Ever since its first diver’s watch in 1965, Seiko has developed new technologies, features, and designs that have made the Seiko Prospex diver’s watch collection a favorite among professional and recreational divers the world over. Continuous innovation and enhancements over the decades in safety, reliability, legibility, and ease of use have made Seiko a leader in diver’s watches. The Marinemaster is Seiko’s flagship series for diver’s watches. Equipped with a robust and high-performance movement with stable accuracy designed exclusively for diver’s watches, it represents the top tier of Prospex watches in a diving category that is integral to the history and culture of Seiko.


Seiko Prospex Marinemaster 1965 Diver’s Modern Re-interpretation

Seiko Prospex Marinemaster 1965 Diver’s Modern Re-interpretation

Regatta Yachttimers

An overview of sailing regatta watches.

The Seiko company was founded in 1881, when Kintarō Hattori opened a watch and jewelry shop in Tokyo. Eleven years later, in 1892, he founded the company Seikosha Co, where initially wall clocks were produced. Soon they were followed by pocket watches and watches with an alarm function. In 1913 Seiko (which means ‘precision’ in Japanese) manufactured its first wristwatch, and today the brand is well known for its inventions over the years.

Already in 1958 Seiko started with the developement of quartz movements, which let to the first commercial quartz wristwatch of the world in 1969, the Seiko Quartz Astron. The brand’s tradition in sports timing started at the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo, where they served as Official Timekeeper. Ever since Seiko has been involved in many sports events, eg athletics, football and sailing.

Early 1980’s Seiko developed the caliber 7A28, the world’s first analog quartz chronograph. This fully adjustable quartz movement has no plastic parts in the gear train and can be sericed and adjusted like a mechanical watch. In the years to follow the caliber 7A28 was used in a great number of different models. The 7A28-7020, for example, was worn by Roger Moore in the 1985 James Bond movie  ‘A View To A Kill’.

Seiko Yacht Timer Quartz 7A28-7090, ref. SAY080.

The 7A28-7090 regatta variant debuted in 1982 as the first real Seiko Yacht Timer, and appeared in catalogs as of 1983. It immediately stood out for its design. With the two big pushers at 10 and 2 o’clock it looked similar to a bullhead chronograph. The 9 o’clock minutes sub register features a 30-minutes counter, devided in 6 x 5 minutes in alternately light and royal blue, and a distinct yellow hand. On the outer ring of the dial there’s the yachting countdown scale for the seconds, running backwards from 60 to zero. After 1985 the Seiko Yacht Timer Quartz 7A28-7090 disappeared from the catalogs and the production ceased.

x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x

Second half of the 1980’s Seiko developed a new four jewel quartz chronograph, the caliber 8M. Besides setting the time, it also uses the crown as a selection tool by which you can choose the mode of the watch, as shown in one of the registers. It has a countdown (timer) function, what makes it highly suitable for a yachting watch. In timer-mode the movement runs actualy counterclockwise! The countdown timer can be set by one-minute intervals between 1and 30 minutes, or you can choose between one of the preset timers for 5, 10 or 15 minutes.

From early 1990 Seiko produced two series of yacht timer watches, the 8M35 and the 8M37 models . Compared to the 8M35 models, the 8M37 models have the movement mounted ‘up-side-down’. That automatically means the crown and pushers are placed on opposite sides.

Cal. 8M35-6000 with leather strap, two-tone case and bracelet (ref. SEQ008J) and full gold (ref. SEQ010J). Note the three different collorscemes of the inner compass.

In time-mode, when the watch shows the actual time, the hour hand seems a bit odd. More like a seconds hand actually. But when you switch to timer mode, you understand why. This hand then becomes the second hand for an accurate countdown. And as I said before, the movement runs counterclockwise in timer mode. In a short period of years, from 1990 upto 1993, several yachttimer models were released by Seiko.

Cal. 8M35-6010, the more rare silver version, cal. 8M35-8000/8009 (ref. SEQ001P) and 8M35-800A (ref. SEQ003P) with a plastic blue or black turnable bezel.

Both cal. 8M37-6000, either with a silver case and dial (ref. SBBH005) or with a black case and dial (ref. SBBH007). Originally with a black rubber strap.

Both cal. 8M37-7000, ref. SBBH009. Note the different selection tools.

Finally the cal. 6M37-8000, ref. SBBH013, and the 6M37-8019, ref. SGX006. The last one was released for the 1992 USA Olympic games.

You can download the Operating Instructions for the caliber 8M35 here , and a 8M37 Parts Catalogue  here .

Page from a Japanese magazine showing some of the cal. 8M37 models.

Seiko add for the U.S.A. Olympic Yacht Timer Sports 150 8M37-8019, ref. SGX006, 1992.


Radiant Yacht Timer, in silver case ref. TUH996PM, or two-tone case ref. YUH999PM. Obviously both with a Seiko 8M37 movement.

Yema America’s Cup, with a Seiko 8M35 movement, white or black dial. More info in the Yema section.

In 1993 Seiko changed the design of their Yacht Timers radically. Again the brand developed a new quartz regatta movement, the caliber 6M37, this time inspired by the old mechanical movements that used the 5-dot countdown system (first used by Aquastar in the 1960’s ).

The first model that was released, is the cal. 6M37-6000.

1995 Seiko introduced the Yacht Timer Sports 200   models, as part of The Great Blue series. Inspired by the older mechanical movements, Seiko developed their quartz movement with the 5-dot countdown system, caliber 6M37-6010.

Seiko Yacht Timer Sports 200 with steel case and blue dial, ref. SKB003P, and two-tone case and silver dial, ref. SKB004P.

Model: Seiko Yacht Timer Sports 200.

  • Reference: SKB003P steel case and rotating bezel, blue dial
  •                   and blue leather strap.
  •                   SKB004P steel case with golden rotating bezel,
  •                   silver dial and blue leather strap.
  • Caliber: Seiko 6M37 quartz yachttimer movement.
  • Case size: Ø 42 mm / H 12 mm.
  • Year: mid 1990’s.

In the operating manual you can read how the countdown system works, click  here to download the English version.

  x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x

At Baselworld 2007, Seiko launched a new marine collection, the Velatura. The collection included two new calibers, one of them the Yachting Timer caliber 7T84. Obviously Seiko stepped away from the 5-dot countdown system again.

Seiko Velatura Yachting Timer, SPC005P1 and SPC007P1.

Seiko Velatura Yachting Timer, SPC041P1 and SPC049P1.

Model: Seiko Velatura Yachting Timer.

  • Reference: SPC005P1 silver dial with steel bracelet.
  •                   SPC007P1 black dial with black rubber strap.
  •                   SPC041P1 black dial with Brown leather strap.
  •                   SPC049P1 titanium case with leather/nylon strap.
  • Caliber: Seiko analogue quartz 7T84 movement.
  • Case size: Ø 44 mm / H 12 mm.
  • Year: since 2008 upto 2012(?).

You can download the instruction manual of caliber 7T84 here , and learn how the regatta countdown system works.

With the launch of the Velatura series in 2007, Seiko rose to the challenge to build watches that perform on the open ocean, with a collection characterized by robustness, high functionality and durability. Also in 2007, Seiko was selected as the Watch Partner of the International 49er Class Association.

To mark the fourth year of their partnership, Seiko launced a new model in the Velatura collection, a standard chronograph housing with the caliber 7T62 Alarm movement. Not with a special countdown function, but with a coloured 5-10-15 minutes subdial.

The watch is available with either a stainless steel case with black hard coating and a polyurethane strap (ref. SNAE17) or a stainless steel case with blue hard coating and a stainless steel bracelet with three-fold slasp (ref. SNAE19).

2014 update, new versions in the Velatura Yachting Timer series:

Seiko Velatura Yachting Timer: SPC143P1, SPC145P1, SPC147P1 and SPC149P1.

  • References:
  • SPC143P1 brushed and polished stainless steel case and bracelet – fixed blue bezel – blue dial.
  • SPC145P1 brushed and polished stainless steel case and bracelet with rubber centre links – fixed black bezel – silver dial.
  • SPC147P1 brushed and polished stainless steel case and bracelet with rubber centre links – fixed black bezel – black dial.
  • SPC149P1 brushed and polished ion black stainless steel case with black silicone rubber strap – fixed black bezel – black textured dial.
  • Caliber: Analogue quartz 7T84 movement.
  • Case size: Ø 44 mm / H 11 mm.
  • Year: 2014.
  • many thanks to Robert Mahoney for the English version of the caliber 6M37 operating manual.
  • many thanks to Yorkshire Watches ( http://www.yorkshirewatches.co.uk/ ) for using your pictures.
  • http://www.seikousa.com/index.php  with Press Releases.
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seiko
  • http://www.watch-wiki.net/index.php?title=Seiko

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WatchTime – USA's No.1 Watch Magazine

Seiko Velatura Yachting Timer

seiko yachting watch

Launched in 2007, Seiko’s Velatura collection is designed to withstand the rigors of open ocean racing. For 2009, Seiko improves the the Velatura Yachting Timer, making it lighter, tougher, and more resistant to the elements. The case is made from titanium, covered with a new hard coating. The watch has a new screw-in crown system that ensures water resistance to 20 bar or 200 meters. A new strap combines leather and ballistic nylon to offer a blend of good looks and strength. The dial is also new, with the pre-set start times highlighted in bright yellow and blue for easier legibility.

There’s also a new model for women – the Velatura women’s chronograph. It is available in stainless steel with regular or mother-of-pearl dials, both of which are set with 16 diamonds. This piece is also available with a choice of leather strap or stainless steel bracelet.

The men’s Yachting Timer retails for about 950 Euro, and the women’s chronograph ranges from Euro 590-640. You may click the images to view larger versions.

Seiko Velatura Yachting Timer


Yachting Timer:

Caliber 7T84 Case: Titanium with black hard coating Band: Leather and ballistic nylon strap with titanium buckle with hard coating (SPC049) Glass: Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating Water resistance: 20 bar

Women’s Chronograph:

Caliber 7T92 Case: Stainless steel with mother-of-pearl and 16 diamonds on the dial (SNDZ19), or Stainless steel with 16 diamonds on the dial (SNDZ20) Band: Stainless steel with three-fold clasp with push button release (SNDZ19) Leather strap with stainless steel buckle (SNDZ20) Glass: Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating Water resistance: 10 bar

This SeikoVelatura is an awesom watch. I brought mine from http://seikowatches.co/ and couldn’t be happier. It’s a great looking watch and as tough as a watch can be. I would reccommensd this Seiko to anyone for sure.

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ball watch, nautical watch, marine watch

An automatic movement tracks the phases on the moon on the face of this watch , with a black, blue, or silver dial.

marine watch, sailing watch

Evoking the feeling of a fine Cuban cigar, this limited edition of 99 watches is dedicated to the true cigar lover. (Not available until mid-June 2015.)

Bulova watch, luxury mens watch, marine mens watch, nautical mens watch

A vintage design, this watch features an internal rotating bezel with a Milanese mesh metal strap, a metallic blue retro dial, and 100m of water resistance.

bulova watch, titanium watch

With 24 karat gold and Grade-5 titanium, this watch is as high end as you can get and also features an alligator strap layered over stainless steel mesh and titanium carbide.

seiko watch, limited edition watch

Limited to 100 pieces, this watch celebrates the 55th anniversary of the very first automatic winding movement Grand Seiko; the new model comes in white, yellow, or pink gold with coordinating Crocodile straps.

omega watch, diving watch, dive watch

In honor of the yachtsmen of Emirates Team New Zealand, this watch comes in a limited edition of 2,013 pieces and features a regatta start countdown indicator, a matte black ceramic bezel, and a black rubber strap with red detailing throughout.

hermes watch

This watch features a minimalist dial and case design in rose gold with stenciled Arabic numerals and a mother of pearl moonphase indicator at 3 o’clock.

sailing watch, nautical mens watch, luxury marine watch

Touch-activated functions like meteorological forecasting abilities, a tide-calculator, and regatta countdown, among others, make this watch stand out from the rest, and it features a bi-material bracelet with a safety clip and extensions.

luxury watch, mens sailing watch

With neither dial nor hands, this watch is constructed so that it moves about its own axis; it also features UlyChoc shock absorbers and two silicium impulse wheels to maintain balance and minimize friction.

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What to Know When Building a Seiko Yachtmaster Mod

seiko yachting watch

The Seiko SKX007 Yachtmaster Mod is a stylish and popular watch modification. Featuring an eye-catching and sophisticated Yachtmaster bezel insert, available in a range of colours, this model is a tribute to the original Rolex Yachtmaster, which debuted in 1992. This iconic watch was designed to be both luxurious and practical and was offered in various sizes. Really, the Seiko SKX007 Yachtmaster Mod is a timeless and sophisticated choice, perfect for those looking to add a touch of opulence to their outfit.

So, are you interested in modding yourself a beautiful Seiko Yachtmaster? Here’s what you should know:

What Was the Yachtmaster?

The Rolex Yachtmaster is one of the most iconic watches in the world. It was first introduced in 1992 and was designed for sailing and yachting. Since then, it has become one of the most sought-after watches in the world. The Rolex Yachtmaster features a unique design that is both stylish and functional. It is made of stainless steel and is available in a black or white dial.

The Rolex Yachtmaster is a classic watch perfect for any sailing or yachting enthusiast. It is water-resistant up to 100 meters and features a rotating bezel with a 60-minute gradation that can be used to measure elapsed time. The watch also features a luminescent hour, minute and second hand, and a date window at the 3-o’clock position.

Creating a Silver Yachtmaster

If you’re not a big fan of gold or anything too vibrant, this mod is for you! The Seiko Silver Yachtmaster is a great mod watch for those who appreciate subtlety, elegance, and sophistication. Its silver design makes it perfect for those who want their watches to be statement pieces without being too flashy. With its classic, sleek design, this watch will look great on any wrist.

Creating a Black Yachtmaster

If you want something even more muted than the Silver Yachtmaster, then the Black Yachtmaster mods should be your go-to! They are popular modifications to watches that create a sleek and stylish look. In fact, people who modify watches often choose a black Yachtmaster bezel insert as part of their build. Some choose a black watch casing, while others prefer a silver watch case. Both options provide great contrast and create a very impressive and fashionable look.

Is It Hard to Mod a Seiko Yachtmaster?

New modders may experience trepidation and second-guess themselves when attempting a mod, and this can be the case when trying to build a Seiko Yachtmaster. While it can be intimidating, even experienced modders have been in this position, and it’s all part of the learning process. It requires dedication and practice to become comfortable with the tools and techniques needed to make a Seiko mod. With perseverance and patience, you’ll eventually gain the skills and confidence required to build your own successful builds!

While not an easy build, a Seiko Yachtmaster is a watch piece to behold. It is, of course, a tribute to the stunning Rolex Yachtmaster, now more affordable thanks to all the mod parts you can find. If you are interested in making such a watch, be prepared. It’ll take lots of time, patience, and perhaps even trial and error, but once you’re done, and you have a beautiful Seiko Yachtmaster in your hands, you’ll be super excited to mod even more.

Seiko Mods is a proud provider of various Seiko mod parts , from sapphire crystals to bezel inserts and so much more. Check out what we offer today and build your very own Yachtmaster!

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Technical data

seiko yachting watch

Prospex Alpinist

From the Prospex Collection. Designed for those who treat life as the ultimate adventure, the Seiko Prospex line follows every challenge with technological excellence and style. A modern re-imagining of Seiko's first sport watch, introduced in 1959, this distinctive timepiece is an upgrade of a highly successful Spring 2019 limited edition. Equipped with a rotating inner compass bezel for outdoor adventure, this unique design features a black dial with LumiBrite hands and markers, magnified date window, and sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on the inner surface. The 24-jewel automatic movement beats at a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour, with a power reserve of approximately 70 hours, and can be wound manually or automatically. Crafted of stainless steel, with secure tri-fold push button release clasp, screwdown crown and see-through caseback. 20 bar, 200M Water Resistant.

seiko yachting watch

  • technical data
  • From the Prospex Collection
  • Modern re-imagining of Seiko's first sport watch, introduced in 1959
  • Manual and automatic winding capabilities
  • Rotating inner compass bezel
  • Magnified date window
  • LumiBrite hands and markers
  • Screwdown crown and see-through caseback
  • Tri-fold push button release clasp
  • 1965 Diver's Watch Modern Reinterpretation Save the Ocean Limited Edition
  • Production serial number engraved on caseback
  • Prospex Automatic Diver
  • Automatic with manual winding capability
  • Blue sunray dial with pattern inspired by ancient astrolabes
  • Packaged in a Limited Edition collectors' box
  • Limited Edition of 1,300
  • Re-interpretation of Seiko's first diver's watch,with a thinner,sleeker profile
  • Date calendar
  • Screwdown crown and caseback
  • DIAMETER: 39.5 mm
  • THICKNESS: 13.2 mm
  • LENGTH: 46.4 mm
  • Caliber 6R35
  • 21,600 vibrations per hour
  • Power reserve: approximately 70 hours
  • CASE: Stainless steel case
  • CRYSTAL: Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on the inner surface
  • WATER RESISTANCE: 20 bar, 200 meters (660 feet)
  • DIAL COLOR: Black
  • STRAP: Stainless steel bracelet
  • LUG WIDTH: 20 mm
  • THICKNESS: 13.1mm
  • DIAMETER: 41.3mm
  • LENGTH: 47.6mm
  • Driving system: Automatic
  • Frequency: 28,800 vibrations per hour (8 beats per second)
  • Power reserve: 50 hours
  • Number of jewels: 26
  • CASE: Stainless steel case with super-hard coating
  • CRYSTAL MATERIAL: Dual-curved sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on the inner surface
  • WATER RESISTANCE: 200m diver’s
  • DIAL COLOR: Blue
  • STRAP: Silicone Strap


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Seiko Yachtmaster Mod - Affordable But Stunning Builds

Seiko Yachtmaster

Photo credits:  @cswatches_official 's Instagram page

As an integral part of the group of timepieces that put Seiko on the map, Seiko divers’ watches have a storied history and complexity as timepieces. Evolving from their origin as one of the Seiko brand’s baseline watches, they have found a following in the watch modding community as baseline modders’ watches. As a result, Seiko has become a sought-out brand for watch modification aficionados with a motley of movements and mod parts that are easily available out in the open market. Follow us as we take a deep dive into knowing how essential the Seiko brand is for horology enthusiasts of diverse persuasions today, just how “moddable” Seiko watches are, and how you can recreate an exorbitantly expensive luxury watch using a Seiko divers’ watch.

Find some parts you'll need to build your own Seiko Yachtmaster mod in this collection.

Watch modding - horological counterculture?

People have said that owning and wearing a watch is symbolic of one's status in life. However, owning and wearing watches and timepieces can be more than that. They can also be symbolic of you, your traits, and your personality. By personalizing and altering components (modifying or "modding") of your favored wrist-worn daily ally, you create your own label or symbol for yourself and change how the rest of the world can see you. 

Modifying a watch or a timepiece can also be a form of subverting typical cultural norms like capitalism and the manufacturing of various consumer goods, in this case, watches and timepieces. Some watch modification enthusiasts believe that their modding can be considered acts of defiance against the mass production of watches and timepieces. Although numerous parts for watch modification use have been mass-produced, watch modders' horological counterculture sentiments still manage to flare because of the creative flair that they showcase in their personalized pieces. With the wide availability of mod parts, watch parts, and their numerous variant styles, one can definitely and almost limitlessly exercise their right to express themselves through the modern art of watch modification. 

Those who became part of the community have various reasons to enjoy customization. Some want to focus on tinkering with watch parts; some are curious about how things work. Finally, some want to achieve a specific look different from the original timepiece from the stores because they find the typical store items to be dull.

Now, don't worry if you're just starting to dip your toe in the watch modding scene. You're not the only one. Setting out to design your watch from scratch can be challenging. Every brilliant and skillful watch modder started as a newbie. And there's no shame in starting with little to no knowledge of watch modding - as long as you start somewhere.

Lots of horology enthusiasts turn to Seiko for watch modification purposes because of the brand's relative price-friendliness and the extensive accessibility of mod parts for Seiko watches. Ready-made Seiko mod parts and watch parts are always ready for purchase in stores, whether physically or online. Additionally, one can get ready-made Seiko mod parts from reputable businesses online, like a ceramic bezel. Now, deciding on what kind of watch you want to mod is essential to doing a decent watch modification. So you can go ahead and pick a commonly modded watch type from Seiko. One of the go-to watch types for watch modding is the discontinued but still affordably available Seiko SKX007, a divers' watch. 

By checking on tips from the watch modding community and online support, you will find the information you need to search for and work with the parts you need for watch modification. Of course, the choice to have the watch modification job done professionally is also available to you. But where's the fun in that? After all, with all these continual periods of lockdown and quarantine, one might as well learn something new at home. Beginners may doubt themselves and feel discouraged about their lack of knowledge and expertise with watch modding. But with time, research, and repetition, such issues common to new learners will become a thing of the past. You can then focus on enjoying yourself and the whole process.

A timepiece for MODern consumers

The Seiko SKX007 is legendary. As mentioned earlier, this particular timepiece by Seiko is affordable, yes, but also timeless. Its classic looks have inspired many in the watch modification community to produce mod parts dedicated to it. It has a history as an ever-reliable watch that could accompany you to dive as deep in the oceanic depths as much as you can or need. That storied reputation made it clear for horology enthusiasts with little or no modding experience that it was the choice watch for personalization and modification. Why? Because it was durable. It could stand to get modded.

Although Seiko discontinued the SKX007, it has become a collector's item. In addition, a slew of imitative SKXs is out in the market. Some of the imitations are downright worthless, but some of the higher-quality replicas can be very convincing and might fool a would-be buyer into spending more than they ought to. The SKX007 was never meant to be a premium or luxury watch. Instead, it utilized an inexpensive movement paired with utilitarian parts, making imitation SKXs easy for replica manufacturers to create.

However, it might be better to build a Seiko SKX007 from the depths up, so to speak. The SKX007 was a great budget diver's watch at its best. It never tried to compete with other watches in terms of make and materials, and it was a reliable go-to watch for anyone that needed a quality watch that could work for years without any issues or need for service.

But for the more advanced and aggressive watch modder or horology enthusiast, rebuilding one could be the best way to express oneself with a one-of-a-kind timepiece. Especially since the problem with getting a limited SKX piece today is that it can be too expensive. However, if you were to buy it as a watch collector's item, that could still work. However, be sure to keep it in a safe place or compartment, and do not wear it too often outside of your home - if that's what you want out of your SKX. 

For anyone that wants an SKX-style watch made to be used, it makes a lot more sense to build one. It could be more labor-intensive, but it is less pricey that way. After all, it would be a labor of love for any lover of watches and timepieces.

The Seiko Yachtmaster

A less daunting way of approaching a watch mod job for beginners is to turn to aspirational builds inspired by well-known watch designs or timepiece designs. Introducing the Seiko Yachtmaster modification build - a watch mod style that will surely never fail to steal the attention of anyone in the same room you are in. So let's dive right in! In watch modding, you can recreate the style of a more exorbitantly-priced timepiece for cheaper. And with vastly more creative freedom.

The Seiko Yachtmaster (YM) mod build is one of the most popular and well-loved builds in the watch modding community. One of the easiest ways to distinguish this build or style is through its bezel insert. There are several variant colors of Seiko SKX007 Yachtmaster bezel inserts, including silver, gold, and black, just to name a few. As a result, this build is generally bigger and showier than similar-looking builds like the Submariner.

Some Seiko Yachtmaster build choices that are available for you out in the watch modification world are:

  • The black Yachtmaster build  - one of the most popular builds because of its effortlessly cool appeal, and of course, black can go well with anything.
  • The golden Yachtmaster build  - bold and brustling, not everyone can wear this build; only certain personalities can aptly wear a full-on gold watch (but when paired with the right wearer, this Yachtmaster build will dominate any room it's in).
  • The silver Yachtmaster build  - perfect for those who prefer their statement pieces to be subtler; an elegant and sophisticated build choice that will look good on any wrist.
  • The two-tone Yachtmaster build  - features two different metallic tones (usually gold and silver) or one metallic tone paired with black or another shade; balance is key to the fabulousness of this build.

Inspired by

The Seiko Yachtmaster's notably bold yet classy style is, of course, inspired by the Rolex Yacht-Master, which first emerged in 1992. It was a timepiece that was so well-received and evoked such luxurious opulence unknown to watch buyers until then. It also seemed to be the market's first premium watch designed for luxury seacraft owners. 

And who would have known that that decades later, the Yacht-Master would inspire and continue to inspire watch modders and watch builders of all levels to remake it, using classic Seiko divers' watches as their horological canvas? Of course, although Seiko's initial SKX line (watches and timepieces for everyone) is opposite to everything that the Yacht-Master was marketed for in the past, their styles just blend when paired together. And this is truly evident, especially when you come across a well-made Seiko Yachtmaster build.

seiko yachting watch

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seiko yachting watch

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Generational refinement or a sophomore slump.

seiko yachting watch

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Seiko makes a lot of dive watches – it's largely what they are known for. However, despite a range of models representing multiple philosophies, aesthetic eras, and price points, some hit much harder than others. Among the heavy hitters, we have the recently announced Prospex SPB451 and SPB453 – two mass-appeal takes on the brand's '60-inspired line of tool dive watches. Representing the second generation of a very popular line of watches established by the SPB143, these new Prospex divers offer a slight rethinking in the hopes of delivering a more well-rounded solution for a daily wear dive watch.

seiko spb453

With the looming threat of the dreaded sophomore slump, it's worth considering the recent roots of the SPB453 – don't worry, I promise to be brief. This specific generation was announced in March of this year as a trio of references – the SPB453 (black), SPB451 (blue) , and the limited edition SPB455 (black with gilt accents) . All three represent a retooling of the so-called "20MAS," which was the 2020 aesthetic re-edition of Seiko's first dive watch, the 62MAS.

Though the 20MAS line would grow to include a wide variety of colorways for the design, the core of the range was the grey-dialed SPB143. I was, and remain, a huge fan of the SPB143, and I think it represents one of the best models Seiko has released in the past several years. I wrote a lot about it, and some of the context for this hands-on will build upon concepts established in my Week On The Wrist with the SPB143 .

the seiko spb453 dive watch

For this new trio of 24MAS divers, Seiko largely stuck to the same playbook while taking the liberty to tweak a handful of elements core to the design. The changes to the new models include slightly smaller cases, a new date position, a new movement, and a redesigned bracelet.

Seiko now lists the case dimensions as 40mm wide, 13mm thick, and 46.6mm lug to lug. When I measured with my own calipers, I got 40.2 x 13.4 x 46.6mm. The lugs remained drilled (amazing) and fit the bracelet's 20mm end links. The caseback remains a closed steel format, but thanks to a new design, water resistance is now 300 meters (compared to the 200m offered by the previous generation).

For the bracelet, the design tapers to 18mm at the clasp and features shorter links and a smaller clasp to allow for a more comfortable wrap of your wrist. The case and bracelet both feature Seiko's "super-hard" coating, the bezel uses an aluminum insert, and the crystal is made of sapphire.

the seiko spb453 dive watch

From a spec standpoint, these new divers use Seiko's 6R55 movement. It's an automatic movement that offers 72 hours of power reserve (hence the "Automatic 3 Days" on the dial) while ticking at 21,600 VPH. This movement is largely similar to the 6R35 in the previous generation, and I've included a look at its accuracy below.

The final considerable change over the previous gen is a dial redesign that opts for more conventional colors/textures while also moving the date from three to 4:30. The date is a truly divisive thing, and while I'd always recommend that a company the size of Seiko just also produce a no-date version, I think they'd made the most out of the push to 4:30. You now get a full-size marker at 3, and Seiko says that was an element of the decision to move the date, better adherence with ISO 6425 (this is why they also started adding a luminous marker into later versions of the original spec ).

the seiko spb453 dive watch

Be that as it may, 4:30 dates are treacherous. Here, Seiko has opted to at least respect you in the process, as they've designed a date display that is unobtrusive and has its font aligned with the rest of the font on the dial. It's not perfect, but at least we see attention and forethought. So many 4:30 dates feel like an afterthought, like a casual hole punched in a dial to offer a view of a date wheel that was designed to display at three o'clock.

Not here. The SPB453's date is legible and otherwise completely ignorable. On the blue dial SPB451, the date wheel is black (rather than blue), which is a weird choice, but you have to look very closely to even notice as the aperture is so small and is almost always seen in shadow. It's a compromised solution, but not one that would be a deal breaker for me. But again, offering a no-date has a proven track record.

the seiko spb453 dive watch

So, on wrist, and I'm sure some of you can see this coming, the SPB453 wears very very similarly to the SPB143. And that's not a bad thing (like, at all). The updates to the bracelet definitely make it more comfortable, and the now-conventional black dial and bezel offer excellent legibility and the sort of lume you want from a Seiko dive watch. The bezel and crown both feel nicely made. The bezel has a heavy action with a light click and good alignment with the dial markings (though it can sometimes look askew given the depth of the dial vs the depth of the bezel).

Basically, if you're happy with how the SPB143 wore, I can't imagine a wrist where this new generation isn't just a bit more comfortable – but the presence is largely the same. Take it from the guy with three younger brothers, it's a blessing to have a handsome, successful, and widely-loved older brother. As a Seiko dive watch, the SPB453 has the same goals as its older siblings and benefits from being able to respond to the success of the 20MAS. 

the seiko spb453 dive watch

Being so similar to the SPB143, the other element at play here is timing, as competition is hotter now than it was in 2020. The SPB453 (and its siblings) carries a list price of $1,300. Back in 2020, you could get the SPB147 on a rubber strap for $1,000 (and the SPB143 on bracelet was $1,200). And while I'd argue that this pricing is fairly standard for a watch of this caliber over the past four years, the SPB453 doesn't offer some of the special features that we have seen become more common in recent years.

I'm talking about quick-release for the bracelet or tool-free micro adjust for the clasp. Heck, I'm a diver, and I'd still definitely trade the dive-friendly wetsuit extension (which the SPB453 does have) for an everyday friendly micro-adjust in the clasp. As it stands, the new clasp only offers two micro-adjust positions. For those who have asked, the minimum bracelet size capable for these new models is 11.1CM (4.37 inches) with all of the links removed. It's mostly clasp and case at that point.

the seiko spb453 dive watch

I know it seems like I'm picking on the bracelet, but let's be clear: I am exceedingly picky when it comes to bracelets, and I almost never wore my 143 on the bracelet. Seiko did a great thing by re-tooling this bracelet for better wearability, but it still feels a lot like a more sturdy and refined version of a bracelet you might have gotten on a Seiko 10 years ago. The wetsuit extension is exactly like that on my Orange Monster's bracelet, and the links use pin-and-collar construction, even in an era when boutique brands offer single-sided screwed links (not to mention quick change and micro-adjust) in bracelets for watches that cost less than $1,000.

This helps explain two points. First, Seiko should offer a version on a rubber strap for $999. It would sell, and these cases are incredible on straps. Second, If you're going to refresh a bracelet, give it all the goodies that are becoming more and more popular at this price point.

the seiko spb453 dive watch

Now, let's address the number one question I got while I was focusing my efforts on the SPB143 a couple of years ago – the accuracy of the movement. While my SPB143 was a fairly accurate example, you don't have to Google all that hard to find folks who had some trouble with their 6R35 or similar not keeping great time.

While I only really care about a watch's accuracy to the point where I don't notice it being fast or slow, this is a crucial aspect for mechanical watches, and it's not 2007 anymore; people aren't paying $110 for a 7S26-powered Seiko that keeps iffy time. As such, while neither the SPB453 nor 451 triggered my own mental accuracy threshold, I did put both of them on a timing machine. This data is anecdotal, to be sure, but these are early examples that came directly from Seiko.

My timing method was to measure over six main positions and three phases of wind (full, after 24 hours, and after 55 hours). This gives us 18 measurements for accuracy across the six positions and at three stages of wind, which feels like a fair (if brief) gauge. For the SPB453 (the black dial), the six-way average for the three phases was -5 s/d (full wind), -12 s/d (less 24 hours), and -15.8 s/d (less 55 hours). For the blue dial SPB451, I got -4 s/d, -6 s/d, and -11.8.

the seiko spb453 dive watch

That means that over the course of a full wind, the SPB453 averaged at -10.9 s/d, and the SPB451 averaged -7.3 s/d. Given that Seiko says that the 6R55 is accurate to -15 to +25 seconds a day, both of these watches fall within the stated range of the movement, but both were running on the slow side of zero. I will venture a guess that Seiko regulates these movements in dial-up or down positions, as both were significantly more accurate in those two positions.

How much those numbers weigh into your buying decision is a subjective concept. For me, neither would keep me from getting a watch that I otherwise very much like. Nevertheless, I do think that Seiko should restructure how it manages and ensures the accuracy of its movements as competition has increased at the price point, and more of the major players (of which Seiko can be included) have started to push for more brand-led consideration of accuracy.

the seiko spb453 dive watch

All told I have been thinking of this new 24MAS generation as though it's the follow-up album from a brand that had a killer debut. Seiko is the label, the band is the 20MAS-style watch, and the SPB453 (and its siblings) form the highly anticipated sophomore album that has to deal with the cult-like success of the first album.

The SPB453 will be entirely recognizable and comfortable to anyone who knows the SPB143 (or similar). Sure, you may not love track #8 "We Moved the Date Window," or maybe you find the album to run a little slowly at times – but it's still a tight collection of Seiko dive watch themes layered in a manner that makes for the sort of watch you can't stop wearing. No, it's not perfection. But hey – that took Pink Floyd nearly 10 whole albums.

the seiko spb453 dive watch

Seiko had quite a challenge in returning to the drawing board to improve the SPB143 without spoiling any of what made it so good. For the SPB453 (and similar), I think they did a largely great job in tweaking the execution without missing the core message. It's still a handsome, solid, and tool-ish everyday dive watch that does a great job of not messing with what was already working.

Hodinkee is an authorized retailer of Seiko watches . For more information about these specific models, visit the Seiko online . 

seiko yachting watch

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Weather on Apple Watch defaults to Cupertino

My Apple Watch defaults to Cupertino, even though my weather app on my iPhone does not have Cupertino listed. It’s obviously not syncing with the app on my iPhone and I can’t seem to add my location on my watch, even when I select the “Add City” button on my watch. Any suggestions?

Apple Watch

Posted on Jan 12, 2023 6:12 AM

Posted on Jan 27, 2023 4:57 PM

Still doesn’t work

when I power off sand restart it defaults to Cupertino.

I’ve taken it the Genius Bar they reset the watch and said it’s connecting to phone but still same. I had to reset my phone but still same issue

it was working fine till Christmas

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  • Apple Watch how do I get my Apple Watch to display the weather at my current location on an iPhone 7 Plus. I cannot find location preferences in the menu. Can you tell me where to find location preferences? 561 1
  • Adding cities to weather app My weather app won’t let me add cities besides Cupertino and New York. When I search for a city it’ll appear, but when I click on said city to add it, my screen just goes black. I’ve tried restarting the watch and closing the app on the watch and opening it again, to no avail. Anyone have advice? 841 2
  • Weather app on Apple Watch problems I turn off my Apple Watch at night (I’m retired so don’t need notifications). When I turn it on in the morning the weather defaults to Cupertino. I then have to left swipe to delete it. Once that is done one of my cities will appear. If I have only one city it gets deleted on my phone and have to reinstall it. Seems like every day the problem is different. Not sure which city is going to show up. May or may not get deleted on my phone. Any recommendations to fix the problem? 166 3

Loading page content

Page content loaded

Jan 27, 2023 4:57 PM in response to Tiholoff

Feb 5, 2023 11:00 AM in response to 618bd

I finally found the solution with the help of Apple Support. On your iPhone, go to settings, go to Privacy and Security, Click on Location Services, scroll down to Weather, Change the setting to Always from Never. I did not check if the other settings would work but “Always” solved my problem.

Jan 12, 2023 6:43 AM in response to AppleWatch0415

  • On your iPhone , open the Watch app
  • Scroll all the way down to Weather and tap on it
  • Tap on Default City and choose Current Location or select a specific city you'd like to get info about

This is a quick check to see whether the setting is not set to something else than what you believe it should be.


Jan 28, 2023 9:53 AM in response to Pilerman

Yes this has just started happening to me. The weather complication on my watch face keeps going back to Cupertino even though it's not on my phone.
It keeps adding Cupertino to the list of weather cities on my watch even after I delete it on the watch.
This is clearly a new bug that just cropped up - please fix it!

Feb 12, 2023 12:12 PM in response to AppleWatch0415

I think I figured it out without needing to select “always” on location services. Just delete Cupertino from the list of cities on you Apple Watch weather app. After I did that, all the locations I have on my iPhone weather app just magically showed up as options on my watch.

I like this way better so it’s not always relying on my physical location.


Jan 12, 2023 6:28 AM in response to AppleWatch0415

Read through this thread and try the things that I mentioned in it. You might need to click on "see all replies".

Weather app on Apple Watch 8 - Apple Community

After you're through it, come back to your thread (right here) and let us know if none of that got it working.

I posted a bunch of different settings to check and how to find those settings.


Feb 19, 2023 5:15 PM in response to ytjk

Apple watch doesn't do that. Use your iPhone to see weather in locations you're not currently in. And with Location Services turned off, as you've learned, you don't get any city which you want, whether it be Cupertino or not.

If you don't like this, let Apple know by providing feedback via this link --> Feedback - Watch - Apple

Apr 2, 2023 7:40 AM in response to Mbarti

Mbarti wrote:
Really Apple, this is one of the major functions of the watch. It’s been a bug for months and you haven’t fixed it yet? Are we to believe your resource-poor company simply doesn’t have the bandwidth to fix it? Boo. If you’re going to charge a premium for a wearable, freaking support it like you care about your customers.

Really? We don't have customers. We aren't Apple and you aren't writing anyone from Apple. And Apple won't see your comment here. This is a user to user only forum. Maybe read the full thread, where people have posted solutions to your concern and try them.

If you do want to complain to Apple, feel free to use this link --> Feedback - Watch - Apple


Mar 25, 2023 7:45 AM in response to AppleWatch0415

I've been bothered by this repeatedly over the last month.

I did a chat session with Apple Support to try to get a handle on what is going on. They're going to call me back on Monday to discuss it further.

When you are collecting information on this issue, its best to do so taking precise notes on actions you take and accurate observations.

Situation: Watch shows my correct list of locations for weather. Powering off and powering back on causes the watch to show Cupertino and New York.

Iphone Settings:

iPhone Location services on

Weather Settings on iPhone:

Location Access off for Weather app

Siri and Search all on;

Fahrenheit checked and spelt correctly (who knew there was an h in there.)

Privacy Reset Identifier off

iPhone Weather shows a list of cities that you chose. :

Framingham, Ma

Rio Grande PR

Brattleboro, Vt

Watch Appearance and behavior

Watch shows temperature on the chosen watch face

Tap on Watch Temperature shows hourly weather for Framingham, Ma

Power off the Phone,

Power off the watch with the side button (not the crown, the button). 12.Power on the watch with the side button.

Watch face says Loading Weather Data, Temperature shows "--"

Power on the iPhone

Watch Face continues to show "Loading Weather Data after two minutes.

Actions 2: C lick the -- in the temperature indicator on the watch face.

Result 2: Watch shows Cupertino weather.

Actions 3: T ouch the < icon at the top.

Result 3: Watch shows Cupertino and New York in a list.

Action 4: Delete Cupertino by swiping left and touching X.

Result 4: Watch shows cities from your list except the default.

Action 5: Delete Cupertino by swiping left and touching the red X

Result 5 - iNCONSISTENT : Watch shows some of the iphone cities that show on your watch, but not all four. Starting over from Actions at #9, Sometimes there are two cities , sometimes three, never the default city

Action 6: A dd the default city on the watch

Result: 6 - iNCONSISTENT : If you started with 2 of 4 cities, you now see 3 of the four that are shown on the iPhone. if you started with 3 of 4 cities shown all four now show in the watch. The default city is last in the list.

Move the default city to the top of the list on the watch

Add the missing city

Result 7: Missing city now appears in the list on the watch

Actions 8: Change back to the watch face showing the temperature and continue observations, especially when the watch is out of bluetooth range of the iPhone

Additional tests run with similar results:

  • Run the test with iPhone weather setting: Allow weather to access Location set to Always. This test was run and the results were similar.

Additional tests to do:

  • Run the test with Weather privacy setting Reset Identifier turned on. I have yet to run this test
  • Run the test with Weather privacy setting Reset Identifier turned off, after running the test with it turned on.
  • Did you make it through all that verbiage? Congratulations.
  • Did you think of things you would do differently, or of additional actions or observations? Yes? - Enthusiastic Congratulations - You may qualify for a job as a software tester. Apply anywhere that's laid off a bunch of people lately and really wants to stay in business. They're going to need you. Additional training may be required. Caution: make sure its a real job with actual work to do.

Mar 28, 2023 4:14 PM in response to callahanp1

In a phone call with apple support they suggested actions that apparently fixed the issue with the weather.

  • Uninstall weather app
  • Reinstall weather app
  • Upgrade IOS version from 16.3.1 to 16.4
  • Upgrade Watch os to version 9.4
  • Open the weather app on the iphone. click the menu icon in the lower right corner if you're seeing just one location. You should now see all your previously selected locations and a new one: "My Location". I previously saw 4 locations, now I see 5.
  • Take the watch off the charger and you should be good to go.

Note that previously you could recreate the Cupertino weather issue by powering off the watch and powering it back on. Now when you do that, you see the notation "Loading Weather..." on the watch face, and although it takes a while, weather data for all your locations will appear. and when you add or delete a location on the watch or in the weather app on the iphone, the change will be reflected on the other device immediately.

Great work Apple!

Apr 2, 2023 10:19 AM in response to AppleWatch0415

Apple has released new versions of IOS and WatchOS that fix this issue:

Apple Recommended the following to me:

  • On the watch, you should see the same locations after they initially load after the upgrade or following a restart on your watch.

Jan 28, 2023 10:05 AM in response to chad199

chad199 wrote:

You are not writing anyone from Apple on this user to user only forum. Asking for this to be fixed here, gets you nothing. No one here can fix this if it is indeed a bug. But if it was a bug, it would be affecting everyone and it's NOT. Cupertino is not defaulting to my Apple Watch Ultra with WatchOS 9.3.

Use the Support Button at the top or bottom of this page to contact Apple. Or, if in the US call Apple at: 800-MY-APPLE


Feb 4, 2023 1:24 PM in response to 618bd

I am having the same issue and even though on my iPhone, I select the default city as my town. It continues to remain at Cupertino on the watch even though my iPhone is correct, I have restarted it to no effect.

Feb 14, 2023 7:35 AM in response to Jaadzeea

Cupertino is in California and it's where Apple is headquartered.

There were new updates sent out for the phones and watches yesterday, maybe these updates will fix this issue for everybody.

First update your phones to 16.3.1

Then update your watches to 9.3.1


Feb 14, 2023 7:39 AM in response to Jaadzeea

Yeah, setting it to Always was overkill. The later solution to just remove Cupertino from your cities on Apple Watch and making sure location is on at least when the app is in use in widgets, etc or whatever that setting is all should do the trick.

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  • Killer whales took down another yacht on Monday as the Mediterranean yachting season begins.
  • It's the latest incident of orcas clashing with boats, which has been on the rise in recent years.
  • Marine biologists say the orcas are likely playing and may be learning the behavior from each other.

Insider Today

The Mediterranean yachting season has kicked off for the summer — and it didn't take long for another yacht to fall victim to a killer whale encounter .

A group of orcas sank a 50-foot sailing yacht in Moroccan waters on Sunday in the latest of several similar incidents involving the highly social species that have occurred over the past four years.

An unknown number of orcas were involved in the incident, which took place in the Strait of Gibraltar, Spain's maritime rescue service said Monday, according to Reuters .

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The incident is the most recent in a spate of bizarre orca encounters with boats that have been on the rise in recent years, primarily in Mediterranean waters south of Spain, where many yachts cruise during the summer months.

Two passengers were on board the Alboran Cognac around 9 a.m. local time on Sunday when they felt sudden hits to the hull and rudder, Reuters reported, citing the maritime service. Water soon started to pour into the yacht.

A nearby oil tanker came to the people's rescue, saving them from the waterlogged ship and delivering them to land.

But the yacht wasn't as lucky. The Alboran Cognac stayed adrift for a time until it ultimately sank.

Since 2020, hundreds of similar encounters between boats and orcas have been documented off the southern coasts of Spain and Portugal, often near the Strait of Gibraltar. And it's not just yachts. The orcas have also rammed into sailboats, and some mariners have even created heavy-metal playlists in hopes of deterring the killer whales — though experts say it'll do little to help .

Researchers say the clashes typically follow a similar pattern, with a killer whale repeatedly ramming into the rudder of a ship, often until it breaks and the boat is stranded. Most of the time, the ships are able to escape with minimal damage, but several boats have sunk .

While the so-called orca "attacks" may appear violent, marine biologists have said it's unlikely the encounters are actually malicious. Several experts told Business Insider last year that the orcas are probably just playing .

Andrew Trites, director of the Marine Mammal Research Unit at the University of British Columbia in Canada, said ramming into the boats may simply be a "playful activity that's gotten way out of hand."

Researchers have also said the killer whales may be learning the behavior from each other through simple imitation.

Watch: Billionaire's $20 million plan to send orca home after 50 years in captivity

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