1. Vintage Star Model Pond Yacht Birkenhead SY6

    star pond yacht restoration

  2. - Vintage Star Pond Yacht Meteorite

    star pond yacht restoration

  3. Vintage Star SY2 Pond Yacht

    star pond yacht restoration

  4. Pond Yacht Restoration

    star pond yacht restoration

  5. Restored Star Productions Planet ready to sail-Sold

    star pond yacht restoration

  6. Vintage Star SY2 Pond Yacht

    star pond yacht restoration


  1. Custom Yacht #finished! 🛥️👑


  3. Vintage Marblehead Pond Yacht

  4. Jet boat at the model yacht pond

  5. From 20 Years Abandoned to Ocean Ready


  1. Star MK 2 restoration project by Britannia Pond Yachts

    Here is a short film detailing the restoration of a 14 inch "Star MK 2", a vintage 1930's Pond Yacht. These early style yachts are now increasingly hard to f...

  2. Restorations

    Star Restorations. Here are some restorations of Star yachts to keep them sailing. If you have a Star yacht that you have restored, send in a couple of before and after photos, and a few words, I will add them to the gallery. Andy Field's MK/2, Endeavour II restoration. Above, before with the dreaded black deck pin staining, below, now with a ...

  3. BSYAS

    Our Aim. To produce the biggest collection of information on Birkenhead Star Yachts from the very early days, through it's heydays until 1990 with the Marion Street factory closure and to make it available to Star Yacht enthusiasts, owners and the public. Anyone who would like to contribute to this venture whether it be by photos, catalogues or ...

  4. Vintage Pond Yachts

    Star Yachts at the 1929 World Scout Jamboree…. In the summer of 1929 the 3rd World Scout Jamboree, held at Arrowe Park just to the west of Birkenhead, allowed Franz the opportunity of showcasing his Star Yacht companies ever expanding range of pond yachts to a world wide audience. This 15 day event, which was attended by some 30,000 Scouts ...

  5. About us

    Grove Pond Yachts Co. Ltd. Based in Hexham, Northumberland. Makers since 1996 and the oldest surviving pond yacht manufacturers in England. Cliff Grove's fascination with pond yachts began when, as a boy, he was given a small Star Pond Yacht by his father which sowed the seed of a passion that stayed with him all his life.

  6. The story of a 1920's Star SY5a pond yacht

    This is a short film that shows the gradual restoration of an early Star SY5 pond yacht, this yacht was probably manufactured in the 1920's as there was no w...

  7. Vintage Pond Yachts

    Home built model pond yachts as well as the commercial products of long gone small British manufacturers such as Alexander, Bassett Lowke, Bowman and, in particular, Star Yachts of Birkenhead have always been of interest and I've been fortunate to be able to spend much time restoring examples for both myself and various clients over the years.

  8. Very Early Star Pond Yacht complete and original-Sold

    The other required full restoration. When we obtained the first one we knew it was a Star but had a problem identifying the model. Luckily there is a website for Star yachts and this identified her as an early 1920's solid hulled model. This particular yacht is astonishing as she is totally original.

  9. Pond Yachting

    Pond Yachting, A Brief History. Pond yachting is one of those hobbies that has been around for hundreds of years. Many a sailor or fisherman would have whittled or shaped a boat to be given to a child to sail. As sailing got more of a competitive sport with the "Grown-ups" races were organised, rules were set in place, records show that they ...

  10. Britannia Pond Yachts a Star Yachts SY4 pond yacht refurbishment

    The story of refurbishing a barn find 1950's 16 inch Birkenhead made Star Yachts SY4 pond yacht hull to sailing condition. Please like and subscribe, thank y...

  11. HOME

    Britannia Ponds Yachts North Star. We are also able to supply a large range of classic, vintage model boats and antique Pond Yachts from manufacturers like the famous Star Yachts of Birkenhead, Bowman, Skipper, Suggs, Ailsa, Gamages, Alexander and many others. Some of these sailing boats we restore to sailing condition, we also offer other ...

  12. Vintage Star Pond Yachts for Sale

    Arguably in 70 years of the 20th century Star produced one of the largest ranges of Pond Yachts in tremendous quality and quantity. They were sold by some of the largest retailers such as Gamages and Bassett-Lowke and also by corner shops and arcades in most of our seaside towns. Star Yachts can now be found in antique shops and collections ...

  13. Star Yacht Birkenhead Restoration Kit. Mast Pins, Rigging Thread

    This is a kit of parts to help with the restoration of Star Yachts & other pond yachts. 1 solid brass front sail hook for SY0, SY1 & SY2 models, again to original spec. Star Yacht Birkenhead Restoration Kit. In un. For yachts SY00, SY0, SY1, SY2 & SY3. This is a kit of parts to help with the restoration of Star Yachts & other pond yachts.

  14. Nylet 92 years . The vintage yacht restoration service

    NYLET 92 Years. Vintage yacht restoration service, no longer available due to retirement of our restorer Chris. I have a note from Chris, he thanks all his many customers and friends during these past decades but it is now time to retire gracefully and concetrate on finishing his own yachts which have received scant attention these past few years.

  15. Pond Yacht Restoration

    Restore/complete your own pond yacht and get it ready for sailing or display. Dates. July 14 - July 20. Location. Brooklin, Maine. Tuition. $925. Materials. $61 + Materials for your specific project.

  16. Restoration of a 13 inch Bowman Swift by Britannia Pond Yachts

    Here is a short film detailing the restoration of beautiful 12 inch long vintage racing style Bowman Swift pond yacht originally manufactured in the 1960's, ...

  17. Boats for Restoration

    VINTAGE POND YACHTS; STAR YACHTS; BOATS FOR RESTORATION; ALEXANDER; ABOUT. TESTIMONIALS. CONTACT. More. BOATS FOR RESTORATION ... Delightful Childs Pond Yacht "Maryanne" to display or restore-£145. 1930's Bassett-Lowke "Cygnet" Pond Yacht hull to restore-Under Offer. Very Rare Bassett Lowke Motor Launch "Mercury" -£495.

  18. star yachts SY1 restoration part 3

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  19. Restoration Service

    Hull Restoration. Cleaning, paint retouching, varnish $35/hr (average is about 5 hrs.) Repair and Reconstruction $35/hr. Paint removal and Re-painting $35/hr (average is about 6 hrs) Cotton sails are made of a fine natural color cotton and include brass colored grommets and wired mast hoops, cotton rigging line, brass s-hooks and bowsers.

  20. THE 10 BEST Things to Do in Elektrostal

    3-Star Hotels in Elektrostal. ... Strip Club 54 Sunset Boat Party Off Road Fury Barbados Camel Safari Las Vegas Three Tables Dive Site Ice Lagoon Adventure Boat Tours Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Samui Swift Creek Outfitters & Teton Horseback Adventures Odyssey Whale Watching Giorgos Pame Walking Tours.

  21. Environmental Services in Elektrostal'

    Before you hire an environmental restoration service in Elektrostal', Moscow Oblast, browse through our network of over 3 local environmental service & restoration companies. Read through customer reviews, check out their past projects and then request a quote from the best environmental service & restoration companies near you.

  22. Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast, Russia

    Elektrostal Geography. Geographic Information regarding City of Elektrostal. Elektrostal Geographical coordinates. Latitude: 55.8, Longitude: 38.45. 55° 48′ 0″ North, 38° 27′ 0″ East. Elektrostal Area. 4,951 hectares. 49.51 km² (19.12 sq mi) Elektrostal Altitude.

  23. Anniversary pond Walking And Running Trail

    Anniversary pond is a 1.3 mile (3,000-step) route located near Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast, Russia. This route has an elevation gain of about 0 ft and is rated as easy. Find the best walking trails near you in Pacer App. Open in App for Details. Recommended Routes. Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast, Russia.