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    netjets for yachts

  2. NetJets

    netjets for yachts


    netjets for yachts

  4. NetJets

    netjets for yachts

  5. NetJets adds superyacht to 2020 Super Bowl LIV luxury package

    netjets for yachts

  6. NetJets Announces $5bn Jet Order with Embraer

    netjets for yachts


  1. The Most Challenging Career in Aviation

  2. NetJets Charter Flight: SFO


  4. NetJets (N375QS)

  5. €1.395M Long Range LIVEABOARD Explorer Yacht For Sale!

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  1. Northrop & Johnson Yachts

    Call Us. +1.877.356.5823. Call today for a personal consultation with one of our private aviation experts. +1.877.356.5823. Call today for a personal consultation with one of our private aviation experts. +1.877.356.58234151 Bridgeway Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43219. Other NetJets Companies. Executive Jet ManagementQS Partners.

  2. Luxury Yachts & Private Jets

    Luxury Yachts & Private Jets - a Premier Partnership Between N&J and NetJets. Posted February 11, 2022 in Aviation by Janine St.Denis With a shared focus on making travel effortless, luxurious, and memorable, the milestone partnership between Northrop & Johnson and NetJets offers elevated travel experiences at sea, in the sky, and every moment ...

  3. Tech Billionaire Launches 'NetJet for Yachts' With Fleet Miami

    Buy a seven-day charter through the Florida Keys for $70,000-$280,000, depending on yacht selection. In a post on his personal Facebook page, owner/founder Saylor made light of his new venture, writing "think of it as NetJets for yachts, albeit more exclusive and less ambitious.". Nice one. We're excited to see where this new company ...

  4. Northrop & Johnson Yachts

    Like NetJets, a reputation for excellence sets Northrop & Johnson apart. Heighten your next luxury travel experience through our yachting partnership.

  5. Northrop & Johnson and Netjets Extend the Luxury Travel Experience From

    Northrop & Johnson, the world's foremost authority on luxury yachts, and NetJets, the global leader in private aviation for more than 50 years, announce a new partnership to provide clients with a superior travel experience.. With a shared focus on delivering exceptional service, both Northrop & Johnson and NetJets can offer exclusive benefits through their partnership, allowing both brands ...

  6. NetJets Strategic Partner

    The NetJets Advantage. With more than 50 years of industry-leading experience, NetJets began as the first private jet charter management company in 1964 and revolutionized private air travel with the concept of shared ownership in 1986. The exclusive brand now owns and operates the largest, most diverse fleet in the skies, offering personalized ...

  7. NetJets signs yacht charter partnership with Northrop & Johnson

    Yacht rentals range from under $100,000 to over $900,000 a week. On its website, the company lists yachts for charter with weekly rates starting under $100,000 and ranging up to over $900,000. In terms of yachts for sale, 280-feet long Sunrays can be had for an asking price of $142 million, although there are also yachts priced under $10 million.

  8. NetJets Owner Concierge

    As a NetJets Owner, you'll enjoy exclusive benefits when you charter a yacht through Northrop & Johnson. We are excited to help you learn more about yacht charter and assist you in planning your exceptional holiday on the water. Yacht Charter Information Request. Complete the form below and one of our charter experts will be in touch soon.

  9. NetJets: Elevate Your Private Aviation Experience

    NetJets, initially known as Executive Jet Aviation, was founded in 1964 by a group of former Air Force officers with the goal of providing premium private jet services. In 1986, Richard Santulli, a former Goldman Sachs executive, took the helm and introduced the concept of fractional jet ownership. This innovative approach allowed clients to ...

  10. MYS 2021: NetJets on the Surge in Private Travel

    Joined by Carsten Michaelis, Executive Director of Sales & Marketing, we discuss the noticeable surge in demand for private travel following COVID-19, future-proofing post-pandemic, and a business model distinguished by a unique appeal to UHNW's.

  11. How Much Does NetJets Cost?

    Ultimately, the cost of NetJets will depend on which program you choose, with the minimum price being around $6,500 per flying hour. If you need up to 50 hours of private jet transport per year, the membership card will be the most cost-effective choice; if your time in the air will exceed 50 hours, NetJets Share or Lease programs will be more ...

  12. Fly with Confidence with NetJets

    To ensure its customers are flying on the best aircraft in the sky, NetJets is actively acquiring 175+ new jets through a multibillion-dollar, multiyear investment. Add to that its exceptional safety standards, decades of expertise, and commitment to service, and you can rest easy knowing that you—and your investment—are secure with NetJets ...

  13. Northrop & Johnson And NetJets Extend The Luxury Travel Experience From

    FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Northrop & Johnson, the world's foremost authority on luxury yachts and NetJets, the global leader in private aviation for more than 50 years ...

  14. How to buy a yacht by just buying part of it: Superyacht ...

    Yes, but: Chartering a yacht for a week can run up a tab of a MIL or more. A few years ago they started working with a client who had a fleet of yachts that sat empty for most of the year. It clicked: They set out to build the NetJets of megayachting. The Victorious' "ocean lounge." Photo courtesy of AKYACHT.

  15. NetJets Announces $5bn Jet Order with Embraer

    NetJets has moved to consolidate its position as the world's biggest private jet operator with a multi-billion dollar deal for up to 250 Praetor 500 midsize jets from Brazilian manufacturer Embraer. The Praetor 500 is one of the industry's leading models, traveling further (3,340 nm) and faster (Mach 0.83) than any other midsize jet.

  16. Yachting Events & Regattas

    Thank you for submitting your enquiry with NetJets Europe, one of our consultants will be in touch with you shortly. Call Us + 44 207 361 9620. Call today for a personal consultation with one of our private aviation experts + 44 207 361 9620.

  17. NetJets Announces New Jet Leasing Option

    NetJets have announced that the company is once again welcoming new owners with a new NetJets leasing option purposely constructed for travelers who fly 25 hours or more per year.With a new capacity to sell their services more broadly, the NetJets 25-Hour Lease is now available to wider audiences. The company, which is a global leader in private aviation, had paused sales to prioritize ...

  18. N&J Clients Fly in Style with NetJets

    Just as a yacht-based holiday provides a safe sanctuary and affords owners and guests a worry-free experience, so too does private air travel with NetJets. From the busiest travel hubs to the shorter runways in the world's most exclusive destinations , Northrop & Johnson's strategic partner NetJets will get you there.

  19. MicroStrategy chief Michael Saylor launches luxury yacht charter

    "Think of it as NetJets for yachts, albeit more exclusive and less ambitious." Memberships start at $250,000 for 250 credits and go up to $1 million for 1,000 credits, according to the Fleet ...

  20. NetJets For Yachts

    NetJets For Yachts. Villiers Jets is a costs personal jet charter firm that supplies top-notch service and competitive rates. Its comprehensive international network consists of thousands of exclusive aircraft, permitting travelers to access the excellent one for their needs and choices. In addition, its private VIP terminals use a smooth check ...

  21. Yacht Charter Guide

    The charter rate generally only covers the hire of the yacht and the crew and the owner's insurance. Everything else is extra, including provisions and fuel. To cover expenses, an Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) is collected upfront and forwarded to the captain who is accountable for expenditures. The captain will present a detailed ...

  22. NetJets and Textron Aviation Agree Record-breaking Fleet Deal

    Textron Aviation and NetJets have announced a record-breaking agreement which will see NetJets purchase up to 1,500 additional Cessna Citation business jets over the next 15 years. This agreement, which is an extension of NetJets' existing fleet agreement, allows NetJets the opportunity to expand its fleet with aircrafts Cessna Citation Ascend, Citation Latitude, and Citation Longitude aircraft.

  23. Full Service Global Yacht Brokerage

    The N&J Difference. Since 1949, Northrop & Johnson has remained the authority on yachting and is recognized as the leading global yacht brokerage offering 360-degree yachting services in the purchase, sale, management, construction and charter of superyachts and luxury boats over 98′ (30m). We are devoted to delivering extraordinary services ...