Beam:  10.3'    Draft:  4'
    Beam:  10.4'    Draft:  4.92'
    Beam:  11.4'    Draft:  3.9'
    Beam:  9.83'    Draft:  7.0'
    Beam:  10.8'    Draft:  5.5'
    Beam:  10'    Draft:  6'
    Beam:  11.6'    Draft:  3.6'
    Beam:  10.67'    Draft:  5.80'
    Beam:  10.6'    Draft:  28'
    Beam:  10.5'    Draft:  5.5'
    Beam:  11'    Draft:  4.6'
    Beam:  11.5'    Draft:  4.3'
    Beam:  10.8'    Draft:  5.6'
    Beam:  9.5'    Draft:  4.5'
    Beam:  10.2'    Draft:  5'
    Beam:  10.11'    Draft:  5'
    Beam:  9'    Draft:  4.5'
    Beam:  9.25'    Draft:  4.20'
    Beam:  9'    Draft:  4'
    Beam:  8.67'    Draft:  4.50'
    Draft:  4'
    Beam:  10.5'    Draft:  5.5'
    Beam:  10.5'    Draft:  6'
    Beam:  9.8'    Draft:  5.2'
    Beam:  8.0'    Draft:  4.0'
    Beam:  7'    Draft:  4.5'
    Beam:  9.3'    Draft:  4.2'
    Beam:  10.5'    Draft:  5'
    Beam:  10.17'    Draft:  4'
    Beam:  10.17'    Draft:  4.3'
    Beam:  9'    Draft:  5'
    Beam:  10.17'    Draft:  5.25'
    Beam:  10.9'    Draft:  4.3'
    Beam:  8.9'    Draft:  4.25'
    Beam:  8.75'    Draft:  4.25'
    Beam:  11'    Draft:  4.4'
    Beam:  10.92'    Draft:  4.4'
    Beam:  8.9'    Draft:  4.6'
    Beam:  6.42'    Draft:  4.75'
    Beam:  8.5'    Draft:  4.5'
    Beam:  6.955'    Draft:  4.429'
    Beam:  9.6'    Draft:  5.0'
    Beam:  10.17'    Draft:  5.5'
    Beam:  9.00'    Draft:  4.75'
    Beam:  10.4'    Draft:  4.6'
    Beam:  9'2'    Draft:  4'2'
    Beam:  11'    Draft:  5'3'
    Beam:  8'-6"'    Draft:  5'-0"'
    Beam:  10'    Draft:  4.5'
    Beam:  10.83'    Draft:  5.25'
    Beam:  8.8'    Draft:  5.3'
    Beam:  10 10'
    Beam:  10'5'    Draft:  5.5'
    Beam:  10'    Draft:  6.24'
    Beam:  10.5'    Draft:  5'
    Beam:  10'    Draft:  5'
    Beam:  11'    Draft:  6'
    Beam:  11'    Draft:  5'3"'
    Beam:  9'    Draft:  4'
    Beam:  10'    Draft:  5'3'
    Beam:  10'10'    Draft:  4'4'
    Beam:  12'    Draft:  6'
    Beam:  10'6'    Draft:  4'6''
    Beam:  11'6"'    Draft:  51"'
    Beam:  10.8'    Draft:  3.8'
    Beam:  11'    Draft:  5 3'
    Beam:  11'    Draft:  5-3'
    Beam:  8'    Draft:  3.2'
    Beam:  10.00'    Draft:  5.00'
    Beam:  11'    Draft:  5.25'
    Beam:  10.5'    Draft:  5'
    Beam:  10.8'    Draft:  4.6'
    Beam:  8'    Draft:  5'
    Beam:  9.5'    Draft:  5'

sailboats 30ft

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Better Sailing

Best Sailboats Under 30 Feet

Best Sailboats Under 30 Feet

Small sailboats are attractive for many reasons, one of them being is that they are not as expensive and out of your budget. They are also great for learning how to sail as they are easily maneuverable. However, sailboats around the 30 feet mark provide the best of both worlds as they are both great and easy for sailing but are also big enough for you to spend a few days onboard for a weekend sailing trip, for example. If you are looking to buy a sailboat that will fit this bill, this list of the best sailboats under 30 feet with the amenities available in a large vessel.

Here are the best sailboats under 30 feet in no particular order.

The Hunter 27 is one of the most popular sailboats under 30 feet and has the numbers to prove it with over 2000 of these boats sold. The Hunter 27 is a series of sailboats, built by Marlow Hunter in Florida, USA, since 1974. Variations of the Hunter 27 are still being produced today. This sailboat is great under sail but is also powered by a 14 HP Yanmar engine. If you are looking for a small, affordable sailboat that can accommodate a couple or a small family for a few days out on the water, then look no further than a Hunter 27. Finally, you can find used Hunter 27 in good condition from the early ’80s for around 10k and newer models from the 2010s’ for up to 50k.

1990 Hunter 27

It is a comfortable and speedy sailboat with ample space below the deck. It is open and airy. Named after its designer, Alan Andrews, he is known for creating fast race boats and lights. This is a 28-footer sailboat that is definitely suited for club racing. It has a galley, 6 berths, head, and nav area. This boat is so spacious that you would forget that this is a sailboat under 30 feet. It has a retractable keel, which makes it easy to launch and haul. This ensures it to be a racer as well as a daysailer. Finally, a used Andrews 28 in good condition is going for around $25,000-40,000.

Andrews 28

This is a multi-aspect sailboat that tries to bridge a gap between a family, comfortable, safe, and competitive racer. It is done quite well in doing so. This sailboat was able to win the 1970 IOR North America Half-Ton Cup, which proves that it not only has the looks but speed too. Speed is not the only strength of the ranger 26 as it also has a spacious cockpit which is over 7 feet. It has a good balance of cabin height and freeboard, giving it a great profile that hasn’t been sacrificed for standing headroom. Also, the Ranger 26 is one of the largest trailable sailboats. Finally, a used Ranger 26 from the 70s’ in good condition is going for around $10,000-15,000.

Ranger 26

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This sailboat is one of the most innovative and unusual boats in the whole bunch. It has a contemporary profile topside and also an inviting floor plan below the deck; this boat is both comfortable and stylish. The Etap uses a double hull construction method that makes the ship almost unsinkable. This sailboat has 6 berths, a nav area, and a galley, but you will not feel crowded in the back. The back area is equipped with many hatches and ports that make extend the space. Finally, a used Etap 28s in good condition is going for around $20,000-60,000 depending on the age of the boat.

Etap 28s - Best Sailboat Under 30 Feet

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This boat came started its production in the year 1971, and it was an instant success in the local racing scenes. As this is a modest 27-footer, the Newport 27 has a great spacious interior and has over 6 feet of standing headroom. It has 4 berths, nav station, galley, and head. It has all the amenities that you will find in a bigger boat but in a compact package. This boat is quick in light air; however, the tiller steering starts to get out of control once the breeze increases and the weather leads to end your sail early. Finally, a used Newport 27 from the 70s’ or 80s’ in good condition is going for around $6,000-11,000.

Newport 27 Sloop

Catalina 275 Sport

The Catalina is known for their large cruising boats, but they also have small boats too. The Catalina 275 offers both great performance and an enjoyable sailing experience packed on a 27’6 trailable sailboat. This boat has a hand-laminated fiberglass hull and is extremely versatile. Like most boats that are built by Catalina, this boat has a huge self-bailing cockpit. It also a nice saloon below deck, which transforms into a comfortable v berth. Also, it has a nice galley with a big cooler drawer to pack your essentials for your sailing trip. The standard equipment has a tiller extension and hiking straps. This boat will convince you that you do not need a sailboat over 300 feet to enjoy a nice weekend sailing adventure. A new Catalina 275 starts at around $75,000, and a recent-year used one for around $60,000.

Catalina 275

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Catalina 22 Capri and Catalina 22 Sport

The Catalina 22 is extremely comfortable, safe at sea, and easier to handle and maintain than any boat in its class. The beautiful deck profile is flat across the stern. It has wider cockpit curves for optimum sailing comfort during and after sailing. These are very popular trailer sailers that are widely used in both ocean sailing and lake sailing, and daysailors swear by both models. The Catalina 22 was first built in 1969, and it is still being produced in the US. The Catalina 22 is one of the most produced boats in its size range and has achieved huge commercial success. Finally, you can purchase a new Catalina 22 starts at around $25,000, but since this model has been around since the 60s’ you can still pick an early-year model up from the 70s’ for as low as $3,000.

Island Packet 27

This is an American-made sailboat first built in the 1980s’. The Island Packet 27   is a recreational keelboat made out of fiberglass, with beautiful teak trim and holly cabin sole plywood. It is a Cutter-rigged sloop, with a spooned raked stem, a vertical transom, a keel-mounted rudder, and a full keel. It has a displacement of 8,000 lb and carries 3,000 lb of ballast. Keep in mind that the Packet 27 is a cruiser and not suitable for racing. The broad beam gives an unusually spacious interior for a sailboat under 30 feet. This boat sails very well, it has a big boat feel to it, it is very solid, and you won’t get thrown around in it; what else do you need? Finally, a used Island Packet 27 in good condition is going for around $30,000-45,000 depending on the age of the boat.

Island Packet 27

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This boat was first introduced in the year 1969; the Balboa 26 continues to dominate in the budget-friendly cruisers. This boat is heavy and sturdy; the boat’s stress points are reinforced. The cockpit can take 4 adults at a time. It is self-bailing, making sure that the sailors remain dry. This beautiful sailboat is only 26 feet. Still, the balboa 26 still has room for a double berth, a freshwater pump, galley with a stove, and an optional V-berth or marine head. It can adjust five people for sleeping, but the ideal number would be two or three. When the Balboa is under sail, it is maneuverable and fast. It will also prove handy in the heavy breeze when the weather helm increases. Finally, a used Balboa 26 from the 70s’ is going for around $3,000-6,000.

Balboa 26 Sailboat Under 30 Feet

Cape Dory 28

The teak accents and sleek lines of the Cape Dory 28 is an eye-catcher; the performance of this boat is also remarkable. This boat comes with almost all the amenities a bigger boat is equipped with. It comes with 2 settees, V-berth, and ahead. This boat is sound, safe, and comfortable while being capable of speed. The Cape Dory 28 is quick in light wind and capable and sturdy in heavy air. This boat deserves its praise when it comes in off the wind. It has a balanced helm and also the ability to cut through chop and still be able to tack easily. Finally, a used Cape Dory 28 in good condition is going for around $20,000 depending on the age of the boat.

28 Foot Cape Dory

Islander Bahama 28

While this remains an eye-catcher, along with the 5-foot-6inch draft and with the 3,300 pounds of ballet, this boat sails swiftly and beautifully while responding quickly to the helm. This boat is inspired by the International Offshore Rule; this boat is unusually wide and offers stability in the breeze without sacrificing the lines and sheer, which makes it attractive. The Bahamas below its deck has plenty of berth and storage space with a galley complete with stove, sink, and icebox. Finally, a used Cape Dory 28 in good condition is going for around $9,000-15,000 depending on the age of the boat.

Islander Bahama 28

Contessa 26

This boat was released in the year 1965, and it then and there proved to be a strong, lightweight cruise boat. This boat has been proving itself since its first sail and a great choice for two people. Even though the boat is sturdy, the upwind came sometimes disturbs the direction. This boat does have much standing headroom, but it performs well as a daysailer. Finally, a used Contessa 26 in good condition is going for around $10,000 depending on the age of the boat.

Contessa 26 - Best Sailboat Under 30 Feet

Final Thoughts

Sailboats under 30 feet are great because they are affordable and provide the best of everything. Almost all of them handle great, they are easy to maintain and provide all the necessary amenities for trips up to a few days long. Sailboats under 30 feet are not ideal for passages but make if you are willing to increase your budget and go a little bigger then these are the best small sailboats for circumvention .

Remember, if you are looking for a small sailboat under 30 feet for your summer or weekend sailing expeditions, then any of the above mentioned will do the trick.


Peter is the editor of Better Sailing. He has sailed for countless hours and has maintained his own boats and sailboats for years. After years of trial and error, he decided to start this website to share the knowledge.

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sailboats 30ft

30 Ft Sailboat Boats for sale

1-15 of 110

Sailboat Pearson 30 ft

Sailboat Pearson 30 ft

South Portland, Maine

Make Pearson

Category Sailboats

Length 30.0

Posted Over 1 Month

Here is a rare opportunity to purchase a vessel with extensive upgrades for a fraction of cost. "Dancer" was purchased by the current owner in 2013, who replaced major systems and components with the intention of keeping her for many years. Over $30,000 was invested in the first year, however a sudden change of plans forces "Dancer" to go up for sale. All mechanical invoices are available for review. Upgrades include:New engine 2014New exhaust system 2013Cutlas bearing 2013Shaft and strut 2013Bilge pump 2013Propane system 2014New wheel 2014Sails---main and jib 2012 Please contact Eric Fortier at cell number 207-590-1360 (Toll-free 877-241-2594) where boat is locatedAt South Port Marine, 14 Ocean Street, South Portland, Maine 04106, USA (If you need additional information, call owner John Salo at 617-590-2244)


Miami Beach, Florida

Make Beneteau

ngine hours (total): 500 length overall (LOA): 39 make / manufacturer: Beneteau propulsion type: sail year manufactured: 1991 length overall (LOA): 39 make / manufacturer: 1991 Beneteau Oceanis 390 propulsion type: sail year manufactured: 1991 Beneteau oceanis 390 owners version building 1991 powered by Universal diesel very good and clean boatThe BENETEAU Oceanis 390 (39')Owner's Version (Special Layout Design) is the two cabin layout, two head arrangement with separate walk in shower, A large L-Shaped sofa and large folding teak table, galley is to starboard entering from the cockpit, there is also a starboard entrance to the aft cabin, there is a large double berth, a sit down navigation station then aft a head, the main salon is very light and features center line teak table drop-leaf with L-shaped convertible settee at starboard, going forward the head is also starboard with hanging locker to port. The spacious salon is large enough for everyone. Boats for Sale Search YachtWorld United States (change) 1991 Beneteau Oceanis 390 Owners Version Boat Name NOBLE AMBITIONS Specs Builder: Beneteau Dimensions LOA: 39 ft 0 in Beam: 13 ft 5 in LWL: 36 ft 8 in Maximum Draft: 4 ft 6 in Bridge Clearance: 54 ft 5 in Engines Engine 1: Engine Brand: Universal Year Built: 1991 Engine Model: 3m20 Engine/Fuel Type: Diesel Engine Hours: 568 Tanks Fresh Water Tanks: (40 Gallons) Fuel Tanks: (45 Gallons) Holding Tanks: (1 Gallons) Accommodations Number of twin berths: 2 Number of cabins: 2 Number of heads: 2 Layout & Accommodations Salon: Headroom: 6'5 Lockers under berths with rigid water tank (40 gal.) Table with fiddlers, bottle rack Anodized aluminum mast support Deck liner with wooden panels, access to mast wires, sliding shutters Opening deck hatch Opening port in coach house Fixed porthole Bar and shelf along the hull Fluorescent light above table Cushions and backrests with removable covers Grab rail Teak and holly floorboards Forward Cabin: Double bed Lockers on the hull Stowing space under berth Seat with stowing space Shelf, drawer & mirror Hanging locker Two fixed ports Ventilation through dorade Ceiling light Two reading lights Curtains Wooden paneling and vinyl lining Forward head: Formica laminated bulkhead Marine toilet with holding tank Stowage with mirror and door Wash basin with hot and cold pressurized water with shower Opening deck hatch Ventilation through dorade Fluorescent light Accessories: glass with holder, towel holders, toilet paper holder Aft cabin: Double bed Shelf along the hull Hanging locker with mirror Vanity Drawer Settee with stowage Two opening ports on coach roof and cockpit Ceiling lamps Reading lamps Ventilation through dorade Access to back of engine, stern gland, engine water intake and electrical bilge pump Aft marine head with separate stall water Aft head: White Formica laminated bulkhead USCG Marine head with holding tank Washbasin with hot and cold pressurized water Mirror & Shelves Stowing space under washbasin Opening port Fixed port in hull Ceiling light Ventilation through dorade box Accessories: glass with holder, towel holders, toilet paper holder Separate shower Galley The well ventilated functional galley will bring out the cook in everyone. Designed for extended cruising, this vessel offers a large refrigerator/icebox, 3 burner stove with oven and hot &cold pressurized water, stainless steel sinks and stowage space. Hot/Cold pressure water in showers and galley, Immersion Heater & Calorifier , 12v Refrigerator , Cooker/Oven/Grill, Radio (VHF), Cockpit cushions, Showers with self-activated pump-out Electronics & Navigation Chart table with stowing space for charts Shelves under chart table Bookshelf Panel for navigation instruments Electronic panel, 16 functions, hinged for easy access to wiring Fluorescent light Chart reading light Electrical, Power & Plumbing 12v / 120v including shore supply, Hot/Cold pressure water in showers and galley , Immersion Heater & Calorifier , 12v Refrigerator , Cooker/Oven/Grill , Radio CD-Player ,Speakers in saloon and cockpit (with fader), Showers with electric pump-out Deck & Equipment Bow stemhead fitting with anchor roller, fast track attachment, and 2 fairleads with built-in rollers (patented) Self bailing anchor well with mooring eye Mechanical windlass One opening hatch for lighting and ventilation of front cabin and head Pulpit with navigation lights Opening aft push pit with horseshoe buoy support and teak flag pole Anodized aluminum toe rail with 4 fair heads in-corporating built-in rollers (patented), 2 aft and 2 amidships Stainless steel profiled stanchions Double s/s lifelines with opening gates Four dorades with s/s guards Genoa tracks with adjustable car Two teak grabrails Mainsail traveler with adjustable car One winch Lewmar 30 S/T or equivalent for main sheet with cleat One winch Lewmar 30S/T or equivalent for main halyard and reefing lines Two Footblocks Two Lewmar 46 S/T (or equivalent) genoa sheet winches with cleat Four blocks for reefing lines with jammers Two genoa turning blocks Slatted teak seating in cockpit Cockpit table Teak cockpit grating Steering wheel (leather covered) with pedestal compass Two sail lockers with life raft storage in cockpit One gas bottle locks One bathing platform, teak laid, with 2 lockers Rubber protection at base of transom S/s chain plates for shroud, forestay, baby stay and backstay One winch handle holder One double action manual bilge pump One aft self-bailing anchor well One aft anchor roller Swim ladder Companionway step/locker Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

Cal 30 ft sailboat with condo slip

Cal 30 ft sailboat with condo slip

Huntingtown, Maryland

dsl, roller furling, 410-245-4391

1979 30 ft tall rig catalina sailboat

1979 30 ft tall rig catalina sailboat

Ruskin, Florida

Very well maintained 1979 Catalina. Full bottom redone on Jan 2014, diver cleaned every month. 2012 Mercury 20 HP outboard engine with less than 500 hrs. Original wood interior in excellent condition, new stays and shrouds were installed, as well as a new custom made set of spreders made to factory standards were installed in order to maintain its original look and its antique vessel tax status. Perfect boat for day cruising. Included are original mainsail, jib and a genoa. Interior engine was removed by the previous owner, but its ready for install if wanted. Needs a new owner that has the time and ability to take her out as much as it should.

1982 Ericson 30  sailboat

1982 Ericson 30 sailboat

Islamorada, Florida

Make Ericson

Her name is Velero. Has a Universal Diesel engine. 30ft x 12ft. 4 extra sails + Dinghy with oars. Needs 1 more battery to start engine.

1982 Ericson 30+ Sailboat

1982 Ericson 30+ Sailboat

Model 30 Plus

Category Racer Boats

Length 32.0

I lived on this boat for 3 years and sailed it from TX with my husband who is not here anymore. Someone was living on it the last 4 months and did a few repairs as well so its very well taken care of. So far this is what i know about the boat: it has An inboard 5416 Diesel 16HP water cooled engine. Two mainsails in above average condition, two roller furling Genoas, Storm jib and Crusing Spinnaker with snuff ring. 47.2 ft mast, 4 ft Keel. Manual head, engine serviced and cooling system cleaned 2 years ago at least. Some minor cosmetic wears and tares. I own the title. And have the new registration. Anchored behind the Lorelei @ mm 81.9

Catalina 30 Sailboat

Catalina 30 Sailboat

Elephant Butte, New Mexico

30' Catalina 30, 1977 For Sale in Elephant Butte, New Mexico Catalina has been one of the most popular sailboat builders in America. Designed by legendary boat builder Frank Butler, the Catalina 30 has been one of the most popular and longest production cruisers of any boat in her class. Her beamy 10' 10" hull provides for a spacious cabin that is perfectly laid out for cruising. Her heavy ballasted shoal draft keel and tall-rig design enable her to perform with excellent sailing characteristics in a wide variety of wind conditions. She is a deck-stepped masthead sloop with single upper shrouds and spreaders, double lower shrouds, split adjustable backstay, with an rigid boom vang, Harken furling head sail, and a custom balanced rudder for added performance. Her cockpit is equipped with two primary two speed Lewmar 40 winches and a Lewmar single speed winch at the foot of the mast. Her pedestal steering and large wrap around cockpit seating offers plenty of room for captain and crew while maintaining easy access to winches, clutches, and lines. Below deck her roomy forward v-berth offers ample room for two adults, aft of the main cabin and to port is her head with standup shower and a large hanging lock to starboard. Further aft she has a large L-shaped dinette with starboard settee and well appointed galley. The convenient navigators station to starboard offers a great place to plot your course and plan your next adventure! Her tall-rig, custom balanced rudder, and stiff sailing characteristics make this Catalina 30 an absolute pleasure to sail. Day sails, week long cruises, and the occasional club race can all be enjoyed in this beautiful sailboat. Contact the listing broker today for more details! *She can be seen by appoint by contacting the listing broker today. Her owner is motivated and will consider all reasonable offers. You may also make an Internet offer contingent to your personal inspection and contingencies. Call or email today to arrange for a viewing or to submit an offer. We look forward to hearing from you. Additional Specs, Equipment and Information: Specs Builder: Catalina Designer: Frank Butler Flag of Registry: United States Keel: Fin Dimensions LOA: 29 ft 11 in Beam: 10 ft 10 in Maximum Draft: 4 ft 4 in Dry Weight: 10200 lbs Engines Total Power: 30 HP Engine 1: Engine Brand: Atomic Engine Model: 4 Engine/Fuel Type: Gas/Petrol Propeller: 3 blade propeller Engine Power: 30 HP Tanks Fresh Water Tanks: (15 Gallons) Fuel Tanks: (18 Gallons) Holding Tanks: (18 Gallons) Accommodations Number of double berths: 2 Number of cabins: 1 Number of heads: 1 Electronics Plotter GPS Compass Radio VHF CD player Rigging Steering wheel Inside Equipment Electric bilge pump Hot water Electric head Outside Equipment/Extras Swimming ladder

1982 Non Such Hinterhouller sailboat 30ft x 12ft

1982 Non Such Hinterhouller sailboat 30ft x 12ft

Woodstock, Georgia

Make Non Such

1982 Non-Such Hinterhouller Cat boat. These are Great sailing boats and very easy to sail. Once the sail is up you can just sit back and enjoy the ride. Tacking is so easy and this boat responds in the lightest wind. The cockpit is huge for a 30 foot boat. The 12 ft beam is incredible inside. It has the room of most 35ft boats. The Volvo inboard runs great and has plenty of power. The teak holly floor is in great shape and was replace once. The boat needs some work but is in sail shape and is taken out as is. The paint below the rub rails need to be painted and new bottom paint which is why its the cheapest 30 ft non- such in the world. It was out the water and cleaned 2 years ago. This boat brings 35-50k in top shape please do your research you will not have a chance to get a working sailing Non-Such for such a great deal. The boat needs some tlc new lines, cleaning, overall exterior cleaning and teak work, but is overall very sound. This is the perfect boat for an elder sailor or someone that loves to sail with very little work like I said you sit back and have fun no winching when your sailing. Forward Cabin. . Double Berth to Port, single berth Starboard with upper shelf for storage. Beneath has storage space that includes two small vertical Drawers. The cushions are original and show wear but no rips. The Shower Salon and Head Area is very large with propane water heater. The Head area contains a Counter that includes a Stainless Steel Sink. Under the sink is storage space. The Galley is L shaped, and located on the Port side with a large Counter top. A deep Stainless Steel Sink is supported with both Manual and Automatic systems to provide Water Access. Located below the Sink is a stowage locker to store, Cleaners and various other articles. Also provides access to Bronze thru Hole fittings, and pump for different water flow setting. Aft of the cold storage area is a Gimbaled Range Stove and Oven. Aft is a 6'6 Foot Settee and under the Settee is the other water tank plus additional storage. Sail area is an incredible 540 Sq. feet, with two reefing points. Raising the Sail is simplified via the use of the windless. In addition to Raising the sail, all aspects of necessary sail adjustments, including, reefing are controlled within the Cockpit. When the Sail is lowered, it settles into Lazy Jack Lines. The sail is original and in good working order. There are three lockers in the Cockpit, Port and Starboard, with easy access to the Engine, the third aft for two Propane tanks. Extra lines etc. This boat is built like a brick shit house. It leaks no water and I would sail it anywhere. It is a great live aboard. The folding swim Ladder is located on the Stern. Custom made Cockpit Cushions cover the entire seating area. There is a bimini frame needs new cover. Forward, the Vessel has a bowsprit with rollers to accommodate two anchors, A 35 lb. CQR and 30 lb. Danforth.... Additional Equipment included: Fire extinguishers, fenders, life jackets, Dock lines and extra lines. I have a great shipper and have can get a quote for you around 2500 to Panama city or Ga coast. This is at your expense. I am working slowly on the boat and it will be slowly going up in price. I require a 1000k deposit in 2 days and total payment in 7 days. If you put a deposit on it and come see it you can get your deposit back if you don't like it. If you don't even show up deposit will not be refunded. Please call before you buy it now. Due to people not even coming to see it. It is in lake Lanier in Atlanta Ga. Thank you for reading my ad Capt Darrell 404 201 4812. Call 8am to 8 pm eastern time please. More pics coming.

27Ft Sailboat, Dofour Safari

27Ft Sailboat, Dofour Safari

Huron, Ohio

Make Dufour

Model Safari

Category Daysailer Sailboats

Length 27.0

This is an outstanding READY TO SAIL Sloop. Length 27 Ft , beam 9.2Ft, draft 4.3 Ft. Used in fresh water on Lake Huron and on Lake Erie. There are impressive upgrades and improvements aboard this vessel. A new navy blue bimini was installed new this year and not on the pictures, but comes with boat. The power train consists of a professional factory rebuild on a Westerbeke four cylinder self-bleeding 30 HP Diesel (80 hrs.). Oil changes can be done in less than 15 minutes!. The attached drivetrain is 100% new as of 2014 as follows: Damper plate, Heavy duty adapter plate, Z-transmission, Coupler, Drive Shaft, Dripless seal, Cutlass bearing, Zinc, Engine rails and Mounts. This drive train provides superior maneuverability, smoothness, and quiet operation in any weather conditions and quickly starts in warm or cold temperatures. The rigging is in excellent condition with dual back stays, six shrouds and furling forestay. The aluminum mast features interior lines and floatation, All safety lines are new with heavy duty ¼ in ss cable and fittings. Sails consist of a nearly new 135% furling Genoa (This is a high end QUANTUM SAIL with all the bells and whistles) costing in excess of $2k. This sail is crispy and white complete with Sunbrella sun guard. The main is a fully battened Ray Leonard with double slab reefing and is in great shape (no rips or repairs) and comes with a matching Sunbrella sun cover. Lewmar winches in good working order, CSI Flexible Furler, Boomvang, Cunningham, Travel Car for main sheet,CQR 20 pound anchor and 100 feet of rope with short SS chain. 2nd Danforth lunch hook anchor, Simpson Lawrence 600 Electric windlass with capstan and deck mounted foot switches, Standard marine radio, New blue sea systems AC and DC electrical panels and all new wiring throughout, including the mast, new Moore digital sonar depth sounder, Bulkhead mounted compass and speed log. The hull is solid hand laid glass in superior condition with new Groco seacocks. The hull was awlgripped a few years back. Misc: Transom mounted SS swim ladder, solid SS bow cleats, Cabin fan, Halogen and LED interior lights, Custom dinette, New interior Cushions, Cockpit cushions (open cell foam), Electric and manual bilge pumps, plug in shore power and plug in generator wiring, SS fuel tank, Solid Brazilian cherry cabin sole, Map table with storage, Panasonic SS inverter microwave, Butane stove top burner, built in icebox and ice chest, deep sink, New Sealand toilet with new 7 gallon holding tank, and electric pump water flush, two New water storage tanks and all new water hoses and deck fittings for toilet, Hanging closet , V-bunk cabin with locking doors. This is a superior sailing boat with a very low center of gravity giving a stable ride without excessive healing. This sailboat is at its best in heavy weather. A great interior (see photos). And some other items not mentioned/pictured here. There is over twenty thousand dollars invested in this fine boat. Clear Ohio title. NOTE! The trailer shown with the boat is NOT part of this auction but is available for purchase (see details below).The trailer is a custom designed trailer and built in an iso certified mfg. facility on a Venture triaxle. It is unique in that it will transport a wide variety of both sailboats and power boats and can be changed over in under an hour with just a set of standard wrenches. Specs. are as follows; Max boat length power or sail= 32 feet, max payload=13000 lbs. keel depth up to 6 ft. The trailer has truck style heavy duty drum brakes on all three axles. It has a 7 inch high strength beam with 10 guage hot dipped galvanized cross members. If the winning bidder on the sailboat opts to buy the trailer the price would be 8,000 (firm) and paid for separate from ebay. If not, the trailer will be listed later at 9,000. The trailer has only 3500 miles and would cost 12,500 if you buy it as a new trailer.Shipping will be the responsibility of the buyer.Please see my 500+ all positive feedback, bid with confidence.

Catalina 30Tall Rig Sailboat

Catalina 30Tall Rig Sailboat

Bridgeport, Connecticut

Make Catalina

Model 30 Tall Rig

Category Cruiser Motorcycles

Im the second owner of this beautiful boat since 2011 and I have All documentation for entire history, maintaining etc... The Catalina 30 has proved to be one of the most popular sailing vessels afloat. This entry level boat is safe, and spacious. With the combination of self tailing winches, and furling Genoa make her a very simple single handed sailor. This is a fine example of the line, she shows well and will need minimal effort to get her out there. Why not? Come take a look!Boat NameSOLINASpecsKeel: FINDimensionsLOA: 29 ft 11 inBeam: 10 ft 10 inMaximum Draft: 5 ft 3 inDisplacement: 10200 lbsBallast: 4200 lbsHeadroom: 6 ft 0 inEnginesTotal Power: 23 HPEngine 1:Engine Brand: Universal DieselYear Built: 1989Engine Model: MX-25 Engine Type: InboardEngine/Fuel Type: DieselEngine Hours: 1500Propeller: 3 blade propellerDrive Type: Direct DriveEngine Power: 23 HPTanksFresh Water Tanks:1 (43 Gallons) 2( 25 Gallons) Fuel Tanks: (16) Gallons)Holding Tanks: (17 Gallons)AccommodationsNumber of single berths: 1Number of double berths: 2Number of cabins: 1Number of heads: 1ElectronicsCockpit speakersCompassVHFDepthsounderLog-speedometerAuto Pilot -wind speedoSailsFurling genoaBattened mainsailspinnakerRiggingSteering wheelInside EquipmentHot waterMicrowave ovenElectric bilge pumpMarine headManual bilge pumpBattery chargerRefrigeratorgas stove Electrical EquipmentShore power inletElectrical Circuit: 110V20Amp charger Outside Equipment/Extrasshower Cockpit tableSwimming ladderCoversBimini TopDoger Deck cousin Please contact.cell [email protected]

Offshore Sailboat

Offshore Sailboat

Toronto, Ontario

Make Murray 33

Length 33.0

33 ft Ted Brewer designed cruising Cat-Ketch (Steel Hull) with 2 unstayed 50ft carbon fiber masts, fully battened sails. Professionally finished, 28 HP Volvo diesel, isolation transformer, 1500 Watt inverter, 30A battery charger, high output (120A) alternator with 3 stage regulator, Propane stove w. Oven, Propane sniffer, 2 external 20lb Propane tanks, Microwave, 12V fridge/freezer, Lavac head, VHF, Stereo w. 10CD changer, GPS, Autohelm, Raymarine A57D Depthfinder/GPS/Chartplotter with all Canadian Charts, Radar, 200W solar panels, Watermaker, 1 fresh & 1 saltwater pressure pump, 1 electric & 1 manual bilge pump, macerator pump for pumpout, bilge alarm, 3 solar vents (24 hr. type) SS Davits, SS Bow & Stern pulpits, SS bow roller, SS Stanchions & lifelines, 2 aluminum boom vangs, 3 Anchors(Delta, Bruce, Danforth), Parachute anchor, Muir “Cheetah” electric windlass, Pedestal Steering, Laptop hookup to GPS, 17” remote LCD colour display in cockpit, 2 self tailing Anderson F405T winches, Hard (Fiberglass) Dodger, Sunbrella Bimini, cockpit cushions, complete cockpit enclosure, Leecloths, SS Boarding Ladder. Commissioned in 1998. Sailed in Lake Ontario only. Loc’n: Lake Ontario, Whitby, ON Specs: LOA 33ft, Beam 10Ft 11in, LWL 27ft Depth 5ft10”, Displ. 15 000 lbs, Ballast 5200 lbs, Headroom 72.5” V-berth: LxW 74”x63.5” Q-Berth: 77” Stbd Berth:78.25” Port Berth (Double- drop table): 72” Cockpit: 6 ft Registration # : 822460 This is a custom built vessel (Cost $200 000+) and has been well maintained. With modern epoxy paints, a well maintained steel hull will easily last 100 years or more. The boat has only been sailed in Lake Ontario. No salt water exposure. One owner, excellent condition, will assist with delivery (help to sail her to her new home to assist new owner with getting to know boat and equipment, if so desired, or arrange for trucking). Have enjoyed sailing this boat safely and comfortably since 1998 and would sail her anywhere with complete confidence.

1977  Helms  24' Sailboat

1977 Helms 24' Sailboat

Dawsonville, Georgia

Model 24' Sailboat

4200 lbs./ 1905 kgs. / 839 kgs. Helms Co. type: Lead First Built: 1977 Last Built: # Built: 750 RIG DIMENSIONS KEY I(IG): 30.50' / 9.30m J: 10.50' / 3.20m P: 25.50' / 7.77m E: 9.00' / 2.74m PY: EY: SPL/TPS: ISP: SA(Fore.): 160.13 ft2 / 14.88 m2 SA(Main): 114.75 ft2 / 10.66 m2 Total(calc.)SA: 274.88 ft2 / 25.54 m2 DL ratio: 207.46 SA/Disp: 16.94 Est. SA/Disp.: 16.95 Bal./Disp.: 44.04% Disp./Len.: 207.46 Designer: Stuart Windley Builder: Jack A. (USA) Construct.: FG Bal. Ballast: 1850 lbs. Helms Co. Forestay Len.: 32.26' / 9.83m BUILDERS (past & present) More about & boats built by: Helms - Jack A. DESIGNER More about & boats designed by: Stuart Windley Sailboats Cruiser 3441 PSN . 1977 Helms 24' Sailboat Nice Sailboat Hull Type: Fin w/transom hung rudder Rig Type: Masthead Sloop LOA: 23.92' / 7.29m LWL: 20.83' / 6.35m Beam: 8.83' / 2.69m Listed SA: 275 ft2 / 25.55 m2 Draft (max.) 4.17' / 1.27m Draft (min.) Disp...

Sailboat 35 ft., Columbia 10.7 meters

Sailboat 35 ft., Columbia 10.7 meters

Richmond, California

Sailboat, 1978 Columbia Yacht 10.7 Meters, 35' Wide-body Super-cruiser (roomy), Model 351, Alan Payne, Designer, Excellent Condition with recent upgrades, Great SF Bay and Coastal Cruiser. Wonderful live-aboard qualities. We have tried to price this fairly, however please feel free to make a reasonable offer. We are willing to work with a serious buyer to better understand what kind of boat you get for the price here in the SF Bay area. Please know there are significant differences between a regular 35' Columbia and 10.7 metered Columbia which is 35' in length. Columbia Yacht builders created a "metered series" which are more luxurious yachts with teak and holly flooring, lots of beautiful teak in the interior and much more along with the famous "wineglass" transom. LOA 35'2", LWL 26'7", Beam 11'4", Draft 5'5", Displacement 13,900 lbs., Ballast 5100 lbs., Sloop Rig, Sail Area Totals 532 sq. ft., Main 222 sq. ft., Foretriangle 310 sq. ft. Lifelines and Standing rigging, new in 1999 New in 2007: Foam and Upholstery in Interior, Dodger and Sail Cover. Custom Mattress in V-Berth includes built-in Memory foam on one side Diesel Fuel tank 30 gal., Water tanks 88 gal., Sleeps 6, Cabin Headroom 6'2", Vertical Clearance 47'4" Diesel Engine: Yanmar 2QM20, 22 H.P. @3000 RPM Marine Reversing Gearbox (transmission) Model KBW10 with 2.14 gear ratio (Factory New, installed in 2000); Bronze 14x14 3-bladed Propeller. 3 Sails: A Fully Battened Dacron Main; with 120% Dacron Genoa on a Harken Jib Reefing and Furling System; New in 1997/like new condition now, Asymmetrical Nylon Spinnaker with ATN Spinnaker Sleeve and ATN Tacker. Navtec Hydraulic Backstay Adjuster Simpson Lawrence Hyspeed 510 Double Action Lever Windlass, RCA60 (New in 1997); CQR 35 Bow anchor with 3/8" x 150' of Chain plus 5/8" x 90' Braided Rode with double bow anchor rollers. Electronics: Furuno Marine Radar, Model-1720, 7 ranges from 0.25 to 16 nm; Garmin GPS, Model 120; Two VHF Radios, 1 in Cockpit and 1 at Nav. Station; AM/FM Radio/Tape player with inside and outside speakers. Edson, Aft cockpit pedestal steering wheel; Autohelm ST 4000 Wheeldrive Autopilot; The 10.7 Sailboat has a traditional wineglass transom that pulls the quarter wave aft, dampens pitching and makes for a balanced helm at all angles of heel. Split stern rail with swim/safety ladder Quick Vang, Model B-18 (Boom Vang eliminates Topping Lift) 3-Burner Propane Stove with Oven, Like new condition Stainless Steel Davit, used for raising Outboard motor and stern anchor. Spinnaker Pole 14'5" x 3 1/8" Bottom painted and hull waxed in November, 2014. Many more items not listed. As is for $39,995. All items in photos are subject to change without notice. Please assume this is available for sale as I will remove the listing when sold. Your phone number with any questions is helpful, thank you.

32ft O'Day tri cabin sailboat

32ft O'Day tri cabin sailboat

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

32ft O'Day ctr cockpit tri cabin, 38ft loa yanmar diesel 3GM30F draft 3ft 4" 7ft 4" board down, roller furling headsail, aft capt state room w/sink and head, davit with 10ft 2" zodiac raft w/zuzuki 4 stroke outboard engine, generator, microwave, broiler, stove, refrig with freezer, 3 sets of anchors and rode, vhf 25w vhf 5 w GPS , spinnaker w/gear, cg kit, nav. station w/charts, gear, dinette. Main salon w/head and shower, 2 air conditioners. new bottom job Oct 2014. All new standing and running rigging. new turnbuckles, bimini, dodger. presently in dry stge. Great live aboard, Call Tom at 727 678 5479

1976 Able Poitin 24ft Racing Sailboat

1976 Able Poitin 24ft Racing Sailboat

Gainesville, Florida

0 0 1 411 2348 UF 19 5 2754 14.0 Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE 1976 24ft Able Poitin Sloop This boat was completely restored in 2011 and outfitted with the best gear and materials around. The Able Poitin was a racing boat made by Bob Evelyn just a year before the J24 came out and was built to be a fast offshore racer. There were only around 30-50 of these boats made and her uniqueness turns heads everywhere. I captained this boat a few thousand miles over the course of three trips from St. Augustine, FL to the Abacos, Bahamas and one trip to Miami and back. Needless to say this is an extremely tough boat capable of dominating races on the water or eating up offshore miles at a remarkable pace. I have all receipts. No expense was spared in her restoration and it shows. Included in the sale is a west marine inflatable dinghy with collapsible rigid floor. The 10hp mercury will fit on this dinghy. This is how I got to shore, went fishing/diving, and explored small inlets in the Bahamas. It condenses down into a neat large duffle bag and can be stored inside the boat when traveling long distances. This boat brought me remarkable experiences and memories I will never forget. I will personally make sure she is a well-oiled machine at time of sale. Here is a list of what was installed and much more isn’t listed BRAND NEW HULL AND BOTTOM PAINT! Trailer -Included is a fully functioning trailer. The axle is fitted with electronic brakes, and the wheels and tires are brand new and oversized. The trailer has LED lights. Motor -Mercury bigfoot extended shaft 9.9hp (new 2011) -15 gallon external fuel tank with straps Electronics -100w solar panel with BRAND NEW Morningstar controller -all new oversized tinned wiring -Garmin GPS 2006c -linked with Garmin depth sounder -Marine alpine sound system BRAND NEW EXTERIOR SPEAKERS -xantrex battery monitor -DC outlets -Two bilge pumps, one high capacity BRAND NEW 750 GPH -Two battery house bank -Main switch panel with fuses -3 caframo DC fans -Icom VHF -TWO st1000+ autopilot -Red LED navigation light -Two LED dome lights -LED spreader lights -LED 2nm anchor light -LED red/green front navigation light Interior -New cushions and foam -New paint everywhere -Interior wood varnished -Marineply cherry veneered oversized bulkheads -Marineply cabinetry -Marine portopotty head -Stainless steel ladder w/ teak steps Exterior / gear -Interlux Brightside -Interlux interdeck -Interlux Brightside hull -8 coats osmosis barrier -Micron csc black bottom paint -Teak in cockpit -Nicro solar vent -Spinlock XTS rope clutches -Hood offshore roller furling -Spinnaker pole -Interlux perfection boom/mast/spinpole -new running rigging -new fixed rig with stayloc fittings -new stainless steel chainplates -Two anchors / chain ground tackle Sails Original mainsail Original storm trisail Brand new Doyle 150% genoa

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Best Small Cruiser, 30 feet and Under: Beneteau First 30

  • By Bill Springer
  • Updated: December 9, 2010

sailboats 30ft

Beneteau First 30 BOTY winner

As they approached the First 30 to conduct their dockside evaluation during the boat show, the BOTY judges may have been just a little skeptical of this performance-oriented 30-footer’s cruisability. But that skepticism turned into appreciation as soon as they stepped below, and they were downright enamored with how the boat sailed. As a result, the Beneteau First 30 was named the Best Small Cruiser, 30 Feet and Under.

It’s not easy to include all the accommodation features that make for comfortable cruising—standing headroom, full-size head and galley, decent nav station, roomy saloon, and good-size sleeping cabins—in a 30-footer that’s also good-looking and whip fast under sail, but the First 30 does just that. The main saloon is bright and airy, and it’s also much more creature-comfort oriented than what you might find on older 30-foot performance cruisers. The cabins have ample bunks and adequate stowage. Nearly 6 feet of headroom in the saloon creates a good sense of space, while the light-colored varnished woodwork and clean lines are downright stylish.

Meanwhile, during the test sail, none of the judges wanted to give up the tiller because the boat was just so fun and responsive. The dual rudders provided superior control, even when the heel angle increased in the puffs, and the judges noted how this little thoroughbred sliced to windward at 6.5 knots in 12 knots of breeze. The judges found the cockpit to be comfortable and the sail controls to be well planned and efficient. A tweak here and there was rewarded by another quarter of a knot, though it was just as tempting to contemplate the benefits of simply setting the sheets and then humming along for 20 or 30 miles on a coastal cruise.

Winning Details

  • The use of space throughout the interior is excellent.
  • The boat’s torpedo bulb keel, powerful sail plan, and dual rudders make the First both fast and forgiving.
  • The boat significantly ups the ante regarding what’s currently available in the 30-foot-and-under range.

To read more Cruising World reviews of Beneteau sailboats, click here . To visit Beneteau America’s website, click here .

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sailboats 30ft

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sailboats 30ft

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Tartan 30: An Affordable Classic

A boat that exemplifies the fast, comfortable and solidly built 30-footer of the 1970s..

sailboats 30ft

If you’re looking for a good buy in a weekender, it pays to buy the brand. There will always be compromises when it comes to older boats—soft decks, tired cordage, weak sail inventory—but affordability is what we’re after, especially if it comes with a respected name. There are plenty of Tartan lovers out there, and the Tartan fleet has held up well over the decades. We concentrated here on the Tartan 30, part of a whole class of plus-or-minus thirty footers that emerged during a remarkably active period of production boatbuilding. In this day and age of internet listings, there are millions of pixels devoted to this size range. We found a few beauties (see sidebar, below).

The early 1970s was the heyday of the 30′ racer/cruiser. The phenomenon was not a coincidence. The Midget Ocean Racing Class (MORC) with a maximum boat length of 30′ had become highly popular. The IOR Three-Quarter Ton Class (a “poor man’s One Ton Class”) had just been formed. And most persuasive of all, a 30′ boat could offer eager boat buyers what they thought they wanted: five or six berths, full headroom, fully enclosed head, complete galley, and big boat heft. Better still, the rapidly maturing fiberglass boatbuilding industry was ready to produce such boats.

Tartan 30: An Affordable Classic

These elements combined to produce a whole generation of boats with moderate displacement, beam and draft; rudders well separated from shortened modified fin keels; and masthead rigs with a fairly high aspect ratio, none of which were particularly distorted by the dictates of a rating rule. Much about their design was traditional, yet there were significant departures: long waterlines relative to overall length, high topsides, and reverse transoms that gave them a contemporary look.

Tartan 30: An Affordable Classic

We came away with a profound realization. When you’re shopping for a 70s-vintage sailboat, it pays to find one that’s been repowered. We ran into the quintessential “barn find” when we started looking at these well-regarded boats. That gleaming red gem in the accompanying photograph is a brand-new Beta Marine diesel with 40 hours on it aboard a Tartan 30 listed for sale in Newport, RI.  ($14,900…email [email protected] for more information…Parker, you owe me a beer). For comparison, we offer a photo of another used Tartan 30 listed for $12,000 showing the original Universal Atomic Four. You get the picture. When you’re boat shopping, buy the engine. If you find a previous owner who has replaced the boat’s principal machinery, it’s highly likely a sound hull and rig comes with it.

Tartan 30: An Affordable Classic

Shrouds, terminals and cordage will probably need attention, of course, and you’re probably going to find a soft spot in the deck near any penetrations. But a stout powerplant with attendant through-hulls, stuffing box, cutless bearing and prop scratches those big-ticket items off your list.

Tartan 30: An Affordable Classic

Plus, a re-power means you’ll be working with an owner who has likely taken care of business elsewhere. —Tim Cole

The result was such production boats as the Pearson 30, the Yankee 30, the Newport 30, the Cal 2-30, the Morgan 30/2, and the Scampi, to name but a few of the more familiar ones. In all, no less than two dozen boats of a similar size and type were introduced in just three years, many of them to become highly successful among sailors eager for the performance and amenities of big boats at a modest price.

Among the most noteworthy and enduring of the 30-footers from this era has been the Tartan 30. Designed by Sparkman & Stephens when that name was far and away the most prestigious in yacht design, the Tartan 30 exemplified the solidly built, comfortably appointed, fast production boat which typified not just the early 1970s, but, as it turned out, almost the whole decade (the Tartan 30 was discontinued in 1980). In her first year, 1971, the Tartan 30 was the most successful 30-footer on a wide variety of race courses; in 1976 it won the MORC of Long Island Sound, just as another had five years before.

On modern race courses the Tartan 30 gives away a lot to newer racer-cruisers with more efficient sailplans, keel configurations and use of live ballast. And, of course, they give away even more to the present breed of lighter, faster boats which are less compromised by full accommodations, interior room, and heavy rigs.

Yet these are boats whose heritage is the Tartan 30, many of which may no longer be around, let alone competitive, when the Tartan will still be winning some races.

A Close Look at the Boat

The dilemma for a designer in 1970 was to put livable accommodations in a boat with a waterline length that, a decade or so earlier, would have been a daysailer—and still have the boat perform like a racer and not a houseboat. Many of the 30-footers, indeed even larger boats, were only moderately successful with their interior layouts. The Tartan 30 is one of them. In fact, two layouts were available in the 30, one with the galley aft and the other with the galley amidships, stretched out along the starboard side. The midship galley permitted a pair of quarterberths in addition to the “convertible” cabin table/double berth available in both models. The aft galley eliminated a quarterberth but left room for a settee berth to starboard. Owners are clearly divided in their opinions of the two plans. Cooking is avowedly enhanced with the midship galley (although there is no room for a stove with oven); sleeping accommodations benefit from the settee berth arrangement.

The accommodation plan is further complicated by the placement of the engine in the forward end of the main saloon. The engine box is in the way of living space; yet, for accessibility to the engine, the location and openness are unparallelled even in boats twice the size of this one.

As with many boats of the era, the head of the 30 is cramped; so too are the V-berths in the forward cabin, the quarterberth(s), and the aft galley—all the result of the 1970 mandate by boatbuilders’ marketing honchos that as many berths a possible be crammed into all available spaces—not so the boats could sleep that many, but so the advertising could say they could.

The Tartan 30 sails well. In a breeze to windward—perhaps the best test of any boat—she is at her best: comfortable, stable, reasonably handy, and modestly dry. Off the wind she is more steerable than a host of successors with free-standing spade rudders and dagger-thin keels. Only on a broad reach with biggish following seas can her weather helm be tough to handle. Under such conditions, good sail control hardware—vang, traveler, reefing, adjustable backstay, etc—is important.

Under PHRF the Tartan 30 typically has a base rating of 170 to 180, rating faster in areas with heavier winds. In fact, in some quarters the Tartan 30 is regarded as the archetypal PHRF competitor. Her narrow inboard shroud base helps keep her competitive upwind against newer boats, and her directional stability off the wind is better. She does well against such basically similar boats with comparable ratings as the Catalina 30, the C&C 29 and 30, and, except perhaps in the lightest of air, the Pearson 30. She can stay with the likes of a J/30 (PHRF 135 or so) unless the J has a mob on her rail.

For performance in heavier winds, she needs merely a good hand on the helm and some constructive crew work. In lighter winds the Tartan 30 wants all the help she can get: a folding prop, a large, well shaped mainsail, and a genoa of at least 150%. In sailing regions with lots of really light air, her tall rig (optional at one time) is a plus.

The original engine in the 30 was the Atomic 4; by 1975 the Farymann two-cylinder diesel was an option. Located amidships, the engine turns a shaft that exits the after edge of the keel, putting the prop in perhaps its most nearly ideal location: well forward where it is protected and, offset a few degrees, efficient. In reverse, though, it is even less efficient than boats with fully exposed props on shafts.

The cockpit is of average size for boats of the Tartan 30’s vintage. Her low wood coamings are uncomfortable to either sit on or against, but the tiller is far enough aft so that there is good seating forward. The mainsheet and engine controls are awkward to handle, though. And the 30 should have a higher sill in the companionway; the original is too low to keep a flooded cockpit from emptying belowdecks.

Storage aboard the 30 is less than on many comparable boats. With either the two quarterberths or the aft galley and its cockpit-opening icebox there is little cockpit locker space. Sails are thus commonly in the way and a number of owners who sail as a couple have turned the forward berths into a sail locker. Others use the quarterberth. The area under the cockpit sole is also available but less accessible. A word of warning. The Tartan 30 is a wetter boat belowdecks than most. Not only are the quarterberths highly vulnerable to spray and rain through the companionway, but the sink is prone to filling and letting water slosh onto the sole.

What To Look For

As with so many boats as old as the 30, the potential problems fall conspicuously into two categories: cosmetic and structural. Most owners report notable degradation of the gelcoat: crazing, voids, and chalking. Blistering and deck delamination seem about average in frequency.

Belowdecks, the teak cabin sole gets the most complaints; the rather solid (if aesthetically pedestrian) plywood joinerwork gets the fewest. Like such other plain but solid boats as the Pearson 35 and C&C 35, the Tartan 30 lends itself to dressing up of the interior decor. The chainplates are prone to leaks; the ports and hull-to-deck joint seem not to be.

Any prospective owner can do his own quick check of the likeliest structural problems. Since the mast is keel-stepped, the under-deck support is not a problem. However, the mast step and mast butt should be checked, since corrosion from water leaking around the partner is common. The tabbing around the main bulkhead should also be checked

carefully. Likewise the tierod between the deck and step in the way of the mast.

The most important check is in the bilge fore and aft of the external keel. Groundings and improper hauling or storage can result in loosened floor timbers and keel bolts and flexibility or even tearing of the hull. A misaligned engine and/or a gap between deadwood and ballast are clues to such problems. Some owners, either for prevention or during repair, have reinforced the bilge area and parts of the hull where poppets bear weight during dry storage. Note: the Tartan 30 seems to be one of those boats that is

more comfortable being stored in a good cradle rather than on jackstands.

The rig, like most of those specified by Sparkman & Stephens, was designed to be practically indestructible. Given its inherent strength, look primarily for the effects of corrosion at the spreaders and the butt. Many 30s have been fitted with babystays in lieu of forward lower shrouds. For typical cruising we think the babystay is a pain and probably unnecessary, so we’d make it detachable.

Given its accessibility that should have encouraged better than average TLC, the old Atomic 4 should still be in reasonable shape. But have it mechanically checked. There have been reports of engines needing rebuilding after water backed through the exhaust. The fuel tank also tends to rust. The alternative to the Atomic 4, the Farymann diesel, is not necessarily a better bet as an engine since parts are difficult to obtain and expensive.


Having raced alternately on and against a well-sailed Tartan 30, we think there are few boats that have a better blend of performance, strength, and enduring styling from its era. Sure, the 30, like almost all of her contemporaries, sails, feeds, socializes, and nurtures a lot fewer crew members than she can comfortably sleep. Yet, she is a boat well suited for weekend and vacation cruising for a couple, perhaps with a child or two or an occasional guest. With a crew of four or five and a modest outlay for equipment and sails, she can be raced hard in semi-serious PHRF competition. The Tartan 30 does a lot of things of which a good 30-footer, even an old one, should be capable, while remaining a good investment.

Serendipitously, she offers rare dividends: a choice of two quite different accommodation plans, plus both an interior and an exterior that offer a superb opportunity for dressing up and customizing. The 30 is thus remarkably versatile, something that in used boats is a true—and rare—virtue.

At the risk of offending opponents of editorializing, we’d opt for the aft galley arrangement largely because we’re not big fans of quarterberths, gourmet shipboard meals, or boats that have no leeward settee berth on one tack. We would then if necessary upgrade our 30 with a good dodger, added ventilation, additional exterior wood trim, big self-tending winches (inadequate winches seem a chronic deficiency). Then, finally, for racing we’d outfit her with whatever it took to stuff it to those newer designs that think the 30 is an outdated relic.


I was the owner of that Tartan 30R that won all 6 season trophies in MORC Station #1 on Long Island Sound in 1976. Thanks for the mention. Without a doubt my Tartan 30, “Chickcharnie,” was the best of the 6 sailboats that I owned over the years. Her whole story is in my article in the June 1977 issue of Yacht Racing magazine.

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Oceanis 30.1

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The Oceanis 30.1 is easy to sail, yet  lively to helm  and promises new  experiences and thrills . This robust, smart little cruiser is small enough to trail, opening up endless possibilities for lake and river sailing, as well as  coastal sailing  and high sea adventures.



Best Boats 2020

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Exterior design

With a stemhead, hard-chine hull, well-proportioned sides and coachroof, the Oceanis 30.1 artfully resembles a small yacht.

The Finot-Conq plan has met the double challenge of power and simple navigation. With her slender bow, optimized weight, and square-top mainsail, she performs well in all points of sail.

For beginners or for short-handed sailing, the self-tacking jib and the single winch make her easy to handle. For performance, the Oceanis 30.1 has a large overlapping genoa, a furling code zero and an asymmetric spinnaker. Aft, a step affords access to the sea and can be supplemented by a small lifting platform.  

sailboats 30ft

Interior design

With a few extra inches won in strategic places, the Oceanis 30.1 differs from other boats thanks to a headspace of 6.5 ft in all the areas inside where it is comfortable to stand.

The two sizable double cabins each have berths running lengthwise and an open entryway making them feel particularly spacious. The two benches in the salon provide an additional place for two extra berths.

The large shower room is divided into a marine toilet on one side and shower and washbasin on the other. At the foot of the gently sloping companionway, the L-shaped galley has top and bottom storage, a 20 US Gal refrigerator and a real oven under the gas hob stove top.

sailboats 30ft


With unbeatable living space for its size and a focus on simplicity of use, the smallest model of the cruising range is nevertheless stylish and fast, with a highly competitive, ready-to-sail price. 

sailboats 30ft


With an overall size of under 30 X 10 ft and a weight of 8,000 lbs, the Oceanis 30.1 can be trailered by road, without the issues of an extra-wide load. With the lifting keel and rotating tabernacle mast version, the cruiser can sail along canals and rivers to its sailing grounds. 


On the Oceanis 30.1, sailors get to choose between a tiller with twin rudders for anyone seeking a few thrills or from the world of dinghy sailing, or twin steering wheels for anyone who prefers space and comfort!  


The double steering wheel layout results in a wonderfully big cockpit. On either side of the large fold-away table are two large benches, which comfortably seat up to six guests.

Oceanis 30.1 Electric

Silent, comfortable and emission free, the new Oceanis 30.1e now has an all-electric propulsion system that offers a unique boating experience.

With engine power equal to 14 HP, the Torqeedo engine has a range of up to 6 hours at 4 knots.

sailboats 30ft

Equipped With SEANAPPS

The easiest way to keep your boat safe and ready to cruise anytime.

The new Seanapps  app is the ultimate solution to help you indulge your passion for boating. With the touch of your finger, you can easily connect, monitor and order services for your boat – from routine maintenance, to requesting a wash or fuel or having us complete a repair.


The information below is intended for general informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice and does not constitute a contractual agreement. Any descriptions, representations, or statements made in this document are not to be considered binding unless explicitly stated otherwise in a formal contractual agreement.

Length Overall

Beam overall

Light displacement

Air Draft Max

Fuel Capacity

Water Capacity

Max. engine power

Cabin Number

CE Certification

B6 / C8 / D10

Polar diagrams

Documents produced by Finot-Conq Architectes

sailboats 30ft

Drifting keel

sailboats 30ft

Deep draught keel - genoa

sailboats 30ft

Deep draught keel - Foc autovireur

sailboats 30ft

Short draught keel - foc autovireur

There are 3 ballasts available, so you can sail in your configuration of choice.

sailboats 30ft

Shallow draft

sailboats 30ft

Performance draft (hydraulic swing keel)

sailboats 30ft

  • Large benches seating six guests, with a fold away table
  • Tiller or twin steering wheels on twin rudders
  • Tilting mast
  • Square-top mainsail
  • Raymarine Electronic Pack
  • EC certification: B6 / C8 / D10 (10 passengers aboard)

sailboats 30ft


  • L-shaped fitted galley: fridge, sink, two-ring hob, oven, storage and worktop
  • Lounge bench seats that convert to extra berths
  • Master cabin with double berth at the bow
  • Aft cabin with twin berths
  • Shower room, with shower compartment and marine toilet
  • Gently sloping companionway (4 steps)

sailboats 30ft


sailboats 30ft

Press Reviews

Cruising world.

Cruising World Judges named the BENETEAU Oceanis 30.1 the Best Performance Cruiser for 2020.   Read more

NorthWest Yachting

Boat Review - Everyone is talking about the 2020 Beneteau Oceanis 30.1 and for good reason—she’s an awesome boat! 

SAIL Magazine

Winner of the “small cruiser” category in SAIL magazine’s  2020 Best Boats contest. Read More


"Easy Start" more in the April 2020 issue

All Oceanis News

sailboats 30ft

Nautic boat show 2022 : Spotlight on remarkable sustainable innovations at BENETEAU

BENETEAU has decided to follow the path of innovation to reduce the environmental impact of sailing. Practical yet ground-breaking innovations that were visible on the First 44e and the Oceanis 30.1e sailing yachts world premiered at the Nautic Boat Show in Paris.

sailboats 30ft

Beginner Sailing Guide: How to choose the right sailboat and learn how to sail

sailboats 30ft

New Oceanis 30.1

Small, yet oh so big !

Customer Care

Buying a BENETEAU doesn’t have to be a daunting task. We have teams of experts to guide you through the entire process – everything from sea trials, financing, and customization to after-sale commissioning, service, and maintenance. We are proud to have one of the largest, most highly-regarded dealer networks in the world. We’re ready to provide you with the assistance and expertise needed to launch you and your BENETEAU on a lifetime of happy, rewarding, and memorable voyages.

sailboats 30ft

Other models in the range

sailboats 30ft

10.77 m / 35’4’’

3.57 m / 11’9’’

sailboats 30ft

11.93 m / 39’2’’

3.92 m / 12’10’’

sailboats 30ft

12.87 m / 42’3’’

4.18 m / 13’9’’

sailboats 30ft

14.6 m / 47’11’’

4.5 m / 14’9’’

sailboats 30ft

15.94 m / 52’4’’

4.8 m / 15’9’’

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Brand: Sailcraft 30 Iroquois

sailboats 30ft

The Iroquois 30 Mark 2 is a weatherly and seakindly catamaran. She has a feather-light helm, a useful sail plan and a tabernacle mast that make her easy to handle both in and out of the water. Windward ability is excellent, aided by kick-up rudders and pivoting centerboards. The Iroquois is one of the most affordable catamarans in this size range.

The design is tough, fast and very capable – most of these boats are still on the water today and many have circumnavigated multiple times; one of them actually won the grueling “Around Great Britain Race” in the 1970s.

The original Iroquois 30-footer had its origins in the mid-1960s offshore racing scene, but it was soon recognized that it offered a good starting point for a boat with more comfortable accommodation. After 70 examples of the original model were built, the Mark 2 version, which featured larger and better-finished accommodation was launched in 1969.

Builder:Sailcraft (England)
Designer:Rob Macalpine-Downie
Build Start:1969
Build End:1982
Loa: 29 ft 10 in
Lwl:27 ft
Beam:13 ft 6 in
Draft:1 ft 3 in (Boards Up) / 5 ft
Mast Height:42 ft

There are no catamarans currently for sale of this brand.

Please see our catamarans for sale page for a full listing of other currently available models.

Posted 2024-06-18 12:01

Contact Information:

16 ft, Alumacraft fishing boat - $600 (Phillips)

16 ft, Alumacraft fishing boat 1

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16 ft, Alumacraft fishing boat - boats - by owner - marine sale -...

Nice boat with Live well, storage, Bilge pump (New), aerator. Includes nice ShoreLand'r trailer and, 30 hp. Evinrude engine. BOTH BOAT AND MOTOR NEED WORK! The boat has a leak in the transom and the...

Euros 2024 – Articles

sailboats 30ft

British couple seriously injured after boat explodes

Default author image

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Two British tourist were injured in a boat explosion in Majorca (Picture: MGE/Solarpix)

A British couple were thrown from a boat and seriously injured after it exploded in Majorca .

The pair, a 44-year-old man and 30-year-old woman, suffered second-degree burns in the blast at the Port of Palma today.

They were reportedly handling the engine of a Zodiac-type semi-rigid boat at the time.

Both of them were rushed to hospital with severe burns to their face and arms, as well as less serious injuries to other parts of their bodies.

Another vessel nearby also caught alight.

Footage from the scene showed a plume of black smoke rising into the air which was visible from several miles away.

Police and other emergency responders including firefighters and paramedics raced to the scene after a series of emergency calls alerting the authorities to the incident shortly after noon.

The fire was extinguished quickly but both vessels affected ended up sinking.

The hospital the Brits have been taken to have not been named but it is understood to be a private clinic.

Elsewhere today, a man was also thrown overboard when two yachts crashed during a boat race in the Isle of Wight.

Get in touch with our news team by emailing us at [email protected] .

For more stories like this, check our news page .

MORE : Moment police close in on axeman with firebomb near Euro fan zone

MORE : Hundreds of passengers stuck in ‘two hour’ queues at major UK airport

MORE : Rollercoaster riders stuck 236ft in the air on Thorpe Park’s newest ride

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Florida beaches open after shark attacks injure woman, 2 teens. What we know

Two teenagers and a woman were injured in two shark attacks less than two hours apart Friday afternoon in the Florida Panhandle. The woman lost her lower left arm and suffered "significant trauma" to other areas of her body, officials said at a Friday afternoon news conference. The mother of one of the teens said the girl's hand had been taken and her right leg had to be amputated .

Both incidents happened between Miramar Beach and Panama City Beach on the Gulf of Mexico.

Beaches in Walton and Bay counties were closed Friday and reopened Saturday morning , with warnings. The Walton County Sheriff's Office and Florida Fish and Wildlife monitored the shoreline by boat through the weekend. Panama City Beach Police in the Sheriff's Office helicopter Saturday reported seeing " a notable presence of sharks , specifically bull sharks," near the first incident.

"We want to reiterate that sharks are always present in the Gulf ," the WCSO said in a Facebook post . "Swimmers and beachgoers should be cautious when swimming and be aware of their surroundings at all times."

What happened in the shark attacks in Walton County, Florida?

At about 1:20 p.m. Friday, a 45-year-old woman was swimming with her husband past the first sandbar near Founders Lane in Watersound Beach, west of Seacrest Beach when she was bitten.

"She received significant trauma to the midsection and pelvic area," said South Walton Fire District Fire Chief Ryan Crawford at a press conference Friday , "as well as amputation of the left lower arm."

About an hour and a half later, just before 3 p.m., two girls aged 15 and 17 were swimming with friends and looking for sand dollars in waist-deep water near the Sandy Shores Court area of Seacrest Beach, about four miles east of the first bite. The girls were swimming just inside the first sandbar, Crawford said, in a similar proximity to the shoreline as the previous attack.

"Victim one received significant injuries to one upper and one lower extremity," Crawford said. "Victim number two received what's been described as flesh wounds to the right lower extremity."

How are the Florida shark attack victims? What are their conditions?

A teenager, Lulu Gribbin of Alabama, was treated on the scene by first responders and taken via helicopter to HCA Fort Walton-Destin Hospital. She is in critical condition with severe injuries, including the loss of her lower left arm.

The girl's mother, Ann Blair Gribbon, said on a platform for hospital patients that the teen's left hand was bitten off and a leg had to be amputated. She'll likely need at least five more surgeries to finalize the amputations, Gribbon said, but the girl's vitals were improving by Saturday and hospital staff was able to remove her breathing tube.

"This was a first big step," Ann Gribbin wrote. "Once she was settled her first words to us were 'I made it.'

The 45-year-old woman lost a hand to the shark bite and suffered trauma to her midsection and pelvic region, officials said. She was in critical condition Friday.

Several beachgoers had medical training, Walton County Sheriff Michael Adkinson, and at least two were nurses. "Those folks jumped in and started rendering care and help," he said, as the deputy and South Walton crew arrived.

Adkinson said he and Crawford decided to close the beaches for a couple of miles around the first attack. But before that was put into place, the second one occurred.

The other girl was taken to Ascension Bay Medical Center in Panama City Beach. She was in stable condition with flesh wounds to her lower right extremity.

Why did a shark or sharks bite people swimming in Walton County?

The precise cause is unknown. Most of the time when a shark bites a human being , it's because it was curious about the splashing in the water or startled by a swimmer or surfer crossing its path. Some sharks may bite to protect an area, similar to a dog barking at people in his yard. Shark bites, while potentially horrific, remain rare .

Panama City Beach police reported seeing a number of bull sharks near the sandbar by the first incident. Bay County Sheriff Tommy Ford said in a release that, according to the FWC, "bait fish are schooling near the shore at this time of year, which may have been a contributing factor in the attacks." 

Destin charter boat Capt. Gary Jarvis told The Northwest Florida Daily News that there are more sharks in the Gulf of Mexico than there have been for years.

“There are more people that swim in the water than before and there are more sharks in the water than ever before. So, the incident rate of shark bites is only going to go in one direction,” Jarvis said. 

Where did the Florida shark attacks happen? Where is Watersound Beach?

Watersound Beach is a community along the coast of South Walton between Seacrest Beach and Seagrove Beach.

Where is Seacrest Beach, Florida?

Seacrest Beach is farther to the east along Highway 30-A.

Are beaches open today in Walton County, Florida, after shark attacks?

Beaches were reopened Saturday morning with single red and purple flags flying, indicating hazardous water conditions and possible dangerous marine life are present.

As of Monday morning , yellow flags are flying in Walton County, indicating moderate surf and/or currents.

Are beaches open today in Bay County, Florida?

Neighboring Bay County also closed its beaches Friday and reopened them Saturday morning with single red and purple flags flying.

As of Monday morning , Panama City Beach continues to fly these flags indicating high hazard surf conditions and dangerous marine life, which means swimming is allowed but you swim at your own risk and should use extreme caution.

How many shark attacks have there been in Florida this year?

According to , the incidents in Walton County are the first three shark-related incidents in Florida in 2024. There are usually around 100 bites reported worldwide per year, the site said.

How many shark bites were there worldwide in 2023?

The Florida Museum of Natural History’s  International Shark Attack File  investigated 120 alleged shark-human interactions worldwide in 2023.  Sixty-nine were confirmed as unprovoked shark bites  on humans and 22 were found to be provoked bites.

Breakdown of 2023 reports around the world:

  • Unprovoked bites: 69
  • Provoked bites: 22
  • Boat bites: 9
  • Scavenge: 2 (post-mortem bites)
  • Public Aquaria: 1
  • No assignment could be made: 1
  • Not confirmed: 16

Florida remains shark bite capital of the US

Florida continues to be the No. 1 location for the number of shark bites.

There were 16 bites — although none were fatal — confirmed in 2023. That's lower than Florida's historic average of 19 incidents a year.

  • Florida:  16 bites, none fatal
  • Hawaii:  8 bites, 1 fatal
  • New York:  4 bites, none fatal
  • California:  2 bites, 1 fatal
  • North Carolina:  3 bites, none fatal
  • South Carolina:  2 bites, none fatal
  • New Jersey:  1 bite, none fatal

Top 10: Confirmed unprovoked shark attacks in Florida from 1882 to present

  • Volusia County: 351
  • Brevard County: 158
  • Palm Beach County: 83
  • St. Johns County: 45
  • Duval County: 46
  • Martin County: 41
  • St. Lucie County: 39
  • Indian River County: 22
  • Monroe County: 21
  • Miami-Dade County: 20

How do I avoid shark bites?

  • Swim with a buddy. Most sharks are more likely to approach a solitary person.
  • Stay close to shore.
  • Be careful around the area between sandbars or near steep dropoffs, both popular shark hangouts.
  • Stay out of the water at dawn or dusk when sharks are more active and feeding.
  • Avoid shiny jewelry or reflective swimwear that might resemble the sheen of fish scales.
  • Avoid areas where people are fishing or areas with known effluents or sewage. Stay away from areas with diving seabirds.
  • Be careful in murky water. Some shark species may not see you very well either, and there can be confusion.
  • Try not to splash too much, especially in a single spot. Sharks may investigate to see if you are a fish in distress.
  • If a shark is spotted, slowly and calmly get out of the water.


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