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Launched in 1950, this is a class that aims for the best performance in a single-handed sport catamaran. Often made of carbon, now equipped with foils, the A-Class is the most technologically advanced class for solo racing. It is a very dynamic class and the level of the racers is very (very) high.

The Classe a would be the catamaran equivalent of the foiling Moth : light, technological, extreme, fast and bringing together the best in the discipline.

A Cat Class used

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Classe A DNA for sale in Carnac

Classe A DNA for sale in Carnac

Classe A Exploder for sale in Barcelone

Classe A Exploder for sale in Barcelone

Classe A Autre marque for sale in Vannes

Classe A Autre marque for sale in Vannes

Classe A Exploder for sale null

Classe A Exploder for sale null

Trolley / Trailer for sale in La Grande-Motte

Trolley / Trailer for sale in La Grande-Motte

A Cat Class presentation

The model A Cat Class has 2 differents versions : Classe A classic , Classe A foiler .

The A class catamaran, a unique spirit

The A-Class is a single-handed class, the freedom given by the gauge has allowed it to be always at the forefront of technological innovations. The result is a sports catamaran with a magnificent look, impressive and performing around 3 buoys. This open gauge allowed her to be one of the first light sail series to be equipped with foil. The A-Class now flies above the water.

Class A program

It is a boat intended more for regatta sailors than for sailors looking for "calm" rides. There are many shipyards producing A Class boats, including Marstrom, Bimare , Nacra, Addiction, Askell and DNA.

Second hand Class A catamaran

The second-hand A Classes remain quite expensive for recent productions, however, if one is looking for a catamaran for sailing more oriented towards leisure than performance: the bill will be much less expensive.

The entry prices for Class A boats are very low: sometimes 1000$ for old boats, on the other hand, recent Class A boats, those which can perform in championships, are traded for 20000$.

Buying or selling an A Class

This is where it all happens, you can find a lot of A-Class ads on iWannaboat.

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used a class catamaran for sale

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used a class catamaran for sale


Without question, the sailing catamaran is the most active category of pleasure boat today, with a growing number of builders using fresh designs from a variety of naval architects. In the past decade, the sailing cat has gone from somewhat of an oddity to fully mainstream, as the benefits of the catamaran concept eventually lures traditional sailors away from the teak interiors and heeling in a monohull. Those new to sailing and cruising have no predetermined opinions, so are easily convinced of the advantages of a sailing cat, not having any familiarity of the issues associated with the catamaran’s early history.

Search Sailing Catamarans by Price

Search sailing catamarans by length, search sailing catamarans by year, more about used sailing catamarans.

There are no less than 20 builders of sailing catamarans around the world, and it is quite difficult to distinguish one from another at a boat show, where they take up significant real estate. Global catamaran builders now include Seawind, Leopard, St. Francis, Majestic, Knysna, Kinetic, Maverick, Antares, Lagoon, Discovery, Catania, Outremer, Nautitech, Fountaine Pajot, Balance, Bali, and Xquisite. There are also many custom yards, such as Alwoplast in Chile, that build custom cats to the designs of Chris White and Malcolm Tennant. It is an understatement to say the sailing catamaran has come of age.

The wide beam of the catamaran offers tremendous stability and visually open space. Accommodations are significantly greater that those offered by a monohull of the same length. Unless one is looking at a model built for the charter business, which maximizes the number of staterooms, the living spaces can be easily tailored for a liveaboard agenda with master stateroom, en-suite head, and storage in one of the hulls. Some cats put the master accommodations on the bridgedeck, so owners are not forced to sleep in a relatively narrow hull.

Modern sailing gear and systems make these boats much simpler to sail, but one must be aware of the wind conditions, as sailing cats don’t heel, so it isn’t obvious when it is time to reef or shorten sails as on a monohull. An eye on the wind speed indicator tells you it is time to shorten sail to not overpower the boat. Early catamarans could turn upside down and remain quite stable inverted. Modern cruising cats do not have this tendency, and it is rare for this to happen except for racing catamarans that push the envelope far offshore.

The wide and open bridgedeck allows a nice galley and saloon layout with large windows that keep things bright and appealing, wide sliding pocket doors often open onto the aft cockpit, creating a unique and open living space that is hard to beat except on a superyacht. Spending quality time in an anchorage with the boat opened is about as good as it gets.

Sailing cats are also known for the wonderful ability to have a large dinghy on davits between the hulls. This is not to be understated, as a good dinghy is vital for a cruising boat, and this is by far the best way to carry a dinghy. It is simple work to raise the dinghy at the end of the day, keeping its bottom clean and out of touch of sticky fingers when cruising remote areas.

In these days of social media, a growing number of couples sustain their cruising lifestyle through Patreon donations from their YouTube channels. This has become one of the best marketing programs ever devised. Interestingly, many of these couples were new to sailing, and started with a sailing cat. Other couples may have started their travels on a monohull but switched over to a catamaran after visiting other YouTubers on their cat. They saw firsthand that the step up in livability is profound. Watching the weekly exploits of young couples exploring the world on their sailing cats has captured the imagination of millions of people. No one has done a better job of promoting life on a sailing cat than these people, and a few of the most popular channels have over a million subscribers. No print ad in any magazine can approach such lifestyle marketing.

Catamarans don’t like weight, especially in the ends of the boat, although that is less of an issue then it once was. Still, it is healthy to be mindful of what comes aboard, and rather than bring dozens of books to read while circling the globe, it is better to have one’s library on a Kindle. That is a practical example of the mantra of the cruising catamaran sailor. And while a cruising cat may have water tankage for a couple hundred gallons of water, a water maker is often installed.

Sailing cats come with two engines set far apart, using either straight drives or sail drives. This is more than enough for economical operation and great maneuverability.  As cats don’t require much horsepower to move through the water, sailing cats between 42 and 46 feet typically have diesel engines rated at only 29 to 40hp.

Living on a catamaran at anchor is delightful, as the open space, especially on the newer designs, is open, protected, and spacious. Cats need a bridle when anchoring to keep them from swinging back and forth, which keep the anchor rode between the hulls. It is not a difficult skill to learn but is key to successful anchoring.

There is something quite idyllic about enjoying morning coffee on a swim platform, watching the fish that tend to circle around in the shaded water between the hulls.

The success of the modern sailing catamaran is ample proof that it is one of the most attractive choices for sailing and cruising. There are projects under way to take them even further as the boat of the future, with solar arrays, lithium battery technology, and developing electric drive systems to make them carbon free. No other cruising boat is a better platform for these developments, so it is likely sailing catamarans will be the tip of the spear of the future greener boating experience.

Recent News

used a class catamaran for sale

Join our Annapolis, Maryland team for a Spring Kick-Off Open House Event that includes boats for sale and speakers.

used a class catamaran for sale

Whether or not to hire a captain for your yacht is a subject many boat owners wrestle with. Bill Parlatore discusses how to find the right captain and what to expect.

used a class catamaran for sale

Join the Seattle Yachts team for the 2024 Seattle Boat Show starting February 2nd.

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Calee's Cureall | 2018 Aspen C120

Freeport, fl, us.

used a class catamaran for sale

Calee's Cureall | Aspen C120 42ft

Us $699,000.

2018 42 Aspen C120 Power Catramaran "Calee's Cureall" is a special design by local craftsmen in the Pacific Northwest with details carefully considered for style, ease of use, and longevity. The C120 Power Catramaran (42’6”/12/6 meters LOA) includes grand-sized areas in the salon, staterooms, heads, and cockpit. It is the first boat in this category with 600 sq. ft. of deck and living space.

The C120 Power Catamaran uses Aspen’s patented award-winning hull design for ideal performance with a Volvo D6. Design cruise speeds are 16-18 kts with a top speed of 20-23 kts. Fuel economy with the single 435 is 10 gph at 16 kts; 50-60% less than competitive boats. Your fun cruising range just doubled in a day!

The modern design starts in the salon with an amazing open window layout that brings the grand outdoors right to you. With a 360-degree view from every seat in the Salon and each hull has a first-class head with a shower and large vanity. Below the dinette is a queen size guest stateroom, complete with a hanging locker, portlights, and reading lights. Below the galley is a 2nd guest stateroom with a twin bed, portlights, and reading lights. Forward is the beam-to-beam King Island Master stateroom. This stateroom includes port & starboard hanging lockers, drawer sets, starboard vanity, and more.

Aspen C120 Power Catamaran owners and guests can coastal cruise and Loop in complete comfort for weeks or months, effortlessly.

  • Multi-hull Catamaran Design
  • New Custom Flybridge Layout


  • Length: 42ft
  • Beam: 13' 9"
  • Hull: Fiberglass
  • Status: Active

View More Specs


  • Length Overall: 42.5 ft
  • Bridge Clearance Measure: 18' 6"
  • Beam Measure: 13' 9"
  • Total Power: 435
  • Engine Brand: Volvo
  • Year Built: 2013
  • Engine Model: D6
  • Engine Type: Inboard
  • Engine/Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Engine Hours: 800
  • Engine Power: 435 hp
  • Fresh Water Tanks: 1 (229 Gallons)
  • Fuel Tanks: 1 (229 Gallons)


  • Number of cabins: 3
  • Number of heads: 2


  • Dinette seats 6, 6’6″ length
  • Ultra Leather UV Protected Marine Upholstery- Color: Champagne
  • Bonus Storage Under Dinette Table L Door 24 x 18″
  • Power Recliner Seat aft side Dinette
  • Force10 LPG 3 burner Propane Stove & Oven, Stainless
  • Propane Tank 20lbs w/Enclosure, w/Auto Shut Off Valve (ABYC & NMMA Certified)
  • CO sensor (2), smoke detector (2)
  • Side-by-side Nova Kool fridge and freezer – Low Power Draw
  • Corian galley countertop- Color: Witch Hazel
  • 800w Microwave
  • 1/4 Berth twin bed under galley
  • Salon central SS support/handrail
  • Ocean air hatch screens w/slider
  • Bentley’s Helm Seat Ultra-Leather Upgrade
  • Bentley’s Helm Seat 2″ Extra Wide Upgrade
  • 4 channel 70 W stereo high output, w/6 speakers salon and aft deck
  • Swing Down 32″ TV over Helm

Master Stateroom

  • Beam to Beam Master
  • Island King Bed
  • Burmese Teak Finish- Table, Cabinets, Drawer Unit, Book Shelf, and Floors
  • Storage Compartments on Both Port and Starboard
  • 2 Hanging Lockers
  • 2 Overhead Port Lights
  • Port and Starboard Side Hull Portlights with Snap-in Portlight screens
  • Solid Teak Soles with Polished DuraTech High Gloss Finish
  • 19™ Smart TV w/ digital antenna 
  • Luma Tech LED lights throughout, switches at entrances and at light w/rotating glide switch

Master Head

  • Portside Midship Head with Separate Shower
  • Solid Teak Sole with Polished Duratec High Gloss Finish
  • Clear Glass Bowl Sink
  • Dometic Toilets
  • Teak Shower Grate

VIP Stateroom

  • Starboard Aft Queen Sized Bed
  • Teak Hanging Locker
  • Natural Light via Skylight
  • Solid Teak Soles with Polished Duratec High Gloss Finish

Guest Stateroom

  • Port Side Aft Double Bed
  • Starboard Walk-thru Shower
  • Finished Wood Shelves
  • Dometic Heads
  • Natural Skylight Overhead
  • Built-in Linen Closet
  • Custom Corian Countertop- Color: Witch Hazel

Electronics Package

  • Single Point Wi-Fi and 4G LTE, Max-T with antenna booster
  • 7612xsv Color Chart Plotter (Pilot House)
  • 7612 12″ Display (Flybridge)
  • 7616xsv 16″ Display Screen (Pilot House)
  • 7612 12″ Display (Pilot House)
  • 600watt Transducer
  • Garmin GMR 18″ xHD Radar
  • Garmin GHS 20 VHF Wireless Remote
  • Garmin VHF 210, w Hailer & Remote Mic
  • Garmin GHP 20 Auto Pilot w/ Smart Pump Kit
  • Garmin GHP 20 Marine Auto Pilot Control Unit
  • Garmin Auto Pilot Wireless Remote Control
  • Garmin AIS 600 (transponder send & receive)
  • VHF/GPS Antennas
  • Compass 4″ Ritchie
  • US Coast Guard Running Lights, 2 Mile, LED 20,000Hr.
  • 4 Pantograph Wipers- w/washers and intermittent settings

Engine- Mechanical

  • Volvo-D-6 435HP with 4″ instrument display on Lower Helm, 4″ on Flybridge
  • Engine Comes w/Fresh water cooling, Hot water Tap
  • 11 Gallon Hot Water Heater, 110V+ Engine Tie in Loop
  • (1) 10,000 BTU (1) 15,000 BTU Air Conditioner
  • 100g Water Tank (3 tanks total 100g)
  • 180g Fuel, 5212 Aluminum Tanks, up on rubber w/ baffles
  • 1 Engine Compartment Crash Pump, 1,600gh w/ Alarm
  • 6 Automatic Hull Bilge Pumps, (1) Per compartment,
  • Side Power, Bow and Stern Thrusters 6″ w/ Joy Stick Control
  • Lenco SS Trim Tabs (24″extra wide) w/Lighted Position Controller
  • Acme Contoured Bronze Prop, Precision Balanced
  • 6KW Generator, Kohler
  • Volvo 115 Amp Alternator
  • Blue Seas 12V Panel/Battery with Breakers, Amp and Volt Meters
  • Blue Seas 120V Panel/Battery with Breakers, Amp and Volt Meters
  • MasterVolt, 12 Amp Start Battery Charger
  • 1000 Watt 120V-12V Inverter Magnum, w/60 amp house charger
  • (4) AGM DC 224AH 6V House Batteries (House Bank = 336 AMP Hrs.), (4) AGM SC27DM 12V Batteries; Engine, Generator, Electronics, & Stern Thruster (98 AMP Hrs. Each)
  • Tinned Marine Grade Wire Harness, 100% Fuse breaker Protected
  • 12V and 110V outlets next to each bed, under dinette, and at helm
  • 1-1/2″ Stainless Rails Bow, and Cockpit, Welded
  • 12.5′ X 8′ Aft Cockpit
  • 6 Cockpit LED courtesy lights, lighted Aspen floor logo
  • Cockpit molded stern seat w/teak table
  • Cockpit Lazarette Storage (2) P&S, Large
  • Swim Platform w/4 step ladder, Storage/Seat with cushion; for propane, fenders w/Integrated optional Davit system
  • Custom SS Transom Door w/Aspen Logo
  • Premium Vinyl Ester /150 Composites
  • ISO NPG Gel Coat, UV Stabilized ( Premium)
  • Anchor Roller w/Locker including bitter end cleat
  • Lewmar Pro Series Windlass w/ Front Deck & Helm Controls 1000 lbs. Capacity
  • Full Keel Protection w/S Sand Bar for Prop, Shaft, Rudder Protection
  • Kevlar Reinforced Bows
  • Oversized Deck Trails 14″ and 8″
  • Frameless Marine Windshield, Mirror solar guard side Windows w/opening, Glass Door (all tempered glass)
  • Raw Water Wash Down w/SS Bibb
  • 1″ waste tank vents (extra breathing = low smell)
  • Underwater Lights- Transoms, P&S
  • Owners Personal Belongings
  • Tender not included

The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.

Mechanical Disclaimer

Engine and generator hours are as of the date of the original listing and are a representation of what the listing broker is told by the owner and/or actual reading of the engine hour meters. The broker cannot guarantee the true hours. It is the responsibility of the purchaser and/or his agent to verify engine hours, warranties implied or otherwise and major overhauls as well as all other representations noted on the listing.

used a class catamaran for sale

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The Multihull Company is thrilled to unveil the new Tao 452, an exciting addition to the world of blue-water performance cruising catamarans. Meticulously engineered and crafted to perfection, the Tao 452 is set to redefine the catamaran experience for sailors worldwide. If you've ever felt the need for more sailing performance from your current production charter catamaran or been disappointed...

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Ian Edmonson Joins TMC As Yacht Broker in Fort Pierce, FL.

The Multihull Company is thrilled to announce the appointment of Ian Edmonson as a yacht broker at its newly opened Fort Pierce location. Ian brings a unique blend of boating passion, brokerage experience, real estate expertise, and customer-focused mentality to the team. Ian's love for boating began at an early age and has only continued to grow, leading him to...

The Multihull Company Opens New Office in Virginia

We are thrilled to announce that Alan Prater has joined The Multihull Company team as a Yacht Broker in Virginia covering the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. With a lifelong passion for the water and a career spent in the US Navy and as a maritime training professional, Alan brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team. Alan...

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We take pride in our happy customers

Your team delivered on every mark. You’ve got an amazing broker in Mark Wattrus and I’m confident you will have continued success moving forward together. He was available 24/7 whenever I had questions. We had a great initial visit on the boat and his marketing plan and photos were superb

I bought a yacht that I had never seen. I did this because I trusted my broker Andrew Holland. It was not an easy job for Andrew, as I am an experienced boat builder and owner of previous yachts, but work in West Africa. Imagine how hard it was to communicate what I was looking for. Andrew came up with exactly what I wanted. He dealt with time delays, all my questions at odd hours, and was there for the survey. He reported honestly and professionally. After buying the yacht, I arrived at the boat on a Sunday night, after dark, after travelling from West Africa to the Caribbean, and found it was better than expected. He never pulled punches and made me aware of shortfalls. I expected to spend my one month leave working on the boat, but actually spent less than one week, and was able to spend 3 weeks sailing – wonderful bonus.

Thank you Andrew for putting up with all my questions, all my worries and all my crazy out of the time zone concerns – you were totally professional, but also I know that if and when we meet up, it will be like a friend finally meeting. You are always welcome on Aseka.

— Beverly Cory

Outstanding company with professional subject matter experts. If I were to buy or sell cruising sailboat, particularly a catamaran, Andrew would be my go to broker.

I have been sailing since I was a child and attended Massachusetts Maritime Academy. But when my wife and I began the process of purchasing an ocean cruising/racing catamaran, I realized that this is a world unto itself. Obviously, we needed to find someone knowledgeable to help us make an informed decision. More importantly, we needed someone honest and willing to put our interests before his or her own. I was lucky to work with Phil Berman at The Multihull Company. He repeatedly shunned the fast buck, choosing instead to work the long road to connect us with the “perfect boat”. I would be glad to recommend Phil and his company to anyone planning to purchase or sell a performance sailing machine.

— Eric Boutiette

Andrew Hodgdon was our broker when we bought our 2018 Lagoon 450F in Antigua in April 2922. He provided great service and was very attentive to our needs. We would highly recommend Andrew and the Multihull Company.

Trust & Expertise About Us

Successful relationships cannot exist without it. At The Multihull Company we base every relationship on a firm commitment to earning and retaining our client’s trust.

Advice of any kind is valuable only when grounded in hard-won expertise. It too, must be trustworthy. Trust and expertise define the heart and soul of The Multihull Company. We are a team of skilled professionals who thrive on providing expert, trustworthy advice and service to catamaran and trimaran sailors around the globe.

Follow us @themultihullcompany

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    For sale A class catamaran classic DNA 2012 whisper grey. Very good condition, Saarberg mast, Hammer sail, rudders equiped with winglets, 2 sets of daggerboards, palan Harken (*10). Price 6000 EUR Read more

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    It can only be used for used A-class catamarans boats, platforms, masts, sails or accessories. Sailmakers, mastbuilders, boatbuilders or other companies or persons active in the marine industry can only advertise for used equipment after permission of the webmaster and might have to pay a fee.

  8. Sail Catamaran boats for sale in North America

    Price USD Year to Class Power Power-downeast Power-dragger Power-rigid-inflatable-boats- (rib) Sail Catamaran Make Lagoon Custom Make-catana-desktop Catana Excess Gemini 82 more Makes... Fuel

  9. Catamarans For Sale

    Sale includes boat/sails, beach wheels with shaped cradles, ... $13,000.00. 2/20/24 10:38am. NEW 2023 Hobie Getaway and 2021 RS 14 Cat. posted by backyardboats. Brand new 2023 Hobie Getaway with wing seats. The trailer is not included but a new LoadRite cat trailer is available for an additional cost of $2095.

  10. Used catamaran boats for sale

    Used catamaran boats for sale 1568 Boats Available $ - US Dollar Gallery View Advertisement Voyage Yachts Voyage 43 Ft. Pierce, Florida 1999 $229,000 Seller Just Catamarans, Inc 34 954-833-5530 Fountaine Pajot Helia 44 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 2013 $474,999 Seller Just Catamarans, Inc 28 954-833-5530 Lagoon 400 La Pobla de Farnals, Valencia, Spain

  11. Power Catamarans boats for sale

    These boats are built and assembled by a wide variety of boat manufacturers with hull types including catamaran, pontoon, deep vee, modified vee and semi-displacement designs. Boat Trader currently has 666 power catamaran boats for sale, including 267 new vessels and 399 used boats, listed by individual owners and professional boat dealers ...

  12. Catamaran sailboats for sale by owner.

    Catamaran sailboats for sale by owner. Your search returned 42 matches of 103409 sailboats posted to date Sort by: Length Year Price Added Bali Catamarans 5.4 Sailboat Added 31-Mar-2020 More Details Pedigree Catamarans PCB52 Sailboat Added 26-Mar-2018 More Details

  13. Sailing Catamarans For Sale

    SAILING CATAMARANS FOR SALE Without question, the sailing catamaran is the most active category of pleasure boat today, with a growing number of builders using fresh designs from a variety of naval architects.

  14. Catamaran boats for sale

    Catamaran boats for sale Create Search Alert Clear Filter Make / Model: All Catamaran Location By Radius By Country from your location Condition All New Used Length to ft m Price to USD Year to Class Power Power-all-power All power Power-cruiser Cruiser Power-mega-yacht Mega Yacht Power-motor-yachts Motor Yachts Power-other Other Power-passenger

  15. Aspen C120, Used Catamarans for Sale

    The C120 Power Catamaran uses Aspen's patented award-winning hull design for ideal performance with a Volvo D6. Design cruise speeds are 16-18 kts with a top speed of 20-23 kts. ... With a 360-degree view from every seat in the Salon and each hull has a first-class head with a shower and large vanity. Below the dinette is a queen size guest ...

  16. HH Catamarans boats for sale

    View a wide selection of HH Catamarans boats for sale in your area, explore detailed information & find your next boat on boats.com. #everythingboats. Explore. Back. Explore View All. Overnight Cruising ... Class Catamaran (10) Model 44 (1) 50 (1) 55 (1) 60 (1) 66 (1) Hh44 (1) Hh52 (1) Oc 44 (1) Oc 50 (1) Oc 50 (2023 Delivery) (1) Price $0 ...

  17. Used Toyota 4Runner for Sale in Moscow, PA

    The average Toyota 4Runner costs about $36,044.18. The average price has decreased by -1.7% since last year. The 224 for sale near Moscow, PA on CarGurus, range from $6,069.50 to $68,478 in price.

  18. Beach Catamaran boats for sale

    Listed hull types include catamaran, deep vee, displacement and monohull. Manufactured by a variety of yacht manufacturers, YachtWorld presently offers a selection of 39 beach catamaran yachts for sale. Among them, 5 are newly built vessels available for purchase, while the remaining 34 comprise used and custom yachts listed for sale.

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    Find Cars and Vehicles for Sale in Moscow, ID on Oodle Classifieds. Join millions of people using Oodle to find unique car parts, used trucks, used ATVs, and other commercial vehicles for sale. ... and preferred amenities to ensure your experiences are comfortable and loads of fun. 2000 Rexhall American Clipper C26 Class A located in Deary, ID ...

  20. Find Classic Cars For Sale in Moscow, idaho

    Whether you love exotics or muscle cars, Classics on Autotrader helps classic car and project car enthusiasts connect with classic car dealers and private sellers across the United States. Find classic and antique cars, classic trucks, muscle cars and project cars for sale. Search by make, model, year and more.

  21. Used catamaran boats for sale

    Lagoon 450. Cape Canaveral, Florida. 2014. $499,000. "Nova Star" is a shining example of the Lagoon 450 Flybridge, one of the most popular models that Lagoon ever built. It has a fantastic balance of size, layout, living space and comfort. Nova Star has a 4 cabin layout with a lot of recent upgrades.

  22. Catana Catamaran boats for sale

    Find Catana Catamaran boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. Offering the best selection of Catana boats to choose from. ... 2005 Catana Catana 521 CLASS OCEAN. US$638,150. ↓ Price Drop. US $4,994/mo. Abyacht | Athens, Greece. Request Info; In-Stock; 2022 Catana BALI 5.4. US$1,576,605. US $12,337/mo. Tenor Yachts ...

  23. Good Samaritan to hold yard sale

    The Moscow Good Samaritan Society will hold its 21st annual yard sale fundraiser 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Friday and 7 a.m.-noon Saturday at 640 N. Eisenhower St. This year's proceeds will help purchase an ...