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Santorini Yacht Cruises

Santorini Cruises

Experience, Explore and Enjoy the Volcanic Island of Santorini, the Jewel of the Aegean. We will offer the best Greek Hospitality and an unforgettable experience!

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Our cruises, 3 hour private day-sunset cruises.

  • Up to 4 pax 800 €
  • 10:00 – 13:00
  • 17:30 – 20:30
  • Every extra person 100 € (max 6)

4 Hour Private Day-Sunset Cruises

  • Up to 4 pax 900 €
  • 10:00 – 14:00
  • 16:30 – 20:30

5 Hour Private Day Cruise

  • Up to 4 pax 1000 €
  • 10:00 – 15:00

5 Hour Private Sunset Cruise

  • 15:30 – 20:30

Santorini Yacht Cruises is a well experienced cruising company based in Santorini Island, Greece. With 20 years of experience, The Captains and crew members have the expertise and knowledge to make your Aegean dream a long lasting memory!

Nice Cruise, Nice Crew, Nice View! We booked an unforgettable Sunset cruise with Santorini Yacht Cruises. They were very informative and friendly. The captain brought us to beautiful beaches, the Volcanoes, the Caldera, Oia and much more. My wife and I had a fantastic time. Great music and atmosphere Thank you.


Breathtaking Sunset My friend and I booked a four hour private cruise with the yacht, Alexandra. Beautiful tour of all the beaches, the caldera and the Sunset. Great crew, boat, food and snacks. will definately book again!


Do not miss it! The most amazing experience in Santorini! We went on a private cruise with my husband and our two friends and had the most amazing day in Santorini! We had a wonderful day by the sea, laughing, dancing, swimming and enjoying Santorini's secret sights! Special thanks to Vasilis and Tina who made our experience so special! Their service was more than perfect and they are the best company! Couldn't have asked for more.
Santorini Cruise..amazing experience!!!! My husband and I had such an amazing time, it was an experience we will never forget! The sights are absolutely breathtaking! Thank you Bill and Tina for making our honeymoon everything we hoped it would be!!!


Romantic way to see the sunset! I highly recommend Santorini Yacht Cruises for a memorable experience on the Aegean Sea. Our catamaran crew was young, energetic and knowledgeable of the area. The dinner served on the boat was excellent!
Amazing cruise and extremely kind boat crew! The cruise was a surprise for my mother, so we went all the family together and the experience was incredible. My parents celebrated their votes renewal during the sunset and thanks to Christos and Captain Vasilis, everything was perfect. They looked after us all the time so we had everything we needed. I definitely would recommend this cruise as a must do in Santorini!
Private Sunset tour - Proposal I recently booked the private sunset tour for a planned marriage proposal. The experience could not have been any better! Vasilis and Christos looked after our every need - kept the drinks flowing, good music, great route and took memorable pictures and videos so we could remember the moment.


Live the most unforgettable experiences in santorini.

Choose from a daytime or sunset cruise and experience Santorini’s beauty, hot springs and beaches on your own private yacht sailing tour

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79  Crewed Luxury Yachts for Charter in Santorini

Santorini Yacht Charters

The classically beautiful Greek Island of Santorini is one of the most popular luxury yacht charter vacations in the world, and for good reason. As you approach aboard your private superyacht you are greeted by sheer plummeting cliffs leading majestically to idyllic hilltop villages.

Santorini Luxury Yacht Charter Guide Famous for its magical sunsets, the island of Santorini is situated within the stunning Cyclades archipelago . The white-washed buildings and blue domed roofs that line the winding streets into the hills frequently grace the covers of travel books and postcards, conjuring the true spirit of a pristine Greek village retreat.

A luxury yacht charter vacation in Santorini enables you to experience this for yourself in ultimate style, exploring the array of fantastic restaurants and breathtaking views across the glistening waters. There are also a number of archaeological sites including Ancient Thira, a Doric city fortress from the 9th century B.C. high on a southern coastal promontory, and farther south, fascinating on-going excavations at Akrotiri, which is an even earlier Minoan settlement.

Yacht Charters in Santorini A crewed yacht charter in Santorini is also perfect for those wanting to relax on the beach, with the island’s coastline indented with glorious black volcanic-sand beaches and lapped by crystalline waters that are ideal for snorkelling. Another must-do while on the island is a visit to the northern village of Oia which has successfully retained its natural, rugged beauty despite its unrelenting popularity.

Charter Itineraries in Santorini Yacht charter itineraries in Santorini can be included with a number of other Greek island stop-offs, usually including other islands in the Cyclades such as Mykonos and the Peloponnese including Nafplion and Spetses. A wider itinerary of other destinations in the East Mediterranean can also be included so speak to your charter broker about the best options for you and your party.

Chartering a Private Yacht in Santorini For more information about renting a private luxury charter yacht in Santorini please contact your preferred Yacht Charter Broker .

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Santorini Timezone

Local Time: 20:32.  GMT + 2

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Discover Santorini

Crewed Charter Yachts in Santorini

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Alkanost Yacht Charter in Santorini

45m   Lurssen

from $76,000 p/week ♦︎

Eternal Spark Yacht Charter in Santorini

Eternal Spark

Pan Orama II Yacht Charter in Santorini

Pan Orama II

Dar Yacht Charter in Santorini

90m Oceanco

90m   2018/2024

from $1,303,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Artisan Yacht Charter in Santorini

63m Benetti

63m   2019/2022

Virginian Yacht Charter in Santorini

Virginian 12

62m Feadship

62m   1990/2024

from $266,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Satemi Yacht Charter in Santorini

Harmony G 44

54m Piraeus

54m   2001/2023

Pan Orama Yacht Charter in Santorini

Pan Orama 49

53m Piraeus

53m   1993/2014

Eternal Spark Yacht Charter in Santorini

Eternal Spark 12

50m Bilgin Yachts

from $380,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Pan Orama II Yacht Charter in Santorini

Pan Orama II 49

50m   2004/2012

Galileo Yacht Charter in Santorini

47m Piraeus

47m   1992/2007

Alkanost Yacht Charter in Santorini

Alkanost 10

45m Lurssen

45m   1963/2007

from $76,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Bliss Yacht Charter in Santorini

44m   2007/2024

from $212,000 p/w eek ♦︎ *

Polaris Yacht Charter in Santorini

43m   2010/2022

from $195,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Thor I Yacht Charter in Santorini

40m Anastassiades & Tsortanides

40m   1982/2016

from $42,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Eliki Yacht Charter in Santorini

40m Botje Ensing & Co

40m   1960/2008

K Mehmet Bugra Yacht Charter in Santorini

K Mehmet Bugra 18

from $23,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Naia Yacht Charter in Santorini

39m Sanlorenzo

39m   2009/2024

from $147,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Corvus Yacht Charter in Santorini

37m Halkitis Urania

Thalassa Yacht Charter in Santorini

Thalassa 20

36m   2002/2024

from $46,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Ocean One Yacht Charter in Santorini

Ocean One 12

from $174,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Royal Life Yacht Charter in Santorini

Royal Life 10

from $70,000 p/w eek

Spellbound Yacht Charter in Santorini

Spellbound 9

35m Admiral Yachts

from $80,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Camellia I Yacht Charter in Santorini

Camellia I 12

34m A&P Group

34m   1962/2012

from $71,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Dauntless Yacht Charter in Santorini

Dauntless 9

34m Kristiansands Mekverksted

Seven Yacht Charter in Santorini

34m   2012/2021

from $65,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Xiphias Yacht Charter in Santorini

33m Esterel

33m   1974/2024

from $51,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Athen.A Yacht Charter in Santorini

from $19,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Naughty By Nature Yacht Charter in Santorini

Naughty By Nature 10

32m Cantieri Navali Rizzardi

32m   2003/2022

from $68,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Wet Panther Yacht Charter in Santorini

Wet Panther 10

31m Overmarine

from $57,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Marvi De Yacht Charter in Santorini

Marvi De 10

31m Admiral Yachts

31m   1999/2018

from $38,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Freedom Yacht Charter in Santorini

Gul Sultan 12

30m Bodrum Shipyard

30m   2014/2016

Ivi Yacht Charter in Santorini

30m CNL - Cantieri Navali Lavagna

Pareakki Yacht Charter in Santorini

Pareakki 10

30m Custom Line

30m   2006/2021

from $49,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Princess 95 Yacht Charter in Santorini

Princess 95 8

29m Princess

Flori Yacht Charter in Santorini

29m Sanlorenzo

from $82,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Ilknur Sultan Yacht Charter in Santorini

Ilknur Sultan 12

29m   2010/2017

Lagoon Yacht Charter in Santorini

29m Cantieri di Pisa

29m   1984/2007

from $28,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Quasar Yacht Charter in Santorini

29m Peri Yachts

Maske Yacht Charter in Santorini

28m   2014/2018

from $17,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Amon Yacht Charter in Santorini

27m Aicon Yachts

Hassel Free III Yacht Charter in Santorini

Hassel Free III 10

27m Sirena Yachts

from $81,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Pina Yacht Charter in Santorini

26m   2008/2017

Stela117 Yacht Charter in Santorini

Stela117 10

26m Royal Denship

26m   2011/2023

from $39,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Top Yacht Charter in Santorini

26m Princess

Caelum Yacht Charter in Santorini

26m   2005/2013

Lidia Yacht Charter in Santorini

25m Ferretti Yachts

25m   2006/2023

from $43,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Harmonia Yacht Charter in Santorini

Harmonia 23

25m   1995/2017

from $15,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Victoria III Yacht Charter in Santorini

Victoria III 8

25m Benetti Sail Division

25m   2001/2015

from $21,000 p/w eek

Bellas Boy Yacht Charter in Santorini

Bellas Boy 8

from $37,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Felicity Yacht Charter in Santorini

25m Sunseeker

25m   2000/2020

Vogue Yacht Charter in Santorini

Black Mamba 8

24m Sunseeker

from $40,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Carolian Yacht Charter in Santorini

24m Psaros Shipyard

Zeus Yacht Charter in Santorini

24m Leopard

24m   2007/2022

from $53,000 p/w eek ♦︎

A&I Yacht Charter in Santorini

24m Alfamarine

from $30,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Beyaz Lale Yacht Charter in Santorini

Beyaz Lale 8

24m   1995/2020

from $11,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Hercule Poirot Yacht Charter in Santorini

Hercule Poirot 10

24m Grand Banks

24m   1970/2022

Ade Yeia Yacht Charter in Santorini

23m Ferretti Yachts

from $27,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Blue Angel Yacht Charter in Santorini

Blue Angel 8

23m Evo Marine

23m   2007/2016

Golden Glory Yacht Charter in Santorini

Golden Glory 12

23m   1993/2017

Hope I Yacht Charter in Santorini

23m   2008/2016

Godspeed Yacht Charter in Santorini

23m Princess

23m   2003/2020

from $24,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Electra Yacht Charter in Santorini

from $16,000 p/w eek ♦︎

EUDEMONIA KYVOS Yacht Charter in Santorini


22m Overmarine

22m   2004/2016

from $22,000 p/w eek ♦︎

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Our charter experts will:

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  • Negotiate booking & prepare your itinerary

Enquire now for yacht availability & free consultation.

Crewed Luxury Yachts in Santorini

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Santorini Private Boat to Oia

  • Multi-Day Charter

Santorini Private Boat Tour Caldera

Inimitable Style, Tailored by Experts.

Experience santorini in the finest way., discover quality, best price guarantee, selected motor yacht fleet, 24/7 customer support, our motor yachts.

Experience a level of unrivaled luxury on the elegantly designed interiors, with...

Yacht Profile

Ferretti 731.

This high-performance Azimut 43 feet motor yacht, unique for its sleek style, is...

Be prepared for an unprecedented driving experience! The FJORD 44 open is an ove...

The Fjord 52 Οpen is an overwhelming source of the most intense feelings – evoke...

Perfect for private celebrations and smaller corporate events, the Azimut 42 is ...

A yacht extremely efficient as well as functional, perfect for smooth, long-dist...

Cranchi 43 Hard Top

The 44ft Riva Rivarama retains all the natural elegance and comfort of the origi...

Riva Rivarama 44

Very powerful yacht, built-in 2009, equipped with 2x1500h hp MAN engines. It has...

Alfamarine 72

Charter santorini, let's make your dream charter in santorini a reality., cruise santorini with the finest yachts afloat., what our guests say about us.

private yacht santorini

Beautiful sunset, fabulous food, amazing hosts.

If you’re looking for a unique and luxurious experience you won’t forget, look no further. Me and my wife booked Ferretti 550 for the Sunset Cruise and it was for sure the highlight of our entire holidays. The yacht was in opulent condition and the staff was professional and very friendly. As for the dinner, the food was freshly prepared and the wine was delicious.

tripadvisor rating santorini boat tour

The most incredible experience

We had a Riva Rivarama 44 ft for 4 adults, it was perfect. Clean, organised and beautiful. Just book the private sunset cruise. You’ll love the views, your guide, the drink, the music, the food. They provided good transport which was on time. It was an incredible experience.

trustpilot rating santorini boat tour

Great experience in Santorini with Fairline Phantom.

We had a grateful experience in Santorini by renting a yacht for a full day. We were a group of 9 people, had enjoying great views, swimming and relaxing time on that day. I harmful recommend this company. They offered us a very good option – Fairline Phantom :for the budget that we afford and we also had the surprise to find snacks, drinks and fruits on our ⛵. Moreover, the crew was so kind and they pay attention to every need of the group.

private yacht santorini


Everything was great, one of the best days of my life, so unique! It was my wife’s birthday the day that we spend our time with Santorinimotoryachts.com and the crew surprised her with a birthday cake, as I have already informed them, so helpful! Lovely crew, unbelievable Greek food, top service!!Santorini and Santorinimotoryachts.com top combination

Featured Articles

Santorini restaurants on the water, santorini top beaches, santorini hot springs, step on board.

Santorini Day Boat Trip


  • Anniversaries
  • Bachelor and bachelorette parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Premium dining
  • Massage on board
  • Yoga on board
  • Scuba diving
  • Wine tasting
  • Videography & Photography
  • Weekly charters

Santorini Yachting Club

  •   €0.00

private yacht santorini



Enjoy 15% exclusive Discount

* Valid   for traveling dates  till May 31st  and for restricted availability.

Catamaran & yacht cruises

Santorini yachting club.

Santorini Yachting Club, a distinguished yacht charter company with a rich heritage the cooperation with the Triantafillou family, known as the oldest and leading yacht company on the island of Santorini, and with Mr. Alexandros Birigkos, a seasoned businessman in the Tourism Industry.

As the company continues to grow by updating its fleet with modern luxurious vessels, our friendly crew always keeps in mind the guest’s satisfaction and aim to provide seamless services.

Offering distinctive excursions that extend beyond the traditional visits to the volcano and hot springs, our tours also explore serene spots around the caldera and even venture to the tranquil Thirasia island, all setting sail from the picturesque port of Ammoudi.

  • Semi Private

We provide unforgettable sailing tours around the beautiful island of Santorini including all the necessary amenities and services needed for the perfect Santorini sailing experience.

Live the magic of Santorini on a private sailing tour surrounded by your loved ones.

  • By Hour Private

Create the perfect tailor-made private cruise that fits in your schedule and let us take care of the rest

Comfort Max Catamaran Caldera Day Cruise

Comfort Max Catamaran Caldera Day Cruise

Comfort Max Catamaran Caldera Sunset Cruise

Comfort Max Catamaran Caldera Sunset Cruise

Beautiful Day Catamaran Caldera Cruise

Beautiful Day Catamaran Caldera Cruise

Romantic Sunset Catamaran Caldera Cruise

Romantic Sunset Catamaran Caldera Cruise

Majestic Catamaran Caldera Day Cruise

Majestic Catamaran Caldera Day Cruise

Majestic Catamaran Caldera Sunset Cruise

Majestic Catamaran Caldera Sunset Cruise

Highland 35 Private Caldera 3 hour Day Cruise

Highland 35 Private Caldera 3 hour Day Cruise

Private Beautiful Day Catamaran Cruise

Private Beautiful Day Catamaran Cruise

Private Romantic Sunset Catamaran Cruise

Private Romantic Sunset Catamaran Cruise

40 Open Sunreef Power Private 5H Day Cruise

40 Open Sunreef Power Private 5H Day Cruise

40 Open Sunreef Power Private 5H Sunset Cruise

40 Open Sunreef Power Private 5H Sunset Cruise

My Toy Speedboat

My Toy Speedboat

Fjord Yacht Beautiful Day Luxury Cruise

Fjord Yacht Beautiful Day Luxury Cruise

Fjord Yacht Romantic Sunset Luxury Cruise

Fjord Yacht Romantic Sunset Luxury Cruise

Customer reviews.

The views were breathtaking and would definitely recommend taking a dip at the hot spring volcano. The Sunset is something else! Thanks to the crew for providing a memorable experience for me and my wife!

It’s one of the best value-for-money tours and is loaded with views, fun, food, and wine - for 5 hours.

Fantastic private 3hr trip. Our hosts, Yannis and Katerina were superb, attentive & knowledgeable. Could not recommend enough and well worth the cost.

We had a fabulous afternoon on this trip - there was plenty of space for everyone and lots of COVID precautions in place, so we felt very safe. The BBQ was of a very good standard, and the sunset at the end was absolutely beautiful. Would definitely recommend this trip!

Amazing day from start to finish. Nikos and Savvina made the trip with the beautiful food and drink as well as being a tour guide of the coast of Santorini. Finishing the trip with spectacular sunset views - 1000% recommend anyone visiting Santorini to do the sunset cruise.

My wife and I booked a 5-hour day trip catamaran tour, and it ended up being one of the highlights of our whole Greece vacation. You get to see different parts of the island, the caldera, learn a little history, eat some good food (including real Greek yogurt), and relax for a bit.

private yacht santorini

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private yacht santorini

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Experience Santorini from the water perspective

Review all types of cruises we offer

private yacht santorini


Explore the beauty of Santorini from the Aegean point of view.

Luxury Private Cruises Santorini


Witness the worldly breath-taking Santorini sunset with your beloved ones.

private yacht santorini


Explore the enchanting beauty of Santorini from the Aegean point of view.

private yacht santorini


Explore the unique, and extraordinary volcanic beaches and the hidden caves of Santorini.

Luxury sailing charter in Cyclades


Discover dazzling landscapes of islets, bays, and pine-clad mountains over azure seas.


We will love to connect you with multiple islands on our comfortable and well-equipped boats.

“Amazing experience, so recommended, loved every bit of the journey.”

See what our customers are saying, leave us an review

private yacht santorini

s/y Nautitech 46 FLY, Lagoon 410, Leopard 40

private yacht santorini


Tesoro 40, Fost Stern 30

private yacht santorini

Ocean Star 51


Video gallery.

private yacht santorini


Fost Stern Drive 30 “Fast & Furius” #islandhopping #santoriniislandhopping


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private yacht santorini

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private yacht santorini

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Santorini: A Guide to the Enchanting Greek Island


Mykonos: A Guide to the Cosmopolitan Greek Island


The Ultimate Guide For The Best Santorini Beaches

private yacht santorini

+30 22860 24422 +30 697 4417447 [email protected]

WhatsApp logo click to call

25th Martiou, Fira Town Santorini, Greece

private yacht santorini

  • Protected site

private yacht santorini

Catamaran Cruise Santorini

Private Yacht Cruise

Island Hopping

Yacht Charter

Curate your trip

private yacht santorini

on Semi-Private Catamaran Cruises

use our code: VISTA10

private yacht santorini

  • Semi-Private Tours

Private Tours

  • FAQ & Tips

Santorini Sailing invite you to join us on an adventurous, safe and remarkable journey to explore scenic Santorini.

Delicious, fresh, Greek family signature flavours catered in all our experiences

Visit the hot spots of Santorini: White beach, Red Beach, Warm Springs and hidden bays of unmatched tranquility

A couples choice for memorable experience in the Santorinian Caldera during the day and an unforgettable sunset during the afternoon tours

Santorini Sailing Experiences of a Lifetime

Certificate Of Excellence 2019

Certificate Of Excellence 2018

Certificate Of Excellence 2017

Certificate Of Excellence 2016

Certificate Of Excellence 2015

Hall of fame 2013 - 2018

Hall of fame 2012 - 2014

Why Choose Us

So many companies and touristic offices so many options around santorini for "sailing" tours....

Simply because we are the first and most expenienced true sailing co. And because we've perfected what our competitors are trying to imitate

Honest and Dependable

A history of 23 years in sailing experience with an impeccable safety record. A heavy burden of being the 1st sailing company in Santorini and be able to keep the standards that we plot

We Are Passionate

We love sailing, we love our catamarans, our crew and our Guests. Our motto of the Greek poet Kazantzakis is not something we take it light-hearted..... 

Proven worthy

Commonly known of being rated no 1 activity throughout the history of our company with the name of Capt. Ted being renowned not only across Santorini & the United States - but through the globe.

Semi Private Tours

Group tours run daily on all vessels for both day and sunset itinerary. each tour has its own characteristics regarding the amount of guests that may accommodate on board, food and beverage options available and itinerary. we are driven from the experience we want to provide on-board and the " journey " rather than the destination therefore all tours start from the south side of the island in vlichada marina which is the safest for passenger embarkation..


Exclusive Semi-Private -The most exclusive group tour in Santorini

Sites: Vlichada - Red / White Beach - Warm Spring - Dina's Bay

Day: 10am - 3pm / Sunset: 3pm - Sunset

Max 12 Guests

Deluxe Semi-Private -  Small group sailing tour

Max 18 Guests


Dream Catcher Group Tour - Value for Money all inclusive Sailing tour

Max 34 Guests

Enjoy your special day on Santorini's most luxurious and well-equipped yachts. Our expertise in coordinating functions for small and large groups will ensure that your day with us will be an event that you and your guests will remember long after you have left beautiful Santorini. With us, there's truly something for everyone. And time for everything....

Lagoon 45' private tour, horizon / escape.

DAY TOUR: 10 AM - 3 PM SUNSET TOUR: 3 PM - Sunset FULL DAY: 10 AM - Sunset included: - Seafood - Steak BBQ - Open Bar - Towel Service


Blue lagoon i/ii.

DAY TOUR: 10 AM - 3 PM SUNSET TOUR: 3 PM - Sunset FULL DAY: 10 AM - Sunset included: - Seafood - Steak BBQ - Open Bar - Towel Service



DAY TOUR: 10 AM - 3 PM SUNSET TOUR: 3 PM - Sunset FULL DAY: 10 AM - Sunset included: - Greek BBQ - Round-trip transfers


Food wise...., don't get us started, simple, greek and.

Home made food that made Santorini Sailing tours famous. Dine on board and feel like you are eating in a Greek home. You can watch the chef prepare your meal while you sail.

Quality assurannce

Fresh, fresh, fresh.

Butcher cut meats and vegetables delivered daily to asure top notch quality. Marinated and grilled perfectly. Refreshing salads and apetizers, baked vegetable dishes and sea-food delicacies.

Perfected through the years

Signature recipes - praised from.

Though the years as we have had the privilege to cater to various networks and renowned chefs such as: Robert Irvine, Bobby Flake, Giada, Samantha Brown, Danny DeVit, Kardasians, Daily Mail, Vogue, Conde Nast, Travel & Leisure etc we've been honored for all the positive publicity for the work we love to do.

Santorini Sailing

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Santorini Yachts

  • Daytime Private Sailing Catamaran Cruise

private yacht santorini

Free Cancellation      No Deposit

Life is full of special occasions and Santorini is one of the most beautiful places in the world to celebrate them! We love organizing cruises charged with exciting moments and happy surprises such as a family cruise, a graduation party, or a wedding proposal.

Setting sail from Vlychada Marina and cruising along the coastline, we arrive at Akrotiri’s Red Beach, admired for its distinct red hue, caused by the rich in volcanic minerals soil. Next we sail towards the White Beach. Then we sail towards Mesa Pigadia for a swim break. Snorkeling gear and towels are provided to all our guests. Later, we pass the Lighthouse and enter the Caldera for a unique view of the whole bay. Our sailing route includes a close sail by the volcano crater and a full view of it.Our next stop is at the Hot Springs. This is where our second swim break takes place in the sulfurous waters that provide a natural spa. With the breathtaking views of Thirassia Island as a backdrop matching the picturesque Village of Oia, your Santorini Sailing experience shall culminate in the most unique and unforgettable way possible.

Reach out for any specific requirements!

  • White Beach
  • Mesa Pigadia
  • Indian Rock
  • Caldera Coast
  • Hot Springs
  • Volcanic Private Bays

Complimentary Services

  • Transfer from/to your hotel
  • English Speaking Guided tour
  • Towels on board
  • Snorkeling & safety equipment
  • BBQ chicken fillet, shrimps & fish
  • Pasta with red sauce
  • Greek Salad & Appetizers
  • Tzatziki dips
  • Soft beverages, beers, local wines

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Private Cruises in Santorini island, GREECE

Yacht "oniro" in santorini.

Santorini’s first and only semi-private cruises  offering gourmet 5 course meals created by renowned chef.

Aboard the classic full renovated Motor Yacht “Oniro”, Greek for “Dream”, your dreams of living the good life in the Greek Islands will come true.

Choose from two cruises: a daytime cruise with lunch or a dinner cruise during which you will experience the magic of Santorini’s fabled sunsets. Both cruises offer opportunities for swimming and snorkeling.

During both, you’ll cruise the beautiful blue seas of the Aegean in luxury, survey the breathtaking vistas of Santorini, the Caldera and the island’s ports and hilltop villages, enjoy wine, beer and soft drinks while relaxing on the deck or in the lounge, savor a gourmet 5 course meal on the sunset dinner cruise or a delicious homemade buffet meal on the day lunch cruise and receive complimentary transportation from and to your hotel.


Unique private cruises features, 5 course gourmet meals, champagne, local wines, beer, spirits, cocktails, soft drinks, water, coffee and tea, luxury beach towels, snorkeling equipment, transportation from and to your hotel, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication trend..

We are  Santorini’s only semi-private cruise on a classic full renovated motor yacht.

Oniro Yacht

Yacht for rent in Santorini Greece

To insure your comfort and safety, we limit the number of guests to 14 per cruise .

We are the only cruise offering 5 course gourmet meals .

We offer gourmet 5 course meals created by renowned chef.

We serve fine champagnes, local wines, beer, spirits, cocktails, soft drinks, water, coffee and tea.

We provide luxury beach towels and snorkeling equipment.

Our affordable prices include all food and beverages, transportation from and to your hotel.

Crew consisting of 4 highly experienced members on yacht services.

Ethnicity: Spain

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Λ. Δημοκρατίας 103 (τέρμα Λαρίσης) - Καρδίτσα

+30 2441075186

[email protected]

Caldera Yachting Santorini

Caldera Private Cruise

  • Semi Private Cruises
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  • Private Cruises to Other Islands

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When in Santorini, the sunset and a cruise around the Caldera are the things one should not miss. Our private catamaran cruises let you have both in the most enjoyable way!

Perfect for celebrating special occasions or hosting family trips, our Private Catamaran Cruises, are ideally designed for intimate gatherings for those who wish to have their own exclusive sailing cruise. Our personalized trips give you the freedom to visit the best spots in Santorini on your own schedule and away from the crowds .

The beauty of the Aegean Sea is calling! Let our team of experts help plan your perfect moment, simply contact us to get started !

' width=

Our private tours can be personalized to suit any specific interests, however there are some spots in Santorini that no-one should miss!

  • Admire the unique Red and the White Beach , put the cameras on and let the photo shooting begin!
  • Dive in the crystal-clear waters of the Black Mountain and try some snorkelling!
  • Admire one of the largest volcanic Calderas in the world from the sea!
  • Discover the magic of geothermal energy swimming in the Santorini Hot Springs !
  • Enjoy the sun and the crystal-clear waters of Thirassia island , perfect for putting on some goggles and diving in!

' width=

Our private Santorini cruises include complimentary:

  • Transportation from/to your hotel in Santorini with an a/c van
  • Welcome drink, lunch or dinner, open bar with white local wine, beers & soft beverages (special dietary needs available upon request)
  • Snorkelling gear
  • Maps and information about our island


Riva experience, boat rental, motor yachts.

private yacht santorini

DISCLAIMER NOTE * The company reserves the right a) to modify the route of the tour or cancel it due to inclement weather b) to carry out the tour with any vessel of the same category depending on the availability **The duration and the time schedule of the tour is adjusted during the season depending on the time of sunset.

Santorini Boat Tours

Greece › Santorini › Best Boat Tours Updated: January 29, 2024 By Santorini Dave

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Boat tour in Santorini.

A Private Catamaran Cruise to the hot springs and around the Santorini caldera is one of my favorite things to do in Greece.

Boat Tours of the Santorini Caldera & Volcano A boat tour of the caldera is among my very favorite things to do in Santorini . Unforgettable and a must-do! Don’t worry too much about which tour you book – they’re all good. Emphasis should be on getting something booked in advance before they sell out for your dates. Day tour or sunset tour? There is not a huge difference between the two types of tours beyond the time of day. A day tour/cruise usually runs from 9 or 10 am to 3 pm, serves lunch, and has lots of swimming. A sunset tour/cruise runs from about 3 pm to 8 or 9 pm, serves dinner, has a little less swimming than the day tour, and typically finishes by sailing beneath the Oia cliffs to watch the sunset. Private boat tour or small group tour? I’ll be honest, I definitely prefer the private. You get more input on where to go, how long to spend at different spots, what music to listen to, and (sometimes) where you get dropped off at the end. Yes, private tours are more expensive but I’d be shocked if anyone regretted the money they spent once they’re on the boat. The description says, “all you can eat and drink”, is that really true? Yes, but with some differences between tours. The private tours bring the drinks out before you’ve left the harbor. The less-expensive tours hold-off for a bit until the boat gets to the first destination and you’ve had a swim, which might be an hour to two, but after that, it’s an open bar. There are no ferries to the volcano. The only way to do a volcano tour is to do a boat tour. You can not access the volcano unless you’re part of an organized (private or group) tour. The Jet Ski Tour To The Volcano is amazing. All boat tours have great views of the caldera cliffs. Cruise options include: hike the volcano; swim in the hot springs (you can always stay on the boat if you wish); visit Thirassia and explore its villages; stop at Red Beach and White Beach to swim and snorkel; eat lunch or dinner on board, and watch the sunset below Oia. GetYourGuide.com is the best way to book tours in Santorini. If you ever need to cancel it’s usually much easier if you’ve booked through Get Your Guide.

The 8 Best Boat Tours in Santorini

All boat tours below provide meals onboard and have hotel pick-up and drop-off (which doesn’t sound like a big deal when you’re booking but makes the day so much easier and hassle-free when the time arrives). Also, all tours enter the caldera, sail to or near the volcano, and have plenty of swimming and snorkeling . Food on the tours ranges from surprisingly good to great. And the boats are very generous with their alcohol – after every tour, I ask myself how they make money when they’re so lavish with the food and drink. 1. Small Group Catamaran Cruise Sunset Cruise (2:45pm departure) or Day Cruise (9:45am departure). Awesome cruise around the volcano, staring up at the cliffs of the caldera. You stop at a few beaches for swimming and snorkeling, then swim in the hot springs near the volcano, eat a huge lunch or dinner, and finally see the sunset from the cliffs below Oia (for the sunset cruise). Lots of fun! If this tour is fully booked then try the Caldera Cruise or Santorini Sunset Cruise . 2. Private Catamaran Cruise

Wonderful private cruise of the caldera. Great food and plenty of flexibility on what to see and where to sail. Ideal for a luxury honeymoon cruise, small group, or family. The day tour departs at 10:30am, the sunset-tour departs at 3:30pm. Both tours last 5 hours. Be prepared to be insanely pampered. If the above tour is fully booked – which is common from June to September – then try the Private Sunset Cruise . 3. Santorini Day Cruise Wonderful day tour with great food and friendly staff (10:00am departure). You can’t go more than 5 minutes without someone asking if you want another beer or glass of wine. But it’s far from a drinking cruise – the emphasis is on swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing on the top of the catamaran. You’ll visit a few beaches and the hot springs and have plenty of time to explore the sights of the caldera. (I did this boat tour last summer and it was awesome.) 4. Private Cruise on a Motor Yacht This is an incredible way to see the Santorini cliffs and stare up at the villages perched on the caldera’s edge. The motor yachts allow for much more freedom in getting around the volcanic islands and seeing the caldera from every different angle. On a catamaran, you feel like you’re on vacation. On the motor yachts it feels a little more like you’re on an adventure (though there’s still plenty of swimming, snorkeling, eating, and drinking). 5. Volcano Boat Tour Much less expensive and with a larger boat and group of people but still very fun. This tour is almost the opposite of the Sunset Catamaran Cruise. You get the volcano, hot springs (with swimming), and a visit to Thirassia island – but no beaches or going outside the caldera, and no sunset. This is the cheapest boat tour of the caldera. 6. Santorini Fishing Tour This tour is very well done and lots of fun. Boat around the Santorini waters on a local fishing boat. Fresh seafood lunch or dinner served on board (eat what you catch and empty from the nets). The daytime tour is best for families and serious fishermen. The sunset tour is best for couples. 7. Santorini Jet Ski Tour Not a boat tour, obviously, but super fun. We’ve done a couple of these tours (it’s always a small group of 2 to 4) to the volcano and they rank as some of the most exhilarating activities we’ve ever done. (That’s my son in the photo, 14 years old at the time.) The perspective you get as you ride through the caldera is awe-inspiring. A boat travels with the tour and is there for any emergencies or if the water gets too rough for beginner riders. The South Coast Tour is fun, but to see the volcano and caldera (which I recommend) you need to do the Volcano Tour or Extreme Volcano Tour. I would be shocked if anyone did this tour and at its conclusion didn’t yell, that was awesome!!! 8. Sea Kayaking Excursion A fun and easy-going way to explore the Santorini coastline. The Morning Tour and Evening Tour stick to the south coast of the island. The Round The Lighthouse Tour goes into the caldera and offers incredible views of the caldera cliffs.

Map of Santorini Boat Tours

Map of boat tours around Santorini

Santorini Boat Tours – Photos

Lunch on a Santorini boat tour.

View of Fira from a boat tour. View of Imerovigli from a boat tour. The caldera-side of Oia. The white rock towers of southern Santorini. The view of the volcano with Fira in the background. The view of Oia from the Amoudi Bay where many boat tours begin from. Jumping from the rocks below Oia. Barbecue on a Santorini boat tour. Food on the boat tours is surprisingly good – sometimes great. All tours listed here have a sitdown lunch or dinner. So much to see. Awesome! Swimming from the boat to the warm waters of the hot springs. My son jumping from the boat. Most boats and catamarans will have 2 or 3 bathrooms. They are always clean and well maintained. Jumping into the hot springs from the boat. The views of the cliffs and caldera from the boat are incredible.

Boat tour of Santorini volcano and caldera.

The Private Catamaran Cruise of the caldera with swimming and lunch or dinner.

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About Santorini Dave

Santorini Dave Author Bio.

Dave: When you go swimming on these boat trips (especially one going to hot springs), where can you keep your valuables, e.g. your camera? It would be terrible to lose your photos. I am a trustworthy person, but wonder what other people do to avoid any problems. You can’t swim with a camera.

' src=

Honestly, it’s never been anything I’ve considered. It’s usually a small group of people and there’s never an issue with leaving your stuff. I suppose you could leave it with one of the staff, but I expect they’d just laugh and say, this is Greece, your stuff is fine, go swim.

' src=

Hi Dave, thanks so much for all your recommendations. How choppy are these boat rides? I am concerned about sea sickness if you have any specific recommendations? Thanks so much!

The boat tours are typically pretty calm. Most time is in the protected caldera waters and if the sea is really rough the tour will be cancelled, in any case. The boat tours are definitely less rough than the worst ferry rides, so if you’re ok on the ferry you’ll be fine on a boat tour.

' src=

Just found this fantastic website – thanks Santorini Dave, have been finding it really useful! One question about the boat tours please, we’d like to do one, will they take 5 year olds? Thank you

Unless otherwise stated, boat tours allow all ages.

' src=

Hi, Dave My friend and I are considering to book the Private Catamaran Cruise. Could you please give us some ideas about the range of the gratuities we should provide? Thanks!

Tipping in the 10% to 20% is appreciated. But the more the better – holiday workers really rely on tips to make a living wage.

' src=

Hi Dave – are there any boat trips available from Santorini that are maybe just 2-3 hours instead of a half or full day? Would like to be able to swim and just see some beautiful scenery, but will have a 4-year-old and husband that might be debatable if he would get sea-sickness so 5 hours feels like a big commitment. We’re staying in Oia – what might you suggest? We’ll only be on Santorini for 2 nights/1.5 days before moving on to Naxos. Thanks for all of your excellent insights!

There are no shorter tours on Santorini. Though if you booked a private boat tour (expensive, obviously) they would return you to port whenever you wanted. I will say the 5 hours goes very quickly. The only other option (as far as getting on a boat) is the ferry to Thirassia or the water taxis along the south coast beaches.

' src=

We are visiting Santorini the first week of November, will the water be too cold for these awesome excursions with swimming in hot springs and volcanoes? And if it is, is it still worth doing?

Yes, it likely will be too cold to swim for most (though not impossible for the bold). And also yes, it’s definitely still worth doing a boat tour even if you don’t swim. Views and perspective from the water are incredible any time of year.

' src=

Hi Santorini Dave

I’m looking to travel next year by myself possibly in May/September, which area of Santorini would you recommend I stay? I’m debating the time I’ll be staying but it will be between 5 or 7 nights.

Also, would you recommend any day trips to another island?

Many thanks, Alison.

I have several posts on this site about where to stay on Santorini and best towns and beaches. Take a look. In general, I do not recommend day trips to other islands. With the ferry schedules, it’s difficult to get more than a few hours on neighboring islands when you do a day trip. It’s much better to pack your bags and move to whatever island you want to see.

' src=

I’m going to Santorini and Mykonos for 8 days. Do you think it’s worth doing a boat tour on each island? I’ll only have 3 days in Mykonos.

Definitely do a boat tour in Santorini. For Mykonos it’s more of a toss-up. (If greek cooking sounds interesting to you, I’d probably do the cooking course instead of a boat tour.)

' src=

Hi Dave, Thanks for all the information on this site. Is there a sailing trip that just goes for a trip around the caldera, with no swimming or snorkeling? Maybe with the option of seeing the volcano close up and also the sunset? Thanks, Tansen.

Pretty much all tours have swimming but you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. And while others are swimming you can just relax on deck and gaze at the views. The tour carries on even when some are swimming so it’s not as if you just sit there on your own, bored – there’s still plenty of fun on board the boat.

' src=

Do you think boat tours are fine during winter season? Otherwise, do you have any recommendations for winter excursions?

Many thanks in advance.

If by winter, you mean December, January, and February then there will be few (if any) boat tours running and I don’t think I’d recommend them. If, instead, you might be visiting in March and get some good weather then they’ll be fine (though still not many running). A wine tour is a great year-round thing to do in Santorini. And walking the Fira-Oia path.

' src=

For the boat tours, do you need to swim to the beach or is walkable to the shore once they dock as close as they can? We’re not great swimmers and if that’s requirement we’ll have to book another boat tour.

For tours that visit the volcano, the boat will dock and you’ll be able to walk off without getting wet. For tours that visit the hot springs, the boat will anchor about 30 to 50 meters from the hot spring area and you’ll need to swim to the warm water. Otherwise, most tours stop near a beach for swimming and snorkeling but don’t really directly visit the beach. You’re fine staying on the boat and viewing the scenery (which is great) while others swim. On most tours about half the people swim and half remain on the boat, so it’s unlikely you’re the only one left on the boat while everyone else is off playing.

' src=

Will the boat tour to the volcano and hot spring be suitable for those who get sea sick?

Generally, it’s usually pretty calm. Depending on where you depart from most of the tour will be inside the protected caldera. Catamarans are more stable than single-hull boats.

' src=

We are taking our kids to Santorini the last week of March. What private boat tour would you recommend to take for the volcano tour?

It’s not so much what is the best tour but more what is available. As the time grows closer (February or early March) search Getyourguide for Santorini Boat Tours and choose the most appropriate.

' src=

I tried to book the private boat tour and the sunset tour above but both were fully booked for our dates. Do you have another good boat tour that you could recommend? Preferably a private one. Thanks!

There’s another Spiridakos boat tour that is excellent and very similar to the private tour I’ve listed above. It has departures of 10:30 (day tour) and 3:30 (sunset tour).

' src=

Dave, your advice on this site is awesome and very detailed. My fiancee and I are going to be in Santorini in August for our honeymoon and are definitely booking one of the boat tours, but we just can’t decide on whether to do a day or sunset voyage. Anything you can tell us that would help make our decision easier? Not sure if this has an effect on the analysis, but we are staying in Imerovigli which I understand has nice views of the sunset. Thanks!!

There’s not a huge difference: the day tour has more swimming time, the sunset tour has more evening hours. Be sure to take a change of clothes for the sunset tour (it can get chilly at night). The sunset tour has a later starting date which allows you to do something in the morning.

' src=

Hello Dave.

I’ll be staying in santoniri for a day this November. Arrive Friday morning to either Katikies or Kirini hotel, and then leave late Saturday afternoon to Athens. (Though I have to check out from my hotel by 12pm). Would you recommend a boat tour? If yes, which would it be. My issue mainly time and not price.

Both the 5-Hour Caldera Cruise at Sunset (3pm departure) and the 5-Hour Small Group Catamaran Cruise (9:30am and 2:30pm departure) run into late November. Both are great tours.

' src=

I am about to book the semi-private boat tour and we are going the last week of June into July (which, from what I understand, is a very crowded time of year). Do you think that the day of the week that we book the day tour matters much (Friday vs. Saturday vs. Monday)? I assume everyone on board is likely vacationing so I’m not sure if this would be significant, but if it may make a different in terms of the number of people on board, I’d love to know. Thanks!

There’s no difference between days of the week and busyness. Do whatever works best.

' src=

I have 3 full days in Santorini in the beginning of July. I’m looking into a boat tour or sea kayaking. Is it worth it to do both? What would you suggest? Thanks for your amazing resources!!

If you can only do one do the boat tour but if time allows do both, as they each have a very different feel. It’s a more surreal feeling being in a kayak at water-level looking up at the huge cliffs (depending where your tour goes). But you do get to do more when on the boat tour – it’s a more complete introduction to the caldera.

' src=

I am looking to book the sunset catamaran trip this summer. In the check out it asks for passport information. I just wanted to check this was a normal request/it’s safe to provide my information to this company?

Yes, it’s safe and secure. The information is requested by the port authority but it’s never used. You could put in your correct name and then just make up a letter/number combination for the passport number. They’ll never know and never look at it.

' src=

We are going to Santorini for one day in July via fast ferry from Crete. Are there any shorter cruises around Santorini that we can do in that window of time that we will be there?

No, sorry. There’s no boat tour (that I know of) that would get you back in time to get your return ferry to Crete.

' src=

We will be in Santorini for 3 days after ferries from Athens-Mykonos then Mykonos-Santorini. We were thinking of taking the ferry to Milos for a day trip. Is it reasonable to do in a day or will we be ferried out? Thanks for your insight, love reading all of your suggestions.

Not worth it. If you want to visit Milos stay at least 2 nights and 1 full day.

' src=

Hi Dave, I’m planning a honeymoon in Greece this upcoming May and your site has been an amazing resource – thanks! Quick question: Is May too early for the boat tours that have swimming? Thanks.

Yes, they’ll be running in May (usually start in April) and you’ll be able to swim. But water can still be a bit chilly. And note, hot springs are not “hot” just warm.

' src=

Hi there, I love to read and follow all of your posts so thank you for always having the most up to date information! We will be in Santorini in July and I would like to do a catamaran tour of the island and go into caves and see some of the hidden gems of Santorini. Is there a tour or boat that would do that? Also, is there a boat that will take you to Mykonos for a day and back to Santorini? Thank you, Alissa

I don’t know of any boat tours that take in caves. And don’t know of any Santorini to Mykonos tours either. There are much better islands to visit on a day tour from Santorini. Ios for beaches, Naxos for inland sightseeing. (That said, I typically don’t recommend doing a day trip from Santorini as time is much better spent on Santorini than on a boat. If you do want to see another island then stay a night or two to see it best.)

' src=

I am looking for a beach hopping trip in Santorini to visit the Black Beach, Red Beach, White beach etc. tour starts at 4PM or 5PM. How much for 2 people?

For these beaches best to do it yourself with this boat from Akrotiri . It will be 10€ per person round trip. Can also take a different boat back to Kamari (if you were taking the bus, if you’ve got your own car then you’ll need to return to Akrotiri). Last boat is about 6:30pm (but double check) so you won’t have a lot of time.

' src=

Hi Dave – Awesome site. Just became a patron!

Trying to select the right boat tour for my husband and I (going in a few weeks!). They all seem great so it’s hard to select. What are the key differences between these three tours:

Semi-Private Luxury Catamaran Day Cruise 5-Hour Small Group Catamaran Cruise Sunset Catamaran Sailing Cruise in Caldera

In particular, trying to understand if it’s worth paying the premium for the semi-private luxury catamaran day cruise.

Many thanks! Lily

The single biggest difference is whether the tour goes through the day or in the late afternoon (and gets the sunset). The 5-hour small group tour is cheaper than the other two but will have a few more people on the boat and the food served is not quite as robust as for the semi-private and sunset catamaran cruises. More appetizers than the full meal you get on the other two. Fewer drinks are served as well. All 3 are great and you’ll love whatever you choose. My advice is to first decide whether you want the sunset or more sun/swimming.

Would like to do a private boat tour of caldera. It’s our honeymoon and want a super special day out on the water with food, wine, swimming, snorkeling, and the hot springs. Maybe take in the sunset too, but as you say, it’s a choice between more swimming/sunshine and sunset/evening so not sure what we’ll decide. What’s the best tour to book for our needs?

Thanks, Colin

The Private Half-Day Catamaran Cruise of Santorini is simply awesome. It is expensive but I’m sure you’re expecting that already. There’s a morning departure (for lots of swimming and sunshine) and an afternoon departure (for the sunset – but still plenty of time to swim too). Food is top notch. If it’s within your budget this is the one you want. (If you do the sunset tour bring a change of clothes so you can change out of your wet swimming stuff and enjoy the sunset without a chill.)

' src=

We are visiting Santorini in the next few weeks. Is there a ferry that 2 people can take on their own and explore the volcano/hot springs, or is it only by tour? Please let me know! Much appreciated. Gabriel M

There are no ferries to the volcano or hot springs. You have to do a tour or a chartered/private tour. There are small boats that do regular routes to the neighboring island of Thirassia (that forms the western side of the caldera) but this isn’t the volcano.

We are looking for the best sunset tour around Santorini. Our only concern is that we also want lots of swimming. If we do the sunset tour will we have enough time to swim?

Thanks Miller

Not sure what you mean by “enough” but you’ll certainly get a good stretch of time to swim. It won’t be 10 minutes and let’s go. More like 2 to 3 hours.

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Trip report - 2.5 day stay in May

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The next morning, we took the 830 bus to Akrotiri (Two euros each). The station was already crowded with people going to Oia . It was a little chaotic, but we just looked for the bus with the sign that said Akrotiri, got on then paid once we were on the way. It was good to come that early as there were very few other people. Being under 25, our kids had 1/2 price tix with proof of age. I had read there would be guides inside the gate to hire, but there were none at that time. Maybe it’s different in the summer. We spent ~ an hour there. There was a video 3/4 through that was informative and I wish that it had been at the start.We took the 10:20 bus back. In retrospect I should have planned a little better and we might have visited Red Beach as it’s walking distance. Back in Fira, we grabbed well priced gyros at Lucky’s in the square. After a little rest, we took the 1pm bus to Oia. It was standing room only and PACKED. We almost didn’t make it on! When we arrived, I developed a great appreciation of the bus ticket agent: the bus line at Oia was enormous; he scanned it, noticed a couple with an infant and a toddler and moved them to the front of the line. Any parent could appreciate that kindness. From there, we stopped at Lolita gelato, wandered the town (pretty doggone crowded) and made our way to Ammoudi Bay. We couldn’t figure out where people jumped in the water, but it was pretty cold anyway. We had a private boat rented (Pirate Fishing). It was well priced, the boat is new and lovely. We spent 5.5 hours on the boat cruising the caldera and trolling. Caught a good sized Bonita (from which the captain grilled a fillet and made ceviche) and a small grouper (returned to the sea). They made a lovely dinner and served up wine and we watched the sunset. The captain arranged a taxi to take us back (€40 cash) - so much better than taking the hundreds of steps up to stand in line for the bus. No surprise DH and our 19 year old son were hungry again, so we grabbed a chicken gyro in the square. A quick clean up and a drink at PK’s. FYI, seating for 2 affords much better views than for 4. DH had their twist on an Aperal Spritz with Mastcka - wow! Soooo good!

Last day… woke early to take in the beautiful view and wander around without many people then off to grab a bottle of water at the supermarket. (0.27 euros). We noticed that if you go away south from the square, prices are so much better. Found a bakery with well price coffee and pastries. Then we took the walk from Fira to Oia. We took a detour out to Sklavos Rock. The whole trip from the south end of Fira with snack stops, photos and the big detour took up about 4.5 hours. We had lunch at Oia Vineart. Our meal and the service were fantastic! We also did a wine tasting there since we decided we didn’t really have enough time to fool with a winery tour on the bus schedule. We walked and shopped. We arrived back at the Oia bus station 15 minutes early so my daughter and I went to grab gelato. Just as we paid, DH came running as said the bus was there - 10 minutes early! Thankfully, our son was in line! We got on and this time, they did NOT allow people to stand, so many people did not get on. We had a lovely soak in the hot tub while our son worked out, cleaned up and headed to Naoussa for dinner. The food was great (we particularly enjoyed the meatballs and the lamb in lemon sauce), and it had a very festive air with lots of plate throwing. Lol

Last morning… we checked out and walked to bus station to go to the port. I was a little nervous as the bus was running a little behind and there was traffic getting to the port. We arrived and stood in an open air space, no signs around. So, I being a bit of a stressor, located the SeaJet office and headed there to ask if we were in the right place. So thankful I did b/c we were not! We were told to go to Departure area 4, which wasn’t even by the water. Anyhoo, the ferry was a little late, but we got on, dropped our bags off on the luggage rack. We were all pleasantly surprised with the ferry (SeaJet PowerJet). We did not have business class seats, but our seats were comfy, we could walk around and there were snacks for purchase. All good and then off to Naxos (with a couple stops on the way).

The views of Santorini are really beautiful and magical. It feels a bit like. Disneyland given all the tourists (us among them). But i’m so glad to have seen it.

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Just wanted to add, I was all worked up while planning about finding a place with a caldera view for dinner and/or drinks. There are tons of places! Obviously, if you are coming during the heighth of the season you should try to make reservations so you are not disappointed. But for mid-May, it shouldn’t have been a worry for me. And the lights at night are equally as enchanting as the sunset if you ask me….

private yacht santorini

Thank you! This was so helpful!! I'm glad you had a great trip. We are heading there soon with our 2 young adults too & really appreciated the detail & commentary on everything!

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Santorini Hotels and Places to Stay

  • IMPORTANT - Water shortage on Santorini - please read
  • Please don't ride the mules ('donkeys')
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  • What is the Santorini bus service like?
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  • Hiking between Fira and Oia
  • Santorini for the mobility-challenged tourist
  • ATM Bank Charges (August 2018)
  • Kamari or Perissa?
  • Santorini Fishing Tours
  • Left luggage in Fira?

private yacht santorini

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Boat Tours in Santorini

Motor yacht cruises, private yacht tour of santorini's scenic coastline with food and drinks.

private yacht santorini

Wish to spend a relaxing day by the sea with your family or friends? Join your own Private Cruise on this Motor yacht , and let all your worries slip away! This luxury motor yacht creates the perfect setting to rejuvenate and reconnect with family and friends, take amazing photos, and build scenic memories!

There are many cruises to choose from, and those are the 3-hour Day, Mid-Day, and Sunset Cruises, the 5-hour Day Cruise, the 5-hour Sunset Cruise, as well as the 10-hour Full-Day Cruise . The Day and Full-Day Cruises depart from Vlychada Marina , while the Sunset ones from Ammoudi port . Either one you choose the moments you will spend on the boat will be magical! It's worth noting that, given the private nature of the excursion, you have the flexibility to customize the entire itinerary according to your preferences simply by coordinating everything with the captain on-site.

3-hour Cruise

Choose the 3-hour option and you will have the chance to sail along the Caldera cliffs, below the villages of Firostefani , Fira , and Imerovigli , as well as reach the small Old Port , which used to be the main port of the island and was very important for the trading business in the past. Of course, you'll have the privilege to observe the magnificence of Therasia Island from a distance, an unspoiled small island that beckons with its pristine landscapes. In addition, you will sail by the famous Volcano of Santorini and then stop at the Hot Springs , where you will get to stop for a therapeutic dive. Next, you will pass by the huge Indian Rock formations and the Venetian Lighthouse to reach the charming Red Beach and White Beach , which are surrounded by a scenery that will take your breath away! Take a dive in the crystal-clear waters or relax on the boat, sunbathe, and shoot the most beautiful photos of your holidays! Going for one of the sunset choices allows you to admire the appealing sunset near Akrotiri !

5-hour Cruise

If you choose to spend 5 hours at the sea, you’ll enjoy a serene and idyllic journey, with additional pauses for diving and exploring the underwater world, assuring a delightful and tranquil excursion! The itinerary follows the same path as mentioned above on the 3-hour cruise, ensuring a smooth continuation of the mesmerizing voyage. As you extend your exploration for an additional two hours , the familiarity of the route allows for a deeper connection with the aesthetic magnificence and undiscovered jewels along the way. You will be afforded the chance to delve even further into the maritime delights, as well as make a stop at the island of Therasia for a full BBQ meal at a traditional restaurant there.

10-hour Full-Day Cruise

Embark on an enchanting Full-Day Cruise in Santorini that begins in the morning and unveils its splendors until after sunset. This immersive experience takes you on a captivating journey around the entire island, unveiling its hidden gems, majestic caves , and secluded beaches known only to the privileged seafarers. Traverse the crystalline waters, marvel at the iconic landmarks, and soak in the breathtaking vistas. The itinerary encompasses all the renowned sites as previously noted in the 3-hour and 5-hour trips, but also offers a comprehensive exploration of Santorini's coastal hidden wonders, like Kambia Beach, Mesa Pigadia Beach, and Armeni Bay. This Full-Day Cruise promises not only a visual feast but also a sensorial celebration, ensuring an unforgettable and fully immersive encounter with the enchanting beauty of the island!

By choosing the Daytime Private excursions, you will bask in the prospect of discovering the grace of Santorini under the daylight. On the other hand, if you choose the Sunset or the Full-Day Cruises, your day will have the perfect ending , as the view of the alluring sunset and the colors that the sky takes, will surely be something to remember! Undoubtedly, opting for the Full-Day excursion not only provides you with the exclusive opportunity to witness the dazzling evening glow among the sea waves but also allows you to reveal numerous additional inconspicuous treasures of Santorini!

The adventure begins after complimentary transportation from your accommodation and a scenic drive, immersing you in the picturesque surroundings until you reach the starting port of your preferred cruise. Once at the departing port, the seamless transition into the cruise awaits, promising a day filled with exploration and enchantment. On the 3-hour Cruises, you will have the chance to savor a delectable selection of finger food on board, featuring traditional Santorinian products such as cherry tomatoes, a cheese platter, and crackers with salmon. For the extended 5-hour Cruises as well as on the Full-Day Cruise, the experience is heightened with the inclusion of lunch or dinner at a lovely and authentic Greek tavern on the adjacent Therasia Isle. You have the freedom to choose from a diverse menu that includes fish, meat, or vegetarian options, securing a pleasing and satisfying culinary adventure amidst the enthralling panoramas. As part of the Full-Day Cruise, delicious snacks are also prepared and served onboard. Step onto the vessel, and let the maritime odyssey begin, exposing the wonders of Santorini at every nautical mile! After the end of this unique experience, you will be safely transferred back to your hotel!

  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Transportation from/to your stay with an A/C mini-bus
  • English speaking tour guide
  • Safety equipment
  • Maps and information about our island
  • Towels (to be returned to the crew)
  • Private: Only you & your group
  • Lunch or dinner at a traditional Greek tavern in Therasia island with an open choice among fish, meat or vegetarian menus. (5-hour Cruises)
  • Open Bar with Santorinian Wine, Beer, Refreshments, Smoothies, and Water
  • Swimming noodles & life jackets
  • Gratuities (optional)
  • Full name is required at time of booking for all participants
  • Vegetarian or any other special dietary needs available upon request
  • For the sunset cruise, you are advised to bring a jacket
  • A white swimsuit is not recommended at the sulfurous hot springs
  • Alcoholic drinks will be denied for those under 18 years old
  • Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult
  • Subject to favorable weather conditions. If canceled due to poor weather, you will be given the option of an alternative date or full refund
  • The map depicts the course of the Sunset cruise. The Morning or Day cruise follows the exact opposite route

We had a really good time on the boat. You could tell that they just wanted us to have a great experience. The scenery was fantastic. Food at our island stop was beyond our expectations. Highly recommend.

A great experience!, Excellent!, Wonderful experience!, Our guide was awesome!, Well organized!, A must do! The food and drinks was great

Our caption and first mate were awesome, friendly, knowledgeable! The boat is really nice, clean and comfortable! The best way to see the island is by boat! , A must do!

private yacht santorini

Worth every penny. It was a glorious day at sea. Santorini View was outstanding with their communication and attentiveness. The fun we had, and the memories made, priceless.

Photo of Motor Yacht Gobbi 345 SC

Once your booking is complete, you will receive the voucher, which includes the meeting point, time and supplier’s contact information, at your email address. You need to have it with you, in paper form or in digital form.


If you cancel at least 2 day(s) in advance of the scheduled date, there is no cancellation fee. If you cancel within 2 day(s) of the scheduled date, there is a 100 percent cancellation fee.

Passport or Id

Full names of the passengers (as shown on their passport or id). Passengers need to have onboard with them their passport or id or a copy of them, in case the Port Authority runs a check on the boat. A picture on their mobile will suffice.

Sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat and a light jacket (just in case)

Don’t worry! The tour operator’s vehicle will come to the nearest possible spot to pick you up. After booking, you will receive a voucher via email which contains a map with the pickup location.

Yes! On the page Yacht Charter & Boat Rental , you can see all the boats with which you can visit the nearby islands of Santorini! Please contact us for any advice or tour/cruise alteration you are interested in.

Of course, you are! The tours and cruises that offer free pickup/drop-off services will serve you wherever you stay. Please note your address on the checkout page to arrange your transfer. There are tours that set meeting points in central locations of most of Santorini’s villages.

Absolutely! Greece is one of the safest countries to swim in. You will be glad to know that sharks in the Aegean Sea ( usually from species such as dogfish)  are harmless, sightings are extremely rare while attacks are unheard of! In addition, the waves are usually small, especially inside the Caldera where most boat cruises make stops for swimming. So, based on the above, if you enjoy swimming, snorkeling, or even diving... you are in the right place!

Yes, if your children are acquainted with the sea, they will love the boat ride. In addition, there is snorkeling equipment available on board. Don’t forget to take sunscreen, a hat and a light jacket with you.

Similar tours

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Experience Santorini your way with our FREE personalized trip planner ! Just enter your travel dates and style, and you'll get instantly a custom itinerary, tailored to your desires!

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We’re Santorini’s leading marketplace to explore and book unforgettable travel experiences. Santorini View is operated by Atlantis Software E-Services, a reliable travel agency licensed by the Greek National Tourism Organization with registry number ΜΗ.Τ.Ε. 0206E70000659501.

We offer top-quality , personalized tours and activities tailored to our guests' preferences and interests, with invaluable advice from our team of local experts. Our goal is to ensure that travellers, have the best possible experience in Santorini with access to the island's finest offerings.

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private yacht santorini


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  1. Santorini Yacht Cruises

    Enjoy the volcanic island of Santorini with a private yacht cruise. Choose from day, sunset or proposal cruises and explore the beaches, volcanoes, caldera and Oia with Greek hospitality and music.

  2. Santorini Yacht Cruises by Spiridakos Sailing Cruises

    Spiridakos Sailing Cruises is a leading Santorini sailing & yacht cruises company, experienced in providing unforgettable luxury, sailing tours. Cruises. Semi-Private Cruises. ... PRIVATE FULL-DAY DAILY SANTORINI TARGA YACHT CRUISES. PRIVATE GROUP . FULL DAY. 2600€ up to 6 people. BOOK NOW. PRIVATE DAYTIME-SUNSET DAILY SANTORINI MOTOR BOAT ...

  3. Santorini Yacht Charters

    Charter Itineraries in Santorini Yacht charter itineraries in Santorini can be included with a number of other Greek island stop-offs, ... For more information about renting a private luxury charter yacht in Santorini please contact your preferred Yacht Charter Broker. Santorini Timezone. Local Time: 13:41. GMT + 2. Discover Santorini.

  4. Santorini Luxury Yacht Charter with IYC

    RUBY. From €29,900 /week. SEARCH YACHTS FOR CHARTER. Best Local Dish: Assyrtiko, a white Greek wine grape native to Santorini, is a perfect partner for strong, salty cheeses like feta and haloumi. Its bold yet balanced flavor pairs well with traditional Greek dishes such as taramosalata (fish roe dip) and ahinosalata (sea urchin dip)..

  5. Private Boat Tours Santorini

    Day Cruise. Sunset Cruise. Max 10 guests. With Axopar 37 Sun Top. Lasts 3 / 4 / 5 or 9 hs. Upgrade your Santorini experience with a private motor yacht cruise on our Axopar 37 Sun Top. Explore the hidden beauty and tranquility of Santorini on a private yacht. You can choose between a half day or full day cruise. Choose your date.

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    Savour the magic of the caldera with our top rated Santorini cruises. For a classic sunset tour we recommend our popular Santorini Gold Sunset Cruise and for those looking for unparalleled luxury our Private Caldera Catamaran Cruise is perfect. If you are truly adventurous and really want to sail the seas, we definitely recommend a private trip to experience some of the unforgettable nearby ...

  7. Santorini Motor Yachts

    The leading Boat Charter Boutique in Santorini. Discover our fleet of luxury motors yachts & experience Santorini in the finest way. Yachts; Day Cruise; Multi-Day Charter; FAQ; INQUIRY NOW. ... Perfect for private celebrations and smaller corporate events, the Azimut 42 is ... Yacht Profile. 10 . Guests. 3 . Cabins. 2 . Showers. 42 ...

  8. Catamaran & yacht cruises

    Santorini Yachting Club, a distinguished yacht charter company with a rich heritage the cooperation with the Triantafillou family, known as the oldest and leading yacht company on the island of Santorini, and with Mr. Alexandros Birigkos, a seasoned businessman in the Tourism Industry. As the company continues to grow by updating its fleet with ...

  9. Santorini Private Cruises

    Sunset Private Catamaran Half-Day Cruises. Get the best out of Santorini with this 5-hour Private Santorini Catamaran Sunset Cruise. Swim by the volcano and secluded beaches, relax at the hot springs while our crew prepares your BBQ dinner. Enjoy the mother of all sunsets, the majestic Santorini Sunset. Discover more.

  10. Santorini Sailing Luxury Private Boat Cruises

    Santosails - luxury private & shared sailing boat cruises. Experience Santorini from the water perspective with Santosails Sailing cruises. Skip to content. Email Us at | [email protected]. ... Santorini Sailing Luxury Private Boat Cruises adminsantorinsails 2024-02-20T12:38:08+00:00.

  11. Santorini Sailing Yacht Rentals

    BOOK NOW. PRIVATE EXCURSIONS. Sunset Oia offers visitors the chance to enjoy an unforgettable and unique sailing experience off the shores of the enchanting Greek island of Santorini. View All. From. 800€/Up to 4 guests. PRIVATE LAGOON 380 & 400.

  12. Vista Yachting

    Private Yachts Cruise. Yachts and Catamaran Cruise. A customized cruise to Santorini Caldera for swimming in hot springs with your loved ones. Perfect for couples, friends, or families looking for a private getaway or to celebrate special events. See options.

  13. All-inclusive Private Motor Yacht Cruise with Lunch or Dinner

    Explore the diverse facets of Santorini with the range of Private tour options, that this cruise offers, the Private 5-hour Day Cruise starting at 10:30, or the Private 5-hour Sunset Cruise, starting at 15:30. For an all-encompassing experience, there is also a Private Full-Day Cruise, commencing at 10:00, which allows you to savor the best of ...

  14. Private Cruise on a High-performance Motor Yacht in Santorini

    Private Cruise on a High-performance Motor Yacht in Santorini. 5 hours - 10 hours. English speaking tour guide. Max 8 people. Private: Only you & your group. Sunset below the village of Oia. BBQ meal included Lunch/Dinner at a seafood restaurant in Therasia island with an open choice among fish and meat or a vegetarian menu.

  15. Santorini Sailing

    Private Tours Enjoy your special day on Santorini's most luxurious and well-equipped yachts. Our expertise in coordinating functions for small and large groups will ensure that your day with us will be an event that you and your guests will remember long after you have left beautiful Santorini. With us, there's truly something for everyone.

  16. Santorini Private Yacht Cruises

    Daytime Private Sailing Catamaran Cruise. Duration : 5 Hours. Start time : 10:30. End time : 15:30. Life is full of special occasions and Santorini is one of the most beautiful places in the world to celebrate them! We love organizing cruises charged with exciting moments and happy surprises such as a family cruise, a graduation party, or a ...

  17. Yacht for rent in Santorini Private Cruises island

    Santorini's first and only semi-private cruises offering gourmet 5 course meals created by renowned chef. Aboard the classic full renovated Motor Yacht "Oniro", Greek for "Dream", your dreams of living the good life in the Greek Islands will come true.

  18. Private Santorini Catamaran Cruise

    When in Santorini, the sunset and a cruise around the Caldera are the things one should not miss. Our private catamaran cruises let you have both in the most enjoyable way!. Perfect for celebrating special occasions or hosting family trips, our Private Catamaran Cruises, are ideally designed for intimate gatherings for those who wish to have their own exclusive sailing cruise.

  19. Yacht Charter & Boat Rental in Santorini

    There are several yachts for rental on the island of Santorini. We have chosen the best ones for you to enjoy yacht selection of the most experienced and reliable tour operators in Santorini. ... You can book one for a private cruise in Santorini, an exciting tour of the nearby islands, or a multi-day cruise to the Cyclades. Feel free to ...

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    Sail Away offers half day, sunset or full-day sailing private catamaran and yacht cruises - tours around Santorini - Cyclades, Greece. Oia - Sailing Cruise

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    Explore Santorini on a Private Motor Boat Cruise with Snacks & Refreshments. 4.8. (8) Private 5 hours Max 5. 26.7ft (8.1 m) English speaking Captain Snacks Pick-up/drop-off Vlychada port Sunset near Akrotiri Wine & Ouzo. $701.68. from $631.51. /per group. View more.

  22. 8 Best Santorini Boat Tours

    5. Volcano Boat Tour. Much less expensive and with a larger boat and group of people but still very fun. This tour is almost the opposite of the Sunset Catamaran Cruise. You get the volcano, hot springs (with swimming), and a visit to Thirassia island - but no beaches or going outside the caldera, and no sunset.

  23. Trip report

    We had a private boat rented (Pirate Fishing). It was well priced, the boat is new and lovely. We spent 5.5 hours on the boat cruising the caldera and trolling. Caught a good sized Bonita (from which the captain grilled a fillet and made ceviche) and a small grouper (returned to the sea). ... The views of Santorini are really beautiful and ...

  24. Private Yacht Tour of Santorini's Scenic Coastline with Food and Drinks

    Explore Santorini on a Private Motor Boat Cruise with Snacks & Refreshments 4.8 (7) Motor Yacht Cruises See more . $802.35 /group Private Motor Yacht Cruise in Santorini with BBQ Food and Drinks 5.0 (123) Motor Yacht Cruises See more . $1,069.80 /group ...