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    sonar sailboat dimensions

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    sonar sailboat dimensions

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    sonar sailboat dimensions

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    sonar sailboat dimensions

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    sonar sailboat dimensions

  6. Sonar Sailboat Parts and Equipment

    sonar sailboat dimensions


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  1. SONAR

    A boat with a BN of 1.6 or greater is a boat that will be reefed often in offshore cruising. Derek Harvey, "Multihulls for Cruising and Racing", International Marine, Camden, Maine, 1991, states that a BN of 1 is generally accepted as the dividing line between so-called slow and fast multihulls.

  2. Specs

    Boat; Specs; LOA: 23'0″ - 7.0m LWL: 19'11" - 6.1m BEAM: 7'10" - 2.4m DRAFT: 3'11" - 1.2m DISP: 2100lb - 950kg BALLAST: 900lb - 408kg MAIN & JIB: 250 sq.ft - 23.2 sq.m SPIN: 245 sq.ft - 22.8 sq.m. Sonar Class Association Connecticut (USA) Categories. News; Uncategorized; Recent Posts. Brian Doyle Wins Sonar 2023 ...

  3. Shumway Marine

    Shumway Marine specifications and pricing for Sonar Sailboats. Located in Rochester, New York on the Genesee River near Lake Ontario. Get Directions. ... Sonar Reviews; Sonar Parts and Lines; Used Sonars; Sonar Links; Sonar Specifications. Key Specifications. Length Overall (LOA) 23' Displacement: 2,100 lbs. Waterline Length: 19'11" Ballast ...

  4. Sonar (keelboat)

    The Sonar is a one design trailerable racing sailboat that was designed by Canadian naval architect Bruce Kirby and first built in 1980.. The design was initiated as a commission from the members of the Noroton Yacht Club of Darien, Connecticut, United States.. The Sonar was inducted into the American Sailboat Hall of Fame in 2004.. The design was developed into the more cruising-oriented ...

  5. Sonar

    Sonar is a 22′ 11″ / 7 m monohull sailboat designed by Bruce Kirby and built by Seidelmann Yachts, Ontario Yachts, C. E. Ryder, Rondar Raceboats, DS Yachts (Schwill Yachts), and Shumway Marine starting in 1980. ... Dimensions. Length Overall 22 ...

  6. Shumway Marine

    900 lb. keel keeps the boat stable and dry. View the complete specifications. Located on Southern Lake Ontario in Rochester, New York : 585-342-3030 or 800-433-2518 : | | | | | | |. Shumway Marine is the exclusive US distributor of Sonar sailboats. The boat is now in international distribution.

  7. Sonar

    The Sonar is a 23.0ft fractional sloop designed by Bruce Kirby and built in fiberglass by Seidelmann Yachts since 1980. 860 units have been built. The Sonar is a light sailboat which is a very high performer. It is very stable / stiff and has a low righting capability if capsized. It is best suited as a racing boat.

  8. SONAR Sailboat Specifications, Characteristics

    SONAR Specifications. Hull Type: Fin w/spade rudder Rigging Type: Fractional Sloop LOA: 23.00 ft / 7.01 m LWL: 19.92 ft / 6.07 m S.A. (reported): 265.00 ft² / 24.62 m² Beam: 7.83 ft / 2.39 m Displacement: 2,100.00 lb / 953 kg Ballast: 930.00 lb / 422 kg Max Draft: 3.92 ft / 1.19 m Construction: FG Ballast Type: Lead First Built: 1980 # Built: 860 Builder: Seidelman Designer: Bruce Kirby

  9. Specifications SONAR

    SONAR Sailboat Data Hull Type: Fin w/spade rudder Rigging Type: Fractional Sloop LOA: 23.00 ft / 7.01 m LWL: 19.92 ft / 6.07 m S.A. (reported): 265.00 ft² / 24.62 m² Beam: 7.83 ft / 2.39 m Displacement: 2,100.00 lb / 953 kg Ballast: 930.00 lb / 422 kg Max…


    SONAR A proven day sailing keelboat for racing, team racing, ... Sonar is the choice of leading yacht clubs for their sail training and racing programs. See: The NEW builder for the SONAR Class CONTACT USA Dan Tucker [email protected] 855-766-3271 ext 4 Cell 781.799.8132

  11. Dimensions of Sonar

    DEFINITIONS "P" is the luff length of the mainsail, measured along the aft face of the mast from the top of the boom to the highest point that the mainsail can be hoisted or black band. "E" is the foot length of the mainsail, measured along the boom from the aft face of the mast to the outermost point on the boom to which the main can be pulled or to the black band.


    3. The sonar has a sharply defined beam of half width α. Its directivity pattern is shown in figure 1-24. The dotted line represents the axis of the beam. Figure 1-24 -Ideal beam pattern of half width α. 4. The sonar is in such a location that all effects of surface and bottom can be ignored.

  13. Port Sailing School

    The Sonar is a 7 m (23 ft) one-design keelboat for up to five people. It is Bermuda-rigged, with a large mainsail and a 100% jib.The class is recognized by the International Sailing Federation.. The Sonar was designed in 1979 by Bruce Kirby, designer of the popular Laser dinghy. Since then, over 800 boats have been built. Most of the fleet is in the USA, with smaller fleets in Britain and Canada.

  14. Sonar Class Association

    Wayzata Sailing Club hosted North American Championship. Wayzata, MN, September 18, 2023 - Wayzata Yacht Club hosted the Annual 2023 Sonar North American Championship Sailing Regatta on Sep. 14-17, on Lake Minnetonka - originally planned for 2020. There were 17 Sonar boats with approximately 68 sailors competing from as far away as New Hampshire and Vancouver, BC, in a pinnacle end-of-the ...

  15. Sonars are a keelboat for sailors

    Sonars are a triple handed keelboat raced by both adaptive and able bodied sailors. The Sonar is used by sailors who enjoy a team mentality, who are often interested in racing in addition to cruising. The Sonar has a mileu of possible adaptions. Several are described below. The video below shows both a transfer bench and an swiveling adapted ...

  16. SONAR: Reviews, Specifications, Built, Engine

    If you are a boat enthusiast looking to get more information on specs, built, make, etc. of different boats, then here is a complete review of SONAR. Built by Seidelmann Yachts and designed by Bruce Kirby, the boat was first built in 1980. It has a hull type of Fin w/spade rudder and LOA is 7.01.

  17. Sonar Sail Data

    Sailrite offers free rig and sail dimensions with featured products and canvas kits that fit the boat. ... Sailboat Data ; Sonar Sail Data ; Sonar Sail Data. Pinit. SKU: X-SD-5627 . Quantity discounts available . Quantity Price; Quantity -+ Add to Cart . You may also like. Anchor Riding Sail Kit (12.5 sq. ft.)

  18. Sonar Deck Layout

    The Sonar's generous cockpit appealed to both disabled and able-bodied sailors. It became Europe's first Paralympic sailing class in 1996. The American Sailboat Hall of Fame inducted the Sonar in 2000 as a boat that is friendly to new sailors, exciting for club racers, and fun for day sailing. Links Sonar Class McLube™ Boat Specifications

  19. Shumway Marine

    Sonar Reviews. When asked why the Sonar class works and thrives, Sonar sailors did not point to groundbreaking thinking in class management; nor to a boat that wows you with technology or rockstars in its fleet ranks.Sonar sailors love this boat with the big cockpit and the 100 percent jib; they love the fact that you don't need heavies on the rail and a boatload of world-class sailing minds ...

  20. Boat

    The answers to the survey eliminated many classes as being unsuitable for a broad range of sailors, and the Sonar was created as an entirely unique boat designed around the questionnaire's parameters. With its spacious cockpit, sit-in safety and inherent stability the Sonar is used by many learn to sail and learn to race schools.

  21. Sonar

    The Sonar was designed by Bruce Kirby, whose other work includes the popular Laser dinghy. ... The result is boat that is easy to sail and does an excellent job combining comfort and performance. The huge, 11'6″ self-bailing cockpit has full-length seats with angled seatbacks. ... SPECIFICATIONS: LOA: 23' LWL: 19' 11" DRAFT: 3' 11" BEAM: 7 ...

  22. Sailboat Rig Dimensions

    Sailboat Rig Dimensions. I = Height of headstay termination above the sheer line. J = Distance between the headstay termination at the deck and the front of the mast at the sheer line. P = Distance between black bands on the mast, or the maximum luff length of the main. E = Distance between black bands on the boom, or the maximum foot length of ...

  23. Wreck of ship on which famed explorer Ernest Shackleton died found on

    The ship remains intact, Mearns said, and sonar imagery "corresponds exactly with the known dimensions and structural features of this special ship." A side-scan sonar image shows the wreck of ...

  24. Shumway Marine

    Sonar Parts and Lines. Don't risk using that frayed line or bent strap any longer. We've got the parts and lines to keep your boat in tip-top shape. Please call us to place an order. The phone numbers are listed at the bottom of the page. Prices subject to change without notice.