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Who Owns Which Superyacht? (A Complete Guide)

who owns yacht indiscretion

Have you ever wondered who owns the most luxurious, extravagant, and expensive superyachts? Or how much these lavish vessels are worth? In this complete guide, we’ll explore who owns these magnificent vessels, what amenities they hold, and the cost of these incredible yachts.

We’ll also take a look at some of the most expensive superyachts in the world and the notable people behind them.

Get ready to explore the world of superyachts and the people who own them!

Table of Contents

Short Answer

The ownership of superyachts is generally private, so the exact answer to who owns which superyacht is not always publicly available.

However, there are some notable superyacht owners that are known.

For example, Larry Ellison, the co-founder of Oracle, owns the Rising Sun, which is the 11th largest superyacht in the world.

Other notable owners include Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

Overview of Superyachts

The term superyacht refers to a large, expensive recreational boat that is typically owned by the worlds wealthy elite.

These vessels are designed for luxury cruising and typically range in size from 24 meters to over 150 meters, with some even larger.

Superyachts usually feature extensive amenities and creature comforts, such as swimming pools, outdoor bars, movie theaters, helipads, and spas.

Superyachts can range in price from $30 million to an astonishingly high $400 million.

Like most luxury items, the ownership of a superyacht is a status symbol for those who can afford it.

The list of superyacht owners reads like a whos who of billionaires, with names like Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

The most expensive superyacht in the world is owned by the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.

While some superyacht owners prefer to keep their vessels out of the public eye, others have made headlines with their extravagant amenities.

Some of the most famous superyachts feature swimming pools, private beaches, helicopter pads, on-board cinemas, and luxurious spas.

In conclusion, owning a superyacht is an exclusive status symbol for the world’s wealthy elite.

These vessels come with hefty price tags that can range from $30 million to over $400 million, and feature some of the most luxurious amenities imaginable.

Notable owners include the Emir of Qatar, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Who are the Owners of Superyachts?

who owns yacht indiscretion

From Hollywood celebrities to tech billionaires, superyacht owners come from all walks of life.

Many of the most well-known owners are billionaires, including Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Other notable owners include Hollywood stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp.

However, not all superyacht owners are wealthy.

Many are everyday people who have worked hard and saved up to purchase their dream vessel.

Other notable billionaire owners include Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, and former US President Donald Trump.

These luxurious vessels come with hefty price tags that can range from $30 million to over $400 million.

For many superyacht owners, their vessels serve as a status symbol of wealth and luxury.

Some owners prefer to keep their yachts out of the public eye, while others have made headlines with their extensive amenities – from swimming pools and helicopter pads to on-board cinemas and spas.

Many of these yachts are designed to the owner’s exact specifications, ensuring that each one is totally unique and reflects the owner’s individual tastes and personality.

Owning a superyacht is an exclusive club, reserved for those with the means and the desire to experience the ultimate in luxury.

Whether they are billionaires or everyday people, superyacht owners are all united in their love of the sea and their appreciation for the finer things in life.

The Most Expensive Superyacht in the World

When it comes to superyachts, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar, certainly knows how to make a statement.

His luxury vessel, the 463-foot Al Mirqab, holds the title of the world’s most expensive superyacht.

Built in 2008 by German shipbuilder Peters Werft, this impressive yacht is complete with 10 luxurious cabins, a conference room, cinema, and all the amenities one would expect from a vessel of this magnitude.

In addition, the Al Mirqab features a helipad, swimming pool, and even an outdoor Jacuzzi.

With a price tag of over $400 million, the Al Mirqab is one of the most expensive yachts in the world.

In addition to the Emir of Qatar, there are several other notable owners of superyachts.

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos all own luxurious vessels.

Bezos yacht, the aptly named The Flying Fox, is one of the longest superyachts in the world at a staggering 414 feet in length.

The Flying Fox also comes with a host of amenities, such as a helipad, swimming pool, spa, and multiple outdoor entertaining areas.

Bezos also reportedly spent over $400 million on the vessel.

Other notable owners of superyachts include Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who owns the $200 million Kingdom 5KR, and Oracle founder Larry Ellison, who owns the $200 million Rising Sun.

There are also many lesser-known owners, such as hedge-fund manager Ken Griffin, who owns the $150 million Aviva, and investor Sir Philip Green, who owns the $100 million Lionheart.

No matter who owns them, superyachts are sure to turn heads.

With their impressive size, luxurious amenities, and hefty price tags, these vessels have become a symbol of wealth and prestige.

Whether its the Emir of Qatar or a lesser-known owner, the worlds superyacht owners are sure to make a statement.

Notable Superyacht Owners

who owns yacht indiscretion

When it comes to the wealthiest and most luxurious owners of superyachts, the list reads like a whos who of the worlds billionaires.

At the top of the list is the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, who holds the distinction of owning the most expensive superyacht in the world.

Aside from the Emir, other notable owners include Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

All of these owners have made headlines with their extravagant vessels, which are typically priced between $30 million and $400 million.

The amenities that come with these vessels vary greatly from owner to owner, but they almost always include luxurious swimming pools, helicopter pads, on-board cinemas, and spas.

Some owners opt for more extravagant features, such as submarines, personal submarines, and even their own personal submarines! Other owners prefer to keep their vessels out of the public eye, but for those who prefer a more showy approach, they can certainly make a statement with a superyacht.

No matter who owns the vessel, it’s no surprise that these superyachts are a status symbol among the world’s wealthiest.

Whether you’re trying to impress your peers or just looking to enjoy a luxurious outing, owning a superyacht is the ultimate way to show off your wealth.

What Amenities are Included on Superyachts?

Owning a superyacht is a sign of wealth and prestige, and many of the worlds most prominent billionaires have their own vessels.

The most expensive superyacht in the world is owned by the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, while other notable owners include Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

The cost of a superyacht can range from $30 million to over $400 million, but the price tag doesnt quite capture the sheer extravagance and amenities of these vessels.

Superyachts come with all the comforts of home, and then some.

Many owners will equip their vessels with swimming pools, helicopter pads, on-board cinemas, spas, and other luxury amenities.

The interior of a superyacht can be custom-designed to the owners specifications.

Some owners opt for modern, sleek designs, while others prefer a more traditional look.

Many of the most luxurious yachts feature marble floors, walk-in closets, and custom-made furniture.

Some vessels even come with a full-service gym, complete with exercise equipment and trained professionals.

Other amenities may include a library, casino, media room, and private bar.

When it comes to outdoor amenities, superyachts have some of the most impressive features in the world.

Many yachts come with outdoor entertainment areas, complete with full kitchens, dining rooms, and lounge areas.

Some owners even opt for hot tubs or jacuzzis for relaxing afternoons in the sun.

And, of course, there are the jet skis, water slides, and other exciting water activities that come with many of these vessels.

No matter what amenities a superyacht has, it is sure to be an experience like no other.

From the sleek interiors to the luxurious outdoor features, these vessels provide a unique, luxurious experience that is unrivaled on land.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing escape or an exciting adventure, a superyacht is sure to provide.

How Much Do Superyachts Cost?

who owns yacht indiscretion

When it comes to superyachts, the sky is the limit when it comes to cost.

These luxury vessels come with hefty price tags that can range from anywhere between $30 million to over $400 million.

So, if youre in the market for a superyacht, youre looking at an investment that could easily break the bank.

The cost of a superyacht is driven by a variety of factors, including size, amenities, and customization.

Generally, the larger the yacht, the more expensive it will be.

Superyachts typically range in size from 100 feet to over 200 feet, and they can be as wide as 40 feet.

The bigger the yacht, the more luxurious features and amenities it will have.

Amenities also play a significant role in the cost of a superyacht.

While some owners prefer to keep their yachts out of the public eye, others have made headlines with their extensive amenities.

From swimming pools and helicopter pads to on-board cinemas and spas, the sky is the limit when it comes to customizing a superyacht.

The more amenities a superyacht has, the more expensive it will be.

Finally, customization is another major factor that will drive up the cost of a superyacht.

Many luxury vessels have custom-designed interiors that are tailored to the owners tastes.

From custom furniture and artwork to lighting and audio systems, the cost of a superyacht can quickly escalate depending on the level of customization.

In short, the cost of a superyacht can vary widely depending on its size, amenities, and customization.

While some may be able to get away with spending a few million dollars, others may end up spending hundreds of millions of dollars on their dream yacht.

No matter what your budget is, its important to do your research and find out exactly what youre getting for your money before signing on the dotted line.

Keeping Superyachts Out of the Public Eye

When it comes to owning a superyacht, some owners prefer to keep their vessels out of the public eye.

Understandably, these individuals are concerned with privacy and discretion, and therefore tend to take measures to ensure their yachts are not visible to outsiders.

For instance, some superyacht owners opt to keep their vessels in private marinas, away from the public areas of larger ports.

Additionally, some yacht owners may choose to hire security guards to patrol and protect their vessels while they are moored or sailing.

In addition to physical security, some superyacht owners also use technology to keep their vessels out of the public eye.

For example, a yacht owner may choose to install a satellite-based communications system that allows them to keep their vessel completely off-radar.

This system works by bouncing signals off satellites rather than transmitting them, making it virtually impossible for anyone to track the yachts movements.

Finally, some superyacht owners also choose to limit the number of people who have access to their vessels.

For instance, the owner may only allow family members and close friends to board the yacht.

Additionally, the owner may choose to employ a limited number of staff to help maintain the vessel and keep it running smoothly.

These individuals may be required to sign non-disclosure agreements to ensure they do not disclose any information about the yacht or its owner.

Overall, while some superyacht owners may choose to keep their vessels out of the public eye, there are still plenty of other ways to show off the opulence associated with owning a superyacht.

From swimming pools and helicopter pads to on-board cinemas and spas, there are many luxurious amenities that can make a superyacht the envy of any jet setter.

Final Thoughts

Superyachts are a symbol of luxury and status, and the list of yacht owners reads like a who’s who of billionaires.

From the Emir of Qatar’s world-record breaking $400 million yacht to Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s vessel with a helicopter pad and on-board spa, the amenities of these luxury vessels are truly stunning.

With prices ranging from $30 million to over $400 million, owning a superyacht is an expensive endeavor.

Whether you’re looking to purchase one or just curious to learn more about the owners and their amenities, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to stay up to date with the superyacht scene.

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A General Description of Motor Yacht INDISCRETION

This motor yacht INDISCRETION is a 36 m 118 (foot) well proportioned aluminium vessel which was made by Broward Yachts and devised by Broward. Sleeping 8 passengers and 5 crew, motor yacht INDISCRETION was once named 537 which was her build project name and/or actual name.

The Build & Yacht Design with respect to Luxury Yacht INDISCRETION

Broward Inhouse Yacht Design Team was the naval architecture company involved in the formal superyacht plans for INDISCRETION. Broward is also associated with the yacht wider design collaboration for this boat. In 1995 she was formally launched to celebration in Fort Lauderdale Fl and post sea trials and final completion was thereafter handed over to the owner who commissioned her. Broward Yachts completed their new build motor yacht in the United States. The main hull was constructed with aluminium. The motor yacht superstructure component is made largely from aluminium. With a width of 7.32 m / 24 feet INDISCRETION has reasonable interior. A shallow draught of 1.98m (6.5ft) limits the number of ports she can enter into, contingent on their particular depth at low tide.

M/Y INDISCRETION Engineering & Propulsion:

Installed with twin DDC diesel engines, INDISCRETION is able to attain a high speed of 20 knots. She is driven by twin screw propellers. Her total HP is 2880 HP and her total Kilowatts are 2119. As for the yacht’s stabalisers she was built with Naiad.

Accommodation Offered On Superyacht INDISCRETION:

The well proportioned luxury yacht motor yacht INDISCRETION is able to accommodate a total of 8 passengers and 5 crew.

A List of the Specifications of the INDISCRETION:

Miscellaneous yacht details.

JDNall is the firm that made the AC . She has a teak deck.


The luxury yacht INDISCRETION displayed on this page is merely informational and she is not necessarily available for yacht charter or for sale, nor is she represented or marketed in anyway by CharterWorld. This web page and the superyacht information contained herein is not contractual. All yacht specifications and informations are displayed in good faith but CharterWorld does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the current accuracy, completeness, validity, or usefulness of any superyacht information and/or images displayed. All boat information is subject to change without prior notice and may not be current.

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Indiscretion Yacht Owner

who owns yacht indiscretion

Key Takeaways

  • Owner’s mysterious origins spark elite speculation.
  • Lavish lifestyle attracts attention despite controversy.
  • Scandalous escapades with high-profile individuals fuel curiosity.
  • Hidden coves and buried treasure add mystique to the yacht’s aura.

Imagine owning a yacht that oozes opulence and luxury at every turn, a vessel that whispers tales of grandeur and extravagance. Now, picture the owner of this magnificent yacht shrouded in mystery, with a penchant for scandal and controversy that has captured the attention of high society and tabloids alike. The indiscretion yacht owner ‘s life is a tapestry woven with secrets of the high seas, each thread more intriguing than the last. Stay tuned to uncover the allure and allure of this enigmatic figure.

Indiscretion Yacht Owner: Mysterious Origins

Lavish lifestyle, scandalous escapades, controversial reputation, high society attention, tabloid intrigue, secrets of the high seas.

The origins of the Indiscretion Yacht owner remain shrouded in mystery, with speculations and rumors circulating within elite social circles. Whispers of a mysterious past and hidden connections follow the enigmatic figure like a shadow on the water. Some claim that the owner emerged from the depths of the financial world, with ties to influential individuals in global markets. Others suggest a lineage rooted in old money, tracing back to aristocratic families with a penchant for secrecy and scandal.

Indiscretion Yacht Owner

Despite the intrigue surrounding the Indiscretion Yacht owner, concrete details are scarce. The individual’s identity is carefully guarded, shielded from prying eyes and probing questions. Yet, the aura of mystique only serves to heighten curiosity and fascination among those who frequent the exclusive domain of luxury yachting.

As you navigate the waters of speculation, one thing remains clear – the Indiscretion Yacht owner is a puzzle waiting to be solved, a riddle wrapped in silk and champagne. Only time will reveal the true story behind this enigmatic persona.

Entering into the world of the Indiscretion Yacht owner’s lavish lifestyle reveals a domain where opulence and extravagance intertwine seamlessly. The owner of the Indiscretion Yacht spares no expense when it comes to living life to the fullest. From opulent parties to extravagant vacations, every aspect of their lifestyle exudes luxury and grandeur.

Opulent parties hosted by the Indiscretion Yacht owner are the talk of the town, where guests are treated to the finest cuisine, drinks, and entertainment. Their extravagant vacations are nothing short of breathtaking, with each destination more luxurious than the last. The owner’s penchant for luxury shopping is evident in their designer wardrobe and exquisite jewelry collection, reflecting a lifestyle of unparalleled indulgence.

Amidst the glittering facade of luxury and opulence, lies a web of scandalous escapades woven by the Indiscretion Yacht owner. Known for hosting extravagant parties that push the boundaries of societal norms, the owner’s gatherings are shrouded in mystery and allure. Guests whisper about the lavish affairs that take place on the yacht, where excess knows no bounds and indulgence reigns supreme.

Additionally, the owner’s infamous relationships add fuel to the fire of speculation surrounding their scandalous escapades. Paparazzi capture glimpses of the owner with a rotating cast of high-profile individuals, stirring rumors of secret trysts and clandestine affairs. The yacht becomes a playground for the rich and famous, a backdrop for scandalous liaisons that captivate onlookers and titillate the public imagination.

As the sun sets on another decadent soirée aboard the Indiscretion Yacht, the whispers grow louder, and the allure of the owner’s scandalous escapades only deepens. The enigmatic figure behind it all remains a mystery, a master of intrigue in a world where scandal and luxury collide.

Amid swirling rumors and paparazzi buzz, the Indiscretion Yacht owner’s controversial reputation looms large, casting a shadow over their extravagant lifestyle. The public image of the yacht owner has been marred by a series of legal troubles that have attracted significant media attention. From lawsuits alleging breach of contract to disputes over property ownership, the owner’s legal entanglements have become a focal point of gossip columns and tabloid headlines.

These legal issues haven’t only tarnished the owner’s reputation but have also raised questions about their business practices and ethics. The constant scrutiny and negative publicity surrounding the legal troubles have led to a steady decline in the owner’s public image, once synonymous with luxury and opulence.

Despite attempts to downplay the controversies, the Indiscretion Yacht owner continues to be embroiled in legal battles that threaten to further damage their already fragile reputation. As the saga unfolds in the public eye, the owner’s once-glamorous image is now overshadowed by a cloud of uncertainty and scandal.

High society’s attention is now firmly fixed on the Indiscretion Yacht owner, drawn by a mix of fascination and speculation surrounding their controversial reputation. The enigmatic aura surrounding this figure has become the focal point of many elite circles, with whispers of scandal and intrigue spreading like wildfire through the ranks of the upper crust. Exclusive parties are abuzz with chatter about the latest socialite drama, each attendee vying for the juiciest tidbits of information to add to the ever-growing tapestry of rumors surrounding the Indiscretion Yacht owner.

Indiscretion Yacht For Sale

The allure of being associated, even tangentially, with such a polarizing figure has gripped the elite echelons, turning every interaction into a potential stepping stone for social ascent or downfall. As the spotlight shines ever brighter on this enigmatic persona, the high society is left captivated by the allure of scandal and the thrill of being part of a narrative that seems to blur the lines between reality and fiction.

The latest tabloid headlines are ablaze with scandalous revelations about the Indiscretion Yacht owner, fueling a frenzy of gossip and intrigue among the elite circles. Rumors swirl around the celebrity scandal, with reports of lavish parties, mysterious guests, and clandestine affairs dominating the tabloid gossip columns. The Indiscretion Yacht owner’s extravagant lifestyle has long been a subject of fascination for the public, but recent revelations have taken the scandal to new heights.

Paparazzi photos capturing the owner in compromising positions have been splashed across the front pages, adding fuel to the fire of speculation. Witness accounts of wild nights aboard the yacht have only served to deepen the mystery surrounding the enigmatic figure at the center of the storm. The insatiable appetite for details about the Indiscretion Yacht owner’s escapades shows no signs of abating, with each new tidbit of information sending shockwaves through the world of high society. As the scandal continues to unfold, one thing is certain: the Indiscretion Yacht owner’s name is now synonymous with intrigue and controversy.

As secrets unfurl on the high seas, a veil of mystery shrouds the activities aboard the Indiscretion Yacht, leaving the public clamoring for more revelations. Rumors swirl around the possibility of pirate treasure hidden in remote coves, adding an air of intrigue to the yacht’s ventures. The allure of discovering long-lost riches has captured the imagination of many, fueling speculation about the true motives behind the yacht’s journeys.

Used Indiscretion Yacht Owner

Hidden coves along the coastline provide the perfect cover for secretive activities, shielding the yacht’s occupants from prying eyes. These secluded spots offer a glimpse into a world of clandestine meetings and mysterious dealings, sparking curiosity and fascination among onlookers. The allure of unearthing buried treasure from centuries past, whether for personal pleasure or investment in used boats for sale , adds an element of danger and excitement to the already enigmatic aura surrounding the Indiscretion Yacht.

As the yacht sails the high seas, its passengers navigate a delicate dance of secrecy and adventure, keeping their true intentions veiled from those who seek to uncover the secrets of the deep. The whispers of pirate treasure and hidden coves only serve to heighten the mystique surrounding this enigmatic vessel.

The enigmatic Indiscretion Yacht Owner embodies a life of mystery, luxury, and intrigue. Despite controversies and legal challenges, their lavish lifestyle and scandalous escapades continue to captivate high society circles. With hidden coves and tales of buried treasure adding to the allure, the owner’s journey navigates the waters of ownership with finesse, leaving a legacy of excitement and mystique on the high seas.

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Who Owns Superyachts In 2023 —And What Does That Mean For You As Crew?

Where once oligarchs, oil tycoons, royals and old money ruled the roost in the yachting world, tech billionaires have increasingly dominated the superyacht market. Who are these people — and more importantly — what does their different style of ‘yachting’ mean for you as crew?

who owns yacht indiscretion

The list of tech billionaires (at least, the list we know of) is long and getting longer by the year. And as their wealth grows, so does the size of the boats they own!

Jeff Bezos, Larry Ellison (Musashi), Charles Simonyi (SKAT), Sergey Brin (Dragonfly), and Larry Page (Senses) are just some of the tech billionaires known to own a superyacht. Mark Zuckerberg, meanwhile, is rumoured to own Andromeda.

While we can only speculate on how these exact individuals use their yachts or what they are like onboard, some general traits might set the tech billionaire yacht owner out as using their yachts differently than generations of yacht owners before them.

Overall, tech billionaires are often younger, more adventurous and less hidebound regarding old rules and service styles. Here are a few general trends we can assume.

They want to eat well, but less fussily, and with a greater premium on health.

who owns yacht indiscretion

Where silver service, ultra-decadent meals, and mountains of wasted food were — and often still are— preferred by old-money yacht owners and charterers, the modern tech billionaire is more likely to be health-conscious and eat food that is plated rather than buffet style or silver service. Yacht chefs now need to be more skilled in special diets, such as plant-based or keto, and offer a broader range of cuisines.

They want to WORK.

Superyachts used to be for holidays only. This was partly by necessity —the lack of connectivity meant that work went on the back burner for summer months as guests swanned around the Mediterranean. Now, the extraordinary technological strides on board allow yacht owners to have offices where they can work anywhere in the world.

They want to go far beyond the milk run.

who owns yacht indiscretion

While anchoring off St Tropez or Cap Ferrat for weeks in August will always be in style, there has been an explosion in remote cruising, often fuelled by this younger, more adventurous set of yacht owners who can work from anywhere- Antarctica to Alaska and beyond.

This has fed into the next point…

A desire for adventure and exploration has changed yacht design.

As younger, more adventurous owners like tech billionaires have joined the superyacht market, the design of yachts and the toys they carry have changed markedly. New types of vessels have been created to meet this desire for off-the-beaten-track cruising, from support yachts to water toys to the massive growth in explorer yachts. Gone are the days when one yacht layout was almost identical to another. Now, we have winter gardens, submarines, ice rooms, ski rooms, large onboard offices, and helicopter hangars.

Not all of these changes have been driven by tech billionaires, granted. Still, their vision of what is possible has dramatically changed what yachts look like and how they operate as machines, with new types of propulsion, greater ranges, and a considerable amount more tech onboard.

Some things never change.

One thing hasn’t changed, though—a wealthy person’s desire for privacy. Discretion remains perhaps the most essential trait in any crew member, which you must keep in mind when working on yachts —even in the day of constant social media and shows like Below Deck.

A wealthy person’s desire for privacy and discretion is a constant that crew forget at their peril. Are you ensuring that you are a trusted asset? You may have signed that NDA, but do you let stories slip now and then at the bar? Are you careful about not taking photos onboard that give away anything about the boat or the owners? Do you make sure you don’t share the yacht’s cruising plans?

In a world where stories about tech billionaires will fly around the globe at light speed, you must be the gatekeeper. Stories cannot leave the passerelle.

who owns yacht indiscretion

Contact information

Sharon Rose

Navigating Success: Superyacht Industry Unveils Career Roadmaps with ’Raising the Bar’

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Stripes on Yachts: What Do They Mean?

Stripes on Yachts: What Do They Mean?

Whether you are new to the yachting industry or an experienced professional, we’ve all asked ourselves the same question at least once in our career, “what do those stripes mean?” This article breaks down the meanings behind these cryptic stripes.

Insiders still have no idea what's going to happen to Russian oligarchs' seized superyachts

  • It's been two years since Russia invaded Ukraine, leading to sanctions against Russian oligarchs.
  • Many of their superyachts were seized or frozen , leading industry insiders to question their fate.
  • The yachts, some of which are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, remain in a state of limbo.

Insider Today

More than two years after Russia invaded Ukraine, the boating world still doesn't have many answers about what's going on with the very large, expensive elephants in the sea: oligarchs' superyachts .

The war prompted many governments to enact sanctions against Russia's richest , including seizing their superyachts worth hundreds of millions of dollars. But it's unclear whether they can be sold or who'd buy them, leaving ports peppered with massive boats stuck in a floating limbo.

"The Russian problem, it's becoming a bigger and bigger and bigger problem," one luxury yacht broker told Business Insider at the Palm Beach International Boat Show last week. Like many others, he requested not to be named, given the sensitive nature of the matter at hand and the generally discreet nature of the industry.

Russia has been a massive player in the massive boat market for a long time. In August 2021 — about six months before Russia's Ukraine invasion — Russians owned the second-largest share of yachts over 40 meters in length, according to a report from the industry publication SuperYacht Times.

They were responsible for 16% of new build superyacht purchases in the decade preceding the report and are known for splashing out on extravagant interiors and unique features. (One builder BI spoke to recalled a mandate from an oligarch for a large safe in the owner's cabin in which he could keep his rifles. The builder later learned he'd use them to skeet shoot on deck.)

But those sales have now screeched to a halt as oligarchs get hit by international sanctions. At least a dozen superyachts — worth well over $1 billion combined — have been affected.

And no one is quite sure what will happen to them.

Russia's sanctioned superyachts are hard to buy and sell

The first problem is that many of the yachts are "frozen" — not seized. That means that although the Russian owners can't operate or collect them, they don't technically belong to an overseas government, so they can't be sold without special permission.

Earlier this month, federal prosecutors petitioned a judge asking for consent to sell the Amadea, the 106-meter superyacht that has been docked in San Diego and costs the US as much as $922,000 a month to maintain.

"I've had some inquiries, but all you can tell them is we don't know the outcome yet" of the case, another superyacht broker told BI at the yacht show.

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And despite the broker's claim of interest in yachts like Amadea , most ultrarich — or at least their brokers — don't want to go near the vessels with a ten-foot pole, even if the government does get legal permission to sell them.

"How does it look if you bought a Russian boat?" Julia Simpson, a broker at Thompson of Monaco, said. "Even if it's completely legal and normal, there are too many things on the line," she said, like how the original owner got their money and whether that could make the new buyer look bad.

There are also possible legal implications, as it's hard for the government to prove who actually owns the yachts.

"Oligarchs typically structure their ownership of these high-value assets through a web of offshore shell companies and trusts that is designed to conceal the true owner," Joshua Naftalis, a former federal prosecutor who now works for Pallas Partners, told BI.

And if the government does assume ownership, it's highly dependent on court orders. For example, a Russian whose yacht had been seized by the French government regained access to his boat after winning a legal battle in 2022.

"It's a very difficult process to buy them," Ralph Dazert, the head of intelligence at SuperYacht Times, told BI. "There is a high risk of the former (Russian) owner suing you to get the boat back."

He pointed to the Alfa Nero, the 82-meter yacht that Eric Schmidt planned to purchase for $67 million last year in an auction put on by Antigua and Barbuda. He backed out after various parties tried to block the sale, likely deeming it not worth the legal headache.

"When the reason for sanctioning goes away, which it may do," the Russian owners will try to get their boats back , Simpson said. After all, "the government's not going to pay them."'

That said, if sanctions are dropped, the yachts will be worth much less than when they were seized, as a boat not in use deteriorates much faster than one sailing the seas.

"Those yachts need to be used to be kept in shape, kept in condition," the second broker said. "​​Just having them sit at the dock with a temporary crew on board is not good for the boats."

And the sanctioned Russians who have managed to maintain control of their superyachts won't have an easy time offloading them in the future.

Americans who try to do business with sanctioned oligarchs would have a number of hoops to jump through — like finding a bank to process the purchase, which would be next to impossible. If somehow they did and the government caught wind, they'd face hefty penalties and the transaction would be void.

So Russia's richest have found themselves "stuck" sailing in a select few countries that will let them, like the Maldives, Montenegro, and Dubai.

Watch: Video of Russian naval ship explosion shows a much-needed win for Ukraine

who owns yacht indiscretion

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INDISCRETION Interior & Exterior Photos

35.97m  /  118' | broward | 1995.

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who owns yacht indiscretion

The Truth Behind Who Really Owns the Yachts on Below Deck


If you're a fan of reality TV, you've probably heard of the show "Below Deck." This popular series follows the lives of crew members who work on luxury yachts as they cater to the needs of wealthy guests. But have you ever wondered who actually owns these yachts? Before we dive into the truth behind yacht ownership on the show, let's take a brief look at the yacht industry as a whole. Yachts are typically associated with luxury and extravagance, and for good reason. These vessels are often equipped with state-of-the-art technology, high-end amenities, and top-notch service. But owning a yacht is not just about showing off wealth. For many, it's a way to escape the stresses of everyday life and enjoy some much-needed relaxation. And for those who can afford it, chartering a yacht is a popular way to experience the luxury lifestyle without the commitment of ownership. So, who really owns the yachts on "Below Deck"? Are they owned by the guests who charter them, or by the production company behind the show? We'll explore these questions and more in the following sections. Get ready to uncover the truth behind the glitz and glamour of the yacht industry.

Table of Content

The yachts on below deck, chartering a yacht, the owners of the yachts on below deck, celebrity yacht owners, the future of yacht ownership.

The yachts featured on the show "Below Deck" are some of the most luxurious and impressive vessels in the world. From the 185-foot "My Seanna" to the 160-foot "Valor," these yachts are equipped with every amenity imaginable, including hot tubs, gourmet kitchens, and spacious staterooms. Each yacht is unique in its design and features, but they all have one thing in common: they are used to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience for charter guests. The yachts are typically chartered by wealthy individuals or groups who are looking for a luxurious vacation experience. During the charter, the guests have access to all of the amenities on the yacht, as well as a crew of experienced professionals who are there to cater to their every need. The crew includes a captain, chef, stewardesses, and deckhands, all of whom work together to ensure that the guests have an unforgettable experience. The yachts on "Below Deck" are not just impressive vessels, they are also an important part of the show's storyline. The crew members are often faced with challenging situations, such as demanding guests or unexpected mechanical issues, which add drama and excitement to the show. Overall, the yachts on "Below Deck" are a testament to the luxury and opulence of the yacht industry. They provide a glimpse into a world that most people can only dream of, and they serve as a reminder of the incredible experiences that can be had on the open sea.

this image is about The Yachts on Below Deck

Chartering a yacht is a unique and luxurious experience that many people dream of. It allows you to explore some of the most beautiful destinations in the world while enjoying the comfort and privacy of your own yacht. However, chartering a yacht is not a cheap endeavor. The cost of chartering a yacht can vary greatly depending on the size, type, and location of the yacht, as well as the duration of the charter. The Process of Chartering a Yacht The process of chartering a yacht typically begins with selecting a yacht charter company. There are many companies that specialize in yacht charters, and it is important to choose a reputable company that has experience in the industry. Once you have selected a company, you will work with a charter broker to select the yacht that best fits your needs and budget. The next step is to choose your destination and itinerary. Yacht charters can take you to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world, from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean. Your charter broker can help you choose the best destination and itinerary based on your preferences. Once you have selected your yacht and itinerary, you will need to sign a charter agreement and pay a deposit. The charter agreement outlines the terms and conditions of the charter, including the duration of the charter, the cost, and any additional fees or expenses. The Cost of Chartering a Yacht The cost of chartering a yacht can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. The size and type of yacht, as well as the location and duration of the charter, are all factors that can impact the cost. In addition to the cost of the charter itself, there are also additional expenses to consider, such as fuel, food and beverages, and crew gratuities. The Types of People Who Typically Charter Yachts Yacht charters are popular among a wide range of people, from families and groups of friends to corporate executives and celebrities. Many people choose to charter a yacht for special occasions, such as weddings or anniversaries, while others simply want to experience the luxury and adventure of yacht travel. In conclusion, chartering a yacht is a unique and luxurious experience that is well worth the cost for those who can afford it. With the help of a reputable yacht charter company and a knowledgeable charter broker, you can enjoy the comfort and privacy of your own yacht while exploring some of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

this image is about Chartering a Yacht

When it comes to the yachts featured on Below Deck, many viewers may wonder who actually owns these luxurious vessels. In most cases, the yachts are not owned by the crew members or the charter guests, but rather by wealthy individuals who choose to invest in these high-end boats. Typically, the owners of the yachts on Below Deck are individuals who have a high net worth and a passion for yachting. They may be entrepreneurs, business executives, or even celebrities who have the financial means to invest in a yacht. Some owners may use their yachts for personal use, while others may choose to charter them out to offset the costs of ownership. While owning a yacht may seem like a luxury reserved for the ultra-wealthy, there are actually a variety of reasons why someone may choose to invest in a yacht. For some, it may be a status symbol or a way to entertain clients and friends. For others, it may be a way to travel the world in style and comfort. Regardless of the reasons behind yacht ownership, it's clear that the yachts featured on Below Deck are owned by individuals who have a deep appreciation for the finer things in life. And while most viewers may never have the opportunity to step aboard one of these luxurious vessels, the show offers a glimpse into the world of yacht ownership and the lifestyle that comes with it.

this image is about The Owners of the Yachts on Below Deck

Celebrities are known for their lavish lifestyles and extravagant purchases, and owning a yacht is no exception. Many famous individuals have been spotted on their luxurious vessels, cruising around the world's most beautiful destinations. One of the most famous celebrity yacht owners is billionaire businessman and philanthropist, Bill Gates. His yacht, the "Aqua," is a 370-foot-long vessel equipped with a gym, a cinema, and a helicopter pad. Another notable celebrity yacht owner is media mogul Oprah Winfrey, who owns the "Sea Ray," a 56-foot-long yacht that she uses to escape from her busy schedule and enjoy some downtime. Other famous yacht owners include musician Jay-Z, who owns the "Galactica Star," a 213-foot-long yacht with a swimming pool and a helipad. Fashion designer Ralph Lauren also owns a yacht, the "Boadicea," which is 76 meters long and features a gym, a sauna, and a cinema. It's not just Hollywood stars and business tycoons who own yachts, however. Famous athletes such as soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo and basketball player Michael Jordan also own yachts. Ronaldo's yacht, the "Aya London," is a 88-foot-long vessel with a jacuzzi and a barbecue area, while Jordan's yacht, the "Mr. Terrible," is a 155-foot-long vessel with a gym and a cinema. So why do celebrities choose to own yachts? For many, it's a way to escape the paparazzi and enjoy some privacy. Yachts offer a level of luxury and exclusivity that can't be found anywhere else, and they allow celebrities to travel in style and comfort. In conclusion, owning a yacht is a status symbol that many celebrities aspire to. From media moguls to sports stars, famous individuals around the world are investing in these luxurious vessels to enjoy some downtime and escape from the public eye.

this image is about Celebrity Yacht Owners

The future of yacht ownership is an interesting topic to explore. With the advancements in technology and the changing attitudes towards luxury, it's important to consider what the future holds for this industry. One trend that is already emerging is the rise of eco-friendly yachts. Yacht owners are becoming more conscious of their impact on the environment and are seeking out ways to reduce their carbon footprint. This includes using alternative energy sources such as solar power and hybrid engines, as well as implementing sustainable practices on board. Another trend is the increasing demand for experiential travel. People are no longer content with simply lounging on a yacht, they want to have unique and immersive experiences while on board. This has led to the rise of themed charters, such as wellness retreats, culinary tours, and adventure expeditions. Technology is also playing a big role in the future of yacht ownership. Smart technology is being integrated into yachts to provide a more seamless and convenient experience for owners and guests. This includes features such as voice-activated controls, automated lighting and temperature systems, and advanced entertainment systems. Finally, the changing attitudes towards luxury are also impacting the future of yacht ownership. People are becoming more conscious of their spending habits and are seeking out more meaningful and authentic experiences. This has led to a rise in the popularity of smaller, more intimate yachts that offer a more personalized and authentic experience. Overall, the future of yacht ownership is looking bright. With the rise of eco-friendly yachts, experiential travel, smart technology, and changing attitudes towards luxury, there are plenty of exciting developments on the horizon.

this image is about The Future of Yacht Ownership

In conclusion, the world of yacht ownership is a fascinating and complex one, and the show "Below Deck" offers a glimpse into this exclusive world. We have explored the yachts featured on the show, the process of chartering a yacht, and the types of people who typically own yachts. We have also delved into the world of celebrity yacht owners and the future of yacht ownership. One thing that is clear is that yacht ownership is not just about luxury and extravagance. It is also about the freedom to explore the world's oceans and the ability to create unforgettable memories with friends and family. While yacht ownership may seem out of reach for most people, the rise of fractional ownership and yacht sharing programs is making it more accessible than ever before. As technology continues to advance, we can expect to see even more changes in the world of yacht ownership. From eco-friendly yachts to virtual reality yacht tours, the possibilities are endless. However, one thing that will never change is the allure of the open sea and the sense of adventure that comes with yacht ownership. Overall, "Below Deck" offers a fascinating look into the world of yacht ownership, and we hope that this blog post has provided you with some insight into this exclusive and exciting industry. Whether you are a seasoned yacht owner or simply a fan of the show, there is no denying the appeal of life on the open sea.

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Can You Wear Rhodium Plated Jewelry in the Shower?

Producer who accused Sean 'Diddy' Combs adds Cuba Gooding Jr. to sexual assault, harassment lawsuit

A music producer who filed a lawsuit against Sean “Diddy” Combs last month has now accused actor Cuba Gooding Jr. of sexually harassing and assaulting him, an amended federal complaint filed Monday night shows.

The amended civil complaint was filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan hours after federal officials searched Combs’ homes . Combs is a subject of a federal investigation, and several people have been interviewed by federal officials in Manhattan in relation to allegations involving sex trafficking, assault, illegal narcotics and firearms, a source familiar with the matter told NBC News.

Representatives for Combs, 54, did not immediately respond to NBC News’ request for comment Monday.

The producer, Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones, filed his original lawsuit against Combs and others in February, alleging that Combs forced him to procure sex workers and pressured him to engage in unwelcomed sex acts with them.

The amended suit alleges that Gooding groped Jones while on Combs’ yacht.

An attorney and representatives for Gooding did not immediately respond to requests for comment late Monday.

Gooding “began touching, groping, and fondling Mr. Jones’ legs, his upper inner thighs near his groin, the small of his back near his buttocks, and his shoulders,” Jones’ the suit states.

Jones “was extremely uncomfortable and proceeded to lean away from Mr. Gooding Jr.,” the lawsuit says. “He rejected his advances and Mr. Gooding Jr. did not stop until Mr. Jones forcibly pushed him away.”

Attorneys for Jones said in the lawsuit that the incident happened on a yacht rented by Combs in the U.S. Virgin Islands in January 2023. It accused Gooding of sexual assault and misconduct.

Gooding has not been charged with any crime.

In a different case, Gooding pleaded guilty in 2022 to a misdemeanor charge that he forcibly kissed a worker at a New York nightclub in 2018.

He completed alcohol and behavior modification counseling, was then allowed to withdraw that plea and then pleaded guilty to a lesser harassment violation, resolving the case with no jail time .

On Monday, federal agents with Homeland Security Investigations executed search warrants at properties belonging to Combs in Los Angeles and Miami, sources told NBC News.

There has been no information connecting Gooding to any of the searches, and it is not clear what the searches entailed.

Combs has been accused of misconduct in civil cases filed by four women. One was quickly settled and three are pending . Combs has denied the allegations in those lawsuits.

“Let me be absolutely clear: I did not do any of the awful things being alleged. I will fight for my name, my family and for the truth,” he said in a December statement.


Jones said in the lawsuit that he worked on Combs’ latest album, “The Love Album: Off the Grid.” The album was released in September 2023 and was nominated for a Grammy.

The suit alleges , in part, that Motown Records, and others, benefited from his work on the album, but that he was not fully compensated.

Monday’s amended complaint filed by attorneys for Jones contains a declaration by former Motown Records CEO Ethiopia Habtemariam who it appears to show her willing to testify about the contract involving “The Love Album.”

A spokesperson for Universal Music Group, which owns Motown Records, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The lawsuit seeks damages, including punitive damages, but does not specify an amount, seeking amounts to be determined at trial.

who owns yacht indiscretion

Diana Dasrath is entertainment producer and senior reporter for NBC News covering all platforms.

who owns yacht indiscretion

Phil Helsel is a reporter for NBC News.

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I Dynasty: Creating one of the most complex yachts in history

I Dynasty had to be big and she had to be spectacular – but she also had to adhere to strict PYC rules that limited everything from layout to wall fabrics. Here's how Richard Hein, naval architect, designer and owner’s representative, pulled off this 101 metre with style and substance...

Building one of the most complex yachts in history was not what Richard Hein, founder of Monaco-based studio The A Group , originally intended, but with I Dynasty , that is exactly what he achieved.

Designing for a client who wanted to cruise regularly with more than 12 in his party, Hein faced a choice: design the 100-metre-plus motor yacht to Solas passenger ship rules or to the new Passenger Yacht Code (PYC), created specifically for yachts with 13 to 36 passengers which, at the time, was still in development.

To build to PYC would grant more design freedom but its regulations for safety and materials were a moving target. Realising this standard would be the wave of the future, Hein and his client took the road less travelled: I Dynasty is the first yacht delivered to full PYC certification without additional restrictions.

A bit of backstory on the project is useful. Besides being a naval architect and designer with The A Group, Hein was also a yacht builder, having served as president and equity partner in the Dutch yard Oceanco from 1992 to 2004. After selling his interest in the yard, Hein travelled extensively and discovered an affinity for Japan and its culture. He was impressed with the quality of Japanese commercial and patrol vessels and invested with a Japanese partner in a new manufacturing facility, opening an office in Tokyo for his project management company, VegaYachts.

Vega’s first contract was for an 86 metre yacht to be built in Japan. Just before construction was due to start, the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami struck, followed by the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster. “Besides the potential radiation contamination issue, Japan’s manufacturing efforts shifted almost overnight to rebuilding its infrastructure,” says Hein. “We had to seriously consider starting over outside Japan.”

The client, however, was not discouraged; quite the contrary. Not only did he ask Hein to engage a European shipyard, he asked him to enlarge the vessel. He was adamant that Hein would serve not only as the naval architect but that he and his team would be the conduit through which I Dynasty was built. In essence, VegaYachts was employed as owner’s representative and general contractor for a turnkey project that included Studio Massari as the interior designer.

“The owner had some clear ideas: creating a multi-generation yacht with high manoeuvrability and heavy displacement for continuous cruising and boarding in all seas, efficient propulsion to minimise carbon emission and lots of pools and direct water access. Other things he left up to us,” says Hein. By the time the design was complete it was clear that I Dynasty was going to have to meet the newer, more comprehensive rules of PYC 2012.

“Starting the project after the adoption of the 2012 rules gave us a higher standard than those yachts that laid keels before 2012,” says Hein. “We had the option of applying for exemptions but the owner felt that if there was a guide for building the safest possible yacht we should adhere to it, and I agreed. We all had to discover the consequences of implementing the new Passenger Yacht Code to the normal design and construction process.”

The last sentence speaks volumes. PYC’s impact was ubiquitous at the Peters Werft yard in Wewelsfleth, Germany, where Kusch Yachts was building I Dynasty . Insulation materials, the all-steel construction, the bridge wing stations’ arrangement and the number of stairway escape routes were all guided by the PYC’s demand for fire containment. In the unlikely event of a fire starting (given the restriction on flammable materials), it must be contained via fire doors, use of low-flame-spread surfaces and fire breaks or areas where non-combustible material such as stone, steel or A60 fire-rated glass separate two combustible materials.

Every interior area has a worst-case combustion heat load, and it’s up to the designer and builder to work out material trade-off to stay below each area’s allowable load. Hein notes that Lloyd’s Register and the Cayman Islands (flag state) worked closely in co-operation with the project team and Kusch to meet the PYC requirements for I Dynasty .

“I do not think it is possible for a designer to create a PYC yacht without involvement of a shipyard; it is just too complex a balancing act. It requires the designers, builder and engineers to be in a constant revision process to achieve the desired goal without compromising the appearance, the luxury or the liveability,” says Hein.

Visually, I Dynasty is a stunner but it is the amount of “hoop jumping” to meet the new code – with materials and finishes that either didn’t exist or were not in use on yachts prior to PYC – that makes her remarkable. Take, for example, a typical yacht design scheme that pairs pale leathers with the dark mahogany in the corridors: an impossibility with fire loading.

Rather than forego the elegance imparted by elaborate mahogany cornices, the project team found a supplier who could articulate the style using non-combustible plaster and faux wood paint. The fabric wall panels that designers typically rely on to cover large areas and/or absorb sound can’t be made fire retardant enough, but leather can, so beautiful stamped or woven leathers are used with abandon.

With 4,437 gross tonnes, I Dynasty offers her family tremendous interior volume and many special areas, such as a cinema, beach club and lower arrival lobby, sauna, hair salon, massage room, hammam, gym, dive centre with changing room, a forward-facing observation lounge, and main and upper saloons connected by a spectacular open staircase. Eleven cabins, including the owner’s suite and two VIPs, are concentrated on the main and upper decks.

Alessandro Massari, who designed the interior of the client’s three previous yachts, had the task of marrying The A Group’s contemporary exterior profile – with its outstanding use of glass – to an interior that honours classic design themes and a leitmotif of decorative floral elements. The owner asked for a cosy family yacht with “wow”.

Studio Massari chose warm honey-coloured woods, primarily anigre and madrone burr veneers, to form the background for stunning handmade marquetry that fronts the cabinets and built-in furniture on I Dynasty . The main saloon sole is patterned parquet because Massari believes it is more formal than carpet.

This saloon on I Dynasty is a multifunctional space aft of the dining saloon with several comfortable seating areas, including one around a fireplace, a games table to starboard and a library with a baby grand piano to port. Flanking the piano, a magnificent open staircase creates a tangible link to the upper saloon. “Together with Richard (Hein), we discussed how to deal with the number of family members cruising; that is why the two main saloons are directly connected,” says Massari.

“Part of the family could be downstairs while the rest is above engaged in a different activity entirely. It really is the heart of the yacht. The stairs minimise the feeling of being in two different spaces.” A custom five metre chandelier from Cenedese of Murano creates a waterfall of light.

The “wow” factor of I Dynasty ’s décor is particularly evident in a fantastic stone foyer where dark Port Laurent marble recreates a design by Michelangelo across a field of white and Calacatta Gold marble. The light marble is the backbone of the staircase that wraps around a large glass elevator leading to the upper deck.

A wrought iron balustrade with gold-plated details takes up the floral motif. “It embraces you while climbing the stairs,” says Massari. Gold leaf appears throughout in accents and tray ceilings. While gold leaf itself is not low flame spread, the sealer is, according to Massari.

Each of the cabins on I Dynasty is a world unto itself with enormous space and rare marbles, some with powerful veining and striations, creating an unusual colour scheme. All of the guest cabins feature a backlit 3D oyster shell headboard with fan patterns mimicking the paving stones in Italian piazzas.

The mix of traditional and contemporary continues outdoors, where multiple dining areas, a covered cinema, pools and sundecks fore and aft, plus a float-in tender garage/salt-water pool, provide plenty of options for living at sea. Equally impressive are the spaces Hein dedicated to machinery, workshops, dry and cold stores, laundry, guest services and quarters for the 32-strong crew.

“From the beginning the stated goal was to design a very robust vessel built completely in steel to prevent dissimilar metal distortion while cruising,” says Hein. “Plate thicknesses in excess of that required by class were used to reduce distortion due to welding, thus minimising the use of expensive filler, while also adding a margin against future corrosion.

“From a technical point of view, our main goal was to maximise all engineering and construction solutions to prevent the unnecessary use of diesel power and related exhaust gas emissions.”

The diesel-electric powerplant on I Dynasty utilises a full package of Rolls-Royce equipment and five engines, with power generation limited strictly to electrical load demand, thus hindering unnecessary fuel consumption and inherent gas emissions. Huge particulate filters occupy an exhaust silo underneath the mast, allowing clean emissions at anchor or in port.

The yacht’s power management system is seamless and offers surge-free power with a clean supply from 690 to 110 volts. I Dynasty does not rely on battery banks for smoothing peak loads but on generators of variable sizes that start or stop automatically. As propulsion and hotel loads vary, the full range of operating scenarios can be covered efficiently. “This is an important achievement,” says Hein. “This isn’t about propulsion any more, it is power management.”

The wheelhouse on I Dynasty is a masterwork designed by Rolls-Royce and the client’s captain after he spent substantial time in the Rolls-Royce bridge simulator. It looks like an updated version of the bridge from Star Trek’s USS Enterprise . Two custom high-tech helm chairs slide back and forth on rails to suit the preferences of the helmsman. Each of the chair arms are fitted with controls and the ability to switch any combination of information displays to the centre LED screen.

There are also full control stations port and starboard on the console and, of course, wing stations outside. A large navigation area is behind the con to port with a monitoring station to starboard. The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System station and a night-time working area with night-vision-safe low-level illumination are aft of the bridge proper.

I Dynasty is highly manoeuvrable – she turns in her own length at 16 knots thanks to a pair of Rolls-Royce Azipulls. Used with the bow thruster, they provide I Dynasty with a full dynamic-positioning mode useful in deep water or fragile seabeds, as well as for positioning the tender side-boarding platform away from the wind and waves.

The naval architecture, engineering and exterior design also contribute to the owner’s demand for “wow”. The floodable 10 metre tender garage holds a custom Pascoe limo tender launched via a system engineered in collaboration with Kusch Yachts. When I Dynasty’s tender is deployed, the space becomes a huge pool deck with light and air also flowing from a 12.5 metre starboard-side shell door that opens to launch a Riva.

A brilliant piece of engineering allows the tender to clear the stern opening while maintaining a closed pool for children to swim in. To keep water from sloshing unpleasantly, a teak-planked slope aft dampens motion and allows water to spill back to the sea.

The exterior lines on I Dynasty are slick and fresh and the walkaround side decks are so large they invite placement of steamer chairs. Glass is both a feature and a structural element, with floor-to-ceiling windows on the main and upper decks capped by glass “shark fins”.

A signature attribute, they form a windbreak and a visual transition from the strong horizontal lines of the lower profile to the top of the mast. The A Group and Massari worked closely to design exterior living areas that, thanks to hidden glass doors and windows, are usable in all weather.

Although I Dynasty passed PYC certification with flying colours, Hein admits there are still parts of the code that make it challenging to meet owners’ expectations. For example, rules mandate additional crew and extra escape routes via stairs rather than ladders, which use considerable space in both owner and crew areas.

Hein does not take issue with the extra research and design, build costs, the eight mandated watertight zones on the two lower decks or the continuous double-bottom requirement. It’s that some of the rules demand materials that are yet to be developed to acceptable yacht standards, such as fireproof and waterproof exterior deckheads. It’s also the lack of transparency that leads to different interpretations of some of these rules by surveyors and flag states.

“At The A Group, we don’t just design, we design to build,” says Hein. “Designing to build to previously unknown rules has been a challenge for me as the naval architect and exterior stylist, and also as the owner’s representative and partner in the building process with Mark Dethlefs of Kusch Yachts. To accomplish this in three and a half years’ build time is, as I look back on it, more than we could have imagined possible.”

First featured in the July 2016 edition of BOAT International

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