baba yacht alanya

Private vip Yacht tour

Private vip Yacht tour

RAFTING ALANYA Tour (Köprülü Canyon Rafting Manavgat )

RAFTING ALANYA Tour (Köprülü Canyon  Rafting Manavgat  )

Get the adrenalin buzz!  :)



Catch the big fish ore the little one..:)



Horse Riding on the Nature :)

ALANYA City Tour

 ALANYA City Tour

The part of mediteranean sea in the rays of sunset...   :)





This fascinating tour enables you to view the ancient historical sites



Unforgettable performance of intelligent animals...  :)

QUAD &Atv SAFARI ALANYA(Real Extreme Quad )

QUAD &Atv  SAFARI ALANYA(Real Extreme Quad )

Real extreme QUAD :)



Picknik in the Turkish style... :)



Adrenalin and unforgettable impressions...  :)

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Alanya Private Yacht Tours

We have a diverse selection of private yachts available. Review and select the one that aligns perfectly with your preferences.

Alanya Private Yacht Prices

Prices for Alanya private yachts range from 30€ to 1000€. These rates are specially tailored to ensure the best experience on the Alanya private yachttours. The given rates apply to trips lasting 4-5 hours and may change based on the season. Below, you can review all Alanya private yacht prices and the unique features of each yacht.

If desired, we offer flexibility to customize your Alanya private yacht experiences in terms of duration and services. With the growing popularity of the Alanya private yacht tours, the rates for these specialized trips are provided upon request.

Competitive Rates Throughout 2024

We believe in a win-win approach. Regardless of last-minute cancellations, we ensure our yacht providers are fully compensated. This has allowed us to negotiate the best rates for Alanya private yacht tours, and we're proud to pass these savings onto our customers. Your Alanya private yacht experience is bound to be affordable with us.

With our commitment to quality and Alanya private yacht excursions, expect the most affordable experiences throughout 2024.

Book with a Minimal Down Payment

Secure your spot on the Alanya private yacht with a small prepayment, making sure you don't miss out on our in-demand yachts.

A mere 10-20% down payment is required to book your Alanya private yacht, with the remainder due upon boarding. And for peace of mind, if plans change, cancellations made a day before the trip are fully refundable. Experience the luxury of Alanya private yacht without any hassle.

Discover unbeatable rates for private yacht experiences in Alanya.

Exclusive Alanya Private Yacht(Boat) Trip Rates

Our Alanya private yacht trips offer an intimate setting for memorable moments with loved ones.

Note: You are currently viewing the page for Alanya Private Yacht Tours . If you are specifically looking for general Alanya Boat Tour , please visit our dedicated page for that here . We offer a variety of boat tours in alanya catering to different needs and experiences. Ensure you're on the right page to match your expectations!

ATA 36 yacht photo

ATA 36 Yacht Tour

Infinity yacht photo

Infinity Yacht Tour in Alanya

Sea Star Kaan yacht photo

Sea Star Kaan Yacht Tour

Esperanza  yacht photo

Esperanza Yacht Tour

  • Standart menu: Grilled meatballs, grilled chicken, two kinds of appetizers, carrot tartar, purple cabbage appetizer, 3 kinds of salad, rich fruit plate, unlimited soft and hot drinks.
  • Seafood menu: Fish, shrimp and squid are added to the standard menu.
  • There is an additional charge for the seafood menu.

Khaleesi Deluxe yacht photo

Khaleesi Deluxe Yacht Tour

Elifim yacht photo

Elifim Boat Tour

  • Grilled chicken, grilled meatballs, salad, spaghetti, fruit plate, soft drinks
  • Extras: Alcoholic beverages, orange juice, filter coffee, Turkish coffee

Khaleesi yacht photo

Khaleesi Yacht Tour

Ibiza yacht photo

Ibiza Luxury Yacht Tour

Keremim yacht photo

Keremim Yacht Tour

Barbossa Deluxe yacht photo

Barbossa Deluxe Yacht Tour

Cleopatra Luxury yacht photo

Cleopatra Luxury Yacht Tour

Gülbahçe Deluxe yacht photo

Gülbahçe Deluxe Yacht Tour

Gülbahçe Luxury yacht photo

Gülbahçe Luxury Yacht Tour

Efsane-V yacht photo

Efsane-V Yacht Tour

My Dream yacht photo

My Dream Yacht Tour

Gorgona yacht photo

Gorgona Yacht Tour

  • Standard menu: chicken, meatballs, rice, french fries, salad, fruit plate, unlimited drinks
  • Seafood menu: Grilled fish, mussels, calamari, shrimp, salad, french fries, rice, fruit plate, unlimited drinks
  • Seafood menu is $25 per person.

Tanyeli yacht photo

Tanyeli Private Boat Tour

My Dreams-A yacht photo

My Dreams-A Yacht Tour

Queen Vip yacht photo

Queen Vip Yacht Tour

Mir Fırat yacht photo

Mir Fırat Yacht Tour

Şahmeran yacht photo

Şahmeran Yacht Tour

Pumuckl yacht photo

Pumuckl Yacht Tour

Zerre yacht photo

Zerre Private Boat Tour

Carmen 007 yacht photo

Carmen 007 Yacht Tour

Carmen 07 yacht photo

Carmen 07 Yacht Tour

Alanya private yacht tour routes.

Distinctive from other Mediterranean destinations, Alanya blends both rich culture and natural beauty. Alanya private yacht tours offer an unparalleled opportunity to marvel at the iconic Alanya Castle, set atop a lofty peninsula, along with the historical landmarks, caves, and scenic views that surround it.

Given the close proximity of attractions on the Alanya private yacht route, visitors can experience a multitude within just 4-5 hours. This Alanya private yacht journey is perfect for those looking to combine dining, swimming, sunbathing, diving, fishing, and water sports in one memorable adventure.

Popular stops on the Alanya private yacht route include:

  • Alanya Castle Vicinity
  • Alanya Shipyard
  • Pirate Cave
  • Phosphorus Cave
  • Lovers' Cave
  • Cleopatra Beach
  • Mahmutlar Beach
  • The Hole Sea (King Bay)
  • Natural Aquarium

While most Alanya private yacht tours cover similar stops, each Alanya private yacht provides its unique experience. Routes can vary. Each yacht's specific route can be found detailed on our site. As these are private tours, remember, with an Alanya private yacht, you have the flexibility to customize the route to your preference!

Itinerary for Alanya Private Yacht Tours

  • Private transportation from your location to the Alanya private yacht.
  • Arrival at Kaleici Port to board your Alanya private yacht.
  • Greeting by the captain.
  • Orientation about the yacht and what to expect during your Alanya private yacht.
  • Departure with onboard refreshments.
  • Swimming and photo opportunities near Alanya Shipyard
  • Exploration of Pirate Cave, Phosphorous Cave, and Lovers' Cave on your Alanya private yacht adventure.
  • Exciting sea jump displays
  • Marine life observation at the Natural Aquarium
  • Relaxation at Cleopatra Beach with optional mealtime.
  • Voyage to the open sea with the Alanya private yacht.
  • Return to Alanya port, followed by a comfortable ride back to your accommodation.

Memorable Moments on Board

  • Travel through Alanya's serene bays and archaeological sites with loved ones on your Alanya private yacht.
  • Discover Alanya's road-less-traveled historical and natural marvels aboard an Alanya private yacht.
  • Engage in a range of activities: diving, water sports, fishing, and more during your Alanya private yacht experience.

Timing Your Alanya Private Yacht Adventure

Morning and afternoon sailings.

Typically scheduled between 7:30 and 16:00, these tours average 4-5 hours on the Alanya private yacht. If your interests lean towards sunbathing, swimming, and water activities, morning and afternoon slots are ideal.

Sunset and Moonlit Cruises

Scheduled between 16:00 and 24:00, these 4-hour tours offer breathtaking views of the setting sun or the gleaming moonlight. They're a perfect setting for special occasions with services such as live music and yacht decoration available.

Hour-long Expeditions

Short on time? Our one-hour tours aboard an Alanya private yacht offer a glimpse of Alanya Castle and a refreshing swim. Longer routes of 2 or 3 hours are also available, curated by our seasoned skippers.

Full-day Voyages

Design your day on the sea, from start to finish with Alanya private yacht. Venture beyond Alanya Castle to tranquil spots like Gazipaşa, with destinations like Koru Beach, Hole Sea, and the Iotape Ancient Ruins.

baba yacht alanya

Private yacht Alanya

Private yacht Alanya or Alanya boat rental will allow you to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city! You will go on a fascinating journey to sea and caves through the picturesque corners of the Alanya coast. We will introduce you to the mysterious caves, magnificent beaches, and also, you will taste traditional Turkish cuisine on board a luxury Alanya yacht charter! Lunch from captain and soft drinks includes in private boat tour price.

days Every day
hours 08:00 - 20:00
Includes Insurance, individual transfer from the hotel, food, soft drinks
Excludes Alcoholic drinks
Recommended Swimsuits and sun cream

Private yacht Alanya Program

Transfer of tourists from hotels in a modern, comfortable and individual air-conditioned vehicle, arrival at the port of alanya and boarding an elite yacht, private yacht alanya sail to the open sea, stop for swimming at the pirate's cave and wherever the guest wants., the next stop is the lovers' cave and the phosphoric one., swimming in the open sea near cleopatra beach in alanya, lunch on the yacht, departure to the open sea and return back to the port of alanya, boarding the bus and transfer back to the hotels..

Yacht charter

Private yacht Alanya Why we should buy excursion

Private yacht Alanya will be an excellent option for recreation if you have big vacation plans. You can enjoy the beauty of the coastline and have fun! We offer more than 10 options yachts for rent in Alanya and vip boats of various capacities and sizes. You can choose a convenient time for a private yacht tour in the morning or in the afternoon. Onboard the yacht you will find a lot of entertainment: incendiary music, fishing, swimming in the open sea. You can take with you onboard alcoholic beverages or fruits (by prior arrangement with the manager of the company). Our private boat trip prices in Alanya are the lowest on the entire coast.

Private yacht Alanya Route scheme and description


Private yacht Alanya - Among the huge number of offered excursions, the leading position is occupied by Private Yacht tour Alanya ! Why is it interesting? It is with her that you have the opportunity to get to know Turkey from the other side and get a complete picture of the charming country! Do not miss the chance to use the service Yacht charter in Alanya and rush off with the breeze into the endless blue distance, where you will find relaxation, silence, the absence of tourists and numerous buses! Only you, the sea and euphoria from stunning panoramas! Alanya yacht charter will give unforgettable impressions and emotions for every client! The big plus is that you do not depend on the tourist group, you do not need to look for a free sun lounger or wait for people to catch up. Your approved program, itinerary, food, drinks and all possible details. Everything is just for you!

Private yacht tour Alanya

Private yacht tour Alanya organizes everything at the highest level so that you feel great and not be distracted from your main business! We always set ourselves the task of making your boat trip fill your day with bright colors and good mood! We invite fishing lovers to catch their luck by the tail! You must enjoy Sea Fishing in Alanya in pivate boat tour! You will get tremendous pleasure from your hobby, and an adrenaline rush is guaranteed to you!

Private boat trip Alanya

Private boat trip Alanya one of the best way to surprise your loved ones. Yacht charter in Alanya is a fantastic gift! You can purchase a tour for friends, family or your significant other! Such a surprise will not only please, but delight!

Rent a yacht in Alanya

Rent a yacht in Alanya to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or important date in an original way? No problem, we will help you make a splash! Do you want to get married? No question, we will select such a vessel for you so that you and those invited to the celebration can comfortably sit on cozy sofas and taste delicious treats! You and your guests will remember the holiday for a long time! Or have you decided to ask your beloved for the hand and heart? This will be the best day of her life! You will be able to propose on a luxury yacht amid all the splendor! With this approach, a positive answer is guaranteed to you! Yacht charter in Alanya is quite affordable entertainment today! Ten years ago, many could see such scenes in films and it did not even occur to them that this would be available to every person from the average contingent of people. And now, almost every second visitor to Turkey can please their loved ones with such surprises.

Alanya yacht charter

Alanya yacht charter, to book, you just need to fill out the form on our website or contact the manager to clarify all the nuances! We have a huge yacht club, and we can easily provide you with the best price for yachts, both for a narrow circle and for noisy companies! If you have experience in managing water transport, then there is an alternative for you - rent it without a captain and stand at the helm yourself!


baba yacht alanya


baba yacht alanya

Starcraft yacht offers you the Alanya boat tour program by A-class lux boat. If you fancy a boat tour in luxury, you should choose a trip on the Starcraft boat.

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Type Price
one person Adult ( >12 ) 25 €
one person Child ( 3-11 ) 20 €
one person Passenger 20 €
one person Infant ( 0-2 ) 0 €
many people all please ask


Invalid value
June 2024

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baba yacht alanya

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baba yacht alanya

Alanya Yacht Rental and Private Boat Tours

Enjoy the breathtaking views of Alanya from the comfort of your own private yacht

Yacht Infinity

Infinity yacht photo

  • Duration 4 hours
  • F&B Included
  • Birthday Cake Included
  • Decoration Included
  • Transfer Excluded
  • Capacity 12
  • Length 17 meter
  • Width 4 meter

Yacht ATA 36

ATA 36 yacht photo

  • Birthday Cake Excluded
  • Decoration Excluded
  • Length 14 meter
  • Width 4.2 meter

Yacht Keremim

Keremim  yacht photo

  • Capacity 10
  • Width 4.5 meter

Yacht Esperanza

Esperanza yacht photo

  • Length 16 meter
  • Width 5 meter

Yacht Elifim

Elifim  yacht photo

  • Length 12 meter

Yacht Gülbahçe Deluxe Emre

Gülbahçe Deluxe Emre yacht photo

  • Duration 5 hours
  • Capacity 30
  • Length 25 meter
  • Width 6 meter

Yacht Khaleesi Deluxe

Khaleesi Deluxe yacht photo

  • Length 17.5 meter
  • Width 4.8 meter

Yacht Barbossa Deluxe

Barbossa Deluxe yacht photo

  • Length 17.55 meter
  • Width 4.62 meter

Yacht Sea Star Kaan

Sea Star Kaan yacht photo

  • Capacity 29
  • Length 20 meter
  • Width 5.10 meter

Yacht İbiza

İbiza yacht photo

  • Transfer Included
  • Length 22.59 meter
  • Width 5.60 meter

Yacht My Dreams-A

My Dreams-A yacht photo

  • Capacity 27
  • Length 15.5 meter
  • Width 5.5 meter

Yacht Khaleesi

Khaleesi  yacht photo

  • Length 13.5 meter
  • Width 4.6 meter

Yacht Gülbahçe Luxury

Gülbahçe Luxury yacht photo

  • Capacity 17

Yacht Efsane V

Efsane V yacht photo

  • Width 4.50 meter

Yacht Gorgona

Gorgona yacht photo

  • Width 4.3 meter

Yacht Cleopatra Luxury

Cleopatra Luxury yacht photo

  • Capacity 20
  • Length 22 meter

Private Boat Tanyeli

Tanyeli yacht photo

  • Capacity 32
  • Length 14.5 meter

Yacht Carmen 07

Carmen 07 yacht photo

  • Width 4.73 meter

Yacht Carmen 007

Carmen 007 yacht photo

Yacht Şahmeran

Şahmeran yacht photo

  • Capacity 28
  • Length 19 meter

Yacht Queen Vip

Queen Vip yacht photo

  • Capacity 35
  • Width 6.5 meter

Yacht Mir Fırat

Mir Fırat yacht photo

Yacht My Dream

My Dream yacht photo

  • Length 13 meter
  • Width 3.7 meter

Discover the beauty of Alanya with luxurious yacht tours

Alanya Yacht Rental in Turkey

Experience the thrill of rent a yacht in Alanya

Rent a Yacht in Alanya: The Best Way to Explore Turkish Coasts

Alanya is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey, rent a yacht in Alanya has become a fantastic opportunity to appreciate the incredible beauty of this corner of the earth from the water. At, we offer the most extensive collection of yachts for rent in Alanya. Our sole focus is on Alanya yacht rental services.

alanya yacht marina Your Local Yacht Rental Partner

We are a local tourism agency offering seamless service throughout the yacht rental process. Our team consists of experts in this field. We provide continuous support before and after the sale. In case of any issues, we swiftly find and implement the most suitable solution. We will be with you every step of the yacht rental process, ensuring that your yacht is fully prepared according to your requirements. We meticulously manage the transportation process, never allowing delays.

How Yacht Rental in Alanya Works

If you encounter any problems, you don't need to reach out to anyone else. Simply tell us, and it will be the quickest and best solution. We take pride in our ability to provide high-quality services, making us a leader in the field of Alanya yacht rental.

Our Offerings

  • Large Selection: We have 24 different yachts for rent in Alanya, making our collection the most extensive in this region.
  • Local Knowledge: As a local tourist agency, we have in-depth knowledge about this region, which we utilize to ensure you have the best yacht rental experience.
  • Continuous Support: We provide continuous support at every stage of the yacht rental process to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

Depiction of professional yacht rental team in alanya

Professional Yacht Rental in Alanya with

If you're looking for a professional yacht rental agency in Alanya, you've come to the right place. is the only agency in Alanya that openly displays yacht rental prices. All prices for our yachts are clearly indicated on our website.

Fair Prices, Excellent Service

Unlike other yacht rental agencies in Alanya, we don't believe in changing prices based on the nationality or status of the client. We strive to provide the best and most accurate service to our clients, aiming for long-term relationships.

No Unpleasant Surprises with Us

Before renting a yacht, it's important to know all of its features, onboard amenities, service quality, menu content, and suitable water sports. All of this is detailed on our website. Each yacht's menu varies, so we also specify each yacht's menu on our website. In general, when renting a yacht at, you won't encounter any unpleasant surprises.

Choose for Yacht Rental in Alanya

  • Transparency: We are the only agency in Alanya that openly displays yacht rental prices on our website.
  • Fair Prices: We don't alter prices based on the client's nationality or status.
  • High-Quality Service: We strive to provide the best and most accurate service to our clients.
  • Complete Information: We provide full information about rental conditions, onboard amenities, menus, and water sports.

Discover the Best of Alanya Boat Hire Services

Experience the charm of Alanya with our premium Alanya Boat Hire services. Explore the pristine waters and scenic beauty of the Turkish Riviera on our luxurious yachts.

Why Choose Alanya Boat Hire?

  • Wide Selection of Yachts: From sleek motor yachts to grand sailing yachts, we have the perfect option to fit your style and group size.
  • Customized Trips: Tailor your sea adventure with options for fishing, snorkeling, and sunset cruises.
  • Experienced Crew: Our skilled and friendly crew will ensure your safety and comfort throughout the journey.

Our Exclusive Services

At Alanya Boat Hire , we offer more than just a boat rental; we provide a complete luxury experience:

  • Gourmet Dining: Enjoy delicious meals prepared by our onboard chef using fresh, local ingredients.
  • Event Planning: Celebrate special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or corporate events with our customized event services.

How to Book Your Adventure

Booking your next yachting adventure in Alanya is easy with Alanya Boat Hire . Follow these simple steps:

  • Visit our website and browse our extensive yacht catalog.
  • Select the yacht that best suits your needs and schedule.
  • Contact us to finalize your itinerary and details.

Don't wait to experience the beauty of Alanya by sea. Book with Alanya Boat Hire today and turn your dream sea adventure into reality. For more information, visit our website or reach out to our customer service team.

How the Yacht Rental Process in Alanya Works

Rent a yacht in Alanya is a wonderful way to explore beautiful sea landscapes and magnificent beaches of Alanya. However, for those who have never rented a yacht before, the process might seem complicated. At, we want your yacht rental experience to be as simple and convenient as possible. That's why we've developed an easy rental process that lets you effortlessly choose and book a yacht in Alanya. Let's delve into this process more deeply:

Some yachts in Alanya

1. Choosing the Perfect Yacht

The first step is to choose the yacht that suits you best. We offer a wide selection of yachts on our website, guaranteeing you'll find something that fits your needs and budget. If you're unsure about which yacht to choose for your Alanya yacht tour, our assistant in Alanya is always ready to help you make the choice. Just provide the following information:

  • Budget: How much are you willing to spend to rent a yacht in Alanya ?
  • Type of yacht: What type of yacht do you prefer? Are you looking for a small luxury yacht or a large yacht for a big group?
  • Plans: What do you plan to do during your Alanya yacht rental? Your plans could influence the choice of yacht.

2. Booking the Yacht

Once you've chosen your yacht, the next step is to book it. We handle this for you, ensuring that your yacht will be ready and waiting for you at the appointed time. Once the booking is confirmed, we'll send you a ticket via email. If you need help with transportation to the yacht, we are happy to arrange a private transfer for you.

3. Paying the Deposit

The final step before the beginning of your Alanya yacht tour is to pay the deposit. The deposit usually constitutes no more than 20% of the total yacht rental cost. You can pay the deposit by visiting our office, or our representative can come to your hotel or a location of your choosing. Please note that the deposit payment must be made no later than three days before the start date of your rent a yacht in Alanya .

Alanya Yacht Rental: Why Do We Take a Deposit?

Rent a yacht in Alanya is an excellent way to enjoy beautiful seascapes and sea air. However, you might be wondering why we require a deposit. Let us explain.

Scenarios Where a Deposit is Required

Imagine the following situations:

  • You've rented a yacht, but failed to show up on the appointed day.
  • You've cancelled your yacht rental less than 3 days before it starts and did not inform us.

In these scenarios, our company is obligated to pay the full rental fee to the yacht owner. Yacht owners, having such a guarantee from us, reserve their yachts for the day we choose. To avoid such unpleasant situations, we take a deposit.

What Happens to the Deposit in Case of Cancellation?

If you've paid a deposit and decided to cancel your rent a yacht in Alanya , we will return the full deposit as long as you notify us of the cancellation three days before the rental date.

  • Our main goal is to provide you with quality service. We never aim to inconvenience you. So don't worry about your deposits in case of cancellation.
  • We go the extra mile for you. If our company finds another client for the day you cancelled, we will refund your deposit, even at the last minute.

We take pride in the fact that none of our clients has been left disappointed due to such circumstances. With our rent a yacht in Alanya  services, your vacation will be safe and unforgettable.

Alanya Yacht Rental  

Hurry! Don't miss out on the best Alanya yacht rental  offer  

Alanya Yacht Rental Price  

Our website provides the most up-to-date prices for rent a yacht in Alanya . All Alanya yacht rental price s on our site are current and updated.

Rent a Yacht in Alanya Price

Prices for renting a yacht in Alanya start from $350 for a 4-hour tour, including lunch. Depending on the service package you choose, the cost can go up to $2000.

Hourly Yacht Rental in Alanya

You can also rent a yacht in Alanya by the hour. However, all rent a yacht in Alanya prices on our site are calculated for rentals ranging from 4 to 5 hours. To fully appreciate the beauty of Alanya's sea, one hour won't be enough, so all our sea tours are planned to last at least 4 hours.

Why Choose Rent a Yacht in Alanya

  • Unique Seascapes: Alanya is renowned for its beautiful sea views, which can only be fully appreciated when rent a yacht in Alanya .
  • Opportunity for Relaxation: On a yacht, you can unwind and enjoy the tranquility that only the sea can offer.
  • High Service Level: Our team guarantees a high level of service, ensuring your comfort while on the yacht.

By choosing rent a yacht in Alanya , you're in for an unforgettable experience, which will become one of the highlights of your vacation in Turkey. Don't miss out on the chance to appreciate all the benefits of yacht relaxation!

Book Your Alanya Yacht Rental Today

If you're looking for a luxurious and affordable rent a yacht in Alanya , consider Alanya yacht rental. Our experienced team of professionals will provide you with the best prices and services so you can indulge in a day of luxury, relaxation, and fun. All our packages include round trip transfers, food, drinks, and decorations for any special occasion. We also arrange special events and entertainment, such as water sports and diving, for an additional fee. So don't wait any longer, book your rent a yacht in Alanya today!

Cost of Rent a Yacht in Alanya

Several factors can influence the rent a yacht in Alanya price . We've listed some of these below:

Number of People

The more people there are, the higher the yacht rental cost. But don't worry, the increase in cost is inversely proportional to the number of people. Meaning, the more people you have, the lower the per-person yacht rental cost.

If you are rent a yacht in Alanya and would like a special transport arranged for you to get to the yacht, the yacht rental cost will increase. Our round-trip transfer prices range from $30 to $50 for 12 people. Transfer cost depends on the number of people and the distance from your hotel to the port.

Menu Changes

On nearly all yachts in Alanya, there is an additional charge for seafood items like calamari, shrimp, fish, and lobsters. However, on some yachts, seafood is included in the standard menu. You can see the menu of all yachts on our website.

Yacht Rental Duration

The standard rental duration in our tours is 4-5 hours. If you want to extend the rental duration, the yacht rental cost will increase.

If you venture beyond the standard route, the yacht will consume more fuel. Don't worry, the standard route already includes many places worth visiting in Alanya. If you wish to take a trip outside of Alanya with a 10-hour rental, you will only encounter additional fuel costs.

Special Requests

Special requests like professional decoration for birthdays or special days, water sports, musicians, photographers increase the rent a yacht in Alanya cost.

So, rent a yacht in Alanya is an incredible way to enjoy an unforgettable journey. With all these factors in mind, you can choose the optimal option that suits your needs and budget.

Yacht Charter Alanya

Alanya, known for its incredible nature and rich history, comes alive when you explore it from a yacht. With rent a yacht in Alanya , you get the opportunity to see this magnificent city from a new perspective, experiencing the joy and thrill of sea travel.

Private Yacht Rental in Alanya  

When you choose rent a yacht in Alanya , you opt for quality and comfort. Our yachts are equipped with everything necessary to ensure your comfort during the journey. We strive to make your experience unforgettable.

Prices for R ent a Yacht in Alanya

We offer yachts at competitive prices that can vary based on various factors such as the number of people, rental time, and additional services. Our aim is to offer you the best terms and make your yacht trip unforgettable.

Daily Rent a Yacht in Alanya  

During your yacht journey, you'll be able to see the grandeur of Alanya from a new side. You'll witness stunning landscapes, historical landmarks, and lush nature that make Alanya so unique.

Why Choose Alanya Yacht Rental

  • Incredible views: From a yacht, you can enjoy unmatched views of Alanya.
  • Freedom and flexibility: You can choose your route and travel time.
  • Safety: We provide professional and experienced captains to navigate the yachts.
  • Quality and comfort: Our yachts are provided with everything necessary for your comfort.

With  rent a yacht in Alanya , you can enjoy the best moments in Alanya and create unforgettable memories. Contact us today to learn more about our services and book your yacht! Next Article:  Alanya Fishing Wikipedia: Alanya

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The Best Boat Rentals in Alanya

Browse, book, and get out onto the water with local captains and boat owners., our favorite boat rentals in alanya.

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Mega Party Yatch  in Alanya

Mega Party Yatch in Alanya

Private Boat Trip for 12 Persons with Experienced Captain in Alanya , Turkey

Private Boat Trip for 12 Persons with Experienced Captain in Alanya , Turkey

Luxury Motor Yacht in Alanya for 12 guests

Luxury Motor Yacht in Alanya for 12 guests

Luxury Yacht 2022 Model for rent in Alanya

Luxury Yacht 2022 Model for rent in Alanya

Pri̇vate Motor Yacht Rental İn Side , Turkey

Pri̇vate Motor Yacht Rental İn Side , Turkey

Lux White Motor Yacht for 12 People in Alanya, Turkey

Lux White Motor Yacht for 12 People in Alanya, Turkey

Lux Motor Yatch İn Alanya

Lux Motor Yatch İn Alanya

Motor Yacht Rental in Alanya, Turkey for 32 person!

Motor Yacht Rental in Alanya, Turkey for 32 person!



2022 Lux Motor Yacht Charter in Alanya, Turkey

2022 Lux Motor Yacht Charter in Alanya, Turkey



Kara Korsan Black Pirate Boat Tour in Antalya

Kara Korsan Black Pirate Boat Tour in Antalya

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From mid-size to mega yachts, these luxury boats are great for groups and celebrations



Explore local waters with a boat rental dedicated to sightseeing and exploration



Set sail with these traditional wind-powered boats



Explore the ocean depths with trained boat operators


A high-energy adventure for the whole family

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Scuba Diving in Alanya

Scuba Diving in Alanya

Recent reviews in alanya.

August, 2020

This service was impeccable from start to finish, I was able to contact Pasha whenever I needed and he was very accommodating. The yatch was beautiful and clean and the Pilot and deck boy were both amazing. The entire experience was unforgettable in the best way. I would definitely recommend.

Very accommodating and allowed us to book 2 hours before departure. He managed to get a transfer organised and dietary needs for food were accommodated which is excellent under such short notice. Great day and great boat. Staff very accommodating and would recommend highly


It was absurd exceptional service. Pasha was very prompt during my booking . I had travelled to Turkey for my Birthday celebration and happy that I found him. Me and my mom got truly unforgettable experience. The crew on a yacht was very knowledgeable, food was amazing ( Pasha went above and beyond and I even got a Birthday cake 😍)the ride was very smooth even though the sea was a little stormy that day. Will definitely be back to his services when I am in Turkey next time.

AMAZING EXPERIENCE! Pasha have a range of different type of yachts with hourly rates. All communication with Pasha was pleasant and quick. He organized us a wonderful and unforgettable birthday cruise in the Mediterranean Sea. If you are looking for a private, with a captain and catering cruise on the Alanya coast, we recommend it to absolutely everyone! The team on the yacht was very friendly, professional and welcoming. We spent a wonderful day on yacht. The yacht was modern, with red luxury interior and all amenities. In addition, there was a photographer who captured all our best moments. Team put up balloons on the yacht! Music, lunch and drinks and swimming stops were arranged. We warmly recommend (and other yachts) to couples, families with small children who are looking for a private cruise. An ideal opportunity to celebrate a birthday, engagement or other important event when going to Alanya. We recommend all Pasha services in Turkey!


September, 2020

Had a great day on the boat together with my family. We’ve also did snorkeling and the captain of the boat stopped on great swimming spots. For lunch we’ve enjoyed a tasty grilled fish with salad. The caves and the views were superb!

Pasha is the best man to book a yacht with in the whole of alanya and Antalya, a wonderful experience, Got engaged on his Yacht , we are surely coming back with our kids someday !!!!!!!

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Istanbul , Istanbul

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Fethiye , Muğla Province

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Göcek Belediyesi , Muğla

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Marmaris , Muğla Province

68 listings

Arnavutköy , Istanbul

43 listings

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baba yacht alanya

Excursion Mania

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Excursion Mania

Alanya Boat Rental

Primarily famous for its exquisite seaside, Alanya is one of the most picturesque and relaxing resorts of the Turkish riviera. Travellers for all around the world visit this charming town to unfold its natural beauty, but also to feel its lavishing atmosphere. Alanya boat rentals offer you the most exclusive way to discover the best, hidden parts, of this town that is washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Are you ready to experience it from first-hand?

Your dream boat rental in Alanya is closer than ever. Our multi-year experience and dedication to offer high-quality services and experiences, allow us to make your dream come true. Charter a boat and grab the chance to visit some secluded bays, swim into charming coves, and discover islands around the coast. For few hours, a day, a couple of more, or even a week, our boat rental services in Alanya can meet your needs and expectations. Keep in mind that, it won’t cost a fortune, as boat rentals are fully customisable. Send us your inquiry today and discover all available options.


Make your booking now and reserve your boat, pay on tour day!


Daily Boat Rentals in Alanya

Interested in spending a day in a private boat with friends or family? Are you celebrating a special day or simply want to relax and enjoy upgraded service? It doesn’t really matter! Our fleet includes boats of all sizes that are ready to host your group, irrespective of the size, and make your day special. Get to know how it feels to be surrounded by the endless blue of the Mediterranean Sea while receiving exclusive service from professional crew, and make memories that will never fade.

Our daily boat chartering service is fully customisable to meet your individual preferences. You may choose the route and where to swim. Furthermore, you can select the meals and drinks you wish to enjoy while resting on the elegant decks and outdoor dining areas. Better still, you can add some extra services in case you are celebrating or if you simply want to make your day special.

Weekly Boat Rentals In Alanya

While there are many exclusive resorts in the area, the feeling you get if you wake up in a boat is completely different. Our boats can be chartered on a weekly basis to offer the best of this experience. Enjoy the privacy you are looking for while sailing around the beautiful coast of Alanya. The weekly chartering service is available with boats of different sizes. Thus, there is no need to worry if you are just a couple or a larger group!

Boat rentals are not always associated with high prices. Our boat rentals in Alanya are fully customisable and can be adjusted to meet your needs and requirements. Hence, feel free to select the services you wish to include, which meet your budget. As we never compromise on the quality, our boats are elegantly decorated and feature state of the art design. Send us your inquiries and let is offer you the best boat rental options at competitive prices.

Are there any budget boat rental options in Alanya?

As Excursion Mania we are working directly with local boat owners in Alanya. due to this we have many different budget-friendly boat options in Alanya.

What are the best family friendly boats in Alanya?

Alanya is a popular holiday destination for families. We have a quite few family friendly boat rental options for Alanya in our arsenal.

Can you rent yacht for a day in Alanya?

Alanya is famous with its marina. We have many luxurious yacht option to rent for a day or overnight stay.

Can you rent a boat in Marmaris?

Alanya is the best place to rent a boat. You can rent a boat for a day or week, with or without a captain. From a motor boat to sailboat or even a yacht, you’ll find  everything that you are looking for.

How much does renting a yacht cost in Alanya?

A middle class yacht will cost around 500 € a day in Alanya.

What are the COVID protocols for Alanya Boat Rental?

  • No Face masks required for our guests as it is a full private experince
  • Hand sanitizer available to our guests and staff, through the rental duration
  • Regularly sanitized high-traffic areas in the boat
  • All our transportation vehicles regularly sanitized
  • The captain & the crew required to regularly wash their hands
  • Regular temperature checks for all staff

Best Prices

You can book your excursions without paying any comission to 3rd party travel agencies.

Skilled Staff

You're important.

You’ve worked hard for your holiday. We do our best to make your holiday best.

Easy Payment

Instant confirmation.

We confirm your bookings instantly and send your e-ticket to your e-mail address.

What is Alanya known for?

What is Alanya known for?

Which is better Antalya or Alanya?

Which is better Antalya or Alanya?

Is Alanya worth visiting?

Is Alanya worth visiting?

Baba Yacht Tour

Baba Yacht Tour (Baba Yacht Tour) Alanya ()

List Of Vehicles

No. Registration Plate Name Built Year Of Get Year Of Remove Scrapped Modernization Still Owned? Previous Owner
07 NHB 20Volkswagen LTNoYes
07 NU 192Isuzu RoybusNoYes
07 NCF 24Ford TransitNoYes
Number: No. of vehicles:
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baba yacht alanya

Yacht charter Alanya

Catamaran xenia.

baba yacht alanya


baba yacht alanya

Motor yacht EMRE

baba yacht alanya


ALIBABA pirate ship tour in Antalya bay

ALIBABA pirate ship tour in Antalya bay - 1

Price: € 29 ( $ 32 / € 29 / ₺ 1,042 / £ 25)

Experience a thrilling adventure on the GRAND ALIBABA pirate boat as you embark on a boat tour through the picturesque Gulf of Antalya. This exciting pirate boat tour is perfect for both kids and adults and offers breathtaking views of Antalya's stunning landscapes. The tour runs from 10 am to 4 pm and includes convenient pick-up and drop-off from your Antalya hotel, as well as comfortable transportation in an air-conditioned vehicle. Don't miss out on this unforgettable Antalya boat trip!

Select Tour Date & Participants

Prices may vary periodically, about this activity.

  • Departure Location: Antalya Belek
  • Event days: Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  • Tour duration (Approx - including transfers): 8 Hours
  • Guiding & Support: English , Turkish , German , Russian
  • Booking confirmation: Instant confirmation
  • Printed or mobile voucher: Both is accepted.
  • Wheelchair accessible: Available
  • Easy Online Booking: Fast, Easy & SSL Secure Booking
  • Vegetarian & Vegan meal: Available
  • Cancellation policy: Flexible
  • Tour ID: 348
  • Other Departure places: Belek

Highlights | Overview

  • Set sail on an adventure of a lifetime with our Antalya pirate boat trip! Explore the stunning bay and enjoy a day filled with fun and excitement.
  • Ahoy, mateys! Join us on our ALIBABA pirate ship tour in Antalya bay and experience the thrill of being a pirate for a day. Book your trip now!
  • Looking for a unique way to explore Antalya bay? Hop aboard our pirate ship and enjoy a day of swashbuckling fun and breathtaking views. Don't miss out!
  • Ready to experience the thrill of being a pirate? Join us on our Antalya pirate ship tour and discover the beauty of the bay while having a blast!

Full Description

Alibaba pirates boat trip along antalya bay, boat trip antalya turkey - pirate ship antalya -  antalya pirate boat trip.

You can see the photos of the Grand ALIBABA pirate boat in the image gallery.

Looking for a fun and exciting way to explore Antalya Bay? Look no further than the ALIBABA pirates boat tour! This unforgettable experience offers stunning views and a day of family fun that everyone will enjoy. Climb aboard and set sail for an adventure you won't forget!

Boat Trip Antalya Turkey - Pirate ship Antalya -  Antalya pirate boat trip: Experience a fun-filled day on the high seas with an Antalya boat trip that's perfect for the whole family! This pirate-themed adventure includes lively entertainment for kids and adults alike, as well as a foam party that will have everyone dancing and splashing around. The tour sets sail at 10am and lasts for approximately 6 hours, giving you plenty of time to soak up the sun and enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery. Don't miss out on this unforgettable excursion!

Pirate ship Antalya: Embark on an unforgettable adventure with an Antalya boat trip and take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean. You'll have the opportunity to visit stunning natural wonders such as the Düden waterfall, little waterfall, and Turtle Bay, where you can swim and soak up the sun. Don't miss out on this opportunity to experience the beauty of Antalya from a unique perspective!

Experience the beauty of Antalya's Düden waterfall while indulging in a scrumptious lunch aboard the ALIBABA pirate boat during a memorable boat trip.

Pirate ship Antalya boat trips - Antalya pirate boat trip - Pirate ship Turkey - Alibaba Turkey: Experience a day full of excitement and adventure with the Antalya ALIBABA Pirate Ship Tour! This boat trip promises a fun-filled day with a variety of activities and surprises that will keep you entertained throughout the journey. Get ready to embark on a thrilling and enjoyable adventure!

Pirate ship Turkey: Experience a unique and exciting adventure on your holiday with Captain ALIBABA and his bandits on an Antalya boat trip. Get ready for a day filled with fun, sun, and sea as you sail along the beautiful coastline and enjoy the stunning views. With Captain ALIBABA and his crew, you're sure to have a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Boat Trip Antalya Turkey - Pirate ship Antalya -  Antalya pirate boat trip - Antalya boat trips: Experience a day of adventure and excitement with the ALIBABA Pirate Ship Tour in Antalya. This boat trip is not your average sightseeing tour, but a floating entertainment center that will take you on a journey through the old pirate world. With its unique design and concept, this tour promises unlimited fun for both adults and children.

Enjoy the stunning natural beauty of Antalya while immersing yourself in the pirate-themed activities and atmosphere. Get ready for an unforgettable day on the high seas!

Price included

  • Pickup from Antalya hotels and transfer by air-conditioned bus
  • Boat trip for approximately 6 hours between 10:00 and 16:00
  • Animations for Kids
  • Lunch at Duden waterfall
  • Swimming break at 3 different points
  • Drinks and all personal expenses
  • Photo and Video

Pick Up Place

Pick up point, details to know, grand alibaba pirate boat tour in antalya bay.

Alibaba Turkey.

It is mandatory to comply with the boat tour rules. It is forbidden to make dangerous jumps on the boat. It is not accepted to bring drinks from outside to the boat. Please bring sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, a towel and spare clothes with you. There are no snorkel goggles on board. Costume and face painting may be charged on the boat.

There may be changes in the tour program due to weather conditions and similar reasons.

Additional information

Grand alibaba pirates boat tour.

ALIBABA pirates boat tour program in Antalya Bay is as follows. There may be early or late differences in the given hours.

  • 08:30 - 09:30 Hotel pickup and transfer to the pirates ship
  • 10:00 Antalya pirates boat tour starts
  • Face painting for kids (pirate painting)
  • animations for kids
  • Animations for adults
  • 30 minutes swimming break at Turtle Bay
  • Duden waterfall and swimming break and lunch on the pirates boat
  • Sailing along the small waterfall and the old town of Antalya
  • Sailing along the marina and Konyaaltı beach
  • Foam party on the pirates boat
  • Swimming break 30 minutes
  • 16:00 - 16:30 Tour ends and transfer to hotels
  • Lunch menu: Grilled Chicken, Spaghetti, Rice, Seasonal Salad, Fruit

Period & Price

07 april 2024 / 13 november 2024 - price.

Location Adult
13 >
04 > 12
00 > 03
Antalya € 29.0 € 16.0 € 0
Location Adult
13 >
04 > 12
00 > 03
Belek € 29.0 € 16.0 € 0

Have a question?

  • Questions Recently Asked (5)
  • Customer Reviews (6)

Hello, I have family in Turkey who would like to book your tour ID 348. They are staying at a Granada villa near Granada Luxury Belek hotel. Could transportation pick them up at Granada hotel entrance gate? TY 24.05.2024

Hello, thank you for contacting us. Pick up and drop off from Granada Luxury Resort hotel in Belek is possible and included in the price. The pick-up time is 08:50. Best regards, Vigo Tours.

How long is transfer from grand park lara Many thanks 18.08.2022

Good afternoon we are staying in the alaiya resort hotel from the 21.6.22 to 28.6.22 & we wondered if you could let me know the cost & availability for 3 adults & 3 children we would ideally like to go on friday many thanks lee allen 09.06.2022, please let us know how much we are arriving on 13th august 09.05.2022, hi, i was just looking for some information regarding the pirate boat tour for two adults and two children, how much would this be and would we need to get to alanya as we are staying at the trendy lara hotel. thankyou 08.04.2022, 6 overall rating.

Total: (6 Review)

6 Review Summary

Service: (4.2)

Organization: (4.5)

Price: (4.3)

Security: (4.7)

Leander woodhouse

Very reasonably priced thoroughly enjoyed it and the kids did to

Was a good day out kids enjoyed it if I was being critical they ran out of food for a few people and also far to expensive 30 liera in the local shop for a beer 5 euro on the boat which is 100 liera I expect things to be more expensive but then there's just pure greed other than that good day out

Laura pearn

overall was a fun day, I was informed soft drinks were free however they were not, also as we went last for the open buffet there was no meat left where as others had there plates filled for them, no pirate jumped from the cliff either but the staff made it fun, most things are at an extra cost but no too pricey such as 1 min on a speed boat to the waterfall and for photos etc. I would recommend however knowing what I do now I would bring snacks for children and plenty to drink

Martina Bircher

Lieber mehr für die Fahrt verlangen dafür nicht alles extra Kosten verrechnen zb Kinderanimation (kindermalen, schminken, verkleiden etc) oder Maiskolben. Preis für Bier (5 euro) und Chips (5 euro) überrissen

Ozren Petrovic

Ali baba boat tour

Great experience and fun crew! Would recommend!

Brilliant trip on the big kral pirate ship

The Big Kral pirate ship offers an extraordinary experience for families with children! The kids had such a great fun! Great time on this ship! it's huge, entertainment, food, foam party and swimming in the most beautiful places. Great value for money

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The Land of Legends Theme Park tour from Belek

Image by Angello Pro


Alone or with friends - the ultimate Colombian boating experience. Book your individual spot on a shared boat or book a private boat with your friends.


Welcome to Baba Boats! An unforgettable day of boating filled with magical destinations most couldn't get to. Book your individual spot on a shared boat or book a private boat with your friends. Either way, get ready to explore the best Colombia has to offer while dancing the day away with fun and adventurous travelers from around the world. 

baba yacht alanya

The best one-day boating experience of your life

Your day on baba boats.

We accompany you from Cartagena's enchanting old city to the breathtaking Islas de Rosario, capped off with the party vibes of Cholon. Enjoy a morning dip in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, followed by a day of drinking, eating, and dancing at some of the most exclusive locations in Colombia. 

baba yacht alanya

Ready to Baba Boat?

Browse available boats and start planning your trip in Cartagena. Book now before it is too late!


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  1. Alanya Yacht Tour #alanya #yacht #privateyacht #alanyayachttour #privateyachttour #antalya #türkei

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  1. Admiral Black Yacht Tour

    Admiral Black Yacht Tour, Alanya. 687 likes · 8 talking about this · 358 were here. Admiral black is the perfect get away in Alanya. This boat tour will give you an amazing experience

  2. Baba Boat Tour.

    124 Reviews. #75 of 109 Boat Tours & Water Sports in Alanya. Outdoor Activities, Tours, Boat Tours & Water Sports. Iskele Caddesi, Next to Marina Restaurant, Alanya 47400, Turkiye. Open today: 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM. aliceroberts16. Birmingham, United Kingdom. 23 32.

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    7.7K views, 527 likes, 140 loves, 172 comments, 53 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Alanya & Türkiye: On a daily trip with Cuneyit Baba boat around Alanya... amazing feelings and experience to... On a daily trip with Cuneyit Baba boat around Alanya... amazing feelings and experience to swim in the open sea, tovisit caves and have fun on the ...


    Alanya boat (yacht) tour is the best and the most popular way to discover Alanya's beautiful coastline. Join the sea pleasure with a wonderful boat tour in Alanya, the pearl of the Mediterranean, the land of old pirates. Alanya has Turkey's most interestingly shaped wooden and pirate boats. The combination of the magnificent beauty and crystal ...

  5. THE 10 BEST Alanya Boat Tours (with Prices)

    Alanya: Luxury Pirate Boat Tour with Foam Party. 17. Spring Break. 6 hours. İt is one of the most popular tours in Alanya that you will enjoy a six hour long boat trip on a wooden boat with the view…. Free cancellation. from. $16. per adult.

  6. Cüneyt Baba Yacht Tour

    The Cüneyt Baba Yacht Tour, Alanya, Turkey, 4th May 2017. About ...

  7. Türki̇sh Bath. Rafti̇ng Alanya. Rafti̇ng Combo. Fi̇shi̇ng Alanya. Buggy

    alanya pİrates boat tour. bİg kral deluvipxe boat tour. alanya fİshİng tour.baba -a boat tour alanya. vİp yacht tour alanya. raftİng buggy zipline jeep safarİ tour.alanya paraglİdİng. dolphİn show.dolphİn swİmmİng. extreme quad &buggy safari.sadere canyon with dİm canyon tour. bootsfahrt alanya. pİrates boat alanya.

  8. Alanya: Boat Tour with Sunbathing, Swimming & Snorkelling

    The Alanya Boat (Yacht) Tour is undeniably the best and most popular way to explore the stunning coastline of Alanya. Our boat departs at approximately 10:00 a.m. from Alanya's harbor, conveniently located near the iconic Red Tower and shipyard. During the tour, we will venture to the enchanting sea caves situated around the Alanya castle ...

  9. Alanya Private Yacht Tour

    Prices for Alanya private yachts range from 30€ to 1000€. These rates are specially tailored to ensure the best experience on the Alanya private yachttours. The given rates apply to trips lasting 4-5 hours and may change based on the season. Below, you can review all Alanya private yacht prices and the unique features of each yacht.


    You can enjoy the beauty of the coastline and have fun! We offer more than 10 options yachts for rent in Alanya and vip boats of various capacities and sizes. You can choose a convenient time for a private yacht tour in the morning or in the afternoon. Onboard the yacht you will find a lot of entertainment: incendiary music, fishing, swimming ...


    12 X PERSONS= 1700€. 13 X PERSONS= 1750€. 14 X PERSONS= 1800€. 15 X PERSONS= 1850€. ALANYA YACHT RENTAL ROUTE / ITINERARY: -Pick-up from hotels/apartments in Alanya by private comfortable van. -Transport to Alanya harbor. -The yacht leaves Alanya Harbor. -Watch at Alanya old shipyard, Red Tower from the yacht.

  12. THE 5 BEST Alanya Boat Hire (Updated 2024)

    Taxis & Shuttles • Boat Tours. By GeenaLouise90. ... ship aswell, mini disco, face painting, party games (adults joining in) and then the foam party, which was so fun! 3. DOLLY TRAVEL. 2. Parasailing & Paragliding • River Rafting & Tubing. 4. Private Boat Trip In Alanya.


    6. Tour details : Alanya Starcraft boat tour offers a fun-filled experience where you can explore the most beautiful beaches and bays of Alanya, sunbathe, and swim, with the six-storey Starcraft, which is the largest and most luxurious boat in Alanya, with a capacity of 800 people. Resembling a majestic white swan and having a very modern ...

  14. Alanya Yacht Rental

    Alanya Yacht Rental Price Our website provides the most up-to-date prices for rent a yacht in Alanya.All Alanya yacht rental prices on our site are current and updated.. Rent a Yacht in Alanya Price. Prices for renting a yacht in Alanya start from $350 for a 4-hour tour, including lunch. Depending on the service package you choose, the cost can go up to $2000.

  15. Alanya Boat Rentals 2024 ⛵- 10 Boats from $20/Hour

    Lux White Motor Yacht for 12 People in Alanya, Turkey. AMAZING EXPERIENCE! Pasha have a range of different type of yachts with hourly rates. All communication with Pasha was pleasant and quick. He organized us a wonderful and unforgettable birthday cruise in the Mediterranean Sea. If you are looking for a private, with a captain and catering ...

  16. Alanya Boat Rental

    Excursion Mania is currently offering the most affordable boat rental service in Alanya. Skip the tourist traps & do it with the locals. +90 535 6187131 [email protected]

  17. Transport Database and Photogallery

    Baba Yacht Tour. Baba Yacht Tour (Baba Yacht Tour) Alanya List Of Vehicles. No. Registration Plate Name Built Year Of Get Year Of Remove Scrapped Modernization Still Owned? Previous Owner; 07 NHB 20: Volkswagen LT: No: Yes: Link: 07 NU 192: Isuzu Roybus: No: Yes: Link: 07 NCF 24: Ford Transit: No: Yes: Link: Number:

  18. Baba Yacht Alanya

    TOP10 PLACES NEAR TO BABA YACHT ALANYA. Star Craft Yat Party Alanya 2.35 0.01 Miles Away; Alanya Gemi Turu 2.8 0.03 Miles Away; Tekneyle Mehtap Turu 2.36 Rıhtım Caddesi 0.03 Miles Away; Alanya Tekne Turunda 3.99 0.04 Miles Away; Tekne Turu Alanya Marina 3.73 0.04 Miles Away; Alanya Limani Yat Turu Party 2.99

  19. Аренда Яхты В Марине Alanya [2024]

    From 800€/day. 3 20 x 5 1950. More details. ⚓ Аренда яхты в Alanya Аренда яхты с капитаном или без ⛵ Вы можете арендовать яхту на день или неделю Большой выбор яхт ☎️ +372 610 4233 ≋.

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    See photos and videos taken at this location and explore places nearby.

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    Baba. There are presently 5 yachts for sale on YachtWorld for Baba. This assortment encompasses 2 brand-new vessels and 3 pre-owned yachts, all of which are listed by knowledgeable yacht brokers and boat dealerships predominantly in United States and U.S. Virgin Islands. YachtWorld offers a diverse array of models, showcasing a comprehensive ...

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    ALIBABA pirate ship tour in Antalya bay. (4.4 / 5) Price: € 29. ( $ 32 / € 29 / ₺ 1,042 / £ 25) Experience a thrilling adventure on the GRAND ALIBABA pirate boat as you embark on a boat tour through the picturesque Gulf of Antalya. This exciting pirate boat tour is perfect for both kids and adults and offers breathtaking views of Antalya ...

  23. Home

    Welcome to Baba Boats! An unforgettable day of boating filled with magical destinations most couldn't get to. Book your individual spot on a shared boat or book a private boat with your friends. Either way, get ready to explore the best Colombia has to offer while dancing the day away with fun and adventurous travelers from around the world.