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You can either plan your weekly itinerary to Greek Islands with us on private yacht charter terms
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Blue Cruise Gulet Holidays in Croatia, Montenegro, Turkey and Greece

bodrum gulet cruise

bodrum gulet cruise

Boutique style gulet holiday

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bodrum gulet cruise

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Gulet Cruise from Bodrum 

Gulet Cruise from Bodrum

Looking for an unforgettable cruising experience? How about a gulet cruise from Bodrum ? This picturesque region in Turkey is home to crystal clear waters, lush greenery, and dramatic mountain ranges. The route your gulet takes depends on your itinerary, but most trips will wind their way through some of the most beautiful places in Turkey .

Gulet is anchored on the turquoise waters

But first, what exactly is a gulet? Gulets are traditional wooden sailing vessels used in the Mediterranean for centuries. These days, they’ve been outfitted with modern amenities to provide a comfortable and luxurious experience for travelers. These ships are typically large and have multiple sails, making them perfect for cruising. Gulets can accommodate six to twelve people, so they are perfect for groups or families.

Bodrum on Turkish Riviera

A gulet cruise from Bodrum to Istanbul

The route from Bodrum to Istanbul winds its way through some of the most beautiful and dramatic areas in Turkey. Some of the highlights include the towns of Marmaris and Fethiye, as well as the picturesque Blue Lagoon. You will also sail past the Princes’ Islands, a group of nine islands once home to Byzantine princes.

Visit Marmaris on a Gulet Cruise

The first stop on your journey is the town of Marmaris . This port town is located on the Mediterranean Sea and is known for its beaches, nightlife, and shopping. There are also several historic sites in the area, including the ancient city of Halicarnassus. Marmaris is a popular stop on cruises because it offers something for everyone. Whether you want to relax on the beach, enjoy the nightlife, or explore the history of the area, Marmaris has something to offer.

Gulet Cruise to Fethiye

After Marmaris, you’ll sail to the town of Fethiye . It’s a beautiful town on the Mediterranean Sea, ideal for a relaxing beach vacation. There are plenty of restaurants and bars to enjoy, as well as shops where you can find souvenirs to take home with you.

Next on the itinerary is the Blue Lagoon. This lagoon gets its name from the striking blue waters. It’s a popular spot for swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying the views, so you’ll probably find it difficult to leave it behind.


Finally, you’ll arrive in Istanbul . This historic city is the capital of Turkey and is located on the Bosphorus Strait. Istanbul is a bustling metropolis with plenty to see and do. Some of the highlights include the Hagia Sophia , the Blue Mosque, and the Topkapi Palace.

Istanbul is the perfect place to end your gulet cruise. There’s so much to see and do in this vibrant city. You can explore the many historical sites, enjoy the delicious food, or simply wander the streets and take in the sights and sounds of this amazing place.

Bodrum Marina

A gulet cruise from Bodrum across the Mediterranean Sea

If you’re eager to spend more time on the water, you can always sail eastward across the Mediterranean Sea to Greek islands such as Mykonos, Santorini , or Rhodes. These beautiful Greek islands are well known for their dramatic cliffs, crystal-clear waters, and gorgeous beaches.


The route takes about a week to complete, and you will have the opportunity to stop at various ports along the way. You’ll explore the beautiful Aegean Sea and get to explore idyllic islands and quaint villages along the way.

The first leg of the gulet cruise from Bodrum takes you to the city of Kos. This ancient city is located on the island of Kos where you’ll find some of the best-preserved ancient ruins in Greece. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the city’s fascinating history, including its temples, theatres, and stadiums. Stroll through the city’s vibrant markets and try some of the delicious local cuisines for a well-rounded experience.


After spending a few days in Kos, you’ll set sail for Rhodes. This large island is home to an impressive medieval city surrounded by a high wall. The city’s main street, which is lined with shops and restaurants, leads to the Palace of the Grand Master. This imposing building was once the home of the medieval knights who ruled Rhodes. You’ll also have the chance to explore the island’s many beaches and take a dip in the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

The next leg of your sailing adventure will take you to the island of Crete where await some beautiful beaches in Greece. Swim in the Mediterranean, relax on the sandy beaches, and love your life. If you have more time on your hands, it is worth exploring the island’s many archaeological sites, especially the ruins of Knossos.

The final leg of your gulet cruise from Bodrum takes you back to Turkey. You’ll sail along the scenic Turkish coastline and enjoy the beautiful views of the Aegean Sea. Some gulet cruises include a stop at the fabulous, colorful, and loud city of Istanbul.

Beautiful Turkey

A gulet cruise from Bodrum is the perfect way to experience some of the best that Turkey has to offer . From ancient ruins to idyllic beaches, you’ll have the opportunity to discover a variety of fascinating destinations. Bon, voyage!

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  • Private Gulet Charter Turkey and Greek Islands

Private Gulet Charter

Turkey is home of the Blue cruise for gulet charter. Gulets are traditional wooden sailboats that have been hand-built by skilled craftsmen for centuries. These wooden boats are typically made from local trees of the area like; pine, oak, mulberry and chestnut, depending on the region in which they are built. Using teak on the deck for more comfortable and soft. This idyllic cruise sails the beautiful unspoiled coastline of southwest Turkey. Gulet charters have become increasingly popular in Turkey, offering a unique and authentic way to explore the stunning coastline of the Turkish Mediterranean and Aegean Seas; using one of our traditional Turkish wooden gulet, what a magical experience awaits you in Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek, Fethiye, Kas and Antalya.

Gulet charters provide an opportunity to experience the beauty of Turkey from a different perspective, with the added luxury and comfort of a fully-crewed Gulet & Yachts. Gulet charter prices depending on the age, size, and category of the gulet. Gulet Prices typically range from 4,500 euro per group per week to around 150,000 euros with the cost including the weekly rental fee, crew, fuel for route, and local harbour taxes on arrival and departure day. Private Gulet charters offer the opportunity to rent a fully-crewed luxury gulet for a group of friends or family, allowing for a personalized and exclusive experience.

Our charter company `Blue Cruise Bodrum` who can provide expert guidance and support throughout the booking process for the best option for your group. Turkey is stunning coastline, gourme meals with best chefs, beautiful weather, and rich cultural heritage. Turkey is one of the most popular gulet charter destination in the world. Whether for a private gulet charter in Turkey is sure to provide a unique and unforgettable experience.

Planning Your Gulet Charter in Turkey : 2 cabins to 16 cabins gulet : Choosing the right gulet and crew is a crucial step when planning your gulet charter in Turkey. gulet come in various sizes and styles, from classic wooden boats to luxury Gulet yachts with high-end amenities.

anka 35

2 Cabin Gulets

4 Guest Max


3 Cabin Gulets

6 Guest Max

carpediem 7

4 Cabin Gulets

8 Guest Max

estrella demar

5 Cabin Gulets

10 Guest Max

vista mare

6 Cabin Gulets

12 Guest Max


7 Cabin Gulets

14 Guest Max


8 Cabin Gulets

16 Guest Max

prenses selin

9 Cabin Gulets

18 Guest Max


10 Cabin Gulets

20 Guest Max

aegean clipper

11 Cabin Gulets

22 Guest Max

bahriyeli c

12 Cabin Gulets

24 Guest Max


14 Cabin Gulets

28 Guest Max


16 Cabin Gulets

36 Guest Max


OUR STORY.....  Blue Cruise Bodrum was founded in 1998 by Karlheinz Klüter and has been one of the leading specialists for gulet holidays in Turkey ever since. To accommodate different requirements and budgets, we offer a wide range of gulets along the Turkish coast (Bodrum, Marmaris, Göcek / Fethiye and Antalya). Regardless whether you are an individual traveler, a couple, family or a group of friends, we are looking forward to finding an attractive offer for you, that fits your needs.

OUR PHILOSOPHY.....  For us, customer satisfaction is paramount, and throughout the years this has always been the highlight of our work. We cherish our Turkish hospitality as much as we believe in experience and professionalism. All our gulet crews share our values and will make every effort to ensure that you will experience an unforgettable vacation in the Turkish Aegean.

OUR TEAM.....  We are a German-Turkish company, that combines reliability and traditional hospitality to assist you before, during and after your gulet cruise!

We will be very happy to personally welcome you on board. Ship Ahoy …

Make a Choice

Private gulet charter.

bodrum gulet cruise


bodrum gulet cruise

Going on a Blue Cruise or Blue Voyage, is the best way to spend your holiday in the Turkey &the Greek Aegean

Relax in silent, secluded and bays

bodrum gulet cruise

Swim in crystal clear, turquoise water

bodrum gulet cruise

Be pampered by a friendly, experienced crew

bodrum gulet cruise

Enjoy the fantastic Turkish cuisine on board

The peace and tranquility of this unspoilt coastline is what makes this part the jewel of the Mediterranean for sea lovers, relax in the splendour of nature and history and savour excellent fresh cuisine.

Interactive Map

Move with the mouse over the coast areas, a tooltip will pop up. If you now click - then a picture will appear. Out of download reasons the pics here are small, you can see them in a bigger size here on

bodrum gulet cruise

Bodrum Gulet Giulietta , 22 m, 4 Cabins , 8 Guests

bodrum yacht charter outdoor


Giulietta boat video


Food and dining.

Giulietta Yacht Crew Selami Cura

Our kitchen

photo from kitchen

You can check-in & check-out from these harbours.

You can choose one of these routes..

gokova route photo

Orak · Çökertme · Seven Islands · Küfre(Long harbor) · English harbos · Cleopatra (Sedir) · Karacasöğüt · Löngöz · Tuzla koyları · Kargılı · Kissebükü (Alakışla bükü) · Pabuç burnu · Yalıçiftlik

hisaronu route photo

Palamutbükü · İnceburun · Aktur · Bencik · Emel Sayın · Orhaniye · Selimiye · Dirsek bükü · Bozburun · Datça · Knidos · Karaada · Meteor çukuru · Poyraz limanı

antalya route photo

Olimpos · Adrasan · Demre · Çayağzı · Gökkaya · Tersane · Üçağız · Simena · Kekova · Ceneviz Limanı · Phaselis, Kemer

fethiye route photo

Ekincik Körfezi · Dalyan · Adalı · Manastır · Tersane · Kızıl · Fethiye · Göcek · Yassıca · Bedri rahmi · Domuz bay · Aga limanı · Kumlubük · Cennet

gocek route photo

Kızıl · Fethiye · Kelebekler vadisi · Ölüdeniz · Gemiler · Kocabük · Gömün · Hamam · Sarsala · Domuz adası · Tersane · Bedri rahmi · Yassıca · Göcek

mandalya route photo

Büyük kiremet, Gümüşlük, Panayır, Altınkum, Didim, Priene, Milet, Cam limanı, Kıyıkışlacık (Iasos), Salih, Türkbükü, Yalıkavak, Çatal

southern_islands route photo

Kos, Gyali, Nisiros, Symi, Rhodes, Datça, Palamutbükü, Knidos, Poyraz

northern_islands route photo

Kos, Pserimos, Leros, Patmos, Lipsi, Kalimnos, Turgutreis, Karainci

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4 Nights Bodrum Gulet Cruise

4 Nights Bodrum Gulet Cruise

4 nights bodrum yacht charter itinerary.


Bodrum is one of Turkey’s most talked about holiday resorts in Turkey. This game is greatly due to the Fisherman of Halicarnassos who did so much to promote it, who caused our intellectuals to fall in love wtih the place, so much so that now many of writers and artists can be found for most the year in Bodrum. Entertainment is definitely added to holidays in the town. In Bodrum holidays are divided into two. During the day it is time to swim in extremely blue bays, to leave your body to the hot sunshine and in other words to rest and get ready for the night. once the sun sets and the stars begins to fill the sky another call of life is heard. This is the call of the Bodrum nights. The restaurants are ready fort he night, on the water front, in nearby villages, on streets of white houeses and on the hills. Bodrum is not only a town of sea, sun and fun nights. The story of civilisation in Bodrum has a history going back 3,000 years. The historian Herodotus says that the city was founded in 1000 BC by the Dorians on the location where the castle is today. In those days the place was an island. The height of Halicarnassus was in the 4th century BC. During the 24 years rule of King Mausolus he made the city the capital of Caria and began construction of the magnificent monument, the Mausoleum, one of the Seven Wonders of the world.

Orak Island

Orak Island is a location where yachts and boats on Gokova tours do not pass without stopping. The island stretches opposite of Kargicik Inlet and has indented shores covered with olive trees in the lower slopes of the hills. There is no settlement on the island but there are sheltered coves that you can anchor at in the North and in the east the sea that is like an aquarium.


Cokertme is a small and picturesque fishing town, that gives you to have a dinner and an overnight stay. This gorgeous bay is surrounded by pine and olive trees and is pleasantly sheltered against the winds. The area allows you to walk on shore and make small strolls in the nature.


Mazi is a virgin cove just near Bodrum with extremely clean water. It has not yet been opened up to construction, has a very green character, with monumental trees and stones. The village of Mazi on Gokova shores was built on higher grounds so as to not to be seen by pirates and thus avoid their attacks. The shores of Mazi do not get crowded even in the hottest summer days. Its long beaches and rocks are available both for swimming and fishing.

The Seven Islands

On the southern shores of the Gokova Gulf there is an area that has four islands in front and where a gulf of more then two miles is formed between the coastlines. In all weathers between these islands and coves there is a calm site you can anchor. The island of Martili (Seagull Island) in the west is barren. On its southern part and northern point there are beautiful beaches at which to swim. The other islands are called Uzun (Tall), Zeytinli (Olive) and Kucuk (Small). All have steep and rocky coastlines where there are no beaches. The islands are mostly barren but in the cove areas there are pine forests. The most significant anchoring points in the Yediadalar are Camalti Cove, the port of Bekar (Gokagac Inlet), the port of Karaagac, Babus Inlet, Kufre Cove and Gollu Island. The Camalti Beach and the sea bottom are sandy. The shores are covered with forests. The port of Bekar is like a pool with a diameter of 150 metres. The gulets cannot enter and yachts only go there rarely. The most popular cove for gulets in the area is Kufre. All the coves are linked to each other with dirt paths. There is a shabby restaurant called Yedi Adalar that serves boats at the mouth of Kufre. Right opposite Kufre there is the Gollu Island, which is ideal to moor and for swimming.

Cleaopatra Island (Sedir Island)

Sedir Island is in the Gökova Gulf and is so named because of the numerous cedar trees on the surrounding shores. Kedrai means ‘cedars’, and the durable wood from these trees was particularly used for building ships. The island has a sandy beach made up of tiny limestone balls, thought to be a natural result of the geological conditions on the island. However, the beautiful sand was reputedly sent by ship from Egypt by Cleopatra, so that she could swim here with her Roman lover, Anthony. Because of this legend, the beach is known as Cleopatra Beach and receives many visitors in the summer months. We don’t know exactly when the city was founded but we know that Lysander, a naval commander from Sparta, attacked the island in 405 BC, first withdrawing when he met strong resistance, then gaining control of the island with a second assault. Probably because they had angered him, he sold off all the inhabitants as slaves. However, after this the island was inhabited continuously and, after being a guard post of the Knights of Rhodes in the Middle Ages, came under Ottoman rule. The island is about 700 meters long and the archaeological remains are on the east side. They consist of ramparts, an amphitheatre, an agora, a necropolis and a temple of Apollo which is almost exactly in the centre of the island. This temple was built on a platform and a church was built around it in Byzantine times.

Pabucburnu - Yaliciftlik

Yaliciftlik is at the entrance of the Gulf of Gokova and possibly the best seas of Bodrum are in the small bays to be found here. In the coves of Pabucburnu and Kargicik, the most popular with Bodrum locals in the past, there are now high quality hotels and holiday resorts. The daily boat and gulet tours find an indent in these coves to have their breaks. The hill sloping down to the coves have many walking trails that have a brilliant scenery.

Send Enquiry 4 Nights Bodrum Gulet Cruise

This itinerary is only bookable for private charters. If you are interested in a cabin charter, please contact us for more information.

Guletbookers is the independent gulet charter company located in Bodrum - Turkey and dedicated to giving you the best gulet charter possible from the widest choice of gulets possible.

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bodrum gulet cruise

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Unique sight from Bodrum

Day 1: Bodrum

Day 2: karaada, day 3: seven islands, day 4: karacasogut.

Bodrum - Karacasogut Gulet Cruise Map

Availability cannot be guaranteed until booked. We require a deposit payment at time of booking to secure your reservation. The deposit payment is payable by credit card or bank transfer.   Credit Card: For your protection, we need you to sign the credit card payment form upon receipt and return it with verification of legal identification (e.g. copy of your passport or driver’s license) after your credit card has been charged. We will inform you in advance of purchase of any credit card fees that may apply.   Bank transfer: Payment can be sent to our company bank accounts. Our representative will send you detailed information for the booking process including bank transfer details.  Please note our rates do not include the transfer costs of your bank or their agents. Please be sure that all costs paid additionally!   What is your cancellation policy? All cancellations must be made in writing directly to TSC Travel. No responsibility is taken for cancellations of airfare, hotel bookings, or any other extra services which have been made directly by the client.The following scale of charges will apply when cancellation is notified for all land packages, tours and programs;   Prior to arrival: Charge 60 days or more: 10% of selling price (Administrative Fee) 59-46 days: non-refundable deposit 35% of selling price 45-21 days: 50% of selling price 20-0 days: 100% of selling price * Special conditions apply for canceling of tailor-made tour programs.   The following scale of charges will apply when cancellation is notified for tours that include a Cruise program:   Prior to arrival: Charge 60 days or more: 10% of selling price (Administrative Fee) 59-46 days: 35% of selling price 45-21 days: 50% of selling price 20-8 days: 75% of selling price. 7-0 days: 100% of selling price. * Special conditions apply for cancellation.   If you have to withdraw from a tour after it has begun for reasons such as illness, be sure to obtain a medical certificate in support of any insurance claim. We are unable to make refunds for absences from a tour, including but not limited to missed meals or entrance tickets.   Flight/ferry/train/bus tickets are not included in the above cancellation policy. Once your program is confirmed and the tickets are purchased, any changes to the dates of the program will incur a change fee or in case of cancellation, (this is additional to the service fee), 100% cancellation fee for the tickets will be incurred regardless of the above cancellation policy. For further information, please read our Terms and Conditions page.   When and How I will receive my tour documents? Travel documents and electronic flight tickets are usually sent 21 days prior to departure. However, you will receive tour vouchers, maps, ferry, bus or train tickets and other required information upon arrival in Turkey. This will be included in a welcome package waiting for you upon arrival at your hotel.

Perfect view from Bodrum Castle

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bodrum gulet cruise

bodrum gulet cruise

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Escape the ordinary this July – great deals on selected departures in July 2024. Don’t miss out – these discounts won’t last long!


7-day fethiye to bodrum, a route that is unique to us, covering the very best of the turkish coast, 4-day marmaris to bodrum, a unique 4-day cruise, 4-day fethiye to marmaris, 7-day fethiye return cruise, the full 7 days/ 6 nights on a return route, our "get a feel" gallery..., what our customers have to say, click on the icons to see facebook and tripadvisor review pages:, more from our.

bodrum gulet cruise

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to sail through the breathtaking landscapes of Croatia's Dalmatia Coast while enjoying a mix of fun and relaxation. With 4, 5, and 8-day sails starting and finishing in Split and Dubrovnik, there's a perfect itinerary for everyone.

bodrum gulet cruise

Indulge yourself in discovering the true beauty of Greece with this unique tour. You will have the opportunity to explore the stunning Ionian Sea on a classic Gulet boat, visiting the magical islands of Zakynthos, Kefalonia, and Lefkada. Additionally, you will island-hop by ferry through the fascinating Aegean Sea, visiting Mykonos, Ios, and Santorini. And of course, no trip to Greece would be complete without a day in the timeless city of Athens. This tour offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience to discover the beauty of Greece.

bodrum gulet cruise

Uncover the wonders of the hidden gem of the Adriatic. Choose between our two 8-day routes: the Grand Route and the Montenegro Gems Route. Set sail on a captivating journey along Montenegro's stunning Adriatic coastline aboard a classic Gulet boat. Traverse the azure waters as you discover the enchanting charm of ancient towns like Kotor and Budva, where history blends seamlessly with breathtaking natural beauty.

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Blue Cruise & Gulet Holidays from Bodrum, Turkey in 2024

If you’re looking for an unforgettable vacation experience, a Blue Cruise and Gulet Holiday from Bodrum, Turkey might just be the perfect fit for you. Imagine spending your days exploring crystal-clear waters, discovering hidden coves, swimming in the sea, and soaking up the warm Mediterranean sun. With a Blue Cruise and Gulet Holiday in Bodrum, all of this – and more – is possible.

Table of Contents

What is Blue Cruise & Gulet Holidays?

Blue Cruise and Gulet Holidays are a type of vacation that involves cruising on a traditional Turkish gulet, a beautiful wooden yacht with a distinctive shape that is native to Turkey. This kind of holiday provides the perfect way to explore the beautiful coastline and islands of Turkey, and is the perfect way to relax, unwind and experience the local culture.

bodrum gulet cruise

And Bodrum is the birth place of blue cruise and gulet holidays in Turkey . The wonderful long coastline is spectacular with isolated bays, great coves and wonders of nature.

Bodrum Yacht Charter & Daily Boat Rentals Are you looking for hourly, daily or weekly boats departing from Bodrum? As holidaystobodrum.com portal, we recommend TekneveYat , which offers hourly, daily, weekly rental boat and yacht opportunities and boat rental experience at the most affordable prices.

What is a Gulet?

A gulet is a traditional wooden yacht that is built in Turkey’s coastal regions, including Bodrum. The typical gulet has two or three masts and is crafted from beautiful pine wood. The interior is spacious and comfortable, with en-suite cabins, a lounge area, and a dining room. The boat’s large deck area is perfect for sunbathing, dining, and relaxing while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

The passenger capacity of a gulet varies 8 and 16 people according to the size of the gulet. They all have a wide deck in the front parts for sunbathing.

bodrum gulet cruise

The mid-ship parts are used for the bar, kitchen and living room. The stern deck mostly used for resting as well. Seating, dining tables, bar and kitchen take place in this enclosed area.

The cabins take place in the lower deck. Gulets have an approximate speed of 8 to 11 knots and are very similar to cruise liners and small passenger boats only in that they offer private accommodation to their guests.

bodrum gulet cruise

Close quarters on a gulet promote an atmosphere of friendship and sharing. Relationships among the passengers and the crew tend to be friendlier. In addition, a gulet can take you to all smaller isolated bays whereas cruisers are just bound from one port to another.

Why Book Blue Cruise & Gulet Holidays from Bodrum?

Bodrum is an ideal starting point for a Blue Cruise and Gulet Holiday. Located on Turkey’s Aegean coast, Bodrum offers easy access to some of the most beautiful and fascinating sights in the region. The town itself is famous for its castle, museums, restaurants, and nightlife, making it the perfect place to begin or end your cruise.

No Regrets Booking Advice

The reputation of blue cruise Bodrum and the resort’s boat yards date back to ancient times, and today, craftsmen still build the traditional yachts and gulets . With its surroundings, long coastline, outstanding landscape of pine-covered hills, isolated bays and inlets, wonderful beaches, ancient cities, marinas and every kind of attractions; Bodrum can be considered as the Aegean paradise and is also a major center for yacht tourism and blue cruising in Turkey.

In addition to its own attractions, Bodrum is also perfectly situated for exploring the nearby Greek islands of Kos, Rhodes, and Symi, as well as the Turkish destinations of Datca, Marmaris, and Fethiye.

Top Blue Cruising Routes from Bodrum

Blue cruising from Bodrum mostly starts in early May and goes on till late October. There are various routes and boat categories for the holidaymakers to choose from. Most popular blue cruising routes are made by the Gokova Bay through Gokova, Gocek, Hisaronu, Marmaris, Fethiye and Antalya . Here are just a few of the most popular:

Bodrum – Datca – Bodrum

This route takes you along the beautiful Datca Peninsula, past secluded bays, crystal-clear waters, and picturesque villages.

Bodrum – Greek Islands – Bodrum

This route includes stops at the beautiful Greek islands of Kos, Symi, and Rhodes, allowing you to experience the unique blend of Turkish and Greek cultures.

Bodrum – Marmaris – Bodrum

This route takes you to the bustling coastal town of Marmaris, famous for its lively nightlife, stunning beaches, and bustling bazaars.

Bodrum – Fethiye – Bodrum

This route takes you to the beautiful town of Fethiye, where you can explore the famous Lycian tombs and swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Blue Lagoon.

No matter which route you choose, a Blue Cruise and Gulet Holiday from Bodrum promises to be an unforgettable experience. With the wind in your hair and the sun on your face, you’ll discover a whole new world of adventure, relaxation, and discovery.

Gulet, Yacht & Cabin Charters

Blue cruising in Bodrum is made by a “Gulet Charter”, “Yacht Charter” or “Cabin Charter” . Gulet Charter and Yacht Charter is for the ones with their families or friends from 8 up to 16 person. It is like chartering the entire yacht.

Cabin Charter is for the ones who travel alone or a couple and want to participate the cruise tour. Typical blue cruising goes for a week up to 10 days. You are able to find quality Gulet, Yacht and Cabin Charters in your Bodrum holidays.

Top Selling Blue Cruise holidays from Bodrum

How to book your gulet holidays.

* First of all, you’ll need to find a trusted gulet charter agent that offers range of sailing yachts, motor yachts, gulets, catamarans and speedboats and will assist you with every aspect of your gulet charter, from start to finish.

* Blue cruise and gulet holidays are usually booked weekly or 10-day programs.

* You can rent your own gulet or yacht in groups with your family, friends or loved ones. This is called yacht/gulet charter .

* If you are alone, couple or with a small number of friends, you can join the blue cruise in between mixed groups, which is called cabin charter .

* You are able to find lots of good charter agents providing gulet holidays. If you are asking our recommendations as insiders, here we only suggest the proven ways and top rated ones with travelers’ comments.

Services Included in the Price

Crew service, Transitlog and exit procedures, Port charges and taxes, Mooring fees, Free use of equipment on the yacht, Bed linen and bath towels, Utility water, Yacht insurance, Diesel and gasoline

Dine & Wine

You can bring all food and drinks by yourself. If you want the catering service to be covered by the boat/yacht, the following fees are charged in average.

  • 25/35 € per person per day (excluding drinks)
  • 35/45 € per person per day (including soft drinks)
  • 45/55 € per person per day (including alcoholic/non-alcoholic local drinks – unlimited)

Our Picks of the best Yacht & Gulet Charter Agents/Brokers for Blue Cruise in Turkey

We partner with several best, trusted and recommended yacht/gulet charter agents in Turkey to ensure that our clients have access to the best boats and services available. You can feel free to book your blue cruise and gulet holidays through Bodrum , Marmaris , Bozburun , Gocek , Fethiye , and Antalya in Turkey , as well as other world popular destinations such as Greece , Croatia , Italy , etc.

Choosing the right yacht/gulet charter agent can make a significant difference in the quality of your blue cruise holiday in Turkey. With the best yacht/gulet charter agents in the country, you can access to the best boats and services available.

You can be sure that they all offer quality service for their guests, with their more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Make sure check the deals on their websites, choose your type of blue cruise, yacht or gulet, and plan your blue cruising holidays.

Our Daily Boat Rentals, Turkey Blue Cruise company recommendations

Looking for your perfect yacht or gulet for your next blue cruise in Turkey? We recommend several best and trusted yacht/gulet charter agents in Turkey to ensure that you'll have access to the best boats and services available in Turkey. You can feel free to book your blue cruise and gulet holidays by these companies through Bodrum , Marmaris , Bozburun ,  Gocek , Fethiye , and  Antalya  in  Turkey , as well as other world popular destinations such as  Greece ,  Croatia ,  Italy , etc.

Tekneveyat is one of the most popular blue cruise and sailing agencies in Turkey that was established in 2015. They have a good number of member boats and yachts offering the best blue cruise and boating services along Bodrum, Foca, Fethiye, Antalya, Marmaris, Ayvalik, Datca, Gocek and Kas.

bodrum gulet cruise

They have a wide portfolio of boats and yachts, and offer you the best options to suit your style and budget in the fastest and most reliable way. To find the boat, holiday or event that best suits your needs; jus visit them, make a search, review and contact them. They can provide you with the most reliable and quality service.

They will provide you with hourly, daily & weekly boat, gulet, motor yacht, catamaran and sailing rental services. They also organise activities such as blue cruises, fishing, daily sightseeing and swimming tours, hen & stag parties, marriage proposals, birthdays, corporate meetings and dinners.

  • GSM/Whatsapp: +90 531 367 65 76 ; tekneveyat.com

Compare Prices & Book Your Turkey Blue Cruise by Tekneveyat

Find Your Dream Yacht/Gulet with the Best Price Guarantee

Our website visitors can easily find and book their blue cruise and gulet holidays through Marmaris, Fethiye, Bodrum, and Antalya in Turkey , as well as other world popular destinations such as Greece, Croatia, Italy ,  and France .

You can be sure that all above companies offer quality service for their guests. Make sure check the deals on their websites, choose your type of blue cruise, yacht or gulet, and plan your blue cruising holidays. Or use our service by the booking request form.

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Bodrum Turkey Gulet Cruises

Bodrum Hisarönü Datça Bay gulet tours are one of the most enjoyable ways to discover the unique beauties of the Aegean. You can enjoy the sea while visiting historical places such as Gökova and Knidos Ancient City. These tours allow you to create unforgettable memories at the points where blue and green meet. Are you ready for an adventure full of sea, sun and history? Bodrum Hisarönü Datça Bay gulet tours are waiting for you and you can also turn your route to English Harbor to discover the beauties of Gökova Gulf. Karaca Söğüt, Çökertme Bay and Black Island are among the sights of this region. Exploring these unique natural wonders with Gulet tours will be an unforgettable experience.

Renting a gulet from Bodrum and visiting the southern or northern islands of Greece offers an unforgettable experience. By stating that the southern islands stand out with their historical structures and quiet beaches, we can explain the natural beauties and activities of the northern islands in detail. You can especially see Kos Island, Rhodes Island, Symi Island or Patmos Islands, which are the most beautiful islands of Greece. Our advice is that you can rent a good gulet from Bodrum, depending on your budget and number of people, and you can take gulet tours to Bodrum Gökova Bay , Bodrum Hisarönü Bay or the southern and northern islands departing from Bodrum. .

Our Gulet Broker Yachting team can rent the most suitable gulet for you and provide you with these experiences. All you have to do is contact us.

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Discover the Best Gulet Cruises in Bodrum

Offering tailored itineraries, gulet cruises in Bodrum will take you on a journey of discovery through the many untouched gems of the Turkish coast. From traditional fishing villages to bustling markets, you’ll experience it all while sailing aboard one of our luxury gulets – equipped with modern amenities and all that you need for a comfortable staycation.

Best Rated Historical Places in Bodrum City

Rich in history, culture, cuisine, and more, is the city of Bodrum.  This fantastic city by the sea is recognized in photos around the world with its landmark of the St. Peter’s castle – a must see if you are visiting Bodrum and one of the best-preserved structures, dating back to the middle ages. There is much to see before or after your gulet cruises in Bodrum Turkey. The city dates back to the 12th century and once called Halicarnassus. Bodrum is also the birthplace of Herodotus, known as the father of history during the 5th century B.C.

During your planning stages for gulet cruises Bodrum   vacation, other than the yacht or gulet charter you wish to choose for your journey,  itineraries  most popular from Bodrum are to the Gulf of Gokova and the Greek Islands; however can extend all the way to Marmaris, Gocek, Fethiye, Kekova, and Antalya.

There are many variations offered for you to choose from. Each boat trip Bodrum Turkey itinerary is unique and just as lovely as the other. You can choose from any one of the islands in the Dodecanese as well as the Cyclades since they are considerably nearby without going too further out into the open seas in the Aegean.

Gulet Cruises Bodrum

The shops, restaurants, bars, cafes, nightclubs are all within a few minutes walking distance since they are parallel with the harbor itself. Also, a nice stroll along the promenade is quite a superb experience. The promenade actually stretches all the way to the next town and resort of Icmeler – another great place to see. Let’s make plan your gulet Bodrum vacation together!

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Gocek – Datca – Bodrum


Day 1 – Gocek

Start your Turkish gulet cruise holiday in Gocek harbour in the afternoon, and meet your captain and crew. You can spend the first night on board in Gocek harbour or a bay close by.

Day 2 – 12 Island of Gocek

Today explore the bays and beautiful 12 Islands of Gocek, renowned for their crystal clear turquoise seas and surrounding pine clad mountains. The largest island is called ‘Tersane’, used as a dockyard for ships during the Ottoman period. The remains of houses and a shipyard can still be seen on the island. There’s many bays to choose from, including Gobun bay, a sheltered bay with crystal clear waters and Sarsala bay, with its pine-surrounded hills and long beach which make it perfect for swimming and kayaking. Gocek’s most famous bay is Bedri Rahmi (Taskaya) Bay. It is named after the poet Bedri Rahmi Eyupoglu who is considered one of the first blue voyagers He famously painted a fish on a rock behind a fountain in 1973. A hidden Lycian rock tomb can be found behind the rock.

Day 3 – Aga Limani

After an early morning cruise, reach the Bay of Aga Limani, site of ancient  Lydae.  A 30 minute uphill hike will reward you with a spectacular view and the Byzantine ruins of Lydae, with remains of tombs, a basilica, protective walls, cisterns, Corinthian column parts, and inscribed pedestals from the  Roman and  Byzantine periods. Cleopatra Bay is a large bay surrounded by pine clad hills and known for its ruins for gulet cruise holidays.Your gulet cruise holiday continues through crystal clear blue seas surrounded by pine clad mountains, the Bozburun peninsula, with its many coves and bays, and sail into the Gulf of Hisaronu. Stretching for 30 nautical miles into the Aegean Sea between the Greek Islands of Kos and Rhodes, this gulf offers a sailing paradise with late morning winds a deep blue seas with secluded coves, rugged mountains as a backdrop, and small tranquil villages. Bencik Bay resembles a miniature fjord and is situated at the narrowest part of the peninsula that divides the Gulfs of Hisaronu an d Gokova. The inlet extends inland about 1.5 nautical miles and has steep tree lined slopes on either side Sail to the quiet Orhaniye Bay. Behind the village of Orhaniye there is an ancient acropolis, crowned by the ruins of a medieval castle. Walk along the sand bank which stretches out from the beach into the see, knows as  ‘kizkumu’ (girl’s sand) owing to numerous myths about this reddish sandy way. Later your Turkish gulet cruise will sail into the wide Bay of Selimiye, one of the n atural harbours in the Gulf of Hisaronu.  Surrounded by magnificent scenery and largely unspoilt, Selimiye village appears to be frozen in time an unhurried laid back place. If you want to dine on land there is a restaurant called Sardunya , serving delicious meals using organic vegetables and herbs.

Day 4 – Ekincik – Dalyan

Your Turkish gulet holiday continues with a visit to the remote Bay of Ekincik and a chance to visit Dalyan, a fishing village located on the Calbis River. Here, you can opt to take a trip by small boat along the river, past the ancient city of Kaunos and the awe-inspiring rock tombs cut high in the cliff. The original occupants of the tombs are unknown but are assumed to have been Caunian noblemen and rulers, the largest tomb is unfinished. The Dalyan Delta, a designated wildlife sanctuary since the mid 1980’s is home to all manner of flora and fauna. The long sandy Iztuzu beach is one of the last remaining natural nesting sites for Loggerhead sea turtles.

Day 5 – Bozburun – Bozukkale

bodrum gulet cruise

Day 6 – Bozburun – Bencik Bay

bodrum gulet cruise

Day 7 – Knidos – Datca

Cruise across the Gulf of Gokova to the site of Knidos, situated at the tip the Datca peninsula. This is the border between Mediterranean and Aegean seas, where the two waters mix. He you can take a tour of the excavations of Knidos a large, ancient city famous in antiquity for the cult of Aphrodite, which originated here. The city was built on terraces rising to the acropolis, and a theatre overlooking one of the 2 harbours, temples, one dedicated to Aphrodite, a basilica and also remains of Greek and Roman houses can be seen.

Day 8 – Bodrum

gocek- datca- bodrum map

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    Enjoy a 7-night gulet cruise in the Aegean Sea, visiting stunning bays, islands and beaches. Experience the best of Turkish cuisine, service and facilities on board a luxury gulet.

  2. Blue Cruise Bodrum

    Blue Cruise Bodrum is the leading gulet holiday Specialist in Turkey. We offer great value deals on private or cabin charter gulets to couples, families and groups. We offer a wide range of gulets in various sizes and outfit, from standard to luxury along the Turkish coast: in Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek or Fethiye to suit all needs and every budget..

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    A gulet cruise from Bodrum across the Mediterranean Sea. If you're eager to spend more time on the water, you can always sail eastward across the Mediterranean Sea to Greek islands such as Mykonos, Santorini, or Rhodes. These beautiful Greek islands are well known for their dramatic cliffs, crystal-clear waters, and gorgeous beaches. Santorini.

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    Planning Your Gulet Charter in Turkey: 2 cabins to 16 cabins gulet: Choosing the right gulet and crew is a crucial step when planning your gulet charter in Turkey. gulet come in various sizes and styles, from classic wooden boats to luxury Gulet yachts with high-end amenities. Chartering our gulet starts at 14:00 on Saturday; It ends at 10:00 ...

  5. Blue Cruise Gulet Rental Bodrum Turkey

    All of these makes a Blue Cruise a very special event in the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts with its nature, history, food and hospitality. You will taste best examples of Turkish Kitchen. Crewed Yacht and Gulet charter is best way for luxury holidays. Wicked Felina +905323559986.

  6. Blue Cruise Bodrum

    Blue Cruise Bodrum was founded in 1998 by Karlheinz Klüter and has been one of the leading specialists for gulet holidays in Turkey ever since. To accommodate different requirements and budgets, we offer a wide range of gulets along the Turkish coast (Bodrum, Marmaris, Göcek / Fethiye and Antalya).

  7. Bodrum Gulet Giulietta for Charter

    About. Gulet Bodrum Yachting is a yacht charter company specializing in private gulet charters and family cruises along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey and Greece. Our company owns its own Gulet name Dreamland and also offer a limited number of the finest gulets available for sailing among the beautiful shores and antiquities ...

  8. 7-Night Gulet Cruise from Bodrum: Gulf of Gökova

    Overview. Explore the sandy beaches, pine-covered headlands and sun-kissed islands of the Gulf of Gökova on this scenic 7-night cruise, including meals and accommodation on-board. Set sail from Bodrum on a traditional wooden 'gulet' and hop off to take in the sights of Bodrum, explore the ancient city of Kaunos (optional) or marvel over ...

  9. Blue Cruise Bodrum

    Day 8 - Bodrum. After enjoying your final boat breakfast, you'll disembark at 10am with an air of relaxation and head full of memories. The perfect way to end your Turkish blue cruise. Please note: In the case of bad weather or sea conditions, for the safety and comfort of guests, Gulet Escapes reserves the right to change routes entirely ...

  10. 4 nights Private Gulet Cruise of programme of Bodrum

    Send Enquiry 4 Nights Bodrum Gulet Cruise. This itinerary is only bookable for private charters. If you are interested in a cabin charter, please contact us for more information. Select Country. 4 nights Bodrum gulet cruise: Experience the Bodrum and bays with 4 nights private gulet cruise route.

  11. About Bodrum Turkey Gulet Cruise Destination

    Gulet cruises out of Bodrum. One of the most popular ways to see Bodrum is to take a Gulet cruise. These are the traditional wooden boats of the area that are designed to sail through the shallow and deep waters of the Aegean with ease. There are private boats and shared boats available. The amenities on-board are fantastic and it makes for one ...

  12. 4 Day Gulet Sailing from Bodrum

    Tour Summary. Day 1 - Embark on your gulet from Bodrum marina. An enjoyable gulet cruise around Bodrum on Turkey's southwestern coast. The peninsula is a painterly tableau of white-washed stucco homes, purple bougainvillea and olive-green hillsides. The city is also awash in historical attractions including the stumpy foundation of the ...

  13. Bodrum Private Gulet Tour with Lunch 2024

    Day Cruises in Bodrum: Check out 288 reviews and photos of Viator's Bodrum Private Gulet Tour with Lunch. a Tripadvisor company Top Bodrum activities. Explore by category ... Bodrum Private Gulet Cruise with a Mediterranean Lunch. 16. 3 to 7 hours. Free Cancellation. From. $394.87. 6 Hours Private Charter Boat Tour with Lunch in Bodrum. 34.

  14. 4-day and 7-day Turkey sail tours and gulet cruises

    A route that is unique to us, covering the very best of the Turkish coast! 7 days / 6 nights one-way from either Fethiye to Bodrum, or Bodrum to Fethiye, visiting Bodrum, Marmaris, Cleopatra's Baths, Dalyan, Datca, Knidos and more. Choose from: 20-39s, 7-DAY FETHIYE TO BODRUM. 20-39s, 7-DAY BODRUM TO FETHIYE.

  15. Bodrum Hisaronu Luxury Gulet Cruise

    Day 8: Bodrum Your gulet cruise comes to an end with precious memories. Disembarkation by 09:30 after breakfast. Please note depending on sea and weather conditions, the captain reserves the right to make necessary changes to the tour itinerary to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests. Accommodation

  16. 7 Nt Bodrum Gulf of Gokova Yacht Cruise

    Overview About Bodrum Gulet Cruise. One of the most popular gulet cruises Bodrum - Gokova Gulf - Bodrum is run by standard plus 8 - 10 cabins gulet yachts and departs every Saturday during the summer season. Bodrum to Gokova gulf gulet cruise will allow you to live the beauty of nature as the area has plenty of many bays, our gulet will anchor one or two-point on each day of the cruise.

  17. Blue Cruise & Gulet Holidays from Bodrum, Turkey in 2024

    Blue cruising in Bodrum is made by a "Gulet Charter", "Yacht Charter" or "Cabin Charter". Gulet Charter and Yacht Charter is for the ones with their families or friends from 8 up to 16 person. It is like chartering the entire yacht. Cabin Charter is for the ones who travel alone or a couple and want to participate the cruise tour.

  18. Bodrum Turkey Gulet Cruises and Greek islands Cruises

    Bodrum Turkey Gulet Cruises. Bodrum Hisarönü Datça Bay gulet tours are one of the most enjoyable ways to discover the unique beauties of the Aegean. You can enjoy the sea while visiting historical places such as Gökova and Knidos Ancient City. These tours allow you to create unforgettable memories at the points where blue and green meet.

  19. Bodrum Blue Cruise Turkey

    Sail Turkey Blue Cruise to Bodrum to experience a wonderful holiday with friends and family. Choose from custom-made itineraries such as Bodrum to Marmaris, Fethiye, Antalya, Dalaman, Ephesus, and much more for your chartered yacht vacations in Turkey. Gulet holiday Bodrum yacht charters are available; you can visit from Europe, cruise Bodrum ...

  20. Bodrum

    Sail Turkey. This eight-day, six-night Luxury Blue cruise from Bodrum to Gokova and back to Bodrum with outstanding Gulet BOREAS offering 5-star services is a perfect Gulet cruise to sit back, relax and soak up one of the most fantastic cruising experiences you will likely find along this coastline. You can charter a luxury cabin for a week and ...

  21. Discover the Best Gulet Cruises in Bodrum

    This fantastic city by the sea is recognized in photos around the world with its landmark of the St. Peter's castle - a must see if you are visiting Bodrum and one of the best-preserved structures, dating back to the middle ages. There is much to see before or after your gulet cruises in Bodrum Turkey. The city dates back to the 12th ...

  22. Gulet Escapes

    Day 1 - Gocek Start your Turkish gulet cruise holiday in Gocek harbour in the afternoon, and meet your captain and crew. You can spend the first night on board in Gocek harbour or a bay close by. Day 2 - 12 Island of Gocek Today explore the bays and beautiful 12 Islands of Gocek, renowned for their crystal clear turquoise seas and surrounding pine clad mountains. The …

  23. Blue Cruise Turkey, Private Gulet Cruise Greece and Luxury Gulet

    Bodrum Gulet Cruises. Bodrum is one of fantastic place for a Gulet cruise holiday, with rich history, traditional local products, good weather and amazing night life. Bodrum is an ancient city of Halikarnassus. You should visit the castle is open to the public and a short walk from the marina. The sea museum in the castle has many historical ...