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Welcome to the website of Star Yachts Ltd, the company that works together with you to get the best results for you, for the boat, and as a result, for us.

We are a young company that combines experience with youthful enthusiasm. After working for years at the Underfall Yard (inset picture), repairing and restoring wooden boats, with an occasional new build, Director Win Cnoops (main picture), decided that the first order for the Bristol 22 was the moment to set up Star Yachts, a new name, a new direction, and a step-up in quality and aspiration.

When repairing or restoring a boat, it's the boats needs that dictates the work to be done, when building new, it's the customer’s needs that must be assessed.

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Star Yachts Ltd

We are based in the historic Underfall Yard (main picture) in Bristol Docks. Underfall Yard was restored from a derelict state into a thriving boatyard of separate small companies around a Trust operated Slipway.

Star Yachts Ltd is an off-shoot of The Slipway Co-operative Ltd. Whereas the Slipway Co-operative deals with the smaller repair and restoration works, Star Yachts deals with new builds and bigger restoration commissions. Both companies employ both traditional shipwrighting skills and modern wood/epoxy techniques depending on the demands of the job in hand. Recent works include a 22' and a 27' motorlaunch on traditional lines in stripplank, and a purely traditional cornish pilot gig.

Underfall Yard Cumberland Road Bristol BS1 6XG United Kingdom

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Proprietor Winand Cnoops Address Underfall Yard, Cumberland Road, Bristol, BS1 6XG Tel 01179 079938 Mobile 07866 705181 Email [email protected] Web www.staryachts.co.uk Biography Star Yachts specialises in new builds and restorations, building either in modern wood/epoxy or by using purely traditional building techniques. The strip planked range of the retro styled "Bristol" motor launches vary in size from 16 to 32 foot. The latest new builds are two 18 foot electric launches. Another strip planked boat was a custom version of the Eventide class sailing boat, in an unusual 25 ft length. We are happy to design to your requirements and build it to last. Traditional boat building was used for two clinker 32' Cornish Pilot Gigs. All kinds of restoration and repair work are undertaken from the smallest dingy to Thames cabin launches and big trawlers. The Underfall Yard slipway can accommodate boats up to 100 ton.

Star Yachts Ltd

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star yachts ltd

To produce the biggest collection of information on Birkenhead Star Yachts from the very early days, through it's heydays until 1990 with the Marion Street factory closure and to make it available to Star Yacht enthusiasts, owners and the public.

Anyone who would like to contribute to this venture whether it be by photos, catalogues or literature, please get in touch and let me know what you have. If you have photos and descriptions of the pre-war models, please send them in. All will be gratefully received.

Vintage Pond Yachts

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The History of Star Yachts of Birkenhead

These colourful little yachts were, as proudly boasted on the later deck emblem, “Guaranteed to Sail” and they could regularly be seen navigating the uncharted waters of the local park pond, delighting children when they reached the other side and frustrating parents when they didn’t…

The history of the Star Yacht company, including the varied products it manufactured over a period of almost 70 years, is a fascinating one and it’d be a shame if it all became lost over time. I have, since childhood, been an admirer of their products and, more recently, I have had the good fortune to have been allowed access to much archive material not only from the Denye family themselves but also from others who managed to salvage records from the factory as the bulldozers, quite literally, began flattening the site in 1991.

See also:  Star Yachts of Birkenhead 1935 Catalogue.

See also:  Star Yacht display stands.

Please note that the majority of images on this website can be viewed in greater detail simply by clicking on them.

How Star Yachts began…

It was at the outbreak of the First World War that Franz Marie Denye, the owner of a successful boatyard on the North Sea coast of Belgium, decided it was time to load his possessions onto a newly built fishing boat and, together with his wife Marie Valerie Vanassche and two little children, escape the imminent arrival of the advancing German army. His family had, for centuries, been building wooden fishing smacks and trawlers, originally at their De Panne yard and then, as demand had grown, at a new yard with two slips in Ostend. One can only begin to imagine their feelings of trepidation as they slipped anchor and, in the dead of night, sailed off with uncertainty as to their future…

When the Armistice finally came it was clear that the family business in Ostend had, together with their property, been destroyed taking with it all hopes of returning home and so the decision was made for them to remain in England. The family took on a small back street shop in Birkenhead from which Marie sold cooked meats whilst Franz, when not employed in the shipyards, would settle himself in a back room and carve the “little model yachts” that were destined to make their fortune.

Alongside this increase in production Franz was able to seek out agents that could promote his models to retailers in major cities and it wasn’t long before the orders came flooding in for thousands of toy yachts.

In an interview of 1927 Franz later reflected – “You see my knowledge of design and construction resulted in producing really sailable boats”. He had discovered an untapped market for his wonderful little yachts and it soon became obvious that a move to new premises would be necessary…

Star Yachts move to Marion Street…

In 1922, encouraged by the huge surge in sales, Franz took the decision to set up a factory in Marion Street, Birkenhead – an address that was destined to become synonymous with Star Yacht production for almost 70 years.

“I acquired a workshop in Marion street, installed lathes and other light machinery, and for a time my wife, myself, and elder children worked very long hours for six days a week. Still the orders increased.

More machinery followed and then we engaged young women and girls from the district, departmentalising the making and fitting of masts and sails under my wife’s supervision, and the hulls under mine.

Now we are turning out hundreds of wooden toy railway engines, model barrows, children’s blackboards and other useful toys which hitherto have chiefly come from Germany”

(Quote taken from an interview with Franz for the Liverpool Echo dated 25th November 1927)

The images below show the “Star Yacht Works” in Marion Street. The first was taken circa 1923 and shows the factory and staff with Franz, wearing his trilby hat, stood to the left of the group whilst to the right is his wife Marie. The second image shows the factory as it was circa 1931 and the two gentlemen stood outside the entrance are Jean-Jacques and Ferdinand-Andre, two of the sons of Franz Denye, who were destined to later take over the running of Star Productions until the 1960’s.

The overwhelming success of the business, together with the necessary expansion required to cope with the demands in manufacturing, meant that in 1937 land adjoining the site was purchased and the factory extended. Further expansion was possible when, in the early 1950’s, the company was able to purchase an old builders yard located behind the factory.

The third image, taken in the early 1970’s, shows the extent of the development along Marion Street and it was to remain like this until the sad closure of the factory for redevelopment in 1990.

The following quote gives a good insight into the workings of the factory itself.

“Inside the mysterious, dark buildings of Star Productions, the traditional skills of its craftsmen are jealously guarded. Few people are allowed through the locked doors except the company’s faithful employees. The air hangs heavy with the pleasant smells of freshly-planed wood, yacht varnish and paint. Along a labyrinth of passages, resembling below decks of a ship, the partly-made hulls of countless small-scale yachts await the craftsman’s touch”.

(Taken from a quote in Cheshire Life dated January 1986)

The photographs below show factory life as it was in around 1923 and, although the images are poor, it’s possible to see how well organised the whole production line had become.

The first image shows what was known as the “construction room” and you can just make out the 12 numbered workstations beginning with No 1 in the foreground on the right hand side. Throughout the early years production was extremely labour-intensive with each individual yacht being carved, by hand, from a solid rectangular block. It was only after this time, with the introduction of semi automatic lathes and then later fully automatic lathes, that production became simpler and more efficient.

The second image gives a good insight into how the Star “painting department” was laid out at the time. There are women standing busily painting the wooden hulls, painted hulls laid out to dry and finished yachts dotted about on shelves around the room. In the centre is a large pot belly solid fuel stove with Ferdinand, as a small boy, stood next to it minding the huge kettle. It’s difficult, in today’s “health and safety” conscious world, to imagine the working conditions of such a bygone age…

The third photograph depicts the “fixing and sail making department” and it seems clear, from the cramped nature of the workstations, that business was indeed booming at this time.

It’s interesting to note that all the work areas depicted above are located on the first floor of the Star Works building so, given the lack of evidence to the contrary, one can only assume that the ground floor was used for the storage of  both raw materials and the finished stocks of yachts ready for dispatch.

The earliest reference that I’ve been able to find, relating to the products of the “Star Yacht Works”, are three post cards that were almost certainly used as commercial advertising material in the 1920″s.

The first depicts an early model Fishing Smack and, as can be seen from the images below, although it share similarities to models shown in 1930’s catalogues (and contemporary models produced by Star that were retailed under the Tri-ang banner) there are subtle differences such as the omission of portholes.

The second and third postcards depict early examples of their popular “Solid Yachts” and show the original keel shape before the introduction of the more distinctive curved keel that featured from the early 1930’s right up until the factory finally ceased production in 1991. Another distinctive feature of the early yachts is the much shallower, hand carved hull which preceded the deeper, machine turned forms of the later models.

Early advertising postcards for the “Star” yacht works in Birkenhead, England.

Star Yachts at the 1929 World Scout Jamboree…

This 15 day event, which was attended by some 30,000 Scouts and over 300,000 visitors, featured a “Star Yacht Works” exhibition stand complete with a flagpole flying a huge flag with the, none-too-subtle, wording “BUY STAR YACHTS”. The stand itself proudly boasted “All Star Yachts are Guaranteed to Sail”, a clever tagline that featured from the companies early days right up until the factory closure.

Although the image is fairly poor it is possible to clearly identify, amongst the many yachts offered, two Fishing Smack models in the foreground and what appears to be a large Racing Cutter to the right of the stand.

Franz can be seen proudly standing at the edge of shot in front of a large motor car, his business was clearly doing rather well…

A Star Yacht lost at sea…

It was on a fine August morning in 1932 that the Master of the steam trawler Swan, a Captain C A Evans, spotted a tiny object bobbing up and down on the waves of the Irish Sea. As his vessel drew closer both he and his crew were surprised to discover that it was a toy yacht, its sails set as it majestically charted its course.

On Saturday August 20th 1932 the Daily Mail, under the headline “Toy Yacht At Sea – Found With All Sails Set” , reported –

“A remarkable sea voyage by a child’s toy yacht only 15 inches long, was revealed when the Fleetwood steam-trawler Swan arrived in port yesterday. While in the vicinity of the Calf of Man, Skipper C A Evans observed a small object sailing bravely along and, steaming closer, discovered that it was a toy yacht, with all sails set and in perfect condition.

An address at Bangor, County Down, was found on the sail, and it is presumed that the yacht’s child owner had been paddling at the resort with the yacht when it was carried away to sea.

That so small a yacht could weather a voyage of nearly 100 miles without being swamped or battered to pieces is considered remarkable among the deep-sea fishermen who inspected it at Fleetwood yesterday.

Inquiries for the owner will probably be made, and if possible the child will have the toy returned.”

The yacht was clearly identifiable by the Star logo which was, alongside the name of the retailer in Bangor, emblazoned on the mainsail and Franz, ever the businessman, seized the advertising potential that such a story could bring in order to promote his products. Although attempts were almost certainly made to trace the young owner of the vessel it is unlikely that they were ever reunited with their pride and joy, instead the yacht was returned to the factory where a bespoke glass cabinet was constructed for it and it was to take pride of place on the front of the Star Yacht Works stand at the British Industries Fair, Olympia in 1933.

Star Yacht Works displays at the British Industries Fairs of 1933 and 1934

It is clear, from the photographs taken at the fairs of 1933 and 1934, that the range of yachts on offer around this time was vast and, judging by the catalogues, the period from the mid to late 1930’s represented the heyday for the Star company. Certainly, and as noted in a newspaper cutting dated 27th September 1935 titled “Birkenhead Firm’s Expansion” , the company was thriving and recognized the need to grow in order to cope with the increasing volume of orders –

“A substantial increase in trade during the past twelve months has been responsible for a considerable expansion and development in the output of the “Star” Yacht Works, Marion Street, Birkenhead.

Controlled by Mr F. Denye and family, the business takes the form of the manufacture of wooden toys and, up to the present, has employed eighty people. During the past year business has increased to such an extent as to make it impossible to cope with the output and, in the New Year, the number of employees is to be brought up to over 200 and the premises enlarged.

The firm sends its goods all over the world and is the only one in Birkenhead to be represented at the British Industries Fair”.

The catalogue of 1938 boasted a range of no less than 38 different yacht variants and alongside these were also offered 6 clockwork speedboats, a Star steam launch, 2 Star electric launches and 3 clockwork Star cargo steamers. Although yachts formed the mainstay of the companies business, the changes in seasonal demand for such products was managed by the production of other wooden toys – wheelbarrows, carts, blackboards, easels, bagatelle boards and billiard tables, to ensure the ongoing economic well-being of the factory.

Identifying the Star Yacht variants…

(To be continued).

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On the territory of the largest city in Europe with a 9-century history, there are many interesting places and objects. Some of the best attractions of modern Moscow are:

  • The Kremlin and Red Square, with which it is worth starting to get acquainted with the city;
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  • St. Basil's Cathedral (Cathedral of the Protection of the Holy Virgin);
  • The historical district of the capital is Kitay Gorod.

It is also worth visiting the river berths, beaches (in Rublevo, Strogino and Serebryany Bor) of the Moscow River, Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve, Moskarium Oceanography Center, Novodevichy Convent, Moscow Planetarium, Darwin Museum, Zaryadye Natural Landscape Park and Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy (VDNH).

The best restaurants in Moscow: Pushkin, Balzi rossi, Wine & Crab, Osteria della Piazza Bianca, White Rabbit, Björn, Northerners, Beluga, Lavkalavka and others.

Yachting in Moscow

You can leave your yacht parked in Moscow at the pier of one of the many yacht clubs on the banks of the Moscow River and the Khimki Reservoir - for example, on the territory of the Yacht Port “Estate Port” with 36 berths for vessels up to 15 m long or in CHALET RIVER CLUB yacht club on the border with the Moscow region with 57 berths for vessels up to 17 m long and with a draft of up to 1.7 m. If you are interested in selling yachts in Moscow , we recommend that you use the services of one of the trusted yacht brokers in the region, for example - PRESTIGE YACHTS, ULTRABOATS, IY C or WEST NAUTICAL.

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Asia’s second and third hulls of the Riva 102’ Corsaro Super will be arriving in Hong Kong following sales by…

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The sale of the first Aquariva 33 Special (hull no.1) to Hong Kong was made at the Cannes Yachting Festival…

star yachts ltd

2nd Riva 102 Corsaro Super sold in 2023

Starship Yachts has secured Hong Kong’s second sale of the new 30-meter Riva 102 Corsaro Super in 2023.

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  4. The first Bristol 27 motor cruiser is launched by Star Yachts

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  1. Star Yachts Ltd :: All boats are hand built to order at the Underfall

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    Nature of business (SIC) 30120 - Building of pleasure and sporting boats. 33150 - Repair and maintenance of ships and boats. STAR YACHTS LIMITED - Free company information from Companies House including registered office address, filing history, accounts, annual return, officers, charges, business activity.

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    About Me. My name is Graham Hunt, I live about 6 miles from the original Star yacht factory in Birkenhead. As a youngster, I can remember the Star yachts being sailed locally in boating lakes and ponds also the fun that you got from doing this, as I still do. Many people have bought or received as a present these yachts and probably have one ...

  11. BSYAS

    To produce the biggest collection of information on Birkenhead Star Yachts from the very early days, through it's heydays until 1990 with the Marion Street factory closure and to make it available to Star Yacht enthusiasts, owners and the public.

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    Founded in 1994, by Edwin Ho, Starship Yachts Ltd has been one of the pioneers of Yachting in Asia.

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    Starship Yachts offers superyacht services to clients through our partnership with Burgess, a global leader in the superyacht market specializing in charter, brokerage, new builds, management, finance and insurance for yachts above 30 meters. ... ROX STAR US$ 90,000 per week. Length: 39.9m (130.9ft) | Guests: 10/11 in 5 cabins | Built: 2015 ...

  17. Yacht for Sale in Moscow (36 Used Boat)

    Jeanneau NC 33Moscow, Russia. 2021. Length 10.53 m. Beam 3.00 m. $ 521 242. 10:00 09.06.2022. When planning to buy a yacht in Moscow, pay attention to the offers of 2yachts - we hope you will find a suitable option among current and profitable ads from direct sellers.

  18. Star City Moscow, where the cosmonauts live

    1. Star City. Star City Moscow Flag. Star City (or Zvyozdni Gorodok in Russian) is the training center where Russian cosmonauts were trained to be the first to get to space. Since the end of the 60s, this training center is called Yuri Gagarin (abbreviated GCTC ), in memory of the first cosmonaut to travel to outer space.

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    May 2024 Ferretti Yachts 500 Length: 15.33m (50ft 4in) | Guests: 12 Jul 2024 Wally wallywhy200 Length: 27.03m (88ft 8in) | Guests: 20 Aug 2024 Wally wallywhy150 Length: 23.99m (78ft 8in) | Guests: 20 View full selection of stock models The Pershing GTX 116 Lifestyle! Read more about GTX 116 Starship News

  20. Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow, Moscow : Five Star Alliance

    Top 8% in city. The hotel Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow is located in the centre Moscow, Russia. The hotel is within the immediate vicinity of the Bolshoi Theatre and only a few minutes' walk from the Kremlin, Red Square, the Parliament of Russia and Moscow's central business district. A timeless, world-class, residential style hotel designed for ...