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Viking 90 poised to become the next king of large sportfishing yachts.

The evolution of the Viking 90 is an excellent example of how Viking overcomes challenges to continue building a better boat every day. The Viking 92 was a tremendous success, proving that a sportfishing yacht of its size could win consistently on the tournament trail. Viking delivered 21 boats in less than seven years, with owners enjoying the luxury and style of a mega yacht and the sportfishing DNA that only Viking could deliver.

Viking would have continued production of the 92 but not for an international mandate requiring the installation in the 92 of a heavy, bulky and potentially dangerous exhaust-treatment technology called Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). The SCR systems in the 92 would have increased purchase and operating costs of the boat; added significant weight; reduced performance; hindered accessibility for service; compromised safety; and required additional ventilation and onboard tankage. The technology to scale down SCR to a level where it could be effectively engineered for installation in the 92 simply did not exist yet. Viking fought hard for an extension of an exemption that would give engine manufacturers more time to develop the appropriate SCR systems for this size and class of yacht.

But without enough international support for an extension of the exemption, the mandate went into effect. The U.S. Coast Guard, understanding that suitable engine and SCR technology was unavailable, announced in early 2021 a three-year suspension of the regulations in North America. “By that time, our design and engineering department was well underway with the development of the 90,” says President and CEO Pat Healey. “We were not going to be forced into installing SCR. With the new 90, we invested $20 million to develop a new flagship sportfishing yacht that does not require SCR. It was a costly decision but one that had to be made because it’s the best product for our owners.”

Adapt and Innovate

Viking focused on speed, performance and aesthetics. “To further understand the evolution of the 90 you have to go back to what we’ve done with the Viking 80 in our demo program,” says Pat.

Viking has put tremendous time, resources, engineering and effort into improving the performance of the 80. “Everything from lightweight interior woods to advanced propulsion systems have been developed in anticipation of the 90 – to prove out theories, systems and procedures,” says Pat. “With our last three 80 demos, we’ve gone from a 40.5-knot boat to a 43.5-knot boat, picking up three knots over the course of three different 80s. We’ve been able to make these tremendous strides because we have the best team in the business. The development of the 80 and the 90 are excellent examples of how we can rise to the occasion to adapt and innovate.”

Viking took what it learned from the 92 – and other recent new models – and applied that knowledge into the development of the 90.

“We built 21 of them, and through that process we had quite a few owners, captains and mates give us a lot of feedback,” adds Pat. “We took all that feedback and put it into the 90 to make it one incredible design – and that’s why we’re very excited to show everyone this boat. It’s going to be something special.”

The new flagship utilizes the latest lifting-strake design, a refined driveline and prop pockets along with the advanced propulsion systems. Performance was also optimized through Computational Fluid Dynamics, software that allowed the team to analyze pressure distribution, study trim angle and trim tab effectiveness, and modify strakes and chines to increase running efficiency.

The 90 holds 3,801 gallons of fuel (standard) in four tanks. She’s equipped with the latest technology from stem to stern, “but we also focused on making these systems easier to operate and service,” says Pat.

Viking has taken all the advantages, refinements and improvements in materials and methods we’ve made in previous models and applied them to our new 90, everything from the use of lighter interior materials to the increased use of carbon fiber and Light Resin Transfer Molding.

The 90 also features a streamlined build process for the enclosed bridge and open bridge, saving on weight and improving building efficiency while lowering the overall profile for a sleek visual appeal. To that end, two large insert dams were created, one that gives the deck of the enclosed bridge a flat walking surface and the other that incorporates crown (needed for drainage) in the open bridge. Other notable developments include a one-piece wraparound enclosed bridge windshield that enhances visibility.


The cockpit measures 224 square feet, with a 203-gallon transom fishbox/live well and a pair of full-length 103-gallon insulated in-deck fishboxes (with refrigeration optional). A single hatch on centerline (with optional electric actuation) provides access to the Seakeeper 35, a watertight design introduced with recent Viking 80 demonstrator boats. The cockpit sole is built with reinforcement for a fighting chair, rocket launcher or table.

There are three aft-facing seating areas between the lower and upper mezzanines. “What we learned from the 92 was that the majority of our owners wanted to be seated so they could look aft – that’s where all the action is on a Viking sportfishing boat,” says Viking Design Manager David Wilson. The cockpit and dual mezzanine bring a slew of features for comfort, visibility and fishability. The business end, which boasts the same fore/aft length of the 92’s cockpit, is also equipped with port and starboard storage lockers under the gunwales for gaffs and other accessories.

The lower observation mezzanine’s centerline lounge seat (with optional air conditioning in the backrest) has excellent visibility aft and direct access to the cockpit. This seating module also holds tackle cabinets on each side. A series of lower mezzanine insulated boxes provide freezer and refrigeration storage. On centerline, you have an engineroom access gate and lid. Outboard, you’ll find storage and cooler boxes in the lower mezzanine steps. Staircases on each side lead to the upper mezzanine. Outboard handrails – each with a pair of welded-on rod holders – help provide safe passage to the area, which is covered by the deckhouse overhang.

The upper mezzanine’s port side is home to an L-shaped aft-facing lounge with standard seat-back air conditioning and a teak table. On the starboard side, there’s a versatile cooking and refreshment hub (with an additional aft-facing seat) that can be personalized to the owner’s liking with a grill and icemaker or refrigerator. The bench seat holds a pull-out drawer for footwear or other types of storage. The armrests in the upper mezzanine seats have integrated storage compartments with friction-hinge lids, and an optional fold-down 43-inch HD TV can be integrated into the aft overhang on centerline. A custom aluminum rail on the mezzanine backrest holds a row of welded-on rod holders, providing a sturdy grabrail for the area without interfering with the view aft.

Salon and Galley

The goal with the 90 was to provide the same high levels of style, luxury, living conveniences and accommodations as the 92 – as well as the same number of staterooms (six) and heads (seven). “Another priority was to continue what we were doing with the 92 and all of our boats – incorporating lighter interior components and finding ways to take weight out of existing materials,” says Interior Design Manager Steve Walker.

An electric-powered sliding door just off centerline to starboard leads to the salon, where you’ll immediately notice a massive U-shaped lounge on the portside that has ample space for several weary anglers to stretch out and sleep. This kind of lounge space in the salon was a must-have given the mission and purpose of this boat as a long-distance sportfishing yacht. The lounge area, which also features a walnut hi-lo cocktail table, faces a starboard-side home theater center with surround sound and a pop-up 65-inch HD TV, along with a wet bar with sink and ice maker.

The 90 features horizontal grain natural walnut interior, which brings a contemporary aesthetic appeal while also accentuating depth of space throughout the boat.

Interior doors featuring both horizontal and vertical grains as well as ebony inlays add to the visual appeal.

Forward on the starboard side is a large wrap-around galley with refrigeration and freezers, engineered stone countertops and five bar stools with an overhang. All the amenities, conveniences and appliances – including two Sub-Zero refrigerators and a freezer unit, a dishwasher, an electric range with four-burner cook top, garbage disposal, trash compactor and ample storage space – are provided in the galley. Across from the dinette is a very large, raised dinette with U-shaped seating and a walnut table. The elevated platform allows for excellent views outside while also providing a rod locker with pull-out drawer below.


“The 92, even with all its staterooms and heads and open areas, was still a very voluminous boat with ample space throughout the yacht,” adds David. “So we knew we had the ability to scale down areas and yet still bring people all the great accommodation characteristics of the 92. We did it through careful planning, teamwork and a commitment to our owners.”

Steve and his group analyzed all living spaces inch by inch, carefully refining the placement of interior furniture – end tables, credenzas and closets – and streamlining the layout. “It was a challenge, no doubt,” says Steve. “But we pushed through and came away with a beautiful, highly functional interior.” Not only did Steve’s team, deliver six staterooms and seven heads, they were able maintain the size of the beds and the entryways to the staterooms and the heads as well as an enclosed laundry center with full-size stackable washer and dryer. “The end result is a functional free-flowing spacious layout that promotes comfortable movement throughout the yacht,” adds Steve.

The 90 features a full-beam master stateroom, a his and hers head with shared shower, a king-size bed, a large maple-lined walk-in closet, a credenza below a 65-inch HDTV, a vanity/desk area with swing-out stool on the starboard side, a port-side lounge seat and port and starboard credenzas with drawer storage. “You have five guest staterooms, each with its own private head and shower, crew quarters with immediate access to the engineroom, a pantry with an additional crew athwartship berth and a day head.”

Enclosed Bridge

On the Enclosed Bridge (EB) and Sky Bridge (SB) models, an aluminum ladder leads from the lower mezzanine to the enclosed bridge’s aft deck, which features a two-person seat near centerline (with standard air conditioning in the backrest) and a starboard-side aft control station – with full engine controls, radio box forward of the helm pod and a recessed area for multi-function electronics displays (MFDs). A sliding door leads to the enclosed bridge salon and its forward control station. The enclosed bridge is also accessible via a staircase inside the salon.

Inside the EB, a second salon awaits, boasting walnut cabinetry and furniture, premium carpeting and air conditioning and heating. The salon is highlighted by a port-side L-shaped lounge accompanied by a walnut hi-lo cocktail table; there’s also a Sub-Zero refrigerator forward of the lounge. The starboard side is the perfect place for the 43-inch pop-up HD TV; storage areas are provided under the lounge, aft of the starboard companion seat, and there’s also storage under both companion seats.

Forward, two Stidd double companion chairs side the centerline Stidd helm chair. The control station features a newly styled raised black wraparound electronics pod (with integrated visor). “This is the first Viking to have an electronics pod designed specifically for five MFDs,” says David. “We’ve also incorporated a series of vents in the forward section of the console. Plus, ergonomic refinements throughout make for an easy user experience.” The lower portion of the console is dedicated to recessed areas outboard of the steering wheel that hold a variety of instruments and controls.

Sky Bridge

Hull No. 1 is a Kingston Grey Sky Bridge model. The sky bridge helm and companion chair (with teak ladder backs) are positioned on a raised platform, maximizing visibility. The console is positioned on the starboard side, with a raised electronics pod housing three MFDs. The sky bridge helm pod is flanked by port and starboard radio boxes. Forward of the console, guests can relax in an L-shaped lounge (with storage underneath); a forward fiberglass module holds a sink to port and an undermount drink box to starboard.

Open Bridge

The open bridge’s center console (with forward lounge and storage underneath) anchors this spacious area. Aft of the console, which holds four MFDs in a recessed black acrylic panel, there are three helm chairs with teak ladder backs. They sit on a raised platform, again for optimal visibility. Immediately to starboard of the helm – for easy accessibility – is a refrigerated drink box. To port, there’s a convenient storage box. And forward, lounges to port and starboard feature wraparound backrests with integrated storage. A large freezer on centerline forward of the lounge rounds out the amenities on the flybridge.

Caterpillar C32A diesels packing 1925MHP are standard. CAT C32B 2400: 2433MHP engines are also available. The optional twin 2635MHP MTU 16V 2000 M96Ls power hull No. 1, which hits a top speed of 38-plus knots and cruises at 32-33 knots with a range of nearly 600 nautical miles.

Bottom Line: With a dozen spoken for, the Viking 90 will soon become the new showpiece of innovation and ingenuity for the large world-traveling sportfishing yacht. Hull No. 1 – a Kingston Grey Sky Bridge model – will debut at the Viking Yachts and Valhalla Boatworks VIP Boat Show February 3-4, followed by the Miami International Boat Show February 15-19.

Engineroom and Performance

The engineroom is painted in a bright Snow White Awlgrip for increased visibility and ease of maintenance. There’s more than 7 feet of headroom and plenty of space to access all sides of the 16-cylinder powerplants and numerous systems and components, including the Furuno omnidirectional sonar tube, Optimus steering system, Octoplex digital switching system and Spot Zero water maker and purifier system. The Centralized Seawater System has been redesigned to reduce complexity, incorporating the standard ElectroSea CLEARLINE System to increase reliability and component longevity throughout the boat. The 90’s mechanical features also include composite seacocks, eliminating corrosion, increasing longevity and decreasing weight. The standard 40 kW generators are aft of the engines for center of gravity purposes, and their location also provides outstanding accessibility.


For more information, please contact your authorized Viking dealer.

Length Overall (LOA): 90 ft. 0 in. (27.41 m)
Beam: 23 ft. 2 in.  (7.05m)
Draft: 5 ft. 11 in. (1.80 m)
* Gross Weight: 192,000 lbs. (87,090 kg) (Enclosed Bridge with Sky Bridge)
* Gross Weight: 188,000 lbs. (85,275 kg) (Open Bridge, no Tower)
Fuel Capacity: 3,801 gals. (14,388 l)
Water Capacity: 480 gals. (1,817 ltrs)
Cockpit Area: 224 sq. ft. (20.8 sq. m)
  * Standard Fuel Load
CAT / C32A 1925 1925 MHP  Base
CAT / C32B 2400 2433 MHP  Option
MTU Series 2000 / V16 M96L 2635 MHP  Option

Viking Yachts is working to create a more accessible version of our virtual tours.

Please for more information.

Please Note: Due to product improvements, changes during the model year and/or transcription errors that may occur, information represented within this website may not be accurate at the time of your purchase. If certain information is significant to your purchasing decision, please confirm the information with your dealer.

best viking yacht


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The Top 10 Viking Yachts of All-Time

The Viking Yacht Company has been in business for about forty five years now, building luxury performance cruising and sport-fishing yachts. The company was founded by brothers Bill and Bob Healey in '64, when they purchased a small, financially struggling New Jersey manufacturer of thirty-seven foot, wooden sport fishing boats called Peterson-Viking Builders. Today, Viking Yachts is a leading producer of semi custom fiberglass yachts with more than 4,000 boats under its name.

Of those, these are the top 10 Viking Yachts of all time.

Viking 42 ST

Viking has been known to combine one model's features with the other, as is evident with the Viking 42 Open and 42 Convertible, which have the same hull with noticeably different interior and deck arrangements. The 42 ST is fitted with a tuna tower from Palm Beach Towers, and is ideal for cruising the Bahamas, cobia hunting, and riding the sailfish circuit. It has a characteristic New England taste and comes with an option for a custom fiberglass layer for the antennas.

The 42 ST also features the twin mezzanine cockpit familiar with the 42 Open. These models are a thrilling addition to the Viking yachts with their dramatic design combined with the eclectic running attributes of the sea-friendly resin infused hull boosted by Cummins QSC 600mhp diesels and the protruding pod drive propulsion system.

The Viking 55C is a blue water champion, introduced in 1996 at the Ft. Lauderdale Boat show. The model came with a completely new style and out-competed its rival not only with its stunning performance, but also its superstar popularity that skyrocketed its sales. More than 150 models were built over the next 5 years, the most that have ever produced in that size range until now. In terms of performance, the boat could reach a top speed of 40 knots plus. The 55 convertible is ideal for those who love to fish offshore and sleep late.

Viking 37 Billfish

When it comes to fishing, some things never change. This was inspiration behind the construction of the Viking 37 Billfish. Designed with the iconic Rybovich and Merritt day boats of the bygone era in mind, the yacht pays homage to the memory of these vintage vessels by featuring an upgraded styling and modern, more durable materials. As a result, the yacht offers attractive overnight accommodations, easier maintenance, and better performance.

A vital part of the Viking yachts collection, the 37B is designed to feel equally at home Pacific-fishing in the Costa Rica, blue-marlin in Bahamas, and home-fishing for sails on the shore of the Palm Beach. With air conditioning available on the command deck, fishermen on the southern end wishing to hide from the heat can find comfort and relief in the easily accessible cockpit.

Viking 60 combined the agility and swiftness of a Sport-fish with the comfort of a cruiser, giving the owner the best of both worlds. The boat offers excellent views from the fly-bridge, and is basically designed for speed. While steering is effortless and instantaneous, backing is a little harder and requires creating some distance from the helm.

Featuring a twin MAN 2840 LE401 ten-cylinder diesel engine that could produce 820hp, the yacht can achieve a maximum speed of 33mph and a cruising speed of 28mph. Its smart design is mostly responsible for the boat's impressive speed. The cockpit extension tapers upwards to create a hydrodynamic wedge, leading to extra lift from the base. This model was extremely powerful and in 1995, it was recognized as the Boat of the Year by Boating magazine.

Viking 75 Motor Yacht

Viking stopped producing motor yachts after the final Viking 60 was delivered in 2001. The development of the 75 motor yacht came from a strategic partnership between the Michael Peters Yacht Design corporation based in Sarasota, Florida, and the Viking Yacht in-house design team. The outside profile is smooth, curvy and covers several style cues from the company's convertibles including the familiar molded feature lines in the superstructure and hull, as well as the teardrop salon windows. The raked side and fiberglass hardtop has the same look as the Sky Bridge.

Viking 82CMY

Capitalizing on the 75 Motor Yacht's success, the Viking design team decided to progress with a new series of bigger models. The first wave in this new trend was the Viking 82 Cockpit Motor Yacht. The boat steered away from the luxurious, powerful cruiser and transitioned into a blue water yacht fisherman, heading on a 3-week vacation one day, and creating the perfect platform for a tournament fishing the next.

The cockpit occupies 108 sq. ft. and is accessible via dual teak planked stairs. Below the deck there is an inviting paddle boarding, diving, fishing, and other fun water activities. The lounge, which is 9 feet wide, is integrated into the mezzanine featuring an array of useful amenities.

Viking 92 Enclosed Bridge

This yacht has a striking profile with a number of motor yacht cues such as dual mezzanine decks - one on the primary level after the deck and the other in the cockpit. The first mezzanine provides both back-facing lounge seating, as well as a secondary seating space and table for dining. The Viking 92 also comes with an outside grilling and galley area for additional comfort and ambiance. The interior of the yacht is a display of luxury and elegance.

The 23' beam opens the salon while transforming it into a grand living room with inbuilt furniture and chic appointments such as a sixty-inch flat screen TV that is supported by a lift from the teak cabinetry. The boat is also equipped with 6 staterooms, each of which has a private shower and head. The full-beam master suite is fitted with a king-size bed, a dressing table, a walk-in closet, and his/her private facilities.

Viking 62 Convertible

Viking Yacht Company has always maintained a philosophy of creating a better yacht everyday. The 62 Convertible displays the Viking tradition of enviable edge engineering. It has a resin infused composite cored hull to optimize the boat's weight to strength ratio, using a high modulus of knitted fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Dupont's Kevlar. Similarly, hanging locker and interior stateroom doors integrate honeycomb coring for more weight reduction. The boat delivers top speeds of more than 42 knots thanks to a twin Caterpillar C32-A engines that can cough out 1925mhp.

Viking 48 Convertible

The 48 Convertible feature sleek, powerful exterior and a shiny resin-infused hull that extends its breadth to create a wider cockpit and more interior room. The forward chine and raked entry are built to penetrate the head seas and steer spray forward. The convex hull segments incorporate curvature and lead to the running surface. On the other hand, the maneuverability and lateral tracking are enhanced by the molded running strakes.

Viking 46 Open

The last yacht on our list is an example of the company's dominance in creating high performance luxury boats by maintaining exceptional quality, versatility, and value. The 46 Open features yacht club panache and blue water capabilities. It has a 121 sq. ft cockpit and comes with a molded deck for safe footing. As can be expected from Viking, the cockpit does not leave anything to chance, as it is fitted with such amenities as rounded coamings, tackle stowage, raw water wash-down systems, recessed hardware, and flush rod holders.

Garrett Parker

Written by  Garrett Parker

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best viking yacht

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Viking 68 Boat Review

  • By Capt. Jen Copeland
  • Updated: May 8, 2018

viking yacht company 68 convertible

With a coveted invitation to Viking Yacht Company’s annual VIP preview event in hand, I set out to see what the company had in store for 2018 and beyond. The New Gretna, New Jersey, builder’s new 68 Convertible undeniably proves that Viking is living up to its company motto of building a better boat every day. After my sea trial, I caught up with Viking vice president of sales Joe Schwab and senior project engineer Bill Gibbons, who offered insight on the company’s newest addition to its fleet of sport-fishing thoroughbreds.

At first glance, there is no mistaking the sleek styling and clean lines of a Viking Yacht ; the new 68-footer is no exception. In fact, the boat’s profile is quite striking.

“Our evolution from one model to another incorporates what we learn from the last build to the next, improving as we get feedback from our demo team and our customers,” says Schwab. “We put our best foot forward with every boat we build,” says Gibbons. Assisting the Viking Design and Engineering Department from inception to post-delivery, and with more than 3,000 Viking builds in his 42-year tenure with the company, Gibbons expects excellence with every new model. “We have great technology to help ensure our ideas come to fruition, but it’s still exciting every time I hit the throttles for the first time. We nailed it again with the 68.”

115,306 lb.*
2,060 gal. std.**
344 gal.
Twin 1,945 hp MTU Series 2000***

*with standard fuel load; **2,423 gal. optional; ***optional

viking yacht company 68 convertible helm

Cockpit and Flybridge

Viking prides itself on the outstanding fishability of its boats. Its demonstrator teams fish hard on tournament circuits on the East and Gulf coasts and in the Pacific. Having built two Vikings myself, I can attest to the fact that the boats are well laid out in every respect. The cockpit of the 68 proves that form follows function, with plenty of room for mates and anglers to work during a busy day offshore. With 176 square feet set in golden teak, the mezzanine-equipped 68’s cockpit boasts a tremendous amount of usable space while keeping all necessary connections, cabinets, storage lockers and refrigeration out of sight but easily accessible. Tackle storage is abundant, and all the necessities are within easy reach. The boat can easily switch gears from South Florida sailfishing to big blue marlin in Bermuda and never miss a beat.

The center console design of the flybridge allows for three helm chairs in a complete walkaround style, with under-storage bench seats port and starboard and a two-person jump seat forward of the helm. The massive, temperature-controlled refrigeration box in the brow has plenty of room for bait or food when traveling for extended periods. A chiller box is easily accessible by the helmsman aft of the bench seat, and the freshwater outlet on the bridge makes those end-of-the-day washdowns quick and easy. During our sea trial, I noted that vision is excellent from the helm, with no blind spots fore or aft. Working a tripleheader of sails on light tackle or backing on a blue marlin would be no problem.

viking yacht company 68 convertible interior

The 68 follows on the heels of the company’s highly successful 72 Convertible . Viking was able to incorporate a number of the popular features of the larger boat into the 68 — including the walkaround center console flybridge helm and the tournament-tested cockpit — without compromising the interior layout, which also includes a convenient day head.

The four-stateroom/four-head layout has a full-size midship master stateroom, a VIP stateroom forward, a guest stateroom to port and crew quarters for two with discreet access. Entering the salon, the day head is immediately on the starboard side, with an L-shaped lounge to port. The well-appointed galley, with its walkaround island and raised dinette, makes onboard entertaining a breeze, while the portside companionway makes great use of the available space. The overall design is open, airy and inviting.

The layout and amenities make the 68 an excellent choice for tournaments or long-range travel, with plenty of room for privacy, onboard dinners, long runs and overnight fishing.

viking yacht company 68 convertible engine room

Engine Room

As expected, the Viking 68’s engine room is bright and well-lit, with excellent access to all maintenance points on the engines and equipment. The optional twin 1,945 hp MTU Series 2000 V12 M96L diesels are mounted directly to the hull stringers, making access to the engine beds a cinch.

The tops of the stringers are 1-inch-thick aluminum saddles that are bonded with the laminates, making it the ultimate in strength and rigidity. “This structure, including carbon fiber on the tops of the stringers, makes it stiffer — with a perfectly flat mounting area for the engines to rest on,” Gibbons explains.


The use of new materials and available technology is the latest result of Viking’s constant forward thinking, and it’s all showcased in the newest build. The company’s resin-infusion processes are continually evolving, incorporating not only end-grain balsa and composite core materials but also reinforcements such as Kevlar and carbon fiber. By utilizing these materials, Viking can build a lighter, stronger and, ultimately, faster and safer boat. Carbon fiber alone is not strong enough to tolerate the high demands of today’s sport-fishers, but as Schwab says, “By incorporating carbon fiber with materials that support it as part of the bigger laminate, we can maximize the benefits while improving overall structural integrity.”

viking yacht company 68 convertible


“At 68 feet, the ride is remarkable,” says Schwab. “We have taken what we have learned from other models — the 72, the 80 and even the smaller boats like the 62 — and put them into the 68.” The efficient hull design gives the 68-footer improved lift and performance, cruising in the mid-30-knot range and topping out at 40.5 knots.”

“This boat is sharper at the bow than our previous models, which softens the ride even more, and it’s a little flatter aft, which lifts the boat,” says Gibbons. The hull design, coupled with advancements in the VIPER steering system, results in a boat that tracks true in all sea conditions, even at a svelte 115,306 displacement pounds.

Viking refuses to allow anything but the best to roll off its production line. The company takes its research and development seriously, and the result is a vessel that wows its buyers. Viking customers expect improvement year after year, and the company, which celebrated its 54th anniversary on April 1, consistently delivers. The Viking 68 is proof of its relentless pursuit to build a better boat every day.

Read Next: Q&A with Pat Healey, president of Viking Yacht Company

viking yacht company 68 convertible deck

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best viking yacht

Viking Venus

Launched in May 2021 from Portsmouth, England, Viking Venus features modern amenities and a contemporary design. The ship can hold 930 passengers and 465 crew members. Amenities include multiple pools and shops, as well as a cinema, a live performance theater, a jazz lounge, a spa, a fitness center and a salon. Plus, you can attend a lecture or discussion with the onboard historian, who helps educate passengers on the cultural aspects of each destination. An onboard cooking school, The Kitchen Table, also allows guests to learn about each destination's unique cuisine. 

Cruisers can enjoy daily updated food options at The Restaurant, diverse cuisine at the World Café, expertly paired tasting menus at The Chef's Table and Italian favorites at Manfredi's Italian Restaurant. There are eight dining venues on board in total, in addition to the ship's cooking school at The Kitchen Table and 24/7 room service.

When it's time to rest, there are six types of accommodations to choose from – all with private verandas. The standard Veranda Staterooms measure 270 square feet and feature plush beds, free Wi-Fi access and flat-screen TVs. Higher-tier rooms come with extras like priority shore excursion reservations, priority spa reservations, in-room coffee and free laundry services. Plus, travelers in these cabins will have more space: Rooms reach up to 1,448 square feet and may include separate living and dining areas.

The Viking Venus sails to popular European destinations like Barcelona , Athens , Bangkok , Istanbul , Rome , London , Sydney and Stockholm .

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Viking Saturn

Debuted in May 2023, the adults-only Viking Saturn has the capacity to hold 930 passengers and 465 crew members. Travelers love the ship's clean Scandinavian design and compact size, which allows it to dock in smaller ports that larger cruise ships cannot reach.

On board, travelers have access to a slew of amenities, including a fitness center, a spa, a library, a state-of-the-art theater, a hair salon, an infinity pool and more. A resident historian is also on board to offer lectures and educational programming about upcoming port destinations. When hunger strikes, Viking Saturn offers an array of dining options, from fresh seafood at World Café to afternoon tea service at Wintergarden to traditional Norwegian cuisine at Mamsen's. Or, learn how to prepare regional dishes from your itinerary at the onboard cooking school.

Starting at 270 square feet, standard staterooms come equipped with king-size mattresses (which can be converted into two twin beds), flat-screen TVs, full-size verandas and bathrooms with heated floors. What's more, each accommodation includes 24-hour room service. Travelers who opt to stay in one of the ship's upgraded suites (which reach up to 1,448 square feet) have access to additional perks such as separate living areas and dining rooms, complimentary laundry services and a welcome bottle of Champagne, among other luxuries.

Viking Saturn sails to a variety of destinations in northern Europe (such as Bergen, Norway; London  and Stockholm ) and the Mediterranean (think: Barcelona, Spain ; Rome ; Athens, Greece ; and Istanbul ).

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The 930-passenger Viking Sky – which debuted in February 2017 – receives rave reviews from past cruisers for its port-heavy itineraries (fares include one complimentary excursion per port) and luxurious, comfortable staterooms. Cabins offer between 270 and 1,448 square feet of space and include balconies, complimentary Wi-Fi access, flat-screen TVs and bathrooms with heated floors, among other amenities. Those who opt for an upgraded stateroom or suite are treated to additional perks, like priority reservations at the spa and specialty restaurants.

Viking Sky's activities include classes at the fitness center, treatments at the spa and destination-focused lectures. The ship also offers two pools and two whirlpools, including an infinity pool on the stern of the ship. In the evenings, passengers can enjoy live performances in the theater or watch destination-related movies in one of two cinemas.

Guests also have their choice of cuisine, from alfresco dining on the Aquavit Terrace to Manfredi's Italian Restaurant. With 550 crew members on board, the ship maintains a nearly 2-to-1 guest-to-crew ratio.

Viking Sky sails to the Mediterranean, Europe, Central America and more. The ship also offers world voyages.

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Viking Mars

Viking's newest ship, the Viking Mars accommodates 930 passengers and, since it's a smaller vessel, it can dock in many ports where some of the larger ocean-faring cruise ships can't reach. The all-veranda accommodations on this ship, which debuted in May 2022, range in size from around 270 square feet to 1,448 square feet. In-room amenities include free Wi-Fi access, flat-screen TVs, safes, minibars filled with drinks and snacks, robes, slippers and 24-hour room service.

Visitors will find a relaxing spa, a hair salon, a yoga area and a well-equipped indoor fitness center (plus an outdoor fitness center) aboard the ship. Those looking to unwind with a book in one hand and a cocktail in the other should snag a cozy spot in The Living Room. Like other Viking ships, the Viking Mars offers educational programming, lectures, cooking classes and more on board.

Cruisers can also enjoy amenities like the main pool and hot tub, the infinity pool, the cinema, the theater, a jazz lounge and various bars. Dining options on this ship include Manfredi's Italian Restaurant, Aquavit Terrace, World Café, The Chef's Table and The Kitchen Table.

Viking Mars receives rave reviews from recent cruisers. The variety of excursions, the delectable onboard dining and the comfortable cabins are a few things previous guests highlighted as superb. However, the staff received mixed reviews: Some experienced attentive and friendly employees, while a few noted they were expecting better service across the board for the price point.

Upcoming itineraries on the Viking Mars include cruises with ports of call in Iceland, Norway, Greece, Italy, Spain, the U.S. and Canada.

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Viking Jupiter

Debuted in February 2019, Viking Jupiter is the cruise line's sixth ocean vessel. The ship sleeps up to 930 guests in luxurious staterooms that include everything from large bathrooms to comfortable king-sized beds. As an added bonus, each room is equipped with free Wi-Fi access.

Travelers will have the opportunity to indulge in several onboard activities. They can visit the spa's snow grotto and chill beneath the snowflakes, go for a swim in the infinity pool or let their worries melt away in the hot tub. The Bar and The Living Room offer additional spaces to unwind with a cocktail or mingle with fellow cruisers.

For afternoon tea and light snacks, travelers can stop by Wintergarden, or for a heartier meal, the main dining room, Manfredi's Italian Restaurant or World Café offer scrumptious European delicacies, Chinese fare and everything in between. In the evening, cruisers can catch a live show in The Theater or a destination-themed movie in one of two onboard cinemas.

Recent travelers were wowed by the ship, appreciating its tasteful, minimalist decor. They also found the food delicious and suggested purchasing the upgraded drink package.

Viking Jupiter visits ports in Buenos Aires , Barcelona  and more on both regional and transatlantic cruises.

U.S. News Insider Tip: Viking Jupiter and Viking Orion are the only two ships in the fleet that have a planetarium called the Explorer’s Dome. Refer to the daily program, the Viking Star, to see what shows are available during your voyage. – Gwen Pratesi, Contributor

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Launched in April 2016, Viking Sea is the second vessel in Viking's Ocean Cruises fleet. Carrying 930 passengers, the ship's small size is designed to allow direct access to smaller ports around the world.

Viking Sea's staterooms range from 270-square-foot Veranda Staterooms to the 1,448-square-foot Owner's Suite. All accommodations include balconies, flat-screen TVs, king-sized beds, complimentary Wi-Fi access and bathrooms with heated floors. Those who splurge on upgraded staterooms receive extra perks like priority reservations for excursions, spa treatments and specialty restaurants.

The ship's facilities include a fitness center, a Nordic spa (complete with a snow grotto), an outdoor gym and yoga area, a theater and a one-of-a-kind infinity pool on the stern of the ship that gives the illusion of swimming in the ocean.

When you work up an appetite, the Viking Sea offers a variety of dining options to quell your hunger. They range from casual Norwegian cuisine at Mamsen's to alfresco dining on the Aquavit Terrace. Recent passengers report a stellar onboard experience, describing the food as delicious, the ship as comfortable and the service as top-notch.

Viking Sea sails to ports across Alaska, Canada, Europe, the Caribbean and the West Indies.

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Viking Star

Debuted in 2015, Viking Star was the fleet's first ocean liner. Welcoming up to 930 passengers, the ship features all-veranda staterooms ranging from 270 to 1,448 square feet. The Owner's Suite offers a dining area that can seat six, an ocean view dry sauna and a 12-seat boardroom, among other amenities.

Beyond their rooms, passengers will find a spa, several shops, a theater that hosts live performances and lectures, two cinemas for screening movies and two pools, including a glass-backed infinity pool cantilevered off the stern.

There are eight dining options to choose from, all with no additional charge or fee. For fine dining, there's The Restaurant, Manfredi's Italian Restaurant and The Chef's Table, which touts a multicourse tasting menu with wine pairings. For a more casual atmosphere, passengers can stop at Mamsen's for Norwegian deli-style eats or the Wintergarden for afternoon tea.

Viking Star sails to destinations in Europe, Central America, the Mediterranean and more.

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Viking Orion

The 930-passenger Viking Orion set sail in 2018. All staterooms on the Viking Orion are equipped with balconies, flat-screen LCD TVs and minibars. Cabins also feature bathrooms with glass-enclosed showers and heated floors.

When it's time to relax, cruisers can head to the spa for a treatment or – for a unique experience – cool their body temperatures down in the snow grotto (where snowflakes fall) before jumping into the sauna or hot tub to warm up. Recent travelers said this spa experience is not to be missed. 

The ship is also home to a fitness center, a living room that hosts live entertainment, a library, shops, a salon and two movie theaters. The main pool area is expansive, featuring ample lounge seating, a retractable roof and a poolside bar. At night, the ship screens poolside movies under the stars. 

Viking Orion's guests can enjoy meals at several onboard restaurants, including the main restaurant where menus rotate daily. Or, guests can book a private dining room for intimate gatherings. Recent cruisers raved about the service and food quality across the ship. Come nighttime, the ship's theater offers live performances ranging from themed shows to history and art lectures.

Viking Orion sails to Australia and New Zealand, Asia and Alaska.

U.S. News Insider Tip: One of the most relaxing spaces on Viking Orion (and all of Viking’s ocean ships) is the glass-enclosed Wintergarden, which is located next to the pool area. Afternoon tea is served every day, and it’s not to be missed at least one time during your cruise. – Gwen Pratesi, Contributor

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Viking Neptune

Viking Neptune sailed its maiden voyage in December 2022. Those familiar with Viking Cruises may notice this ship is not the first Viking Neptune; an earlier vessel from the early 2000s was the first to bear the name. 

The new 930-passenger, 470-crew boat resembles its sister ship Viking Mars with its modern features and contemporary Scandinavian design. Amenities on board include a spa, a fitness center, a jazz lounge and theaters that host destination-focused live entertainment and movies. 

The all-veranda ship allows guests to enjoy ocean views from any room. The standard Veranda Stateroom measures 270 square feet and features a king-size bed, 42-inch flat screen TV and free Wi-Fi access. Travelers looking for more spacious accommodations can opt for a Suite room. These rooms can reach up to 1,448 square feet and may include separate living and dining room spaces. 

Cruisers have eight restaurants to choose from. The Restaurant – the ship's main dining facility – provides regional cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients, while the World Café serves up international dishes. The ship also has a few specialty restaurants included in the fare, such as Manfredi's Italian Restaurant and Mamsen's, a Norwegian specialty cafe. Just keep in mind, these specialty eateries require guests to make reservations. 

Viking Neptune sails to ports throughout Europe , the Mediterranean, Canada and the United States . The ship also offers transatlantic and world cruises.  

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