super yacht party

How to throw the perfect superyacht party.

Published 20 August 2021

Looking to host an impressive party on board a superyacht? Burgess charter experts share their experience to give you inspiration and ideas to make sure your next event is an unforgettable success

The perfect superyacht party

Planning for a milestone birthday, or perhaps there's a family reunion on the horizon? Whatever the occasion, Burgess charter experts know how to help you to experience the good times that make life special. Parties are an institution in the world of yachting, with superyachts providing the ultimate platform for the most exclusive of celebrations.

Whatever the occasion, whatever the reason, nothing beats a superyacht party

Whether formal or informal, large group or intimate gathering, a superyacht is a wonderful way of bringing people together in a place where they can truly connect with one another in a relaxed and unique setting.

The Burgess charter team has scoured the world in pursuit of the best locations and yachts, and can recommend the most suitable combination to ensure your superyacht party is memorable for all the right reasons. Whether you want to throw a large cocktail party, a discreet dinner, or both, Burgess will be on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Our charter experts know how to elevate any occasion to the unforgettable

From the booking of your yacht, berth, private jet, and limousine, to a variety of different entertainment options, there is a superyacht and a destination to suit every taste.

Charter yachts that welcome celebrations

super yacht party


A vast sun deck with big party speakers and lightshow. She has a casino too

super yacht party

Her sea-level beach club converts into a nightclub. Spa, gym, pool - she has it all

super yacht party

Large sun deck area with built-in speakers and karaoke. She has inside and outside cinemas as well

super yacht party

Expansive deck space perfect for early morning yoga on deck or late night dancing at 'Club SEANNA'

super yacht party

Her beach club is a cinema and nightclub in one. A legendary charter yacht

super yacht party

Beach club offers a sauna, shower room, day head and fully equipped bar – perfect set up for a party

super yacht party


Under-the-stars cinema and sophisticated nightclub features on the sun deck

super yacht party


Enormous sun deck converts into a disco deck with lightshow, smoke machine, DJ decks and massive speakers

Selecting the right destination

Want to party with the stars at the Cannes Film Festival? Just ask

Prefer a private desert island-type setting to celebrate with your friends and family? The  Caribbean and  The Bahamas have plenty of secluded bays in which to anchor and spend quality time with your favourite people. Here is a selection of the finest destinations to host your super, superyacht party.

You can always find a beach to call your own

Spring signals the start of the yachting season on the Côte d’Azur, with the Cannes Film Festival opening the show. From May, the Riviera lights up as A-list celebrities descend to see and be seen at arguably the most glamorous film festival in the world. The best parties are, of course, on board the most exclusive superyachts, berthed in the marina right next to the red carpet at the Palais des Festivals.

Magicians or musicians, club singers or cocktail slingers, we can add sparkle to any occasion

Further along the coast, Monaco glitters with seven centuries of regal heritage. The iconic Port d’Hercule is within champagne-popping range of the gilded principality’s world-renowned gourmet restaurants, A-list clubs, and designer boutiques. Sport is also a favourite pastime in Monaco, and the principality hosts several popular events including the Formula 1 Grand Prix in May.

As evening comes, the parties begin

Chartering a superyacht trackside at this event provides not only the best vantage point for you and your guests to watch the action, but also puts you right in the thick of the action where you can literally smell the gasoline and burning tyre rubber from these amazing cars. Burgess has the right contacts to also get you into the pit lane, rubbing shoulders with the drivers before the race, and partying afterwards at the Amber Lounge.

Despite its reputation as the  Balearics ' party-island, Ibiza has more recently evolved to be among the Mediterranean’s most glamorous charter cruising grounds. The vibe throughout the summer season is all about lazy lunches, diving off deck in secret coves, and losing yourself in the rural countryside inland. The White Isle as Ibiza is known, also offers the waterborne visitor an almost unrivalled selection of beach clubs.

There is no cooler way to arrive at Ibiza's fabled beach clubs

Arrive in style by tender and join the glitterati enjoying the sunshine and sunset accompanied by chilled music before heading back on board to celebrate in style. Alternatively, as the sun sets and the vibe picks up a beat or two, head to Ibiza Town’s effortlessly cool hangouts where you can dance until dawn to the world's best DJs.

St Barth is without a doubt the New Year’s Eve capital of the Caribbean. Always a haven for celebrities at any time of year, the island brings in the new year with impromptu New Year’s Eve 'boat hopping' parties and stops at the many beach bars that dot the island. As the clock ticks towards midnight, step up on deck aboard your superyacht for a front row seat to the kaleidoscope of fireworks exploding over Gustavia Harbour.

Ring in the New Year in impeccable style

This French-speaking island is perfect for a lavish New Year’s Eve celebration. Think cocktails on deck, al fresco dinner with friends before cranking up the sound system to celebrate the passing of midnight. Expect relaxed, short-distance cruising as you island-hop through the Leeward Islands in the days following the celebrations. What better way to kick off your year than this?

Harbour Island, Bahamas

The Bahamas offers a variety of activities for parties aboard and ashore. From local restaurants, hanging out with friends at a lively beach bar, or your very own private sunset beach party, whatever you choose to do, the Bahamian culture will facilitate, with festivals, music, dancing and colourful parades continuing into the early hours. 'Fresh up' and enjoy life Bahmian-style.

The Bahamas is a blaze of bold colours and laid-back lifestyles

Harbour Island has recently come into the limelight with the arrival of a handful of chic new places recently opening on the island. With its pink-sand beach and pretty pastel cottages, the shoreline provides a perfect backdrop to sunset cocktails on board, followed by a trip ashore to a party at the legendary Vic-Hum Club. The oldest nightclub on the island, the open-air dancefloor at this humble yet iconic destination has attracted celebrities the world over.

Choosing the right yacht

From the crew to the layout, the facilities and even the décor, there are many facets of a yacht that, when combined, will influence the success of a superyacht party. The most successful charter yachts lend themselves to any type of occasion, be it a cocktail party or formal dinner party.

Some yachts and crews lend themselves to entertainment better than others

No matter what the style of celebration, there is a yacht to suit every taste. Likewise the crew can make or break a celebration, whether because they can theme any party in a creative way, or simply because the six-star service and smiling faces will give the party the right vibe.

Birthday parties, anniversaries, retirement, there's always a reason to celebrate

Burgess yachts with bars

Whether celebrating, drinking sunset cocktails, a pre-dinner drink or watching sports events, the bar on a yacht is generally one of the focal points on board a superyacht. They come in many forms, ranging from wet bars on the sun deck to sit-up bars in the beach club, sky lounge bars and cosy saloon bars, backlit-onyx bars, and elegant marble-top bars.

super yacht party

  • FAITH's lower deck beach club bar is jaw-dropping 1 of 4 photos
  • EXCELLENCE has a main deck aft bar that also serves those in the pool 2 of 4 photos
  • SECRET has a arc of marble-topped bar right next to the entertainment space on the main deck aft 3 of 4 photos
  • Of course bars can be set up anywhere, like this one on TRIPLE SEVEN's swim platform 4 of 4 photos

Have fun with a theme

Nothing says party more than people dressing up, and themed parties are almost always popular among charter guests. They create memorable experiences – even more so when the yacht is decked out in appropriately themed decorations.

A themed event adds theatre and means everyone gets into the spirit

From an elegant James Bond-themed evening, perhaps with poker and blackjack tables set up, to a retro-style '60s party with a dancefloor and appropriate playlist, or Pirates of the Caribbean, they can revolve around just about any concept imaginable.

A '60s theme comes with a deliciously groovy soundtrack

For those cruising in the Caribbean, consider a pirate party involving all the family. Many crews are well known for the creativity and polish of their themed parties. While keeping the younger guests entertained with a treasure hunt on the beach, you can enjoy sundowners on the sand.

A pirate theme comes with all sorts of fun narratives, treasure hunts and battles

Back on board enjoy drinks on the sun deck before dining al fresco on the main deck. If you're having a larger bash in port, have your pirate outfits sent ahead and the yacht dressed with pirate paraphernalia. Canapes and rum cocktails can be served in treasure chests!

Why are pirates called pirates? Because they Arrr!

While in the Mediterranean, perhaps cruising around the  Greek islands , a toga party might involve some Greek cuisine followed by dancing, and then a movie night under the stars with Mamma Mia or My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding on the big screen. Or while in Cannes, a Bollywood party, or in Monaco why not throw a Mexican fiesta during the Grand Prix?

A Mamma Mia party while cruising the Greek Islands? Why not!

Poolside parties

On the larger more modern superyachts spa pools are generally a given these days, and although some may be limited to a sun deck jacuzzi, the largest of the charter yachts usually have all manner of water features, ranging from infinity pools with waterfalls, glass-bottomed pools, swim-up bars, and pools with counter currents.

And then you have the real party yachts, with swimming pools that turn into dance floors, and built-in DJ booths for the ultimate occasion aboard. The 73m  TITANIA , for example, hosts her guests around the pool deck bar with seating for up to eight guests, and another four seats inside the pool itself, all complete with a DJ set up to create a real pool party atmosphere.

super yacht party

  • Some yachts have a pool with a bottom that rises to become a dancefloor 1 of 5 photos
  • A glass-bottomed pool creating amazing natural light - and some great photos - in the beach club below 2 of 5 photos
  • Pools can be hubs for activity or tranquility, however you like it 3 of 5 photos
  • A glass-fronted pool is also great for fun photos 4 of 5 photos
  • A great pool is a destination feature on a yacht 5 of 5 photos

Consider your guest list

Whether your party is a small and intimate affair or a large, quayside event, most yachts can accommodate up to 12 guests while cruising and hundreds more while berthed alongside, when different rules apply.

However, understated elegance is key, with fewer guests and more quality time to socialise. In fact, 100-120 guests is often considered the tipping point of human intimacy and interaction, so keep this in mind when considering a larger gathering.

In port regulations allow yachts to welcome many more guests


Entertainment systems have always played an important role in the overall yacht party experience. Audio-visual technologies have changed significantly over the past decade, and the most successful charter yachts feature the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art and fully-integrated entertainment systems throughout their guest areas. 

A tiered cinema and surround sound make sure everyone gets the best experience

From indoor and outdoor entertainment facilities, and the latest audio-visual equipment (including on-demand movies and music systems available throughout all guest areas and strong Wi-Fi for streaming), to private cinema rooms and outdoor cinema set-ups, almost anything available on land is also possible at sea.

An outdoor cinema screen delivers movies under the stars

Music and speakers

Music is an essential part of any party, and whether you prefer the dulcet tones of Adele during dinner or the pumping beats of a live DJ set during a dockside party, music always sets the tone. Surround sound systems for yachts with their own dedicated cinemas have become the norm, while built-in speakers on the party deck are fine tuned to deliver the best possible audio quality regardless of the musical genre.

Most charter yachts take sound quality very seriously indeed - the best of everything

Some yachts have a dual-purpose feature - a sun deck, for example - that transforms into a party deck after dark and music entices guests from open-air dining on the bridge deck below to party upstairs. Live bands are no longer de rigeur, instead world-famous DJs can be booked by your Burgess charter broker to come on board and play their set for your guests, with some big names keen to play private gigs.

A sun deck nightclub could welcome the biggest names in clubland

Gourmet dining with your own personal chef is obviously one of the principal attractions of any charter vacation, but however delicious the dishes may be, how your meals are presented will have a huge impact on the overall dining experience.

Why not bring a Michelin-starred celebrity chef on board for a private dining experience?

An al fresco or formal dining set-up large enough to seat the number of guests invited is of course a must. For larger, cocktail events, a few different open-air dining options are better suited. The trend for celebrity chefs catering for such large events is on the rise, working hand in hand with your own superyacht chef to create the ultimate tasty menu to wow your guests.

Huge swathes of guest deck space make for stellar entertainment

For some, proximity to the ocean is a must, so why not dine in a yacht's beach club right by the water’s edge. The 62m  BATON ROUGE , for example, features an ocean-level beach club that incorporates lounging areas and easy access to the water by day, and transforms into the ultimate al fresco dining area by night.

A huge beach club, like BATON ROUGE's, can really make a charter, day and night

Alternatively, many modern yachts feature Teppanyaki grills – perfect for guests looking to experience something a little different in a tropical climate. Plus you and your guests get the chef's table experience with wonderful dishes prepared before your very eyes and served straight from the grill.

A Teppanyaki grill adds a touch of theatre to any meal

The raised aft deck seating area aboard the 56m MY SEANNA can be converted into a dancefloor complete with state-of-the-art sound. There's also a backlit bar and lounge/dining area on the bridge deck, a 10-person spa pool that has its own bar, and a beach club at water level. 

Helipads present the ideal option for a dancefloor and a huge jacuzzi to cool your feet afterwards

The aforementioned 73m  TITANIA also features a beach club, complete with sauna, which can then be converted into a nightclub to continue celebrations into the night. You could even have your make-up and hair done in the yacht's beauty salon before the evening celebrations begin.

TITANIA's beach club transforms into a nightclub after dark

Special touches make it memorable

Details make all the difference. Ambient lighting, an attentive crew, the quality of sound or the welcome cocktail, the most successful and memorable superyacht parties are those where the crews have gone the extra mile. The occasions will usually dictate the type of party and the style.

Tablescaping is just one way of elevating your entertainment experience

For example, an anniversary celebration might have a more romantic theme, with soft lighting and candles, and elegant crockery and flowers all adding to the intimate sense of occasion. A New Year’s Eve celebration or birthday might however require more of a fun or risqué theme. Whatever you want, it can be done.

Romance is in the air! It's impossible for love not to blossom

Most of the yachts in the Burgess charter fleet are designed for entertaining, with guest areas outstandingly assigned to allow for all manner of occasions according to desire. The yachts in the selection above are just afew of those recommended by Burgess charter experts as welcoming celebrations.

Your Burgess charter brokers specialise in the unforgettable

Are you planning something extra special in the coming months? Contact a Burgess charter expert and build the perfect celebration.

To find out more about Burgess’ yachts for sale and yachts for charter , please contact a Burgess broker . Alternatively, get in touch with one of our offices directly: London , Monaco , New York , Miami , Singapore or all other locations .

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super yacht party

Charter DEJA TOO

Available this summer in the South Pacific

Abundant water toys for the children and places to relax for the adults; everyone is catered for on board

super yacht party


Available this summer in the West Mediterranean

Outdoor cinema, massage and beauty room plus private master deck, make this summer special

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The best party superyachts for charter

Related articles, superyacht directory.

Whether you're organising a corporate event at some of the most prestigious celebrations on the charter calendar , celebrating a big birthday party or commemorating a milestone celebration like an anniversary or even a wedding reception, these superyachts have all the space and amenities for hosting epic soirées at sea...

With expansive deck spaces, ample facilities and decadent décor including a live aquarium, Baglietto’s flagship Vicky perfectly sets the scene for celebratory festivities. Lobby spaces on this 59-metre superyacht are completed with a piano for late-night entertainment and an eye-catching aquarium, plus a toybox bursting to the brim will keep everyone on the water entertained. To continue the after-party, guests can take a dip in the sundeck swimming pool or join the primary charterers in the master suite’s private saloon for a nightcap.

Capacity at quay: 80 guests

Vicky is managed by Ocean Independence with a weekly charter rate starting from €250,000 per week.

Secret Life

Take your guests back in time on board classic 1974 Feadship Secret Life . Permanently based in the party capital of St Tropez, the ample deck spaces on this 45-metre superyacht are equipped with elegant al fresco lounges and dining areas that make her an ideal host for corporate events or scaled-up celebrations. Indoors, her versatile main saloon can be divided into two separate rooms via a discreet sliding door during events, and guests looking for a quiet spot to break away from the crowd can also retreat to a hidden library.

Capacity at quay: 150 guests

Secret Life is managed by IYC with a weekly charter rate starting from €89,000.

Once a former passenger vessel, Dream was transformed into a private superyacht after nearly a decade of refit works. And while she is now bedecked in the glamorous interiors befitting a luxury charter, her vast interior spaces allow her to accommodate many more guests than would usually be able to step on board, with 18 suites for 36 guests and room for up to 40 members of crew. Party guests can arrive or depart in style thanks to the touch-and-go helipad, while a Japanese-style dining room with a teppanyaki grill, a private cinema, a two-level pool with a swim-up bar and a fully-equipped dive centre offer all the amenities for a variety of party themes and occasions.

Capacity at quay: 36 guests

Dream is managed by Hill Robinson with a weekly charter rate starting from €2,000,000.

The bridge deck on Royal Denship superyacht Force Blue , complete with a cocktail bar, professional DJ station and disco lighting offers the perfect setup for partying the night away. There’s also a sundeck hot tub, a games table in the saloon and an impressive walk-in wine cellar next to the formal dining room to keep guests entertained. The next day, stunning spa facilities will revive the sore-of-head, while the plain exhausted can retreat to the cinema. Currently undergoing an extensive winter refit, Force Blue will be back on the charter market this summer having been extended to 70 metres with an enlarged beach club and refreshed interiors.

Capacity at quay: 60 guests

Force Blue is managed for charter by Fraser , with a charter rate starting from €330,000 per week.

Sea Breeze III

After undergoing an extensive refit in 2020, classic superyacht Sea Breeze III is back on the charter market, offering the perfect setting for an event or celebration by combining old-school charm with modern facilities. New additions include an extended swimming platform with a barbecue for al fresco celebrations, plus a hydrotherapy hot tub on the foredeck and a well-stocked toybox. As Sea Breeze III is permanently based in Auckland, New Zealand, guests stepping on board for a party can enjoy the scenic cruising grounds of the Hauraki Gulf and wider south pacific, complemented by locally-sourced seafood and speciality wines.

Capacity at quay: 99 guests

Sea Breeze III is managed by 37 south with a weekly charter rate starting from $65,000. 

Showcasing sporty lines and with a top speed of 38 knots, 50 metre  Da Vinci is one of the largest Mangustas available on the charter market. Launched in 2017, on board highlights include a large bathing platform, a spa pool on the 15 metre long foredeck, and an impressive open plan interior. The main saloon is the entertainment hub of the yacht, featuring a luxe marble bar and gilded, Gatsby-esque touches throughout.

Capacity at quay: 100 guests

Da Vinci is managed for charter by Northrop & Johnson with a weekly rate starting from €225,000.

Esmeralda's expansive decks are the ideal setting for a special anniversary, birthday or corporate event. The upper aft deck on this 62 metre superyacht has a bar, al fresco dining and optional awnings for protection from the sun. Meanwhile, guests can enjoy 360-degree views from the panoramic sun deck complete with a raised jacuzzi and sun loungers. Her striking, classic-inspired lines will turn heads in any port, while lavishly decorated interiors set the scene for a night of glamorous festivities.

Esmeralda is managed by Fraser with a weekly charter rate starting from $230,000.

After an extensive interior refit in 2018, this 73 metre  Lurssen is certainly in ship shape. There's space for 200 revellers on Titania's sun and pool decks alone, while a 3.8 metre stern extension houses a beach club with sauna, bar and sofas, which converts into a stylish nightclub for those looking to continue the party into the night. For smaller gatherings, the pool deck bar seats eight – with another four pool seats – and can be set up for a DJ. Primary charterers staying on board can get glammed up for events in the beauty salon with the help of the on board beautician before other guests arrive, then can unwind after the festivities with a treatment from the resident masseuse.

Capacity at quay: 200 guests

Titania is managed for charter by Burgess and has a weekly starting rate of €525,000.

For parties where music is a key element, 62 metre motor yacht RoMa is more than sufficiently equipped for dockside events as her impressive audio system includes a party mode that provides music to all decks. There's also a games table for playing poker if the event is casino themed, while her main saloon bar is an ideal spot for pre and post dinner cocktails. A welcoming entrance lobby from which guests can head up to the party via a glass elevator sets the mood for revellers on arrival. 

RoMa is managed by Northrop & Johnson with a weekly charter rate starting from €345,000.

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The Best Party Superyachts for Charter

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The Best Party Superyachts for Charter

super yacht party

By Editorial Team |   Last Updated 13 January 2023

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There can be no better setting for a party than aboard a superyacht and, luckily, today’s charter fleet is well-primed for providing unsurpassed entertainment in the most exclusive of surrounds. Whatever the occasion, our pick of 10 top luxury yachts will be the life and soul of the party. 

Whether celebrating a special occasion, hosting a VIP guest list at the Monaco Yacht Show or entertaining clients and business contacts, a luxury yacht charter promises a unique, impressive and memorable party experience, with superior service and five-star catering.

Docked in a glittering harbor, a charter yacht can welcome aboard scores of revelers as the sundeck transforms into a waterside nightclub, DJs take to the decks and champagne overflows at the bar. Take a look at our selection of some the best party yachts on the charter market.

Motor yacht DREAM

Accommodates: 36 guests across 22 cabins 

huge 106m superyacht charter DREAM

A yacht of truly epic proportions, DREAM is the ultimate charter yacht for large parties

super yacht party

A truly special charter yacht, the 106m (249ft) super yacht DREAM  was actually once a former passenger vessel before being transformed into a luxury private yacht charter after nearly 10 years of refit works. 

Boasting an array of lavish and sophisticated areas onboard where guests can relax and socialize in style, this yacht is definitely one to remember. From her opulent Japanese-style dining room to her private cinema and premium beauty and wellness amenities, guests will find an abundance of space and superlative amenities that will take their yacht charter vacation to the next level. 

Elsewhere, guests can sip champagne at the swim-up bar by the two-level pool or take a trip from the sundeck touch-and-go helipad. With a great array of options no matter your party theme or occasion, this large and luxurious superyacht will be able to cater to everyone's individual wants and needs. 

Dream Yacht

Superyacht ALFA NERO

Accommodates: 12 guests across 6 cabins 

super yacht party

Charter yacht ALFA NERO has won numerous design awards for her innovative approach to superyacht living, making her one of the leading luxury charter yachts on the market

Transforming from a daytime Lido to a European nightclub, the main deck aboard the  81m (266ft) superyacht ALFA NERO  is unquestionably a superb party venue. Her open aft deck is flanked by an eye-catching infinity pool with a cascading waterfall that lights up after dark, and forward is a bar and buffet, horseshoe-shaped sofa and two dining tables. The Oceanco-build’s already superb sound system can be augmented by plugging in large disco speakers and the Alberto Pinto-designed interior with Pop Art influences provides the perfect setting for a nightcap

Alfa Nero Yacht

Superyacht CHRISTINA O

Accommodates: 34 guests across 17 cabins

Iconic superyacht CHRISTINA O

One of the most iconic motor yachts ever launched, best known for her grand interiors and unrivaled level of luxurious amenities.

A true veteran of the superyacht scene, the iconic  superyacht CHRISTINA O played host to many celebrated figures throughout the 1950s and 1960s. And now, restored to her former glory, party guests can follow in the footsteps of Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Winston Churchill and JF Kennedy to name a few, and soak up the yacht’s glamorous surrounds. The famous Minotaur mosaic swimming pool rises to create a dance floor, the legendary Ari’s Bar is clad in Orca fangs and the concert room comes complete with an authentic Steinway piano. 

Christina O Yacht

Superyacht KISMET

Accommodates: 12 guests across 7 cabins

super yacht Kismet

One of the most desirable yachts on the charter market, motor yacht KISMET certainly knows how to throw a party.

Delivered by Lurssen in 2014, the  95m (312ft) superyacht KISMET is unquestionably the combination of both luxury and uncompromised perfection. As one of the largest and most sophisticated superyachts available for charter, KISMET is the ideal choice for those looking to experience a premier luxury vacation whilst enjoying the very best in design and amenities.

A beach club-esque lounge on her bridge deck can transform into a disco nightclub with overhead strobe lighting, a helipad-come-dance floor and a glittering bar. A two-story atrium resplendent in glamorous Art Deco décor, meanwhile, presents a more formal space in which to enjoy drinks at a cocktail bar while jazz tunes emanate from an electric piano. What’s more, this majestic vessel is able to host an incredible 270 guests quay-side.

Whisper Yacht

Superyacht SOLANDGE

Accommodates: 12 guests across 8 cabins

superyacht Solandge cruising through blue waters

The very pinnacle of luxury, she partners opulent design with modern amenities in a truly unique manner.

The queen of karaoke, 85m (279ft) superyacht SOLANDGE  boasts numerous spots wired for the popular pastime by high-end supplier Studio Evolution. These include a sumptuous salon forward of the main deck’s luxe interior dining option and an amethyst-topped bar. Before the party migrates down here, however, her sundeck is sure to wow as her spa pool transforms into a dance floor, the DJ spins tracks on the built-in console and a large screen lights up with music videos.

Additional onboard highlights include her two hot tubs, her large and fully-stocked wine cellar and her chromotherapy spa with hammam & massage room which will most definitely come in handy the morning after.

Solandge Yacht

Superyacht TITANIA

Accommodating 12 guests across 7 cabins

super yacht party

Conceived by industry-leading designers, superyacht TITANIA is a firm favorite among her guests and an enduring charter icon.

super yacht party

Another fantastic superyacht delivered by Lurssen, the 73m (239ft) superyacht TITANIA  is packed bow to stern with excellent facilities, making her a discerning choice for event yacht charters.

An enduring charter icon, this motor yacht is the very pinnacle of luxury, combining opulent design with a wealth of modern amenities, she has everything a charter party could ask for during their luxury yacht rental vacation. Onboard highlights include her stunning sundeck Jacuzzi, a pool deck with a swim-up bar, an impressive beach club, a winter garden, a water sports center and outstanding premium wellness facilities.

Putting the priority on indoor-outdoor living, the lavish superyacht offers alfresco dining for up to 14 guests, allowing them to dine under the stars before moving inside to the lavish main salon where the drinks can continue beside the showstopping grand piano, elegant lounge and the exquisite marble-topped bar.

Titania Yacht

Superyacht LAUREN L

Accommodates: 36 guests across 20 cabins

huge superyacht charter LAUREN L

With a sprawling guest area of 1,800 sq meters, this large charter yacht will dazzle guests onboard with her extensive features.

super yacht party

For veritable party thrills, opt for the graceful 90m (295ft)  superyacht LAUREN L . Sleeping 36 guests across 20 cabins, with additional room for up to 40 crew, guests can sit back and unwind knowing that every possible desire will be catered to.

Boasting capacious exterior decks and a comprehensive health and beauty center in its own right, the yacht has plenty to keep you busy, relaxed and entertained. The wellness center includes an opulent beauty and hair salon, a massage room, and an aromatherapy treatment room so whenever you feel as though you need pampering, this vessel will take care of it. But that's not all: she also features a touch-and-go helipad, and even an aquarium onboard.

Lauren L Yacht

Booking a party yacht charter

Night view to large illuminated white boat located over horizon, colorful lights coming from yacht reflect on the surface of the the Gulf sea.

Interested in booking an event yacht charter? To charter one of the vessels featured in this article, or to discuss alternative vessels, please consult the advice of your chosen yacht charter broker . They will be able to best advise you according to your needs and preferences.

Book with Ease - Speak with a Charter Expert

Our yacht charter experts will:

  • Discuss your vacation plans
  • Check availability & shortlist suitable yachts
  • Negotiate booking & prepare your itinerary

Enquire now for yacht availability & free consultation.


Christina O yacht charter

99m Canadian Vickers 1943 / 2020

Whisper yacht charter

95m Lurssen 2014

Lauren L yacht charter

90m Cassens-Werft 2002 / 2008

Solandge yacht charter

85m Lurssen 2013 / 2022

Emir yacht charter

83m Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 2004 / 2022

Alfa Nero yacht charter

81m Oceanco 2007 / 2021

Titania yacht charter

73m Lurssen 2006 / 2020

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Amazing Destinations for A Luxury Superyacht Party

Jun 23, 2023


Why settle for ordinary when you can make a great party? And what's more extraordinary than a superyacht party?

With the perfect combination of luxurious surroundings, breathtaking scenery, and unparalleled entertainment, a superyacht party is the ultimate way to celebrate any occasion.

Come joins us as we explore the world's best yacht charter destinations for a superyacht party and take our celebrations to the next level. Get ready to set sail and create memories that will last a lifetime!

For a long time, Ibiza has been known as the ultimate party destination which attracts visitors worldwide.

This golden Balearic Island is famous for its thriving nightlife, world-class DJs, and some of the best summer closing parties in the world. So, if you want an unforgettable luxury experience, book a yacht charter in Ibiza, Spain , today!


Ibiza is a place to hang out if you want to dance the night away or soak up in the Mediterranean sun. Once the sun goes down, Ibiza's party scene comes to life. The famous district of Ibiza Town is where you'll find some of the world's best nightclubs and super clubs. But Ibiza isn't just about the nightlife.

During the day, you can indulge in Bohemian shopping, sunbathe on pristine beaches, or recover from the previous night's festivities.

This place is perfect for wellness scenes such as yoga studios, wellness centers, and many healthy eating options.

Also read Exploring the World's Most Beautiful Destinations on a Yacht with Yachting & Co to know more about Yacht Charter Ibiza Spain. 

2.Croatia : Croatia is a country that offers much more than just world-class cruising grounds.

It boasts over 1,000 stunning islands home to a diverse array of marine life and natural landscapes, providing endless opportunities for exploration and adventure.

There are plenty of options to explore in this beautiful country for the entire day, which you will remember for your whole life.

Croatia's rooftop bars and pulsating club scene come to life when the sun goes down.


Whether you drop anchor off Carpe Diem on the island of Hvar or dance the night away in Split, the Dalmatian parties are where it's at.

The nightlife is full of romance, as it offers world-famous DJs with live performances to keep you high until the early morning hours.

One of the best things about Croatia is its ease of exploring it.

With so much to see and do, deciding where to head next is your only difficulty.

3.Sardinia : The location can make all the difference when hosting a party. And few places offer natural party acoustics like Sardinia's plunging cliffs, taking a yacht party to a new level of excitement and entertainment.

The island's stunning surroundings and rocky shoreline make it the ideal setting for an unforgettable celebration.

The heart of Sardinia's party scene is in the district of Costa Smeralda, where the three towns of Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo, and Baja Sardinia offer various nighttime entertainment options.


If you're searching for a place that caters to wild partygoers and those who prefer a relaxed beach vibe, this location covers you. However, Sardinia offers more than just parties, making it an excellent choice for a superyacht charter. 

Book your dream Sardinia luxury yacht charter today and experience the ultimate Mediterranean adventure with Yachting and Co.

The island boasts breathtaking beaches, picturesque villages, historic sites, and exceptional cuisine worldwide. With so much to explore, Sardinia is the ultimate destination for those seeking luxury, entertainment, and adventure.

Read and discover more about the ultimate Mediterranean adventure by chartering a luxury yacht .

4.Monaco : Monaco is the ultimate party destination on the French Riviera, offering luxury, glamor, and entertainment like no other.

With its beautiful weather, world-class entertainment, and prestigious marinas, it's no wonder that Monaco remains a top choice for yacht parties well into late summer.

The weather in Monaco is beautiful for months, making it a thriving party destination well into late summer.


Monaco caters to diverse preferences, whether you're seeking a wild night out or a more refined and elegant affair.

When it comes to berthing your yacht in Monaco, Port Hercules is the place to be.

This prestigious marina provides a glamorous party atmosphere, with plenty of opportunities to spot celebrities and rub shoulders with the rich and famous. Experience the luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean with Yachting and Co and explore old-world charms and beautiful white-sand beaches. 

And with numerous companies nearby to help you organize a fantastic yacht party, you will create memories that will last a lifetime.

5.Miami : Regarding yacht parties, Miami is a destination that offers diverse events and attracts a broad range of clientele.

As the only destination on our list outside the Mediterranean, this lively city is a popular choice for yacht parties, and it's easy to understand why.

This summer, Miami Beach is set to host many yacht parties, ranging from ticketed luxury events to more unconventional gatherings.


The laid-back tropical atmosphere of Miami Beach is the perfect setting for a party on board a mega yacht.

Miami Beach is the best place to explore and offers a range of activities to suit everyone's preferences. Its stunning beaches, exceptional cuisine, and lively nightlife make it a popular destination for yacht parties. It's no wonder why Miami is a top choice for those seeking an unforgettable experience.

Find out how you can enhance your summer vacation with a luxury yacht charter in the mediterranean .

Conclusion: While you don't need a reason to host an excellent superyacht party, special occasions provide the perfect excuse to celebrate in style.

The privacy, luxury, and personalized touch that come with a superyacht charter make it the ultimate party platform and the perfect way to create unforgettable memories with loved ones.

Q: What is a superyacht party?

A: A superyacht party is a luxurious and exclusive event held on a private yacht. It's an upscale gathering that provides guests with a unique and lavish experience.

Q: What makes these destinations ideal for a superyacht party?

A: These locations offer stunning natural beauty, crystal-clear waters, and scenic coastlines, providing a picturesque backdrop for a superyacht party. They also have a vibrant nightlife, top-notch restaurants, and exclusive beach clubs that cater to high-end clientele.

Q: How can I organize a luxury superyacht party?

A: You can hire a yacht charter company to organize superyacht parties. They can assist you in selecting the right yacht, creating a customized itinerary, and arranging all the necessary logistics to ensure a seamless and unforgettable experience.

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How to behave (and get invited) aboard the best superyacht party at the Monaco Grand Prix

By Eleanor Halls

Image may contain Transportation Vehicle Boat Ferry and Yacht

Monaco Grand Prix is just around the corner, and while the cars are the stars of the show (obviously) the yachts are the stars of the after-party. (Don’t pretend you’re there for the wheels over the wine.) In Monaco, where there are more Ferraris per square metre than anywhere else in the world, more money per mile than your local bank and more supermodels per Skinny Prosecco bottle than the Met Gala, these parties are something to write home about.

Read more: Inside the secret world of superyachts

And there’s one party in particular. Nicholas Frankl, three-time winter Olympian and owner of luxury events company My Yacht Group , has been hosting the most exclusive Grand Prix parties aboard superyachts for the last twelve years. The first, held in 2005, was attended by none other than His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco, who’s been coming back for more ever since. What better stamp of approval can you get? So we asked Frankl, the most popular man in Monaco, what makes a good party, how to blag yourself an invite, how not to gatecrash, the best yacht party etiquette as well as which A-Listers get an invite, and which ones don’t…

Read more: How to charm yourself onto a superyacht

How to throw a good party

**Get the right champagne and caviar **

You’re only as good as your last event. You have to stay humble, stay hungry, and don’t believe the PR. These are six-figure receptions. You have to make sure your Perrier-Jouët champagne is first class – cold and chilled – and that the caviar is ready upon arrival. We probably go through 200 bottles of £300 a bottle Perrier-Jouët champagne. We’ll go through Whispering Angel, and Garrus – their finest rose. We’ll go through three kilos of French organic caviar. We also have a live cooking station with caviar and truffles.

Image may contain Cosmetics and Bottle

Don’t overcrowd

We rent a £40 million, 160-foot superyacht for just under a hundred thousand a night, and have a strict capacity of 100 to 120 guests and 40 staff. The tipping point of human intimacy and interaction is about 100-120 guests – that’s actually in the book, The Tipping Point . Vijay Mallya throws a party on his boat every year with 600 people – it’s pandemonium, and nobody likes it. Unless you’re getting absolutely ratted it just doesn’t work.

Get the gift-bags right

We gift £100-150 Bvlgari candles to guests, as the bathrooms are done up with Bvlgari scents.

Image may contain City Town Urban Building Downtown Metropolis Human Person Architecture Pedestrian and Night Life

How to behave appropriately

Don’t smoke

There’s no smoking on board, but there’s a smoking area, which isn’t a very popular area, as none of the athletes smoke. It’s mostly a couple of French guests puffing on Gitanes. However, we do have a cigar tent, offering Davidoff cigars and Martell cognac.

Take off your shoes

Everybody must take off their shoes, which are then checked and numbered. Whether it’s evening or daytime, you don’t wear shoes on a superyacht because of the very fine teak decking. Plus, it really helps to lower the ego – literally. Most people on my yacht receptions are high achievers, they’re in the public eye, and so they carry a certain gravitas. Some of the beautiful women on board are very statuesque and very tall so it can be intimidating.

Even if you’re famous

A couple of years ago, when the party was in full swing, and we had HSH Prince Albert II on board, Nigel Mansell, Lewis Hamilton, Stefan Johansson, Jean Todt, Michelle Yeoh, and a whole great group of amazing people, we had a very high profile model and fashion designer refuse to take off her Louboutin shoes. She was about six-foot three. I went up to her and politely asked her to take them off, and she said, ‘I’ll only take them off as soon as you’ve introduced me to, and I’ve had a photography with, His Serene Highness.' And so I said, ‘Excuse me Albert, can I borrow you for one moment for a photograph, then we can get this situation sorted out.’ So we had the introduction, and the photograph, and she was very happy, trotted off, and took off her shoes. Even HSH takes off his shoes!

The Adidas Samba OG ‘Cardboard’ is this summer's incoming grail

By Adam Cheung

Who will be the next James Bond?

By Conrad Quilty-Harper

Thanks to Joe Freshgoods, the New Balance 1000 is coming back with a bang

Don’t get on the naughty list

We have a roster of plus ones who have got too drunk in the past and who we don’t want on board again. But as long as you don’t get too drunk and nick the furniture, you’re generally going to be ok. You’d be amazed how many people walk off with the ash trays and lighters!

And don’t be naughty

Generally there are no shenanigans, although there was one couple who were quite amorous in one of the rooms…

Don't be a lad

It’s a very sophisticated, civilised environment. You’re on a beautiful multi-million pound superyacht, you’re in the harbour of the Monaco Grand Prix, it’s one of the most opulent experiences in the world, the palace of Monaco is just over your shoulder, everyone’s dressed beautifully, it’s not really an environment for kicking down with some beers and wolf whistling girls. That might happen on other yachts but it doesn’t happen on mine.

How to blag yourself an invite

Don’t be bait

I’m a very popular guy in Monaco. I live there, and everybody knows what I do, so the first thing the society ladies say to me is: ‘Hi Nicholas, what time is your yacht party this year?' Or, ‘What’s the name of your yacht this year?’ They don’t even care if they get invited, as long as they know the name. I know if I go to a certain friend’s house where they’re having a dinner party for 20 or 30 people, two or three weeks before the Grand Prix, the first question will be ‘Where’s my invite?’ So I try and hide before the Monaco Grand Prix.

Don’t try and fool security

We are very, very, strict, with multiple levels of security and wrist bands. We even have the secret service because Prince Albert is there. So although it’s not foolproof it’s pretty tight. We get people using other people’s names, but we check IDs and everyone gets stamped and double checked before they get on the boat. It’s quite challenging to get on. I know people who’ve scaled the walls of Vanity Fair parties, or taken photos of IDs and had them reprinted, but on this boat, there’s only one way.

Don’t cause a scene

The troublemakers are almost always high-society women. They have this sense of entitlement, and feel that they should go straight on with their five friends who weren’t invited. Some of them have proper hissy fits. Nobody likes to be embarrassed in public, but the problem is they embarrass themselves. They think they can go to any party they like.

Get there late

You have a better chance of getting on if it’s at the end of the evening, let’s say 12 o’clock. A lot of the key guests have come, eaten and gone home. We close at one o’clock (officially), but if we have His Serene Highness on board then he doesn’t leave until three. The after-party is in the V-VIP section on the bow of the boat.

Get a recommendation

You have to have a recommendation. You can’t just be random. If someone important texts me and says, ‘So and so is going to pass by, is that ok?’ then I’ll do my best.

**Dress smart ** The dress code is cocktail attire. Women don’t tend to wear long dresses since they have to take off their shoes. Everyone brings out their best jewellery since it’s such a safe environment for those kinds of pieces. A lot of the guys wear incredible time pieces , like Richard Miele and Tourbillon. It’s a bit of a watch show sometimes.

Image may contain Petra Němcov Tie Accessories Accessory Human Person Suit Coat Clothing Overcoat and Apparel

**Roll up **

A lot of our guests are car collectors, so they’ll have 50 or 100 incredible cars that you would never drive on the street. Last year, we hosted a car made by Henrik Fisker: a one-off Mercedes Royale, which is a modern recreation of the old 600 Mercedes limousine from the Seventies. That was amazing. All the guests turn up in Rolls Royce’s, Bentleys, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, limited editions and roadsters.

** Be more like Buzz Aldrin**

Buzz Aldrin , the second man on the moon, can ring me up and say ‘Nicholas, I want to come’, and he can come anytime. He doesn’t drink anyway so he’d be a cheap guest anyway, but he’s a guy I actually want to talk to. So is Felix Baumgartner, and Olympic champion Michael Johnson. These are achievers in real life disciplines, rather than ‘I’ve got a big bottom so I’m famous.’ It’s not all about celebrities. I think these people get a lot of publicity as it is for not doing very much.

But less like the Kardashians

I’ve turned away names you’d know better than your mother’s name. For example, one is a very well-known singer and the other has a very large bottom … I don’t need to have them on board to do me a favour. And quite honestly most of the guests don’t care who they are.

And get a girlfriend like Ivanka

Ivanka Trump wanted to come a few years ago, and when I met her she couldn’t have been more charming, more polite, more courteous, and more down to earth. Compared to all the other women I meet in Los Angeles I can tell you she’s one of the more pleasant ones. Of course I’d let Donald Trump and Melania Trump on too. I might not respect their politics but I would respect the office of who they are.

Image may contain Clothing Apparel Human Person Shirt Home Decor Suit Coat Overcoat Fashion and Alistair McGowan

My Yacht Group is partnered with charities such as Prince Albert 2 , The Blue Angel Foundation and Operation Healing Forces .

The best watches at the 2024 Oscars

By Cam Wolf

12 best Rolex watches (and the icons who helped make them famous)

By Brynn Wallner

The new Breitling Aerospace kicks off a landmark year that promises big energy only

By Mike Christensen

The 20 most creative companies in the world

By Alex Hoyt

How to dress like a really cool French guy

By Thor Svaboe

16 expert-approved new automatic watches to get your hands on

By Scarlett Baker

The best men's polo shirts for piqué-ing your interest

By Heidi Quill

TJB Super Yacht logo in white

How to plan the perfect superyacht party

Our top ten tips for planning your superyacht party

Do you have an upcoming milestone event that deserves a special celebration? At TJB Super Yachts we have helped create some of the most exquisite superyacht parties for our clients. We have selected the perfect boat, crew and destination and taken all the stress of research and planning into our hands. We know which magic ingredients need to come together to create a relaxed party atmosphere that feels authentic and spontaneous but orchestrated behind the scenes to the tiniest detail. Here are some of our top tips for your first superyacht party that we’ve honed from years of experience.

1 – plan ahead

The more time you give us, the more choice of yachts, destinations and berths we have to play with. Are you planning to host a superyacht party during the festive season such as St Barths for New Year or a global event such as the Monaco Grand Prix, Cannes Film Festival or Miami Art Basel? We advise booking your superyacht charter no less than 18 months in advance. Planning ahead gives you time to ask your favourite people to save the date – after all,  you want to be surrounded by your A-list on the night.

2 – the yacht

Some of the superyachts have been custom-designed with luxury entertainment in mind. If you want to create a wild party atmosphere with space for everyone to dance together, there are superyachts with decks that transform into nightclubs and purpose-built spaces for live entertainment or DJs. If you want to create a pool-party vibe we can recommend some excellent superyachts with large pools and al-fresco decks with plenty of space for bigger groups. You might be looking for a more intimate space for the ultimate dinner party, in which case we will have the perfect superyacht in mind.

3 – the destination

Although the yacht is often the first big decision when planning a superyacht party, the destination plays a big part. We will discuss your vision and advise on a location that will enhance the event. Do you plan to sail your guests into the sunset and give them an Instagram-worthy backdrop of the coastline? Or are you looking to remain in your berth surrounded by twinkling city lights?

If you want to keep the party atmosphere going at VIP beach clubs on land, islands such as Ibiza in the Balearic Islands, Mykonos in Greece or Montenegro are known for their VIP nightclubs and exclusive beach bars. Finally, consider the location. If you are planning an event for New Year’s Eve in the Caribbean, book ahead for the best views of the fireworks. We always advise that the destination becomes part of the experience – you never want your guests to lose a sense of place.

super yacht party

4 – the dream team

The next critical decision that will dictate the success of your superyacht party is your crew. The good news is that we handpick our superyachts with the best crew to look after you so you can relax and enjoy the event. We never underestimate the importance of the crew on a superyacht, and we are in direct contact with everyone on board, from the experienced captain to your private chefs and 24/7 personal concierge. We only work with a team that matches the same high standards and welcoming approach we insist on at our own offices at TJB Super Yachts. 


We have excellent relationships with the crew and captains of the superyachts we charter for our clients. Our commitment to service means you can trust us with your vision and leave your celebration safe in our hands. We will ensure nothing is lost in translation and take care of all the logistics and admin. From managing your guest list to planning the timings, music, entertainment, food and beverage, we pride ourselves on meticulous attention to detail.


Superyacht technology is growing faster than ever. When selecting the right yacht charter for your party, it’s important to think about what tech you need to perfect the experience. Some of the yachts we work with have been custom-designed with lighting that reflects the mood of each space. Superyachts equipped with emotional technology (E.T.) are improving every year, creating a truly immersive experience on board. Some yachts have an LED-sensitive dancefloor and video wall that reveal themselves after dark and change colour tone according to the style of the music. The inbuilt audio specification in the yachting industry is also improving, allowing DJs or live bands to plug in with just a laptop and deliver a concert-quality experience of your favourite music.  

super yacht party


Giving your superyacht party a theme (even if it’s something as simple as an elegant colour scheme) can be a great way to tie the event together and make the evening feel unique and personal. From the moment the bespoke party invitation arrives, a theme will connect your guests to the adventure ahead. We are masters in experiential travel, and we have years of expertise when it comes to planning the intricate details of a superyacht party.


Whether you are planning the ultimate dinner party or a wedding reception, we know which yachts will work best for the scale of your superyacht party so that your guests never feel cramped. Do you want a pool in the daytime that can turn into a dance floor at night? No problem!

super yacht party


Making sure your guests feel special from the very beginning is part of our TJB Super Yachts service. From bespoke packing lists sent before they arrive to beautiful luxury gift bags when they leave, we will take care of the little touches that make a big difference. We can arrange onboard beauticians and wellness facilities to keep guests feeling fresh and a host of entertainment options to surprise and delight them throughout the event. We will manage the personal requests of your guest list, including dietary requirements to ensure everyone feels relaxed and at home.


If your party continues into the next day, we will find a superyacht that includes everything you and your guests need to enjoy the water and sunshine. We’ll make sure you have space for sunbathing based on the number of guests, and a variety of superyacht water toys to enjoy the ocean. Most of our superyachts have spa-quality wellness rooms for deep relaxation after a night of dancing.

super yacht party

Are you thinking of planning a superyacht party? Get in touch with our experienced team of yacht brokers, and we will take care of all the details.

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How to Host a Yacht Party.

How to Host a Yacht Party

super yacht party

A yacht party is a fantastic change of pace from dinner at a restaurant or a backyard cookout. Yachting isn’t a common thing for a lot of people, so there’s a natural excitement built into the event, even if the boat never leaves the dock. All you have to do as the host is play into that vibe, and you’ve got yourself a successful event.

Discover yacht rentals near you— Only at Boatsetter

One of the best things you can do when inviting guests to a yacht party is to inform them in advance about general etiquette aboard a boat. Friends who are landlubbers will not know, for instance, that it’s customary to leave your shoes in a dock box before boarding a boat.

Tell them ahead of time that their feet will be on display so they can get a pedicure, buy a cool pair of socks or invest in a little toe jewelry to feel comfortable throughout the party. They’ll also appreciate the pro tip of wearing shoes that are easy to slide on and off without having to sit down and deal with laces or straps.

A group of friends on a yacht at sunset.

And, for yacht parties during the day, encourage your guests to dress for the sun. Have sunscreen on board to use, and offer helpful suggestions like bringing a hat, a light shirt to cover easy-burn spots like shoulders and the back of the neck, and perhaps linen pants or a sarong for legs that don’t see the sun too often. Polarized sunglasses also help stay comfortable throughout the day on board.

Think bigger-picture about how people should dress: if your yacht party is during the day, then your guests might bring a small bag of clothes for later; you’ll need a place on the yacht to put those bags. Your yacht party may extend into the night, which means there could be a big swing in the temperature, so encourage guests to bring clothing that can be layered on and off.

READ MORE: 5 Secrets Boat Clubs Don’t Want You to Know

If the party will include the boat leaving the dock, then advise your guests about the golden rule of remaining upright: one hand for you, one hand for the boat. Yes, you can carry a plate of hors d’oeuvres or a cocktail in one hand, but whenever the boat moves, you always want one hand free to grab a rail, a handhold, or anything else you might need to steady yourself. Helping new boaters stay safe underway should be priority one!

A group of friends on a yacht.

In terms of hosting, think about serving a steady array of finger foods instead of a big, sit-down meal. The little stuff is easier to store and cook quickly, and it’s a better option to offer people a variety of foods if the boat is moving since some people may be a bit more sensitive than others.

Skip the things that come on skewers (those little sticks never end up in the trash, and they can poke bare feet if they end up on deck ). Instead, think about crudites, bruschetta bites, and boneless wings that leave no refuse behind.

Also, have soft drinks such as ginger ale and lemon-lime soda on hand to help soothe any bouts of seasickness . Ginger is another well-regarded remedy and can be served as a chewable or in a cup of iced tea.

Sometimes, yacht parties are themed, with everything from steel-drum players to belly dancers aboard for entertainment. Swim parties are, of course, a go-to favorite, as are “Under the Sea” parties with a seafood spread. You can go with a color, or a lack thereof, such as an all-white party, or encourage people to wear Hawaiian shirts for a Polynesian night .

A group of friends swimming off a yacht.

Music is a must. So don’t forget to create a playlist to go with your theme. It’s hard to go wrong with boating standbys such as Jimmy Buffett, Bob Marley, and the Beach Boys. More than a few great singalongs have started with “Rock the Boat” by the Hues Corporation or “Banana Boat (Day-O)” by Harry Belafonte.

Yes, that last suggestion is about as polar opposite as you can get from “Under the Sea,” but that’s the beauty of a yacht party. It can be anything you want it to be.

Best of all: you don’t need to own a yacht to throw a party on one. You can rent a yacht for a half-day or full-day and host your party on the rental instead! If you happen to be one of the lucky few who own a yacht, you can list it and rent it out to the large market made up of people daydreaming about their day out on a yacht or hosting their own yacht party.

Boatsetter is a unique boat-sharing platform that gives everyone— whether you own a boat or you’re just renting — the chance to experience life on the water. You can list a boat , book a boat , or make money as a captain .

List your yacht & start earning an extra income renting it out

Kim kavin

Kim Kavin has been on boats in more than 50 countries and islands, including in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, South Pacific, Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia. She grew up learning to steer a ski boat and Hobie Holder at her grandfather’s lake house in New Jersey, and went on to spend time aboard everything from America’s Cup racing sailboats to submarines. 

Kim is a PADI-certified scuba diver and animal lover who always enjoys a good, long look around a coral reef. Her award-winning writing and editing regularly appears in national marine magazines and on leading websites. In her early years, she was a Dow Jones editing intern and a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism. When she’s not writing, Kim can usually be found hiking northwest New Jersey’s beautiful park trails with her adopted shelter mutt, Ginger.

Browse by experience

super yacht party

Explore articles

super yacht party

Plan Your Hawaiian Getaway – The Maui Travel Guide

yacht rentals

Calm Down People! You don't need experience to go boating!

super yacht party

5 Reasons to Go Boating in San Diego with Boatsetter

super yacht party

How to Choose a Charter Boat Captain

super yacht party



Super yachts.

These party yachts are for groups of 150 to 1000 guests. Company parties or corporate events, a large yacht wedding or school event, these party yachts have room for dining, lounging, dancing, and DJs or bands. Legend party yachts are available fully catered with beverage service. We offer a full crew for hourly, daily, or weekly yacht rentals. Contact us to get an instant quote .

Wedding Yacht

150' SkipperLiner 400 Seated I 400 Buffet 400 Guest Capacity

105 Ft Party Yacht

105' Super Yacht   150 Seated I 200 Buffet 250 Guest Capacity

Party Yacht Grand

Grand Party Yacht 300 Seated I 300 Buffet 300 Guest Capacity

140 Ft Super Yacht

140' Super Yacht 350 Seated I 450 Buffet 450 Guest Capacity

Our party yachts have elegant bows ideal for socializing, star gazing, and sightseeing, comfortable lounges, and spacious dining areas that are perfect for weddings, and special events. Each yacht features surround sound with (AM/FM/DVD/IPOD), LCD TVs, & various tender depending on the yacht but may include inflatable boats, multifunction dinghies, and Sea-Doos or Jet Skis.

145 Ft Super Yacht

145' Super Yacht 408 Seated I 497 Buffet 550 Guest Capacity

150' Party Yacht Adventure

150' Super Yacht 350 Seated I 400 Buffet 550 Guest Capacity

151' Party Yacht Lord

151' Super Yacht 500 Seated I 650 Buffet 850 Guest Capacity

222' Party Yacht Inspiration

222' Super Yacht 1000 Seated I 1000 Buffet 1000 Guest Capacity

*All photos are actual yachts in our fleet.


Party yachts | boats up to 80 guests, party yachts | boats up to 150 guests, super party yachts up to 2000 guests.

(310) 827-2220

Six Tips For Planning Your Yacht Party

Planning a yacht party is no easy feat, but it can be with these six simple tips (and our FantaSea Yachts team to guide you along the way). Since 1980, we’ve had Southern California covered with our Marina del Rey party yacht rentals — from the ever-popular yacht wedding and celebratory yacht rentals to the premier Los Angeles yacht party . Ready to start planning? It’s smooth sailing (pun intended) from here on out!

Build your guest list

Big bash or intimate affair? Determining a headcount right from the beginning will help ease the headache of unaccounted for space issues and expenses. This will also help determine the best yacht rental for your soiree — not to mention your budget!

Here are some suggestions for putting together your guest list. 

Initial planning for your guest list could include everyone that comes to mind. Basically, you start big and pare down depending on the yacht size, budget, and event. A retirement party might include employees as well as their significant others. On the other hand, a corporate team-building event would limit guests to employees only. 

For weddings, you could start with an A list and a B list where the A list consists of close family and friends. The B list consists of everyone else like extended family or business associates. The A list gets the first round of invitations.

Envision your space

Take time to think about the layout of your space. Popular requests include a dance floor, lounge area, formal seating, bar station and dessert table. And, of course, if you have something else in mind, we’d love to hear your ideas! It’s important to envision how your space will be used. This allows you to envision how certain areas might affect the flow of your event and where you might want to avoid bottlenecking and excessive crowding. There are many ways to customize space when you rent a yacht in the Marina.

To theme or not to theme?

Yacht party themes can be general or ultra-specific – both types have their advantages. Mardi Gras or the roaring 20s? Dora the Explorer or Frozen? Refined elegance or 70s disco party? Or do you prefer to keep it simple and focus on certain colors and hues? 

The advantage of having a detailed and specific theme is that it eliminates possible confusion for your guests. Everything from dress, food, formality can be included under the umbrella of a theme. Think of it as a party blueprint. 

On the other hand, a less restrictive theme creates an ambiance that complements your event – under the stars with twinkle lights for an evening yacht birthday party or shimmery silver colors for a wedding anniversary. 

Whatever you decide, the theme will set the tone for your event. And a theme will help build your accents, decor, and other creative touches. Once you set the course, the fun is in the details.

Customize with details

Speaking of details…don’t shy away from them. Whether it’s using an inside joke as the name of your signature cocktail , a customized dessert table or incorporating family heirlooms and photos at your celebration, the magic…as they say…is in the details. This is your chance to wow your guests with personalized efforts that will leave a lasting impression. Your Los Angeles yacht party can show your personal touch. Embrace it!

Delight with entertainment

Do your guests like to swarm a dance floor? Book a DJ that will get your crowd moving. Or do you like to move to live beats? From large big bands to smaller trios, live entertainment can seamlessly take your event from dinner to dancing. Planning a kids party? Welcome a magician or your child’s favorite character aboard.

Other ideas include cigar rolling, spirit tasting, poker tables and lawn games like cornhole (we’ve held games on our FantaSea One skydeck!), all of which are popular ways to keep your guests smiling and buzzing with energy. The possibilities with a yacht party are endless.

Consider your guests

There are a multitude of ways to make your guests feel special. From gluten-free to vegetarian to vegan, there is no shortage of ways to accommodate your guests with a delicious meal that meets their dietary restrictions. Collect those requests with your RSVPs. Accessibility needs? Address those from the start to ensure a comfortable environment. Hosting an open bar? Consider partnering up with a rideshare company to offer a promo code to your guests. These are different ways to make your guests feel valued, important and truly connected to your celebration.

Ok, sign me up! What’s next?

Ready to rent a yacht for a party? There is nothing quite as unique as a Los Angeles yacht charter and we’re the team to help bring your unique vision to life. We invite you to give us a call at 310-827-2220 or click here to submit an event query form to get you one step closer to hosting your dream bash.

People Also Ask:

What do you bring to a yacht party? We take care of everything, but, depending on the occasion, guests could bring items like sunscreen or a light jacket for cooler weather. Our expert planners will ensure your guests know what to expect well in advance of your yacht party.

How much does a yacht party cost? Depending on the number of guests, the day of the week, and catering selections, an event could be anywhere from $150 – $200 per person.

super yacht party

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Man standing on a yacht with a glass of Champagne, celebrating his retirement party. Guests in background.

March 11, 2024

corporate yacht party

September 22, 2023

September 14, 2023

revitalize with a company party on a marina del rey yacht

August 23, 2023

August 16, 2023

birthday yacht rental in marina del rey

July 26, 2023

FantaSea is the premier provider of yacht charters and rentals in Southern California. We’re ideal for weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, yacht parties, and all celebrations!

Phone :  (310) 827-2220 Email :  [email protected]

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Exclusive Superyacht Parties

  • Layout of the yachts
  • Charter rates
  • supporting charities
  • specifications

Visitors book

Exclusive Superyacht Parties manage two superyachts based in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. 

One of the yachts - Lady Tatiana of London - has undergone a major recreation of the flybridge and has an exclusive, very unique, party deck. She can now lend herself to exclusive : 

Luxury Super Yacht Charters

Hen parties,

Stag parties,

Pre and post wedding receptions,

Birthday parties,

Anniversary parties,

Themed parties,

Product launches,

Team building events,

Team building weekends

Casino / Poker weekends

and a lot lot more.

Both yachts have 5 en suite guest cabins. Lady Tatiana's party deck has full panoramic views either enclosed or fully open with 6 huge skylights exposing the deck to over 90% of the sky and surrounding views. She now has a covered entertainment area of the aft deck, saloon and party deck totalling over 80 square meters. Furthermore when coupled with Lady Alhena (her sister ship), there is accommodation for up to 20 guests sleeping on board in the 10 en suite guest cabins. The party deck as well as being huge, luxurious and comfortable, is very unique in that it has been bespoke designed by an ex-DJ and a sound engineer. The phenomenal surround sound system is driven by over 20,000 Watts of power. There is a spectacular light show on and off the party deck with lasers, mirror balls, led rope lights, spotlights, smoke machine... There is a DJ booth with a Pioneer DJ console, an Alfresco bar with luxury seating and bartender/cocktail makers enclosure. 

The company acknowledges the importance of giving back and accordingly undertakes that a donation of 10% of the charter fee will be made to a charity of the charterer's choice upon receipt of funds as per its pledge to support charities.

   Please note that this site is being regularly updated.

Chill video

Party video, drone party deck video, lady tatiana party deck, photo gallery.

Copyright © 2022 Exclusive Superyacht Parties - All Rights Reserved.

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129 Super Yacht Party Stock Videos, 4K Footage, & Video Clips

Browse 129 super yacht party videos and clips available to use in your projects, or start a new search to explore more footage and b-roll video clips..

video thumbnail

A look at the most expensive superyachts at the Palm Beach yacht show and their insane features, from basketball courts on deck to ice baths and saunas

  • The Palm Beach International Boat Show kicks off later this week.
  • Eight megayachts are expected to be on display for would-be buyers and charter customers.
  • These are the show's biggest yachts — and how many millions of dollars they are going for.

Insider Today

The Palm Beach International Boat Show — the yacht world's flashiest event stateside — is returning this year with over 800 boats for both deep-pocketed potential owners and window shoppers to peruse.

While it's impossible to know what exactly will be on display until the show begins on Thursday, it's expected that eight megayachts — generally defined as ships over 60 meters long — will be docked at the show and at nearby marinas like the Rybovich Marina in the ritzy Florida town.

Some of these are for sale at eye-popping prices, but others are available to charter in case you fancy living like a billionaire for a week or two this summer (and if you have six figures to spare on a vacation).

These are the eight biggest yachts that will be at the Palm Beach International Boat Show and nearby marinas, in size order.

Nero: 90.1 meters

Price: From $497,000 a week (charter) Standout features: Pizza ovens, beauty salon, massage room, resistance pool

Reportedly owned by Irish billionaire Denis O'Brien, Nero is modeled after J.P. Morgan's 1930s ship , and was built in 2007 and updated in 2021.

She now boasts a gym on her sundeck with multiple cardio machines and a beauty salon, and has an on-board beautician for manicure, pedicure, hair, and massage needs. There's also an upgraded movie theater, two new pizza ovens, and both a pool and a jacuzzi.

For those who want to go overboard, she has more than a dozen toys, including a waterslide, Jet Ski, and flyboard.

Victorious: 85 meters

Price: From $876,600 a week in the summer and $950,000 a week in the winter Standout features: Hammam (Turkish bath), wine cellar, wood-burning fireplace, children's playroom

Victorious brings a party vibe to the yacht show. With a beach club on board, a wine cellar, a cigar clubroom , multiple bars, and a lounge with a piano, the vessel is made for entertaining. Plus, there's a playroom and movie theater to entertain the kids.

For tamer charter clients, Victorious has a suite of wellness features such as a gym, massage room, beauty salon and hammam — perhaps a custom request of her owner, Turkish businessman Vural Ak.

She also boasts a treasure trove of water toys, including Jet Skis, jetsurfs, inflatable kayaks, and scuba equipment.

Casino Royale: 72 meters

Price: TBD Special Features: Infinity pool, helipad, private jacuzzi

Purchased and refitted by car dealer magnate John Staluppi last year, Casino Royale is the latest of his James Bond-inspired yachts (he's also owned an Octopussy and a Skyfall, among others).

Casino Royale has a helipad that turns into a dancefloor, an infinity pool, and a wellness center with a gym and sauna. The owner's cabin has its own deck, which features a private bar and jacuzzi.

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However, the boat's price isn't listed, and while she's not necessarily officially for sale, that might change depending on who's prepared to buy, Mr. Bond.

Talisman C: 70.6 meters

Price: $60 million (or from $567,000 a week to charter) Special features: Massage and beauty room, private library

Likely the largest yacht for sale (not just charter) at the show, the Talisman C is a 2011 six-bedroom boat. The owner's cabin comes with an en suite bathroom, dressing room, private library, and crystal chandeliers.

Amenities include a gym, a beauty room, oversized jacuzzi, and a fully equipped bar. Her crew of 19 includes a trained masseuse, and the toy room comes equipped with a wakeboard, eFoil , and WaveRunners.

Joy: 70 meters

Price: From $650,000 a week Special features: Disco club, basketball court, onboard fitness instructor

Superyacht Joy testifies to the fact that owners want as many on-board experiences as they can get.

There's an expansive suite of fitness features, including a basketball court (don't shoot that hoop too hard!), a personal trainer on staff, boxing equipment, and a handful of machines. For post-workout winddowns, there's a spa with a steam room and onboard masseuse. And for entertainment, there's both an outdoor and indoor cinema, and a disco club.

Triumph: 65.4 meters

Price: From $707,600 a week in the summer and $650,000 a week in the winter Special features: Sauna, helipad, banana boat

This 2021 superyacht is named after Triumph motorcycles — a reported favorite of her rumored owner, British businessman Chris Dawson — and even has one on display as an art piece in the upper deck's lounge. The primary suite is 1,400 square feet and has its own study , and there's a sauna, an indoor-outdoor gym, a helipad, and a massage room spread among her six decks.

She boasts an "armada of water toys," including two kinds of Jet Skis, electric water bikes, and a banana boat.

Seanna: 64.5 meters

Price: $54,000,000 (or from $462,000 a week to charter) Special features: marble foyer, movie room, sundeck pool

The recently refurbished Seanna is available for sale and charter.

Her indoor-outdoor gym is on sea level so that passengers can take a dip after a session with the onboard personal trainer. There's also a sundeck pool, a helipad, a two-room massage facility, and, for the more cerebral guests, a library with an electric fireplace.

There are a number of toys on board, including a popular water trampoline and two WaveRunners.

Come Together: 60 meters

Price: $65,000,000 Special Features: DJ and videographer on board, ice bath, sauna

Next-to-new yacht Come Together is looking for a new owner after doing charters during the 2023 season.

The Beatles' influence is evident beyond the yacht's name, with guitars dotting the sky lounge and a crewmember who doubles as a DJ. There's also an outdoor cinema and bar for entertainment and an ice bath and sauna for the day after the party. The owner's suite has a private study and lounge, and each guest cabin has its own ensuite.

The sale includes a number of toys, like Jet Skis, kayaks, and Seabobs.

Watch: Inside the world's biggest cruise ship that just set sail

super yacht party

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Nightlife City Guide

Moscow nightlife beautiful girls

Moscow: nightlife and clubs

Moscow nightlife: despite the freezing weather, the Russian capital gets hot as the sun goes down. Between discos, luxury, exaggerated parties and beautiful Russian girls, the Moscow nightlife offers everything you need for memorable nights.

Moscow nightlife

The city of Moscow is definitely one of the most interesting European cities: the stories about underground lines and secret bunkers, the architecture of its buildings, from the Kremlin to St. Basil's Cathedral, up to the Soviet style of the Seven Sisters and modern skyscrapers, make the Russian capital is a unique and fascinating city.

Moscow nightlife by night

One of the many things that Moscow is famous for is its wild nightlife . Moscow never sleeps. If there is anything true about Russians, it is that they love to party! Despite its freezing weather, Moscow turns out to be a hot city with endless fun, hip nightclubs, extreme luxury, beautiful Russian girls and lots of booze when night falls!

Moscow Russian girls nightlife

In fact, in recent years, the Russian capital has definitively abandoned the gray period of communism and its inhabitants have given vent to their desire for fun. As you might expect in a city of over 12 million people, Moscow has an amazing array of nightlife options and a huge choice for all tastes, whether you are a jazz fan, hardcore clubbers or just plain old alcoholics. The nightlife in Moscow winds through a multitude of alternative and transgressive nightclubs where the watchword is to meet new people and spend a night of unbridled and uninhibited fun . In addition to the numerous discos, in the Russian capital there are also 20 casinos open until dawn. For those who want a break of intriguing relaxation, in the city of Moscow there are also numerous massage salons .

Moscow nightlife

Most of Moscow's nightclubs contain a restaurant, a bar area and a nightclub (the larger ones also have bowling alleys, billiards and a casino!). Perhaps because Moscow is such a large metropolis with very cold temperatures and taxis are so expensive that the owners of the bars and clubs want to offer their customers an all in one place for night entertainment.

So, in other words, Moscow is not the best city in the world for bar-crawling, especially bearing in mind that these multipurpose venues often charge entrance, but rather it is better to carefully choose the club where to spend the night.

For a quieter and more sober evening, head for an evening stroll along the Via Arbat or the Red Square to be fascinated by the lights of the city and the grandeur of the buildings, and admire the shops and street artists. An alternative to experience Moscow's nightlife is to spend an evening of lyric, ballet or opera. The Russian capital is home to around sixty theaters, the most famous of which is the world-renowned Bolshoi Theater (Theater Square, 1, Moscow).

Moscow nightlife Bolshoi Theater

Moscow nightlife districts

Moscow's nightlife is not concentrated in a single district but is scattered throughout the city. However, there are areas with a greater concentration of bars and nightclubs .

The Krasnij Oktjabr (Russian for "Red October") complex, a red brick building located on the island in the center of the Moscow River that once housed a chocolate factory, is dotted with numerous trendy nightclubs and offers spectacular views of the river and the symbolic places of the Russian capital. This is where the most glamorous parties in Moscow take place, there are numerous bars, restaurants and art galleries.

Nightlife Moscow Red October Krasnij Oktjabr

Other neighborhoods with good nightlife are the old manufactory area near the Russian government building which houses some bars, the area around the Trubnaya metro and around Kuznetsky Most , while the Kurskaya groups the clubs with electronic music. We can also mention the area of ​​the Patriarch's ponds, an area that is teeming with quiet bars.

Moscow patriarch ponds nightlife

Clubs and discos in Moscow


The crowd is very mixed. Students, young professionals, techno lovers, tourists all gather at Propaganda. Everyone comes to enjoy the music and have fun. It is one of the few clubs where the dancefloor dominates and there are hardly any tables, apart from a few that overlook the entire space. Propaganda is a restaurant until midnight. You can come earlier for dinner and stay for dancing. After midnight, the staff clears the tables from the dance floor and the whole place turns into a club. The place is different from the usual Moscow restaurant / club hybrids, however, because the atmosphere changes completely from "relaxed restaurant" to "underground electro club". Not to be missed.

Moscow Nightlife Propaganda

There are more areas with different music. In the first area, expect a mix of traditional music and Russian pop songs. In the second, slightly larger area, there is live Russian pop music until 2am. After that it is mostly some kind of electronic music. The club is frequented by beautiful Russian girls around 18-25 years old, stunning students or models, and of course there is a good deal of young Russians, middle-aged men and foreign tourists trying their luck! Unlike many other nightclubs, the Icon is a pure nightclub and not a club turned into a restaurant. In any case, if you like to party in a big club and want to savor the typical Moscow nightlife , this is the perfect solution.

Moscow Icon Club nightlife

The crowd is the same as in other high-end Moscow clubs. Men are rarely under the age of 35 and are committed to giving the impression that money is not an issue. The women are amazing even by Moscow nightlife - if you want to meet Moscow's super models, this is the place! Ideal if you want to toast with the Moscow elite.

Moscow Siberia nightlife

The club is located on two floors. The lower floor is mainly frequented by people hanging out at the bar and is good for conversation. The narrow stairs that perfectly fit the student atmosphere of the club take you to the main floor where the real party takes place, complete with a bedlam and girls dancing on the bar counter. In the summer months there is also an outdoor terrace. The place is always crowded and bouncers unnecessarily queue people - having a table or someone inside can be the key to skipping the queue. Otherwise, you might end up waiting half an hour or more. Come early or come back late if you want to avoid the crowds.

Moscow nightlife Rolling Stone Bar

The crowd that frequents this club is quite mixed. People are less trendy and more underground. The place is suitable for afterhours, so most people arrive from 3am onwards.

Moscow Gazgolder nightlife

Immediately upon entering, you will have the feeling that you have come to the local high school graduation prom instead of a real Moscow nightclub. There is no real interior design, but basically just a large hall with a stage and a bar. The crowd is almost entirely made up of teenagers and young people. Not many of the teens speak English, but it probably doesn't matter after all the alcohol. The music ranges from Russian pop and hip-hop to the most famous international hits. Perfect if you want to party and drink alcohol in one of the cheapest clubs in Moscow .

Moscow Tipsy nightlife

Here too, it's full of beautiful girls and it's also a great place to hit them off, as those who come here are notoriously more approachable. The advice is to be very firm with the girls who approach and to make your intentions clear. If you want to be 100% sure to get in, come at 2am when the club is still uncrowded.

Moscow nightlife Miks Afterparty

Oblaka plays a mix of Russian and international pop music. Occasionally, as in many other clubs, there are performances by Russian pop singers. As is often the case in these types of clubs, the music and DJ are not the best but the guests don't seem to care.

Moscow Oblaka nightlife

Moscow's bars and pubs

The bar looks similar but still distinctly different than regular Moscow posh clubs. Most of the people who frequent this place are over 25, and you can find everything from young professionals to creative types to self-proclaimed models. Great if you want to see the "real Muscovites" celebrate without the overblown flashes of wealth. The proposed music is a strange mix of old and new commercial songs and Russian pop.

Moscow nightlife Bar Klava

Downstairs is a large open space that opens its doors wide in the summer. The interior is rustic, yet elegant, with wooden furnishings and plenty of seating. The interior combined with Ugolek's popularity creates a crowded yet intimate atmosphere, especially on weekends. People come to chat, drink and eat. The upstairs bar has a more welcoming atmosphere. It is smaller, with soft lighting and armchairs to be able to relax. On weekends there is a DJ who mixes electronic music and transforms the bar into a relaxed place, ideal for the pre-party.

Moscow Ugolek nightlife

Map of clubs, pubs and bars in Moscow

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  • St. Petersburg: nightlife and clubs
  • The best cities to celebrate New Year's Eve
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The travel guide for nocturnal animals

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When the US targeted Russia’s oligarchs after the invasion of Ukraine, the trail of assets kept leading to our own backyard. Not only had our nation become a haven for shady foreign money, but we were also incubating a familiar class of yacht-owning, industry-dominating, resource-extracting billionaires. In the  January + February 2024  issue of our magazine, we investigate the rise of American Oligarchy—and what it means for the rest of us. You can read all the pieces  here .

The luxury yacht may be the world’s most exclusive form of transportation. But there are only a hundred-some that meet the definition of a gigayacht—a pleasure craft 295 feet or longer. Their opaque ownership records offer a glimpse of modern wealth and power: Over two dozen are linked to Gulf royals, businessmen, or states, and 20 to citizens (past or current) of the former Soviet Union. At least 23 have reportedly belonged to Americans, including founders of Microsoft, Netscape, Amazon, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. The widow of a German retailer who thrived under Hitler owned one; a UK tax exile and a Formula 1 dad still do. Yugoslav strongman Tito’s old yacht makes the list; Dominican dictator Trujillo’s does too. Take a cruise through the history of the vessels and their—somewhat—more modest sister ships.

super yacht party

1895: Nineteen years before World War I, the future King Edward VII of England punches his nephew, Kaiser Wilhelm II, in the face, after the German’s 121-foot yacht, Meteor II , defeats the royal Britannia in a race off the Isle of Wight.

1954: Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis ushers in an era of postwar one-upmanship with his 325-foot Christina O . It features a pool that converts into a dance floor, furniture made from whale foreskin, and pornographic carvings.

1963: During his final birthday party aboard the presidential yacht Sequoia , JFK chases future Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee’s wife, Antoinette, into the bathroom and gropes her. “I guess I was pretty surprised, but I was kind of flattered, and appalled, too,” she says later. The ship’s visitor logs are destroyed after Kennedy’s assassination.

1984: King Fahd of Saudi Arabia builds the record-breaking 482-foot Prince Abdulaziz .

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1987: Sen. Gary Hart (D-Colo.) drops out of the presidential race just before photos emerge of him with model Donna Rice aboard the yacht Monkey Business .

super yacht party

1988: Donald Trump acquires Nabila , which previously belonged to the Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi and was featured in the James Bond film Never Say Never Again . He renames it Trump Princess , adds a disco, and changes the helipad’s “H” to a “T.”

1991: After one of Trump’s casinos files for bankruptcy, he sells Trump Princess to his bank—which flips it to a Saudi prince. A new yacht, the Trump Princess II , which he boasted would be “something in excess of 400 feet long, closer to 500 feet,” is never built.

British publisher Robert Maxwell’s body is found in the Atlantic Ocean, where he had been cruising on a 180-footer named for his daughter—the Lady Ghislaine . The vessel is eventually resold to Anna Murdoch, Rupert’s second wife.

1994: At a cocktail party on the oligarch Petr Aven’s yacht in the Caribbean, Boris Berezovsky meets Roman Abramovich, calling him a “nice boy who wanted to discuss commercial projects.” He and Abramovich begin working together to acquire Sibneft, a Russian state oil company.

1997: Construction ends on The Limited and Victoria’s Secret owner Les Wexner’s ­316-foot Limitless . The project was overseen by his good friend Jeffrey Epstein.

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1999: Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison buys the 191-foot Izanami from a Japanese seller. He changes the name to Ronin , he said later , after “the local newspapers started pointing out that Izanami was ‘I’m a Nazi’ spelled backwards.”

2001: Months before Enron files for bankruptcy, former CEO Jeffrey Skilling asks a company executive for advice on finding a yacht broker. “This industry is known for crooks and thieves,” he warns Skilling.

2002: House Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-Texas) promises to strip “corporate kingpins of their ill-gotten gains,” after scandals rock Enron and WorldCom. “We’re coming after the yacht.”

2003: DeLay charges donors $500,000 a pop for tickets to a yacht cruise.

2005: Ellison shoots down rumors he issued orders midconstruction to have his newest yacht, the 454-foot Rising Sun , extended to outdo Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s recently launched 414-foot Octopus .

Rep. Duke Cunningham (R-Calif.) pleads guilty to federal bribery charges after being caught living rent-free on a yacht, called the Duke-Stir , that was moored in Washington, DC, and owned by a defense contractor.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s 531-foot Dubai surpasses Prince Abdulaziz as the world’s longest yacht.

2006: Media mogul Barry Diller reveals the world’s longest sailing yacht, the 305-foot Eos , whose prow features a 9-foot-tall sculpture of his wife, Diane von Furstenberg.

2007: Diller opens a Manhattan corporate headquarters­­ at a Frank Gehry­–designed building that itself has been likened to a sailboat . It’s across the street from where Eos ties up.

2008: George Osborne, the No. 2 official in the UK’s Conservative Party, relaxes on Russian aluminum magnate Oleg Deripaska’s yacht while vacationing with his family in Greece. He denies an accusation that he solicited funds, explaining in a statement that they discussed “Russian history” and drank tea.

super yacht party

2009: As his marriage falls apart, Tiger Woods retreats to a 155-foot yacht called Privacy .

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2010: Abramovich’s new ship, Eclipse , surpasses Dubai as the world’s longest yacht. The 533-foot vessel features a submarine, anti-missile systems, and lasers to thwart paparazzi .

2011: During an unsuccessful suit seeking $5 billion he believed Abramovich owed him from the sale of Sibneft, an exiled Berezovsky claims that his former partner helped purchase the yacht Olympia for Vladimir Putin. When the BBC publishes a supporting account from another Russian businessman five years later, Abramovich’s lawyers dismiss the allegation as “a rehash of speculation and rumours.”

super yacht party

2012: As GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney faces criticism for holding investment funds in the Cayman Islands, his campaign invites donors to party on Cracker Bay . The ship, owned by the founder of The Villages retirement community, flies the Cayman Islands’ flag.

2013: UAE leader Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan launches the 593-foot Azzam , surpassing the Eclipse .

super yacht party

2014: The Wall Street Journal reports that Ellison has basketball hoops on “at least two of his yachts” and had someone follow in a smaller boat “to retrieve balls that go overboard.”

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2016: Allen’s Tatoosh drags its anchor through a protected zone in the Cayman Islands, destroying 14,000 square feet of coral.

super yacht party

2017: After leaving office, Barack and Michelle Obama retreat to the South Pacific aboard David Geffen’s yacht, where they’re joined by Oprah, Tom Hanks, and Bruce Springsteen.

Abramovich’s business partner, Eugene Shvidler, blocks views of the Statue of Liberty while anchoring his 370-foot Le Grand Bleu in New York Harbor for a month.

Addressing the national Boy Scout Jamboree, Trump tells an anecdote widely assumed to allude to sex parties on a yacht belonging to the developer of the Levittown suburbs. “You’re Boy Scouts, so I’m not going to tell you what he did,” he said. “But you know life.”

Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-Fla.) buys a yacht and on the same day votes to cut taxes on yachts.

2018: Rupert Murdoch is airlifted to UCLA after collapsing on a yacht trip with his fourth wife, Jerry Hall. “He kept almost dying,” a source tells Vanity Fair .

Republican Florida Gov. Rick Scott designates a billionaire donor’s marina as a special anti-­poverty opportunity zone.

Someone unties Seaquest , a superyacht belonging to Trump administration Secretary of Education (and billionaire) Betsy DeVos, causing it to crash into a dock on Lake Erie.

Businessman Jho Low, who financed The Wolf of Wall Street , is accused of taking part in a $4.5 billion scheme to siphon Malaysian state development funds and using some to purchase a $250 million yacht.

super yacht party

2019: Actress Lori Loughlin is arrested in a college admissions bribery scheme . Her daughter, USC student Olivia Jade, is vacationing in the Bahamas— on a yacht belonging to USC board of trustees chair Rick Caruso.

Following an investigation into corruption in the Nigerian oil industry, the US government auctions off businessman Kolawole Aluko’s Galactica Star , six years after Jay-Z rented out the vessel for Beyoncé’s 32nd birthday. A former Enron unit attempts to claim a portion of the proceeds.

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Clarence Thomas visits an Indonesian preserve for Komodo dragons with billionaire Harlan Crow on the conservative megadonor’s Michaela Rose .

ArtNet reports that a $450 million (reputed) da Vinci that was supposed to be in an Abu Dhabi museum has been spotted hanging in Mohammed bin Salman’s personal yacht, Serene .

Kylie Jenner holds her 22nd birthday party on Low’s yacht, now under new ownership.

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2020: “[I]solated in the Grenadines avoiding the virus,” Geffen writes on Instagram from Rising Sun , which he purchased in 2010. “I’m hoping everybody is staying safe.”

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Steve Bannon is arrested off the coast of Connecticut by US Postal Police while aboard the fugitive Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui’s 150-foot Lady May .

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. dresses up as a character from the TV show Trailer Park Boys for a costume party aboard a NASCAR mogul’s yacht. He later posts a photo of himself to Instagram with his fly unzipped and his arms around his wife’s assistant.

2021: NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre testifies that he took refuge on Illusions , a Hollywood producer’s yacht, after the Newtown and Parkland mass shootings. “I remember getting there going, ‘Thank God I’m safe, nobody can get me here.’”

During a bitter divorce, the Daily Mail reports that Tatiana Akhmedova, wife of the Russian Azerbaijani billionaire Farkhad Akhmedov, hired a team of British special forces veterans to seize his yacht, Luna , in an effort to enforce a Marshall Islands court ruling. They settle instead, and he keeps the boat.

Port Azure , dubbed the world’s first harbor designed exclusively for megayachts, opens in Gocek, Turkey. It bills itself as a place where “problems big and small go away.”

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2022: Amid reports a historic bridge will be dismantled so Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ newly built Koru can leave Rotterdam’s shipyards, residents threaten to pelt the sailboat with eggs . The city changes plans.

A Ukrainian mechanic is arrested in Mallorca for attempting to sink a vessel owned by his boss, a Russian arms dealer.

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Biden promises oligarchs he’s going to “take their ill-begotten gains” after the invasion of Ukraine. “We’re going to seize their yachts.”

Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder avoids a congressional subpoena on the team’s misogynistic culture while cruising the Mediterranean on his yacht, Lady S .

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Missing Russian superyachts are spotted waiting out sanctions at Port Azure.

Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) criticizes Joe Biden for vacationing in Delaware while vacationing on a luxury yacht in Italy.

After sailing through Fiji on his yacht Aquarius , briefly retired Disney CEO Bob Iger tells friends he misses his wife and is bored with life.

New York Republican congressional candidate George Santos brokers a $19 million deal to sell a superyacht called Namaste to a Long Island car dealer.

Bankrupt crypto exchange FTX reveals in court filings that founder Sam Bankman-Fried’s hedge fund once spent $2.5 million on a yacht, which a top executive named Soak My Deck .

2023: Bezos takes possession of Koru . The $500 million, 417-foot sailboat comes with a bust that resembles his fiancée Lauren Sánchez—and its own second, 246-foot “shadow” support yacht with crew quarters and a hangar for the helicopter she pilots.

After divorcing Jerry Hall, Rupert Murdoch vacations on the Christina O with Abramovich’s ex-mother-in-law.

As TV and movie writers and actors strike, the Wall Street Journal reports that Iger, now back at work, has been regaling visitors to his Burbank office about the new, longer yacht he’s building.

Measuring Contest

Iconic gigayachts through the years

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1931: Sea Cloud , Marjorie Post: 359 ft.

super yacht party

1981: Atlantis II , Stavros Niarchos: 380 ft.

super yacht party

2003: Octopus , Paul Allen: 414 ft.

super yacht party

2005: Rising Sun , Larry Ellison: 454 ft.

super yacht party

2010: Eclipse , Roman Abramovich: 533 ft.

super yacht party

2013: Azzam , Sheikh Khalifa: 593 ft.

Illustrations by Anthony Calvert

The Few, The Loud

Some famous faces aboard gigayachts

super yacht party

Steven Spielberg reeled out his anchor off Cannes.

super yacht party

A part of Katy Perry got stuck exiting a dinghy on her way to Barry Diller’s yacht.

super yacht party

Mohammed bin Salman purchased his yacht, Serene , just hours after he saw it.

super yacht party

Jerry Jones made a draft pick aboard his Bravo Eugenia to deepen the Cowboys’ bench.

super yacht party

Mariah Carey was engaged to a gigayacht owner, before the fantasy ended.

super yacht party

What to Know About Donald Trump’s New $60 Bible

super yacht party

In Alabama, Abortion and IVF Helped Flip a Red Seat in a Special Election

Julianne McShane

A photoillustration of Robert Kennedy Jr. as spoiled fruit—with mold covering the left side of his face.

Will RFK Jr. and Other Third-Party Candidates Help Doom Democracy?

super yacht party

This Terrifying Book Is a Must-Read for Every World Leader

Michael Mechanic

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Color photo of nuclear explosion.

America’s Nuclear War Plan in the 1960s Was Utter Madness. It Still Is.

Annie Jacobsen

A golden brown bird soars on a light blue sky.

Two Birders Claimed a Key Record on the Same Day—and Feathers Flew

super yacht party

Supreme Court Appears Unlikely to Roll Back Access to Medication Abortion

A photo illustration of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton holding books with such titles as Policy, Guidelines, Regulations, Standards, Rules, Practices and Compliance.

Ken Paxton Is Going to Take Some Classes on How to Be More Ethical

super yacht party

A List of Weird Stuff the Right Connected to the Baltimore Bridge Collapse

Arianna Coghill

A photoillustration of justice Alito looking suspiciously over his shoulder at a package of Mifepristone

Justice Samuel Alito Falsely Implies Mifepristone Could Cause “Very Serious Harm”

Ron DeSantis behind a podium that says "Don't Allow Florida To Become San Francisco."

Florida Bill Would Purge State Laws of Climate Change Mentions

A collage of someone holding a green smoothie that says, "Rex prescription needed. Drink one smoothie every day"

Meet the Influencer Who “Reverses” Lupus—With Smoothies

Julia Métraux

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Restaurant-Yacht Chaika

Ratings and reviews, location and contact.

Pleasantly surprised, service is good so is the food. Great selection of Fusion food, a mixture of Italian, Japanese, European, Asian etc. A pleasantly nice dining experience, highly recommended, a must try!

Thank you for your feedback and invite you to have lunch or dinner again aboard the ship in an atmosphere of high standards of yacht hospitality.

everything was perfect - the food, the service, the desserts were the best, nice atmosphere and the location - magical

Best food, best view in Moscow. absolutely faultless from arrival to finish. Best risotto i had for many years absolutely perfectly cooked. The view on Ukrainian hotel and the white house by night is amazing

Had to wait for the food for 1.5 hours and then another 20 minutes for the check. Finally called for the manager and he offered... a 10% discount as a compensation. Simply pathetic! The food is mediocre at best. Not bad per se, but one... would expect something better considering the prices. There are many places to eat in area that are much better. Avoid this one at all costs. More

Hello, Alexander Your comment is extremely important for us, thank you a lot for it. We are terribly sorry for your time that you`ve spent waiting your order and we have already taken actions to improve quality of our service and it would be realy... More

Food is very expensive,very pretentious, doesn't worth that money. Portions are very small. We ordered ravioli and there were 4! Four raviolis! For almost 15 euros. Then we asked to bring us dessert menu but nothing, they didn't even bothered, so we payed and left... without dessert. Very poor service for that price. More

This is a very good restaurant. The food is really good, maybe the best in Moscow. The service is also good. The view from the restaurant is great. The prices are very high.

I often visit this restaurant and must say it’s one of the best in Moscow in terms of quality and service. Staff really try hard to make sure that you are happy and satisfied. Customer service is a huge problem in Moscow but Chaika sets... a great example for others in the industry! Food is delicious and the menu has lots of options for everyone! Atmosphere is great and view is beautiful on the embankment. Special thanks to German & Oleg! More

Thank you for your feedback! Again aboard the yacht restaurant "Chaika" in accordance with the high standards of yacht hospitality.

Highly recommended, great location in the city center of Moscow with a superb atmosphere. Too many menu choices, though all delicious!

super yacht party

Thx a lot for your review! We are looking forward to see you in our restaurants.

Visited this lovely restaurant with a friend of mine. It was relaxingly warm August evening - so the place on the river seemed like a good idea. We came quite early and the restaurant was not full. The hostesses kindly offered several places to sit... and we chose to sit on the sofas. We had some wine, which was good. We struggled a bit when deciding about the food as few options (scallops) were not available. Fish on ice on display did not look very fresh. To be honest it was an unusually hot August and it is probably understandable that some see food options were not available. However, we did manage to order something and sat waiting and looking onto the river. My long-legged friend struggled sitting at the low sofa and the manager noticed that, offering as a very good, proper table beside the open window. It was nice touch and I was very pleased by their polite observations and immediate reaction to solve the problem. Food was quite good and presentation was perfect. Perhaps I can something about the food, but 1 visit is not enough to criticize or make a definitive opinion. Overall, quality place, which of course, does not come cheap. I would recommend this restaurant without hesitation. More

Good afternoon! Thank you for your detailed feedback! We are looking forward to seeing you again, we are sure that you will be delighted with our dishes!

I've been here several times during two business trip in Moscow. The overall quality for both service and food is absolutely top-notch, plus the location is very unique.

Hello! Thank you for your feedback! We are looking forward to visiting again!

Located on a boat at Krasnopresenskaya River Bank this 5 Star Restaurant transforms into a party location due to multiple groups hosting events. Impressive wine selection, Asian and European kitchen...

super yacht party

Thx a lot! We are waiting for you!

It is a nice place to gather specially at the lounge The service and staff very good I like the river view The food is almost like all restaurants in Russia they serve different cuisine. Staring Russian appetizer till Asian dishes Presentation and taste amazing... I consider it overpriced little bit More

Good location. Nice views. Good choice of food and drinks. European and Asian menu. Nice service. Pricey enough.

Had a large group dinner here. Food was above average and service quite good. The real attraction is the view of Moscow from the river on a nice night. Great place for a larger group dinner. More

Hello, John We are really pleased by reading that you and your friends were satisfied by our service, client`s experience is the highest value for us. We will be happy to see you again, come and enjoy some new dishes from our chef and nice... More

The luxurious atmosphere of this place, the view and the location make it quite outstanding. We had dinner here with friends and the dishes were amazing, accompanied by a chilled bottle of Chablis, it really made me feel as if it was a part of... the classic Russian movie. More

RESTAURANT-YACHT CHAIKA, Moscow - Presnensky - Restaurant Reviews, Photos & Phone Number - Tripadvisor

  • Service: 4.5
  • Atmosphere: 4.5


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    They'll also appreciate the pro tip of wearing shoes that are easy to slide on and off without having to sit down and deal with laces or straps. And, for yacht parties during the day, encourage your guests to dress for the sun. Have sunscreen on board to use, and offer helpful suggestions like bringing a hat, a light shirt to cover easy-burn ...

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    World Superyacht Awards 2024. Transform any yacht charter into a unique event, yacht party or wedding. Fraser creates superyacht parties, yacht weddings or charter events on all yachts.

  10. Party Yachts 100-1000 Guests

    Super Yachts. These party yachts are for groups of 150 to 1000 guests. Company parties or corporate events, a large yacht wedding or school event, these party yachts have room for dining, lounging, dancing, and DJs or bands. Legend party yachts are available fully catered with beverage service. We offer a full crew for hourly, daily, or weekly ...

  11. Six Tips For Planning Your Yacht Party

    Planning a yacht party is no easy feat, but it can be with these six simple tips (and our FantaSea Yachts team to guide you along the way). Since 1980, we've had Southern California covered with our Marina del Rey party yacht rentals — from the ever-popular yacht wedding and celebratory yacht rentals to the premier Los Angeles yacht party.

  12. Exclusive Superyacht Parties

    One of the yachts - Lady Tatiana of London - has undergone a major recreation of the flybridge and has an exclusive, very unique, party deck. She can now lend herself to exclusive : Luxury Super Yacht Charters. Hen parties, Stag parties, Pre and post wedding receptions, Birthday parties, Anniversary parties, Themed parties, Product launches,

  13. Billionaire Superyacht Showdown: Who's Who In St. Barths For ...

    Last year, we went to the UNICEF Gala with clients at a $300,000 table, followed by an after-party on the billionaire owner of superyacht VAVA II. There are more celebrities than you can count in ...

  14. Setting Sail in Style: 10+ Epic Yacht Party Theme For All Occasions

    Step 3: Determine the guest list: Create a guest list and send out invitations well in advance. Consider the yacht's capacity and ensure your guest list aligns with it. Provide clear RSVP instructions to manage attendance. Step 4: Choose a theme: Select a theme for your yacht party to add an element of excitement.

  15. Billionaire Superyacht Showdown: Who's Who In St. Barths For ...

    Many will stay throughout Christmas on the island of Antigua and then party with the traditional fireworks New Years Eve celebration in St Barths. ... the six-cabin super sailing yacht includes an ...

  16. SuperYacht Times

    Over recent years, Bilgin Yachts has made a name for itself with the production of high quality steel and aluminium, semi-custom superyachts. The launch of yachts such as the 80-metre Tatiana in 2020, and the award winning Leona in 2023 have built global recognition for the Turkish yacht builder and its semi-custom series has continued to thrive.

  17. Super Yacht Party Videos and HD Footage

    Browse 129 super yacht party videos and clips available to use in your projects, or start a new search to explore more footage and b-roll video clips. aerial view around scenic balearic islands. ibiza - super yacht party stock videos & royalty-free footage. 00:20.

  18. SuperYacht Times Party

    SuperYacht Times is the authority in yachting. News, yachts for sale & yachts for charter, cruising destinations and yachting intelligence. Discover all you need to know about SuperYacht Times Party, including the attending fleet, the event calendar and the highlights of the schedule. ... The SuperYacht Times Party is an annual celebration that ...

  19. The SuperYacht Times Party returns on 16th November during METS 2023

    We are excited to announce the return of The SuperYacht Times Party. See more. Event News The SuperYacht Times Party returns on 16th November during METS 2023. Written by SuperYacht Times. 4 Apr 2023 | 14:00 ... Sailing Yachts. Motor Yachts. By Shipyard. Feadship. Benetti. Azimut. Lürssen. Sanlorenzo. Westport. Heesen. SilverYachts. By Type ...

  20. Check Out the Biggest and Priciest Boats at Palm Beach's Yacht Show

    Victorious brings a party vibe to the yacht show. With a beach club on board, a wine cellar, a cigar clubroom, multiple bars, and a lounge with a piano, the vessel is made for entertaining. Plus ...

  21. Moscow: nightlife and clubs

    Gogol Club. (Stoleshnikov lane, 11, Moscow) Open Sunday to Thursday from 12.00 to 23.45, Friday and Saturday from 12.00 to 5.00. Named after the famous Russian writer, Gogol is one of the oldest clubs in Moscow. Hidden in the central alleys of the city, there are two cozy lounges and a summer terrace.

  22. A Brief History of Superyachts

    The $500 million, 417-foot sailboat comes with a bust that resembles his fiancée Lauren Sánchez—and its own second, 246-foot "shadow" support yacht with crew quarters and a hangar for the ...


    Restaurant-Yacht Chaika. Claimed. Review. Save. Share. 185 reviews #547 of 10,703 Restaurants in Moscow $$$$ Italian Seafood Mediterranean. Krasnopresnenskaya Emb., 12A Berth International Exhibition, Moscow 123610 Russia +7 495 777-87-88 Website Menu. Closed now : See all hours.

  24. Natasha Wax & Sony Vibe


  25. $220 Million Superyacht 'Royal Romance' Is Being Force ...

    The closest estimation for a yacht's yearly maintenance is 10% of its value - and Royal Romance is believed to have cost €200 million or approximately $217 million at the current exchange rate.

  26. Radisson Royal Moscow river cruise

    The unique ice-class luxury yachts of the Radisson Royal Moscow Flotilla navigate the Moscow river 365 days a year, regardless of the season or the weather outside. Gorky Park Pier is the second pier in the city from where the Flotilla yachts depart. Let yourselves be amazed by the stunning views and the elegant mastery of our chef as you pass through the very heart of Moscow surrounded with a ...