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Harriott II Riverboat Cruise

Harriott II Riverboat Cruise

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255 Commerce Street Montgomery , AL 36104

Harriott II River Cruise

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335 Coosa St

Montgomery, AL 36104

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Photo of Lekeshia M.

My family and I had an AWESOME time!!!!!!! It exceeded our expectations and we will definitely take a few more rides on the river. The Wild Cat Band kept me on my feet the entire time. They know how to perform and entertain the audience. The staff was attentive to our needs and the alcoholic beverages were nice!!! This is a beautiful and relaxing way to spend a nice evening

riverboat ride montgomery al

We were recommended to come here by a fellow native, seemed like a nice date night recommendation, so we tried it. We must have went on a pretty slow night Friday. We got tickets to the third deck, which was not crowded at all. (A plus for us it was chill+ view + and seat selection was available) There was live entertainment & the band was great + also a cash bar. Our waiter/server, definitely made sure we're good. The music keep us in a nice vibe.. One Star taken for the food it mediocre nothing spectacular a basic burger. Came with a drink and chips the value was there, but maybe the sit dinner food quality was better? We didn't select that price point.. & one star taken for the bathroom That was the worst part. The bathrooms were not what I expected, I wish they could renovate and give it a little more room think of a porter potty size and even more tiny & confined space than that! I suggest bug spray and a deck of cards to keep busy.. didn't see any animals or fish at all I thought we would encounter some, either way it was very relaxing to enjoy the afternoon outside on the Harriott ll.. Fun crowd, live music, views $30 per ticket wasn't bad for a 2 hr plus ride so I'd recommend!

riverboat ride montgomery al

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Photo of Janet K.

Birthday celebration that was planned 9 months prior to the brawl. It was like meeting a celebrity when the co-captain greeted us. Unfortunately the food on Saturdays leave one disappointing. Just precooked burgers (juicy, warm but lacking seasonings, bag of chips. Still it was a great & different way to celebrate a friend's birthday! The DJ, (DJ TRIPE AAA) was entertaining. The boat is clean and in outstanding shape. There were several parties from Bham and they all were just prepared properly and went off without a hitch. A bunch of complete strangers just having a good time, eating, drinking, enjoying watching the sights and chatting on Harriet2!

Photo of Marces H.

Horrible horrible how you ppl treat your employees. I would not recommend this place. Too bad I had to give u a star just to post a review other than that it would've gotten a star at all. Please people do not waste your money

Photo of Ashley W.

The Harriott II has always been a special and unique venue. It is always been a family and one dear to my heart. Everyone from Captain to deckhand, bartenders, servers, managers, ticket sells, any part of the crew. It is not a job for the faint of heart. Everyone that is there is there because they want to be. It's not because the hours are the best. Or you always know your schedule. Each crew-member takes pride in their job, and being a part of the Harriott II! I truly believe if you can make it on that boat, you can make it anywhere. Hospitality is at center everything they do and they go above and beyond to make sure each passenger has a great time and if something does come up, they do their best to make it right. The entertainers that come to play they don't pick this venue because it's the easiest to load in/out of . There's times cruises are canceled last minute because of the weather or water conditions or change in reservations. The camaraderie and mutual respect that has been cultivated throughout the staff is inspiring. Yes, it's a business and each person has a job to do, but at the end of the day the relationships go much deeper. I've had the privilege to be a guest on multiple occasions, celebrated birthdays, a singer & entertainer at times, stepped in to be an extra set of hands and serve when needed. (Those galley stairs are no joke!) This boat is special not just because my aunt Lainey is one of the managers & Captain Jim is my uncle. It's more than that. When I first moved back to Alabama in 2013, after my late husband died; This boat and all the crew were a part of my healing. It was a safe place, a place to leave all your cares on the dock, even if it's for two hours at a time. When I slowly started dating again, they had to pass the Riverboat test. if they can survive the whole crew & bands maybe they can hang . I have since remarried and Captain Jim officiated our wedding It's been a place safe to bring my children. When they were going through a loss no child should experience at such tender ages, Each person became another dad, another Uncle, a big brother, big sister, an auntie. They made time to put a smile on their faces. The Riverboat and crew helped raise my baby girls(that are not so little anymore )and each of them have gotten to work and learn something new each time they are there. I've always loved how culturally diverse the Harriott II has been and that's always how I wanted to raise my daughters. You see all ages, races, genders, etc. are there on the same boat just to have a good time. Getting to see Montgomery in a different light and get to see the beautiful scenery and sunsets and throw in 3 different decks of entertainment--you feel like you've been transported to Savannah or New Orleans. Seeing firsthand how it's evolved and grown and been transformed over the years has been really special. I've been there and helped the crew getting ready for one of the holidays or themed cruises, and so much heart goes into the riverboat and creating the special space for each public and private event. So when the internet blew up & I was seeing texts and calls and videos, these weren't some strangers-- this hit us close to home!

riverboat ride montgomery al

This little river cruise was a pleasant experience. You cruise around the river at a slow pace and just enjoy the scenery and fresh air. There are 3 levels. The top level is open so you have an awesome view of the river and downtown Montgomery. They offer lunch and dinner cruises. They have special event cruises that sometimes include live music and/or a DJ. There's even a party cruise on late nights on the weekends. Harriott offers cruises for all occasions and all audiences. I was there this time on an elementary school field trip. It was one of our many stops on a tour of historic downtown Montgomery. The kids loved it!

riverboat ride montgomery al

See all photos from Zuri C. for Harriott II River Cruise

Photo of Erica P.

This was awesome! This was my birthday gift from my wife this weekend (birthday today! ) Being out there on the water, the lighting, the atmosphere, the great meal, it was an amazing time. This was my first time on a boat and definitely my first dinner cruise! She surprised with the whole trip. We went on the Christmas edition, with Santa and Christmas music. Our dinner was filet minion and crab cake. Which both of our steaks were cooked perfectly! My only suggestion would be the music possibly. To have a little something more contemporary. We will definitely be back when it is warm! We love it!

Photo of Gabe P.

The Friday night dinner cruise seem like a good idea BUT not so much . First off, there was no A/c on the boat nor were the lights working. I don't recall signing up for a candle light dinner! $45 for cold pork loin , mash potatoes were decent and the green beans were straight out of the can . The drink menu (cash bar) could have had better selections . No craft beers and a very low end wine menu-- I can be a snob when it comes to beverages but I think this is a fair assessment. There was live entertainment which was decent but would have been better if he wasn't screaming in the mic! I think the biggest "no" for me were the spiders that literally were all over outside of the boat on the deck as well as ppl smoking cigarettes. I really had high expectations for this dinner cruise but it failed the test.

Photo of Madelyn A.

SOMETHING WAS DEFINITELY MISSING! We took the cruise but opted not to have dinner. Let's be clear, I would never consider a dinner cruise unless I am doing the cooking. Also, I don't enjoy tightly closed and crowded quarters with loud music so being on the perimeter of the boat was perfect. It was a nice relaxing time and a great way to end our stay in Montgomery. It was a perfect night with cool breezes and a beautiful sunset. However two hours was too long for this particular cruise. There was no wildlife to be seen and not a lot of sites to see along the route. It would have been perfect had I been on a chaise with a head set truly relaxing and tuning everything out. After an hour of cruising with no planned activity or agenda, I was ready to jump ship. I would much rather have a history cruise that could hold my interest. At the very least, they should consider setting up tables with board games so that there are some on-going activities. However, this would likely compromise the number of people they could fit on the ship and would not be cost-effective for them. If you are going to be on the perimeter of the boat, I suggest that you bring something to occupy your time, (travel games, or something fun and interactive). This would be the perfect activity to pair with spades and Uno, or maybe some people just prefer their "chill" time. Although It was nice meeting other couples, I simply needed more. Oh well, now I know! **** You will want to arrive at least 45 minutes prior to boarding because people will get there early and the line will be very long. *****Once you get on the boat grab a seat first, you can go and purchase food later. If you don't snag a seat, you may be standing up the entire time. ****You may have your picture taken if you wish. You will pick it up after the cruise. ****Bring a headset just in case you want to chill with your phone. ****If you are not coming with a large group, you may consider a small travel game or deck of cards to occupy some of your time.

riverboat ride montgomery al

See all photos from Madelyn A. for Harriott II River Cruise

Photo of Michaela S.

If I could leave a zero star I would this is the worst place I've ever been to in my life I highly recommend that no one pays their money to go because it's not gonna be what you think!

6 other reviews that are not currently recommended

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The City of Montgomery, AL

The City of Montgomery, AL

By Madelyn A.

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Harriot II Riverboat (Montgomery) Travel Guide

[email protected]

August 6, 2023

Harriot II Riverboat (Montgomery) Travel Guide

Amidst Montgomery’s rich tapestry of history and culture, the Harriott II Riverboat stands as a proud reminder of the city’s ties to the Alabama River.

Whether you’re a Montgomery native or a tourist eager to experience Southern hospitality at its finest, a cruise on the Harriott II is an experience you won’t want to miss. This guide delves into the magic of the Harriott II, offering insights and tips for a memorable voyage.

  • Introduction to the Harriott II Riverboat

The Harriott II Riverboat, anchored at Montgomery’s Riverfront Park, is a majestic 19th-century riverboat replica. With its gleaming white facade, grand paddlewheel, and red accents, it’s a nostalgic throwback to the days when steamboats ruled the rivers.

  • A Glimpse into History

While the Harriott II itself is a modern construction, Montgomery has a longstanding riverboat history. The original Harriott, for which Harriott II is named, operated in the 1820s, transporting cotton, goods, and passengers along the Alabama River. Today’s riverboat is a tribute to this storied past, ensuring that Montgomery’s riverboat legacy continues to thrive.

  • Cruising Options

The Harriott II offers a range of cruising experiences tailored to different tastes:

a. Scenic Cruises: Perfect for those looking to relax and enjoy the Alabama River’s tranquil beauty. These cruises often come with insightful narrations about Montgomery’s history and its relationship with the river.

b. Dinner Cruises: A gourmet experience, these cruises feature a delicious spread of Southern dishes, live music, and dancing.

c. Themed Nights: From jazz nights to blues cruises, the Harriott II frequently hosts themed evenings, allowing guests to immerse themselves in rich musical traditions.

d. Private Charters: For special occasions, the riverboat can be privately chartered, offering a personalized experience for guests.

  • Amenities Onboard

Spread over three levels, the Harriott II boasts a range of amenities:

a. The Saloon Deck: Featuring a full-service bar, concessions, and restrooms.

b. The Jubilee Deck: This is where you’ll find the dance floor, band stage, and another full-service bar.

c. The Patriot Deck: Perfect for taking in panoramic river views, it offers open-air seating and a bird’s-eye view of the paddlewheel in action.

  • What to Expect Onboard

A cruise on the Harriott II is more than just a ride; it’s an experience. Guests can expect:

a. Engaging Entertainment: From live bands to DJs, there’s always something to keep guests entertained.

b. Delicious Southern Cuisine: Depending on the cruise, guests might enjoy a buffet dinner, snacks, or themed meals.

c. A Friendly Crew: Known for their Southern hospitality, the crew is always on hand to ensure guests have a memorable experience.

  • Tips for Travelers

a. Reservations: Popular cruises, especially themed or dinner cruises, can fill up quickly. It’s advisable to book in advance.

b. Attire: While daytime cruises are generally casual, evening cruises, especially those with dinner and dancing, might have a dressier code.

c. Weather: Given the Patriot Deck’s open nature, it’s a good idea to check the weather forecast and dress accordingly.

  • Nearby Attractions

The Harriott II docks at Riverfront Park, making it easy for guests to explore surrounding attractions:

a. Riverwalk: A scenic trail ideal for walking or jogging with picturesque views of the Alabama River.

b. Montgomery Biscuits Baseball: If you’re lucky, you might catch a game at the nearby Riverwalk Stadium.

c. Amphitheater: Located right in Riverfront Park, the amphitheater hosts a range of concerts, festivals, and events throughout the year.

  • Reviews and Testimonials

Guests frequently highlight the Harriott II’s romantic ambiance, making it a popular choice for anniversaries and date nights. The combination of southern food, soulful music, and the gentle sway of the riverboat creates a magical experience cherished by many.

  • Accessibility and Facilities

The Harriott II is equipped to accommodate guests with disabilities. However, it’s always a good idea to check in advance regarding specific needs.

Montgomery’s Harriott II Riverboat is more than just a mode of transportation; it’s a voyage through time. It’s an ode to the bygone era of grand riverboats, of sultry Southern nights filled with music, laughter, and the gentle murmur of the Alabama River. Whether you’re a history buff, a music enthusiast, or someone simply seeking a unique experience, the Harriott II promises a journey you’ll cherish long after you’ve disembarked.

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riverboat ride montgomery al

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riverboat ride montgomery al

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This Riverboat Will Take You Down One Of Alabama's Most Scenic Rivers

riverboat ride montgomery al

Jennifer Young

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From lakes and rivers, to mountains and valleys, Alabama is no stranger when it comes to natural beauty. Speaking of rivers, Alabama has more than 77,000 miles of rivers and streams, and these rivers and streams are also among the world’s most biologically diverse waterways. There’s no better way to experience the beauty of Alabama’s rivers than by taking a scenic riverboat cruise.

riverboat ride montgomery al

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riverboat ride montgomery al

For more information on the Harriott II Riverboat, including its “2016 Cruise Schedule,” click here . Keep in mind, the dinner cruises sell out quickly, so you’ll need to act fast.

Here are a couple of October events you might be interested in:

October 15, 2016 – Winefest Cruise Cost: $25 per adult / $10 with purchase of Winefest ticket only Board time: 5pm Cruise time: 5:30-7:30pm Includes: Live entertainment, a cash bar, concessions and a commemorative glass to take home.

October 29, 2016 – The Haunting on the Harriott Cost: $25 per adult (21 and over ONLY) Board time: 8pm Cruise time: 8:30-10:30pm Includes: Live entertainment, a cash bar and costume contest with lots of great prizes.

Address: Harriott II Riverboat (Riverfront Park) 255 Commerce St Montgomery, AL 36104

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Full Video: Viewer records as Montgomery riverfront brawl begins

Montgomery County Sheriff urging people to reach out to law enforcement if they know anything...

Montgomery sheriff reacts to Eastdale Mall shooting

First Alert: Mainly dry today, but storms return for Monday

First Alert: Mainly dry today, but storms return for Monday

The shots were fired near the movie theater and barbershop.

Multiple shots fired at Eastdale Mall

More than two-thousand handmade, ceramic poppies are display to honor members of the U.S....

Alabama Poppy Project returns to Prattville

2,000 Boston butts sold in Amy Dicks fundraiser

2,000 Boston butts sold in Amy Dicks fundraiser

Montgomery Symphony Orchestra performs Jubilee Pops Concert

Montgomery Symphony Orchestra performs Jubilee Pops Concert

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riverboat ride montgomery al

1. Harriot II Riverboat


2. Sip-n-Cycle Pedal Cruise


3. Adventure Sports II

Montgomery Riverfront Park

Montgomery Riverfront Park

Anchored by the Amphitheatre, the Harriott II Riverboat, and the historic Union Station Train Shed, Riverfront Park is an entertainment destination on the banks of the Alabama River. Riverboat rides, events, and concerts make this park a fun and exciting place for people of all ages.

riverboat ride montgomery al

Getting There

  • 355 Commerce Street
  • Montgomery, AL 36104

Where to Stay

Homewood suites by hilton-eastchase, red roof inn midtown montgomery, comfort suites airport south, homewood suites by hilton montgomery, magnolia inn & suites, quality inn montgomery south, home inn & suites montgomery, travelodge by wyndham montgomery east, towneplace suites by marriott montgomery eastchase, hilton garden inn -- montgomery east, upcoming events, zelda in the backyard (world premiere), rosa parks museum juneteenth celebration, father's day cruise, town of pike road summerfest 2024, joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat, capital city shape note singing, may birthday cruise, montgomery travel exhibit, glow party cruises, where to eat, brenda's bar-b-q pit, the deli at alley station, island delight caribbean restaurant at dexter, frutta bowls, peyton’s place, lek's taste of thailand, jan's beach house grill, pjr's fish & bbq, el taco shop, the cork & cleaver, find your alabama sweet spot.

Find the sweetest Alabama vacation spot perfectly suited just for you. Customize your next Alabama vacation by the type of experience you are looking for, then filter by the region of Alabama you want to visit. Don't know what your Alabama destination should be? Let our interactive location map be your guide. Now, where is your next Alabama Sweet Spot?

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riverboat ride montgomery al

  • Anniston/Gadsden

What is the Harriott II, riverboat involved in Montgomery riverfront brawl?

  • Updated: Aug. 13, 2023, 1:54 p.m. |
  • Published: Aug. 11, 2023, 5:00 a.m.

Harriott II

The Harriott II riverboat sits docked in Montgomery, Ala., on Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2023. A riverfront brawl occurred on Aug. 5 when a crew member was punched for trying to move a pontoon boat that was blocking the riverboat from docking. (AP Photo/Kim Chandler)

The Harriott II riverboat has been in the news lately, figuring into the infamous riverfront brawl in Montgomery that happened on Saturday, Aug. 5, and quickly captured national attention via viral videos.

The videos showed a Black riverboat co-captain attacked by a group of white people as other Black people rushed to his defense. As of Friday morning, Aug. 12, four people had been charged with assault in connection to the large fight, and another was being sought for questioning in connection with the incident.

The melee was ignited, police said, when the Harriott II, which had been out on the Alabama River for a dinner cruise, was trying to dock in a spot that had been designated and reserved for the riverboat. A private pontoon boat was docked too close to the spot, and the captain used a public address system to try to find the pontoon’s occupants and get them to move it.

The Harriott’s co-captain, Damien Pickett, was taken by a smaller boat to the dock to try to address the situation. That’s when a confrontation ensued between Pickett and some of the pontoon boat occupants.

READ: Montgomery riverboat crew says they were attacked by drunk people yelling n word, records state

“The co-captain was doing his job,” Montgomery Police Chief Darryl Albert told CNN . “He was simply trying to move the boat in just enough to where the cruise ship could park safely in its identified location. However, it quickly escalated.”

Police responded to break up the fight, and 13 people were detained and questioned for several hours Saturday, officials said. Meanwhile, videos taken by bystanders during the brawl were posted on social media, causing a national sensation. An investigation is ongoing, police said.

READ: Montgomery Riverfront Park brawl: 2 defendants jailed on assault charges

The Harriott II, a familiar sight on the river, might have been taken for granted by folks in Montgomery in the past, but no longer. Recent comments on the Harriott’s Facebook page , both positive and negative, have mentioned the brawl, and the incident has significantly raised the riverboat’s profile.

So what is the Harriott II? What role does it serve on the city’s entertainment and tourism landscape? What services does it provide, and how much does it cost to ride? If you’re unfamiliar with the riverboat, here’s a primer.

Harriott II riverboat

The Harriott II riverboat sails down the Alabama River in March 2013 at Union Station Train Shed in Montgomery, Alabama. ( file photo/Julie Bennett)

What is the Harriott II?

The Harriott II, a 19th-century riverboat, offers public and private cruises on the Alabama River. The riverboat is part of Montgomery’s entertainment district, and was part of a downtown revitalization effort in the city that revved up in 2008-2009.

Right now, Montgomery’s website for parks and recreation and special events touts the Harriott II as “center stage of Montgomery’s entertainment district.” The City of Montgomery website lauds the Harriott II as a prime attraction on its “vibrant riverfront,” and also points to “ballets, sports complexes, museums, civil rights memorials, city parks.”

The Harriott II arrived in Montgomery in October 2008 , after taking a 1,400-mile trip that took about 28 days from its origin in Savannah, Georgia. The Montgomery Riverfront Development Foundation paid about $500,000 for the riverboat as an entertainment and tourist attraction, according to a report by WFSA TV , an NBC affiliate in Montgomery. Reports at the time said the riverboat could hold up to 400 passengers.

The Harriott II is maintained and managed by the City of Montgomery/Riverfront Facilities, according to an online brochure with rental information.

Right now, the riverboat offers regularly scheduled cruises for the public on Fridays through Sundays through October. There’s a two-hour dinner cruise on Fridays at 6:30 p.m., a two-hour getaway cruise on Saturdays at 4:30 p.m. and a two-hour blues cruise on Sundays at 4:30 p.m. Food, drinks, and live entertainment are part of the cruises.

Tickets are $30-$55 for adults, $15-$35 for children. Packages for birthdays and anniversaries cost $49.95-$79.95, the riverboat’s website says. The agenda trims to Saturdays and Sundays in November. (See this online brochure for details.)

People board the Harriott II about a half-hour before departure, at 255 Commerce St. near Riverfront Park . Tickets can be bought online or at the box office at 213 Commerce St. At least 35 paying customers must be on board for a cruise, the brochure says. About 227 people were on the Harriott when the riverfront brawl happened on Aug. 5, according to CNN.

Charter rentals for the Harriott II range from $3,700 to $10,500, depending on the day, the cruise and the services provided. There’s also an educational cruise that lasts one hour and has a minimum of 75 passengers, with historic narration and a box lunch, that costs $22 per person.

The Harriott II has scheduled several specialty cruises this year, including a Halloween costume party cruise on Oct. 28; a murder mystery cruise on Nov. 19; holiday cruises Dec. 1-2, 8-9 and 15-16; and a New Year’s Eve cruise on Dec. 31.

Food entrees on the riverboat range from barbecue chicken to beef tips over rice to spaghetti and meatballs, according to the rental brochure, and grill area offers burgers, wings, nachos and other casual fare. Beer, wine, liquor and specialty drinks are available at the bar.

The Harriott II has a rating of 4 out of 5 on TripAdvisor , based on 82 reviews. It’s got 4.5 stars on Google, based on 300 reviews.


21-year-old woman is 4th person charged in Montgomery riverboat brawl

3 white men in pontoon boat charged in Montgomery brawl; Black man with chair sought for questioning

Johnson: Montgomery brawl defenders embody broader Black resolve, ‘Not today, y’all’


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Man seen trying to stop Montgomery riverfront brawl: ‘I don’t really think this was a racism thing’

Montgomery riverfront brawl: ‘Justice will be served,’ mayor says as police obtain 4 warrants

Man claims he was on Montgomery riverboat, tells radio host: ‘Made me proud of Black people’

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What to know about changes to Alabama boating laws ahead of Memorial Day weekend

riverboat ride montgomery al

Memorial Day weekend is the official, unofficial beginning of summer, and for many that means getting the boat out on area rivers or lakes.

But with the fun comes danger. Drowning is the second leading cause of death for children ages one to 14, according to the Alabama Department of Public Health. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for that age group. In 2020, the most current figures available, there were 767 boating-related fatalities nationwide, according to the U.S. Coast Guard’s Recreational Boating Statistics Report. That was a 25 percent increase in deaths over 2019 numbers.

Alcohol was the leading contributor to boating-related fatalities in 2020, being involved in about 18 percent of the deaths, the Coast Guard report found.

More: Five arrested in shooting that left Montgomery woman paralyzed

The Alabama Legislature has recently passed bills, signed into law by Gov. Kay Ivey, to improve safety on the state’s public waterways.

One law requires the use of a “kill switch,” on most types of pleasure boats, which brought state law into compliance with federal law. This new requirement is aimed at protecting occupants of the boat and other vessels from runaway boats by ensuring the engine immediately stops when the operator leaves the helm or is displaced for any reason.

"The safety of all individuals enjoying Alabama's waterways is paramount," said Matt Brooks, Chief of the Alabama Law Enforcement’s  Marine Patrol Division. “Boats can make sudden turns with enough force to throw an operator from the helm or completely out of the boat, causing the vessel to become a deadly hazard to the ejected operator and creates a danger to others in the area.

“By requiring operators to utilize these switches, ALEA aims to prevent these types of accidents, thus reducing the potential for injuries and fatalities.”

Another piece of legislation, which went into effect last September, deals wakeboarding and wakesurfing in public waters. It covers state waters impounded by Lewis Smith Dam (Lewis Smith Lake), R.L. Harris Dam (Lake Wedowee or the R.L. Harris Reservoir) and on Shoal Creek in Lauderdale County north of Highway 72.

Under the new law, no one can engage in wakeboarding or wakesurfing between sunset and sunrise, on portions of water where the width is less than 400 feet, within 200 feet from any shoreline, dock, pier, boathouse or other structure located on the impounded waters, or while not wearing a personal flotation device approved by the United States Coast Guard.

Lake Martin and Weiss Lake were recently added to this law. The law will take effect on those bodies of water on Oct. 1.

"We recognize the growing popularity of wakeboarding and wakesurfing in Alabama," Col. Jonathan Archer,  director of ALEA’s Department of Public Safety (DPS) said. "Through thoughtful regulation, we aim to foster a safe and enjoyable environment for enthusiasts while respecting the needs and concerns of other recreational users. This week and every week, we aim to promote public safety and save lives on the water.”

To promote water and boating safety, the Alabama Marine Patrol Division offers the following tips:

  • Wear a life jacket: Always wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket while boating, fishing, or participating in water sports. Ensure that life jackets fit properly and are suitable for each passenger.
  •  Avoid alcohol: Operating a boat under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal and significantly increases the risk of accidents. Designate a sober driver or skipper to ensure safe navigation.
  • Check the weather: Stay informed about weather conditions before heading out on the water. Postpone boating activities if inclement weather is forecasted and be prepared to seek shelter if necessary.
  • Follow navigation rules: Observe speed limits, maintain a safe distance from other vessels, and adhere to all navigational markers and buoys. Practice courteous boating etiquette and be mindful of other boaters, swimmers, and wildlife.
  • Equip your boat: Ensure that your boat is properly equipped with essential safety gear, including fire extinguishers, navigation lights, and a first aid kit. Regularly inspect and maintain your vessel to prevent mechanical failures.
  • Be prepared: Familiarize yourself with local boating regulations and emergency procedures. Carry a charged cell phone or marine radio for communication in case of emergencies and inform someone ashore of your boating plans.

Contact Montgomery Advertiser reporter Marty Roney at [email protected].


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