Established 1904


The Olympia Yacht Club


Revised 1.1.2020

The following rules shall not be considered as part of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Olympia Yacht Club, but are hereby duly adopted as rules and regulations subject to amendment or repeal only in accordance with Article 9 of the Bylaws.

Rule 1: Reciprocal Moorage: (a) Members of recognized reciprocal yacht clubs will be allowed 48 hours

(2 days) free moorage and use of one power outlet on the OYC visitor floats. After 48 hours, they will pay $0.50 per foot per day for a maximum of five days total moorage in any 30 day period (2 days free & 3 days paid). Any extension beyond five must be approved by the Moorage Master or Main Station Chair.

(b) Special events for visiting yacht clubs are approved by the Commodore and may be granted extended reciprocal privileges (coordinated with Moorage Master).

Rule 2: A completed/signed OYC Moorage Agreement must be filed with Moorage Master prior to berth assignment/occupation. All boats are moored at owner's risk. The Club shall not in any way be responsible for loss

sustained by theft, stress of weather, fire, collision, or careless handling of

boats by other parties, whether said parties are members of the Club or not. Rule 3: Club members are advised to respect the rights of other boat owners by:

(a) Keeping off other people's boats. (b) Staying out of other people's boathouses. (c) Furnishing ample strength mooring lines, so arranged that there be no danger of coming in contact with another boat during the member's absence. (d) Operating their vessels in a safe and courteous manner. (e) Members will report to the Caretaker or Main Station Chair any irregular moorage or hazardous conditions on Club premises. (f) 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM is considered quiet time (no loud or disturbing noises).

Rule 4: The Club may refuse mooring to, and order taken from the premises any boat or boathouse that is maintained in a condition of dilapidation and neglect, so that it becomes unsightly, a nuisance, and a hazard to the Club property, and/or other member's property.

(a) Non Commercial Use: Olympia Yacht Club is not a commercial marine facility. Specifically prohibited from operating from within the confines of Olympia Yacht Club are commercial or business concessions, (which includes but is not limited to; boat and equipment sales, fueling, repair, maintenance, brokerage, charter, fishing or commission activities). Brokers, sales, maintenance or repair persons may conduct their sales or work activities pertaining to a member's boat or boathouse by gaining proper access to Club facilities, through the member in accordance with established OYC procedures as set forth in Rules and Regulations.

(b) Registration: any boat kept within the Olympia Yacht Club facility will comply with current city, state and federal registration laws. Any boat that is registered for other than pleasure will not be used or boarded for any purpose other than pleasure within the confines of Olympia Yacht Club.

Rule 5: Penalties for noncompliance with "Bylaws, Rules, Regulations and Agreements "of OYC: (a) Any member found in violation of adopted OYC Bylaws, Rules, Regulations and/or Agreements (moorage or otherwise) shall be subject to actions provided for in Article 3, Section 6 of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Olympia Yacht Club.

(b) OYC is entitled to reimbursement for the costs it incurs to enforce compliance with OYC Bylaws, Rules, Regulations and Agreements with its members. Members who fail to comply with OYC Bylaws, Rules, Regulations and Agreements will be billed for, and will be responsible for the payment of actual costs incurred by OYC to enforce compliance, including the payment of OYC's attorney's fees and court cost.

Rule 6: Any boat leaving or approaching its mooring, or Club property, must observe a maximum speed of 5 knots and leave no wake. OYC members will abide by all boating laws and will not operate their vessel in a reckless manner. The owner of the vessel will be held responsible for any damage created by the vessel’s wake.

Rule 7: The Club has placed fire extinguishers in convenient places. The members should familiarize themselves with the location of the fire extinguishers and fire alarm system.

Rule 8: The Club docks may be used by members while making repairs or alterations to their boats, but all litter and rubbish must be cleaned away before leaving the docks. Members using the Club workshop must clean up any litter made by them. Any member wishing to use the grids shall ask the Caretaker for an assignment date and read, complete, and sign the approved grid registration form. If for any reason the member is unable to use the date given, adequate notice of cancellation should be given the Caretaker, so that the specified date can be reassigned. Any member found in violation of the signed grid agreement shall be subject to action as specified in Article 3, Section 7 of the OYC Bylaws.

Rule 9: (a) Each boat slip or boat house is entitled to one, and only one, 120- volt, 30-amp GFCI protected connection to the OYC Marina electrical system. For safety purposes, the pedestal electrical connection may not be locked. (b) Before any connection in excess of the 120-volt, 30-amp service or any non-standard connection is installed to the electrical system, it must be approved by the Board of Trustees.

(c) The Board of Trustees may grant a limited number of exceptions based upon the capacity of the Marina electrical infrastructure. A member may request an exception in writing. Each exception must be reapproved annually. An exception does not transfer with the sale of the boat or boathouse. Any violation of the provisions of this rule will result in the disconnection from the OYC electrical system, after proper notice.

Rule 10: No boathouses shall contain showers, sinks, laundry or other equipment that permits gray water to drain into the Sound.

Rule 11: Storage of motor fuel or the fueling of boats is prohibited (other than outboard motors or space heaters) in compliance with fire codes.

Rule 12: The use of electrical fence units is not permitted. Rule 13: No member or guest shall throw or discharge, pump or deposit from

any boat or float refuse, oil, antifreeze or flammable liquid into the water. Individual members are solely responsible for penalties, fines and legal actions resulting from violations of this rule.

Rule 14: Slips and Boathouses

(a)The Board of Trustees and/or the Moorage Master has the right to change the slip assignment of any boat or boathouse moored at the Club docks at any time they deem necessary for the best interest of the Club. (b)Any member making a modification to the exterior of the boathouse, or proposing to build a new boathouse, or to rebuild an existing boathouse will be required to secure an OYC “BOATHOUSE BUILDING, REMODELING, RELOCATION PERMIT". This permit, to be valid, must be signed by the Moorage Master and the Main Station Chair. The OYC permit will be valid for a period of six months from the date of approval.

(c.) Members wishing to lease their boathouse/berth shall notify the Moorage Master in writing prior to occupancy by the lessee. Said leases are to Club members only. Upon approval by the Moorage Master, the lessee may occupy the boathouse/berth for a period of up to six months from the date of approval. Any extensions beyond a given six-month period must be approved by the Board of Trustees.

Rule 15: Any vessel (including dinghies) that extends beyond the finger pier or boathouse must be approved by the Moorage Master in writing.

Rule 16: (a) Without exception, the sale of a boat, or boathouse (except dinghies) moored within the Olympia Yacht Club facilities will be reported to the Moorage Master in writing within five (5) days of sale. Any nonmember purchasing a boat or boathouse as described above and desiring the vessel’s berth must apply for membership and be approved as an active member before taking possession of the boathouse or berth. The sale of a boathouse to a nonmember shall be contingent upon the buyer becoming an active member. (b) Should the sale of a boat be completed prior to active membership approval and the new owner plans to use the boat, the boat must be moved off Club premises until such time the applicant becomes an active member. Upon approval of active membership, the berth/boathouse may be utilized. All boathouses and berths must be returned to 120-volt, 30-amp, GFCI power prior to sale. Noncompliance is grounds for termination of moorage rights for the seller and buyer. Rule 17: Privileges of the Club are extended to all members of a family having membership. This does not include members of a family maintaining a separate household or over age 21. Junior Members are governed by these rules.

Rule 18: The Club Burgee will be flown at all times within the confines of any Olympia Yacht Club facility or reciprocal club facility. Any commercial venture such as charter will not display the Club Burgee or be entitled to membership privileges such as reciprocal moorage unless the Club member is actually on board.

Rule 19: Any member (except juniors) may obtain use of the Clubhouse for private parties by filing a "Clubhouse Use" application, receiving approval, and the payment of current rental fees. Approval is given by the Club House Chair.

Rule 20: All boathouses shall conform to all city, county, and state building and electrical codes and must be metal-covered. All replacements of covering or siding of boathouses shall be of like material. An uncovered window shall be inserted at the float end of each boathouse so as to make visible the contents therein to the Caretaker upon inspection.

Rule 21: Members wishing to live aboard vessels must first receive written approval from the Board of Trustees. A completed/signed OYC Liveaboard Agreement must be on file with the Treasurer prior to living aboard. In addition, liveaboards must also file an OYC Moorage Agreement in accordance with Rule 2. Thirteen liveaboards is the maximum authorized. As used in these rules, a "liveaboard" is a member that lives aboard his or her vessel moored at the OYC as his or her primary residence for more than 20 days in a month.

Rule 22: Vehicle parking at Olympia Yacht Club: (a) The following is the OYC parking policy for members, non-members, and vendors. Parking privileges are intended for members who are attending events and/or while on their boats cruising or liveaboards. The OYC lot should NOT be used for general or prolonged vehicle storage. 1. Trailers and motor homes are not to utilize the parking lot, except for loading and unloading purposes. OYC owned and Jr. Sailor’s trailers are exempt. 2. Members may not have more than two (2) vehicles, including guests, per family in the parking lot at one time. 3. All member vehicles must display an OYC parking sticker adhered on the front window only of the vehicle CLEARLY VISIBLE in all light conditions. Additional parking stickers may be purchased from the Caretaker for $1.50. Parking stickers may NOT be purchased for or given to anyone other than a household family member.

4. ALL vehicles without Club window decal displayed shall be registered with the Caretaker each day. On weekends (May through September), National Holidays, and meeting nights, members without a window decal, guests, and nonmembers shall park off premises. Except for these times or when signage is displayed disallowing guest parking, such parking is permitted from 6am to 5 pm.

5. All parked vehicles must have current State license/registration. 6. Parking is permitted only in designated areas. Fire lanes must be kept clear and Bridge/Employee spaces are reserved at all times. Motorcycles

shall be parked in areas designated for their use, if so marked. 7. If a vehicle is parked in the OYC lot without a CLEARLY VISIBLE sticker, AND is not properly registered, OR in violation of this policy, such vehicle will be towed, without warning, at the owner’s expense. The

current cost for this is about $400. (b) Parking policy for vendors: Vendors who have met the qualifications to

work unescorted at the OYC facility, e.g. have valid access cards, are entitled to park a single vehicle at the Mainstation facility parking lot subject to the following conditions: Note: Non-registered vendors hired by members may park in the OYC lot subject to the vendor parking restrictions and daily registrations (see 1-7 above). HOWEVER, the hiring member MUST BE PRESENT during all times such vendors are working in the facility.

1. The vehicle may occupy no more than a single parking space, e.g. no oversized vehicles are permitted. 2. Parking will be permitted between 6am and 5pm; no overnight parking. 3. The lot located behind Thriftway or the south row parking spaces are to be

used by vendors until/unless all such spaces are occupied. 4. Vendors may not park at the Main Station facility; 1) on national holidays; 2) on weekends from May through September; and 3) if a sign is posted declaring no guest parking on that day. 5. A valid OYC (vendor) parking sticker must be clearly displayed on the exterior of the vendor’s vehicle. 6. Vendor agrees to waive any liability on behalf of OYC for damage to vendor’s vehicle. 7. Any exceptions to the above must be requested of the Mainstation chair in writing and approved. 8. Failure to comply with the above may result in the vehicle being towed at the expense of the vendor and suspension of parking and/or vendor access privileges. Rule 23: Complaints of any nature shall be taken before the Board of Trustees at their regular meeting times. The Board shall give such complaint due consideration and render a decision which, in its considered judgment, shall be in accordance with Club Bylaws, Rules, Regulations and Agreements. Rule 24: Members shall not loan card-keys to nonmembers. Nonmembers

requiring use of a card-key, such as workmen, must have the member obtain a card-key through the Caretaker according to Main Station policies. Strangers who are found on Club property shall be asked for identification and their purpose for being on Club property (guests are not to wander around dock, other boathouses, board boats). The Caretaker has the authority to refuse access to Club property to any nonmember.

Rule 25: A maximum of two card-keys will be issued to each member. Any card broken or damaged may be returned to the Caretaker for replacement at no charge. To replace a LOST card-key, a personal or written request is required to the Caretaker and member’s account will be charged $5.00.

Rule 26: Standard practice in the selection of a contractor by the Board of Trustees will be to develop specifications for bidding and to seek at least three bids for any project between $5,000 and $10,000. Exceptions to standard practice must be approved by the Board of Trustees.

Rule 27: Members’ use of OYC reciprocal docks: Members of OYC are allowed a maximum of 24 hours’ moorage at the visitors’ float in any 30 day period. Any extension of this limit must be approved in advance by the Moorage Master or Main Station Chair, and will be charged at the rate of $0.50 per foot per day.

There shall be no modifications by members to OYC docks (to include attaching additional floating structures to the docks), electrical systems (to include placing locks on power pedestals), water systems, or floats. Any modifications discovered shall be corrected at the direction of the Main Station

Chair at the member’s expense and may be taken before the Board of Trustees for appropriate corrective/disciplinary action. Exceptions to this rule may be approved by the Board on a case-by-case basis. Rule 29: Any OYC member who moors a boat permanently or temporarily, in

an OYC facility must meet the insurance liability requirements of Rule 11, (of the OYC Moorage Agreement Rules and Regulations). Any Member who uses a boat in an OYC sponsored activity must also meet the insurance liability requirements of the Moorage Agreement Rule 11.

Rule 30: Initiation fee shall be as follows: (a) Active Member: $3,000.00 plus State and Federal taxes, if any. (b) Associate Member: $3,000.00 plus State and Federal Taxes, if any. (c) Junior Member: $50.00 plus State and Federal taxes, if any. Except that

this requirement shall be waived for applicants for Junior Membership who are dependents of any Active Member.


Rules & regulations, condominium by laws, condominium declaration, declaration first amendment - marina.

Declaration First Amendments 1-10

Declaration First Amendments 11-21

Yacht Club Condominium Rules and Regulations (Revised and approved March 20, 2019)

Condominium  By Laws

Recorded Condominium Declaration

Declaration First Amendment – Marina


P E R R Y   Y A C H T   C L U B

All sail marina - lake perry, kansas.


Perry Yacht Club Rules and Regulations

The Perry Yacht Club facilities are for the use and enjoyment of PYC members and their guests. To ensure that use, PYC members and guest must abide by these rules. In order to avoid disputes, all complaints shall be made in writing to the Board of Governors (“Board” or “BOG”) and the Board shall act as mediator.  

General 1. Ice tickets are available from any Board member or the Property Manager for $2 each. Please do not place     cash in the ice ticket box. 2. Dogs:     a. Dogs are not allowed on the club grounds unless leashed.     b. Dogs are not allowed in the Pavilion eating area while food is being served.     c. Owners must clean up promptly after their dogs. 3. Children and Minors     a. Younger PYC members and their young guests are welcome to enjoy the playground. Return all         sandbox toys to the area underneath the play structure. If you have any sandbox toys at home not         being used, please feel free to donate them to the playground collection.     b. Parents should instruct their children not to pet dogs without the dog owner’s permission.     c. Drinking alcoholic beverages by persons under 21 years of age on PYC property is strictly         prohibited.     d. No children under the age of 16 are allowed contact with the fire pits without direct parental         supervision.

4. Quiet hours are from 11:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. Quiet hours apply to the clubhouse, camping areas,     mooring piers, and club grounds.     a. People night sailing should proceed as quietly as possible when entering or departing the harbor         area.

5. Members are asked to report faulty equipment, damage, or needed repairs to the Director of Buildings and 6. All regulations and conditions established by the Corps of Engineers are part of the rules and regulationsof Perry     Yacht Club.

7. The Club dumpster is provided for disposal of general waste created during activities at the Club. The following “excluded waste”               items as defined by our waste hauler are subject to fines and shall not be placed in the dumpster. Members are expected to remove             these items from Club property and dispose of them properly.  Excluded Waste:  Tires, wheels, appliances, electronics, batteries, fuel           canisters, paint or solvents, or any form of “hazardous waste”, “toxic waste”, or “medical waste” as defined by law.

Buildings and Grounds Clubhouse 1. The PYC clubhouse is equally available to all members. The BOG may restrict access for club events, or     member events as noted below. 2. Members may use the clubhouse for a personal event with the permission of the Board of Governors.     a. During those approved events, the kitchen and pavilion areas may be closed to other club         members and their guests.     b. To close the clubhouse to other members, notice of these events must be posted in advance at the         clubhouse and on the club calendar for at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

3. Kitchen:     a. All food and containers left in the refrigerators should be labeled with the member’s name and be         removed at the end of the weekend or holiday. Food remaining in refrigerators will be disposed of          on Mondays or the day after a holiday.     b. Persons using the kitchen are expected to clean up after themselves, including washing, drying,         and putting away dishes and utensils. Clean counter space and tables after use.

4. The trash cans at the clubhouse are only for trash generated at the clubhouse. Empty the clubhouse trash     cans when full. The full trash bags should be taken to the dumpster located near the caretakers house. 5. Crush and dispose of aluminum cans in the clubhouse in recycle containers. 6. No smoking is permitted in the clubhouse bathrooms or kitchen. 7. Persons using restrooms are expected to clean up after themselves and not leave personal belongings.

Campground 1. Campers will enclose trash and litter in bags before depositing in the trash dumpster located in the parking     lot. 2. Camping is permitted on Club grounds by tent and trailer only in specified areas, use of electrical sites is     limited to members with boats stored on property.

3. Camp sites are available on a first come basis, except for two noted reserved spots (these are sold annually     as a fundraiser to support youth sailing at the club). 4. Access to the campground may be limited by the BOG around or related to club events. 5. Camping is allowed for five (5) days maximum on PYC property. Longer stays only with approval of the     BOG or Building and Grounds Director. After five (5) day stay, camping equipment must be removed from     PYC property for 24 hours. 6. A total of twenty (20) days is the maximum allowed in a month for camping. 7. Camping equipment shall not be left unattended overnight, except in extenuating circumstances.

Dry Storage and Work Lot 1. Boat trailers shall be stored in specified areas 2. Dry sailors shall park their trailers and boats in assigned spaces. 3. Spaces are assigned by the Director of Buildings and Grounds 4. Members shall not leave batteries or other hazardous items in trash containers and on Club grounds. Take     oil and other boat fluids home for storage or to your local recycling station for disposal.

5. The Club’s requirements for boat cleaning, refinishing, and restoration activities is as follows but may be modified from time to time as         necessary to comply with the Corps of Engineer’s requirements. The Club’s requirement is 100% containment and proper disposal of           hazardous waste.

      a.  Washing boat bottoms painted with any type of ablative bottom paint (soft, hard, modified) is prohibited on Club property. Boats                 with non-ablative paints such as VC-17, Speedcoat-49, etc. and boats with bare gelcoat or equivalent bottoms may be washed                        provided no paint is removed.

       b.  Best-practice for cleaning boat bottoms is to allow bottom growth to dry out during the off-season, then remove residue by                           brushing, scraping, or sanding. Effective vacuum dust collection must be used any time paint, fiberglass, or gelcoat is removed in                 the process.

       c.  Any refinishing or restoration process generating fugitive dust must include effective vacuum dust collection. Spray application is                  prohibited unless the work area is tarped and tented such that residue or overspray can be collected and disposed of properly.                   When applying with brush or roller, tarps shall be placed under the work area to catch any drips.

       d, All waste (e.g., collected dust or scrapings, empty paint cans, roller covers, soiled rags, tarps, etc.) is considered hazardous waste                  and shall be removed from Club property and disposed of properly.

6.  Gin Poles. Two gin poles are provided to facilitate stepping of masts and should not be used for other purposes. Gin poles may be                used by Club members, or by guests or Professional Services Providers after execution of a waiver (and payment of a fee if applicable).        The gin poles are functionally-tested by the Club annually with a load of 250 pounds, however the Club cannot certify the capacity of            the gin poles. Users of the gin poles assume all risks of use, and users are expected to confirm the weight of their lift, plus a                           conservative safety margin, is less than the tested capacity of the gin pole.  

Docks and Harbor: General 1. The only persons permitted on the Club grounds or private docks are members in good standing and     guests of such members when accompanied by such members. 2. The portion of the docks at the end of the piers may be used by all members of the Club as these portions     belong to the Club. 3. Common courtesy shall be followed at all times by all persons on the private mooring slips. 4. All yachts moored in the water must be secured to the slip. by a method approved by the Harbor Master. 5. Any part of the yacht shall not protrude into an imaginary extension vertical of the width of all walkways. 6. Any additions or alterations including dock edging, cleats, storage lockers, painting, etc. must first and     always be approved by the Harbor Master. 7. Any structural modifications to the slips – including new or rebuilt platforms or replacement structural     materials – become the property of the Club and may be modified or removed at the discretion of the Club.     This provision does not apply to additions such as dock boxes and boat hoists. 8. The canal area between docks shall be used strictly for leaving or returning to a slip. 9. The use of portable open flame cooking appliances on docks or mounted on boats is prohibited while boats     are in slips. This restriction extends to any form of hibachis, charcoal, wood, or gas type portable cooking     equipment, except in specifically authorized areas that are not on the docks, on boats in the berthing area,     or near flammables. This prohibition does not extend to stoves permanently mounted in galleys. 10. No human waste, trash, or garbage shall be flushed or dumped into Branch Creek Harbor. Trash of any      type shall not be left on the mooring piers. 11. An Equity Slip Rights member or Leased Slip Rights member in good standing may loan his or her slip for a      short time to another member in good standing. The Dock Master or a member of the Board of Governors      should be notified of such action.  

Hoists 1. The Club will accommodate requests for boat hoists if possible, but does not guarantee any member or     prospective member the ability to install a boat hoist. The Club reserves the right to rescind approval and     force removal of a boat hoist. 2. Any member wishing to install a boat hoist (boat lift) in their slip must first notify the Harbor Master of     this desire. Upon notification, the Dock Master will identify a suitable slip, if applicable, and provide a list of     names of the current five neighbors who occupy the slips surrounding the slip where the hoist is to be     installed. 3. The five neighbors will consist of the three members then occupying the slips immediately in front of the      requesting member and the members occupying the slips on each side of the requesting member. The      requesting member must obtain written approval for the addition of the hoist from all five immediate      neighbors and submit that approval to the Dock Master, at which time the Harbor Master will grant      approval for the addition of the hoist. 4. All yachts moored on lifting hoists must be secured to the lifting cradle or slip by a method approved by     the Harbor Master. The Harbor Master has the authority to deny a request if the hoist is not suitable or     appropriate for the boat or dock conditions, is determined to present a danger, or may cause damage to     Club property.

5. The requesting member will be responsible for all costs associated with the installation and maintenance     of the hoist, as well as any cost associated with damage caused to docks.

Winter Storage in Slip 

1. Deicing Equipment (bubblers and/or agitators)

     a. All deicing equipment must be connected to a properly function thermostat

     b. Air temperature thermostats must be set at an activation temperature no higher than 30 degrees Fahrenheit 

     c. Water temperature thermostats must be set at an activation temperature no higher than 33 degrees Fahrenheit

HBYC Rules and Regulations

  • CHILDREN : No person under the age of 16 years shall be permitted on Club property unless accompanied and supervised by a parent-member or another adult-member.
  • APPEARANCE: Each member shall be obligated to keep the slip assigned to his membership in a neat, orderly and clean condition, The slips and docks shall be kept clear of all personal property except (1) in connection with the actual loading and unloading of a boat or vessel, (2) personal property specifically authorized by the Board or any Management agent in writing. Any lifeboat and/or dinghy shall be stored aboard the boat or vessel. No motorized vehicle shall be operated or stored or otherwise permitted on the slips or docks.
  • PARKING: Each membership shall entitle the holder thereof to one parking space on Club property. No more than one motor vehicle for each membership shall be permitted on the lakeside Club property unless specifically authorized by the Board or any Management agent in writing. The Board may require that a sticker be affixed to the motor vehicle permitted on the Club property and/or registration of such vehicles. No trucks with a maximum gross weight of 9000 pounds shall be parked on Club property unless specifically authorized by the Board or any Management agent. All motor homes, recreational vehicles, campers, trailers and similar vehicles shall be parked in area(s) specifically designated on the southern side of Route 9L. Passenger and all other permitted motor vehicles shall be parked in the lot located on the 7.58 acre parcel of Club property located on the northern side of 9L. No motor vehicle shall be operated on Club property in excess of (5) miles per hour.
  • PETS: No pets other than cats or dogs shall be permitted on Club property, and then for the purpose of embarking on and disembarking from boats or vessels. Any cat or dog must be leashed or carried. Dogs are NOT allowed in the Clubhouse. Dogs must be walked in the designated dog walking area on the south side of Route 9L. Feces must be collected and properly disposed of in a sanitary manner by the dog’s owner. If pets cause a disturbance to other marine tenants, they shall be required to be removed from the marina.
  • REGISTRY OF BOATS AND VESSELS: No boat or vessel shall be permitted in or about any slip assigned to a member unless the Club or any Management agent is previously provided with a registration or other satisfactory documentation establishing that boat or vessel is owned by the member to whom the slip is assigned, or any approval lessee or tenant of the membership to which the slip is assigned. The Club or any Management agent shall maintain a registry of all such permitted boats or vessels including without limitation the names of the owner and the boat, the serial and registration numbers, the name and address of the insurer.
  • COMPLIANCE WITH LAW: All boasts and vessels and all persons in or about the Club property, including without limitation the slips, shall comply with all applicable local, county, state and federal laws, ordinances, regulations, rules and other valid governmental requirements.
  • LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: Each member and any other person in or about the Club property assumes the risk of loss or damage to any boat or vessel or other personal property owned by such person. The Club shall have no liability or responsibility for such property.
  • TRASH: No foreign material, substance or liquid shall be thrown, dumped, pumped, or otherwise allowed into the water in or about the Club’s property. All garbage shall be deposited in receptacles that shall be provided by the Club or removed from the Club property by members. Any foreign material, substances or liquid other than garbage shall be deposited in receptacles that may be provided by the Club at its discretion or removed from the Club property by the members.
  • SANITARY FACILITIES: All boats or vessels in or about the Club property, including without limitation the slips, shall comply with Section 33-a of the New York State Navigation Law. Each member shall provide the Club, prior to the commencement of each season, an affidavit verifying that the boat or vessel that will utilize the assigned slip for the season (and any substitute boat or vessel) complies with the Statue. The Board may promulgate a mandatory form of affidavit.
  • DOCKING: Each member is exclusively responsible for the secure and proper docking of member boat or vessel and the maintenance of docking lines in good condition, sufficiently strong to secure member boat or vessel at all times. The Club or any Management agent has no obligation, but shall be empowered to provide proper docking lines in the event any member fails to do so
  • AQUATIC USES: No swimming, diving, fish cleaning, fishing, wind-surfing, bathing, or similar activity shall be permitted in or about from the Club property, including without limitation the slips, nor in or about or from the boats or vessels while in or about the slips.
  • BARBECUES AND PICNICS: No picnics and no charcoal barbecues shall be permitted in or about the Club property, including the slips, nor on or about any boats or vessels therein, except such areas and grills as the Board or any Management agent may expressly permit.
  • LIMITATIONS ON NATURAL PERSON: No membership shall permit more natural persons than can safely be accommodated in or about the Club property at any time, as determined by the Board or any Management agent.
  • EMPLOYEES: No member shall utilize any employee of the Club or Management agent for any personal business of the member
  • PERSONAL PROPERTY AND SIGNS: No laundry, wash or other article shall be hung anywhere outside of a boat or vessel, except in such areas as the Board or any Management agent may expressly permit. No sign, notice of advertisement shall be placed in or about the Club property including the slips, nor on or about any boats or vessels therein, without the prior written permission of the Board or any Management agent.
  • SOLICITATION: No sale, solicitation, advertising, promotion, or other offering shall be conducted in or about the Club property, including the slips without the prior written approval of the Board or any Management agent.
  • FLAMMABLE MATERIAL: The use of any open flame other than a match or cigarette lighter or a gas stove or oven, or a charcoal barbecue flame expressly permitted pursuant to these Rules and Regulations, is prohibited in or about the Club property, including the slips and any boats or vessels therein, without the prior written approval of the Board or any Management agent. No smoking is permitted in or about the gas dock or any other portion of the Club property so designated by the Board and posted as such. Fuels shall not be stored other than in tanks which are integral parts of boats or vessels or motor vehicles, without the prior written approval of the Board or any Management on or agent. Gasoline shall not be transported or carried on the docks or slips unless contained in a secure can designed for such purpose and to be used in connection with an outboard motor.
  • STORAGE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY: No personal property shall be stored in or about the Club property, unless specifically authorized by the Board or any Management agent.
  • REPAIRS: No boat of vessel shall be repaired, painted, overhauled, refitted or altered in or about the Club property, including the slips, without prior written approval of the Board or any Management agent.
  • LEAKAGE: Each member shall be responsible for pumping his boat or vessel when necessary. Each member shall be responsible for curing forthwith any usual leakage. In the event any boat or vessel sinks in or about the Club property, including the slips, the owner-member of his approved lessee or tenant-owner shall cause it to be repaired or removed within twenty-four (24) hours. In the event the owner-member or his approved lessee or tenant-owner fails to act, the Board or any Management agent shall be empowered to cause the boat or vessel to be repaired or removed, and shall charge the cost of doing so to the owner of the boat or vessel.
  • STORAGE: The Club shall provide storage space for the “Off-Season” defined below. Each member shall have the right to storage of his boat or vessel during the Off-Season. The Club shall impose no fee for outdoor storage of one boat for each membership. Indoor storage shall be available on a first-come, first-served basis, with a priority given to members who leased indoor storage space during the preceding Off-Season. The Club shall impose reasonable fees to be fixed by the Board for indoor storage. Outdoor storage shall be provided for the remaining members. Any outdoor storage space not used by a member may be leased to non-members. The Board or any Management agent shall maintain a waiting list of members desiring indoor storage space. The Board or any Management agent shall give members notice of a final date for the membership electing to use storage space, before leasing space to non-members. During the “Season” each member shall have the right either to have a boat at his slip or to have a boat stored outdoors without payment of a fee beyond the Club’s regular maintenance fee. The Club may lease indoor and outdoor storage space to members and to the extent that additional space exists, to non-members for a fee established by the Club during both the “Off-Season” and the “Season”. A member who leases out his membership and stores a boat at the club shall be charged storage fees at the rates charged by the Club in the ordinary course of business.
  • SEASON: The right of the members to use the slips assigned to their membership is limited to the “Season”. Subject to extraordinary weather, the “Season” shall commence on or about the weekday immediately preceding the Memorial Day holiday weekend and terminate on or about the weekday immediately following the Columbus Day holiday weekend. The balance of the year shall constitute “Off-Season”. In as much as the launching and removal of boats and vessels will require an extended period of time, some members will have the benefit of but not the right to an extended Season, determined as follows. The boats and vessels stored or to be stored on the Club property shall be launched and removed to storage in whatever order the Board or Management agent shall determine at its discretion. Any boats or vessels not stored or to be stored on the Club property shall be delivered by the member for launching and/or transported by the member upon removal from the water, as the case may be, on the date and at the location fixed by the Board or any Management agent in its discretions. The Club shall impose no fee for launching or removing one boat for each membership at our about the respective commencement and termination of the Season. No boats or vessels shall be permitted on the 7.58 acre parcel of Club property located on the northern side of 9L, after the Monday preceding the Memorial Day holiday weekend, without the prior written approval of the Board or any Management agent.
  • MOVEMENT OF BOATS AND VESSELS: The Club and any Management agent shall have the right to move any boat or vessel that is placed or permitted to remain in or about any portion of the Club property in violation of the By-Laws or these Rules and Regulations
  • STORAGE BUILDINGS: No person shall enter or remain in any storage building or shop unless accompanied by an employee or officer of the Club or any Management agent.
  • MAIN OFFICE BUILDING: Any member and any person permitted on the Club property by any member may use the lounge, restrooms and showers in the main building. No parties, meetings, or other organized gatherings shall be held in the main building without written approval of the Board or any Management agent. The Board may impose a reasonable fee as a condition of granting approval. No approval shall be granted unless a member assumes financial responsibility for all costs and expenses incurred by the Club as a result of or in connection with such gathering including without limitation the cost of cleaning.
  • INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS: All boat owners are required to maintain liability insurance in the amount of not less than ONE MILLION DOLLARS ($1,000,000.00), naming the Club as Certificate Holder. Other than Harris Bay Yacht Club personnel, the Boat Owner and the Boat Owner’s immediate family, no person or entity shall be hired or permitted to install any machinery or equipment upon Club’s premises. Harris Bay Yacht Club prohibits any outside laborer to work on boats on the Club’s premises, unless specifically authorized by Harris Bay Yacht Club. Boat Owners and/or Contractors are required to obtain permission from Harris Bay Yacht Club to have repairs performed on their boats. All such contractors are required to provide Harris Bay Yacht Club with certificates of liability and workers’ compensation insurance.




MONDAY - SUNDAY 9:00AM - 5:00 PM


View live footage at Harris Bay Yacht Club through our web cams. Check out what is happening RIGHT NOW!


2712 Route 9L, Po Box 139 Cleverdale, NY 12820 PH: (518) 656-9028  [email protected] 2009 -2019 Copyright Harris Bay Yacht Club. All Rights Reserved.

yacht club rules and regulations

  • Welcome Rules and Regulations
  •   Owner's Information
  • New Vessel Application
  • Submit Insurance Information
  • Classifieds
  • Slips for Sale or Rent
  • Hurrican Irma Pictures
  • Community Calendar
  • Our Facilities
  • Our Location
  • NOAA Weather for Hawks Channel  
  • Contact Us Form
  •   Documents
  • X 400 Pump  
  • Emergency Contact

Banner photo

Welcome to Coco Plum Beach Yacht Club

Coco Plum Beach Yacht Club Condominium Association, Inc. - [email protected]

Monroe County Sheriff’s Department - 289-2430 (non-emergency)

U.S. Coast Guard Marine and Air Emergency - 295-9700

Wild Bird Rescue Middle Keys - 743-8382

FWCC - Manatee Rescue – 1-888-404-FWCC (3922)


  • A gate code or remote transmitter is required, please see the dock master.

*Emergency Services (fire, rescue, police) have the gate code.


  • Combinations for the bathhouse are available from the dock master.


  • There are USPS mailboxes attached to the south end of the bathhouse. Each slip owner was provided a key to the corresponding numbered mailbox. (CPBYC does not have keys to these boxes. If a key is lost, contact the Marathon Post Office.)
  • There is one slot to place outgoing mail.
  • Currently, the mail pickup/delivery is mid to late afternoon.
  • There are three local USPS offices and one UPS store which offer rental mailboxes.
  • Mailing address of individual slips: 150 Coco Plum Drive #(enter your slip number) Marathon, FL 33050


  • Comcast is the service provider of TV and internet. The association has an account and provides basic cable TV. Internet can be added on through Comcast. The closest Comcast offices are in Key West and Key Largo.
  • Bills for association fees, water and TV are mailed quarterly, payment can be dropped off at LK Financial in the drop box on the side of the building, or sent to: Coco Plum Beach Yacht Club, PO Box 522592 Marathon Shores, FL 33052
  • Water meters are read on each electrical pedestal quarterly. Please keep the area accessible and clear.
  • All projects must be notified to the board of directors PRIOR to beginning. Sheds, alterations, permits with the city, screening of tiki huts, new vessels of any size, etc.
  • All vessels entering the marina for any length of stay require Association approval PRIOR to entrance.
  • Please be familiar with documents and rules. These documents are found at the association’s website.


  • The dumpster is located on the east side of the bathhouse. Please bag all garbage and break down all boxes prior to placing in dumpster.
  • Please keep dumpster lids closed to discourage scavengers.
  • The dumpster is emptied on Mondays and Friday, usually in the morning.
  • Large items (furniture, appliances) must be taken to the transfer station on Long Key, MM68.
  • Please recycle.   Bins are located adjacent to the dumpster.          
  • Used oil, oil filters and fuel, paints, mercury bilge switches, and other hazardous wastes should be taken to the transfer station on Long Key, MM68. 
  • Batteries should be exchanged at the business from which your new ones are purchased.


  • The sanitary hoses are kept in the large garbage cans in the parking area next to the mangroves.
  • Close the valve at the boat end of the hose.
  • Attach the hose to the pump out fixture on the slip side of the street and open the valve. Straighten the hose as much as possible as kinks slow the process.
  • Fill the bucket with fresh water, which will be used to rinse the hose after pumping out your vessel. (You may want to add a few ounces of bleach to the rinse water to sanitize the hose and reduce odors.)
  • Turn on the suction at the panel (located at slip numbers 4, 12, 20, 27, 36 and 45) by pressing the green button.
  • The vacuum will build. Place the hose fitting to your waste water deck fitting and open the valve (the handle will be in line with the hose.) It may take a moment for the vacuum pressure to begin pumping.
  • It may take more than one cycle to finish the job, just press the green button again.
  • Once your holding tank is empty, close the hose valve and place the hose fitting in the bucket of fresh water. Open the hose valve and rinse with the full contents of the bucket.
  • Keep the vacuum going as you wind the hose back up to replace in the garbage can, to ensure that all water and waste has been removed from the hose.
  • Close the hose valve.
  • Remove hose from the pump out fixture and return to garbage can along with the clean bucket.
  • Upon completion, be sure to close the valve at the street and recap.


Engines and Bilges

  • Use absorbent bilge pads to soak up oil and fuel.
  • Do not dispose of any fuel or petroleum products, including used filters in the marina dumpster.
  • Do not dispose of used batteries in the marina trash.

Bilge Water

  • Discharge of oily bilge water into marina waters or onto the ground is prohibited.
  • It is recommended that each vessel have a bilge sock installed.

Sewage and Gray Water Discharge

  • Please use low- or non-phosphate soaps.
  • Discharge of sewage into the marina waters is strictly prohibited.
  • Dispose of your pet’s waste properly by bagging and placing in the trash.
  • Please do not dispose of pet waste in the mangroves or water!

Boat Cleaning and Washing

  • Use only environmentally friendly cleaning products and procedures.
  • Please conserve water.

Fish Waste Management

  • Dispose of unwanted bait offshore.
  • Dispose of fish waste by either bagging and placing in the trash* or taking offshore.
  • Feeding of birds is prohibited.

* It is preferred that you freeze the fish waste and place in the dumpster on pick up days......Monday & Friday. This will keep the odor down and discourage scavengers.

  The “Rules of the Road” and navigation laws of the United States apply to all vessels in or approaching the marina. Vessels must comply with no wake zones and manatee zones.

_________________________________________________________________________________ A summary of the


Note:  These simplified Rules and Regulations, are for quick reference only, and are not intended to be a comprehensive list or a substitute for the language contained in the Declaration of Condominium, the By-Laws, or any Regulations enacted by the various Boards of Directors of the Association.

  • Any Unit Owner who allows a Vessel to enter his/her Unit without PRIOR APPROVAL of the Board of Directors shall be subject to a One Hundred Dollar ($100.00) penalty.  Approval may be withheld for any house boat or any other vessel which the Board of Directors determines will result in a safety hazard, hazard to navigation or will have an adverse impact on the property values of units in the Condominium.  Board approval requires a completed vessel information form, a recent picture of the vessel, and a copy of the vessel’s current liability insurance policy indicating a minimum of $100,000 liability insurance.  This regulation applies to ALL vessels, whether owned by the unit owner, by a tenant or by a quest of the unit owner .  Any two board members are authorized to approve or disapprove the vessel.  Should a non-complying Unit Owner not subsequently obtain Board of Directors approval of the Vessel within 48 hours of being notified by a member of the Board of Directors, either in person, or by telephone, the Unit Owner will be required to immediately remove the Vessel from the Unit.  Should the unapproved vessel not be removed by the end of the business day on which the 48-hour period elapses, the Board of Directors may contact the appropriate authorities to have the unapproved vessel removed and/or may turn the issue over to the Association’s legal council for further action.
  • All vessels owners must submit a signed vessel application confirming their acceptance of CPBYC rules and regulations prior to entering the marina
  • All vessels entering the marina must do so under their own power.
  • All vessels must have Coast guard approved marine sanitation systems. These systems must be in working order. Through hull discharge seacock must be banded in the closed position and secured with Coast Guard approved strap. Digital photos of components must be provided. 

General Rules and Restrictions

  • Owners shall take extreme care to act in accordance with all the requirements of the Monroe County Code relating to the use of real property, and in accordance with the Regulations of the Condominium.
  • Throwing refuse outside the receptacles provided for that purpose is prohibited.
  • No owner or tenant shall install wiring for any electrical or mechanical equipment of any description on or at any unit other than as the Board of Directors may prescribe. 
  • No owner shall do or cause to be done anything in or at his unit that would endanger its structural soundness or interfere with any easement or right appurtenant to it or affect the common elements without the consent of all owners who may be affected.
  • No owner shall permit or suffer any condition or thing on or at his unit that would increase the rate of insurance thereon or on the Condominium as a whole.
  • No immoral, improper, offensive or unlawful uses shall be made of the Condominium or any portion of it, and the owner of each unit, at his own expense shall comply with, perform and fully satisfy all city, county, state and federal laws, statues ordinances, regulations, orders or requirements affecting his unit.
  • No nuisance shall be permitted upon the Condominium property.
  • No pets or other animals shall be permitted upon the Condominium property.  The board attempts to be lenient in this area, but requires that all dogs must be kept on a 6 foot or less leash at all times, dog owners must pick up after their dogs, and dogs shall not cause a nuisance to any unit owner.  Failure to comply will result in the board enforcing the no pet restriction against the offending owner.
  • No aggressive pets will be allowed on the property.
  • Do not allow pets to urinate on the west side of the road near units including unimproved units. Do not allow dogs to urinate on vehicles.
  • The running of engines for longer than twenty minutes while the vessel is docked at the unit is not permitted.
  • With the exception of approved propane grill cooking fires and UL listed and approved propane heaters, no open fires of any kind are allowed on-board vessels, within or upon individual units, or on or within the common elements or limited common elements of the Association.  This restriction on open fires includes, but is not limited to fires made from wood, charcoal, compressed pellets or other combustible solid materials, and includes fires on decks, sidewalks, walkways, roads or in the parking areas or any other area of Coco Plum Beach Yacht Club Condominium Association, Inc.  The Board of Directors also reserves the right to restrict or prohibit any propane grill cooking fire and/or propane heater if in the opinion of the majority of the board, the location, type, or use of such fire and/or heater could reasonably be judged to represent a potential fire hazard within the marina.  A violation of this rule will result in a verbal and/or written warning to the unit owner responsible for the violation (unit owners are responsible for the actions of their tenants), and if not immediately corrected, will result in legal action against the unit owner creating the violation.

Modifications of Units By Owners

  • No owner shall make any structural addition or alteration to his unit without prior written consent of the Board of Directors.  This includes any electrical or mechanical modifications, construction of decks or curbing, erection of any permanent or semi-permanent awnings or coverings, or construction of fences.
  • No fence will be approved unless it is four (4) feet or less in height.  No solid fences will be approved.
  • Each Unit Owner shall be responsible for the cost of accessing any utility within the 5’ wide utility easement located between the road and the unit, should this easement or the Unit be obstructed in any manner, by fencing, plants, trees, curbs, stones, paving stones, concrete, or any other obstruction, whether or not the obstruction was caused by the then current Unit Owner, or by any previous Unit Owner. 

Sale or Lease of Units By Owner

  • No sale, lease or transfer of a unit is permitted without written approval by the Board of Directors.  Owners must apply to the Board and receive written approval prior to finalizing the sale of their unit.
  • A Fifty ($50.00) dollar transfer fee will be assessed against the seller of any unit.
  • All new residents of the community are required to submit pertinent information and fee for a background check of all those potentially residing in or owning a unit.
  • Sanitary hoses are to be used to pump waste from a boat’s waste tank.
  • Sanitary hoses must be flushed upon completion of boat pumping.
  • Buckets have been provided with each sanitary hose for hose flushing. Do not place or hang the sanitary hose in the canal for flushing. If unfamiliar with vacuum system see dock master for proper procedure.
  • Sanitary hoses and the pump-out system are not be used to pump anything else.
  • The Board will assess fines from $25 to $100 per violation of any of the above regulations after first providing verbal and/or written warning to offenders, and fines will be assessed weekly until the violation is corrected.  Fines will be assessed against owners whose tenants are found violating the rules.

Maintenance And Repairs of Units and Common Elements

  • The owner of each unit is responsible for the maintenance of his unit to include all mechanical and electrical equipment and components located within or upon the unit.
  • Each owner shall immediately correct any conditions which, if not corrected, would cause damage to another unit, vessel, or other property.
  • The Association may likewise undertake any repairs needed for the maintenance of the units of for the uniformity of their physical appearance, regardless of whether such activity is carried on within the boundaries of any one or more units.
  • All maintenance and repair to the common elements are the responsibility of the Board and shall be charged alike as common expenses unless such maintenance, repairs or replacements are necessitated by the negligence or misconduct of one or more individual owners in which case they will be responsible for the cost.

Parking Spaces and Number of Vehicles Allowed Per Unit

  • Condominium documents allocate ONE parking space per unit (slip).  Assigned spaces are numbered with each unit number.  The Board of Directors has sole discretion as to how all other parking spaces may be used.  Currently all unassigned spaces are designated as GUEST parking spaces.  The Board reserves the right to change this designation per the documents, at any time.
  • No owner or tenant may keep more than two vehicles on association property at any one time, one of which must be parked in the assigned space and the other parked in a Guest space.  Guest spaces are available on a first come, first served basis and shall not be reserved in any way for exclusive use by anyone.  This regulation does not imply that each unit is in any way entitled to two parking spaces, and specifically prohibits owners from “allowing” others to “use my 2 nd space” in an effort to circumvent the regulation restricting the number of vehicles per unit to two.  This regulation does not apply to owners or tenants who occasionally require more than two spaces for the use of visiting guests, but it shall be entirely at the Board’s discretion as to what constitutes a legitimate guest and how long the guest vehicles will be permitted to remain on association property.  It is anticipated that guests shall be day visitors only with occasional overnight or weekend visits, but not on a long-term basis.  The Board reserves the right to tow unauthorized vehicles if deemed to be in violation of this regulation, but it will make an effort to notify the owner and allow the vehicle to be removed from association property before towing.  Any towing cost incurred will be billed to the unit owner whose vehicle, tenant’s vehicle, or guest’s vehicle created the violation.

General Parking Area Regulations

  • No boats or boat trailers may be brought on to the common property of the Association, including but not limited to the road, assigned parking spaces, or guest parking spaces or any other element of the common property.  Exceptions:  Should a named storm be approaching the Keys such that Coco Plum Beach Yacht Club is ‘in the cone’ of probability (as published by NOAA) that the storm will come ashore within 96 hours, or with prior written board approval, boats and/or boat trailers may be brought on to the common property for a short period of time (a few hours) specifically and solely for the purpose of loading the boat or trailer in preparation for evacuation.  Upon returning following evacuation for a named storm, boats and/or boat trailers may be brought on to the common property for a short period of time (a few hours) for the purpose of unloading the boat or trailer.  In no event may any boat or boat trailer be left overnight on the common property and no work may be done on any boat or boat trailer while it is on common property.   Any other exception to this regulation requires the express written permission of the Board of Directors prior to the boat and/or trailer being brought on to the common property. 
  • No RV’s, campers, camper trailers, storage trailers, or any other type of trailer shall be parked overnight in any common area of the association without written permission from the board of directors.  RV’s and trailers of this type are permitted to be parked  in assigned parking places for a brief period of time (several hours) for the purpose of loading and unloading only.
  • All vehicles parked in any common area of the association, including assigned parking spaces must have a current vehicle registration and valid vehicle license plate. 
  • No vans, box vans or similar types of vehicles may be parked in any common area of the association, including in assigned parking spaces if the primary purpose of the vehicle is to provide a storage facility.  Only vehicles whose primary purpose is transportation are permitted.
  • Contractors are not permitted to leave equipment on the common elements of the association without board approval, and any equipment brought on to association property must be required for active projects, and not for storage purposes.
  • Working in the common area by residents of the association is permitted for short term projects provided the nature of the work does not create a danger or nuisance to others and does not risk environmental or other damage to association property or adjacent environmentally sensitive areas or damage association property. NO SPRAY PAINTING, NO CHANGING OIL, ETC. If in doubt, contact the dockmaster.

Storage Units and Dock Boxes Located On Common Property

  • Only Rubbermaid® or equivalent (in color, construction and shape) plastic storage units are permitted on common property.  Any deviation from this type of storage unit must be approved in writing by the Board.  The Board will endeavor to consider all requests submitted in writing in a timely manner, however, failure of the Board to approve any such request will automatically mean the request is denied.
  • A maximum of two storage units per condominium unit owned are permitted on common property and must be located entirely within the assigned parking space for each unit unless otherwise specifically authorized in writing by the Board of Directors.  No storage units may be placed in any parking spaces designated as Guest parking.
  • Storage units located in designated parking spaces must be placed as far back from the east edge of the road surface as possible to permit owner or tenant vehicles to be parked in the space such that no portion of the vehicle overhangs or extends into the roadway.  Owners or tenants are NOT allowed to utilize their assigned parking space for storage units such that their vehicle will not fit in the space and then park their vehicles in Guest spaces.
  • Without prior written board approval, nothing shall be stored in any portion of the common area, including assigned parking spaces, that is not entirely placed within an approved storage unit, such that the unit can be properly closed as designed.
  • With prior board approval, decorating or plantings in guest spot common areas is encouraged.
  • Bicycles in good working order to be placed upright and adjacent to your storage unit.
  • Sheds must be kept in good repair.
  • The Board will assess fines from $25 to $100 per violation of these regulations after first providing verbal and/or written warning to offenders.  Fines will be assessed weekly until the violation is corrected.  All fines will be assessed against the owners when the violator is a tenant of the owner.

yacht club rules and regulations

Rules and Regulations



The following Rules and Regulations apply to the operation of Quayside Yacht Club, Inc. (QYC) and the conduct of the owners, renters and guests at QYC. These rules were adopted and approved by the Board of Directors on June 22, 2018, whereby revoking, withdrawing and rescinding any prior Rules and Regulations of the Club.

The Board of Directors reserve the right to amend, change and modify the Rules and Regulations at any time, with or without notice should it be in the best interest of QYC and its owners, renters and guests (herein referred to as member(s)).

Tubing is not allowed coming in or going out of the marina channel inlet or other water areas inside the marina.

No foreign matter, chemical substance or any other foreign liquid shall be dumped, pumped or disposed of in the lake at any time.

Parties and other social gatherings on Club property shall be conducted in a manner which will not infringe upon the rights of other members.

Members shall use discretion with all noise or sound-generating equipment so as to not create a nuisance to the other members.

Docks shall be kept clear of all personal property with the exception of Club approved dock boxes, and if space permits, small umbrella table with chairs.

Fishing, conducted in a safe manner and location that does not impact other members or boat traffic is allowed.

There is no swimming allowed from boats or anywhere within the marina.

Cooking with charcoal or wood is not allowed anywhere on Club property. Cooking is permitted on boats and in the clubhouse using grills with 1lb propane tanks.

Pets shall be managed so that their presence does not infringe on the peaceful enjoyment of the facility by others.

No pets, other than registered, licensed dogs or cats shall be permitted on Club Property.  Pet owners must ensure that all vaccinations, required shots, etc. are current for the pet.

Any dog or cat must be leashed or carried.  Pets may NOT be left unattended.

Pet waste must be promptly disposed of, by the pet owner.

Failure to follow the pet related rules will result in the pet being permanently excluded from the Club.

20 MINUTE PARKING is allowed in front of the clubhouse/restroom building.  THIS IS A DROP OFF ZONE.

Trailers, campers, mobile home or tents are not permitted on Club Property including the parking lot.

All vehicles parked in the parking lot must display a valid club sticker.

VIOLATORS MAY BE TOWED at the owner’s expense.


No boats docked at QYC shall impede the safe navigation of any other boat.  Due to the navigational hazards that may be caused by the size of boats in certain slips, the BOD shall review and approve or deny the placement of any boat that exceeds the maximum CLOA boat length of the slip. See QYC Boat Size Policy for additional information.

In the event the Club Rules and Regulations are violated the Board of Directors is authorized to take action against the offender(s) in accordance with Article X, §10-100 of the By-Laws.

The REMEDY FOR VIOLATION provided for by the Condominium Act, NH RSA Chapter 356-B shall be in full force and effect.

2018 QYC Rules and Regulations as a PDF download here.

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yacht club rules and regulations

A yacht club is a sports club specifically related to yachting. Yacht Clubs are mostly located by the sea, although there are some that have been established at a lake or riverside locations. Yacht or sailing clubs have either a marina or a delimited section of the beach or shoreline with buoys marking the areas off-limits for swimmers as well as safe offshore anchorages. On shore they also include a perimeter reserved for the exclusive use of the members of the club as well as a clubhouse with attached bar, café or restaurant where members socialize in a pleasant and informal setting.

Although the terms Yacht Club and Sailing Club tend to be synonymous, some general differences regarding the recreational use of boats can be broadly outlined. Historically a Yacht Club tended to focus on a membership composed of yacht owners, including motorboats. This type of club often was extremely exclusive, attracting the aristocracy or the high class and leaving small boat owners out of the circle. On the other hand, a Sailing Club tended to focus on a membership composed exclusively of owners of sailboats, including smaller boats such as dinghies. These became very popular towards the end of the 19th century when small boats began to be produced on an industrial scale. Now days, many Yacht Clubs offer the same sailing opportunities to their members as Sailing clubs.

Yacht clubs are often known by their initials (e.g. New York Yacht Club abbreviated as NYYC and Kamini Yacht Club abbreviated as KYC). Many well known yacht clubs, including the Yacht Club de France and the Royal Yacht Squadron, have been established under royal patronage or have been granted the title at some point in their history.

Organized and run by the membership, Yacht Clubs became a place to promote the sport of sailboat racing and cruising, as well as provide a meeting place for the particular social community. The membership is a mixture of people with specific recreational affinities. Generally, the members include those who sail as crew for cruising or racing, as well as boat owners. Also it is up to the members to decide on the objectives of the club to satisfy the membership and to attract other like-minded individuals. For example, some clubs include owners of powerboats, while others specifically exclude them. In order to overcome difficulties concerning the affinities of their members one particular club may have two sections, a sailing section and a powerboat section.

Members Clubs often have paid staff for catering, bar duty, boat yard duty, accounts, office etc. Control and organization of the club is done for the membership via members elected by the membership into roles such as Sailing Secretary, Commodore, Cruising Captain, Racing Captain etc. Smaller clubs typically have a condition of membership which requires active participation of the membership in activities such as maintenance of club facilities and equipment.

Unlike the classical clubs where the membership is the focus, certain clubs are run on a commercial basis. They may be owned by individuals or a company to provide a service and generate a profit. Often they are associated with a particular marina or port. Objectives are usually very similar to members clubs but the social side maybe more dominant.

There is a long historical tradition behind yacht clubs. According to the date of establishment, the Neva Yacht Club, founded in 1718 in Russia, is the oldest yacht club. However, since this Russian Yacht Club was established by a decree of Tsar Peter the Great, it does not fully qualify as a proper club in the modern sense, understood as a voluntary association of members who organize and run the club. Therefore, the Royal Cork Yacht Club founded in Ireland in 1720 is also widely acknowledged as the oldest yacht club in the world, despite having gone through periods of dormancy and undergone name changes in its long history, much in the same manner as the Neva Yacht Club. It was only in 1846 that the first yacht club in Russia to adopt British-style Members Club regulations was established. Using this Western understanding of what a club or society is, the Royal Swedish Yacht Club, KSSS, founded 1830, becomes the oldest European yacht club outside the British Isles, and the fifth oldest in the world.

A number of the world's most renowned Yacht Clubs are located in the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Canada, and the United States. The first yacht club in North America was the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron, located on the Northwest Arm in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada established in July 1837. The most prestigious of them are organized within the International Council of Yacht Clubs.

The Kieler Yacht-Club in Northern Germany organizes the yearly Kiel Week, the biggest sailing event in the world, that is celebrated since 1882.

Racing and Sailing Activities

Most clubs, regardless of the size of their craft, have a well defined racing program. Clubs may host regattas ranging from informal local events to national championships. Often clubs have a regular weekday evening racing schedule or a weekend racing schedule organized by the membership. Many yacht clubs field teams to compete against other clubs in team racing. There are also some specific boat models and lengths which have their own club. These boat ownership clubs often hold single design races for their members; the Islander 36 association is such a club. With the growth of sailing at secondary schools and universities many yacht clubs host Interscholastic Sailing Association or Intercollegiate Sailing Association regattas. Additionally, a number of yacht clubs enter into agreements with schools to provide dock space and practice facilities for the school teams year-round.

Clubs with active adult sailing programs most often feature junior sailing programs as well. Most often these programs enroll children from ages 8 to 16. Children most often learn to sail in the optimist (dinghy) and then progress to a larger single handed dinghy such as starling or laser dinghy or two handed such as 420 (dinghy). These junior sailing programs often also teach children rowing, kayaking, general seamanship and navigation. Children are also taught how to race competitively from an early age and most clubs host junior sailing regattas each season.

Club Burgee

Members belonging to a yacht club or sailing organization may fly their club's unique flag (usually triangular), called a burgee, both while under way and at anchor (however, not while racing). Traditionally, the burgee was flown from the main masthead, however it may also be flown from a small pole on the bow pulpit, or even the starboard rigging beneath the lowest starboard spreader on a flag halyard. Some traditional clubs have also been granted the right to fly a special yacht ensign at the stern.

At traditional clubs the burgee and the ensign is hoisted at 08:00 each morning and lowered each evening at sunset. This ceremony is called colours. Traditionally, the first time a member of one club visits another, there is an exchange of burgees. Exchanged burgees are often displayed on the premises of clubs, such as at their clubhouse or bar.


Yacht clubs are organized like any other club or organisation with committees, chairman, directors, etc. Due to the connection with the sea and hence the navy, the various posts use naval terminology. For example, the chairman/CEO is the Commodore. Usually, under the Commodore there are also the Vice Commodore (in charge of land-based activities) and the Rear Commodore (in charge of water-based activities); for clubs in the United States they might in turn be assisted by thePort Captain and the Fleet Captain respectively. In a few clubs in the United Kingdom the Admiral, which is one rank above the Commodore, is the senior officer. Each of these ranks has specific responsibilities to ensure the smooth running of the club.

Reciprocating Clubs

Reciprocal Agreements between clubs allow members of one club to use the facilities of a reciprocating club at no cost or at a nominal fee such as for electricity. This allows club members to cruise to many destinations without incurring the higher cost of marina moorage, etc.

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All is for sake of golf

Pestovo Golf club is built in accordance with international standards and it doesn’t have any analogs in Moscow and Moscow Region. The championship course is prepared for games at the highest level — it can host prestigious major tournaments. Professional coaches of the Golf academy can teach a beginner or give valuable advice to already experienced golfers and children Academy will develop the potential of the youngest golfers.

Membership in the private closed club «Pestovo» is a lifetime privilege opening multifaceted opportunities of sports and cultural life of modern golf community.

Your browser does not support the video tag.

Away from the bustle

Pestovo golf club is situated in a picturesque place on the shore of Pestovo reservoir. Here is no city noise but only fresh air, landscapes and cozy country houses. Its nature and developed infrastructure turn Pestovo into a quiet corner for family vacation.

yacht club rules and regulations

Moscow region

City district Mitishi Village Rumiancevo, Nikolskaya st., private demesne 1, building 1

With care of your recreation

There are all the necessary things in our country complex for comfortable rest of your entire family. This is not only a championship golf course but it’s also a club house, restaurant, fitness club and yacht club. Qualified staff puts the life in the country club on a new level.


The restaurant «Pestovo»


Yacht club «Pestovo»


Winter Golf

One of the most memorable events of the winter season took place.

yacht club rules and regulations

{{ alert.message }}

Your application is sent, your request is sent.

yacht club rules and regulations

President Raisi confirmed dead as wreckage found

Solway yacht club hold hugely successful open day at kippford.

On one of the best days of warm sunshine so far this year and with a light southerly wind two hundred, visitors aged from three to many over 80 came from all over the UK to Kippford on Saturday.

They were there to enjoy one of the best Solway Yacht Club open days in recent times. A warm welcome was given by club members to all visitors who wanted to sample the club’s facilities both on and off the water.

Kippford has been described by the Kippford Village Association as a “hidden gem” and seeing it from the sea shows this scenic village at its best. As the incoming tide of the River Urr laps gently onto the shore the many high contrast features of the seafront buildings are shown off at their best.

Boat rides out into Rough Firth, past Rough Island and even towards Hestan Island were available in a large sailing cruiser, rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) and not least the club’s sailboats powered only by the wind. These included dinghy types such as Toppers, Picos. Fevas, a Buzz and a Bahia. Boat names of these include Picoboo, Nightfeva, Discofeva, I think I have a Feva and Charlotte.

After sailing, for those who went out in boats and also for those who did not go afloat, a great welcome was made to one and all in the Ccubhouse. Here they enjoyed tea, coffee, soft drinks and a delicious variety of home-made cakes showing off the excellent baking skills of many of the club’s members.

On Friday, a number of members had completed an on and off the water Royal Yachting Association (RYA) safety boat course. The weekend’s sunshine and fair winds allowed for maximum on water time to test out the background theory and give the boat drivers and their crew the necessary valuable experience to complete this important qualification. Thanks are given to the instructors April Whitely, Alan Gilman and Julian Stanning. Congratulations are due to Simon Blissett, David Reilly, Emma McRobert, Andy Adair, Katie Bishop, Richards Bishop and James Bishop.

On Saturday, May 25 11 large yachts and powerboats – the Solway Yacht Club’s “Solway Armada” will sail or motor over to Whitehaven for a special social weekend at Whitehaven Marina.

Another important further event for the club this year will happen on the weekend of May 25 and 26. This is the honour of hosting a country-wide competition open to all owners of Finn dinghy boats north and south of the border. That weekend the club will also celebrate its 120th anniversary of existence. This will take the form of a special regatta and social event in the evening.

Given the success of this year’s open day, next year’s open day is being looked forward to with much enthusiasm.

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Oleksandr Usyk is the new undisputed heavyweight champion of the world after beating Tyson Fury in Saudi Arabia - but will soon be stripped of the IBF title

Paddy McGuinness 'gutted' after leaving the UK behind

The former Top Gear host has swapped England for Sweden

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Tyjson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk will meet in Saudi Arabia on March 19 in a bid to become undisputed heavyweight world champion

'I saw Tyson Fury defeated by Oleksandr Usyk and one thing stood out'

Full fight report from Riyadh as Oleksandr Usyk overcame Tyson Fury by split decision to become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world

Anthony Joshua reacts to Tyson Fury’s defeat to Oleksandr Usyk

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Laura Woods pulls out of Fury vs Usyk coverage after revealing injuries suffered in freak accident

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'I'd like to know' - Jurgen Klopp sends parting 115 charges message to Pep Guardiola and Man City

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'I'm closer to leaving': Pep Guardiola sends message over Man City future

The manager has hinted at signing a new contract, with his current set to expire next summer

‘You write the laws you f------ idiots’: Australia’s reaction to Lord’s stumping row revealed

The Australian cricket team’s immediate response to the infamous stumping of Jonny Bairstow at Lord’s last summer has been laid bare, with opener Marcus Harris telling a group of MCC members “you write the rules you f------ idiots”.

Man City fire brutal dig at Liverpool after Premier League title win

Man City's Twitter account aimed a joke at Liverpool's expense after the club claimed a fourth consecutive title

Manchester United might have a tactical rethink for the FA Cup final after beating Brighton

Man United ended their Premier League season with a 2-0 win at Brighton but still finished eighth in the table, outside of the European qualifying places.

Emma Raducanu withdraws from French Open qualifying

Emma Raducanu has belatedly clarified her reasons for withdrawing from next week’s French Open qualifying event, saying that she needs a “healthy block” of training in order to avoid injury over the rest of the season.


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  1. PDF Rules & Regulations

    In accordance with the Newburyport Yacht Club Bylaws, the Board of Directors has established the following Rules & Regulations governing members. It is the obligation of every member to be familiar with, and adhere to the Rules and Regulations of the Club. For the purpose of this document, we will refer to 3 member classes: Definition:

  2. Club Rules and Regulations

    5. Any car in the DYC lot that is inappropriately parked, without a contact number or keys left in the vehicle, or with the Dockmaster, may be towed if necessary. 6. Boating guests, crews and employees are not permitted to use the parking lot. 7. Only one car per membership per visit may park in the parking lot.

  3. Rules and Regulations

    The following rules shall not be considered as part of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Olympia Yacht Club, but are hereby duly adopted as rules and regulations subject to amendment or repeal only in accordance with Article 9 of the Bylaws. Rule 1: Reciprocal Moorage: (a) Members of recognized reciprocal yacht clubs will be allowed 48 hours.

  4. PDF Bentwater Yacht & Country Club Membership Policies and Rules & Regulations

    key Club management personnel, and such other individuals as are appointed by the Owner, which Board represents the Owner in certain aspects of managing and operating the Club. Where applicable, references to the decision-making authority of the Club herein and in the Rules and Regulations shall mean the Board. ARTICLE 3. MEMBERSHIP 3.1 General.

  5. PDF Rules and Regulations of Myrtle Beach Yacht Club at Coquina Harbor

    These Rules and Regulations were duly approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors on January 15, 2021. The Myrtle Beach Yacht Club Rules and Regulations are being adopted to insure the best boating and recreational experience for all members, renters, and guests and to preserve their value, safety, and yachting pleasure.

  6. PDF House & Grounds Rules

    The following House & Grounds Rules are adopted and issued by the California Yacht Club (the "Club") in accordance with its Membership By-Laws. Such rules amplify and add to subjects covered in the Membership By-Laws. In case of any conflict between the Membership By-Laws and these House & Grounds Rules, the By-Laws shall take precedence.

  7. Home

    That afternoon, they established the New York Yacht Club (NYYC) and made three critical decisions that day: first, they elected Stevens as Commodore of the Club; second, they agreed to develop rules and regulations to govern the Club; and, third, they resolved to cruise to Newport, Rhode Island, initiating the enduring connection between the ...

  8. PDF Guidlines For Use of Seattle Yacht Club By Reciprocal Guests

    Guidelines For Use of Seattle Yacht Club By Reciprocal Guests. Seattle Yacht Club (SYC) is pleased to welcome members of approved reciprocal clubs to visit and enjoy the facilities of the SYC Portage Bay Mainstation. SYC was established in 1892 and has grown to include more than 3,000 members. The 19,500 square foot Mainstation was built in ...


    Declaration First Amendments 11-21. Yacht Club Condominium Rules and Regulations. (Revised and approved March 20, 2019)

  10. Rules and Regulations

    Rules and Regulations The Perry Yacht Club facilities are for the use and enjoyment of PYC members and their guests. To ensure that use, ... All regulations and conditions established by the Corps of Engineers are part of the rules and regulationsof Perry Yacht Club. 7. The Club dumpster is provided for disposal of general waste created during ...


    RULES AND REGULATIONS OF CREEKSIDE YACHT CLUB, INC. All Members, Renters and invited guests, as well as any other persons who might lawfully be entitled to use the facilities of Creekside in any manner, are subject to the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions of Creekside ("Declaration"), its By-Laws and the Rules and Regulations of the Board of Directors. The Rules and ...

  12. Rules & Regulations

    Rules and Regulations Updated 4-3-24 If you have trouble reading the rules and regulations below, you can also click here to download a PDF version. Newburyport Yacht Club 300R Merrimac St-Office 1 Woodland St. -parking Newburyport, MA 01950 (978) 463-9911 VHF Ch 71


    operation of the Fairfax Yacht Club, to clarify and implement the By-laws, and to set forth restrictions that enhance maintaining and operating the Club for the benefit of all, Unit Owners and Tenants alike. A. Basis for Rules and Regulations 1. The Fairfax Yacht Club Condominium Unit Owners Association (FYC), acting through its Board of ...

  14. Rules and Regulations

    The provisions of the By-Laws of Harris Bay Yacht Club, Inc (the "Club") are incorporated herein by reference in their entirety. Any waiver, consent or approval given pursuant to these Rules and Regulations by the Board or any Management agent shall be revocable at any time and shall not be deemed a waiver, consent or approval of the same ...

  15. PDF Presidio Yacht Club By-laws

    The Rules and Regulations are binding on the Council, Bridge, and all Club members. 3.2. The Rules and Regulations can be amend by a two-third vote of the Council. 3.3. All questions regarding the meaning of the Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, and Standard ... normally incidental to the office of commodore of a yacht club. The Commodore will

  16. PDF RULES AND REGULATIONS Ocean Beach & Yacht Club Unit II

    G. The Membership Committee shall at all times keep on hand a supply of By -Laws and Rules and Regulations. New applicants shall receive copies when applying for membership. H. The Membership Committee shall maintain an updated membership roster in accordance with the Club's By-Laws, Article VII, Section 5(i). The roster shall include the ...

  17. Rules & Regulations

    Dillon Yacht Club . Junior Sailing Program; Rules & Regulations; Map of Lake; Fishing Dillon Reservoir; Camping; Marina Master Plan; Contact Us; Events. Visit. Do Exit 205 Right; ... Click here for Dillon Reservoir Rules & Regulations Free viewers are required for some of the attached documents.

  18. Welcome Rules and Regulations

    Welcome Rules and Regulations. Welcome to Coco Plum Beach Yacht Club. Coco Plum Beach Yacht Club Condominium Association, Inc. - [email protected]. Monroe County Sheriff's Department - 289-2430 (non-emergency) U.S. Coast Guard Marine and Air Emergency - 295-9700. Wild Bird Rescue Middle Keys - 743-8382.

  19. Rules and Regulations

    The following Rules and Regulations apply to the operation of Quayside Yacht Club, Inc. (QYC) and the conduct of the owners, renters and guests at QYC. These rules were adopted and approved by the Board of Directors on June 22, 2018, whereby revoking, withdrawing and rescinding any prior Rules and Regulations of the Club.

  20. Yacht Clubs & Sailing Clubs: Idaho, USA

    It was only in 1846 that the first yacht club in Russia to adopt British-style Members Club regulations was established. Using this Western understanding of what a club or society is, the Royal Swedish Yacht Club, KSSS, founded 1830, becomes the oldest European yacht club outside the British Isles, and the fifth oldest in the world.

  21. «Pestovo»

    Pestovo Golf club is built in accordance with international standards and it doesn't have any analogs in Moscow and Moscow Region. The championship course is prepared for games at the highest level — it can host prestigious major tournaments. Professional coaches of the Golf academy can teach a beginner or give valuable advice to already ...

  22. Solway Yacht Club hold hugely successful open day at Kippford

    On Saturday, May 25 11 large yachts and powerboats - the Solway Yacht Club's "Solway Armada" will sail or motor over to Whitehaven for a special social weekend at Whitehaven Marina. Another important further event for the club this year will happen on the weekend of May 25 and 26. This is the honour of hosting a country-wide competition ...

  23. Pet Friendly Apartments Bradenton FL

    Pet Policy. Maximum of 3 pets per apartment. Dogs and Cats only. There is a one-time pet fee of $325 per pet due at move-in and monthly pet rent in the amount of $25 per pet. Some breed restrictions apply. Please refer to Northland's Restricted Breed List .