdy. But avoid exposing it to water because though it’s moisture proof it’s not waterproof.

  • Very loud siren
  • Easy to install
  • Not waterproof
  • Slightly expensive

2. Spot Trace

Spot Trace

Before exploring the specs, we’ll quickly point out how relatively inexpensive this unit is. The system is designed to monitor the boat’s surroundings and you can view footage online on your mobile phone in real time.

If there are any suspicious movements near or around your boat, you’re immediately sent a notification. Alerts are sent via email or SMS.

The device is battery powered. And you’ll appreciate how the battery is designed to last for at least two months before the next charge. When the battery is low—or if the device has powered off—you’ll also receive a notification.

With this system, you’ll receive a daily status message that assures you of your boat’s safety. Aside from being affordable, this system is also very easy to use.

The system is negatively affected by weather. Rain is interpreted as suspicious movements resulting in a false alarm. Also, note that it’s not waterproof so avoid submerging it in water; you’re not likely to receive a signal if this happens.

  • Daily status message
  • Weather related false alarms

3. Trak-4 GPS Tracker

Trak-4 GPS Tracker for Tracking Assets, Equipment, and Vehicles

Here is yet another boat security system that’s also easy to use. Upon installation, tracking will start in a matter of minutes. If there’s any suspicious activity picked up by the surveillance, you’ll immediately receive a notification via email or text.

This system is one of the cheapest on our list which is a plus. But note that you have to pay monthly subs to access hourly pings. The terms of purchasing this unit are pretty flexible. You don’t need a contract and there are no activation or cancellation fees.

You’ll enjoy unlimited cellular data with this system. And you can access surveillance footage via your mobile phone or tablet.

The device lasts up to 18 months on a single charge which is very impressive. It’s powered by a rechargeable battery which you can recharge using a USB cable or your regular phone charger.

The system is weatherproof; you can use it both indoors and outdoors. Installation is relatively simple. Our only concern is with the mounting holes that are rather small so you can’t use large screws. But nonetheless it’s an excellent product that works well.

  • Long battery life
  • Weather proof
  • Sturdy & compact design
  • Mounting holes small
  • Doesn’t track in real time

4. Siren Marine MTC2 Wireless Boat Monitoring & Security System

Siren Marine MTC2 Wireless Boat Monitoring & Security System

The Siren Marine wireless boat security system is pretty easy to install. Like most systems on our list, this model is designed to track and monitor your boats surroundings. It has not one but two sensors included which will trigger the alarm if any movement is detected in and around your boat.

Features present on this system include GPS tracking as well as geo-fencing. This way you know where your boat is at all times. The unit features a functionality that’s designed to monitor if the system is functioning as it should.

This device allows you to control different systems on the boat from afar. Systems you can control include the air conditioner and lights.

But to enjoy all these impressive features you’ll have to pay a lot more because this boat security system is rather pricy.

  • Control different systems from a distance

5. Reolink Go 1080p 3G/4G GSM Outdoor Mobile Cellular Security Camera

Reolink Go [US Version] 1080p 3G/4G LTE SIM Card GSM Outdoor Mobile Cellular Security Camera No WiFi Solar-Powered Rechargeable Battery-Powered, SD Card Slot Cloud Storage, Weatherproof, Night Vision

This wireless system is powered by a 7800mAh high capacity rechargeable battery. And the long lasting battery life is one of the product’s huge draw cards. If ever you don’t want to run out of power, then you can use it with the solar panel which is sold separately.

The system features a smart sensor that’s designed to detect movements. If any motion is picked up, the siren is sounded and you’re immediately notified via email or text. You have the option of customizing your own voice alert to deter the intruder as opposed to the siren. This is thanks to the integrated microphone and speaker that allow for two way communication.

You can view images and recorded videos clearly—even at night—thanks to the Starlight night vision feature. The camera has an impressive 110ᵒ field of view that allows you to view a wider angle of your boat’s surroundings.

Since the product is from China, technical support is very difficult to access.

  • Expandable storage
  • Excellent night images
  • Voice alerts
  • Reasonably priced
  • Poor technical support
  • Difficult to install

Boat Security System Buying Guide

Powering the systems.

From the above it’s clear that there are several options when it comes to powering boat security systems. Boat security systems are either powered by:

  • Rechargeable batteries which vary with regards to operational time span. Lithium rechargeable batteries are however designed to last long so keep that in mind when shopping.
  • A solar panel is another option although whether your system can use it depends on the brand in question. Needless to say, with solar panels, your chances of running out of power are minimal.
  • DC battery banks , with 12V DC power supplies being among the most common power supplies on the market. Their popularity is largely based on their impressive stability and reliability.

Boat security systems have different kinds of sensors. We’ll discuss the common two types below:

  • Motion sensor: As the name suggests, this type is responsible for detecting any movement that occurs on and near your boat. It can either be armed—or disarmed—using a remote.
  • Door/hatch alarm: This type is designed to monitor if a door or hatch on your boat is opened or closed to deter intruders. If a door is opened, the siren sounds off. Usually no hardwiring is required with this type of sensor.

Regardless of the one you pick make sure it’s only designed to pick up suspicious motion signals and not other harmless activities such as rainfall or moving rodents. This only results in an increasing number of false alarms which can be rather annoying.

Sensors that significantly reduce the risk of false alarms are designed to exclude body mass. This means they’ll only trigger the alarm if the object detected falls above a certain weight.

Also note that a high quality sensor will notify you if the battery is near depletion so that you can take corrective measures.

Sirens and Alarms

After movements or suspicious activities are detected by sensors on the boat security systems, the siren or alarm immediately sounds.

You need to consider how loud the alarm is. You want one that you can hear from a distance if you’re not on board your water craft.

You’ll also need to consider the duration the alarm will sound for. Most sirens and alarms on boat security systems are built into the unit’s keypad & battery powered.

The tracking aspect on your security system which includes GPS helps you keep tabs on your boat when you’re not close by. You’ll always know exactly where your boat is.

Here you insert hidden devices on your watercraft where you can set up geo-fencing around your boat. This way you can track your boat’s location via satellite if it happens to go past its geo fence.

Depending on the boat security system you pick, you can receive mobile notifications regarding your boat’s location. Other manufacturers designed their systems to allow you to view your boat and its surroundings on your phone in real time. 

It’s important to consider the storage capacity on your boat security system. Preferably you must opt for one with a sizeable storage capacity to store all footage recorded.

Does it store captured videos locally or in the cloud? Both have advantages and disadvantages. Buying a system that only allows you to store videos locally is very risky. If any sort of damage occurs to the unit, you risk losing all recorded footage. In addition, the amount of footage that can be stored is limited. You’ll have to delete videos to make space for new ones.

With local storage you can only access footage if your devices are nearby. But your footage will be fully under your control with no third party interference.

Opting for a system that allows you to store in the cloud is ideal. Footage is backed up and can be retrieved at a later day when necessary. However note that you can only access this information when you have an internet connection. And since you’re entrusting a third party to store your videos, there’s also risk of security breach.

Connection and Subscription Plans

As stated above, with certain boat security systems you can only access footage if you have internet access. What happens if you don’t? There are manufacturers who design their security systems to allow you to access recorded information without Wi-Fi. The latter may be more ideal if you’re going to be viewing from a place with no internet access.

Aside from connection, some security systems have subscription plans in place to fully access the device’s full functionality. Only after paying monthly or annual premiums can you receive functions such as hourly pings.

Final Thoughts

Granted a boat security system won’t stop your boat from capsizing or sinking but you can certainly keep track of it. In the event of theft you’ll have footage of the culprit which increases your chances of finding it. In addition, any collisions that happen are captured first hand on camera.

Take care of your investment. This certainly sounds like a system every boat owner must have don’t you agree? 

Author Image

About the author   Robert Finn

Robert has over 20 years of experience boating and selling boat equipment. His passion for the latest and greatest gear helps our clients find what they need. His favorite boating place is the Florida Keys.

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Best Boat Security Systems and Cameras for 2024

best yacht alarm

Siren 3 Boat Monitoring System

best yacht alarm

Spot Trace Alert Tracking System

Ian Fortey

As a boat owner, you didn’t invest in your boat just so you could have it stolen, right? Whether it’s a few hundred bucks for an old fishing boat and hundreds of thousands for a yacht , you have every right to protect what’s yours. That means a solid security system to keep it safe when you’re not around. Let’s take a look at some of the best marine security systems.

If you’re looking for a serious and reliable security system for your boat, then the Siren 3 Pro from Siren Marine has to be on your radar. You’re going to pay a few more dollars for this than your knock off system that can be found on Amazon, but it’s worth it.

As long as you have a mobile device, and who doesn’t these days, the Siren 3 system allows you to monitor, track and even control your vessel remotely. You can keep an eye on critical functions such as how your bilge is holding up and what your battery life looks like.

The GPS locator ensures you always know where your vessel is. This allows for tracking if it either gets stolen or maybe your brother takes it out for the day and doesn’t come back on time.

Onboard controls can be wired to the system as well through two outputs. This can allow you to turn the lights on and off as you desire. You can even turn the AC on before you arrive so you have a cooled down boat before heading out for the day.

There are 9 hardwired inputs and you can connect to up to 15 sensors, but you need to buy those separately. You can mix and match with things like motion sensors, pull sensors and so on to ensure maximum security and coverage.

  • Buy on sirenmarine   →
  • Buy on Walmart   →

If you’re looking to meld a great price with great technology, Spot Trace has what you need. Keep in mind, this is not a security system but a tracking system, and we recommend you use both pieces of technology together. A great security system can absolutely prevent theft. However, if something happens and your vessel does get stolen, what next? That’s where Spot Trace comes in.

If your boat moves when it’s not supposed to you’ll instantly receive a notification in the form of an email or a text message. You will then be able to track the progress and position of your boat in real time with Google Maps. No matter where the boat goes, you’ll have updated information on location that can be shared with law enforcement to ensure you get your boat returned as fast as possible.

Tracking is customizable and you can receive updates every 60 minutes or up to every 2.5 minutes if you wish. It works fairly simply upon activation. Spot Trace uses GPS coordinates it receives from the satellite network to determine your boat’s position. It then relays those coordinates to your device.

The system is able to alter you when batteries are low or even when it’s turned off in case someone found it. The units are small and can be discreetly placed on your boat where a thief is unlikely to find them. Mounting brackets or double-sided tape can be used.

Pairing the unit with Spot Trace’s service ensures peace of mind when you have your boat at the dock. The basic services allows for tracking, movement alerts and more. Upgraded tracking ensures that update every 2.5 minutes for the most precise tracking available. This does require entering into a contract with the company, however.

Coverage is available nearly all over the world in offshore areas though inland in places like Asia and Africa may not be available. Battery life while tracking varies depending on functionality but can last anywhere from 3.5 to as much as 156 days.

  • Buy on Findmespot   →

Garmin GC 100 Wireless Boat Security Camera

best yacht alarm

Finding good quality marine cameras is sometimes harder than you’d think. Amazon is full of knock off indoor/outdoor cameras but they are not made for marine use. You can likely get away with an outdoor camera on your boat for a while. But is it the best choice? Likely not. The issue is, of course, the potential moisture not to mention salt a boat camera may have to endure. They need to be tougher than a backyard camera and that’s where Garmin comes in. Garmin works in the marine field and their cameras are designed for this environment.

The GC 100 is a compact camera designed to monitor both interior and exterior of a boat. It can be connected wirelessly to a chartplotter so you can see what the camera sees right away. Any other one on the same network can also hook up to the camera feed. Up to 4 cameras can be viewed simultaneously.

One of the highlights of the GC 100 is that it’s designed to operate in total darkness. That means you can monitor the deck in the dead of night. But, of potential more use, is that you can monitor places like the engine room, no lights required.

Set up is simple and quick. The cameras work wirelessly. The device is hardwired for power. Once installed, it’s literally good to go at the push of a button. The Wi-fi range is 70 meters or about 230 feet. The night vision ability is good for around 3 meters or about 9 feet.

  • Buy on Garmin   →

TH Marine Two-Way Boat Alarm

best yacht alarm

At 128 decibels, no one is going to ignore the alarm of the TH Marine two-way boat alarm when it goes off. You can be alerted up to 3000 yards off when the alarm is activated. It can also transmit up to 1000 yards.

The shock sensor has an adjustable sensitivity setting so you can make tweaks to prevent false alarms, especially if you’re in choppier waters. There are five sensitivity levels and the default is level three.

The alarm system offers three levels of protection and deterrence. The blaring and impossible to ignore sound is one. But the system also offers vibration and light as well to ensure security. Once hooked up to your deck lights they can flash while the alarm sounds. This is very effective at scaring off would be intruders while also allowing others to quickly identify where the problem is when coming to help if need be.

The main engine is waterproof and installation is fairly simple. You can also rest assured that TH Marine offers great customer service if you have any issues. The company has a proven track record of friendly and fast service if any issues pop up.

  • Buy on Thmarinesupplies   →

Siren Marine Boat Alarm

best yacht alarm

When you need something cheap and effective, the Siren Marine alarm may be your best bet. Not a lot of frills and gimmicks here, it’s just a loud alarm. The sound reaches 101 decibels so it’s pretty much impossible to miss when it goes off. The system connects with a single wire in just seconds making installation easy and trouble free.

Because it’s just a simple alarm, it obviously only works when you’re in range. So if your boat is tied up at a home dock or somewhere nearby, this could be ideal. The motion sensor function will trip the alarm if anything moves around in range. The alarm can also be functional when you’re on the boat. It can be set up to detect the presence of water. So if you’re on deck and there’s a problem below, the alarm can notify you before it gets out of hand.

The alarm is easy to use. It can be connected to a Siren Marine app which allows you to switch the alarm on and off. That makes it convenient if it goes off by accident or if you want to set it off for a specific reason. The same app can be used to set it to different modes, like the motion sensor function we already mentioned. It can also be set on a schedule.

Arguably one of the best selling points of the Siren Marine boat alarm is the price. Some of the most complicated security systems can be very expensive as we’ve seen. But if you’re just looking to keep a simple boat safe in a simple boat way, this could be a great option.

The plastic housing is sturdy and also waterproof. The wiring is set for any 12V-80V DC power source. One thing to be aware of is that this needs to be used in conjunction with an MTC or “monitor, track and control” system, like the Siren 3.

  • Buy on Sirenmarine   →

Skippers Wireless Boat Security System

best yacht alarm

The wireless boat security system from Skippers offers a decent system for a decent price. We wouldn’t recommend using this to keep your million dollar yacht secure. But if you have a small fishing boat and you want to add a layer of protection, this is a great choice.

The system is very similar to home security ones you may be familiar with. Once armed, the red light flashes to let you know it’s secure. It also offers a good visual deterrent to would-be thieves.

Connect to a 12 V DC power source to ensure proper functioning and longer life. There is a battery backup in the keypad but it is just that, a backup. Comes with a keyfob remote, motion sensors, and two door/hatch sensors as well. You can set up four programmable zones as well.

The motion sensors can be a little sensitive so you may want to adjust their field of view. Because you’re on the water, if things get choppy the sensors can and will pick up the motion. The potential for false alarms is there so keep that in mind. Often, a simple piece of tape obscuring just a part of the sensor can help narrow the field and prevent this. The process can be trial and error. It all depends on how you mount the sensors, of course.

The alarm is remarkably loud. If you want something you’ll hear at a distance, this one has you covered. Also means that any potential thieves are going to get nervous quickly when it goes off.

Make sure you test the batteries when the system arrives. Though it comes with some, they may not be the best quality. We recommend buying new batteries just in case. The batteries in the key fob are pre-installed but they may be old and dead or near dead.

If you want a system that looks professional and will deter would-be thieves as much by the appearance as the actual function, this could be the one for you.

 Amazon  →

Things to Remember About Your Security System

How you use a boat security system really depends on what you hope to get out of it. Some systems, as we can see, are much more expensive than others. But that’s true of boats as well. There’s little need to use a $1000 system on an old fishing boat only worth a few hundred dollars. Likewise, you may want to secure an expensive yacht with some top of the line advanced technology and not a knock off brand.

Do You Need Boat Security Cameras?

You’ll notice many of the systems we included do not have cameras. This is really a personal choice as to whether you think they are necessary. A camera can be a great help but it needs to be marine grade. If you’re using a home security camera it may not be up to task. Especially if you use your boat in saltwater. They just can’t handle the harsh conditions.

Cameras can offer more than just security. A camera to monitor your engine room, for instance, isn’t about deterring thieves. This is to ensure the smooth and safe running of your vessel. So it’s worth considering what you can get the most benefit from.

Are Wireless Boat Security Systems Best?

Cheap wireless technology has scared off a lot of people in the past. Bad signal strength and spotty performance may have made you afraid to trust in wireless. Make sure you’re buying quality products and you should see their performance is definitely up to snuff. Wireless is often of great importance on a boat. The fewer wires you have around the better. Most systems will require hardwiring into the power source. But after that, cameras and sensors that work wirelessly are a great feature. Not only do they mean less clutter, they are easier to place. If you need to move things around, doing so without the burden of wires is a consideration to keep in mind.

In terms of power supply, always make sure you know how the system needs to be wired. Basic boat electrical work doesn’t have to be hard but it can be challenging. Most systems should be compatible with the power supply on your vessel but double check. This is especially true if you’re buying a system manufactured in another country. Power needs and connections may not be what you’re expecting.

A security system can potentially offer numerous features. Decide on which ones work bets for you depending on the needs and challenges you’re dealing with. For instance, a loud siren may not be the most helpful feature if no one is anywhere near where your boat is docked. If no one can hear an alarm, it doesn’t do much good.

Likewise, motion detectors can be a great help but they may need to be adjusted. If your boat starts moving in the waves, you don’t want the security system to go off every time this happens. Make sure you’re getting a system that has some flexibility. You want to be able to adjust your motion sensors, not just in terms of installation location but sensitivity.

Systems that don’t just set off sounds but lights are also a good idea. Sometimes an alarm can be disabled fairly quickly if someone sees where it is and tears out a wire or knocks it down. But when a security system is also linked to the lights, it’s harder to deal with. Plus it makes your boat even more noticeable while exposing potential thieves.

App Functions

Gone are the days of just replying on a camera to record the scene to a VCR or an alarm that blares mindlessly. Nowadays, any good security system should be able to connect over a network as long as you have an internet connection. That means you should be able to use an app of some kind to link your system with your phone, tablet or computer. These allow greater peace of mind because you can monitor what’s going on in real time and even make adjustments for some systems.

Most people don’t look at security as a before and after, but you should. An alarm is a great “before” security device, but tracking is good for after. If the alarm is disable or otherwise doesn’t manage to scare off a thief, then your boat can be stolen. Once it’s taken, you need to focus on the “after.” That’s where tracking comes in. Just because a thief got your boat doesn’t mean it can’t be saved.

Tracking devices can be discreet and offer accurate, rapid tracking using GPS. This information can help you track a boat with your cell phone whether it was stolen by a thief or even if it’s just out late. If a friend or relative is out longer than they should be, a tracker can be invaluable in figuring out where they’ve gone. And if a thief has the boat, the tracker data can be given to law enforcement or harbor patrol.

The Bottom Line

Security systems can let you keep track of your boat, its systems, and its location. They can prevent thefts and help retrieve stolen property. In the end they’re about securing your vessel and ensuring you get to keep enjoying it. Do you need a security system? No. But we definitely think you should invest in one all the same.

' src=

My grandfather first took me fishing when I was too young to actually hold up a rod on my own. As an avid camper, hiker, and nature enthusiast I'm always looking for a new adventure.

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best yacht alarm

The Top 10 Yacht Security Systems To Safeguard Your Vessel

  • Posted on October 31, 2022 November 8, 2022
  • 6 minute read
  • by SWAGGER Staff

Sailun Tires

For most boat owners, their yacht is their prize possession, and rightly so. As such, it’s no surprise that modern yacht owners are considering new and innovative ways to protect and safeguard their assets.

From piracy to paparazzi – ensuring the security and privacy of guests on board a superyacht is always a priority. And now, with ever-evolving technology, superyacht owners can unlock access to secret-service-level security systems – the kind you would expect to see in your favourite James Bond film.

Although still very uncommon, piracy attacks in some remote locations are rising. The use of technologies, such as drones, can help to mitigate the risk significantly. As superyachts become increasingly extravagant, it’s easy to see why they might attract the wrong attention from time to time. Whilst these attacks are incredibly rare, it’s wise to ensure your yacht is prepared for every eventuality.

From futuristic motion-sensing floor panels to anti-drone force fields – the vast array of security systems available to the modern yacht Owner is impressive, to say the least.


1. emergency escape pods.

Much like the awesome pieces of kit you are prone to seeing in high-speed, action-packed blockbusters, these watertight pods are constructed from technologically advanced materials to resist impact. With built-in GPS trackers, temperature and fire barrier controls, and air purification systems, they have everything you and your guests need to flee the scene quickly and safely – whether to escape onboard trespassers or flee an out-of-control fire.

Oceanco has developed a new concept known as ‘Life Pods’, which perform like a citadel room, but can be ejected from the yacht in an emergency. Allowing for a rapid escape for any number of reasons, these Life Pods are a game-changing concept that will likely be in high demand once they have been developed.


Sonar systems are also an increasingly popular security system, allowing the Captain on board the yacht to detect potential underwater threats up to 900 metres below the surface. The systems can identify, track, and detect divers, submersibles, and other underwater activity.

These security tracking systems can even be implemented on a boat’s tenders for an even further range of visibility. Boasting an environmentally friendly composition, the systems are ideal for enhancing the security of your yacht without impacting surrounding marine life.


Like a panic room on board the yacht, citadel rooms are equipped with independent, overriding access to navigational and satellite communications systems to maintain control of the vessel even when hijacked by pirates or trespassers. Fitted with reinforced doors and ballistic protection on surrounding walls for maximum safety, citadel rooms are designed to keep guests and crew members safe while waiting for response teams to reach the site.

They are also equipped with their own ventilation systems and water and food supplies in case of emergency, making it the perfect place to hide out from potential safety threats.

best yacht alarm


Perhaps the most industry-leading futuristic technology on offer is the anti-drone system. They are hugely popular for the rich and famous looking to escape the onslaught of the paparazzi and indulge in the utmost privacy and relaxation while on board their superyacht. With a detection system that identifies commercial drones in operation within an eight-mile radius, the technology can provide GPS positions of both the drone and the pilot, as well as an accurate indication of the drone’s heading and speed.

In response, the yacht security system engages an electronic ‘exclusion zone’ around the yacht, blocking any unwanted airborne visitors. Should the drone enter the perimeter of the exclusion zone, the controls and video feed are jammed, successfully rendering the pilot’s controls useless and protecting the privacy of guests on board.

best yacht alarm


Still in development, this innovative security technology is highly reminiscent of the kind we are used to seeing in traditional spy movies. The software uses high-tech revolutionary tracking systems to create a digital pressure video of a visitor’s movement that can be tracked and re-evaluated, recording the movement patterns on the floor. This can alert guests as to when an intruder has boarded the yacht.


The GOST cloaking system is designed to protect in the short time between alarm activation and the response team’s arrival at the scene. When activated, the security system fills the intended area with an impenetrable cloud of smoke to confuse the intruder and force them to retreat while the response team makes its way to the site.

The smoke is created using a special glycol solution, reducing visibility to less than one foot. The aim is to disorient any intruders and provide guests and crew members with some additional time to get to safety.


Another security system for superyachts that protects against unwanted intruders is the Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD), a non-lethal anti-piracy device that emits pain-inducing sound beams to drive away invaders. By producing a loud, high-pitched noise – higher than the tolerance levels of the average human being – the system disorients the attacker, forcing them to retreat, providing onboard guests and crew members with the opportunity to alert response teams and escape if necessary.

These systems can have a range of more than three kilometres and can be adjusted to broadcast messages in multiple languages.


Whilst bulletproof windows may seem extreme, crime can happen anywhere – not just in corrupt countries – and having the right protection is key to ensuring the safety of you, your guests, and your crew. With hot extruded steel or stainless-steel profile, these A6 compound glass windows provide protection against fire for up to an hour.

They can also be thermally or chemically toughened for maximum protection, laminated, insulated, and even sound-proofed for additional perks alongside the obvious security benefits.

best yacht alarm


Before integrating more sophisticated security systems for superyachts, it’s good to get the basics in place. CCTV systems can be installed across the vessel and are designed to be as unobtrusive and covert as possible. They also record all activity inside and outside the yacht, allowing for easy identification should an intruder board the boat.

Integrated into the CCTV systems, you can also install alarms activated by motion or cross-line detection software, allowing for easy detection of potential threats.


With hackers on the rise, having a manual lockdown system is critical to ensure the safety and protection of guests on board, even when systems may be compromised. MAST offers a fully electronic locking system that allows for vessel-wide lockdown in emergencies. The yacht security system can lock and unlock all doors with a single button from any of the control stations in the vessel. So, even if the bridge is hijacked, your guests and crew can maximise safety by limiting access for the intruder.


Whilst emergency situations are incredibly rare on board a superyacht, it is always wise to be prepared. And, with technology growing increasingly sophisticated, it isn’t difficult for hackers to get into basic yacht systems and override controls. That is if you don’t have the right precautions in place.

Security systems for superyachts are always evolving, and now owners have access to a plethora of high-tech software and devices that can help protect them and their guests from potential threats.

If you would like further advice on how you can equip your vessel with the best security yacht systems, please contact our yacht management Team.

' src=


Collaborative content by SWAGGER's in-house editorial team.

best yacht alarm

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  • Posted on October 17, 2022

best yacht alarm

7 Holiday Gifts to Make Her Swoon

  • Posted on November 12, 2022 November 17, 2022

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Boat Security Systems

  • By Ken Englert
  • Updated: January 13, 2011

So who is watching your boat and its valuables when you are not aboard? And who is going to shout for help should a break-in, fire, rise in bilge water, loss of dock power or other emergency take place?

One practical answer is the electronic equivalent to a combination onboard pit bull and boat baby sitter. A boat-monitoring and alarm system performs just that task.

All About Security Security systems may be comprised of a simple door-hatch sensor or an audible siren alarm, or more sophisticated systems can call you on a cell phone or send you a text message when an onboard issue arises. Still others provide you with complete remote monitoring status of your boat.

The online quotient can’t be overlooked. With your computer, iPad or tablet, it’s possible to respond to an alarm notification by checking, verifying status and even acting upon any sensor on board. You can even turn selected sensors on and off. for example, if you receive an activation alarm detecting movements inside your boat — or an advisement that water is being taken on or smoke or fire is sensed — you can notify the harbor patrol, fire department, dockmaster, a commercial boat service or a designated friend or family member to take appropriate action within minutes.

On the other hand, if the alarm reports a loss of shore power, you know to call the marina or to stop by the boat after work to see what’s up.

Power of the Web Want to take a look in and around your boat at any time of the day to see if all is normal or to check up on junior to be sure he’s not throwing an impromptu party when he’s supposed to be at the library? This can be done with cameras and internet access.

In the event that someone steals your boat, being advised of the theft may not be all that helpful. A fast-moving thief could be halfway to the next county by the time you alert authorities. Not to worry. Many boat-alarm system manufacturers offer a covert GPS-tracking option that will have you viewing a bread-crumb route to exactly where the boat is at all times. This can direct the police to meet the hijackers when they arrive at their destination. This stealthlike GPS-tracking feature also provides a good means for keeping an eye on the whereabouts of your boat when a delivery captain is relocating it to another area.

Keep in mind that boat security systems can be customized and configured in almost any manner to meet your specific needs.

Players in the Game The following manufacturers all offer boaters excellent choices for boat-monitoring and security systems.

Aqualarm The Scoop: The company offers a broad menu of systems and components for a variety of boat sizes and security situations. Contact: ; 888-298-6206

Columbia Boat Alarms Inc. The Scoop: Smaller craft require special consideration, and the Triton Alarm ($399) offers protection that triggers when one of its canvas-snap sensors is tampered with. Contact: ; 866-504-4686

EyeOnBoard LLC The Scoop: It specializes in 24/7 video surveillance both inside and outside your boat. A live demonstration is available on its website, and a starter system goes for $2,220. Contact: ; 916-933-3602

Flagship Marine Security Inc. The Scoop: Product includes a gold support plan, providing a custom wiring schematic and a 24/7 hotline for after-hours and weekend technical support. Contact: ; 516-487-9650

Global Ocean Security Technologies (GOST) The Scoop: Its Magellan basic-value pack ($2,300) uses all-wireless sensors to simplify installation. The GOST Immobilizer ($385) renders an engine dead until reactivated. Contact: ; 954-565-9898

MarineGuard Network The Scoop: Along with a wide array of components, sensors and tracking equipment, MarineGuard offers boaters four complete packaged alarm systems. Contact: ; 800-648-4301

Spot LLC The Scoop: The new Hug ($449) system is both comprehensive and affordable. Contact: ; 866-651-7768

Steal Armor The Scoop: Its Stryker has a clever sonic-security alarm system that looks like a lunchbox cooler. Hidden inside, however, is a piercing siren that discourages intruders. Contact: ; 866-424-0575

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best yacht alarm

Nautic Alert

  • Insight X3 VMS
  • XPulse Plus
  • Geofence / Anchor Alarm
  • Bilge Management
  • Boat and Yacht Security
  • Hostage and SOS Rescue
  • Energy Management
  • Global Text Messaging
  • Tender Watch
  • Buy Nautic Alert Triton

Boat Security And Surveillance

best yacht alarm

The New Standard in Boat Security.

Unmatched boat security protection using 3-layer security defense based on radar, microwave, and flir-based thermal imagining cameras for the ultimate intrusion detection solution on the market., layers of security defense.

Layer-1 Level of Defense , the Nautic Alert security strategy enables wired or wireless  motion detection sensors as the 1st level of defense, for the outdoor perimeter, to catch an intruder in the process of coming aboard or in attempt to take an attachment such as a dingy, while the security system is set to “Onboard” mode or “Away” mode to protect crew and passengers while sleeping or the vessel when no one is on board.

Layer-2 Level of Defense , provides wired or wireless motion detection sensors and wired contacts positioned in strategic locations within the cabin or in other compartments for indoor perimeter monitoring and detection.

Layer-3 Level of Defense , provides the Nautic Alert Geofence, which creates a virtual ring around the vessel and monitors for vessel movement outside of the virtual ring boundaries, which can be set to as little as 50ft.

best yacht alarm

With the combined layers of defense, you get an advanced boat security system with a highly effective strategy. Additional security safety features include smoke detection and personal emergency/ man overboard (MOB).

Video and Surveillance

Microwave or flir outdoor perimeter deck protection, imagine an unauthorized party attempts to board your vessel when you least expect it, and you are informed before they even step on your deck., imagine boats passing by and no false positive notifications., imagine  innovation that establishes your 1 st layer of security defense., it is real – nautic alert boat security..

best yacht alarm

Radar Interior Stealth Protection

The beauty and elegance of your boat deserves hidden intrusion detection sensors behind a cabinet or bulkhead to catch the unexpected..

best yacht alarm

FLIR Autonomous Human Detection

What your eyes cannot see, the flir thermal camera enables you to see based on invisible heat radiation.  cover precise boundaries, including outboard engines and outdoor chartplotters, for precision military-grade protection., advanced security sensors.

FLIR Autonomous Human Detection  provides precise graphic-driven bounds and rules for precise area detection in a very confined or open environment.  Based on thermal detection, movement of objects will not give false alerts, and it can discern human vs non-human movement.  This solution can be used standalone with Nautic Alert X2 (requires Insight X2 and XPulse or XPulse Plus), and does not require a NVR.  However, an NVR can optionally be used to enable onboard and remote thermal imaging.  FLIR imaging does require more power, and thus, may not be optimal for a moored solar-powered setup unless sufficient solar panel and battery capacity is used.

With Nautic Alert’s FLIR solution, it’s possible to setup 4 cameras in a 360 degree configuration and detect incoming intruders from all angles around the yacht.  The maximum effective detection distance is about 60 feet.

Nautic Alert Video Surveillance

best yacht alarm

Network Video Recorder

A NVR is like a DVR for your boat.  It contains an HDMI video interface to an LCD display, and contains an onboard interactive mouse and remote control driven menu to configure and play-back recordings locally.  NVRs support 8, 16, and 24 camera channels, in recreational and enterprise models.

Complete with a large hard drive, the NVR records all camera feeds for days, and makes it possible to play back event-based video clips or from searching by date and time onboard and remotely from the app.

iPhone and Android App Remote Access

Long range marine wifi connectivity and cellular fallback.

Nautic Alert optionally provides support for marine-grade long-range wifi-based access points, enabling wifi onboard for your devices from wifi networks up to a mile or more away.  Best of all, Nautic Alert NVRs do not require any port forwarding unlike most other products, so remotely accessing your NVR footage is a breeze and works like magic, even when connecting through a public access point.

Reliable Motion Driven Video Clips

Cameras simplified.

All cameras are IP harsh-weather rated, and we offer simple and customizable camera solutions to fit your needs.  Give us a call to discuss what’s right for you.  With 4K color night vision cameras, night video never looked so good.

best yacht alarm

CUSTOMER SUPPORT USA +1 954.565.9898




best yacht alarm

Always Watching – Never Seen

We are industry leader in boat security, tracking & video surveillance products..

If security, monitoring, and tracking are important to you, then GOST is the company you want to work with. We have over 15 years of experience in the security industry and our award-winning systems are sure to give you the peace of mind you need. With real-time alerts, satellite tracking, and video surveillance, you’ll always know your boat is safe and secure. Contact us today to learn more about our security solutions.

Satellite Tracking

Ultra-reliable satellite tracking via a geostationary satellites.

Security & Monitoring

From basic insurance requirements to advanced security configurations.

Video Surveillance

Live video feeds for up to 8HD cameras with up to 90 days of backup.

best yacht alarm

GOST Specter: Global Portal Remote Access

With GOST, you can monitor your boats precise GPS location and receive alerts when critical events occur. Geofences can be set to keep track of assets in a certain area. Event histories provide all the information you or your managers need to keep operations running smoothly.

  • Remote Access
  • Location Tracking
  • Monitor Multiple Boats / Build Fleets
  • Message Alerts / System Status

best yacht alarm

NMEA Award Product Of Excellence

We are the winner of the NMEA Award for product excellence five years in a row!

best yacht alarm

Recognized by the US Coast Guard

Officially recognized by the US Coast Guard for assisting in Rescue & Recovery Operations.

Real-time Satellite Tracking

If you're looking for a satellite tracking system that can provide real-time position information and alerts, GOST is a perfect choice. Our award-winning technology uses Geostationary Satellites to continuously monitor your boat's location, so you can always be sure it's safe. Plus, our system works with any device, so you can keep track of your boat no matter where you are in the world.

  • Real-time satellite tracking
  • Geo-fence alert system
  • Remote arm & disarm
  • Global coverage
  • Position history
  • Build & track Multiple fleets of vessels
  • Access from any computer or mobile device

best yacht alarm

Total Peace of Mind

Boat Security & Monitoring with GOST provides you with the peace of mind knowing that your boat is secure and all its systems are being monitored in real-time. You'll have the ability to view and monitor all your boat's critical systems on a single, easy-to-use dashboard, with real-time messages and alerts to keep you informed of any potential issues. With GOST, you can rest assured that your boat is in good hands.

  • Motion Sensors
  • Infrared Beam Sensors
  • High Water Sensors
  • Canvas Snap Sensors
  • Pull Sensors
  • Power Monitoring
  • Freezer Sensors
  • Heat Sensors
  • Acoustic Sound Barrier
  • Door Hatch Sensor
  • Mini Sirens
  • Cloak System
  • Touchscreens
  • Deck Sensors

best yacht alarm

Always Watching, Never Seen

With GOST XVR, you can stream real-time video surveillance footage from your boat to any computer or mobile device. This system is compatible with up to eight HD cameras, and includes a four terabyte backup system that can store up to three months of footage. The XVR unit is compact and works seamlessly with a broad range of cameras, making it the perfect video surveillance solution for any sized boat.

  • Live Camera Feeds
  • 4TB Backup System
  • Ultra-Fast Data Communicator
  • Connects Up To Eight HD Cameras
  • Access From Any Device

Have questions? Get In Touch 954-565-9898.

  • MarketPlace
  • Digital Archives
  • Order A Copy

Ocean Navigator

Taking boat security seriously

'  data-srcset=

Sailing around the world for more than 12 years, through more than 50 countries, it seems we have been lucky to have not lost anything to thieves. But we feel one’s luck runs out at some point, and the worst will eventually happen. Rather than paying an insurance premium, we put that money into upgrading and maintaining our boat in a seaworthy condition. This year, our “insurance budget” paid for installing a real marine security system to protect our equipment and us from people who may be determined to carry our things away.

Dinghy outboards have always been targets, as have cellphones and cash, but now thieves are also very interested in marine electronics, scuba gear and other treasures found on most cruising sailboats — not to mention the boat itself.

It is time for cruisers, not just superyachts, to take the lead from landlubbers and beef up security aboard our boats. Otherwise, many of us will pay the price. People ashore lock their homes and cars, and have security alarms and services, yet many sailboats leave hatches open and doors unlocked while blissfully asleep in paradise. Innocence is waning though; over the recent years, tightening of security on cruising sailboats has been a trend.

Even modest sailboats like ours are a treasure ship when viewed from the life of many villagers. In so many ways, YouTube channels and generous yachties worldwide advertise the relative wealth on board sailboats. Opportunistic thieves may think that most yachties have possessions to spare. Unfortunately, the very things that many of us barely afford and appear like fancy toys to those on shore, are actually for safety — from navigation consoles, satellite phones and fishfinders, to laptops and iPads. Losing them is not just a financial hit but also one that can endanger our safety and ability to sail onward. We are often in locations where purchasing locally or flying in replacements is a near impossible or expensive task. And when word gets around that we were robbed, and that we were then able to go out and replace those things a month later because we “need them,” a message is communicated that most of us can afford to quickly replace these items.

We felt that investing in a serious anti-theft system would be cheap insurance; the value of one moderate chartplotter exceeds the price of one great security system. Camera equipment, stereos, computers, outboard engines — we could be ruined by what thieves could grab in just half an hour.

Home-brewed security In the past few years, we got by with cheap wireless cameras and burglar alarms, both packaged and home-brewed. But, our handyman security left too many blind spots and kept us home to play security guards instead of seeing the world we sailed so far to see.

Our requirements for a new system were as follows:

A collection of “home-grown” alarm system parts previously employed by the Childresses.

Rebecca Childress

• A system that did not need Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity to be fully operational. We often anchor in dodgy towns that are not near cellular towers, and we need to be protected everywhere. Cellular is a nice backup, but it should not be the primary method used to receive messages, arm the boat or contact authorities in any security system. Dodgy cellular means dodgy security. And any world cruiser knows how frequently there is spotty cellular, let alone no cellular service at all.

• Motion detectors and/or cameras that would not false alarm because of the cat, the rocking of the boat, birds, boats, leaves or laundry. YouTube has countless videos showing alarm systems that triggered when the sun came up, or a speedboat left the anchorage rocking, or a bird landed on the binnacle. It would not be acceptable to have our ship’s cat setting off alarms.

• Very low amperage draw: A system that could be left on full time but comes with its own backup battery system should power be cut or compromised.

• Wired where necessary/recommended, but otherwise wireless as much as possible to save on installation effort and the number of holes drilled. We would not sacrifice reliability for the sake of easier installation. We promised ourselves to listen to what the experts recommended, who in turn would listen to all of our questions and provide viable solutions with knowledge specific to sailboats.

• High reliability in a marine environment. Our boat takes a beating, gets wet, and any system we get must be ready for this. We didn’t want a home security system repurposed by the marketing department. This system needed to be specifically for boats, tested and true, nearly waterproof, slamming-waves-proof and salty-humidity-proof.

• Barely visible from inside or outside of the boat, yet effective enough to set off alarms before a thief gets to the point of breaking the boat to get in.

• Able to activate bright lights, strobe lights and disturbingly loud, nauseating alarms if someone boards or goes near any entrance to the boat from any direction.

A diagram from GOST showing elements of the company’s alarm and monitoring system.

Courtesy GOST

• Capable of arming the boat while away, and also able to set active outside-only sensors when we are inside the boat.

• Internet/app access to the security system via satellite so we could know its current status when we are away — even when the boat is nowhere near Wi-Fi or cellular.

• Able to send alerts to local authorities by satellite whether the boat is in cellular range or not.

• The option to expand and grow the system in the future. We didn’t want to have to buy a whole new system to accommodate a new sensor.

• Everything in one — i.e., not three separate systems to arm and keep up with.

• The ability to specifically protect our outboard engine on deck, as this is a constant high-theft item. We lift and lock the dinghy engine every night, but we wanted extra protection for this or other things on deck, fully integrated as part of the complete system.

• Excellent technical support and a strong warranty by a reputable company who’s here for the long haul!

• We actually can’t imagine anyone stealing our boat. However, we have started to read accounts of boats smaller than ours being stolen. We decided it would be nice if the system could track outright theft of the boat, and involve the authorities quickly. The same function could serve us well if the boat decided to take a walkabout around the harbor by itself while it’s at anchor and we are ashore.

A GOST deck sensor unit.

Rebecca Childress

Everything in one system It was difficult to get everything we wanted all in one system. Some systems were primarily boat systems monitors, but not very strong on the security aspect. Others would have a sensor we wanted most but absolutely nothing else, no ability to expand in the future or poor support. Others tried to tell us what they wanted us to have and didn’t listen to what we felt we needed specific to our boat and situation. If a company couldn’t support us in the purchasing stage, how could it possibly get better after they had our money?

Only one company had everything on our wish list but, of course, it also had the highest price of all the systems. We opened our pocketbook wide and made an order with Global Ocean Security Technologies, or GOST ( ). The company doesn’t do home systems; they deal only in superyachts, poweryachts, luxury sailboats, speedboats and ordinary sailboats like ours. They have a stellar reputation for security systems on boats worldwide.

The folks at GOST preconfigured a lot of the system for us, modifying the system to make it affordable and specific for our needs. (Full disclosure: GOST did provide us with additional components in return for consideration in our articles and YouTube videos. However, we had already made a decision to buy their system prior to receiving any additional components). GOST also graciously allowed us to install the system ourselves, which it never does. This may possibly be due to Patrick’s stellar ideas in his “home-brewed security” video ( ), or possibly from aptitude in his other how-to videos and articles.

There were countless possibilities with GOST. We spent hours on Skype with the team at GOST deciding exactly what made sense for a boat like ours. The company’s website shows many of the options, but anything becomes possible in a conversation with GOST, and modifications can both reduce and increase the prices tremendously. Let the team know your budget up front, and they can likely create the best package for your individual boat’s layout as well as recommend the best installer.

What did we get? For the base system, we purchased the simplest but still sophisticated next-generation Universal Control Unit (UCU), which includes many new features including lower power draw, DC cutoff to protect the vessel’s batteries, dual battery backup, a broadened 10-32VDC input voltage, and an easier but more feature-rich user interface. It is the only system on the market offering security, monitoring, tracking and surveillance integrated together in just one system.

This UCU can operate over both cellular and Inmarsat geostationary satellite networks, allowing for true global coverage. It includes a full-function app for off-site control to arm/disarm and control any DC or AC device, while allowing notification via push notifications and SMS text messages. Local arming features still include utilization of the key fob or optional user-friendly 5- or 7-inch touch-screen keypads in addition to the app. The next-generation UCU can communicate with up to 32 sensors, five AC/DC devices and 32 users/key fobs. The system includes completely independent wireless door/hatch contacts, infrared beam sensors, deck pressure sensors and high water sensors, as well as DC battery low voltage, AC shore power loss and smoke detectors, just to name a few. The internal LTE/4G/3G communicator provides cellular control with the app as well as text messaging. Additionally, the UCU can work with any existing onboard Internet via its third-party CAT5 Ethernet plug, as GOST recognizes that many boats already have Internet access and there is no need to pay for a second cellular/VSAT connection.

This system utilizes GOST’s Nav-Tracker GPS and Inmarsat antenna, enclosed in an IP67-rated (water resistant) enclosure with a backup power supply. We went without the optional display/keypad unit just to save a tiny bit on power consumption, but mostly to save money. We can even add local law enforcement contact details and set them up to receive all the reports coming out of the unit while the event is unfolding, which is a great feature. The system utilizes Inmarsat satellites for all communication and control so that we are not reliant on cellular connectivity, though it does have a built-in, quad-band GPRS/GSM with dual SIM card slots offering simultaneous push notifications, emails and text message reporting and control when within GSM cellular range.

An illustration of how under-deck sensors can pick up foot pressure from intruders on deck.

Rebecca Childress

The “inputs” can include up to 32 sensors, wired or wireless. Some of the sensors have separate control units powered by the vessel’s batteries, while others are self-powered with batteries that must be changed each year. We opted for several simple but extra-wide gap hatch opening magnet sensors so we can leave windows slightly ajar for air but still be protected, as well as a pet-immune, dual-beam motion sensor for inside. (The companies we were impressed with recommended against outside motion detectors on at least a monohull, since reliability would be lacking due to constant boat movement). We also have a great pull sensor integrated in the system that will protect our dinghy and other stern-rail objects quite simply, conveniently and completely wirelessly.

But, our favorite — and a quite unique — sensor, which was not offered in most marine security systems, is the deck pressure sensor. Since we have easy access to our decks from below, we are able to epoxy these small noninvasive sensors anywhere below our deck,  in all the places intruders would have to step on in order to board or access hatches. They are miniature “land mines” that “blow up” when someone steps anywhere near them. They can operate very reliably and effectively on any deck material or thickness in wet, windy, dry, sunny, cold and hot weather alike. They even differentiate when a bird has landed, a dog or monkey has jumped aboard or a jerry can has fallen over, versus when a human has walked on them. This is a very tried-and-true technology, having been used on superyachts for decades. These sensors weighed very heavily in our decision since we want to deter thieves well before they start breaking windows to get in.

Next, we chose a number of “outputs,” which include multiple loud alarms, sirens, horns and various light configurations that will flash and shriek like an NYC discotheque, suggesting an entire police squad is on the way. Most are either onboard lights or horns we already have from previous systems, but there are a few — like the wireless strobe light and an additional siren or two — that will make a thief lingering on board not only too conspicuous, but also nauseous, in pain and unable to carry out their original intentions.

Two modes of operation We will be programming the system so that there are at least two different modes: “staying on board” arming for when we are sleeping but want the deck, outboard and hatch entries armed; and another “fully armed” mode for when we want everything turned on. The system also offers two partitions — essentially, two completely independent security systems under one roof, like one for crew and one for the owners.

If the boat were to be stolen or drift out of its “geofence” area that we define, the system will let us know and police will easily track the culprit, even if they head out to sea on our boat. This is particularly valuable, since no matter what one’s financial standing is, a boat is usually someone’s most valuable asset — and, for many of us, our full-time home.

Well into the future, we can add all kinds of additional monitoring and security sensors. We can control all DC and AC devices on board like lights, air conditioning, the heat or the stereo. We can add a keypad and things like that awesome cloaking system or acoustic barrier. We can add hidden stationary or revolving cameras and recorders, as well as FLIR night vision, even on top of the mast. The possibilities are extensive with this system.

We don’t insure Brick House , but we spend money and time to keep her safe and seaworthy. Installation of this high-end security system represents another step in “self insuring.” Our new GOST UCU security system will be watching on Brick House but never be seen — unless you stop by for a demonstration in the middle of the night.

Rebecca Childress is a marine writer who voyages aboard the Valiant 40 Brick House with her husband, Patrick. Their blog is at .

'  data-srcset=

By Ocean Navigator

best yacht alarm

Next-gen SMART boat solution

  • Sailing analytics

Digital switching

  • WiFi hotspot

best yacht alarm

Overview YS Pro

Ys pro is protected by a premium waterproof rugged casing. it includes a high-end touch screen for ease of use. an ‘all-in-one’ product combining:, a low power consumption security system.

  • Super low power consumption (<0.3 W)
  • Large selection of wireless premium sensors with extended battery life using ZigBee 3.0 protocol
  • Internal alarms include geofencing, battery, tilt, temperature and G-shock alarms

A revolutionary sailing analytics solution

  • Data collected from NMEA2000, J1939, Ethernet, Modbus and 2 other CAN buses
  • Smart filtering functions (averages, min/max, etc.)
  • Coverage in more than 100 countries

Smart Connection

  • Fit-for-all digital switching solution, using either Wi-Fi, BLE 5.0, Zigbee 3.0, NMEA 2000 PGNs or Modbus
  • 12v 24v smart relay available

High-speed Wi-Fi hotspot

  • YS Pro allows users to insert a sim card to act as a high-speed Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Multiple Sentinel Cam 2 can be paired

Yacht Sentinel Ecosystem

best yacht alarm

A large variety of premium wireless sensors and accessories can be purchased separately

Partner platform, free crm system specifically designed for shipyards, dealers and charter companies, ys pro user app, our new user app allows boat owners to receive remotely at any time a wide range of data and alarms, and to benefit from exclusive services, why ys pro, credibility and industry knowledge.

We have been developing connected boat solution since 2008

3G/4G worldwide coverage

Data is recorded for months if no coverage

Full comprehensive suite

Ys pro combines 4 functionalities: security system, sailing analytics, smart connections & wi-fi router, robust & reliable.

Premium rugged & waterproof casing. Over-the-air software updates

"> "> Large choice of sensors

10 different types of sensors and growing

Breakthrough ecosystem

Including a user-friendly app and a CRM product line for businesses called Partner Platform

Fits motorboat & Sailing boats of any sizes

Touchscreen makes YS Pro super easy to setup and to use. Battery consumption < 0.3W

Affordable prices

YS Pro only costs 1590€ + 20€/month

Critical data for your business

Improve customer support, access a wide range of data remotely, know what’s happening on board, prevent inappropriate behaviours and receive 40+ alarms, increase efficiency, manage maintenance remotely, simplify checkin & checkout procedures, preventive maintenance, find out about small issues before they become problems, collect data & take care of your fleet, generate reports on our partner platform, useful benefits for users, decrease incidents, receive 40+ alarms if something goes wrong, peace of mind for boat owners, control things remotely, insurance premiums, get discounts by using our products.

best yacht alarm

Excellent boat monitoring- Unit is easy to set up and I like the fact that the sensors are wireless — competitor’s sensors are wired which is more difficult to position. Customer support is very helpful. They were even willing to get on the phone with me in (their) evening since I’m on the US West Coast

Great help/support for a trusted product

Thomas Nicolaisen

Very Happy Customers- We have installed Yacht Sentinel 6 into a few boats in Hong Kong and the owners are more than satisfied with the setup. They can now monitor their boats remotely while accessing data that was previously unavailable without a lot of effort. The simple installation makes it even better.

Indispensable equipment for a Yacht ! – We are using YS6 for various boats, it is a reliable product which becomes more and more essential for every boats. Indeed, you can check at any time the most important data like the tension of the batteries, the current position of the boat and the possible alerts. But if you don’t check by yourself, you receive an alert message on your phone. Thus, a very helpful equipment for a careful owner with a reasonable cost and easy to install!!

Modern Boat

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best yacht alarm

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Cruiser Wiki

Please support our sponsors and let them know you heard about their products on Cruisers Forums.
03-11-2018, 10:07  
Boat: 58' Sedan Bridge
watch alarms/alerts in the plotter and our redundant DGPS... as well as alarms on both depthfinder and ... and guard zones... but they're all on the (often enclosed) bridge and not hear-able from inside the . I could fix that, but it uses a boatload of to keep almost any of that running all night...

And then we also have built-in watch alarms in and tablet/phone apps (TimeZero, Plan2Nav, iSailor)... but those are pretty much just a circle around the , without any additional settings (especially set-able afterwards) for exact anchor location... OK as far as they go, but not particularly exact...

And then there's Drag Queen... which works well enough for the basic functions (and let's you set/refine the anchor location after the fact)... but it doesn't really do much more than that (graphic time plots, SMS to phones, etc.)...

So I thought I'd look to see if any of the other apps out there might be truly wonderful, something we could use as yet another layer of redundancy. All this brought on by a bouncy/rolly anchorage last night, where Drag Queen worked fine even if minimally...

We do Android; has anyone used any of these?

Anchor Watch/Alarm (free and paid/pro versions) – Peckish Sloth
Anchor Alert (paid version) -- Slim Jim
Sailsafe Anchor (free and paid/pro versions) - HCSoft
Anchor Watch (free and paid versions) – net.fs
My Anchor Watch (free) – SjaellSoft
AnchorWatch (free) – Michael Konz
Anchor Sentinel (free) – Paul Lutus
Any other great ones that I didn't think to list?

Findings? Pros/cons? Are any of these on both Android and iThing platforms?

03-11-2018, 10:16  
Boat: Hatteras CPMY 63’
03-11-2018, 10:25  
Boat: Lagoon 400S2
HD app with track recording, to see the movement of the boat at anchor on the map. Works sufficient.
03-11-2018, 11:11  
Boat: 58' Sedan Bridge
HD app with track recording, to see the movement of the boat at anchor on the map. Works sufficient.
03-11-2018, 11:11  
Boat: 58' Sedan Bridge
03-11-2018, 11:34  
Boat: Lagoon 400S2

best yacht alarm

03-11-2018, 11:37  
Boat: Lagoon 400S2

best yacht alarm

03-11-2018, 12:32  
Boat: Hatteras CPMY 63’
, yes?

03-11-2018, 13:15  
Boat: FP Belize Maestro 43 and OPBs
03-11-2018, 14:10  
Boat: Wildcat 35, Hobie 33
around your drop point (for example, maybe there is an obstruction a bit close in one direction).

update frequency can be configured to reduce . Etc, etc...

I take mine to w me on my (Samsung J6)...easily lasts thru the night.
03-11-2018, 14:56  
Boat: 2017 Lagoon 42
(paid version) with "Late Set" feature so you can activate app for approximate location of anchor when you forgot to do it as anchor being lowered.
03-11-2018, 18:13  
Boat: Lagoon 440
04-11-2018, 03:21  
Boat: Lagoon 400S2
04-11-2018, 04:20  
Boat: Legacy, sedan, 42'
or with the other running the Vesper anchor watch. In my opinion, the Aqua Map is a little more user friendly and visually easier to set and view.

Super Max Anchors
04-11-2018, 07:14  
Boat: Tom Colvin Gazelle 42ft
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  • The 10 best smartphone apps for sailors: proven through experience

Technology is evolving. Gone are the days when sailors relied purely on the basic equipment on board their boat — a chartplotter, GPS navigation and a pilot of the region. Nowadays, almost every modern sailor has a bunch of apps installed on their smartphone. So, we've asked our skippers which are their favourite apps they use the most. Here is our list of the top 10 sailing  apps  tried and tested over hundreds of logged miles.

Navionics app logo

1. Navionics: Boating Marine & Lakes

In our opinion, this is the best app for navigating your boat (but also for diving, fishing or other water sports). You'll find an incredible amount of information in it, from conventional GPS navigation to bay depths, harbour data, and contacts . Plus, it allows you to share your live location so your friends or family can follow your route online. We at consider Navionics to be a basic part of any smartphone sailing kit ! The only downside is that it is a paid app, but it's worth every penny.

  • Purchase Navionics at

Windy app logo

2. app

The Windy app and the website are one of the most well-known sources for boaters to check the weather forecast. In addition to wind direction and strength, you can find forecasts for temperature, waves, rain and cloud cover. Just like with any forecast model, it can't be relied upon 100%, so you should always pay attention to the actual conditions around you as well. Windy Premium, the paid version provides a more accurate forecast and more regular updates without ads.

  • Download the Windy app at
YACHTING.COM TIP :  Clouds  have been a source of fascination since the dawn of time. However, you don't need to be an expert meteorologist to know what to expect from looking at the clouds. In fact, this knowledge is practically essential for sailors. So, how do you read the clouds? Check out our article to find out —  Sailing: how to predict the weather by reading the clouds .

Anchor alarm logo

3. Anchor Watch / Alarm

An anchor drag alarm  or anchor watch basically does exactly what the name suggests — it emits a signal (alarm) when your boat drifts outside your designated security zone when at anchor . There are many apps available with this function, but Anchor Alarm is the one that works best for us. When you drop anchor, simply press the position button and adjust the perimeter you don't want to leave — for example, after taking into account the surrounding rocks and your proximity to shore, you might decide that you want to set the perimeter so that your anchor won't drag more than 15 metres. The app will remember where your anchor is located and will keep an eye on your position throughout the night. Should your boat move outside the set boundaries, it will trigger an alarm on your phone.

  • Get the app on the App Store or Google Play.
YACHTING.COM TIP:  Review the basic rules of anchoring in our  complete guide to anchoring and moorings . We've covered two specific scenarios where you might need a little extra help. The first is on  how to prepare your boat for a stormy night at anchor and the second one is a guide to the Mediterranean Mooring technique, a combination of anchor and mooring lines often used in Greece —  How to moor stern-to: a step-by-step guide .

Navily app logo

Navily is more of an app for recreational sailors where you'll find more than 14,000 anchorages and 6,000 marinas with photos and reviews from the community. There are also more than 700 partner marinas where you can book a berth directly via the app. The premiums version unlocks core features, such as automatic itineraries and distance calculation at sea. Navily claims to be the most innovative cruising guide.

  • The app is available at

Logo apps How to tie knots

5. How to Tie Knots

Every skipper should have a masterful knowledge of sailing knots for every situation and should ideally be able to teach the crew. But, at the very least, you could install an app on their phones and get them to learn themselves. For this, we recommend the app How to Tie Knots which uses 3D animation to provide a realistic experience of tying knots using a virtual rope. There are countless apps out there for learning to tie knots so if you find something more suited to you, there are plenty of options. After all, they all have the same goal: to teach you how to tie knots.

  • Find this app and similar ones on the App Store or Google Play.
YACHTING.COM TIP: Ropes or lines are one of the most important things on board any yacht and you simply can’t do without their ability to fasten, join and connect. Mastering at least a few basic sailing knots is essential for sailing, anchoring and moorings. It's not just beginner sailors who make mistakes , so we've prepared a guide to  9 essential sailing knots   for all your boating needs.

More sailing tips and tricks:

The ultimate yacht cleaning kit

New year's resolution: let's sail more eco, how to sail a yacht on a tailwind, skippered boats: how to pack for a yachting holiday, don’t panic: handling maritime emergencies, sextant and navigation: survival without gps.

Seahelp app logo

This is one of the best-known  breakdown assistance services for sailors. SeaHelp is a 24/7 rescue service that includes insurance and reliable assistance at sea should you break down or have an emergency. There are three types of membership available online and the app can then help you with things like towing your boat, starting, bringing fuel, fetching parts, freeing lines from the propeller and weather advice. The SOS button  can also be used by non-members  of this service and sends out a distress SMS with your current location and mobile number. After receiving the message, SeaHelp immediately calls back to verify there is a problem and if there is a real emergency, sends a rescue boat. If you sail frequently or are planning a more challenging voyage, we highly recommend setting up this service.

  • Find the app and purchase a membership at .
YACHTING.COM TIP: In the event of an accident or mishap during your voyage at sea, deposit insurance will save your nerves as well as money. Are you hesitating whether it is worth taking out? In our experience, it definitely is! Check out our article on  the most common reasons for losing your boat rental deposit  and if you would like advice on deposit experience, feel free to get in contact with one of our representatives .

MySea app logo

MySea is a free interactive guide to marinas, harbours, jetties, buoy fields and restaurants in Croatia, Greece and Turkey . For each marina, it provides information on the type of mooring, safety regarding the direction of winds, services (showers, toilets, petrol pumps, supermarkets, etc.), entertainment and dining options on-site. There is also a current weather forecast for the area with a bird's eye view. The app includes thousands of user reviews on individual marinas and berths can be booked directly via the app. Even admission to Croatian national parks can be paid for via MySea.

  • Find it at .

Marine Traffic app logo

8. Marine Traffic

Marine Traffic comes in especially useful if you are sailing in areas where there are a lot of cargo ships. This platform provides real-time information on marine traffic, live port arrivals and departures, as well as gross tonnage and registration number of the cargo ships moving in your area. If you are heading to the English Channel, the Baltic Sea or are planning a voyage further offshore, the risk of collision with a cargo ship is much higher. Bear in mind that the captain of a large tanker cannot see small sailing vessels, so it is best to give them a wide berth.

  • Take a look at the live map of cargo ships at

VesselFinder logo

9. VesselFinder

Similar to Marine Traffic, VesselFinder provides a live map, on their website and app, of the network ships using the AIS system — over 200,000 ships a day! In addition, it allows you to search for a specific ship and find its current location and more information on the vessel itself. View the ships and their position on the map in real-time or look at their previous routes, sailing history and, where applicable, marina reservations. It is also possible to create your own fleet of friends and track the individual boats of the whole group.

  • Find out more about the app at

Map of Vesselfinder

The VesselFinder app displays current marine traffic on a map, but you can also search for a specific ship, and view its current location and sailing history

Tide Alert app logo

10. Tide Alert (NOAA)

Recommended for all those who sail in tidal waters (France, the Baltic, Scotland...), it provides all the information you need so you don't get caught out by the tide, such as predicted tide height, the moon phase, etc. The whole Tide Alert (NOAA) environment is user-friendly, intuitive and easy to use. Plus, there is an alarm feature to alert you to a low or high tide. And best of all, the app even works offline if your signal drops out.

  • Download it on the App Store or Google Play.

Sailing boats on land after low tide

A low tide can leave you high and dry

Our deals on boats: 

To choose the right boat, I'm here for you. Do not get lost in our offer and contact us.

Denisa Nguyenová

Denisa Nguyenová

Faq handy apps for sailors. app

Anchor Watch / Alarm

How to Tie Knots

Marine Traffic


Tide Alert (NOAA)

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best yacht alarm

Harness the power of complete connectivity with the EarthSmart Maritime Network. Experience unparalleled peace of mind as our intelligent network transforms your vessel into a smart maritime asset, keeping you informed and in control, no matter where you are in the world.


Did you know.

Over 80% of docked vessels that sink meet their fate while unattended. Don’t let yours be next. With ARMIT MARINE, embrace the serenity of knowing your vessel is under vigilant watch, day and night. Our cutting-edge EarthSmart Maritime Network transforms your mobile device into a virtual first mate, offering round-the-clock surveillance and instant alerts. Because your peace of mind shouldn’t set sail when you do


Introducing ARMIT MARINE: an innovative collection of smart sensors designed for seamless, around-the-clock monitoring. Our cutting-edge wireless and sensor technology empowers you to remotely track rising water levels without compromising your battery life or depending on external power sources.


Dive into the ARMIT MAX Series and uncover a suite of sensors that do more than monitor – they communicate, creating a cohesive and responsive network. Each sensor is an integral part of the EarthSmart Maritime Network, contributing to a mesh of data and control that envelops your maritime world, delivering insights that matter most to you. Transform your boating experience with ARMIT’s innovative sensor technology. Designed for simplicity and efficiency, our sensors provide comprehensive monitoring with real-time alerts, ensuring you’re always in the know, no matter where you are.

BilgeMAX One : Your first line of defense against onboard water intrusion. This advanced sensor monitors bilge levels in real-time, alerting you the moment water levels rise unexpectedly. Stay ahead of potential issues with BilgeMAX One, ensuring your vessel remains dry and secure.

SmartMAX One Motion : Keep an eye on the unseen with SmartMAX One. This motion-detecting marvel offers peace of mind by monitoring unexpected movement on your vessel, alerting you to any unauthorized access or activity. Whether it’s a security breach or an unexpected guest, SmartMAX One keeps you informed.

ARMIT MAXNOTIFI : The ultimate versatile sensor tailored for the maritime environment. Whether it’s monitoring temperature, humidity, or integrating with existing marine systems and gauges, MAXNOTIFI adapts to your needs. Its unique magnetic feature allows for easy installation on doors, hatches, or dock boxes, making it the perfect guard for your vessel’s interior and exterior.

MAX PowerNOTIFI: Your Electrical Watchdog – Never be caught off-guard by power issues again. The MAX PowerNOTIFI sensor is your reliable sentinel for monitoring electrical systems onboard. Whether it’s detecting the loss or restoration of shore power, ensuring your generator is functioning as expected, or providing alerts on power status changes, MAX PowerNOTIFI keeps you informed. With seamless integration into the EarthSmart Maritime Network, this sensor extends your control over the vessel’s power systems, from the dock to the deep sea.

Crafted for seamless integration, each sensor within the ARMIT MAX Series is a gateway to the EarthSmart Maritime Network’s extensive capabilities. Installation is a breeze, and use is intuitive, ensuring that you have immediate access to a robust and secure maritime connectivity framework. Your maritime lifestyle, augmented by our technology, becomes a symphony of efficiency and control.

best yacht alarm


Beyond Monitoring: Discover EarthSmart Network – an all-encompassing solution that extends your reach beyond the vessel. Connect your maritime experience with every facet of your life. From the dock to your doorstep, our network, powered by the MAX Series sensors, ensures that what’s important to you is monitored, managed, and secured. With EarthSmart Network, every alert, every data point, and every notification is a step towards a smarter, safer, and more connected maritime future. Embark with us on this journey to new horizons in maritime connectivity


Embark on a journey of uninterrupted tranquility with ARMIT's maritime monitoring service. For a modest annual fee, gain the reassurance that your vessel is continuously overseen, ensuring immediate action at the first sign of distress. It's not just monitoring; it's an investment in unwavering peace of mind.


Instant alerts, instant action, built-in network: connectivity where it counts, battery-powered freedom.

  • Shopping Bag

Simple Setup

Free shipping, secure payment.

 Alex, Commercial Fisherman

Peter D., Point Pleasent Beach, NJ

Sam, Recreational Boater

Jordan, Marina Owner

Frequently Asked Questions: Your Guide to ARMIT and the EarthSmart Maritime Network

How does armit ensure my boat's security when i'm not around.

ARMIT's sensors are designed to monitor your boat's critical conditions, from bilge water levels to unauthorized access. In any event of concern, you'll receive an instant alert, allowing you to take swift action. Our battery-powered, network-independent sensors ensure your boat is monitored even in the most remote marinas.

What does EarthSmart Maritime Network offer?

The EarthSmart Maritime Network is your gateway to state-of-the-art vessel monitoring. By joining, you gain access to a community committed to sustainable and smart boating practices. Our network provides real-time alerts, comprehensive sensor data, and a platform for shared insights, all aimed at enhancing your boating experience while promoting environmental stewardship.

What's included in the annual connection rate?

For an annual fee of just $75, your vessel is connected to our robust network, offering 24/7 monitoring and instant alerts. This fee covers continuous data transmission, access to our mobile app for real-time updates, and customer support to ensure your peace of mind on and off the water

How do I test BILGEMAX after it is installed in my boat?

• Automatically: Your BILGEMAX One is set from the factory to automatically preform a network check-in every hour reporting the temperature, humidity, battery voltage and signal strength. Simple login to your account dashboard at • Manual Test: Simply turn the BILGEMAX float sensor upside down. This will active the NOTIFI sensor and you will receive a text message alert: ARMIT Alert: BilgeMAX High Water Alarm Detected!, CHECK BOAT NOW! Battery OK, Signal OK • Be sure to return the switch to its normal position after you test.

How long do the sensor batteries last?

Our sensors are equipped with long-life batteries designed to last up to 3-5 years, offering you a worry-free monitoring experience. We've made battery replacement simple and straightforward, ensuring your monitoring system remains active without interruption.

Do you have installers?

ARMIT has local dealers and installers. Send an email to [email protected] and we will be happy to get you contact info a dealer/installer in your area.

What is the Portal-Dashboard?

The myARMIT Portal is your comprehensive dashboard for 24/7 maritime monitoring and service level management. It's the command center where you can view real-time alerts, sensor health check-ins, and manage all your monitoring needs in one place.

How quickly will I be notified if water level, motion or water leaks are detected?

It takes only seconds for the BilgeMAX NOTIFI sensor to process and send its status change to the ArmIt network. Once the sensor reports its status change, in milliseconds ARMIT Alerts are sent via SMS text message to customer.

Are the ARMIT sensors compatible with all boats?

Yes, ARMIT sensors are universally compatible. Whether you own a small dinghy, a luxurious yacht, or anything in between, our sensors can be tailored to fit your vessel's specific monitoring needs, ensuring comprehensive protection and peace of mind.

Can I install the ARMIT sensors myself?

Absolutely! Our sensors are engineered for easy, DIY installation. With user-friendly instructions and no need for professional wiring, you can set up your ARMIT system in minutes, securing your boat without the hassle. FOr those who prefer DIFM (Do It For Me) ARMIT has a fleet of local dealers and installers, contact us for details.

I own a marina or I am a marine service professional, can I manage multiple devices easily?

Yes, you can. Yes. the IoT-Monitoring platform was designed with you in mind. Contact ARMIT or your sales representative or authorized ARMIT dealer for details.

Where should I install the BilgeMAX NOTIFI and BILGEMAX Float sensors?

ARMIT recommends installing the BILGEMAX Float in the bilge just at the water-line. Route the attached 15' feet of cable to the highest-dryest part of your boat to connect to the BILGEMAX NOTIFI sensor.

My boat has multiple BILGE compartments, do I need a separate BILGEMAX kit to monitor each bilge?

No, contact your ARMIT sales representative or dealer for wiring instructions and purchase an additional BILGEMAX Float. You can connect multiple BILGEMAX Float sensors in a loop and monitor as many bilge compartments as you need.

How does the myARMIT Portal enhance my monitoring experience?

The portal allows you to: • Stay Informed: Receive instant alerts and updates from each sensor, ensuring you're always aware of your vessel's status. • Monitor with Precision: View detailed reports and health check-ins for every sensor, giving you a clear picture of your boat's condition at any time. • Organize Efficiently: Manage your sensors by individual units or collectively, making it easy to keep track of multiple sensors and vessels.


Armit notifi notification options, customizable features and notifications, standard notifications:, why choose armit's customizable notifications, enhanced notification services:, be part of the smart maritime movement - subscribe now: join the conversation.

Your journey to smarter, safer boating begins here. Subscribe to our blog for exclusive access to the latest in boat monitoring solutions, expert advice, and inspiring community stories. Together, let's navigate towards a future where every maritime adventure is safeguarded by the most advanced monitoring technologies available.

With ARMIT Marine and the EarthSmart Maritime Network, you're always ahead in the realm of boat safety and monitoring. Step into a world where technology meets tradition to protect what matters most on your maritime journey.

We’d love to hear from you

We're ready to answer any questions you might have about our products, a new service, or any other help you need. You can call us at the numbers above. Or, fill out our information form below and one of our team members will be in touch as soon as possible.

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Three Alarms That Can Save Your Boat


There's no cause for alarm, but installing these three types of detectors could save not only your boat, but your life.

First Alert smoke detector

Smoke alarms should be installed high in the space they protect because smoke rises. Replace batteries every spring.

Fires that start on unoccupied boats in marinas represent significant losses every year, according to BoatUS Marine Insurance, and my own experience as a surveyor. Propulsion fires while underway also represent a great number of open-water boat fires — and significant personal risk. The installation of early-warning detection provides an opportunity to handle a fire in the early stages when things are still manageable.

Boating industry regulators have been reluctant to require smoke alarms in pleasure boats, and there are currently no smoke alarms tested to the marine environment by an independent testing organization such as Underwriters Laboratories — and that's the regulatory rub.

High-Bilge-Water Alarms

Bilge pump high water alarm

Recommended by the American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC), high-water alarms are now installed on all boats built to its standards, for good reason: These simple devices typically use a switch to activate an alarm when water reaches a predetermined level and can save your boat. BoatUS Marine Insurance has analyzed sinkings over the years, and found that 69 percent of boats sink while at their dock — a good reason to connect the sensor to the boat's horn so others will know if your boat is taking on water.

If your boat has multiple bilge areas, it's best to have a separate bilge alarm for each area, with an indicator light as well as an audible alarm and a label to indicate the area involved. If you're aboard, the warning can give you enough time to find a leak before it's too late.

Locate the detector switch high enough above the normal level of bilge water to prevent the alarm from sounding when the bilge has a small amount of water easily handled by the bilge pump. But it also should be located low enough to alert you if there's a real problem. The same issues that plague bilge pumps can affect high-water alarms: corroded wire connections and jammed switches. While the alarm itself may last indefinitely, float switches need to be checked at least annually.

According to BoatUS Marine Insurance claim files, boats that sink at the dock usually do so because of three things: Water gets in at the sterndrive bellows (inspect every couple of months and replace every three to six years); leaking cockpit and livewell plumbing (inspect hoses and pipes at least twice a year, replace any suspect fittings); and leaking stuffing boxes (there should be no leaks with the engine off, two to three drops per minute when running).

Underway, boats usually sink due to boarding waves, leaking fittings, and overheated engines, which causes exhaust systems to fail and leak. Many thru-hulls are in the same place as the outdrive bellows and raw-water cooling system: the engine room. Look there first. A high-water alarm might just buy you enough time to find a leak before it's too late.

— Charles Fort

But there is good reason to expect that household alarms will function properly in the dry spaces of a boat. Household smoke alarms are readily available and are inexpensive. There are also a number of features and options — such as RF (radio frequency) interconnection between smoke alarms (no wiring) and assigned alarm locations (kitchen, master bedroom, guest bedroom). I have a smoke alarm installed in the bridge, under my helm (attic), and if there is a problem in my engine room (basement) while underway, all alarms on the boat go off and state "smoke in the basement." I also have one installed inside my electrical panel (utility room).

Some alarms are offered with two types of sensing devices — photoelectric and ionization. Photoelectric is more responsive to smoking or smoldering fires. Ionization is more responsive to flaming fires. I like the photoelectric as many boat fires are electrical and therefore smoky in origin. Current smoke-alarm technology has eliminated many of the false alarms of the past.

Gasoline Vapor Detectors

If your boat has a gasoline fuel tank mounted belowdecks, you should have a vapor detector. Also known as "fume sniffers," vapor detectors monitor for flammable gases such as gasoline fumes.

Vapor detectors are mounted in the engine-space bilge, just above the slosh height of bilge water, with the sensor away from the hottest parts of the engine, such as manifolds. Vapor detectors are almost always hard-wired to the boat's 12-volt DC system. Usually, the unit has a control head mounted at the helm that will sound when dangerous fumes are detected in the bilge. The wire that connects the sensor to the head unit typically can't be cut because the manufacturer has calibrated its length.

Some vapor detectors can turn on the bilge blower when they detect a buildup, a smart option. The blower, of course, must be ignition-protected. Look for an alarm that is UL 2034 listed.

Vapor alarms should be tested monthly using the manufacturer's procedure. You can also test the sensor using a butane lighter by depressing the lever lightly to release a small amount of butane gas next to the sensor.

Replace vapor detectors after no more than five years, or right away if they become submerged.

If the alarm sounds at the fuel dock, it may mean that a large quantity of spilled gas is in the bilge; it should be dealt with by pros. Make sure everyone is off the boat (as they should be while refueling) and call 911. Don't operate anything electrical, including the blower; it won't eliminate spilled gas. If it sounds while you're underway, call for help on a handheld VHF (less chance of sparking than an installed one) or a cellphone.

According to the American Boat & Yacht Council, smoke alarms should be installed on any boat with sleeping quarters or other accommodation spaces. Install them on either side of a solid door, away from rain or sea spray. They should be installed high in the space they protect (smoke rises). Replace the batteries every spring. Some smoke alarms have an "end of life" statement in the instructions, so follow it; 7 to 10 years should be the max. Some smoke alarms have nonreplaceable batteries that are designed to remain effective for up to 10 years; they signal their end of life and must then be replaced. Look for the UL 217 Single Station Smoke Alarm Approval, which means the unit has met the UL Standards for household smoke alarms.

Refueling Danger

BoatUS Marine Insurance has seen several explosion claims that occurred right after refueling. Gasoline, like other vapors, has an "upper explosive limit," or UEL. Too high a concentration means it can't ignite. A leaking fuel-fill hose can allow gas to collect in the bilge, making vapor concentration too high to ignite. This prevents engines from starting because there are too many gas fumes and not enough air to support combustion inside the engine.

But as fresh air gets mixed with the vapors, say after opening the engine cover, the fumes become less concentrated than the UEL, and a spark from a faulty starter or bilge-pump switch can ignite the fumes in a spectacular way. If your boat refuses to start right after fueling, immediately check for a gasoline spill.

Propane explosion

Test smoke alarms monthly. Most have a test button, and the RF alarms should go off on all of them when one is tested. And finally, have a plan to follow if you hear your alarm sound.

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John McDevitt

Contributor, BoatUS Magazine

John McDevitt holds a 100-Ton U.S. Coast Guard Captains License since 1992 and is an Accredited Marine Surveyor with SAMS. John is chairman of NFPA 302 Watercraft, a fire-protection standard for boats. He is also a yacht broker with Bluewater Yacht Sales in Grasonville, Maryland.

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Politics latest: Zelenskyy to become first foreign leader to address cabinet in more than quarter of a century

Ukraine's president is to become the first foreign leader to address the cabinet since Bill Clinton in 1997. Volodymyr Zelenskyy has already met with Sir Keir Starmer and Defence Secretary John Healey.

Friday 19 July 2024 08:30, UK

  • General Election 2024
  • Zelenskyy to address cabinet in Downing Street
  • See the last world leader to address cabinet - more than 25 years ago
  • Beth Rigby : Starmer's reset with Europe is on
  • Jon Craig : Tory MPs win 1922 tug of war on timeline to replace Sunak
  • Live reporting by Tim Baker

Sir Keir Starmer is going to promise Volodymyr Zelenskyy that he will "crackdown" on so-called "shadow" or "dark" fleets.

But what exactly are these?

Well, they are ways for Russian oil and gas to be shipped to the market while skirting the sanctions put in place following the invasion of Ukraine.

Our economics and data editor Ed Conway has looked into the matter before - you can read about it here:

If you prefer podcasts to reading articles, Ed also spoke to the Daily Podcast earlier this month about the topic. Listen below: 

Overnight on Wednesday into Thursday, a person died in the Channel after a boat deflated - read more here .

And now the French coastguard says someone else died on Thursday night into Friday.

The UK's Home Office is aware of an incident in French waters.

According to the French coastguard, a boat got into difficulty just after midnight and called for aid.  

The coastguard said 85 people were rescued - and one other died despite attempts to treat them.

The survivors were taken back to Calais.

Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy is addressing the UK's cabinet today.

This is notable because he is the first foreign leader to do so since 1997, when US President Bill Clinton spoke to Tony Blair's ministers.

Take a step back in time and look at that event in pictures from the time.

Away from the events in Downing Street with Volodymyr Zelenskyy, parliament is still sitting today.

Both the House of Lords and House of Commons are carrying on their debates on the King's Speech.

The considerations of the government's agenda are continuing until the end of next week.

You can see the key announcements made in the speech here: 

By Jon Craig , chief political correspondent

Senior Conservative MPs appear to have won a battle against party officials who wanted a speedy leadership contest to replace Rishi Sunak.

At a meeting of the party's board, new 1922 Committee chairman Bob Blackman told officials the overwhelming view of Tory MPs was: don't rush the contest.

Leaders of the voluntary party had wanted a replacement for Mr Sunak elected in time for a coronation at the Tory conference in Birmingham, which starts on 29 September.

But following a long meeting of the 1922 Committee in the Commons on Wednesday evening, Mr Blackman told the board MPs favour hustings at the conference, with up to four candidates competing.

An announcement on the timetable and rules for the contest had been expected after the board meeting, but the talks ended in deadlock and a decision was deferred until early next week.

After the meeting, a party spokesperson told Sky News: "The party board met today and had a good discussion about the options for the leadership process presented by the 1922 executive committee.

"The 1922 executive committee will meet again and announce the leadership process next week."

Read more here: 

Two weeks in office and Sir Keir Starmer has met pretty much every single European leader personally, political editor Beth Rigby writes.

As one official quipped, it's been a fortuitous start: "He's done in a week what would normally take you five years."

The combination of the NATO summit in Washington DC just days into office, followed by the UK hosting the bi-annual European Political Community (EPC) summit, has given the prime minister an opportunity to reset relations with allies that he knows he needs to work with to drive through key aspects of his domestic agenda - tackling small boats and getting more economic growth.

And it is an opportunity he has seized.

In order to prove to European leaders he really does want a reset, he opened the summit at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire - the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill - with the announcement that his government would never seek to withdraw from the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR).

That drew a clear distinction between Labour and their Conservative rivals, as well as pleasing European partners.

Read more below:

By Jennifer Scott , political reporter

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will visit Number 10 on Friday as the UK government promises to lead a "crackdown" on Russian oil vessels.

The Ukrainian leader, who has been in the country for the European Political Community (EPC) summit, will meet the whole of the new cabinet in Downing Street to brief them on the ongoing war and "the need to ramp up Europe's defence industrial base to outpace the Russian threat".

It will be the first time Sir Keir Starmer has hosted a foreign leader since becoming prime minister, as well as the first time a president has addressed the cabinet in person since former US president Bill Clinton in 1997.

The meeting comes after 44 European countries and the European Union agreed at the EPC summit to work together to disrupt Russia's so-called "shadow fleet".

It is a group of around 6,000 vessels that carry 1.7 million barrels of oil a day, which the government says the country uses to "generate significant funds to fuel its war machine", with some thought to act as listening stations or to transport weapons.

The UK and Ukrainian defence ministers are also expected to sign a new defence export support treaty, worth £3.5bn and agreed by the two leaders, to increase military hardware and weapons production for the war effort.

Welcome back to the Politics Hub.

This Friday, Volodymyr Zelenskyy is heading to Downing Street to meet with the government. 

Ukraine's president met with Sir Keir Starmer yesterday at a European summit, and has already met the defence secretary.

But he will meet and address the rest of the cabinet later on, becoming the first foreign leader to do so since Bill Clinton in 1997.

Stay with us for the latest updates as they happen.

That's it from the Politics Hub today so thanks for joining us. 

Don't forget to tune in to our special documentary tonight, Election: Behind The Scenes At Sky News, airing at 9pm on Sky Documentaries and 10.30pm on Sky Showcase.

You can catch it at 9pm tomorrow night on Sky News too.

Have a good evening!

Finally, we talk about MPs being told to smarten up in the Commons.

Earlier, Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle said male members needed to "wear a tie or you just might not catch my eye" if they want to speak in a debate.

So how important is it?

Labour's John McDonnell quotes a party colleague, saying: "It's not the smartness of the clothing but the smartness of the decisions you make."

But Conservative Alicia Kearns says they discuss "the most solemn of issues" in the chamber, so there is "something about the respect to the mother of all parliaments" in dressing smartly. 

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    The number of sensors is on the limited side (door, motion, temperature, and shore power are available), but you can tap into the wiring of 12-volt items like high-water alarms to monitor them, and control relays are also available. This makes Boat Command one of the least-expensive options that includes remote-control abilities. Making Tracks

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