1. 43 of the best bluewater sailing yacht designs of all time

    great bluewater sailboats

  2. 43 of the best bluewater sailing yacht designs of all time

    great bluewater sailboats

  3. 43 of the best bluewater sailboat designs of all time

    great bluewater sailboats

  4. 11 Best Single Handed BlueWater Sailboats

    great bluewater sailboats

  5. 43 of the best bluewater sailing yacht designs of all time

    great bluewater sailboats

  6. 43 of the best bluewater sailboat designs of all time

    great bluewater sailboats



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  1. 43 of the best bluewater sailboat designs of all time

    Best bluewater sailboat of 2022 - Outremer 55 I would argue that this is the most successful new production yacht on the market. Well over 50 have already sold (an equipped model typically costs ...

  2. The best bluewater sailboats (we analyzed 2,000 boats to find out)

    The 10 best bluewater boats. 1. Westsail 32. Photo credit: The Westsail 32 is one of the most iconic bluewater cruisers and 19 have set out to cross the Pacific in the PPJ rally since 2009. In 1973, this small cruising sailboat garnered a 4-page spread in Time magazine.

  3. Twelve Top Bluewater Cruising Boats

    This 53-footer is idiosyncratically French, and it's also a superbly focused bluewater cruiser. Designed to be handled by a couple, its ketch rig is docile yet effective, with sails set on electric furling gears and some ingenious sail handling systems. Nearly 500 of these boats were built before Amel replaced it with the 54.

  4. 7 Legendary Solo Bluewater Sailboats Worth Considering

    Solo bluewater sailboats are designed to be sailed by a single person, making them ideal for solo circumnavigation or long-distance cruising. You can get the Contessa 32 and Westsail 32 for as little as $30,000. The maintenance and repair costs of the seven boats range from $5,000 to $50,000 per year. Marina fees and insurance can range from ...

  5. 13 World-Famous Bluewater Sailboats Under 40 Feet

    Here are 13 world-famous bluewater sailboats under 40 feet that you should consider to take you on long-distance voyages: Sailboat. Designer. LOA. Key features. Contessa 32. David Sadler. 32 feet. Long keel, narrow beam, moderate displacement, stable and seaworthy.

  6. 17 Legendary Bluewater Sailboats Under 50 Feet (with Photos)

    The legendary bluewater sailboats under 50 feet include Rustler 36, Tartan 37, Hallberg-Rassy 42F, Baba 30, Island Packet 38, Pacific Seacraft 37, Valiant 40, Najad 370, Moody 42, Halberg-Rassy 39, Sweden Yachts 45, Boreal 47, Amel Super Maramu, Outbound 44, Hylas 49, Malo 46, and Garcia Exploration 45. These legendary sailboats have earned ...

  7. 5 Top Affordable Bluewater Cruising Sailboats

    With these considerations in mind, here are my picks—five top choices for affordable bluewater cruising sailboats (in alphabetical order). Caliber 40 LRC. The Caliber 40 design appeared in 1991 and through its evolution into the 40 LRC, remains a very attractive cutter. It has a fully encapsulated, elongated fin keel, and the ballast to ...

  8. Blue Water Boats

    This collection of capable blue water boats features time-tested sailboats with rich histories. built an encyclopedia of offshore sailboats for the sailing community. It contains a thorough summary of the history, details of the design and construction, and sailing characteristics on 99 sailboats. Sailboat.

  9. 10 of the Best Bluewater Sailboats Under 40 Feet

    Length: 35′. Courtesy Gemini Catamarans. The Gemini Legacy 35 is a bluewater sailboat under 40 feet designed with a focus on stability, safety, and ease of handling. Its catamaran design, with a beam of 14 feet, provides remarkable stability both at anchor and underway.

  10. A Guide to 10 Great Blue Water Boats

    A Guide to 10 Great Blue Water Boats. By George Day · On March 27, 2024. Every veteran cruiser has his or her list of favorite cruising boats and, because cost is often an issue for many sailors, a lot of those boats will fall in the under-40-foot category. There are certainly many sweet designs under 40 feet that range from the venerable ...

  11. What are the Best Small Bluewater Sailboats? Cruisers Top Picks

    The Pardeys are icons of small sailboat cruising. Having sailed over 200,000 nautical miles and circumnavigated both east and westbound on their home-built, engine-free, sub-30-feet cutters, they are among the most recognized sailors in the world. They're also known as "America's first couple of cruising.".

  12. The best bluewater sailboats under 40 feet (we analyzed ...

    The Westsail 32 is one of the most iconic bluewater cruisers. Built by the Westsail Corporation in the 1970s, this plucky, small sailboat has developed a cult following over the decades. Since 2009, 19 have set out to cross the Pacific in the PPJ rallies. The Westsail 32 is known for its sturdy construction, seaworthiness, and classic looks.

  13. Best Blue Water Sailboats Under 40 Feet

    Hallberg-Rassy 340, 372, 40 and 40C: The range of Swedish-built Hallberg-Rassy small blue water yachts is one of the most impressive of any manufacturer. Boasting four yachts under 40 feet, they put their nine decades of expertise into both center cockpit and aft cockpit ocean-going cruisers and have the awards to show for it. From the Hallberg ...

  14. 11 Best Single Handed Bluewater Sailboats

    Hallberg Rassy 352. This is a sturdy and high-quality sailboat built between 1978 to 1991. It features a progressive design, combining a walk through with the aft-cabin from the main saloon. It is made with a tall and standard rig each supported on double and single spreaders, respectively.

  15. Best Blue Water Sailboats Under 40 Feet

    The best bluewater sailboats under 40 feet include the Westsail 32, Hunter e33, Tayana 37, and Najad 355. These bluewater sailboats, depending on your situation, can suit your needs for offshore sailing or long distance cruising. Sailboats under 40 feet also tend to be an adequate amount of space. After a detailed analysis, the best bluewater ...

  16. Best Single-Handed Bluewater Sailboats

    Finding the best single-handed blue water sailboat for those needs can be a tough task. ... It has been proven to be a great boat to cover long distances and with multiple people on board. Even though this one might be a little bit older in comparison to other single handed boats, the price still ranges close to $150,000. ...

  17. Best Bluewater Sailboats Under 24 Feet

    The best bluewater sailboats under 24 feet are the Pacific Seacraft Dana 24, Norseboat 21.5, Catalina 22 Sport, Pacific Seacraft Flicka 20, and West Wight Potter 19. These sailboats have ample space for a couple and even a moderately-sized family along with all the amenities you may need. A roomy cabin, galley, and settees are necessary to go ...

  18. Top 10 Favorite Affordable Bluewater Sailboats

    Blue Water on a Budget: 5 Budget Cruisers for Crossing Oceans; Go Small and Go Now: 5 Pocket Cruisers to Take you Anywhere; A Proper StinkPot: Top 5 Pilothouse Motorsailers; Lastly, you can find more great info and recommendations on bluewater sailboats and outfitting them for sea in these books:

  19. What Makes a Good Blue Water Cruising Sailboat

    The hull of a good cruising sailboat should have relatively low freeboard (distance from the waterline to the upper edge of the deck) to minimize the impact of windage in extreme weather. It should also have a moderate beam, a bit of forefoot beneath the waterline, and a full keel or a moderately proportioned fin keel to help with heaving.

  20. Zelenograd

    Zelenograd was created as a town of future. It has huge potential: Free economic zone, innovations-oriented manufacturers, highly-qualified managers, advanced technical university, significant intellectual resources. Zelenograd is considered to be the smartest town in Europe. More than a half of its adult population has higher education degree.

  21. Zelenograd

    Zelenograd (Russian: Зеленогра́д, lit. Green City) is a city[citation needed], which, along with the territories and settlements under its jurisdiction, forms one of the administrative okrugs of Moscow[1] (called "City of Zelenograd"[2]). It is located 37 km from the center of the Russian capital. Until 1991, Zelenograd was officially a closed city. Zelenograd was built in 1958 as a ...

  22. Contacts

    Epiel Joint Stock Company. Address: 124460, Academic Valiyev str. 6, bld.2, Zelenograd, Moscow, Russia Phone/Fax: +7 (499) 995 0049 E-mail:

  23. Around the World in Analogue: Life in the Green City,

    Dubbed as the "Green City" in reference to the city's color and the symbolic animal, the squirrel, Zelenograd offers much more as it provides wide, open spaces where modernity and nature meet. Through the photographs of Lomographer Igor Silaev a.k.a. mahoney66, we see a gorgeous glimpse of his life in the okrug in harmonious colors.