A Father, a Daughter, and a Boat: Cruising in an Iain Oughtred Sooty Tern

November 30, 2016

A father and daughter take the day for a sail aboard UNA, an Iain Oughtred-designed Sooty Tern.

The Sooty Tern is the kind of boat that helps families enjoy time together. Slightly longer but overall a little smaller than the Caledonia Yawl, Iain Oughtred’s yawl is a slick, beautiful boat for daysailing, camping, and good old-fashioned family time.

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28 Responses So Far to “ A Father, a Daughter, and a Boat: Cruising in an Iain Oughtred Sooty Tern ”


Donald Goldring says:

Wonderful small cruising dingy. Fabulous that a father and daughter can share this experience together!


Christoph Harlan says:

Loved watching this video again… Everything about it is simply beautiful!


John England says:

Eddie, Great video. We all eventually learn that the simpler boats get used more.

Best wishes in the new year John


Eddie Breeden says:

Thank you John. So true. Hope we cross paths in the new year!


Kamin Lambertson says:

Sure reminds me of the Sea Pearl I had for years. I had an older one with centerboard and lug rigged. I added two rowing stations. Great boat, but next one will be wider. (and harder to row alone) for open water.


Thomas Buzzi says:

Thanks for sharing. Really like what you both have in experiencing this together. Nicely done film from stem to stern!


Michael Naughton says:

Just lovely. Thank you for sharing this.


Robert (Bob) Godfrey says:

Well done! Enjoy those moments for they will last you the rest of your life.


steve johnson says:

I find it curious how often it the father-daughter relationships that get recognition . Unfortunately in my case,I sampled little time with either parent,aside from our gardening and playing golf . Gardening seemed solitary for each of us.. not tons of talking and revelations popping up. Golf became competitive between my dad and I, not a lot of buddy buddy energy. The boat seems to offer lots of possibilities since it’s uniquely isolated from land… more singularly focused and jointly committed to by all on board. My sprite is hugely boosted by these father,daughter film episodes. Be cool to get some mom-son and daughter mom tales .


Iain Oughtred says:

Related Links directs you to Iain Oughtred’s website. It is not! It is Stray Dog Boat Works site, giving the impression it is mine. We are correcting this as i finally set up my own website …. sometime soon.


J.W. MacLeod says:

Hello Iain! My father and I visited you a couple years ago while we were visiting our fatherland. Nice to see you pop up here! How’s the website coming? ~Jacob


Bernhard Nepelius says:

Very nice Boat, i find that hatch closing mechanism simple and genious. But doesn’t let that hole in the bulkhead water in the buyouancy container?

Bernhard – Using the shockcord to hold the hatch in place, it may leak a cupful or 2 if the boat is swamped. The four turnbuttons hold it firmly, against the soft rubber seal, so it remains dry.


Neil Moomey says:

Neat! I’m building a Sooty Tern now. She’s half done. I got a couple of ideas from you to adopt, the bent tiller and the short benches.


Lorenz Rutz says:

Beautiful film. An Oughtred double ender is likely my next boat. I need to chose one; Caledonia Yawl, Ness Yawl or Sooty Tern? You spent nights on your Sooty Tern. How does that work? Looks pretty tight!

EeBee4 says:

Lorenz, Sooty is the Mustang. Caledonia the F150. Both awesome boats. I frequently sleep in the boat with tent and camp mattress. It is tight for 2 people. CY, not so much. -EB

Been away a while. Thank you for the reply. Kind of how I figured it. One Sooty Tern, coming up…need to clear the decks, well, the barn…


John Wujack says:

One of my favorite OCH videos’ Thanks for sharing your story. Regards, John


Jim Dinneen says:

Great video. Nice boat. Good people. Thanks.


Detlef Duecker says:

Beautiful film, beautiful boat ! Good to see a lucky father, sailing together with his daughter, sharing his passion for sailing. Every year I am sailing in Venice Lagoon and had the opportunity to join a friend from Venice in his home-built Sooty Tern. I am also building my own boats and always liked Iain Oughtred`s designsn but for sailing in the lagoon, I choose to build a “Harrier”with a plank-keel, an Antonio Dias` design.The lagoon can get very shallow at many places and with the plank-keel you can sail in very “thin” water !

Tony’s “Harrier” is indeed a classic boat. Maybe a companion to the Sooty? I’ve been tempted.


Greg Mactye says:

Wow! Just — simply — wow! What an absolutely beautiful boat, and what a wonderful relationship! So many family’s today don’t have that – you’re so lucky.

Another great video to make me thankful that I joined.

BTW I’m not really a sailor so please forgive me but – since the mizzen is forward the rudder post – is she a Ketch?

Thanks Greg. In this case the rig’s proportions between sails make it a yawl. The term “yawl” also can mean a light sea or fishing boat. To confuse it further, many “canoe yawls” are actually ketches. The LFH’s Rozinante is a good example.


peter strietmann says:

This represents (to me) all things good in the world. Truly inspiring.

James (Jim) Hart says:

Beautiful boat, lovely under sail, but the umbrella doesn’t fit and (I’m told) bad luck on a boat. I certainly envy both the boat and the relationship; my daughter used to sail and race with me but we lost her. God Bless, Jim Hart

Guess I need to refer to the umbrella as a bimini? Sure drops the temps when needed.

Sorry for your loss Jim. I know you hold those memories dear. Daughters are so special and deserve treasuring (I say that with 3 boys trailing her). Thanks-

James Wright says:

I am thankful for he time and relationship you had with your daughter. Cruising on sailboats with daughters is the best. One of the best platforms there is for building, stressing:), and deepening relationship with kids as well as teaching teamwork balanced with initiative and problem solving. My daughters who sailed with me are now moms and too busy for sailing but I now get their children to sail with. A joy. I pray for you, your family and your daughter’s spirit. Enjoy the memories, which she still shares also and know you will crew together again with the fairest of winds and seas. Peace


Larry Cheek says:

Beautiful boat, beautiful relationship. My inner nautical romantic would like to think the two are connected.

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I think Iain works from what Jung describes as 'archetypal memory', where form springs from subconscious recollection of the ancient, first boat builders, where form truly followed function, honed by the truth of the sea. Such shapes touch that memory in all of us.

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Late at night, out in the workshop, builders of Iain’s boats have often admitted to feelings of invisible company, of being part of something much bigger; a strong sense that in the act of working with such beauty they too have become part of that great pantheon of boat builders.

Inspired, and with invisible friends.

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Length Overall                   19’7″

Beam                                5’6″


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sooty tern sailboat for sale

Boat Profile

Caledonia Yawl II

An updated sail-and-oar classic

From Issue   March 2024

W hen I happened upon a Caledonia Yawl II at the 2019 WoodenBoat Show in Mystic, Connecticut, it was love at first sight. The original Caledonia Yawl, a rugged 19′ 6″ double-ended beach boat designed by Iain Oughtred for clinker plywood construction, has four strakes; this second iteration has seven, and was originally commissioned by a customer in Germany in 1999. The new design proved more stable for sailing while possibly sacrificing some rowing efficiency. Iain based his design of the Caledonia Yawl on the seaworthy double-ended working boats of the Hebrides, Scotland, his adopted home.

I had built a Lumber Yard Skiff in 2017, a very simple 16′ design for first-time boatbuilders, and it was a major confidence-builder in my decision to take on the Caledonia Yawl II. That said, I don’t think previous building experience is a prerequisite; my skill level is at best described as a capable handyman around the house. Also, there are many tutorial videos available online that became indispensable during my project.

The plans arrived with 17 pages of notes and 10 blueprint-style sheets of drawings, including full-sized patterns for the molds and stems. Lines and offsets are also included with ample information to loft the boat, although lofting is not required. I purchased CNC-cut molds and planks from Hewes & Company of Blue Hill, Maine. The planks are delivered in 8′ sections and must be carefully scarfed together.

sooty tern sailboat for sale

The Caledonia Yawl II has plenty of room for sailing with the whole family, especially with the open configuration. The decked version limits the cockpit area but provides covered storage areas and built-in flotation. The side benches provide a place to secure inflatable flotation like boat rollers or, in this case, a collection of fenders. The kick-up rudder blade is an option that makes beaching easy.

I built my boat to Iain’s specifications, which are impeccable in detail and readability. For a novice boatbuilder, the exquisite plans can eliminate many frustrations along the way.

The plans include options for the open-boat design or the decked-boat design, which adds built-in compartments in the bow and stern for storage and flotation. I chose the open-boat model, which has a real workboat look in keeping with its ancestry, and ample seating on three thwarts and two side benches. And while the plans call for the side benches to be 8″ in width, I would recommend adding an inch, or even two, for added comfort. The open-boat design requires adding flotation as an afterthought as it is not called for in the plans. The underside of the side benches provides a nice location to attach inflatable beach rollers. The sealed storage areas in the bow and stern of the decked version serve as its flotation.

Details for the oars—length and construction—are not specified in the plans, but Shaw & Tenney, a longtime supplier of oars for the Caledonia Yawl, provided recommendations, and I purchased my 11′ 6″ oars from them.

The plans come with three sailing rig options: a balance-lug yawl, a gunter yawl, and a balance-lug sloop. I chose the balance-lug yawl; it is a very popular rig for these small sail-and-oar boats, and I had once owned a yawl and love the way a boat lies head-to-wind with the mizzen sheeted in.

sooty tern sailboat for sale

The Caledonia Yawl II tracks well under oar. The 11′ 6″ oars are long but a good length for the boat’s 6′ 4 ½″ beam. Shorter oars would be easier to stow, but would elevate the handles too much during the drive of the stroke.

T he plans arrived August 2019, and by January 2020 she was ready to launch. Our first summer with the Caledonia, christened SPARGE, was a time of learning.

For rowing, once I get a head of steam, the Caledonia Yawl II rows and tracks amazingly well for its size. However, when against both wind and tide, it’s a lot of boat for a solo rower, and I’m guaranteed a workout. For sailing, I had to get used to the Norwegian tiller, which passes to one side of the mizzenmast.

Because the luff of the boat’s rather large lug main is not attached to the mast, and the rig has a large yard, the sail can become unruly as you raise and lower it. We have found the quicker we raise and lower the main, the better it behaves. And the luff must be taut—very taut—for the best performance, especially to windward. I added a second block on the downhaul to create more purchase and tension.

Once we overcame these teething troubles, my wife Dawn and I enjoyed many good day sails and picnics on the boat, but we shied away from going out when the whitecaps appeared. On a warm August day in our first season, in 10 to 15 knots with a double-reefed main, we capsized. A large gust pushed the lee gunwale under the water, and before I knew it the boat was on its side and we were in the water (when back on the beach I was told that the sudden blast of wind had come out of nowhere and sent most of the umbrellas flying). Fortunately, the mainmast, with its hollow bird’s-mouth construction, had enough buoyancy to keep the boat from turning turtle.

sooty tern sailboat for sale

The Caledonia Yawl’s beam and full midsections stand up to the press of the sail in a good sailing breeze.

I had seen videos on how to recover from a capsize, and I was able to right the boat by standing on the centerboard, but with no built-in flotation the gunwales were at the waterline and the sea was breaking in with no hope of bailing. We were towed to a nearby beach by a good Samaritan and recovered there. The incident revealed the need to have the right amount flotation to keep the boat high enough to be boarded and bailed out in the event of a capsize.

In retrospect, I can point to our inexperience with the Caledonia Yawl and several mistakes that contributed to our capsize. First, my wife was comfortably sitting on the lee side of the boat; second, after reefing I did not sufficiently retighten the downhaul on the mainsail, making the upwind tack more difficult; and third, I don’t recall if the mainsheet was cleated or not, but I clearly did not react quickly enough to release the sheet in those conditions. Since then, I have human ballast only on the windward side except in very calm conditions, I never cleat the mainsheet, and I always keep the downhaul really taut.

T hat whole experience got me thinking about the alternative three-sail gunter-yawl rig: jib, main, and mizzen. I thought we would benefit from having a jib, which would allow me to drop the main altogether and sail happily on jib and mizzen when unexpected weather arrives. During the off-season I took almost all the steps necessary to convert the rig, including new boom, yard, mainsail, and jib. I elected not to move the mast partner aft for the gunter rig as shown on the plans because I wanted to be able to go back to the lug rig easily if desired. I do not think the gunter rig suffered any performance issues as a result.

sooty tern sailboat for sale

The gunter-yawl rig, one of three rigs detailed in the plans, provides several reefing possibilities when dealing with building winds. While this rig and the lug rigs have similar total sail areas, some may find it easier to manage the 108-sq-ft gunter main than the 136-sq-ft lug main. However, the forestay, shrouds, jibsheets, and two more halyards add a level of complexity that isn’t necessarily compatible with simple trailer-sailing.

We sailed the entire second season with the gunter yawl and enjoyed the benefits of the three-sail rig. I believe the boat pointed a bit higher than with the lug rig, and most important, she sailed quite well and balanced under jib and mizzen alone, which we enjoyed often when the weather presented itself and the wind piped up.

I also added the recommended flotation that winter, which should ensure the centerboard trunk opening is above the waterline after righting the boat in the event of another capsize.

What wasn’t obvious at the beginning of this conversion was how many additional parts and pieces I was adding to my boat. This list includes a forestay and two shrouds (the balance-lug rig requires no shrouds, just a free-standing mast), a peak halyard, a throat halyard, a jib halyard, a kicking strap, and two jibsheets, all detailed in the plans. If my goal was to simplify sailing in rougher weather, I sure created a lot more lines to worry about, and an additional 10 to 15 minutes of rigging and de-rigging time at the ramp. By the season’s end I was very happy with the new rig, its appearance, performance, and versatility, but I could not stop thinking about the less-complicated lug rig and suspected I had not given it a proper chance.

sooty tern sailboat for sale

The lug main is a powerful sail but doesn’t require the standing rig that the gunter uses, so it’s easier to set up at the launch site.

For season three, I reverted to the simpler balance lug rig and set out to master it. I sailed alone in all kinds of weather. I added an outhaul on the mainsail, which, in addition to the highly tensioned luff, allowed the balance lug to perform at its peak. I now was sailing unreefed comfortably in up to 12 knots of wind. The balance-lug yawl rig is self-tending, so I need not touch a line when tacking. I go to a double reef in the main at about 13 knots and sail there comfortably up to 18 knots for pleasure. I can add a third reef if needed but have not yet had to; all three reefpoints are in the plans. The Caledonia Yawl is an amazingly dry boat, and other than inadvertently dipping the gunwale into the sea, I don’t believe I have taken on more than a teacup of water over the bow. And, I can confidently say that with my renewed effort to conquer the lug rig, I am regularly weathering gusts and seas in rough conditions without issue.

I have now just finished season four, and my Caledonia Yawl II is one of the fastest, prettiest boats on Long Island Sound. I often hit 8 knots on a broad reach, 6.5 knots on a close reach. And while it might have taken a while, the boat now exceeds even my wildest dreams. I trailer her from the same garage she was built in. I can rig and de-rig her at the ramp in 20 minutes, although it often takes longer as I take time to talk with interested bystanders who inevitably ask about the boat.

And while my bones are a bit too brittle for camp-cruising, something I did 25 years ago, four-to-five-hour gunkholing excursions and short-tacking up creeks are a delight with the Caledonia. The Norwalk Islands present many opportunities to go either by sail or by oar where many others cannot.

sooty tern sailboat for sale

Donald Sullivan and his wife have sailed extensively throughout their 45-year marriage. They have owned a mahogany-planked 20′ Pennant Sloop, a 28′ gaff-rigged wooden sloop, an 18′ Drascombe Lugger, a 22′ Pearson Ensign, and a 1966 Hinckley Pilot 35. The boats each served a purpose well in their time, but at 71, Donald enjoys the simplicity of trailer-sailing, the performance of a great design, and the beautiful looks of a traditional boat.

Caledonia Yawl II Particulars

LOA:   19′ 9″ LWL:   16′ 1″ Beam:   6′ 4 1⁄2″ Hull weight:   450 lbs, all up 650 lbs Displacement WL:   1,090 lbs Sail area:   164 sq ft

sooty tern sailboat for sale

Is there a boat you’d like to know more about? Have you built one that you think other  Small Boats readers would enjoy? Please  email us.

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Comments (17)

Donald – well done! Boat looks great. I am really pleased to find someone that has sailed both the lug and gunter version. I opted for the gunter on my CY and am preparing for my first season. One question: It looks like your boom on the gunter is on a gooseneck. Is that the case? If so, which one did you go for?

Cole, I went with the “jaws”, as drawn on page 5 of 10 of the plans called Sail Plan II. They’re just a series of laminated pieces, and it worked very well with a cord and some parrel beads.

You will be very happy with the Gunter rig.

Cole, I misspoke above, I was mistakenly referring to the laminated jaws on the yard. I also did jaws on the boom (much simpler) by just cutting out a shape on 3/4 marine plywood and gluing to the boom. I can send a pic if you’d like. Also closed this jaw with cord and parrel beads. A jaw in this application is nice because it slides up and down, some goosenecks are rigid. Sorry for the confusion.

Very lovely! Beautiful job; beautiful design. Ian will be sorely missed.

I was interested in your experiences with the two different rigs. I had a 12ft skiff that I first rigged with a lug rig, but found that tensioning the luff to give decent windward performance would cause the mast to bend substantially, due the compression load, which would then allow the luff of the sail to sag away again. I changed the rig to gaff; then the mast bend acted to flatten the sail in stronger winds, rather than get fuller as happened with the lug rig.

Andy, The birds-mouth construction of my main mast makes it amazingly stiff, so I haven’t had that problem, although I understand what your saying . . . a sagging luff on a lug rig can be very debilitating, whatever the cause. Sounds like you made a good solution.

A loop of parrel beads would help hold the lug’s yard against the mast. This is a common solution.

You did a beautiful job on your boat. I have owned the plans for 20 years or more, and now that I am past my mid 80s, I fear I may not get around to building. I do scan the classifieds from time to time hoping one might show up. I would be quite content with the 4-plank hull as opposed to the 7-plank one. I see some CYs with outboard motor wells, but it looks like your situation allows you to depend on oars; it;’s always nice to dispense with the stinky noise makers.

David, thanks for your note, I recommend, they have a boats for sale section which often has one or two Caledonia Yawls in it.

And you are right, no outboard for me. However, I have seen folks add lightweight electric motors on nice simple brackets, something I may think about as well as I get older.

Nice boat. I also have a Caledonia II rigged with a balanced lug for simplicity and ease of set up. I have not added a mizzenmast yet but am interested in trying it to see how much difference it will make. I, like you, love cruising in it.

Wayne, I think you should try the mizzen, it will give you two wonderful things. First, with the mizzen sheeted in tight, she will keep the boat head-to-wind while raising and lowering the mainsail. And two, just slight adjustments to the mizzen will eliminate any weather helm and keep the boat very balanced. It’s also very good-looking.

Donald, interesting that you have tried both lug and Gunter versions. I built Oughtred’s Sooty Tern, which is a narrower version of the CY. On another matter: I too will be sailing on L. I. Sound. I noticed no CT registration number. I don’t really want to mar my boat with 3” numbers, but wonder about compliance. Any sailboat over 19’6” is supposed to have a vessel registration. Furthermore I worry that I’ll have to have a USCG inspection with possible annoyances like requiring built-in flotation. What’s your thinking on this? Malcolm Meldahl Deep River, CT

Don’s Caledonia finished shorter than the designed LOA and fell just shy of requiring registration. —Ed.

Malcom, in addition to Chris’ comment above, I did add inflatable boat rollers under the side seats as floatation, which more than covers the Connecticut requirements.

Hi Don We seem to have some common experiences with the CY2. I built mine in 2019 ( see AUDREY JAMES in the April 2020 Small Boats ). A very fun and delightful open-air driveway build. Once it hit the water the discoveries started. I also have the balanced lug with mizzen. I have since fabricated a short bowsprit for a roller jib. This has been a great improvement in handling and sailing abilities. I sail with 1 reef 80% of the time due to the southwest breeze kicking up pretty quickly here in Narragansett Bay, RI. I keep the mizzen reefed also. The jib makes up for the reefed main with less sail aloft. I have a double block downhaul and mainsheet. I put a single block purchase on the main halyard to ease the load while setting and striking ( have one hand free to grab the sail & yard). My small electric motor didn’t quite do the job so I have a 2.3 hp to keep me out of trouble. The motor also allows me to enter areas I normally wouldn’t go. No capsizes yet! I camp-cruise Narragansett Bay and some of the larger CT & RI lakes and salt ponds. Considering the Connecticut River this year. Perhaps we’ll cross wakes. Nice work! Marty Casey

Marty, thanks for your note . . . your boat looks beautiful. If you have a picture of her under sail with the bow sprit and jib, please post.

No pics with jib set. Stay tuned…early lauching soon.

Great story, beautiful boat. I’m playing with boats on the other side of the Sound. I also had a 20′ Pennant Sloop, loved that boat.

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The original Caledonia Yawl, a rugged 19′ 6″ double-ended beach boat designed by Iain Oughtred for clinker plywood construction, has four strakes; this second iteration has seven, and was originally…

sooty tern sailboat for sale

Chamberlain Gunning Dory

I looked online for an easy-to-build rowboat that we could use for exploring local lakes and rivers, and perhaps, some camp-cruising. I came across Dave Gentry’s Chamberlain Gunning Dory, based…

sooty tern sailboat for sale

The Åland Islands

It was August, and under a brilliant blue sky we were off to explore the islands of Åland, the autonomous region at the southernmost tip of Finland where Swedish is…

sooty tern sailboat for sale

Fastening Floorboards

Wood screws can hold floorboards in place, but they’re not suited for being removed and reinserted. Wooden turn-buttons are an effective approach in many cases, but in smaller craft, where…

sooty tern sailboat for sale

Product Reviews

A Duckbill for a Push Pole

The push poles used in the mudflats and marshes in the East Bay area have lengths ranging from 12′ to 18′. There are many different attachments for the bottom end…

sooty tern sailboat for sale

TripTips Retractable Portable Toilet

I’ve become accustomed to the comfort and convenience of portable heads, but they’re too big to carry aboard my canoes and small rowing boats. I’d still like to cruise in…

sooty tern sailboat for sale

Reader Built Boats

Sailing DORCAS

Erik imagined putting a sailing rig on DORCAS, and as he developed the idea, he came up with some design parameters: The rig had to fit inside the back of…

More Boat Profile

sooty tern sailboat for sale

The Tango Skiff has interesting hull extensions that create an attention-grabbing geometry aft of the transom. The additional running surface and buoyancy of the extensions appealed to me because of…

sooty tern sailboat for sale

Stir-Ven 19

In 2019, I built a 14′ lug-rigged double-ender. It was lightweight, nimble, and smart looking, but lacked the gravitas to handle the Pacific swells and chop beyond the Santa Barbara…

sooty tern sailboat for sale

The Somes Sound 12½

A century ago Nathanael Herreshoff designed a 16′ keelboat known widely as the H 12½ after its 12′6″ waterline length. She was intended to handle the steep chop and strong…

sooty tern sailboat for sale

Compass Skiff

Clint Chase designed the Compass Skiff for the Compass Project, a Biddeford, Maine, nonprofit that works with kids. “We needed a really small, easy-to-build boat for a weekend boatbuilding festival…

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Sooty Tern Sailboat Build

Sooty Tern

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sooty tern sailboat for sale

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Yachts for Sale Location: Moscow

Unfortunately, we currently do not have any yachts in Moscow listed in our inventory. However, our knowledgeable brokers can assist you in locating and acquiring the perfect vessel, even if it's not currently advertised on the market.

Don't hesitate to reach out to our team of experts. They have extensive connections and resources to help you find your dream yacht, tailored to your specific preferences and requirements.

Buying a yacht in Russia

Would you like to buy a dream yacht? Will it be a motor or sailing ship? A luxury ocean yacht for sailing long distances or a small model adapted for fishing? The catalog of our company contains a large number of proposals for the sale of yachts in Russia and other countries. We also offer our services in the purchase of yachts in various technical conditions. Thanks to a wide selection of offers, both beginners in yachting and experienced professionals can take advantage of our services - an impressive assortment of vessels successfully combines with a wide range of prices.

You can choose a suitable vessel and buy a yacht in Russia using the capabilities of our company - experienced brokers are employed in 2yachts, ready to confidently and safely guide you through the process of buying or selling a vessel.

Before putting each offer to public access, we carefully check the legal cleanliness of the vessel and study the history of its operation. The managers of the company engaged in this market for a long time and possessing practical knowledge on the operation of yachts in different regions can help you with its purchase and sale.

You can choose a yacht for purchase in Russia , and we will draw up a formal contract, ensure the legal purity of the transaction and consultations on any aspects of owning a ship. At the same time, the confidentiality of your personal information is guaranteed.

If you are looking for a sailing yacht with high driving performance or a motor yacht with excellent controllability, then contacted us at. 2yachts company is a service for selecting the best trading offers from popular world yacht manufacturers. With us you can pick up a yacht that is a combination of unsurpassed quality, functional and efficient equipment and innovative solutions - a vessel that brings maximum pleasure from boat trips.

You can buy a yacht in Sochi or in St. Petersburg in order to be able to get an unforgettable experience of being on the water alone, with a group of friends or surrounded by family members. A walk on a sea yacht is an ideal way to get away from the bustle of the city with its eternal traffic jams and unplanned phone calls to enjoy beaches with azure waters, as well as romantic views and picturesque sunsets. Sea yachts are designed for long-distance travel and have great power, they are also distinguished by good maneuverability and dynamism. We will help you realize your dream, if you feel a craving for adventure and newness - we will choose a yacht with the best value for money.

Factors Affecting Cost

Buying a yacht in Russia is a rather time-consuming and lengthy process that requires the participation of professional yacht brokers. Depending on the condition of the vessel, the year of manufacture, the quality of its equipment, class and size, the acquisition cost can vary greatly. There are several indicators on which the cost of buying a yacht will depend :

  • Manufacturer, or shipyard - the most famous manufacturers with expensive products are concentrated mainly in European countries, and the most budget yachts are assembled in shipyards of the countries of Asia and the Middle East;
  • Equipment - sometimes the internal filling is made to order, and in some cases it is standard equipment with less power, comfort, speed, etc. In this regard, the cost of ships even from one manufacturer can vary greatly;
  • Ship design;
  • The age of the yacht.

Also, sailing yachts for sale in Russia cost the buyer less than similar motor lengths, but yachts with a history do not always cost less than recently launched ones. Often, the previous owners are engaged in the modernization of the vessel, installing expensive additional equipment on it or customizing the yacht - in this case, the price for it increases significantly. And sailing yachts often participate in regattas, where they can take prizes and eventually acquire a name - this also leads to a rise in the cost of the vessel.

Note that the cost of a yacht in Russia will be significantly different depending on the length of the vessel. You can always check the final cost of the vessel with a yacht broker, and since this market is very lively, the price can change even during the time during which you pick up a yacht.

You can find out the price of the selected vessel and its technical parameters in our catalog, and you can leave a request for purchase directly on the website, online. To choose a yacht for purchase , you can use the help of our broker for the sale of yachts - our specialists are in collaboration with their colleagues around the world to be able to cover the entire market. Ask our manager your questions to get detailed information on the yacht you are interested in.

We wish you success in conducting transactions on the yacht market!

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Boats for sale in Scranton / Wilkes-barre

  • Tri Hull bowrider 16' ski boat $1,950 montrose, PA
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  • 16ft Bass Tracker w/galv trailer $4,000 West Hazleton, Eagle Rock, Pa
  • Lowe deep V $4,000 Scranton pa
  • White water kayak $200 Taylor
  • 1999 Sprint 296 Pro Bass Boat $10,500 Sheppton
  • 2010 Smoker Craft Ultima 172 $19,500 Barryville
  • 1995 Kawasaki Jet Skis $5,500 Greentown
  • 2002 Lund 1800 Fisherman $15,500 Greentown
  • 2011 Crownline 220 $35,000 Greentown
  • 2005 Bayliner 205BR $11,999 Greentown
  • 1988 Sea Ray 250 $7,500 Greentown
  • 1995 well craft excell 23 foot $6,800 Wyoming
  • 2003 bayliner 245 $29,000 Olyphant
  • Kawasaki Jetski with trailer $4,700 Dallas
  • 1993 Bayliner 2252 Cuddy $3,995 Nicholson
  • Sylvan mirage 20 $37 Hawley
  • 1994 Spectrum B Model Sport $3,500 Old Forge
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  • Boat Evinrude Sport 14 with 40Hp Johnson Outboard $400 Preston Park
  • 2024 Avalon 25’ Tritoon $96,000 Harveys Lake
  • 2024 Chaparral 23 SSi $101,230 Harveys Lake


  1. Iain Oughtred Sooty Tern Sail & Oar Boat Saanich, Victoria

    sooty tern sailboat for sale

  2. Iain Oughtred Sooty Tern Sail & Oar Boat Saanich, Victoria

    sooty tern sailboat for sale

  3. Ian Oughtred Sooty Tern Rowing Skiff For Sale

    sooty tern sailboat for sale

  4. James McMullin's "Rowan" an Ian Oughtred designed Sooty Tern Classic

    sooty tern sailboat for sale

  5. 20' Sooty Tern Sailboat Build by Vernon

    sooty tern sailboat for sale

  6. Sooty tern

    sooty tern sailboat for sale


  1. [ZGREEN]

  2. SOOTY TERN #shortvideo #ytshorts #shorts

  3. The Sooty Show

  4. Aquador 35 ST

  5. 210816 Grey Is A Color

  6. Sooty tern needed a hand. #fishing #animals #nature #conservation #bird


  1. Iain Oughtred Sooty Tern boats for sale International, used Iain

    View 27 boats for sale in the United Arab Emirates Advanced Search. ... All Iain Oughtred Sooty Tern boats for sale . 0 Pages: Used Iain Oughtred boats for sale - View All. Caledonia Yawl 1. Grebe 1. Guillemot 1. Tirrik 1. Fishing Boat Criuser. £13,000.

  2. VIDEO: Sooty Tern by Iain Oughtred: Great Coastal Cruiser for Two

    November 30, 2016. Email this Video to a Friend. A father and daughter take the day for a sail aboard UNA, an Iain Oughtred-designed Sooty Tern. The Sooty Tern is the kind of boat that helps families enjoy time together. Slightly longer but overall a little smaller than the Caledonia Yawl, Iain Oughtred's yawl is a slick, beautiful boat for ...

  3. Arctic Tern

    These range from the capacious 19′6″ Caledonia yawl to the compact 15′1″ Whilly Tern. His designs differ from the traditional yoals in that they are intended to sail as much as row and designed for glued-lap plywood construction. The use of modern materials gives the boats several advantages: They are lighter than their traditional ...

  4. Iain Oughtred Sooty Tern for sale UK, Iain Oughtred boats for sale

    For Sale: Classic Ian Oughtred Sooty Tern . £5,000 . UK Sailing Yachts > Day Sailer For Sale

  5. Iain Oughtred Sooty Tern for sale UK, Iain Oughtred boats for sale

    Ian Oughtred Sooty Tern sailing/rowing skiff craftsman built by the owner from Alec Jordan molds. The Sooty Tern is a slightly stretched version of the Arctic Tern design, a sailing beach boat with a large following. This particular boat was built for rowing and day sailing with a lug rig on Rutland Water. Length Overall 19'10″

  6. Sooty Tern 25

    Sooty Tern 25. Devlin Boats, Sailboats. Drawing on the experience with our Arctic Tern 23 Sailboat the Sooty Tern design was an extension of a similar concept with the biggest change being the Gaff Rig design and a 2 foot longer boat. A diesel engine was planned for in the design and a 3/4 length full keel allows shoal draft capability with the ...

  7. Sooty Tern 25 Plans

    The Sooty Tern 25 is a graceful extension of the Arctic Tern sailboat with a Gaff Rig and a few more creature comforts for extended cruising. ... Sale! Eider 17 Plans $ 2.00 - $ 235.00; Sale! Egret 15 Plans $ 2.00 - $ 110.00; Search for: Cart.

  8. Oughtred Boats : plans kits building sailing rigging & lots of boat

    Welcome To Oughtred Boats. Iain's drawings are as beautiful as the boats they become, a joy to own and study in their own right; detailed and arced as the fine bones in a bird's wing. His generic clinker plywood instruction manual has a similar quality, as does his catalog. Learning materials, both of them.

  9. Iain Oughtred Sooty Tern for sale UK, Iain Oughtred boats for sale

    For Sale: 2016 Sooty Tern . £7,000 . UK Sailing Yachts > Day Sailer For Sale

  10. Iain Oughtred Sooty Tern for sale UK, Iain Oughtred boats for sale

    Sailing Yachts: For Sale: Classic Ian Oughtred Sooty Tern Rutland Rutland. Boats for sale: International > Bayliner. View 4169 boats for sale in the United States ... Regional Boats For Sale; Fishing Boats 8; Motor Boats 110; Sport Boats 105; Bayliner models. 160 BR 2; 170 OB 1; 1700 Capri LS 1; 175 BR 4; 175 Flight 2; 175 GT 1; 180 BR 1;

  11. Arctic Tern

    Arctic Tern. Categories: 16ft - 20ft, Clinker Ply, Day Boat, Iain Oughtred. Description. Reviews (0) This versatile double ender is one of the more popular boats at the larger end of our sailing boats. She started life as a scaled down version of the Ness Yawl, then came into her own as a separate and highly versatile design. Iain Oughtred's ...

  12. Ian Oughtred Sooty Tern Rowing Skiff For Sale

    The Sooty Tern is a slightly stretched version of the Arctic Tern design, a sailing beach boat with a large following. This particular boat was built for rowing and has no rig, the owner lives near the Thames and wanted a light weight but capable rowing skiff, able to carry 3 rowers as well as kit and crew. Length Overall 19'7″.

  13. Value of Goat Island Skiff, Walkabout, Core Sound 17 or Sooty Tern

    A Sooty Tern I've never seen for sale, and with James's enthusiasm might get a premium but Ness Yawls go for about £3/3.5k. Unlike Oughtred's, Welsfords rarely come up for sale. ... Core Sound 17 or Sooty Tern Here in Oz, traditional style boats aren't worth anything. I see them a lot on various trading/ selling websites (Gumtree for example ...

  14. Iain Oughtred Sooty Tern for sale UK, Iain Oughtred boats for sale

    LOA: 19'10" Beam: 5'6" SPECIFICATION Ian Oughtred Sooty Tern sailing/rowing skiff craftsman built by the owner from Alec Jordan molds. The Sooty Tern is a slightly stretched version of the Arctic Tern design, a sailing beach boat with a large following. This particular boat was built for rowing and day sailing with a lug rig on Rutland Water.

  15. Caledonia Yawl II

    The original Caledonia Yawl, a rugged 19′ 6″ double-ended beach boat designed by Iain Oughtred for clinker plywood construction, has four strakes; this second iteration has seven, and was originally commissioned by a customer in Germany in 1999. The new design proved more stable for sailing while possibly sacrificing some rowing efficiency. Iain based his design of the Caledonia Yawl on ...

  16. Boats for sale in Moscow, Idaho

    New and used Boats for sale in Moscow, Idaho on Facebook Marketplace. Find great deals and sell your items for free. Marketplace › Vehicles › Boats. Boats Near Moscow, Idaho. Shop by Category. Sailboats. Sailboats. Filters. $8,000. 1981 Viking deck boat 19 ft. Pullman, WA. $7,900. 1993 Bayliner boat. Cottonwood, ID. $5,500 ...

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    Sooty Tern Sailboat built by Bassbug. Find organized links to 1,146 detailed boat builds from 143 websites.

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    Every yacht for sale in moscow listed here. Every boat has beautiful hi-res images, deck-plans, detailed descriptions & videos.

  19. Yacht for Sale in Russia (93 Used Boat)

    We wish you success in conducting transactions on the yacht market! Sale of yachts and boats in Russia at the most affordable prices, from $10000. Compare prices and choose your dream sailing or motor yacht right now! We have the best deals on the yacht market - 2Yachts.

  20. scranton boats

    Boats for sale in Scranton / Wilkes-barre. see also. shoremaster and ez docks for sale. $12,345. waymart Sailboat, Precision 18. $6,000. Millville 16 foot fiberglass boat. $2,800. Dallas ShoreMaster RS4 Aluminum Docks 3 Section + Ladder. $0. 12' boat for sale (trailer is sold) $300 ...