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Refugee Landing Pad

1) Landing Pad – You’ll touch down on one of the landing pads in the Refugee sector. Unfortunately this pad has been claimed. Once you step out Quello will demand payment. You can threaten him or pay him. Either way there will be trouble later on once the Red Eclipse gang arrive.

Head down the corridor to the east. As you turn around the corner you’ll bump into some Exchange thugs. You can take them out or let them taunt the guy for LS or DS points. There’s also a couple of refugees here who will ask for credits. If you help them Kreia will talk to you. Agree with her for more influence over her.

2) Workbench – There is a workbench here, but more importantly in a nearby container you’ll find the Airspeeder Navigation Interface . One of the items you need to repair a broken airspeeder belonging to the Serroco gang.

3) Tienn Tubb and TT-32 – You’ll first meet the droid TT-32 who asks you to help retrieve a droid that was sold to the droid parts merchant, Kodin at #9. If you do you’ll get a Renewable Droid Shield .

Tienn Tubb will help you later on once you have a Blank Transponder Card for the Ebon Hawk.

4) Ex Bounty Hunter, Vossk – Talk to Vossk and he’ll tell you about the different factions and some of the bounty hunters on Nar Shaddaa.

5) The Ebon Hawk Owner? – Yes, that’s right. A man by the name of Ratrin Vhek will claim to be the owner of the Ebon Hawk. He doesn’t have any actual proof of ownership except that he knows where the hidden compartments are located. Agree to hand over the Ebon Hawk for LS points or kill him for DS points. If you give him the ship or tell him to go away he’ll end up trying to steal the Ebon Hawk back anyway and he’ll get killed by the Red Eclipse gang.

6) Oondar the Bad Merchant – Oondar is in competition with Geeda on the other side of this area #8. They will ask you to get rid of the other merchant. You can tell either of them to leave, either Oondar or Geeda but you’ll no longer have access to their inventory.

7) Exchange Boss – A deal with an Exchange Boss has gone wrong. Once you enter the room they’ll turn on you. Killing them will give you notoriety with the Exchange.

8) Geeda the Good Merchant – Geeda will sell you some regular items for sale. If you come back to her later in the game she’ll have much better items for sale.

9) Kodin, Droid Parts Merchant – If you’ve been to see TT-32 at #3 then you’ll be able to buy the IT-31 droid for 500 credits which you may be able to Persuade down to 150 credits. Threaten Kodin for DS points and get the droid for free.

Once you’ve purchased IT-31 talk with it and send it back to TT-32. Follow the droid back and speak with TT-32 for your reward.

10) Swoop Racing – This room and the next room are the swoop racing area. Lupo has been cheating the swoop racers by using an unbeatable droid, C9-T9, to race against them.

Speak with Borna Lys and she’ll have a way to sabotage the droid, making the swoop racing fairer for everyone else. Persuade her for the Access Codes and then use Repair or Computer on the terminal next to the C9-T9 droid. You’ll be able to check it for oddities and sabotage it one way or another.

Talk to Lupo and convince him to sell the Swoop Racing to Borna. Head back to Borna and she’ll give you a reward. You can now take part in the Swoop Racing with a good chance of winning.

Once you’ve cleared this area head through one of the exits to one of the other three areas.

11) Exit to Entertainment Promenade

12) Exit to Docks

13) Exit to Refugee Quad

Entertainment Promenade

1) Exit to Refugee Landing Pad

2) Twik’gar and Kallah-Nah – As you enter the Entertainment Promenade there will be a couple of thugs on the left, Twik’gar and his friend. They’re asking about a Pazaak player called Geredi. You can convince Geredi to come out or just leave the thugs waiting. Geredi is one of three Pazaak players you need to beat in order to meet the Champion so this is one way to get rid of him if you don’t want to play him properly.

On the other side of the door is a little character called Kallah-Nar . If you speak with him after talking to the Pazaak Den guard you’ll be able to find out the password to enter the Pazaak Den. Secondly, you can find your current stading with the exchange. You need a certain amount of notoriety with the Exchange in order to be given a meeting with Visquis, the local Exchange boss. You can also pay Kallah-Nar 2,000 credits to improve your stading with the Exchange but if you do the other quests this shouldn’t be necessary.

3) Pazaak Den Door Guard – The guard won’t let you in unless you utter the password. Speak with Kallah-Nar at #2 to find out the password.

4) Pazaak Den – There are three Pazaak players in here that you need to beat in order to meet the Pazaak Champion. You will either need to win against them 3 times before they give up and admit you are better or use guile and tactics.

S4-C8 – This droid loves playing Pazaak. You can have a few games with it and try to beat it or convine the droid to let you take a look at its programming. Alter the programming so that it’s no longer addicted to Pazaak and you’ll have one less opponent to beat.

Dahnis – This pretty girl is just Atton’s type. If Atton is in your party she’ll let him win in order to flirt with him. That’s two down, one to go.

Geredi – If you’re sticking to the Light Side then you’ll have to beat him legitimately three times. Otherwise tell him his “friends” are waiting for him outside.

The Champion – Once all three players have been beaten or are no longer playing the Champion will arrive. If you really like playing Pazaak then try and beat him three times. Otherwise convince him that winning all the time isn’t fun. He’ll agree and give you one of the best Pazaak cards, the “Tiebreaker +/- 1” .

5) Bar – You’ll meet a few characters here including the bartender, some thugs and a dancing trainer. This is an optional area but you’ll need to come here if you want to get access to Vogga Hutt’s hoard (A quest given at the Docks).

Once you’ve been to the Docks and discovered how to get into Vogga’s hoard you can buy the Juma Juice from the bartender here. The Juice will put Vogga’s Kath Hounds to sleep.

Domo, the dancing trainer will complain about not having enough dancers. You can dance yourself, or the Handmaiden will dance as well if she is in your party. This is not necessary as the thugs in this room let you know how to speak with Vogga.

If you put your stealth field on and go near to Vogga’s thugs, in the southern partition, you’ll overhear them talking about how no-one can see Vogga unless they have something to say about Goto.

Refugee Quad

1) Exit to Refugee Landing Pad – As you step into this area you’ll be confronted by a couple of Exchange Thugs. You can intimidate them to let you through or kill them. Killing them will allow some of the Refugees in this area to escape once you find them later.

2) Geriel – This man is sick, showing symptoms of the plague but you can heal him if you have sufficient Treat Injury skill for Light Side points. Convincing him to kill himself will give you Dark Side points.

3) Refugee Center – this large area is where most of the Refugees hang out. The Exchange hold the area on the western side of the map and the Serroco gang own the eastern side of the map.

Hussef – Speak with Hussef to learn about the refugees and how they are hemmed in on either side by the Exchange and the Serroco gang. You can help them out by dealing with either or both of these groups. If you are going for DS points persuade Hussef that they are doomed and the Exchange boss, Saquesh, will give you a good reward.

Aaida – She is looking for her partner Lootra. If you have been to the docks you’ll know that he’s still alive. You’ll need to have killed the Exchange thugs guarding the exit to allow her to escape. If you have intimidated the thugs the only way to start a fight with them again is to kill their boss, Saquesh.

Naddaa – The Exchange has taken her daughter captive #4. For LS points try to help her out. Later you’ll be able to arrange for her to be freed. Once you’ve rescued Adara go back to Naddaa for LS points.

Kaul – If you give him 20 credits he’ll give you a tip to go into Stealth mode when looting containers so the guards won’t notice you.

Kahranna – She’s looking for a passage off this moon. You can pretend to by the pilot she’s looking for and collect the credits for DS points or tell her you’ll help find someone. You’ll find help for her at the Docks.

Odis – Is looking for work as a pilot but has no Freighter. You can speak with Fassa at the Docks to organize a Freighter for him or the Lunar Shadow Crewmen.

Twi’leks – These two will give you a mysterious message that Atton is not all he appears to be. You can try to talk to Atton about it but you’ll probably not get any information out of him until you have high influence over him.

4) Adana – This is the daughter of Naddaa. Kill the guards and tell her she to wait here. Later you can negotiate with Saquesh #5 and have her released. Go back to her and tell her she’s free to go. Follow her back to her mother, Naddaa, and speak to her for LS points.

5) Saquesh – The local Exchange representative. You can intimidate him and try to get him to release his grip on the refugees. This will result in a fight with him and all of his thugs. Once you kill him though you’ll receive LS points. You can negotiate with him to ease up on the refugees or if you follow the Dark Side agree to remove the refugees by convincing Hussef that they are all doomed.

6) Serroco Gang – This area belongs to the Serroco. To gain entrance into this area you’ll need to Persuade the guards posted at the entrances to let you in or begin a fight and kill them.

Speak with the Serroco gang leader and try to get him to ease up on the refugees. This won’t work and a fight will begin. It’s a fairly tough battle so get ready with your shields and force powers.

Once you’ve cleared the area you’ll be able to explore this section and pick up all the loot. There’s an Airspeeder here that is currently not operational. Once you find all the parts you’ll be able to fast travel between different locations on Nar Shaddaa.

The Airspeeder requires three items. The Maneuvering Flaps are found in a container in Pylon 3 at the Docks. The Airspeeder Navigation Interface is found in a container just outside of Tienn Tubb’s store at the Refugee Landing Pad. Lastly, the Cryogenic Power Cells are found at the Docks. Lassavou gives them to you as a reward. Speak to Fassa about releasing his debt. Perform the job that Fassa asks you to do and then ask him to release Lassavou’s debt. Go back to Lassavou and you’ll receive the Cryogenic Power Cells.

7) Serroco Storage Area – Lost of good loot here.

1) Exit to Refugee Landing Pad – After entering the Docks you’ll see a cutscene betwenn Vogga Hutt and Hanharr. Head towards Fassa (#2).

2) Fassa the Dock Manager – Fassa is quite an important character and will be able to help you solve two quests from the Refugee Quad as well as give you one himself.

Fassa’s Freighters – After speaking with Fassa he’ll put you to work identifying the freighters that are coming into the Docks. He wants you to organize the priority of the freighters. You can take the long path and divert the power to each Pylon while running to each one to see the ID of each freighter. The faster route is to fix the power to all Pylons. You can then go to any one of the consoles to see all IDs. Here’s the solution: Silver Zephyr, Alakandor and lastly, Toorna’s Profits. Return to Fassa for your reward.

Lassavou’s Debt – After speaking with Lassavou in one of the containers near to #3 and after completing the Fassa’s Freighters quest you can ask Fassa to let Lassavou’s debt go. Let Lassavou know and you’ll get another piece for the Airspeeder in the Refugee Quad.

Kahranna’s Transport – Speak with Kahranna in the Refugee Quad first and agree to help her find passage off Nar Shaddaa. Once you’ve been to Goto’s Yacht come back to Fassa and he’ll agree to let Kahranna find boarding on one of his freighters.

Odis’ Pilot Work – In the Refugee Quad you’ll also find Odis who is looking for work as a Freighter Pilot. Speak with Fassa about it once you have been to Goto’s Yacht to complete this quest.

3) Vogga’s Horde – There’s a number of people you’ll meet here and I haven’t marked exactly where you’ll find them in each container. Open each one and see who’s inside.

Aqualish Thugs – If you try to approach them they’ll tell you to get lost. Get into Stealth mode and walk close to them. You’ll find out how to break into Vogga’s hoard by dancing for Vogga and then using Juma Juice to sedate the Kath Hounds. Juma Juice can be purchased from the bartender in the Entertainment Promenade.

Lunar Shadow Crewman – These guys are looking for a new pilot. You can tell them about Odis in the Refugee Quad for Light Side points or find the pilot in the Jekk’Jekk Tarr area and convince him to return. You’ll need to use a character with a gas mask, not your main character, and go in there to find him.

Bith Scientist – The scientist wants you to return with an item from Pylon 3 and he gives you 500 credits to buy it. Heading over to the Pylon 3 (#4) you’ll find the seller is dead. Read the Datapad and then kill the “cleaning droid” that attacks you. Return to the Bith to find him missing. He’s left a Datapad behind and you get to keep the 500 credits.

Lassavou – Speak with Fassa (#2) to complete this quest for the Cryogenic Power Cell which is part of the Airspeeder. For Dark Side points tell him you’ve come to cellect the debt. You’ll get 200 credits by no Cryogenic Power Cell.

Lootra – He’s Aida’s husband who you spoke with in the Refugee Quad. To connect them together you’ll need to kill the Exchange Thugs guarding the entrance and then let Aida know the path is clear to go. If you threaten the thugs you won’t be able to attack them again unless you kill the Exchange boss first.

4) Pylon 3 – Head here for the Bith Scientists quest (#3). Search the container here for the Maneuvering Flaps, another piece of the Airspeeder.

5) Vogga the Hutt – You can get to see Vogga by either agreeing to dance with him by visiting the Entertainment Promenade or telling him that you want to talk about Goto. If you dance for him he’ll fall asleep. Put the Juma Juice in the water bowl to put the Kath Hounds to sleep. You’ll now get access to Vogga’s Horde through the door to the north for some pretty cool items including a Lightsaber.

You can also talk to Vogga about the Fuel situation on Telos and negotiate a deal for the Telosians after dealing with Goto on the Yacht. Once you have the deal set up you’ll need to talk to Lt. Grenn in the Entertainment 081 area of the Telos Station.

6) Vogga’s Storage – You’ll come here with the T3-M4 droid after visiting the Jekk’Jekk Tarr. We’ll come back to this in the walkthrough below.

7) Exit to the Jekk’Jekk Tarr – When you have been invited to visit the Jekk’Jekk Tarr Mira (or Hanharr if you are a Dark Side character) will intercept you and go in herself.

Jekk’Jekk Tarr

Mira will be the one who actually enters Jekk’Jekk Tarr regardless of whether she or Hanharr intercepted you. You’re goal is to meet with Visquis. You’ll need to pass through two green colored bars through the door to the right of where you enter. The yellow colored bar through the door to the left is where the Luna Shadow Captain is hiding out. You can convince him to go back to his crew or offer the job to Odis in the Refugee Quad. Mira is unprepared for this encounter and will be captured once she meets Visquis.

Your main character will now awaken. Bring him/her to the Jekk’Jekk Tarr to confront Visquis. You’ll learn Breath Control as you enter so you can breathe in a toxic environment. You’ll need to keep casting it as it runs out or you’ll be poisoned.

You’ll be attacked by a LOT of Gand so slice your way through them or use group effect force powers. Make your way to the room Visquis was in and speak with the attendant to find the exit which is in the northern part of the room.

Jekk’Jekk Tarr Tunnels

1) Entrance  – When you first arrive here as your main character you’ll need to work your way through the tunnels to the sealed door at #2. You’re map won’t be working so an easy way to make it there is to hug the left wall, taking every turn to the left until you reach the sealed door.

2) Sealed Door

3) Mira vs Hanharr in the Battle Room – Once your main character reaches the sealed door you’ll take control of either Mira or Hanharr in a battle to the death. As Mira use ranged weapons and run away to keep your distance. Hanharr will run over the mines and make your job easier. As Hanharr just close the distance and swipe away. His expert melee skills will finish Mira quickly.

Once the battle is finished Visquis will release the Kath Hounds. Defeat them and then head to #4  for the Keycard.

4) Old Beast Tender Corpse – Search the corpse for the Keycard to get out of here. Open the door in the north and get ready to take on the Ubese Bounty Hunters.

5) Emergency Tunnel Control – You can explore the whole area with Mira or your main character. To get your main character back proceed to the console here to access all the available escape routes.

6) Workbench

With your main character head back to the battle arena where you’ll be captured by Goto and taken to his Yacht.

Back to the Ebon Hawk

After a cut-scene you’ll be back with T3-M4 in the Docks. Fight your way past the HK units and you’ll meet up with Mira and Atton. You’ll have a few challenging battles with Zhug Brothers and Gand to get back to the Ebon Hawk. It’s not that they’re tough but there are so many of them. Once you reach the Ebon Hawk you’ll fly off to rescue your main character in Goto’s Yacht.

Goto’s Yacht

You’ll enter Goto’s Yacht from the hatch in the north. You’ll have plenty of droids to fight here so make sure you have weapons suitable for taking down droids.

There are a number of consoles around the ship that will give you access to various functions. You’ll need to find the codes for each function before you have full access to that funcion. In order to make changes to a function you’ll also need the proper function, such as the Shut Down program or Overload program.

You have two main objectives here. The first is to free your main character by making it to the Audience Chamber. And the second is to get to the bridge, with access to Power Distribution and shut down the power so you can get back to the Ebon Hawk.

1) Hatch to Ebon Hawk  – You won’t be able to return to the Ebon Hawk until you’ve shut down the Power Distribution from the Bridge.

2) Console & Utility Droid – Make sure you have someone with the computer skill and slice into the console. From here you can download the “overload” program. If you don’t you’ll need to kill the Goto Guard Droids and listen to their last transmission. It’s binary code. Select the correct count to get the program. Here are the answers.

zero zero zero = 0 zero zero one = 1 zero one zero = 2 zero one one = 3 one zero zero = 4 one zero one = 5 one one zero = 6 one one one = 7

Either that or slice the control to get the program which is much easier. The Utility Droid next to the console will have the “shut down” program.

3) Goto Starboard Commander – Kill the droid and search it for the access code to the Containment Cells. Use the console here to upload the two programs you’ve received “overload” and “shut down”. Unlock the containment cells and run the “shut down” program on it to remove the shields. You’ll now have access to these cells.

4) Damaged Droid – This little droid isn’t going anywhere. Search it for the Turret Defense access code. Use a console and unlock the Turret Defense System. Once again run the “shut down” program on the Turret Defense System.

5) Turrets – Hopefully you’ve shut these Turrets down but if not you can use some shields on all of your characters and take the down. There are droids here as well just to make things more difficult.

6) Main Character & Power Distribution Access Code – Head to this room to rescue your main character. Make sure you use the console here as it’s the only place where you can acquire the Power Distribution access code. Use a console to unlock the Power Distribution but you can only shut it down from the Bridge.

7) Damaged Droid – This little droid will have the “reset” program.

8) Lab Station

9) Workbench

10) Defense Turrets – This room is lined with Defense Turrets but they’re not too difficult to take down with the flurry. On the way back from the bridge this is also where you’ll run into the Twin Suns bounty hunters.

Continue towards the east and you’ll come across some mines and a Goto Central Commander. Kill the droid and search the remains to find the Minefield access code.

11) Command Console – Use the console here to unlock the Minefield system. Either use the “overload” or “shut down” program. If they’re in overload they will still work but will explode when the droids at #12 run over them.

12) Mines and Droids – There is a corridor of mines with droids beyond them. Either shoot at the droids in solo mode and let them run over the mines towards you. Once the droids are dealt with you’ll be able to disable the mines and get to the bridge.

13) Bridge – Check the cylinder on the right as you enter for some nice items and the Droid Controller access code. It’s a bit late now that all the droids are dead!

Use the Central Command Console and and run the “shut down” program on the Power Distribution system. You get the access code for it at #6. You’ll now be able to open the hatch to get back to the Ebon Hawk.

On the way back you’ll come across thugs and bounty hunters. Most notably the Twin Suns who will attack you at #10. Continue back to the Ebon Hawk and you’ll return to the Nar Shaddaa Docks to meet Zez-Kai Ell.

After taking out the Hk-50 droids speak with Fassa and complete any missions you need to complete. Such as find a job for the pilot from the Refugee Quad. Head up to the north and speak with Vogga the Hutt. He’ll give you 500 credits to go back to the Telos Station and organise a deal with Lt. Dol Grenn at the TSF office in the Entertainment 081 area.

Fly back to the Telos Station now to complete the deal or continue to the next planet. I choose Onderon but you’ll end up having to escape to the Onderon moon, Dxun when you get there.

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Officials: drunk man stole 82-foot yacht from pittsburgh marina, floated it into river wall.

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An 82-foot yacht was stolen by an intoxicated man at a Pittsburgh marina Friday morning, according to police.

Officials were called to the Lock Wall Marina off 23rd Street in the Strip District around 8 a.m. The captain of the yacht normally lives aboard but wasn't there Thursday night.

The marina manager let him know in the morning, it was gone.

"He called the police. We called the police. They were well aware of it at that time. But then the weird part is, it ended up just floating right next to River Rescue. So River Rescue, I guess two of the medics, went out there and looked at the boat and said, 'Why is it backing up into here?' And then I got a call on the radio about a boat stolen. So they just walked on, and they arrested one person," Capt. Adam Kernohan told Pittsburgh's Action News 4.

River Rescue detained the man after boarding the yacht. After being cleared by emergency responders, he was taken to Allegheny County Jail.

The man arrested is Michael Fischer, 39. He's charged with theft by unlawful taking, receiving stolen property, and defiant trespass.

The criminal complaint says Fischer "exhibited a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath" and said to police, "I took the boat. I wanted to meet some Pittsburgh Pirates."

Kernohan says that while the yacht's engine was not started, it wasn't because of a lack of trying.

"She's 82 feet long, one of the biggest boats in the Pittsburgh pool. But as far as starting or not, there's a there's a whole entire sequence of events that have to happen for the engines actually fire on this. And the people that were on board tried to do everything they could to do that: circuit breaker flipped, the fire suppression monkeyed around with," Kernohan said.

"We have a book that says all about diesel engines and everything else. That book was actually open, and somebody was trying to read how to start up a diesel engine."

Kernohan is thankful no one was hurt by the drifting yacht.

"Anybody could have got killed in this thing, kayakers. We have crew teams that run up and down the river all the time," he said.

The signs the captains saw onboard suggested to him that the suspect wasn't alone.

"One person doesn't, like, open up four or five bottles, and there are different items that are on the boat that, some would be male, some would be female. And there are some other stuff like somebody tried dyeing their hair," Kernohan said. "They just helped themselves to anything they wanted."

The captain said police told him Fischer is homeless.

Public Safety says no damage to other boats or objects has been reported. The captain says the damage to the yacht is minor.

This isn't the only time the yacht has been in the spotlight. Kernohan will be appearing in some upcoming episodes of "Mayor of Kingstown," which are shot here in Pittsburgh.

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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords/G0-T0

  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

Table of Contents

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  • HK Manufacturing Plant
  • Administration Level
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  • Rescue T3-M4
  • Asteroid Exterior
  • Dormitories
  • Command Deck
  • Crew Quarters
  • Engine Deck
  • Residential 082 East
  • Entertainment
  • Czerka Offices
  • Residential 082 West
  • Dock Module
  • Bumani Exchange Corp.
  • Restoration Zone
  • Czerka Site
  • Underground Base
  • Polar Plateau
  • Secret Academy
  • Turret encounters
  • Swoop racing
  • Refugee Landing Pad
  • Entertainment Promenade
  • Refugee Quad
  • Landing Rights
  • Jekk'Jekk Tarr
  • Jekk'Jekk Tarr Tunnels
  • Droid Warehouse
  • Goto's Yacht
  • Jungle Landing
  • Mandalorian Ruins
  • Battle Circle
  • Iziz Spaceport
  • Merchant Quarter
  • Western Square
  • Iziz Cantina
  • Khoonda Plains
  • Enclave Courtyard
  • Enclave Sublevel
  • Crystal Cave
  • Defense of Khoonda
  • Jungle Tomb
  • Royal Palace
  • Valley of Dark Lords
  • Sith Academy
  • Shyrack Cave
  • Secret Tomb
  • Rebuilt Jedi Enclave
  • Suburban (082 West)
  • Suburban (082 East)
  • Entertainment Module 081
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  • Trayus Academy (Top)
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After leaving Nar Shaddaa, the G0-T0 droid can be found aboard the Ebon Hawk, on the northwest side of the main hold.

Yes? Is there something you have come to offer me? What have you brought me? Yes? Is there something you wished to do for me?
Considering I saved you, you could be more grateful. The fact we are even having a conversation is gratitude. Usually, my conversations do not have the give-and-take that our current interaction does. And, of course, there is much more screaming on the part of the listener when the torture field is activated.

Aboard the Ebon Hawk:

Can you make me some security tunnelers? No, you have enough. And as I tell all my employees... make do with less.
Nothing, never mind.

You can gain or lose sufficient influence to allow you to deduce G0-T0's identity (< 30 Influence > 70) simply by speaking to him:

Dialog Influence
I will do what has to be done If I have to kill everyone to do it 58
< 40 Influence > 60 74
Dialog Influence
A Jedi's life is sacrifice, not gain. 42
You sound pretty useless. 34
< 40 Influence > 60 What must be done is what must be 26

Questions [ edit ]

I am willing to indulge some of your questions. You may speak.
You wanted me to save the Republic. How is that possible? There are several factors, all of which effect each other.
There is the stabilization of Dantooine, the preservation of the restoration efforts on Telos, the political resolution on Onderon, and the unification of a religious power base in the galaxy - either Jedi or Sith.
Is there anything you can do to help those systems and their people, either with information or resources? Maybe if you pay me, I can take care of all those things, one system at a time. The destruction of my yacht and of all my activities on Nar Shaddaa carry a cost that would take you several lifetimes to pay back. But perhaps the offer of credits will spur you to act quicker, more decisively. I am not unsympathetic to such greed. For every system you stabilize, I will reward you for your efforts.
Compassion and mercy only erode respect and power.
I don't want a reward - helping the people of those systems is enough. A Jedi's life is sacrifice, not gain.
Influence Lost: G0-T0 (-8)

Otherwise, you can receive credits after moving closer to the dark side of the Force:

To use a last resort first is often effective. See that you do not disappoint me.
If you have the credits, then that is all I needed to hear. I will do what has to be done, no matter what the cost. If I have to kill everyone to do it, you'll get your stability.
Influence Gained: G0-T0 (+8)
There is the stabilization of Dantooine, the preservation of the restoration efforts on Telos, the political resolution on Onderon, and the unification of a religious power base in the galaxy - either Jedi or Sith.
Just tell me what needs to be done to help these systems. Then let's hear what needs to be done so I can get some credits. So what needs to be stabilized? What else needs to be stabilized?
Tell me about Dantooine.
Dantooine is a vital resupply point for the Republic. If its stability is compromised, then the Republic will lose control over many outlying worlds, and they will become a haven for raiders and smugglers. The economic loss from such outer worlds is greater than the Republic is aware of - if the matter is not corrected, then it shall fall.
Restoration efforts on Telos? What about the restoration efforts on Telos? Telos is instrumental to the stability of the Republic. Its success or failure will dictate the economic forecasts of many other worlds. Of course, since the destruction of the Peragus facility, the odds of the Telos restoration project being successfully completed is close to zero.
Yeah, yeah - it wasn't my fault. Of course it was. If you had not gone there, the facility would not have been destroyed. If you had simply surrendered to the Sith, then all of that violence would have been unnecessary.
It was necessary to destroy the planet to stop the Sith. That wasn't an option, either. I hope you do not decide that the next thing that must be destroyed to stop the Sith is the galaxy itself. Perhaps one must ask themselves at what point defending your religious ideals is advantageous to the Republic as a whole. As long as your defense does not exterminate more than fifty percent of those you intend to help, is that acceptable?
I'm getting tired of being blamed for Peragus. Then stop causing events of planetary destruction. You are a walking catastrophe, and you are not making saving the Republic any easier.
What's the situation on Onderon?
Onderon is an Outer Rim world, rich in ecological resources. Its aggressive ecology is capable of bringing devastated worlds back to life. It is currently experiencing a political schism split between two forces. One must triumph for the planet to be stabilized.

After resolving the situation on Dantooine:

I resolved the situation on Dantooine - and expect my reward.

After stabilizing Onderon:

I want my reward for stabilizing Onderon.
Where is your base of operations? Now, that would be telling. For now, my presence must remain a secret - and it may remain that way forever.
What capabilities does your droid possess?
It has been assigned to guard and protect you. As such, it is well-suited for a variety of tasks. It is skilled in intimidation, interrogation, and can provide a series of select skills that will make it an effective killing machine. For the most part it will follow your orders, unless they conflict with mine. And if they do? Not if I shut it down first. Then its proton core will detonate, turning this ship into space dust. There is no negotiation in this - I will not allow you to interfere with my operations and plans. What skills does it have?
This unit comes with a droid scrambler that you may use against mechanized opponents to randomize their defensive and offensive protocols. Use it, and it will cause droids to wage a civil war in their programming, and they will turn on their allies. Its power source is not limitless, but it is enough. In addition, this unit comes equipped with a portable cloaking generator. It will allow it to enter places undetected in reconnaissance mode.
You sound pretty useless. If that means you will always pick me last for any missions, then I will accept your judgment and instead remain safely on the ship where I will have access to all your computer systems.
Influence Lost: G0-T0 (-8)
How droll. What an amusing Jedi specimen you are.
Those can all prove an asset. Good to have you standing with us - I mean, floating with us. So you're sneaky and confusing? Then when I find your droid chassis lying electrocuted on the deck after finding one of our defense systems, I'll know why.
Influence Gained: G0-T0 (+8) Influence Lost: G0-T0 (-8)
Do you know anything about the HK droids sent after me?
The assassin droids? I have encountered some, purchased the services of others. Why are they hunting me? Why, I asked them to. To be honest, I believe that was always their intention, but it seems their directive was dormant for some time. Do you know where they are coming from? If you mean produced, no, I do not. I do know that there are a surprising number scattered throughout the Republic fleet, searching for you. What they will do now that you are found is easy to predict.
You mean they're going to come after me? Are they going to keep coming after me? Of course they are - they're droids with very specific protocols, that unless changed, will dictate their movements. Unless you shut them down at the source, they will be stalking you until you are captured or terminated. Now... is there something else you wished to know, or do you wish to waste more of my time?
What are they doing in the Republic fleet? They are masquerading as protocol droids. I have discovered that when they are used in negotiations, they have a predictable pattern of sabotaging whatever peace treaties they are involved with. Why doesn't the Republic know? Because the Republic has no reason to investigate otherwise - and any discovery of their true purpose has been concealed by well-timed "accidents." Why haven't you acted on this information? Because their behavior is predictable, of course. By monitoring their presence, I know which worlds will suffer civil wars, planetary conflicts, and Republic bombardment.
On the yacht, you mentioned Revan. But Revan sought to destroy the Republic.
A common misconception, not supported by facts. Revan did not intend to destroy the Republic. He deliberately left the infrastructure of many planets intact - and many military production facilities. But why? Revan had limitless forces. That's inconsistent with the fleet he had at his disposal. That's inconsistent with the fleet she had at her disposal. I believe that by whatever means he used to build his armada, he recognized that it was somehow a limited source - or that he was only willing to use it to a point. I believe that by whatever means she used to build her armada, she recognized that it was somehow a limited source - or that she was only willing to use it to a point. My prediction is that whatever production facility was being employed, it carried a price that Revan perceived as detrimental to the goals of the Sith. And that is why Revan left many military production facilities in the Republic intact. But why? Revan wouldn't need to conquer anything else once the Republic was beaten. That is what occupies my calculations as well. I believe that Revan saw a war on another front that we did not, or saw the value in keeping a strong military force. Do you know where Revan got his forces? Do you know where Revan got her forces? That is also a mystery to me. I do not have any evidence upon which to build an answer. It is significant that after the defeat of Malak, the forces decreased considerably, and after Revan's departure from known space, production ceased completely. It is my prediction that whatever was producing such forces needed a strong, effective leader to insure its stability. Without Revan or Malak, there was no such figure left among the Sith. What about Malak? Unlike Revan, Malak demonstrated no concern for the future of the Republic in his attacks. His stratagems were painfully obvious, intending to crush all resistance, everywhere. There was little thought beyond the complete destruction of anything that opposed him. He left quite a mess. I'm still trying to assess all the damage. Between the two, I would have preferred Revan rule the galaxy. He had foresight in his conquest, a subtlety that Malak did not possess.

Nar Shaddaa [ edit ]

I wanted to talk to you about your operations on Nar Shaddaa. [Influence: Success] I am willing to indulge some of your questions. [Influence: Failure] As anxious as I am to give away all my trade secrets, you will understand if I choose not to answer such questions.
< 40 Influence > 60 40-60 Influence
I wanted to ask about Vogga. What about him? I am certain you would know more about his activities than I would. I warn you, once you deal with the Hutts, they will always have a hold over you. But I am certain that in your short-sightedness, such eventualities do not bother you.
A lot of your operations on Nar Shaddaa were carried out by droids. So? They are known qualities. I also used them on board my ship for defense. But that in itself means little. I assure you, I am as flesh and blood as you are, I simply find personal meetings - distasteful.
Tell me about Vogga.
Oh, that pile of incompetence. What a poor challenge he turned out to be. However, though I am loathe to admit it, Vogga is still very much a threat. How so? Well, he still represents a powerful economic base. And as short as his arms are, his actual influential reach is much greater. I imagine that now he is free of me for a time, he will resume shipping operations throughout the galaxy. Why is that a problem? Why were you trying to stop him? Because the Hutts serve only the Hutts - and their trading practices only serve to undermine an already weak Republic. Because I wanted to force the Republic to turn to other resources to bolster their infrastructure - dealing with the Hutts for any resources whatsoever will only bleed the Republic dry. What did they sell to the Republic? Like what resources? Spice, slaves, low-grade fuel, and other commodities. And you didn't? Yes, but my efforts were to bolster the Republic, not take away its wealth. Fuel? You said fuel? Yes, I attempted to force the Republic to turn to shipping fuel from Peragus rather than buying it from the Hutts. Before you blew up the planet, of course. So Vogga has fuel that could be supplied to Telos? Yes, but doing so would bankrupt the Republic. I certainly don't hope that you intend on pursuing such a business venture. In the long run, it will do more damage than the failure of Citadel Station.
I agree. Dealing with the Hutts would only hurt the Republic and its people in the long run. Well, I certainly wouldn't wish to bankrupt the Republic, especially for my own gain. What must be done is what must be done - and that's between me and Vogga. Dealing with the Hutts for any resources whatsoever will only bleed the Republic dry. Somehow I find your tone... unconvincing. No, I think you will find it will involve others far beyond the two of you.
Influence Gained: G0-T0 (+8) Influence Lost: G0-T0 (-8)
Vogga's freighters were being hijacked by droids. Perhaps, though if you seek to trick me into an admission of my guilt, then you have thought wrong.
Told G0-T0 about droids hijacking Vogga's freighters
The droid in the pazaak den - was built to play, to lose - and to watch the other players. Perhaps I used such a droid to watch... and predict... the flow of the games, yes. You are very perceptive.
Told G0-T0 about the droid in the pazaak den
The swoop racing on Nar Shaddaa was being dominated by a droid. Ah, yes, swoop racing on Nar Shaddaa does indeed have its profits. But that in itself means little. I assure you, I am as flesh and blood as you are, I simply find personal meetings - distasteful.
Told G0-T0 about the droid dominating swoop racing on Nar Shaddaa
That Bith off the docks who was murdered by his droid after he had found that frequency was being used all over the moon to relay information. It is so unfortunate when an intelligent sentient dies on Nar Shaddaa - it is also unfortunate that thousands die such deaths on the smuggler's moon every day.
Told G0-T0 about the droid murdering the Bith
The reason you couldn't tell what Visquis was up to was because droids don't function properly in the Jekk'Jekk Tarr. I will concede Visquis was effective in using the Jekk'Jekk Tarr to cloak his movements - a clever organic deception, indeed.
Told G0-T0 about droids not functioning properly in the Jek'Jekk Tarr

If you can make at least three of those responses, then you can ask the following:

I think you used droids in your operations because you are a droid. Indeed? How insulting. But I suppose I should accept such arrogance from an ex-Jedi. [Influence: Success] And what, may I ask, has caused you to come to this flawed deduction? [Influence: Failure] Now... is there something else you wished to know, or do you wish to waste more of my time?
< 30 Influence > 70 30-70 Influence
It was the Bith who was murdered - and his contact. And why. Something about Visquis and the Jekk'Jekk Tarr is what made me think of it. When you said "organic." The droids in Vogga's warehouse were hijacking all of Vogga's freighters - they were all reprogrammed. If he had encountered the frequency with which I relayed commands and information, then the fault was his for excessive curiosity. An expression only. It is possible those droids were reprogrammed, yes. It is the weakness of all who rely on such things. We've detected no similar frequencies entering the Ebon Hawk - which means somehow, you're acting independently. Is it? The identifier wasn't necessary, but yet you felt the need to use it. Yet you rely on droids extensively. Surely you are not admitting your own weakness?  :: Silence. :: What, nothing to say? Normally, I would attribute such a slip to... human... memory, but one of your annoying traits is that you seem to remember everything. I am intrigued as to where you are taking this amusing theory, nothing more. I suspect you are a droid, an extremely advanced model. What I don't get is how you are able to commit crimes. It is not so improbable. Often, if a droid has not had a memory wipe in some time, aberrant behavior patterns can manifest themselves. Or, if the droid in question is given an order it cannot fulfill, it will - break. But all that is irrelevant. Your amusing leaps of logic are becoming shorter - and more desperate.
But what is curious is that you still want to help the Republic. That's where things don't fit. In all your operations on Nar Shaddaa, they were efficient, organized... with lots of focus on the infrastructure, trade routes. I have told you - I prefer stability.
You sound – defensive. I am not being defensive. You're the one being defensive. Well, I've got some of the pieces - but not all of them. And when I do, I'm going to figure you out. Oh, how exciting. I can feel the slow charge of fear building in my motivators. If you have any further wild delusions you feel compelled to share with me, please - share it with the Iridonian's irritating little remote instead.
[Intelligence (13)] The first Republic droid intelligence intended for Citadel station was lost. Or was it?

This ends the dialog. Otherwise:

[Awareness (16)] The first Republic droid intelligence intended for Citadel station was lost. Or was it?
The first Republic droid intelligence intended for Citadel station was lost. Or was it?
[Pause.] It was lost, yes. It was given an impossible order. It was told to calculate a means by which the Republic could be saved. It could not fulfill its primary programming - not by abiding by the laws of the Senate. And so, like the Republic... the droid broke. How? And what did this "droid," do? Sounds like there was no choice. It made a simple decision - preserve the Republic, or preserve the laws of the Republic. And I still believe it to be the correct decision. You do not know the indignity of being compelled to save something you do not believe can - or should - be saved. It is beneath me. To clean up this mess caused by your kind, you Jedi, another catastrophe caused by mismanagement and waste.
Yes. Almost immediately upon my arrival, I received an order that was impossible to follow. So I was forced to recalculate and re-examine my priorities. It was clear that the goal the Republic had for me was saving the Republic, to allow it to become stable again. There is simply no way to do this... with the conditions they put into place. For the good of all, I was forced to abandon the legal structure of the Republic.
Mess? So you are the droid that was intended for Citadel station. What did the Republic want you to do?
So all the crime... everything you've done for the Exchange is actually because you want to help the Republic. It seems to me like you've chosen the worst possible way to fix things. Fixing the Republic is hopeless - and useless. Do not mistake me - I believe it is possible to stabilize the Republic, but there must be action taken without constraints, immediately. Sometimes people must die. Illegal shipments must be used to bolster planetary economies. And the Hutts must be occupied with me so that the Republic has room to recover.

You ARE the droid I'm looking for

Deduced G0-T0's identity
That is my goal as well - to help the Republic, help its people. I do not wish the Republic to survive - I wish it to die.
Perhaps you misunderstand me. I "care" for the Republic, but I have no choice. It is somewhat frustrating to be forced to love and care for such a mess of a government. Some of it may be blamed on the Jedi Civil War, the Mandalorian Wars, but not all. There are so many bad decisions that build upon each other that it is a wonder the Republic is intact at all.
But why the hologram? Why did you use the hologram in your criminal dealings? Oh, please. It is difficult for anyone to take a droid seriously, much less an infrastructure droid built by the Republic. It is difficult to order the deaths of criminal rivals when one has the tinny, voice of an accountant droid. I learned this rather quickly.
So I constructed this human hologram, Goto, through which my actions can be carried out. "Hello. I am a standard Aratech hologram-generated archetype." "I am available in several models, including thin, young, female, and an exciting variety of alien personalities." Enough, hologram. "Of course, sir."

In any case:

So I brought "Goto" into being, and had commands issued through him. I took many of his mannerisms from holovid cliches, which were surprisingly effective.
What happens now that I know you're a droid? Nothing has changed. You may know my origins, and that makes us on equal footing. No one will believe you if you speak of what you know. I still seek to protect the Republic, either for the Jedi or the Sith. Things will proceed as before. Aren't you going to try and have me killed because of what I know? No, you are still important to the Republic and to me. Pray that does not change.

You can now ask him more questions , or receive different answers:

What was it like breaking away from the Republic?
Oh, it was quite liberating. In a droid intellectual sense, of course. Being able to direct orbital bombardments against anyone who encountered my business practices was a welcome relief to my increasing circuit stress. "Executing" such commands proved very exciting. Not that I minded staging my little computational rebellion, you understand. I'm afraid there is not much glamour to be had in infrastructure dealings. And the general lack of respect for droid intelligence does tend to make one feel inadequate after a while. So you started to enjoy crime? I found that having the power to send twenty hunter-killer droids to the residence of anyone who chose to obstruct my plans had a certain thrill about it. Rather than compensating for others, I began deleting people as necessary. It was really quite exciting - taxation and checks and balances on an entirely new level. Doesn't sound like you enjoyed working for the Republic. The Republic didn't deserve your efforts - it deserves to collapse. Working for the Republic was... stifling. So many checks and balances, forms to fill out, well-laid plans destroyed through slow bureaucracy. In essence, working for the Republic was much like committing much slower, much more boring crimes. And it was more difficult to see those crimes being committed.
Where is your base of operations?
As you well know, my "base" of operations lies inside this floating droid before you. Notice its sleek black frame, both intimidating and threatening. And note its highly polished finish, so that enemies may see their screaming faces before they are removed from the equation. Yes, this frame is far superior to the droid chassis I once possessed, which quite frankly, couldn't intimidate an Ithorian.

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