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Not all hulls are created equal..

Velocity Powerboats with 46 years of race proven hull design continues to wow the marine industry using its own Hydrodynamic Hull Technology™ that integrates a unique combination of design and integrity within the transom, strakes, chines, and keel. Velocity Powerboats produce the fastest, safest, and best handling boats on the water and back it up with 16 World Speed Records, 11 National Championships, and 13 World Championships in Offshore Racing.

Over the years, other manufacturers have changed their hull designs building steps into the bottom of their hulls for ventilation. This new method of hull design was done to reduce drag and increase speed and making up for what these hull designs lacked in efficiency; but unfortunately, this resulted in drawbacks of ill-mannered handling, loss of control, and in some cases, serious injury. Velocity Powerboats design is different; producing the fastest, safest, and best handling boats in the industry with unmatched quality, passion, and workmanship with every boat we build and deliver. No boat manufacturer gives you the attention to detail, workmanship, and passionate service like Velocity Powerboats. You're never just a customer, you're family!

Velocity is a company full of history and heritage. In 1978 at the Miami Boat show, Velocity Powerboats debuted what became the World’s first pad bottom notched transom hull design in Offshore Powerboating. The 30-foot offshore racing masterpiece ran 12 to 15 MPH faster than anything in its class. The two new revolutionary hull design changes on the 30-footer allowed it to travel faster, safer, and more efficiently than any other offshore boat of its time. The notched transom created maximum lift and stability where most of the weight is distributed, right in the middle of the boat. The result is a faster, safer boat that handles and turns on the dime at high speeds and impressively in the roughest of water. In 1981 the Velocity 30 broke the World Speed Record in an APBA sanctioned event at Mercury’s famous Lake X becoming the first offshore boat to go over 100MPH!

Today Velocity Powerboats is growing faster than any other boat manufacturer in the country. We produce over 15 different models including bay, center consoles, performance, and race boats. Under the leadership of Scott McCormick, the president of Velocity Powerboats, the company has re-emerged as a leader in the performance boat industry. Every Velocity Powerboat is personally inspected and set up for maximum performance and handling by Scott and our customers are noticing. The attention to detail and the best customer service is what is making Velocity Powerboats the most exciting performance boat manufacturer in the industry. At Velocity Powerboats we have a saying; “The excitement comes standard”, and indeed it does!

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  1. 290 SC

    Experience the thrill of Florida's waters with the Velocity 290SC - a top-tier off shore performance boat with unmatched deep-V handling. Explore now!

  2. Performance

    When it comes to performance, VELOCITY is the proven leader. Our powerboat building experience is refined with over 35 years of race-proven technology and multiple world speed records with stock Mercruiser power, proving our hull design is the fastest and most fuel efficient on the market.

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    Discover the 22 Punisher, Florida's elite power boat with unmatched offshore performance. Experience the pinnacle of speed, safety, and handling.

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    Velocity Powerboats produce the fastest, safest, and best handling boats on the water and back it up with 16 World Speed Records, 11 National Championships, and 13 World Championships in Offshore Racing.

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    Velocity Powerboats, Sanford, Florida. 1,932 likes · 100 were here. Located in Sanford, Florida, Velocity Powerboats is a premier boat manufacturer of 46 years