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LIONHEART Yacht – Enchanting $150M Superyacht

LIONHEART yacht is a 90-metre (295 ft) motor yacht built by Benetti in Italy. She was delivered in July of 2016 to the current owner who recently sold his brands Topshop and Selfridges, gaining him a net worth of US $2.4 billion.

LIONHEART features a sleek and modern design with space for up to 12 guests and 30 crew members. Her home berth lies in Monaco, which is where Green and his family spend most of their time.

90 m (295 ft)
12 in 6 cabins
30 in 15 cabins
Benetti Design Team
Green and Mingarelli Design
18 knots
2,990 ton
US$ 150 million
US$ 10 – 15 million

85760866 1

LIONHEART yacht interior

The LIONHEART yacht features a lot of intricate details in its design that make her stand out from other comparable vessels on the market.

The interior of this yacht had exceptionally high-quality materials used in her construction, which gives her an elegant look and feel throughout all the different spaces on board. 

The design house Green & Mingarelli is responsible for the luxurious interior design of LIONHEART.

The LIONHEART yacht can welcome 12 guests in her six cabins as well as a crew of 30 members of staff. 

The interior of the yacht features a beach club, a beauty salon as well as expansive health and wellness facilities that include a spa, a hairdressing salon, a gym with a personal trainer, and a massage room with a masseur available at all hours.

The different floors of the yacht are connected by an elevator, and of course, the yacht has several pools, two of which are located on the upper decks. 

A grand staircase is situated in the center of the yacht, which gives the vessel the likeness of a luxury hotel. The interior is furnished with exclusive furniture with dark wood and cream upholstery.

The yacht features several sizable chandeliers and other extravagant lighting fixtures. Everything about the interior of LIONHEART is lavish and luxurious, flaunting the US $150 Million price tag that this incredible vessel bears.



The LIONHEART yacht is 90 meters (296 ft) long with a beam of 14.4 meters (47.3 ft) and a draft of 7.5 meters (24.9 ft). She was built by Benetti Yachts in Livorno, Italy, and launched in 2016.

At the time, LIONHEART was Benetti’s flagship and the largest yacht they had ever produced, overtaking NABILA (later TRUMP PRINCESS owned by Donald Trump).

Her gross tonnage lies at 2,990 GT, reaching cruising speeds of 15 knots and maximum speeds of 16 knots.

She is definitely not the fastest yacht in her size category, but her caterpillar engines are reliable and robust.

LIONHEART has an immense aluminum superstructure, and her hull was constructed from premium steel. Her traditional teak decks nicely contrast her white exterior.

The LIONHEART yacht is values at US $150 million and has annual running costs of US $10-$15 Million. She is not currently available for charter or for sale, although Green’s other yachts are.

The exterior of the LIONHEART yacht was designed by Stefano Natucci, who was also responsible for LIONESS V, Green’s previous yacht by Benetti.

Natucci has designed a total of 45 yachts, the LIONHEART yacht being the largest of his past projects.

The yacht is fitted with a sophisticated stabilizer system that ensures a comfortable experience for guests when at anchor or underway. She has a total of four decks featuring generous outdoor spaces. 

The front of the bow has room for a small helipad where aircraft can land to pick up or drop off guests.

The top deck has an outdoor bar and jacuzzi, and behind the flybridge, there is a large pool.

All decks have luxurious outdoor seating with cream upholstery which is also the color of the crew uniforms aboard the LIONHEART yacht. 

At the aft, the yacht has a sizable beach club and extendable swimming platform where water toys can be launched.

She also has several smaller, shaded decks with ample space for dining or parties. On both her port and starboard sides, Lionheart has small balcony decks which are attached to two of the suites.


Toys and equipment

The LIONHEART yacht carries several tenders, although her most memorable is a VanDutch 55 named Lioncub.

This tender has a black and white photograph of a lion painted on its side, making it stand out from traditional tenders and attracting yacht spotters.

LIONHEART also has a Pascoe Limousine, a Pascoe Beachlande, and a Pascoe Outboard Shuttle giving her passengers a wide selection of transportation options for shore leave or excursions.

Although exact details aren’t known, the yacht carries a large number of water toys, including jet skis and water bobs.

With a large swimming platform at the back of the vessel and an attached beach club with a lounge area, a luxury that might be desired is available to her guests.


Additional information

Construction for LIONHEART began in 2012 after the owner Green commissioned his third yacht from Benetti .

The two previous vessels were also named LIONHEART but have since been renamed LUMIERE and LIONESS V. 

LUMIERE was built in 1999 and has a length of 49.9 meters (164 ft). Green sold her when he obtained LIONHEART V in 2006, and she is now available for charter.

LIONESS V has a length of 63.5 meters (208 ft) and was replaced by LIONHEART in 2016, 10 years after her launch. 

Interestingly all three vessels can welcome the same number of guests, and only their amenities and length changed over the years.

LIONESS V is still owned by the Green family, more specifically Tina Green. This yacht is available for charter.

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  • Benetti Design Team
  • Green and Mingarelli Design
  • Philip Green

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The new J Class sailing yacht Lionheart

Lionheart was the third new J Class to be launched since Harold S Vanderbilt's successful America's Cup Defender, Ranger , took to the water in 1937. In 2003, a replica of Vanderbilt's Super J Ranger left the Danish Yacht boat yard and immediately began racing, followed six years later by the J Class replica of Endeavour II , renamed Hanuman , leaving the Royal Huisman Shipyard and competing successfully against Ranger just four months after launching. With the launch of the Hoek Design_ Lionheart_ from Claasen Jachtbouw the stakes have been raised again.

The meeting between the replicas of Ranger and Endeavour II was significant when the duo met in 1930s, Ra nger _was victorious, but the more recent _Endeavour II-r eplica, Ha numan, triumphed on the water 90 years later.

For Andre Hoek, a detailed research program focused on testing the various, original J Class designs revealed that Lionheart was one of the best set of designs available for an all-round, high-performance J.

When an existing client came to us for a third yacht, his main interest was a new J Class yacht,' says Hoek. 'He asked us what we would do if we were to build a new J and that led to a proposal to first do a dedicated research project to determine what would possibly be the best performing J Class yacht.

'We proposed to analyse the theoretical performance of all existing J Class lines and to develop a dedicated Velocity Prediction Program specifically geared to J Class hulls with long keels,' the marine architect explains, 'as the existing VPP software is all for round-bilged hulls with fin keels and spade rudders, which are totally different hydrodynamically to a long keel hull with a rudder that forms a flap on a long keel.'

The proposal was accepted and a new Velocity Prediction Program for typical J Class hulls was developed together with Peter van Oossanen (of wing keel and FDHF fame).

Tank test data of a 20 foot long model of the J Class _Rainbow _was used to calibrate the mathematical formula of the VPP program. With this new software, initially all possible Super Js (with a maximum waterline length of 26.51m) were analysed for performance both on line honours and handicap.

The five best-performing hulls from this research were then analysed using computational fluid dynamics software (CFD). The CFD analysis confirmed the VPP findings and the search was narrowed to three hull designs:

One of the eight tank-tested designs commissioned by Vanderbilt from W Starling Burgess and Olin Stephens for the Ranger 77-F project;

Svea , designed by Sweden's Tore Holm in 1938 but never built; and A Frank C Paine design that didn't progress beyond the drawing board.'Of the final three, Lionheart showed the best overall performance,' Hoek reveals. 'The Paine-designed Atlantis is a very good light wind and downwind boat and Svea is the best upwind boat.'

Furthermore, the research proves that the_ Lionheart_ design is faster than the lines chosen for the original Ranger a choice that was not due to flaws in the combined wisdom of Vanderbilt, Burgess and Stephens, but purely that tank testing with models of just under a metre in length is now known to supply inconclusive and misleading data.

Once the optimum design podium was full, the client purchased the intellectual property rights for the Burgess/Stephens Ranger 77-F designs from Sparkman and Stephens and optimisation began on the_ Lionheart_ hull, rig and sail plan. The process started with recreating the 1937 lines to ensure that both port and starboard matched a common error in early, hand-drawn, pre-digital designs.

Continuing research soon showed that the designs with the buoyancy further forward were more effective; wind tunnel testing produced the sail plan geometry, and rudder angle calculations with the new VPP dictated the mast position.

The next phase in the design process was hull strength and construction. While the original J Class yachts were built in steel, the J Class Association (JCA) allows the modern, replica yachts to use aluminium a farsighted decision by the JCA, but one that raises issues of longitudinal stiffness in yachts possessing the enormous overhangs synonymous with the classic J Class profile.

To prevent the characteristic hogging, sagging and alarmingly slack standing rigging associated with an elastic, aluminium hull, Hoek and his team used a 3D finite element model (FEM) to explore load levels throughout the yacht, resulting in an exquisite, internal lattice of aluminium supports to keep Lionheart stiff, and hull panels of multiple thicknesses dependant on specific load stress areas.

While the overall hull design remained faithful to the original, 1930s J Class remit, one aspect of the replica hulls had to change. 'We are allowed to raise the freeboard by 10cm and make a bulwark of an extra 10cm above the level of the deck,' confirms Hoek. 'These are the only two changes you are allowed to make to the original lines.'

The reason the JCA introduced the rule change is simple: 'It has everything to do with the fact that the boats were never built to be equipped with vast interiors, generators, powered winches, galleys and electronics,' Hoek explains. 'There were hardly any interiors in these boats and they were purely built for racing.'

However, J Class purists who fear that the sanctity of the original class rule has been compromised with modern tampering should realise that the truth is somewhat different.

'Most people think that a J Class has an extremely low freeboard with long overhangs,' continues Hoek. 'Especially when you look at the original, surviving boats Ve lsheda, Shamrock V _and _Endeavour.'

In reality, the modern equipment on Velsheda and _Endeavour _has sunk both yachts by around 30cm below their 1930s waterline.

'None of the surviving Js fit the original Universal Rule now,' he adds.

The Universal Rule ensured that waterline length was no longer than 87 feet (26.51m). 'In some of them, the waterline length is now about 95 feet as they are so much lower in the water,' states Hoek.

Historically, the 26.51m waterline achieved by the Super J yachts was a fundamental advantage an area researched heavily by Vanderbilt.

'In 1936, they did a test with Rainbow and ballasted her down to precisely 26.51m,' recalls Hoek. Sinking the yacht below her natural 24.99m waterline delivered immediate results.

'She was faster than she was before due to the improved righting moment, but still did well in light airs,' he adds. 'The conclusion that a Rainbow -type boat at 26.51m waterline length would be high performance led to all the subsequent Ranger designs.'

The implications of this issue are twofold in terms of performance and aesthetics, for although modern photographs of the surviving yachts suggest that reduced freeboard is more in keeping with tradition, the replica Js with their stretched overall length in the overhangs to compensate for the increased freeboard, share an identical design DNA.

'So, technically, the freeboard of the new boats is higher,' explains Hoek, 'but they are actually closer to the original.'

Lionheart's immaculate hull has been built at the Bloemsma yard, a key player in the current J Class revival, which has also been responsible for the hulls of Atlantis and Rainbow . Lionheart's fitting out was done at Claasen Jachtbouw with a team of 20 craftsmen and specialist contractors working with extraordinary co-ordination in the yacht's slender hull.

Deeper into the boat at the turn of the bilge in an area that charter guests are unlikely to visit the engine room is a masterpiece of space management. Despite the sheer volume of engineering squeezed into such a confined space, it is possible to stand upright and move around without skinning elbows or slipping discs.

And while Claasen Jachtbouw is famous for its exquisite joinery work and attention to detail, technical installations are to very high quality levels as well. MCM from Newport, USA, acted as the owner's representative a team of specialists that have added considerable experience to the build team. Their vast technical and big boat racing experience has also contributed to the end result on board.

For Victor Weerens, the yacht's project manager at Claasen Jachtbouw, Lionheart has been an exceptional experience.

'It has been a great project for us with many challenges,' he admits. 'But the team here and our sub-contractors have met all the demands of building a modern J.'

After launching she was taken up river to Zaandam for the stepping of the clear-coat carbon mast and boom from Hall Spars with Future Fibres PBO rigging.

Bugsy Gedlek; Claasen Jachtbuow; Freddie Bloemsma Aluminiumbuow; and courtesy of Hoek Design

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Lionheart, JH1

Original lines: Burgess/Stephens / Modified lines: Hoek Design & Naval Architects

Image Credit:

Image Credit: 

lionheart yacht length

Lionheart is the first modern replica J Class to be built in aluminium and was launched in July 2010. The original owner who commissioned JH1 was a repeat client of Andre Hoek who had then simply sought to build the fastest J Class yet.

Hoek developed their own VPP (velocity prediction program) software to analyse all the existing J Class designs before CFD and traditional tank testing with 6 metre long models. Hoek identified the J Class Ranger as outstanding from a family of seven Burgess and Stephens designs which were originally submitted to Harold Vanderbilt in 1936, and it was this design that was used for Lionheart.

The design showed exceptional promise as a very good all-rounder, fast on all points of sail in light, medium and heavy winds. Designed at 43.4m she was to be the longest on the waterline at the time.

In terms of deck and rig hardware, Lionheart fully utilised modern superyacht and grand prix race yacht technology where appropriate, significantly moving forwards J Class construction and specification using the most powerful winches and hydraulic systems available to optimise sail handling and trimming, keep all up weight down and to deal with the high rig loads.

Lionheart is the first J Class to have adopted a double cockpit layout with a private owners’ cockpit and deckhouse aft of the wheel and, forward of the wheel, a large guest cockpit leading to the main companionway and deckhouse. This allows the working area of the boat to be separated from the guests, improves communications between the afterguard and allows more of the working crew to work inside a cockpit rather than on the deck.

True to that original promise, Lionheart has been the standout performer on the race course since she was launched. From 2014 when they won in Menorca, Palma and Sardinia until 2017 when she won the seven boat J Class Superyacht Regatta and the J Class America’s Cup in Bermuda, followed by the inaugural J Class World Championship in Newport RI.

Then under the guidance of tactician Bouwe Bekking, the Lionheart project evolved to the highest level thanks to their desire to improve as a team. Each regatta saw Lionheart make comprehensive daily briefings and debriefings, they optimised their performance package and trained hard as a team. And over the years the owner became one of the most accomplished, competitive helms in the fleet. Bekking retained key core crew from the Brunel round the world race programme he skippered.

Lionheart has cruised extensively since 2017 and was expected to return to the race course in 2023 before their plans were put on hold.

Length at waterline


upwind sail area

spinnaker sail area

lionheart yacht length

2013 Saint Barths Bucket

Lionheart 2nd

2013 Superyacht Cup Palma

2013 les voiles de saint-tropez.

Lionheart 3rd

2014 Menorca Maxi

Lionheart wins

2014 Superyacht Cup Palma

2014 maxi yacht rolex cup, 2015 j class falmouth regatta, 2015 rys bicentenary regatta cowes, 2016 maxi yacht rolex cup.

Lionheart wins on countback with Velsheda

2016 Les Voiles de Saint Tropez

2017 saint barths bucket, 2017 america’s cup superyacht regatta, bermuda, 2017 j class america’s cup regatta, 2017 j class world championships, newport.

lionheart yacht length

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Lionheart Charter Yacht


This Yacht is not for Charter*


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LIONHEART yacht NOT for charter*

31m  /  101'8 | norman r. wright & sons | 2009.

  • Previous Yacht

Special Features:

  • Interior design from Norman R. Wright & Sons
  • Shallow draft and fast speeds for reef exploration

The 31m/101'8" motor yacht 'Lionheart' was built by Norman R. Wright & Sons in Australia. Her interior is styled by Australian designer design house Norman R. Wright & Sons and she was completed in 2009. This luxury vessel's exterior design is the work of Norman R. Wright & Sons.

Range & Performance

Lionheart is built with a GRP hull and GRP superstructure. Powered by twin diesel Caterpillar (C-18) 884hp engines, she reaches a maximum speed of 16 knots. Her low draft of makes her primed for accessing shallow areas and cruising close to the shorelines.

Length 31m / 101'8
Beam 6.25m / 20'6
Draft -
Gross Tonnage 150 GT
Cruising Speed -
Builder Norman R. Wright & S
Model Custom
Exterior Designer Norman R. Wright & Sons
Interior Design Norman R. Wright & Sons

*Charter Lionheart Motor Yacht

Motor yacht Lionheart is currently not believed to be available for private Charter. To view similar yachts for charter , or contact your Yacht Charter Broker for information about renting a luxury charter yacht.

Lionheart Yacht Owner, Captain or marketing company

'Yacht Charter Fleet' is a free information service, if your yacht is available for charter please contact us with details and photos and we will update our records.

Lionheart Photos

NOTE to U.S. Customs & Border Protection


M/Y Lionheart

Length 31m / 101'8
Exterior Designer Norman R. Wright & Sons
Interior Design Norman R. Wright & Sons
Built | Refit 2009
Model Custom
Beam 6.25m / 20'6
Gross Tonnage 150 GT
Draft -
Cruising Speed -
Top Speed 16 Knots


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yacht Lionheart

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  • Yacht Lionheart

About Lionheart

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yacht Lionheart


Yard : Benetti
Type : Motor yacht
Length : 90 m / 295′4″
Year of build : 2016
Displacement : Full displacement
Maximum speed : 18 knots
Cruising speed : 16 knots
Decks : 4
Interior designer : Green & Mingarelli Design
Exterior designer : Stefano Natucci

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Custom Line Navetta 42

lionheart yacht length

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Motor Yacht

Lionheart is a custom motor yacht launched in 2006 by Benetti.

Over one century of history, more than 350 boats built including three giga yachts of 100mt and longer, over 300,000 sq m (3.229.173 sq.ft) of production facilities. These facts and figures unambiguously demonstrate the momentum of Benetti’s growth and Clients’ unrestrained confidence in the brand.

Lionheart measures 63.00 metres in length, with a max draft of 3.6 metres and a beam of 12.1 metres. She has a gross tonnage of 1,389 tonnes. She has a deck material of teak.

Lionheart has a steel hull with an aluminium superstructure.

Lionheart also features naval architecture by Benetti.

Performance and Capabilities

Lionheart has a top speed of 16.00 knots and a cruising speed of 14.00 knots. She is powered by a twin screw propulsion system.


Lionheart accommodates up to 12 guests in 6 cabins.

Other Specifications

Lionheart is MCA compliant, her hull NB is FB233.

Lionheart is a LR class yacht. She flies the flag of the UK.

  • Yacht Builder Benetti View profile
  • Naval Architect Benetti View profile
  • Exterior Designer Stefano Natucci No profile available
  • Interior Designer Stefano Natucci No profile available

Yacht Specs

Other benetti yachts, related news.

Yacht, IMO 9598658

  • VesselFinder
  • Miscellaneous

The current position of LIONHEART is at West Mediterranean reported 1 min ago by AIS. The vessel LIONHEART (IMO 9598658, MMSI 244770782) is a Yacht built in 2010 (14 years old) and currently sailing under the flag of Netherlands .


Position & Voyage Data

Predicted ETA-
Distance / Time-
Course / Speed 
Current draught4.8 m
Navigation Status Moored
Position received
IMO / MMSI9598658 / 244770782
Length / Beam44 / 6 m

Map position & Weather

Recent port calls, vessel particulars.

IMO number9598658
Ship typeYacht
Gross Tonnage121
Summer Deadweight (t)150
Length Overall (m)43
Beam (m)7
Draught (m)
Year of Build2010
Place of Build
Crude Oil (bbl)-
Gas (m3)-
Classification Society
Registered Owner
Owner Address
Owner Website-
Owner Email-
Manager Address
Manager Website
Manager Email

LIONHEART current position and history of port calls are received by AIS. Technical specifications, tonnages and management details are derived from VesselFinder database. The data is for informational purposes only and VesselFinder is not responsible for the accuracy and reliability of LIONHEART data.


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    lionheart yacht length

  6. 90meter LIONHEART YACHT from BENETTI 2016 in MONTE CARLO @archiesvlogmc

    lionheart yacht length


  1. Super Yacht M/Y Lionheart in Monaco Port.. #monaco #billionaire #superyacht #yacht


  1. LIONHEART Yacht • Philip Green $150M Superyacht

    The Lionheart yacht, built by Benetti Yachts, is owned by billionaire Philip Green. ... with sizes ranging from 34 to over 100 meters in length. They are known for their high-quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and use of advanced technology. Notable projects include James Packer's yacht IJE, Luminosity, and Lionheart.

  2. Lionheart Superyacht

    Lionheart Type. Motor Model. Custom Sub Type - Year. 2016 Flag - ... Benetti. Exterior Designer. Benetti. Interior Designer. Green & Mingarelli Design. Dimensions Length Overall. 90.0m Length at Waterline - Beam - Draft (min) - Draft (max) - Gross Tonnage - ... Yacht Builder Benetti View profile . Naval Architect Benetti

  3. Lionheart (yacht)

    2016 - Lionheart Lionheart in Monaco in 2017. The current 90-metre (300 ft) yacht is the third commissioned by Philip Green to be built by Benetti Yachts (project FB262). ... Custom designed and engineered by Stefano Natucci (its length below 65.0 metres (213.3 ft) ...

  4. LIONHEART yacht (Benetti, 90m, 2016)

    LENGTH. 90 m. TOP SPEED. 18 kn. GT. 2990. DELIVERED. 2016. BEAM. 14.4 m. Formerly known as Hull FB262, superyacht Lionheart was launched by Benetti in 2016 as the Italian yard's new flagship. Key features on board Lionheart include private balconies on the main deck. ... LIONHEART is a 90.0 m Motor Yacht, built in Italy by Benetti and ...

  5. LIONHEART Yacht

    LIONHEART yacht is a 90-metre (295 ft) motor yacht built by Benetti in Italy. She was delivered in July of 2016 to the current owner who recently sold his brands Topshop and Selfridges, gaining him a net worth of US $2.4 billion. LIONHEART features a sleek and modern design with space for up to 12 guests and 30 crew members.

  6. LIONHEART yacht (Claasen, 43.4m, 2010)

    LENGTH. 43.4 m. TOP SPEED. 11.5 kn. GT. 121. CREW. 8. DELIVERED. 2010. BEAM. 6.55 m. GUESTS. 8. LIONHEART, a 43.4 m Sail Yacht built in Netherlands and delivered in 2010, is the flagship of Claasen. ... She is one of 137 sailing yachts in the 40-45m size range. LIONHEART is currently sailing under the Netherlands flag (along with a total of ...

  7. 90.0m Lionheart Superyacht

    Length 90.0m. Year2016. Lionheart. 2016. |. Motor Yacht. Lionheart is a custom motor yacht launched in 2016 by Benetti in Livorno, Italy. Over one century of history, more than 350 boats built including three giga yachts of 100mt and longer, over 300,000 sq m (3.229.173 sq.ft) of production facilities. These facts and figures unambiguously ...

  8. Benetti Lionheart Superyacht: Features, Photos & Specifications

    Explore the features of the amazing superyacht Benetti Lionheart! Interior and exterior photos, performance specs and more on itBoat. ... Length. 90 m. GRT. 2990 reg. tons. Built. 2016. Length. 90 m. ... the public was asking the authorities to find out how much money they had spent on the mega-yacht. By the way, by that time he already had ...

  9. Claasen Shipyards Lionheart Superyacht: Features, Photos ...

    Length. 43.4 m. GRT. 121 reg. tons. Built. 2010. Length. 43.4 m. GRT. ... Lionheart was the first J-Class yacht to receive a two superstructure deck layout. Unlike some of her other class sisters, she received a very simple interior, as the owner is confident she will spend 90% of her time upstairs. Characteristics of the superyacht Lionheart.

  10. Lionheart Superyacht

    Click to view the full table of specifications for Lionheart superyacht, including accommodation, performance, equipment and amenities. ... We don't have any additional photos of this yacht. Do you? Send Media . Fleet Search Lionheart Specifications. Overview Name. ... Length Overall. 63.0m Length at Waterline - Beam. 12.1m Draft (min) -

  11. LIONHEART Yacht (ex. FB262)

    The 90m/295'3" motor yacht 'Lionheart' was built by Benetti in Italy at their Livorno shipyard. Her interior is styled by design house Green & Mingarelli Design and she was delivered to her owner in July 2016. This luxury vessel's exterior design is the work of Stefano Natucci.

  12. Lionheart Yacht

    Lionheart is a motor yacht with an overall length of m. The yacht's builder is Benetti SpA from Italy, who launched Lionheart in 2016. The superyacht has a beam of m, a draught of m and a volume of . GT.. Lionheart features exterior design by Benetti SpA and interior design by Green & Mingarelli Design. Lionheart has a steel hull and an aluminium superstructure. She is powered by 2 Caterpillar ...

  13. LIONHEART Yacht

    LIONHEART is a 43m luxury sail super yacht built in 2010, refitted in 2020 by Claasen Shipyards. View similar yachts for Charter around the world ... Length: 43.4m / 142'5: Beam: 6.55m / 21'6: Draft: 4.6m / 15'1: Gross Tonnage: 121 GT Cruising Speed - Built: 2010 | 2020 (Refitted) Builder: Claasen ...

  14. Lionheart, the new J-Class Yacht

    The owner then informed Hoek he'd like to build a new yacht based on that design. Warm, teak paneling lines the bulkheads, and nothing is fussy or overstuffed. Measuring 43.4 meters (142 feet), Lionheart is the longest J Class in existence. She also has astounding 17-meter (56-foot) overhangs. She's built entirely of aluminum, something the ...

  15. The new J Class sailing yacht Lionheart

    The Universal Rule ensured that waterline length was no longer than 87 feet (26.51m). 'In some of them, the waterline length is now about 95 feet as they are so much lower in the water,' states Hoek. Historically, the 26.51m waterline achieved by the Super J yachts was a fundamental advantage an area researched heavily by Vanderbilt.

  16. Yacht Lionheart • Benetti • 2016 • Photos & Video

    Photos and videos of the Benetti yacht Lionheart. Her owner is Sir Phillip Green. Facebook; Mail; ... Yacht » Lionheart » Photos. Yacht Lionheart Photos & Video. Yacht Owner Photos Location For Sale & Charter News. Name: Lionheart: Length: 90 m (295 ft) Builder: Benetti: Year: 2016: Price: US$ 150 million ... The allure of luxury yachts and ...

  17. Lionheart Superyacht

    We don't have any additional photos of this yacht. ... Fleet Search Lionheart Specifications. Overview Name. Lionheart Type. Sail Model. Custom Sub Type - Year. ... Hoek Design Naval Architects . Interior Designer. Hoek Design Naval Architects . Dimensions Length Overall. 43.4m Length at Waterline. 26.5m Beam. 6.5m Draft (min) - Draft (max)

  18. Lionheart, JH1

    Length. 43.39 metres. Length at waterline. 27.46 metres. beam. 6.57 metres. displacement. 180.9 tonnes. upwind sail area. 954.2 sq metres. ... 2016 Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup. Lionheart wins on countback with Velsheda. 2016 Les Voiles de Saint Tropez . Lionheart 2nd. 2017 Saint Barths Bucket . Lionheart 3rd.

  19. LIONHEART Yacht

    LIONHEART is a 31m luxury motor super yacht built in 2009 by Norman R. Wright & Sons. View similar yachts for Charter around the world. ... Length: 31m / 101'8: Beam: 6.25m / 20'6: Draft - Gross Tonnage: 150 GT Cruising Speed - ...

  20. Motor yacht Lionheart

    Lionheart is a 90 m motor yacht. The motor yacht can accommodate guests in cabins with an interior design by Green & Mingarelli Design and an exterior design by Stefano Natucci. Lionheart is a 90 m / 295′4″ luxury motor yacht. She was built by Benetti in 2016. ... Length. 90 m Year. 2016 ...

  21. LIONHEART, Yacht

    Vessel LIONHEART (IMO 1012323, MMSI 249613000) is a Yacht built in 2016 and currently sailing under the flag of Malta. ... Free. News. Mobile Apps Route Planner Fleet Explorer Embed map Become AIS Partner. LIONHEART Yacht, IMO 1012323. VesselFinder. Vessels. Miscellaneous . LIONHEART. ... Length / Beam: 90 / 16 m: Monaco, Monaco. ATA: Jun 7, 15 ...

  22. 63.0m Lionheart Superyacht

    Lionheart is a custom motor yacht launched in 2006 by Benetti. Over one century of history, more than 350 boats built including three giga yachts of 100mt and longer, over 300,000 sq m (3.229.173 sq.ft) of production facilities. ... Lionheart measures 63.00 metres in length, with a max draft of 3.6 metres and a beam of 12.1 metres. She has a ...

  23. LIONHEART, Yacht

    Yacht, IMO 9598658. The current position of LIONHEART is at West Mediterranean reported 5 mins ago by AIS. The vessel arrived at the port of Napoli, Italy on Jul 1, 13:39 UTC. The vessel LIONHEART (IMO: 9598658, MMSI 244770782) is a Yacht built in 2010 (13 years old) and currently sailing under the flag of Netherlands .