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The 3 Best Kauai Whale Watching Tours (+ how to see them from shore)

Kauai whale watching tours

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Every winter thousands upon thousands of whales come to Hawaii’s warm waters, much like the islands’ human visitors! The Garden Isle is no exception. Humpbacks begin arriving to Kauai in December and stay to give birth, calf, and play until March when they start to head north again. 

The best way to see these gentle giants is on a whale watching tour, although it’s also possible from the shore! Kauai can be a bit more tricky when it comes to spotting humpbacks and official whale counts show that this island has a bit lower numbers of whale sightings overall than some of the other islands. This only makes spotting these beautiful marine creatures even more thrilling and special. 

Here’s our guide to the best Kauai whale watching tours and where to go if you want to see them from shore!

Want to cut to the chase? Book the best Kauai whale watching tours: Kauai Zodiac Tourz : 14 passenger raft, departs from Poipu, prepare for an adventure! Captain J’s : 28 passenger super raft (more like a boat), leaves from Port Allen Kauai Sea Tours: Cocktail tour : 28 passenger catamaran with drinks; Raft tour : 12 passenger raft, both tours depart from Port Allen

Kauai Whale Watching FAQs

When is the kauai whale watching season.

The peak of the whale watching season in Hawaii officially runs from December to March. It is possible to start seeing whales as early as September and as late as May. You’ll see that most whale watching tours start in December and end in March, whether or not the whales have decided to arrive early or stay late. 

What time of day is best for whale watching on Kauai?

Luckily, whales can be active at any time of day! There’s no specific time window that is particularly best to see whales. 

Our favorite time of day to book a whale watching tour is in the morning as ocean conditions are typically more calm and the heat of the day is a few hours away. The trade winds also start to pick up in the afternoon.

What month is best for whale watching on Kauai?

The Sanctuary Ocean Count takes place on the Hawaiian Islands every year from January to March and has volunteers count whales. This is a great snapshot of the humpback population and how many cetacean visitors each island is getting every year. 

In 2023, the best month according to the official whale count for Kauai was March ( 3.4 whales per 15-minute count period ), but in 2022 it was January. Numbers fluctuate each year and there’s no guarantee that one month will be better than the other. If you’re curious, you can find all of the data on whale counts here . 

As you can see, it really just depends on the year! 

Learn more about Hawaii in the winter and what to know before you book your trip.

What is the best place to see whales on Kauai?

Did you know that it’s possible to see whales from the shore in Hawaii? You could be enjoying a beach day and casually spot whales breaching, tail flipping, and spouting. Pretty incredible! There are a few places on Kauai that are your best bet for seeing whales from the shore. 

The Kīlauea Lighthouse on Kauai’s North Shore is a great place to spot whales and simply a cool viewing point even if they don’t show up. Kapa’a Lookout and Ninini Point are two options on the eastern side of the island.

Several beaches in Poipu, including Poipu Beach , Shipwreck Beach , and the lookout at Makahuena Point are great for spotting whales just swimming on by.

Kauai whale watching tours - Kilauea Lighthouse

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How much is a whale watching tour on Kauai?

Whale watching tours on Kauai are generally similar in price. Tickets for adults range anywhere from $109 to $125 while children can range from $85 to $105. Private tours are also available although these are much more pricey. 

Is a whale watching tour worth it on Kauai?

Honestly, we’re on the fence. It’s your best chance to get up close to a humpback whale and it’s always fun to get out on a boat on the water. But there are plenty of tours that don’t see whales or don’t have many close encounters. We’ve enjoyed the tours we’ve done, but we go out with the expectation that we might not see whales or see them up close. If you’re really set on an incredible whale watching experience, your best bet is to head to Maui . 

Keep in mind that boats need to keep a 100-yard distance away from humpback whales by law . What most boats do is head to an area where they expect whales to be present and turn off the engines. They cannot drive up next to whales for safety concerns. However, a whale may decide to approach the boat on its own – a thrilling experience! 

Because it can be a little more difficult to find whales in the water surrounding Kauai, most tours don’t have guaranteed sightings and won’t rebook your whale watching tour if you don’t see them. While this might be a little bit disappointing, try to keep an open mind. There’s still the chance to see dolphins and other marine life like sea turtles if the whales don’t make an appearance! 

The 3 Best Kauai Whale Watching Tours

Kauai whale watching tours - whale tail

1. Raft Tour from Poipu (South Shore)

You’ll be immersed in the ocean environment on this fast-paced whale watching tour! Kauai Zodiac Tourz has two 25’ Rigid Hull Zodiac boats that they use for their tours, giving whale watching hopefuls an exhilarating ride in search of humpbacks. A ride on board this zodiac is truly an adventure. There’s no shade or bathrooms on board, just you, your fellow passengers, and the open ocean. 

Splashes are almost a guarantee as you’ll be close to the water – but that’s half the fun! This proximity to the water’s surface means that if the whales do come close, you’re going to have an incredible encounter. They also use a hydrophone for capturing whale songs beneath the surface.

Kauai Zodiac Tourz are a more intimate experience as the boat can only hold up to 14 passengers. You’ll hop aboard at the Small Boat Harbor in town. Fruit juice, water, and light snacks are provided. Because of the fast nature zodiac, this tour isn’t suitable for children under 5 or pregnant women.

kauai catamaran whale watching

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Captain J’s Offshore Adventures

Captain J’s Offshore Adventures offers two afternoon whale watching tours on their 37’ Super Raft Kauai Voyager 1. Although many trips head towards the beautiful NaPali Coast, Captain J’s sets off toward the calmer waters off of Poipu and southern Kauai.

Space onboard the Super Raft is similar to what you’d expect on a catamaran. The difference is in its agility which is more like a zodiac. The Super Raft can hold up to 28 people and is a bit more cushy than zodiac boats in that it has bathrooms on board and plenty of shade. A viewing deck provides unparalleled views of the whales, breaching and tail flipping. They also bring a hydrophone to hear the beautiful whale songs.

This tour leaves from Port Allen Harbor and light snacks and drinks are provided. Captain J’s offers the best value ticket price for children at just $85. This is a great savings considering that most charge over $100. Unfortunately, the boat isn’t accessible for children under 5 or pregnant women as it can get bumpy. This tour is also awesome for sunsets!

Kauai Sea Tours

Kauai whale watching tours - whale breaching in the distance

Kauai Sea Tours offers two different whale watching tours, the ‘Imiloa Whale Watching Cocktail Tour and the Whale Watching Discovery Rafting Tour . All of their tours take off from the Port Allen Marina, only a 20-minute drive from Poipu.

The ‘Imiloa Whale Watching Cocktail Tour sails along Kauai’s southern coast on their 40’ express catamaran. This is a cushy ride with padded, forward-facing seats and an awning that provides full shade from the intense Hawaiian sun. There are also two bathrooms onboard. Beer, wine, and Mai Tai’s are on the menu, as well as soft drinks, juice, water, and snacks. Aside from searching for whales, the captain will also regale you with stories and tales of Kauai. 

The Whale Watching Discovery Rafting Tour takes off in the Rigid Hull Inflatable Raft. This is definitely a more adventurous option when compared to their Cocktail Tour as these are the same boats used by Navy Seals! This is a wonderful option if you want to be close to the water and the action should the whales approach the boat. Snacks, water, and soft drinks are also provided.

Check out more great tours for your Kauai trip: Napali Coast Snorkeling & Sailing Tour Mountain Tubing Adventure Wailua River Kayak and Hike to Secret Falls

Kauai whale watching tours - whale tail

Whale Watching on Kauai tips

Seeking out whales on your trip to Kauai can be an unforgettable experience. With a few tips and tricks, you’ll have a wonderful time watching the humpbacks. Here’s what we recommend to make your tour even more memorable:

1. Most Kauai whale watching tours don’t offer rebooking. 

You’ll notice that many whale watching tours on islands like Oahu and Maui offer free rebooking if you don’t see whales. This can be a little tricky on Kauai. While there’s a good chance that you will see whales in the ocean off Kauai from December to March, it’s not guaranteed as it generally is on islands like Maui. Free rebooking generally isn’t offered because it’s a bit more likely that you won’t see whales.

2. Book your whale watching tour early in your trip.

Booking your whale watching tour in the first few days of your trip ensures that you have a larger window of time to potentially book another whale watching tour if you’re really itching to see them (we don’t blame you!). Having the option to book a second chance tour is also a good idea because you can try out a different tour on another part of the island.

Keep in mind that even if there aren’t any whales, there will probably be other beautiful sea creatures like dolphins and sea turtles. If for some reason you don’t end up seeing whales on your whale watching adventure, head to one of our recommended spots on Kauai to see them from land!

Kauai whale watching tours - whale and baby

3. Go in the morning.

While there’s no “best” time to see whales, we highly recommend going in the morning. Not only will you be spared from the (sometimes) searing Hawaiian sun, but these tours are more likely to be less full. Afternoons also mean that the tradewinds will likely start to blow and the water can get a bit more choppy. 

4. Research your vessel ahead of time. 

Be sure to research the vessel of your whale watching tour ahead of time. They range widely from fast and furious zodiacs to slow-moving catamarans. If you’re more prone to seasickness, this can be a major factor in whether or not you have a good time. Those with children or who are pregnant will also need to be extra careful which tour they book as some won’t be suitable. 

While that fast and fun tour on a zodiac might sound like a great time, it truly is for the adventurous at heart. At the same time, those who are looking for an exhilarating adventure might not have as much fun on a more sultry cruise onboard a big catamaran.

Check out more to do on Kauai: 35 Best Things to Do on Kauai (we will surprise you!) The 7 Best Beaches on Kauai in the Winter 24 Things To Do on Kauai with Kids: from toddlers to teenagers

Plan your trip with confidence

Whether you make it to Hawaii for whale season or decide to go another time, cut your planning time down to a fraction with an itinerary . They’re packed with excursion days, the best restaurants, what to pack, all the way down to where to find free parking. We have your whole trip covered.

My husband and I purchased your itineraries for our recent trip to Kauai and Oahu. We found them super helpful, and your recommendations were spot-on. We had a wonderful time, and we didn’t regret a minute of how we spent our time there thanks to your guidance. I really appreciate the effort you put into these and if we ever manage to get back to Hawaii (we loved eating/drinking our way through Honolulu and I hear Maui is absolutely beautiful….), I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase additional itineraries. Claudine

kauai catamaran whale watching

Kauai Wayfinder Itinerary

Get the kauai itinerary.

The step-by-step itinerary takes you to all the best beaches, snorkeling spots, restaurants, and sights. You’ll get six carefully planned excursion days to help you see the can’t miss stops no matter how limited your time is.

Get all the details on our itinerary and download it for a memorable and easily planned trip to Kauai.

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Whale breaching on a Kauai boat tour with Na Pali in the background

"Five minutes out of harbor we were watching 3 whales wrestle...great excursion. Don’t question it. Just do it." – Derek I, Jan 2023

Best Time For Whale Watching in Kauai: A Seasonal Guide

Star class yachts, star na pali dinner sunset sail.

4 hrs Adult $245 Child $205

Star Na Pali Snorkel BBQ Sail

5.5 hrs Adult $245 Child $225

Na Pali Sunset Dinner Sail

4 hrs Adult $215 Child $195

Na Pali Snorkel Picnic Sail

5.5 hrs Adult $215 Child $195

Na Pali Day Expedition

6 hrs Adult $295 Child $255

Raft Whale Watch

2 hrs Adult $99 Child $79

Na Pali Raft Cave Patrol

3 hrs Adult $189 Child $159

Na Pali Raft Snorkel

4 hrs Adult $224 Child $199

" Awesome day on the water! We went on two different trips with Capt. Andy's during our Kauai vacation. The first was a catamaran snorkeling trip to the Na Pali coast, and the second was a raft whale watching trip. Both were fantastic. The crews were great, and we had such a fun time. We saw several whales and lots of dolphins on both trips." – ScarletKnd, Feb 2022

Reader's Choice Awards - 2022 Best Napali Tour Co - Hawaii Magazine

Voted #1 Napali Tour Co. by Hawaii Magazine! – Hawaii Magazine Best of the Best 2023

kauai catamaran whale watching

Kauai Whale Watching Tours with Capt Andy's

Best time for whale watching in hawaii.

The best months for Kauai whale watching are January through March. The best time of the day to whale watch on Kauai is in the morning. The wind is generally gentler in the morning, and the waters are calmer, making it easier to see the whales. Whales are also more active in the morning, as they are feeding and socializing.

Experienced Captains

Capt Andy's has years of whale watching experience having been exploring the Na Pali since 1980. Our captains know how to carefully share the waters with these amazing sea mammals and can provide educational information about the whales on all of the tours.

100 Yard Rule

Our seasoned captains are experienced at scanning the horizon for signs of activity and, when whales are spotted, they cautiously steer towards their vicinity. However, Hawaii's "100 yard minimum" law ensures that boats do not get too close to these endangered species, but it is not uncommon for whales to approach crafts of their own accord, sometimes even swimming under the boat.

Rafts Provide The Closest Action

Ideal for those seeking more adventure, the Wet & Wild Raft Expedition brings you closest to the action. These rapid-moving, 24-foot-rigid-hull inflatables sit low on the water and when whales are encountered, there is a feeling of being right there with them at sea level.


All of Captain Andy's vessels are equipped with hydrophones which allow for listening to the whale "songs", which can be heard from more than 20 miles away and can last up to 20 minutes.

Hawaii Humpback Whale Guide

  • Kauai whale watching
  • Hawaii Humpback whales
  • Whale watching tips
  • Behavior, Migration and Communication

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Catamaran Whale Watch Cocktail Cruise

$ 125.00 🕒2 Hours

Join us for a fun adventure as we go whale watching along Kauai’s south shore to find the gentle giants of the sea. This popular humpback whale-watching tour is featured during the height of Hawaii’s Whale season (Dec. 1- March 31). It is a favorite among wildlife enthusiasts. All ages will delight in the experience.

If activity is canceled due to poor weather, you’ll be offered a different date or a 100% refund .">up to 48 hours before the activity starts ⓘ

Secure your spot while staying flexible ⓘ

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Napali Coast Raft Tour From Hanalei

kauai catamaran whale watching

Niihau & Napali Catamaran Super Tour

kauai catamaran whale watching

Na Pali Catamaran Sunset Sail

kauai catamaran whale watching

Napali Coast BBQ Snorkel Sail


Kauai Secure

Blue Dolphin Charters

South Shore Whale Watch


8.1% taxes and fees will be added at checkout | Discount valid for bookings made 10 days in advance | Full refund with 24 hour notice (72 hours for groups of 10 or more).

Tour Details

Available during Kauai’s Whale Watching Season (December – March).

Share the beauty of Kauai’s south shore with some of the world’s largest and most peaceful creatures. Our Kauai Whale Watching tour is a must do for all wildlife enthusiasts and allows you to cruise the calm south shore waters of Kauai on one of our spacious 65′ catamarans while enjoying the magnificent sight of whales and other marine life.

Enjoy delicious pupus (appetizers) along with sodas, juices, beer, wine and Mai Tais which set the mood for this unforgettable experience.

Check in at our office in the Port Allen Marina Center .


Tour Includes

  • Hydrophones for hearing the whales (weather permitting)
  • Water, juice, & soft drinks
  • Beer, wine, & Mai Tais (21+)


What to Bring

  • Sunscreen (NO spray sunscreen)
  • Light jacket or windbreaker
  • Motion sickness preventatives if necessary

Restrictions:  This is a barefoot tour (see our Frequently Asked Questions for full details). No children under 2 years old (5 years old for Niihau and 8 years old raft tours). No recent surgeries. No neck or back problems. All passengers must be able to walk across the boarding ramp without assistance. No expectant mothers. All tours are weather permitting. | Please contact our office at (808) 335-5553 to request assistance due to a disability. Accommodations cannot be guaranteed without adequate advance notice.


Book your tour at least  10 days in advance  and receive a $10 per person online discount. Prices shown reflect advance booking discount.

Call 1-808-335-5553

kauai catamaran whale watching

Super friendly staff. Our captain was awesome and the crew was great too. Super nice people and they definitely do make the trip so much more enjoyable. The crew is constantly interacting with the tourists. They tell stories of the areas that you are visiting and offer to take pictures constantly. Overall a very very nice experience.

Kelly, Koa and Captain Chad took great care of us. Such a fun trip. Captain Chad told us a lot of history and stopped the  boat to show us landmarks. Kelly and Koi made sure we had plenty to drink and we had a great supper buffet. At sunset they stopped the boat for pictures and Champaign. Best boat ride!  Would do it again. Great job.

We went on the 7 hour tour with captain Chad and crew, it was the absolute best. All of the crew was fantastic. Each crew member came by and talked to every single person on the boat. They waited on us and made sure everyone had a great time. We have done several of these tours in different parts of the world and we can honestly say this was by far our favorite. We even got to go under a waterfall. Thank you so much Captain Chad, Jeff, Kai, and Cori,  you were all the best!!

We did the morning tour of the napali coast. When they say dolphins guaranteed they mean it! The crew was super helpful and friendly and the food and drink were top notch. A big thank you to Capt. Joe for giving us all the interesting history of the various sites we visited along the way.

Captain Cole, Big Rob and Luke were phenomenal hosts! My husband and I were celebrating our 10 year anniversary and Big Rob made sure we having a blast! I definitely recommend this cruise and crew!!!

Very organized and all staff very courteous and ready to take care of every need. Staff encourage safety at all times but bring much fun to the trip. Highly recommended! So much fun! Food simple but delicious!

Yes I would totally recommend anyone try this. The captain was friendly, informative & boy can he sing! Kelly & Joff were also amazing, friendly & helpful. I’d take the sunset cruise again

Simply spectacular! I’ve been on the Sunset Dinner Cruise 3 times and I am never disappointed. Beautiful views, good food and drink and the crew is amazing!! Capt. Cole, Elia & Rob – you all did a fantastic job! We had a wonderful time and will see you again next year. Staff at the office are always friendly and very helpful. Highly recommend!!!!

We had a blast with Captain Dave and Dane on the zodiac tour with snorkeling. Dave went way up the napali coast to a great snorkel spot and he took us into a ton of great caves, giving us time to take pictures and ogle the majestic coastline. Would definitely do again, especially the zodiac rafts which allowed us to get up close and personal with nature.

We learned some history of the beautiful Napali Coast, experienced Kauai in a very unique and wonderful way. This excursion was worth every penny

Big Rob and Little Rob were so kind and helpful!! I got sick on the boat (my fault, I didn’t take my medication). The two Robs checked on me constantly, they kept bringing me water and words of encouragement!  I would go again (with medication) because of the caring staff!!

Best boat tour EVER! Captain Cole, Ruby–who surprised us with a lovely Hula- and always smiling Rob were fantastic caring for the entire crew–some of whom were having a rough time with the “adventurous” waves. The rest of had a blast, waves were fun, views astounding and the food and drink abundant and great . Even before setting out we saw sea turtles, but once out of dock we saw several dolphins who raced along with us and tiny flying fish called sea robins.. SO COOL! Coming back to Kauai next year just for this trip. Mahalo!

Captain Joe and his crew did an excellent job of entertaining us while on the snorkeling cruise. He pointed out a pod of spinner dolphins and a few sea turtles. Had an exceptional sunset that evening. It was a great trip! Definitely recommend.

We are Grandparents – in our 70’s. We were well taken care of by the crew. Even went snorkeling for the first time, coming from land locked Colorado. Would do again without hesitation. The highlight of our visit to Kauai.

What an incredible experience! Seeing the napali coast from the catamaran was an experience I will not forgot. We started by seeing amazing dolphins. Stopped at our snorkel spot. Snorkeled with a monk seal and turtles. Hopped on to enjoy breakfast. Then cruised the coastline. More dolphins and some awesome facts and history from Captain Chris (who was FANTASTIC). The crew was incredibly helpful, willing to take your picture, get you a drink if needed. Jake the first mate also gave us some awesome hikes to do for our remainder of our time on the island. Finished with a great lunch. An experience I won’t forget and would recommend to anyone traveling to Kauai.

We did the Na Pali Sunset Dinner Cruise and even though it was very rainy and we didn’t see much of the coast, the trip was great. The staff, Capt. Roy, Nicole & Stacy worked their butts off and did an excellent job. Got to see some spinner dolphins right next to the boat! The food was delicious and the libations were plentiful. We finished off with a beautiful sunset. Top notch company and the souvenir store had very reasonable prices…

We enjoyed a spectacular evening cruise on the Na Pali coast with Captain Chris and his hard working crew. Crew members were delightful to be around and provided helpful suggestions for additional vacation activities.

Captain Chris and the crew were very professional and friendly. Safety was paramount but they always had your interests at heart. Spectacular views, good commentary (jokes aside) and good company. The food was reasonable. Overall, a great experience.

This is an amazing boat tour. Saw dolphins and even a whale! Great food, drinks, and views. But this experience was made by the crew – Nicole and Kai. They gave my friends and me an unforgettable experience. I would recommend them the next time I go. Great at entertaining, taking photos, and keeping your drinks filled! Thanks for a great time Nicole and Kai!

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kauai catamaran whale watching

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Travelers' Choice 2022

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Peak Whale Season is here! Book Here or call 888-508-9958

kauai catamaran whale watching

Tour Overview & Options

kauai catamaran whale watching

Discover Whales!

Whale watch cocktail cruise, 2 hour super raft.

Humpback Whales arrive in Kauai every winter. Our premium whale watching experiences run from December - March. Choose between a catamaran or raft experience and be ready for a 2-3 hour adventure.

kauai catamaran whale watching

  •  Join us for an afternoon of observing amazing humpback whales from the deck of our spacious and versatile Super Raft- Kauai Voyager 1. As the whales breach, spray, and tail slap, we will listen to their songs through our state-of-the-art hydrophone. The tour also includes light snacks and cold beverages (no alcohol provided) 

kauai catamaran whale watching

  • Enjoy a tasty beverage, snacks on our 3-hour Powercat boat. Tour times are 9:00AM - 12:00PM & 3PM.  The 3PM departure stays out until sunset which is a nice way to end your time on the water. 

Private Whale Watch Tour

Good for up to six passengers. This 2.5 whale watch experience is your own personal. whale watching experiences. The boat is yours, so you choose where to go. Light drinks and snacks included and you may BYOB. These are afternoon departures. 

2 Hour Zodiac Raft

  •  Dec thru March is PRIME TIME WHALE SEASON! Let’s go find some Humpback whales on this 3-hour ride along Kauai’s southern shores. Listen to and learn about the amazing Humpback whales. Encounter these gentle giants and playful dolphins, sometimes eye to eye, as they delight you with their acrobatics. 
  • Kauai Whale Watchers was formed to provide whale seekers with an easy-to-use guide to finding whales in Kauai. We provide links to organizations that provide whale watching tours. Whales can also be seen from the land so check back here often as we will provide recommendations for viewing whales from the shore. 

Copyright © 2024 Kauai Whale Watchers - All Rights Reserved.

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Kauai Vacation Tours

Blue Dolphin Charters South Shore Whale Watch

Blue Dolphin Charters

South Shore Kauai Whale Watch on a Beautiful Catamaran

Share the beauty of Kauai’s south shore with some of the worlds largest and most peaceful creatures. Humpback Whale Season here in the islands starts as early as November and can last until late March. Relax and enjoy this 2 hour catamaran tour while enjoying the magnificent sight of whales and other marine life.

Cruise along the serene and peaceful southern coast of Kauai. Set against beautiful ocean vistas and majestic mountains this is the best way to see one of the most stunning sunsets on the island of Kauai.

  • Starting 2024 $1 Per Person Ocean Stewardship Fee: State mandated & will be added to your voucher:https://dlnr.hawaii.gov/dar/files/2023/09/Ocean_Stewardship_User_Fee_rev.pdf

Activity Details

Tour includes: .

  • Water, Juice & Soft Drinks
  • Unlimited Beer, Wine & Mai Tais (21+) Served

What do I need to bring? 

  • Light Jacket or Windbreak
  • Photo ID (For 21+ Access to Open Bar)


  • Tour operates seasonally late November to late March
  • Check in time varies call for availability
  • Port Allen Harbor departure


  • No pregnant passengers or children under 2 years old
  • Not for people who have had recent knee, neck or back injuries or surgeries

Please Note

  • 72 hour notice of cancellation is required for a refund.
  • There are no timeshare visits required to enjoy our discounts!
  • Call 1-866-897-1637 for additional discounts available for large groups!

Reserve This Tour

Reviews, comments, & questions:.

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Aloha, how far is the Kauai Beach Resort to where you are located? What days and time are the whale watching tours? Do you offer pick-ups from the Kauai Beach Resort? Thanks, Leah

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Aloha Leah! You are staying about 40 minutes from Port Allen which is where the Whale Watch leaves from. There is not transportation provided. You would need to drive. This tour is offered daily during Whale Season. Check in is normally 3:15pm.

Warm Aloha Kaya

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We’ll be arriving 3/3 and would like to whale watch on 3/4. What’s our chances of seeing whales?

Aloha Ken! Early March is a great time to see whales!

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First time travelers to your beautiful islands. Will the Whales still be in season in May? If not what can we see on this tour. Thank you. Coming for a week in May 2015.

Aloha Rusti! Unfortunately the whales are only here November through March so you will not be able to do this tour as it is only offered seasonally when the whale are here. However I have another 2 hour Poipu Sail available on Saturdays, you will sight see the Poipu coast line, have drinks & pupus and a little Hawaiian music! I also have a beautiful Napali Coast Dinner Sunset Sail that is 4 hours long that goes everyday of the week! Call me toll free at 1-866-897-1637 & I can give you more details.

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Arriving on March 14th, 1st time. would love to see whales.. are they still around?

Aloha Karl! YES. The whales are here in abundance, they will start north late March early April. I was on this tour last week and had a blast. We saw dolphins, turtles and WHALES!

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I will be staying at the Sheraton Hotel (Poipu) on February 9, 2016. Are you located near the Sheraton and what are the departure/return tour times on 2/9/16. Thank you.

Aloha Dee, You will be just 15 minutes from the check in at Port Allen. Check in will depend on the time of sunset it will be approximately 3:15pm. This is one of my favorite tours, it sells out in advance so be sure to secure your seats soon.

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We’ll be staying near Princeville 11/12-11/17. Are your tours running then, and what’s the chance of seeing whales during that time?

Aloha Jim, We can not know exactly when the whales will arrive in Kauai. However they have arrived many times early November. I recommend booking a longer tour along the Napali Coast like our 4 hour Blue Dolphin Napali Sunset Dinner Cruise or the 5 hour Blue Dolphin Napali Snorkel. This will give you ample time to watch for whales if they are still just arriving to the islands.

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Need help picking the perfect activity or tour call us toll free: 1-866-897-1637, kauai’s most popular activities » see what other visitors have recently booked:, popular kauai activities.

kauai catamaran whale watching

  • Duration: 4 Hours
  • Location: Nawiliwili

Luau Kalamaku

  • Duration: 3.25 hours
  • Location: Lihue

kauai catamaran whale watching

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Location: Kipu (Lihue)

kauai catamaran whale watching

  • Duration: 2 Hours

kauai catamaran whale watching

  • Duration: 2.5 Hours
  • Location: Kipu Ranch

Smith's Family Luau Dancers

  • Location: Wailua

kauai catamaran whale watching

  • Duration: 3.5 hours
  • Location: Koloa

kauai catamaran whale watching

  • Duration: 4.5 Hours
  • Location: Port Allen

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Ultimate Guide to the Best Kauai Whale Watching Tours

Na Pali Coast Kauai Hawaii

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. If you choose to book through these links, I receive a small commission, which I will likely blow on mai tais, poke, and shave ice.  All of this internet voodoo takes place at no additional cost to you. 

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Inside: In the winter months, Kauai is ground zero for Hawaii whale watching. Here are my top picks for the most amazing Kauai whale-watching tours.

If you’re fortunate enough to visit the Hawaiian Islands during whale season, you’re in for a real treat.

During the winter months, the waters surrounding Kauai come alive with the graceful movements of Hawaii’s humpback whales. The migration of these magnificent creatures from the cool waters of Alaska to the warm, safe waters of Hawaii for calving, nursing, and mating is an annual much-anticipated event in Hawaii. 

Fondly known as koholā in the Hawaiian language, these gentle giants are a wonder to observe in their natural habitat. And while we do spot them from Oahu (where I live) the island of Kauai is my favorite pick for exceptional, up-close whale watching. 

I’ve been lucky enough to see whales in New Zealand, Antarctica , Alaska , Mexico , and Hawaii but my whale-watching trips in Kauai were something uniquely special.

Why? Because you get the spectacular Na Pali Coast as your whale-watching canvas.

Perhaps most famous as the backdrop for the movie Jurassic Park, this rugged and inhospitable 25-mile stretch encompasses about a quarter of Kauai’s coastline along the north shore.

If there’s one thing you absolutely cannot miss while visiting Kauai, it’s a visit to the Na Pali Coast – whether by helicopter tour or boat trip. But in the winter months, I always recommend boat trips.

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Because when it’s whale season, every boat trip to the Na Pali coast doubles as a whale-watching adventure. And that’s a home run day trip that spells fun for the whole family. 

Kauai Na Pali Coast Hawaii

FAQs about Whale Watching in Kauai

You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers. So before I get to my list of the best Kauai whale-watching tours, let’s tackle some of the most common questions about whale watching in Kauai. 

Why do whales migrate to Hawaii?

The migration of humpback whales to the warm waters of Hawaii, in particular the Garden Isle of Kauai, is a survival instinct that has been followed for centuries.

The warm, shallow waters create an ideal environment for newborn baby whales, free from the threat of predators prevalent in the cold Alaska waters. At the same time, the adults take advantage of this time to mate (because Hawaii’s romantic like that).

When is whale season in Kauai?

Humpback whale season in Kauai begins roughly in November and ends in May. Though it’s not uncommon for whales to be spotted offshore as early as late October. The peak season is considered to be from December to March. 

What is the best month to see whales in Kauai?

The peak months for whale watching are January and February. During these months you’ll have the best chance of multiple whale sightings during your boat tour.

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What time of day is best for whale watching?

Whales can be spotted any time of day around Kauai but they are most active in the morning and around sunset. These are the best times of day to book your whale-watching trip.  Tip:  For the best chance of calm seas, book an early morning trip.

Which island is better for whale watching, Maui or Kauai? 

Maui is widely considered the best place to see humpback whales in the Hawaiian islands. However, I have done incredible whale-watching tours on both Maui and Kauai and found them to be very comparable regarding the number of whale sightings.

However, the backdrop of the stunning Na Pali coast on my Kauai whale tours really elevated the whole experience for me. So, when considering the entire experience, I give the edge to Kauai for whale watching with extra amazing views of the coast. 

But if you’re headed to Maui, here are my picks for the best Maui whale-watching tours:

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Can I see whales from shore in Kauai?

You can! It’s common to spot whales from shore in Kauai. The best places to spot whales from shore are the Kilauea Lighthouse, the Kalalau Trail (a challenging hike), and even a few of Kauai’s best beaches – Poipu Beach, Kealia Beach, and Hanalei Bay.

So if you’re especially prone to seasickness or a whale-watching tour is out of your budget, head to one of these popular spots for a good chance to see them on dry land.

A humpback whale in full breach off the Na Pali Coast

Whale Watching Tours on Kauai: Essential Info

If you’ve been on boat tours before in the Caribbean or Europe, it’s worth noting that the waters around the Hawaiian islands can be rough by comparison. Boat trips for whale watching in Hawaii aren’t for everyone.

And, as I mentioned above, you can likely spot whales from shore so don’t subject yourself to a 6-hour boat trip if you’ve had bad boat tour experiences before. 

Before I get to my favorite tours, let’s talk a little about how to decide which type of tour is right for you.

What types of boat tours are offered?

Whale-watching tours on Kauai primarily fall into two categories – catamaran tours and zodiac raft tours. Trips to the Na Pali coast typically depart from the Port Allen Marina Center (west of Poipu on the south coast) and last from 5-6 hours including a stop for snorkeling.

Which boat type is better – Catamaran or Zodiac?

I like them both but it depends on how adventurous you are. There are pros and cons to each and you should weigh them carefully before you book a tour. 

Catamaran Whale Watching Tours

Kauai Whale Watching Lucky Lady Tour

Catamaran Pros

  • Larger boat
  • More comfortable ride
  • Less chance of seasickness
  • Often serves meals/drinks

Catamaran Cons

  • Not as close to whales
  • Larger group size
  • Less intimate experience

Zodiac Whale Watching Tours

Kauai Super Raft Whale Watching Tour Hawaii

Zodiac Raft Pros

  • Get up close to whales
  • Small group size
  • More adventurous
  • Able to explore sea caves

Zodiac Raft Cons

  • Smaller boat
  • Less stable, rougher ride
  • More likely to get wet
  • Not for mobility issues

Will I get seasick on a Kauai whale-watching tour? 

Honestly, you might. It’s a boat tour. If you’ve gotten seasick on cruises or other boat excursions, you might not love the open ocean waves around the Hawaiian islands.

If you’re worried about seasickness, a larger boat is a better choice and I would go with a catamaran trip versus a raft tour. Also, Kauai’s whale-watching tours are not recommended at all for those with limited mobility, back problems, recent surgeries, or pregnant women. 

But enough about that, let’s get back to the good stuff. Like my picks for the best Na Pali Coast whale-watching trips. 

Here we go!

Best Kauai Whale Watching Tours 

By now, you’ve probably made your decision on the question of catamaran versus Zodiac raft. So I’ll break down my pick by boat type. So, grab your mai tai, and let’s get started! 

Best Na Pali Coast Whale Watching Tours – Catamaran

The two catamaran tours and very similar and were hard to choose between. You can’t go wrong with either.

Lucky Lady Na Pali Coast Kauai Whale Tours

LUCKY LADY – Deluxe Na Pali Morning Snorkel Tour

This 5 1/2 hour tour is one of my favorite Kauai tours year-round but it’s especially fantastic during Kauai’s whale watching season. Includes time to swim and snorkel, lunch, and island-style drinks (including Mai Tai’s).

Kauai Humpback Whale Pectoral Slap Hawaii

Na Pali Coast Kauai Snorkel & Sail

This slightly longer 6-hour catamaran sail includes breakfast and lunch. Plus beer, wine, and all snorkeling equipment. 

Best Na Pali Coast Whale Watching Tours – Zodiac Raft

The zodiac raft is one of the best ways to get down to eye level with the gentle giants of the sea. Zodiac tours are the perfect choice for active travelers looking for a fun adventure.

Both of these trips include snorkeling as well as whale-watching. For a better chance of calm seas, I recommend the morning tour. 

Kauai Whale Watching on a Zodiac Raft

RAFT ADVENTURE – Na Pali 1/2 Day Snorkel

This 5 1/2 hour trip is the #1 Kauai raft tour any time of year. Morning tours include breakfast, afternoon tours include lunch, and both include beverages and snorkeling gear.

Kauai Humpback Whales off Na Pali Coast

Na Pali Coast Super Raft Adventure

This 4 1/2 hour tour is aboard a 37′ “super raft” that is larger and more stable than traditional zodiacs. It’s a good cross between both boat choices and includes snorkeling.

Best Kauai Whale Watching Short Tours (under 3 hours)

If you’re short on time or worried about seasickness and hesitant to commit to a 5+ hour tour, you can still get out on the water in Kauai. Here are a couple of great shorter boat tours where you still have a good chance to see a whale, dolphin, or turtle. 

Just keep in mind that these tours stick closer to the south shore of Kauai and don’t go all the way to the Na Pali coast. And the shorter the tour, the less you’ll likely see.

But I still think these are both great options (one of each boat type):

Kauai Boat Tour Sea Turtle

‘IMILOA – Express Whale Watch Cocktail Tour

This 2-hour whale-watching cocktail cruise sails along the south coast of Kauai. Wine, beer, mai tais, and pupus are served.

Kauai Boat Tour Dolphins

Kauai’s Ultimate South Side Whale & Dolphin Zodiac Boat Adventure

Departing from Kukui’ula Harbor Beach, this 2 1/2 hour adventure tour brings you up close and personal with dolphins and whales on a 24-person zodiac. Great choice near Poipu.

And that’s a wrap! 

The marine ecosystem around the Hawaiian Islands is incredibly diverse, from humpback whales and playful dolphins to tropical fish and gentle sea turtles. When you visit Hawaii, it’s an important part of the cultural experience to get out on the water and appreciate the ocean’s power and beauty. 

There is a vast world waiting to be discovered beneath Hawaii’s warm waters and there’s no better way to explore it than with a whale-watching trip along Kauai’s glorious Na Pali coast.

Best Kauai Whale Watching Tours Hawaii

And if you’re headed to Oahu after your visit to Kauai, I’ve got you covered there, too:

The 7 Absolute Best Things to Do on Oahu (if time is short!)

This Family-Friendly Lighthouse Hike is Oahu’s Best Trail for Spotting Whales

5 Easy Oahu Hikes for Those Who Love Nature But Hate Hiking

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5 Best Whale Watching Tours in Kauai for Nature Lovers

Are you planning a trip to Kauai? Want to experience the best whale watching on the island but don’t know which tour to choose?

With so many choices, picking the perfect whale watching tour can be difficult.

Look no further – we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of Kauai’s best whale watching tours. Here, you’ll find all the information you’ll need to make an informed decision about your excursion. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

This Travel Dream contains affiliate links. We may receive compensation at no extra cost to you if you purchase using one of these links. You can read my  disclaimer  for more information.

Don’t have time to read about all the tours on this list? No worries—we have spotlighted the best whale-watching tour in Kauai below to make things easy for you.

A whale tail in the ocean in Kauai seen during a Na Pali Coast Boat Tour.

Na Pali Coast Kauai Snorkel and Sail Tour

Prepare for a thrilling adventure that combines whale watching and snorkeling. Guests get to observe some of Hawaii’s most majestic creatures, explore its perfect blue waters, and view its diverse marine life. The 50-foot long, 28-foot wide motorized sailing catamaran provides stability and comfort.

Why should you trust us?  We’ve spent several hours researching and gathering consumer feedback about the best things to do on Kauai . We researched the best whale watching tours in Kauai, but most importantly, we’ve tested most of the tours ourselves.

Note:  Towards the bottom of this article, you will find information about the best places to see whales on Kauai without a tour and some tips to help you make the most of your whale watching experience.

(1) Na Pali Coast Kauai Snorkel and Sail Tour

⭐ RATING:  5 out of 5 Stars | Operated by:  Holo Holo Charters

Duration:  5 Hours (Approximately)

What’s Included:  Breakfast, lunch, beverages, and snorkel gear

Departure:   4353 Waialo Rd #5a, Eleele, HI 96705

Want to kill two birds with one stone?  Na Pali Coast Kauai Snorkel and Sail  is the perfect tour for those looking to go whale watching and snorkeling in Kauai. 

Not only will you get the chance to observe some of Hawaii’s most majestic creatures, but you’ll also be able to explore its perfect blue waters and view its brilliant marine life.

Guests will set sail on their 50-foot long, 28-foot wide motorized sailing catamaran called Leila, built on Kauai in the 1990s. 

The catamaran is designed for stability and comfort, with plenty of room to spread out and two bathrooms.

During the tour, the captain will narrate the trip with authentic stories and facts about Kauai’s history and geology.

On the way to the Na Pali Coast and back, you’ll have the chance to observe humpback whales and dolphins in their natural habitat.

The tour passes Polihale Beach and enters the heart of the Napali Coast Hawaii State Wilderness Area, where passengers can see stunning views of the 4,000-foot cliffs, dozens of waterfalls, pristine beaches, sea caves, and sea arches.

The crew will choose a spot for snorkeling, and those who don’t feel like snorkeling can relax on the catamaran. Who knows, you might even see some whales!

Note: Humpback whales are seen in Hawaii between December and April, which is why we chose to do this tour in January. Although the ocean conditions are typically better for snorkeling in the summer months, we still enjoyed the snorkeling portion.

A whale tail in the ocean in Kauai seen during a Na Pali Coast Boat Tour.

(2) Na Pali Coast Super Raft Adventure

⭐ RATING:  4.5   out of 5 Stars |   Operated by:  Captain J’s Kauai Offshore Adventures

Duration:  5 hours (Approximately)

What’s Included:  Breakfast, lunch, snacks, beverages, snorkeling equipment

Departure:   4353 Waialo Rd #4B, Eleele, HI 96705

Captain J’s Na Pali Coast Super Raft Adventure  offers an exhilarating whale watching tour along the Na Pali Coast, with opportunities to explore caves and waterfalls.

While this tour is mainly known as a snorkel tour in the summer, they generally cannot offer snorkeling in the winter months (December-March) due to seasonal swells. 

The captain will maximize your experience with additional whale watching opportunities or a trip to Ke’e Beach during winter.

The tour includes views of the Kalalau Cathedrals, Hawaiian spinner dolphins, humpback whales, and the magnificent Na Pali Cliffs.

This tour is an excellent choice for those looking to take in the beauty of Kauai and its wildlife. Guides will narrate the tour with Hawaiian folklore and explain the history of Kauai.

The Voyager I has plenty of room for everyone to spread out and enjoy all the beauty without feeling crowded – perfect for couples or larger groups.

Whale breaching and spinning in the ocean. Seen during a whale watching tour in Kauai.

(3) Ni’ihau and Na Pali Coast Snorkel Boat Tour

⭐ RATING:  4.5   out of 5 Stars |   Operated by:  Holo Holo Charters

Duration:  7 hours (Approximately)

Looking for another snorkeling tour with whale watching opportunities? Check out Holo Holo Charters’  Ni’ihau and Na Pali Coast Snorkel Boat Tour . 

This 7-hour Pacific Ocean experience combines Kauai’s iconic Napali Coast boat tour with an offshore excursion to Lehua Crater Hawaii State Wildlife Sanctuary and the neighboring “Forbidden Island” of Niihau. 

Guests will cruise along Kauai’s western side towards the Napali Coast, where you can witness the sea cliffs, caves, arches, emerald valleys, waterfalls, beaches, rainbows, and other marine wildlife like green sea turtles, Hawaiian monk seals, spinner dolphins, and humpback whales (December-April). 

After exploring the Napali Coast, the tour points west and heads 17 miles offshore towards Lehua Crater, where you can check out the thousands of pelagic seabirds and a “keyhole” rock formation. 

After sightseeing, the tour anchors between Lehua Crater and the “Forbidden Island” of Niihau, where you can snorkel, have lunch, and maybe even see some humpback whales.

We have been on multiple boat tours with Holo Holo Charters and never leave disappointed. The whale watching is fantastic—the crew goes out of their way to make sure everyone has an enjoyable ride and leaves with plenty of memories.

Our favorite part about this tour, besides the whales, is the gorgeous views you’ll get of the Napali Coast.

Dolphins swimming in the ocean with perfect blue waters during a whale watching tour in Kauai.

(4) ‘IMILOA – Express Whale Watch Cocktail Tour

⭐ RATING:  4.5   out of 5 Stars |   Operated by:  Kauai Sea Tours

Duration:  2 hours (Approximately)

What’s Included:  Snacks, beverages, mai tais, beer (for adults 21+)

Departure:   4353 Waialo Rd #2B, Eleele, HI 96705

For those of you looking for a much cheaper option and a whale watching tour only, the  ‘IMILOA Express Whale Watch Cocktail Tour  is a great choice.

This popular tour offers you the chance to see baby whales and adult humpback whales breaching the water. 

Participants of all ages can enjoy the experience on an express catamaran with comfortable seats and a shaded cabin.

We did this tour in February and had a fantastic time! The guides were knowledgeable and friendly, the scenery was beautiful, and we saw a few whales, many dolphins, and a gorgeous sunset. If you are looking for a sunset tour , they also offer a dinner cruise.

Trysta and others on a whale watching boat tour in Kauai, looking for whales.

(5) Kauai’s Ultimate Whale & Dolphin Zodiac Boat Adventure

⭐ RATING:  4.5   out of 5 Stars |   Operated by:  Z-Tours

Duration:  2 hours 30 minutes (Approximately)

What’s Included:  Light snacks, beverages

Location: 3417 Poipu Rd #105, Koloa, HI 96756  

Kauai’s Ultimate Whale & Dolphin Zodiac Boat Adventure  offers a thrilling and unique way to see the North Pacific’s humpback whales during their annual migration from Alaska to Hawaii.

Guests will traverse up to 30 miles of Kauai’s southern coast on a Zodiac boat, known for its speed and maneuverability, in search of these majestic creatures. While not a leisure cruise, the experience promises to be unforgettable.

This tour only takes up to 14 people at a time, making it a more intimate experience. 

The crew is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, which makes the entire experience even more enjoyable.

A pod of dolphins swimming in perfect blue water in Kauai, seen during a whale watching tour.

What to Expect on a Whale Watching Tour in Kauai

Booking your whale watching experience in Kauai is an incredible way to explore the island’s most spectacular sights. 

These tours offer a lifetime of memories, from majestic humpback whales to dolphins and gorgeous views.

For those that have never been on a whale watching tour before, here is what you can expect:

  • Depending on the tour, you will arrive 20-45 minutes before departure for check-in.
  • Your guides will then provide a safety briefing and explain the tour.
  • You will then board the boat and take off on your adventure. Your guide will navigate, looking for whales and dolphins as navigate the sea. If your group spots a whale or pod of dolphins, they will stop the boat and allow onlookers to observe them in their natural habitat.
  • Your guides will do their best to find whales and dolphins, but keep in mind that sightings are not guaranteed.

Kauai Whale Watching Season

The best time for whale watching in Kauai is from December to April, when over 10,000 humpback whales migrate from Alaska to Hawaii to mate, rest, and give birth. 

The peak season is usually from January to March. During this period, sightings of these majestic creatures are much more common.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of whales are in hawaii.

Several types of whales can be found in Hawaii’s waters, including:

Humpback whales : Nicknamed the “gentle giants,” humpback whales are Hawaii’s most commonly spotted whales. They can reach up to 52 feet in length and weigh up to 50 tons!

Short-finned pilot whales:  These are smaller whales classified under the dolphin family (Delphinidae) that can often be seen swimming in pods and can reach sizes of around 22 feet.

Sperm whales:  These are the largest toothed whales in the world, and they are occasionally spotted off the coast of Hawaii. They prefer the deeper waters and can dive to depths of more than 3,000 feet.

False killer whales:  Another member of the dolphin family, false killer whales are sometimes seen in Hawaii, however much less common than other species. They are considered an endangered species.

Melon-headed whales:  These are another type of dolphin that can occasionally be seen in Hawaii’s waters. They spend most of their time in the deep sea and can dive to depths of 6,000 feet.

Cuvier’s beaked whales:  These deep-diving whales are rarely seen near the shore. They inhabit offshore waters and can dive to depths of up to 3,500 feet. 

As they spend most of their time in deeper waters, sightings of Cuvier’s beaked whales in Hawaii are rare and usually occur only when they come up to the surface to breathe.

Whale Watching in Kauai From Shore – Which Part is the Best?

Below are the best spots for whale watching from Kauai’s shore:

Poipu Beach:  This is a popular beach on the South Shore of Kauai and is a great spot to see humpback whales when you are in Poipu.

Kilauea Lighthouse:  This historic lighthouse is located on the North Shore of Kauai and offers stunning ocean views that are great for spotting humpback whales during their migration. If you are in Princeville or Hanalei , this is a great spot to see some whales.

Hanalei Bay:  This bay is located on the North Shore of Kauai and is a great spot to see humpbacks If you are in Princeville or Hanalei.

Polihale State Park:  This beach is located on the western side of Kauai and offers a more remote location for whale watching. Visitors can often see humpback whales breaching offshore during the winter months.

Kapaa Overlook:  This overlook is located on the southern side of Kauai and offers stunning coastline views, perfect for spotting whales during their migration.

Kealia Beach:  This beach with calm waters is adjacent to the overlook.

Kalalau Trail/Overlook:  This trail is located on the northern side of Kauai and offers beautiful views of the ocean and coastline, perfect for spotting whales. So if you are in Hanalei or Princeville, watch out for whales if you decide to hike the Kalalau Trail.

Note: Whale watching tours often depart from harbors near these locations.

Whale Watching Kuaui Vs. Maui

Kauai and Maui are excellent locations for whale watching, but generally speaking, Maui is known to have the best whale watching in Hawaii. This is the same case if comparing whale watching in Kona or whale watching on Oahu .

This is because Maui often has greater numbers of whales as they migrate through its waters, making sightings more consistent than in Kauai.

Also, Maui is often considered to have a slightly longer whale watching season, with some tours operating from October to May.

Since Kauai is less crowded than Maui, it is often easier to find a spot for whale watching without the crowds. 

That said, both islands offer excellent opportunities for whale watching, and many of the same species can be seen in both places.

Tips for Whale Watching in Kauai

After spending countless hours whale watching in Hawaii over the years, here are some tips for getting the most out of your experience:

Motion sickness medication:   If you are prone to motion sickness , it’s a good idea to bring medication with you, as the boat ride can be rocky.

Learn from my mistakes; I recently went on a whale watching tour in Kauai and forgot to take/bring my motion sick medication. Let’s just say the tour started fun, but the last hour was brutal.

Don’t be like me! Bring your medication or purchase some when you check in at your tour’s office. Most tour companies will sell some.

Trysta on a whale watching tour in Kauai suffering from motion sickness on the way back to the port.

Choose the right time:  Humpback whales typically visit Hawaii’s waters from November to May, but the peak season is usually from January to March. During this time, you are more likely to see whales.

Be patient:  Whale watching can require some patience and waiting. It takes time! Whales are wild animals, and their behavior can be unpredictable, so be prepared to wait and be patient. Our tour guides always reminded us that whale watching is like fishing.

Dress appropriately:  Bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun. A light jacket or sweater is also a good idea, as the ocean breeze can be chilly. I usually bring a raincoat on the tour, which has saved me multiple times.

Bring binoculars:  Although whales can sometimes be seen from the shore, having binoculars can enhance your viewing experience. Binoculars can help you see the whales more clearly.

Go on a whale watching tour:  Joining a whale watching tour can increase your chances of spotting whales and learning more about these magnificent creatures from experienced guides. 

Many tour operators offer catamaran or Zodiac boat tours, which can provide a more up-close and personal experience.

Final Thoughts

Whale watching is an incredible experience. The sight of these majestic creatures breaching the waters is something you will never forget. 

We hope this guide has helped you learn more about whale watching in Kauai and will help you get the most out of your experience.

Whether you go on a boat tour or observe from the shore, we wish you a safe and enjoyable trip!

Happy whale watching!

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Hi, I'm Trysta B, a travel expert passionate about exploring Hawaii. Having visited Hawaii multiple times, I've developed a deep understanding and appreciation for the local culture, food, and hidden gems that make this place unique. As co-founder of This Travel Dream, I'm dedicated to sharing my knowledge and love for Hawaii with fellow travelers, helping them create unforgettable experiences in paradise. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned Hawaii veteran, I'm here to help you make the most of your trip!


kauai catamaran whale watching

7 Best Kauai Whale Watching Tours

If you’re hoping to go whale watching in kauai, you’ll probably need to join a tour to see them up close. scroll to find out the best whale watching tours on kauai., this best kauai whale watching tours post was written by hawaii travel expert marcie cheung and contains affiliate links which means if you purchase something from one of my affiliate links, i may earn a small commission that goes back into maintaining this blog..

Kauai  is a Hawaiian island that lies northwest of Oahu. The “Garden Isle” is home to Waimea Canyon State Park, volcanic mountain peaks, and  beautiful waterfalls .

Travelers who want a different Hawaiian experience than what they’d find on Oahu or Maui will love the geography of this island.

The island of Kauai is filled with fun things to do. Whether you want to explore the natural wonders on land or venture out into the sea, you can squeeze exciting activities into any trip itinerary.

While Kauai’s water activities aren’t as popular as its attractions on land, this is a great spot to go whale watching in Hawaii.

From December through May, you can find humpback whales on Kauai’s shoreline, and a charter boat tour can help you see them.

These whale watching tours in Kauai will bring you face-to-face with the majestic creatures. You may even learn something about the whales, too!

Here is everything you need to know about the Kauai whale season, including the best time to see whales in Kauai and the best whale watching tours Kauai has to offer!

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Popular Kauai Tours/Activities

  • Na Pali Coast Snorkeling Tour (this one also goes to the forbidden island of Ni’ihau)
  • Kauai Helicopter Tour (this is the BEST way to see waterfalls on Kauai)
  • ATV Tour to a Private Waterfall (this is a romantic adventure that feels like a secret getaway)
  • Mountain Tubing (this is a low-key adventure down an old sugar cane canal)
  • Luau Kalamaku (you can do a little train ride and feed farm animals before the luau)
  • Book a Photo Shoot (this is a Hawaii souvenir you’ll treasure forever)

Favorite Kauai Resorts/Hotels

  • Grand Hyatt Kauai (this Poipu resort has a luxurious pool area, romantic restaurants, and a stunning ocean view)
  • Koloa Landing Resort (this is a luxury resort with an amazing pool area and truly spacious rooms)
  • Royal Sonesta Kauai (we LOVE the pool here because it’s the largest one in Hawaii)

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The Best Kauai Whale Watching Tours featured by top Hawaii blog, Hawaii Travel with Kids

Tips for your Kauai Whale Watching Experience

Whales can be seen from the shore, but it would be better to see them on a boat.

Not only will you get an amazing view, but you’ll be educated about these beautiful creatures by the naturalists who are on board your Kauai whale tour.

Booking a whale-watching tour early in the day is your best bet, as that is typically the best time of day to see whales in Kauai. However, each day is different and it’s mainly dependent on the weather.

The next thing you would need to focus on is getting the right boat. Inflatable rafts are fast and can offer you a thrilling ride, but it isn’t safe for young children or people with back problems.

The Best Kauai Whale Watching Tours featured by top Hawaii blog, Hawaii Travel with Kids: Guide to Whale Watching on Kauai featured by top Hawaii blog, Hawaii Travel with Kids

You’ll also need to keep your head on a swivel because the whales won’t just pop up in front of the vessel, they often pop up behind as well. So using the boat as a clock is advised by captains.

If you want to avoid getting seasick and nauseous, you should stay above the deck and keep looking out at the horizon. You can take  medication for nausea  and avoid looking down.  Find the best prices here.

You should also avoid small and enclosed spaces during your whale-watching boat tour.

When you look out at the water to see a whale, just remember to listen. You don’t always see the whales first, but you hear them as the air goes out of their blowholes and creates a loud sound.

When a humpback whale flukes and you see its tail, it means that it’ll go underwater. Adult whales can hold their breath for up to 45 minutes.

So, going somewhere else to look for these massive and magnificent creatures would be a better idea than waiting for them to come back up to breathe.

Best Kauai Whale Watching Tours

Here are some of the best whale watching tours in Kauai! These Kauai whale tours will take you to where to see whales in Kauai, both on the South Shore and North Shore!


Niihau is a forbidden island in Hawaii for a good reason: the island is pristine, and restricting visitors keeps endangered species alive. Its only inhabitants are relatives of the owners and about 130 Native Hawaiians.

During whale season in Kauai, you can easily see some during this tour.

While Holo Holo’s tour is expensive, it offers far more than just whale watching. It offers a chance to see an island that most people haven’t even heard of, and snorkeling lets you see incredible marine life.

If you aren’t interested in snorkeling, Holo Holo offers a  sunset whale watching tour  that doesn’t include this activity.

While the Napali & Niihau Boat Tour doesn’t outright restrict certain people with physical disabilities, Holo Holo Charters reminds passengers to take precautions when choosing their tours. The water conditions can get rocky and unsafe for certain people.

Find out more about  Holo Holo Charters


Kauai Sea Tours has a few whale-watching options. On the  Whale Watching Cocktail Cruise , enjoy an open bar and appetizers on a cruise with a hydrophone. This nifty device lets you hear the whales.

whale tale in the ocean

Get a great view of the sea giants from the upper deck on this 2-hour excursion. You’re also likely to see some sea turtles and dolphins. The restroom access on this whale watching on Kauai tour makes this a great choice for families since not all tours have that amenity.

You can also take a  raft tour  to see the whales with a package that includes snorkeling. Despite being in a raft, you’ll still have access to snacks and water, as well as a hydrophone for when you spot the whales.

While Kauai Sea Tours aren’t all dedicated to whale watching, they assure their customers that during Hawaii whale season, there’s a good chance you’ll see some whales on any tour you take.

Many charter companies won’t allow young children on their excursions, but the Whale Cocktail Cruise lets children as young as 3 years old onto the catamaran.

These are some of the best whale watching tours Kauai has to offer!

Get your discounted  Kauai Sea Tours  tickets here!

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Captain Andy’s whale watching tour company offers different waterfront experiences, and some are centered around whale watching.

On the  Poipu Sunset Tour , you can relax with appetizers and cocktails as you watch for whales. You’ll be treated to live  Hawaiian music , shaded cabins, and restrooms on board.

The 2-hour whale watch Kauai tour brings you toward Maha’ulepu and Kipu Kai, two islands that are worth photographing with or without the whales.

For a more whale-oriented experience, try Captain Andy’s  Raft Whale Watch . You’ll spend 2 hours in a custom 24′ raft that lets you get up close and personal to Hawaii’s gentle giants.

whale breaching

The whale watching in Kauai Hawaii tour will bring you through the southwest coast of Kauai, where thousands of whales migrate each winter from Alaska. Wear your  swimsuit  – you’re bound to get wet!

They even offer some of the best NaPali Coast whale watching tours! If you are looking for Kauai whale watching tours North Shore, these are your best bet.

Rafts are a bouncy and unpredictable way to sightsee. For that reason, Captain Andy’s does not allow pregnant women to book this trip. The ride is physically demanding, and they can’t make special accommodations for people with back and neck issues, surgeries, or young kids.

Before booking a raft tour, consider how well you can handle the unsteady water.

It is the best whale watching tour in Kauai the whole family will love!

Get your  Captain Andy’s  tickets

kauai catamaran whale watching


Blue Dolphin Charters offers a  Poipu Whale Watching Tour  on a 65′ catamaran to explore Kauai’s South Shore. From November through March, you can book this tour to see the whales, drink unlimited Mai Tais and beer, and look for other wildlife. The guides will provide you with hydrophones, too so you can enjoy some of the best whale watching on Kauai!

On your way back to the port, enjoy a deli buffet with unlimited drinks. Between  snorkeling ,  scuba diving , and sightseeing from the charter all day, you’ll have plenty of chances to see dolphins and whales.

Blue Dolphin Charters requires that its passengers be able to cross the boarding ramp without assistance. You’ll need to be in generally good physical health no injuries, surgeries, or pregnancies to enjoy this excursion.

It is the best whale watching tour Kauai has to offer during peak months!


Another way to see the whales Kauai has in the warm waters is to take a self-guided tour. Whenever you rent a kayak, raft, or boat in Kauai’s waters, you’ll have a chance to see whales during the winter months in the crystal clear waters.

Tourists looking at whale tale on boat

For the best whale watching places Kauai has to offer, check out Poipu Beach, Napali Coast State Wilderness Park, and Lumahai Beach.

Because the best place to whale watch in Kauai changes as the whales migrate, you can see them multiple places, which is so helpful!

So start at the best place to see whales on Kauai, and then try another one if you don’t see any.


This Zodiac boat adventure takes you to the best place to see whales in Kauai. Because it is on a raft, only 14 passengers are allowed, so it is a much smaller tour, allowing you to spot whales more easily.

You can head out on this adventure anywhere from December to May. You’ll head out on the ocean with your loved ones to explore the unknown and see these magnificent creatures!

From the blowing spouts to jumping straight out of the water, you will find the best whale watching in Kauai with this boat tour. Plus you’ll get to see some dolphins too!

It is another great whale tour Kauai has to offer!

Get your Zodiac boat adventure tickets


Head out on these super rafts to see some more whales on Kauai. On this raft, you will find a restroom, which makes it great for families.

This whale watching adventure also uses a hydrophone so you can listen to the whales too!

You will see some sights and places during your boat ride, including Poipu, Hanapepe, Kauai Coffee, Kalaheo, Salt Pond, Eleele, and so much more.

Get your winter whale watching adventure tickets

Best Whale Watching Kauai FAQs:

Yes! You will find humpback and kohala whales in Kauai! The best time for whale watching in Kauai is usually during the winter months. So if you want to see some humpback whales Kauai is a great place to spot whales during your trip!

The humpback whales from the North Pacific are the 5th largest species of whale in the world. Newborns weigh about 2000 lbs and the grown whales can weigh between 50000 and 80000 lbs. The whales travel to the oceans of Hawaii for the following reasons, to breed, to give birth, and to raise their calves. Whales have an 11 to 12-month gestational period, so the calves are conceived and birthed in Hawaii. While Humpback Whales are the most popular whales to see in Hawaii, visitors can sometimes also see Sperm Whales, Pygmy Whales, and sometimes Orcas.

Yes, if you aren’t sure you want to do a full whale watching tour on Kauai, there are a few places to see whales on the coast. If you want to do some Kauai whale watching from shore, Poipu Beach  on the South Shore is one of the most popular beaches for whale watching. On the  North Shore , head to Kilauea Lighthouse. You might be able to see whales while hiking the iconic Kalalau Trail on the Na Pali Coast. However, pay close attention to any trail closures or flood warnings during the winter.

If you are wondering when are whales in Kauai, the whales have their annual winter migration roughly between November and  March  through the North Pacific Ocean. But, if seeing whales is high on your bucket list, plan your trip for  January  or  February  for your best opportunity, as that is peak Kauai whale watching season.

Maui is definitely the island to visit if the main point of your trip is to go whale watching in Hawaii. It’s one of the best in the world, especially for spotting humpback whales. You’ll find a ton of  Maui whale watching tours  to choose from. But, Kauai, Oahu, and the Big Island are also great Hawaiian islands for the whale season in Hawaii. Find out more about  whale watching on Maui

kauai catamaran whale watching

Kauai Hawaii Whale Watching Wrap-Up

No matter which company you choose for your whale watching tour, you’ll likely get to see some whales. Since whale sightings are common but not guaranteed, it’s best to go on these whale tours Kauai offers to see other sea life, too.

Whether you want to see one humpback whale during your trip or an entire family during whale watching Kauai season, enjoy any of these whale watching boat tours Kauai has to offer!

Some people consider Kauai whale watching experience the highlight of their trip to Kauai – make it yours, too!

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kauai catamaran whale watching


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Embark on Kauai’s Ultimate Snorkeling and Whale Watching Adventures

Go beyond the beach....

Welcome to Kauai Z Tours, where Kauai’s breathtaking waters become your canvas of exploration. We’re not just about riding the waves on our Zodiac Boats; we’re about curating an immersive experience that reveals the vibrant wonders beneath Kauai’s gleaming surface.

Go Beyond The Beach…Explore Kauai’s Mesmerizing Aquatic Treasures.

Discover kauai’s splendors: from shore, sea, to whales”.

Guided Shore Snorkel Tours: No boat? No Problem! Immerse yourself in the crystalline waters of Kauai’s coastline directly from the shore. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned snorkelers, our shore tours allow you to explore vibrant marine ecosystems without setting foot on a boat. Delve into an enchanting world of tropical fish, sea urchins, and perhaps even spot the graceful Hawaiian green sea turtles!

Zodiac Boat Snorkel Adventures: Jump aboard our Zodiac boats, the same vessels used by Navy Seals, and let them whisk you away to secluded snorkeling spots. Navigate the southern shores, marvel at the Queen’s Summer Home from Allerton Bay, witness the awe of Spouting Horn, and, if the winds favor, venture out to Kipu Kai. Snorkel the famed Sheraton Caverns, known locally as “Honu Hale” – the home of the turtles.

Seasoned Whale Watching Tours: Every winter, Kauai’s waters come alive with the majestic dance of humpback whales. Join us on a captivating voyage to witness these gentle giants up close, as they breach, slap their tails, and serenade with their haunting songs. A magical experience, not to be missed, and available only for a limited time each year!

Whatever your preference, Kauai Z Tours promises unforgettable adventures that cater to every member of the family.  Delve into a “Honu World” with us and experience the magic of Kauai like never before. 

  • Most Popular Tour!
  • User 5 years +
  • Hour Glass Approximately 3 hours from start to finish

Kauai’s Ultimate South Island Zodiac Boat Snorkel Adventure

Kauai’s Ultimate South Island Zodiac Boat Snorkel Adventure explores Kauai’s beautiful southern shore.  Our 25’ rigid hull inflatable zodiac boat called “Hokupa’a” will get you away from the shore and up close to Kauai’s amazing marine life – sea turtles, dolphins, monk seals, and much much more!

  • User 7 years +
  • Hour Glass Approximately 5-5.5 hours

Kauai’s Ultimate Na Pali Coast Eco Tour

Join Team Sea Riders on a unique and personal zodiac snorkeling adventure on Kauai’s stunning NaPali Coast.

Featured Tours

  • User 4 years +
  • Hour Glass 2 hours

Kauai’s Ultimate Guided Shore Snorkel Tour

Discover Kauai’s pristine south shore reefs and learn about our tropical fish, sea urchins, and sea mammals on this two-hour guided snorkel with a certified dive instructor.

  • Hour Glass 2.5 hours

Kauai’s Ultimate WEST SIDE Whale & Dolphin Zodiac Boat Adventure

Kauai sea rider adventures.

Experience Kauai’s West Side ultimate whale and dolphin Zodiac boat adventure with our tour that lets you see these amazing creatures in their natural habitat! Witness whales breaching & singing, and dolphins jumping & spinning!

  • Hour Glass Approximately 2.5 hours

South Side Whale Watching and Dolphin Zodiac Adventure

Every year during the winter months, the humpback whales return to Hawaiian waters. See these amazing creatures in their natural habitat on this whale watching Zodiac tour.

Tour Features

Passionate about what we do, all of our guides and captains spend hours training in preparation for you our guest. Most of our snorkel guides are also professional PADI Dive Masters and Scuba Instructors who bring superior knowledge of the underwater world to each and every tour.

The ocean (Moana) is at the heart pulse of what we do.  Without the vast eco systems and diverse species on our reefs there would be no underwater world for us to educate, explore and enjoy.  “The oceans deserve our respect and care, but you have to know something before you can care about it” – Sylvia Earle.

Discover Kauai’s Underwater Paradise: Delve into the “Honu World”

Hidden Marine Treasures Await:

Unearth snorkeling spots in Kauai you never knew existed. Delve deep and swim alongside an array of marine wonders, from playful dolphins to majestic tropical fish. As you float, be enchanted by the dance of the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, locally named “Honu”. In the winter, witness the breathtaking spectacle of adult and calf humpback whales, rejoicing in Hawaii’s warm embrace.

An Authentic Oceanic Experience:

Our tours go beyond mere sightseeing. With the thrilling Zodiac rides, serene shore excursions, and guided snorkel adventures, we blend excitement with education. Delve into Kauai’s marine ecosystem, understand its delicate balance, and immerse in the island’s unique allure. We promise not just a tour, but an enlightening journey through Kauai’s oceanic wonders.

Adventure Awaits:

Why let Kauai’s marine mysteries remain undiscovered? Embark on a journey that takes you closer to the heartbeat of the ocean. With every splash and snorkel, be a part of the island’s story. Your gateway to an unforgettable Hawaiian marine adventure is right here. Make your reservation today!

See Turtles on our Top-Rated Kauai Snorkeling Tours

We got up close and personal - but not too close - to about 5 green sea turtles. The two spots we visited were great, the 1st was a hangout for turtles and the 2nd a reef closer to shore schooling with fish... We really loved this trip and the great sea life we saw, and enjoyed Davey and Dave as our guides.

So nice to get up close and personal...none of this 50 people to a boat business. Very knowledgeable staff. JC and Jon were amazing! Found the whales right away and shared some very interesting facts on the trip. Highly recommend!

We saw a ton of turtles & even a small shark. They went out of their way to make sure the experience was amazing & it was! Would definitely recommend booking thru Zodiac! The picnic lunch at the harbor was a nice ending to a wonderful morning!

First time going on a rafted boat tour. I enjoyed the fantastic captain (JC and her crew). They made the trip so much fun. I enjoyed the opportunity to snorkel in some amazing places that I would never had known about. I highly recommend booking your next trip with Z tours.

My 8yr old and I absolutely loved this experience! The crew is so friendly and fun to be around as well as knowledgeable of the area and helpful going out of their way to ensure each guest has what they need. We saw so many sea turtles and beautiful fish! This was our best adventure of the vacation I would go again over and over!

The BEST South Shore Kauai Snorkel Tours!

sea turtles swimming under water

Looking for More Great Snorkeling in Kauai?

We also offer more great snorkeling with our sister company, Kauai Sea Riders. Click on the link below to view our other tours and check availability.

Looking for Great Scuba Diving In Kauai?

Our sister company, Dive Kauai, allows you to challenge gravity and be face to face with turtles and other marine life. Not certified? No Problem. Click on the link below to view our diving options and availability.

Looking for Great Surfing Lessons In Kauai?

Our sister company, Hawaiian Style Surfing, will help you “Hang 10”! Click the link below to view our lessons and availability.

kauai catamaran whale watching

Catamaran Kahanu

Kauai's premier nā pali coast catamaran tours & charters.

Listen & Enjoy the sweet sounds of Kainani Kahaunaele. Watch the video as we journey along the ‘Nā Pali’ coastline.

  • Most Popular!
  • Calendar Year-round
  • Clock 5 hours
  • User Ages 5+

Nā Pali Coast Catamaran Boat Tour

Sail Kauai’s Nā Pali Coast! Get up close and personal with majestic cliffs, sea caves, and a cascading waterfalls. You may even see dolphins 🐬, sea turtles 🐢, and whales 🐋!

  • Calendar Dec 20 - April 15
  • Clock 2 hours

Kauai Whale Watching Tour

Get up close and personal with the ocean’s gentle giants. Viewing these magnificent creatures is an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience!

We invite you to join us on Catamaran Kahanu for an awe-inspiring journey to Kaua’i’s Nā Pali Coast. We are a Hawaiian family business sharing with you one of Kaua’i’s greatest treasures, the cliffs of Nā Pali . Your voyage takes you to where Captain Lani’s ohana-family once lived.

Learn the history and culture of ancient communities that once thrived in these remote valleys. View the majestic cliffs, cascading waterfalls, lava tubes, and sea caves. Enjoy the nai’a (the porpoises and dolphins), the honu (the Hawaiian sea turtles), and the kohola (the humpback whales) during the months of December to April. Swim or snorkel at a pristine reef, then enjoy a delicious buffet-style lunch. Book your charter today!


Rated #1 Activity in Eleele on TripAdvisor

Catamaran Kahanu

This is the crew you want to go with, they are so personal and caring. They let everyone on board get a unique experience. They are not like the other charters that take 100 people, this is a family-owned business that cares about everyone that sets foot on board.

We had such a great time. We saw the breathtaking Napali coast, snorkeled, saw sea turtles, and observed dolphins up close. We couldn’t have wished for a more magical time. I highly recommend. The ship and their crew felt more personal. You will enjoy a beautiful day at sea.

This trip was amazing. To start, the captain is extremely knowledgeable and their main concern is your safety. This is a great family experience for all ages. We got to enjoy the beautiful scenery, swam, and saw dolphins. We really enjoyed the Na Pali coast. Beautiful experience.

An amazing outing for our family of 11. Napali coast gorgeous and our guide was quite informative! The catamaran was able to get so close to the shoreline and we saw caves and waterfalls. The snorkeling was great and the equipment was provided. Our captain was outstanding and made our trip fantastic.

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Here on Catamaran Kahanu we loooooooove our Hawaiian arts and crafts. From lei making to lauhala bracelets to coconut weaving, you name it, we do it! Come join us!

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'IMILOA - Express Whale Watch Cocktail Tour

kauai catamaran whale watching

  • Look for migrating whales and dolphins on a Kauai catamaran cruise
  • Listen to whale songs with special equipment and learn about animal behavior
  • Get a fantastic view of Kauai’s southwest coast from the water
  • Includes Hawaiian appetizers, cocktails, beer, and wine
  • See itinerary
  • Juice, Soda & Water
  • Light Snacks
  • Beer, Wine, and Mai Tai’s (For adults over 21 years of age with ID)
  • USCG inspected Commercial passenger vessel
  • Experienced US Coast Guard Licensed Captain
  • CPR / First Aid & water safety trained crews
  • Kauai Sea Tours, 4353 Waialo Rd #2B, Eleele, HI 96705, USA We are located in the Port Allen Marina Center, on the Island of Kauai. Head West on HWY 50. Turn left at McDonald's (JCT 541 Waialo Rd.) Look for Kauai Sea Tours on your right. Continue to the end of the complex, turn right and we are the 3rd lot on your left! Proceed to the office to check-in.
  • Not wheelchair accessible
  • Near public transportation
  • Travelers should have a moderate physical fitness level
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult
  • No Children under the age of 3 years old
  • No Pregnant women or serious health concerns
  • CANCELLATION POLICY: To modify, reschedule, or cancel ANY tour and receive a full refund, YOU MUST CALL KST 24 Hours prior to your tour check-in time.
  • Tour length is 2hrs from departure time, not check in time.
  • No pregnancies, bad backs, those who have undergone any recent surgeries, those with any mobility problems
  • Maximum weight limit 300lbs per person
  • This experience requires good weather. If it’s canceled due to poor weather, you’ll be offered a different date or a full refund
  • This experience requires a minimum number of travelers. If it’s canceled because the minimum isn’t met, you’ll be offered a different date/experience or a full refund
  • This tour/activity will have a maximum of 36 travelers
  • For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the start date of the experience.

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  • Y2964EXjeanetteg 0 contributions Got really excited but then didn’t happen . Was so excited for this trip but had unforeseen engine issues so left the harbor then had to turn around and return back . Super bummed I get it was unforeseen but then I was not able to last min book anything else for our day . Read more Written February 20, 2024
  • 122trucv 0 contributions Beautiful views Great trip! Weather was good for us for Na Pali coast but not good for snorkeling. Ride was bumpy but to be expected so make sure you bring meds or take it already so you can enjoy the trip. Captain was knowledgeable and staff friendly. We saw a lot of whales and turtles too. Read more Written February 17, 2024
  • OctWFA 0 contributions not good it was mid and bad weather. Didn’t see much and the tour dragged on. Here is some words to fill the character limit. We did not see Napali coast because of the weather. Should’ve canceled then but we decided to go on the reroute, which was boring at first and then annoying later because the salt water splashed throughout the ride back. Read more Written February 15, 2024
  • Storyteller709610 0 contributions Amazing views! Great interactive crew. Ocean was relatively calm but several people got sick anyway. Take Dramamine as a precaution, y'all. Read more Written February 14, 2024
  • stevenoP5913ER 0 contributions Just spectacular! Our captain and crew were awesome! Lots of history shared about the island and the Napoli coastline. Saw lots of whales too! Great day!! Read more Written February 13, 2024
  • 456harrisons 0 contributions Horrible/ bad / rude / exhausting Terrible . Read all Groupon’s review and trust everyone when they say it’s bad . There’s less review on VIATOR bc most likely everyone will purchase via Groupon. - Expect to hold on to dear life to the boat -Expect to have bloody and bruise fingers from holding the robe on the boat and that’s the only thing holding you from falling . -No guarantee to see inside the cave or waterfall -No snorkeling guaranteed -your breakfast will serves at lunch - office staff and owner are rude and careless . They offer small boat and round trip nothing else . They don’t care what you see or how you feel . -Expect to do nothing else for the rest of the day due to pain of holding hours and hours to small robe . What they offer is small boat . Definitely use different company and bigger boat . They have bigger boat but just stay away . Other boats near us had the best time as we passed them and wish we were on their boat . Don’t try to talk to the owner , you are not important. He don’t care if you die on the boat or get bruises . Nothing I can say that you can’t find on others reviews . Just read the Groupon and stay away . Read more Written February 13, 2024
  • maryscallon64 0 contributions NaPali dinner cruise on Lucky Lady NaPali dinner cruise was wonderful. Even saw whales, dolphins and waterfalls. The sunset was amazing from the boat. All of the crew were very helpful and nice. The dinner was just ok. Taco bar. Take motion sickness medication, you will need it. Read more Written February 13, 2024
  • 63vernag 0 contributions Beautiful The crew was excellent, the snacks were great. We got to see whales, breaching, spit dolphins off the front of the boat and fun snorkeling. Well worth the adventure.! Read more Written February 13, 2024
  • Tour18488952931 0 contributions Lucky Lady sunset dinner cruise Beautiful sights, perfect weather & Capt Kauai & crew were knowledgeable and humorous. Seeing whales was a great bonus. Would definitely recommend! Read more Written February 13, 2024

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kauai catamaran whale watching

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John T

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kauai catamaran whale watching

'IMILOA - Express Whale Watch Cocktail Tour provided by Kauai Sea Tours

Product overview: 'imiloa - express whale watch cocktail tour.

kauai catamaran whale watching

Voted the Best Boat Tour in the US!

Kauai Boat Tours

Kauai Whale Watching

“experience the majestic humpback whales acrobatic displays aboard holo holo”.

Kauai whale watching tours

Every year, thousands of humpback whales migrate thousands of miles, moving seasonally between the polar waters of Russia, Alaska and Canada to the tropical waters of Mexico, Hawaii and Japan. They spend the summer months in the polar regions to feed, feed, feed—gaining weight and strength for their winters in the tropics—where they breed, calve and nurse their young.

It’s estimated that as many as 10,000- 12,000 humpback whales regularly migrate to Hawaii. The first ones typically show up in mid-October and the last ones leave as late as June, but the most reliable time to see the humpbacks is during peak season, from December to April.

Humpback whales are inquisitive and will often approach boats and provide a spectacular demonstration of some of their characteristic acrobatic behaviors including blows, breaching (our favorite!), spy hops, tail slaps, and “waving” of their pectoral fins.

Seeing these massive and magnificent creatures up close (yet in the wild) is exhilarating, humbling, and awe-inspiring. If we’re snorkeling and whales are within a couple of miles, it’s even possible to hear their underwater songs—extraordinary!

Please be our guest and let us take you and your loved ones on an unforgettable Kauai whale watching experience. While regular surface activity is almost a guarantee during peak season, we hope you understand that, as policy and as part of our voluntary participation in the NOAA-sponsored Dolphin Smart Program, safe and responsible viewing of all marine life is compulsory. Holo Holo Charters will never harass whales for our own gain; we want them to feel respected and welcome in Hawaii waters, so they continue coming back for generations to come.

More humpback whale action

Kauai whale watching tours

A member of the baleen whale suborder, the Humpback Whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) is large, even among whales: adults range between 12–16 meters (40–50 feet) long and weigh approximately 40,000 kilograms (44 tons). It is a favorite among whale watchers for its impressive size, acrobatic and spectacular breaching behavior (sometimes leaping completely out of the water), large fluke and unusually long pectoral (front) fins which are proportionally the longest fins of any cetacean. Want a chance to see a Humpback whale? Join a Kauai whale watching tours here


Humpback Whales are identified by their stocky bodies with obvious humps and black dorsal coloring. The long black and white tail fluke has a wavy trailing edge and can be up to a third of body length. The pectoral fins have unique patterns, which enable individual whales to be recognized. When exhaling through their blowholes, Humpbacks have a distinctive 3 meter (10 ft) heart-shaped to bushy blow.

The species feeds only in summer and lives off fat reserves during winter. It is an energetic feeder, taking krill and small schooling fish, such as herring, capelin, and sand lance. It will hunt fish by direct attack or by stunning them by hitting the water with its large flippers or flukes.

Its most inventive feeding technique is called bubble net fishing. A group of whales will blow bubbles while swimming to create a visual barrier against fish, while one or more whales in the group make vocalizations that drive the fish against the wall. The bubble wall is then closed, encircling the fish and confining them to an ever-tighter area. The whales then suddenly swim upwards and through the bubble net, mouths agape, swallowing thousands of fish in one gulp. This technique can involve a ring of bubbles up to 30 meters (100 feet) in diameter and the cooperation of a dozen animals at once. It is perhaps the most spectacular act of cooperation among marine mammals.

Like other large whales, the humpback was and is a target for the whaling industry. Due to over-hunting, its population fell by an estimated 90% before a whaling moratorium was introduced in 1966. Once hunted to the brink of extinction, the humpback whale population has since partially recovered with at least 80,000 humpback whales worldwide. Entanglement in fishing gear, collisions with ships, and noise pollution remain concerns.

  • Most Popular!

Niihau + Napali Super Tour - 7hr

On our signature tour, we’ll explore Kauai’s extraordinary Napali Coast, and then voyage across the channel to snorkel the world-class waters of Lehua Crater off the “Forbidden Island” of Niihau, all in one incredible day.

Napali Sunset Dinner Tour - 3.5hr

Skip the restaurant and enjoy a delicious Kauai sunset tour including dinner and drinks, while basking in the glory of the Napali Coast–rainbows, cliffs, valleys, beaches, waterfalls, wildlife.

  • Sunset + Sail

Napali Sunset Dinner Sail - 4.5hr

Voyage to the Napali Coast and let us wine you and dine you, as we sail off into the sunset on our gorgeous & comfortable 50’ catamaran, Leila. Make sure to bring your camera on this spectacular Kauai tour.

  • Snorkel + Sail

Napali Snorkel Sail - 5hr

Experience Kauai snorkeling tours and true trade-wind catamaran sailing on Kauai’s Napali Coast! Breakfast, lunch, and beverages are included in this action-packed adventure for the whole family.

Adventure Tours Hawaii

Poipu whale watching small boat tour.

If you want to get up-close and personal with the Humpback Whales then this is the tour for you. While other boat charters operate large catamarans that have to stay far from the action, our 25ft rigid hull zodiac speed boat is nimble and highly maneuverable allowing us to get in the middle of the whale activity to give you the whale and dolphin show of a lifetime

Seasonal Activity Only - December through March

What to Expect

Once boarded on the boat we will cruise out to greet the humpback whales. We will immediately begin looking for the spouting mist from the whales blowhole as indication on where they are located. Once spotted, our nimble speed boat will get you right up to the action to watch a multitude of whale maneuvers such as pectoral slaps, tale slaps, breeches, spy hops, and much more. During this 2.5 hour tour we will also look for pods of Hawaii Spinner dolphins and sea turtles floating on the surface.

Located in Poipu, our check-in office is conveniently just a short drive from the vacation accommodations and resorts in the area. Add to this the fact that these shorelines are mostly navigable and calm the whole year long. The whales and dolphins in these areas are plentiful and the weather is almost always sunny and beautiful.

  • Observe Humpback Whales in the Wild
  • Listen to their Songs via Hydrophone
  • Knowledgable Whale Expert Guides
  • Dry Bags for the Boat Ride
  • Fresh Juice, Waters, and Snacks
  • No expectant mothers.
  • This is an ocean adventure. Ocean conditions can vary and may turn rough at times; this tour may not be suitable for everyone.
  • Children must be at least 5 years old
  • No snorkeling this tour

Check in: 3417 Poipu Road, Suite 105, Koloa, HI 96756

Cancellation Policy


Tours cancelled up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled date and time of the tour will not be charged any fees to credit card on file

Tours cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled date and time of the tour will be charged 50% of the tour total to the credit card on file

Tours cancelled the day of the scheduled tour or customers who do not show up to the scheduled tour will be charged 100% of the tour total to the credit card on file

Our hearts go out to our brothers & sisters on Maui. Please click to donate to the Maui Strong Fund.

Kauai Sea Tours

Whale Watching: Where to Go For the Best Views

a whale jumping out of a body of water

Every winter, the visitors and residents of Hawaii receive a special treat. Around 2/3 of the  North Pacific humpback whale  population returns to Hawaii to raise, rest, and breed. This migration has been happening for hundreds of years and is an important part of Hawaiian culture.

As a result, whale watching is a beloved activity for locals and tourists alike.

The island of Kauai is a prime location for whale watching. Although it would be convenient, you can’t walk out to the ocean and immediately spot a whale.

Check out some of the prime whale-watching destinations on Kauai below!

Visit Kauai for Whale Watching

Kauai is home to some of the most picture-perfect whale-watching destinations, such as the Kilauea Lighthouse and Poipu Beach. The Kalalau Trail on the north shore is another famous spot. Many avid whale watchers also stop by the Kapaa Overlook, which is close to Kealia Beach. Here, they can catch a glimpse of these magnificent creatures.

The best way to go  whale watching around Kauai  is by boat tour. The majority of the whale watching tours and cruises in Kauai depart from Na Pali and Poipu.

The humpback whales migrate to Kauai starting from December up until May. The warm Hawaiian waters serve as their breeding ground and birthing location. In Kauai, it’s common to see new calves swimming with their mothers. Spot these beautiful creatures playfully surfacing, slapping their tails, or blowing air from their spouts.

For a thrilling whale-watching adventure, you can choose from a variety of whale-watching cruises. If you prefer an elegant whale watching experience, you and your family can reserve a voyage with Kauai Sea Tours for a whale-watching cocktail cruise along Kauai’s coast.

Kilauea Lighthouse

As we mentioned before, you can also visit the Kilauea Lighthouse to go whale watching. In 1985, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service established the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge. This beautiful refuge is marked by its sensational lighthouse.

While whale watching at the Kilauea Lighthouse, you may see different species of birds: Mōlī (Laysan albatross), ‘Ā (Red-footed booby), ‘Ua ‘u kani (Wedge-tailed shearwater) as well as several other Kaua‘i wildlife species in their natural habitat. The coast also offers a haven for the endangered ‘Ilio-holo-i-ka-uaua (Hawaiian monk seal) and Honu (Green sea turtle).. From the base of the lighthouse, you can look out over the ocean and watch the whales in the distance.

Poipu Beach

Kauai’s sunny south shore offers picture-perfect weather year-round. This beautiful location is home to some of the island’s most famous beaches, cultural attractions, and outdoor adventures.

Poipu Beach is, without a doubt, the most famous beach on the south shore. This beach is a series of golden sand crescents, strung together where beach-goers will further find the most delightful whale watching spots, to with the surfing, swimming, and snorkeling.

When you go to the highest peaks of every island in search of whales, you’ll have an easier time sighting them, but you will be a long way off. On a whale-watching cruise, spotting these magnificent creatures up close is a completely different experience. However, these cruises fill up fast.. To book your whale-watching cruise, click here!

How to See the Whales

The best way to go whale watching is by catamaran cruise on Kauai. These quiet vessels are very similar to the watercrafts the original Hawaiians sailed around Hawaii. Catamaran cruises can safely bring you close enough to the whales so you can watch them while respecting their space.

Aboard a catamaran cruise, your family will learn about the whales,  enjoy a delicious meal on the water , and see these magnificent mammals up close. Visit our tours page for more information.

Kauai Sea Tours Whale Watching Adventures

Are you and your family ready to explore Hawaii on a boat tour? Are you excited to see humpback whales in their natural habitat? Kauai Sea Tours has been providing award-winning tours since 1991, with a history of ten consecutive TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Awards. Our team is passionate about creating incredible adventures in paradise and we’re excited to go whale-watching with your family.

  • Clock 2 hours
  • Users Ages 3+

‘Imiloa Whale Watching Cocktail Tour

Join us for a fun adventure as we go whale watching along Kauai’s south shore to find the gentle giants of the sea. Available during the height of Hawaii’s Whale season (December – March).

Available December – March 9a, 12p, and 3p

  • Users Ages 7+

Whale Watch Discovery Raft Tour

Journey to find humpback whales along Kauai’s southern shores. Listen to and learn about the amazing humpback whales. Encounter these gentle giants and playful dolphins as they delight you with their acrobatics!

Available December – March 11a and 2p


  1. Deluxe Catamaran Cocktail Whale-Watching Cruise provided by Kauai Sea

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    kauai catamaran whale watching

  3. Catamaran Cocktail Whale-Watching Cruise provided by Kauai Sea Tours

    kauai catamaran whale watching

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    kauai catamaran whale watching

  5. Whale Watching Tour in Kauai

    kauai catamaran whale watching

  6. Plan A Deluxe Catamaran Cocktail Whale Watching Cruise In Kauai

    kauai catamaran whale watching


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  1. The 3 Best Kauai Whale Watching Tours (+ how to see them from shore)

    1. Raft Tour from Poipu (South Shore) Captain J's Offshore Adventures Kauai Sea Tours Whale Watching on Kauai tips 1. Most Kauai whale watching tours don't offer rebooking. 2. Book your whale watching tour early in your trip. 3. Go in the morning. 4.

  2. Best Time For Whale Watching in Kauai: A Seasonal Guide

    From December through April, all Capt. Andy's sailing and raft tours offer an opportunity to view these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. Peak months for Kauai whale watching are January through March. So, if it's your goal to view whales when visiting Kauai, make sure to plan accordingly Star Class Yachts

  3. Blue Dolphin Kauai

    3 4 5 NaPali Coast and Niihau Boat Tours Come aboard with us to Kauai's NaPali Coast! Our large 65-foot catamarans are ready to go for a fun-filled day, whether you choose our morning snorkel or afternoon sunset dinner cruise. Our exciting, heart pumping raft tours delight the more adventurous and we offer whale watching tours seasonally.

  4. Kauai Whale Watching

    The whale watching season in Kauai runs from November through March. While whales can be frequently spotted during any of the winter months, if you are looking for the best months to see whales in Kauai - January and February are the peak of the whale watching season. The largest and most peaceful creature

  5. Na Pali Catamaran Tour

    This popular humpback whale-watching tour is featured during the height of Hawaii's Whale season (Dec. 1- March 31). It is a favorite among wildlife enthusiasts. All ages will delight in the experience. 800-652-8248 QUESTIONS? or TO BOOK - CALL US We're here to help! 7am-4pm Kauai Time Select Your Whale Watch Cocktail Cruise Date*

  6. Whale Watching Tour in Kauai

    $ 2,160 Quick Details Ages: Ages 5+ Duration: 2 hours Check-in time: 1:15 pm and 3:30 pm Availability: Dec 20 - April 15 Departure location: Leaving from Port Allen Does not include Na Pali Witness Breaching Humpback Whales in Kauai Get up close and personal with the ocean's gentle giants.

  7. South Shore Whale Watch

    Our Kauai Whale Watching tour is a must do for all wildlife enthusiasts and allows you to cruise the calm south shore waters of Kauai on one of our spacious 65′ catamarans while enjoying the magnificent sight of whales and other marine life.

  8. Kauai Whale Watchers

    Kauai Whale Watchers Tour Overview & Options Discover Whales! Whale Watch Cocktail Cruise 2 Hour Super Raft Humpback Whales arrive in Kauai every winter. Our premium whale watching experiences run from December - March. Choose between a catamaran or raft experience and be ready for a 2-3 hour adventure. 2 Hour Super Raft Whale Watch Cocktail Cruise

  9. THE TOP 10 Kauai Whale Watching Tours (w/Prices)

    Things to do in Kauai Kauai Tours Tours, Sightseeing & Cruises Sightseeing Tours Whale Watching Questions? +1 (702) 648-5873 Chat now Top Kauai Whale Watching Dolphin Watching Cruises & Sailing Whale Watching Sightseeing Tours Whale Watching Tours by Duration Time of Day Morning Starts before 12pm Afternoon Starts after 12pm Evening and night

  10. Blue Dolphin Charters South Shore Whale Watch

    South Shore Kauai Whale Watch on a Beautiful Catamaran. Share the beauty of Kauai's south shore with some of the worlds largest and most peaceful creatures. Humpback Whale Season here in the islands starts as early as November and can last until late March. Relax and enjoy this 2 hour catamaran tour while enjoying the magnificent sight of ...

  11. Ultimate Guide to the Best Kauai Whale Watching Tours

    The peak season is considered to be from December to March. What is the best month to see whales in Kauai? The peak months for whale watching are January and February. During these months you'll have the best chance of multiple whale sightings during your boat tour. What time of day is best for whale watching?

  12. 5 Best Whale Watching Tours in Kauai for Nature Lovers

    #1 Top Pick Na Pali Coast Kauai Snorkel and Sail Tour Prepare for a thrilling adventure that combines whale watching and snorkeling. Guests get to observe some of Hawaii's most majestic creatures, explore its perfect blue waters, and view its diverse marine life.

  13. 'IMILOA

    Step on to the catamaran and enjoy assorted pupu platter appetizers, wine, beer, and Mai Tais. Listen to your captain talk about whale biology and behavior while keeping watch for tail slaps, blows, and breaches. Watch the scenery on the south coast of Kauai glide by and be sure to take plenty of photos.

  14. Nā Pali Whale Watching Cocktail Boat Tour

    This popular humpback whale watching tour is featured during the height of Hawaii's Whale season (Dec. 1- March 31). It is a favorite among wildlife enthusiasts. All ages will delight in the experience. Hop aboard our Express catamaran. This vessel provides cushioned forward-facing seats, a shaded cabin, and 2 restrooms.

  15. THE 10 BEST Dolphin & Whale Watching in Kauai, HI

    Dolphin & Whale Watching in Kauai Enter dates Outdoor Activities Filters • 1 Sort & up & up & up Kauai Sea Tours Na Pali Coast Polihale State Park Kauai Sea Rider Snorkel & Whale Watching Tours Kauai: Dolphin & Whale Watching Information

  16. 7 Best Kauai Whale Watching Tours

    BLUE DOLPHIN CHARTERS. Blue Dolphin Charters offers a Poipu Whale Watching Tour on a 65′ catamaran to explore Kauai's South Shore. From November through March, you can book this tour to see the whales, drink unlimited Mai Tais and beer, and look for other wildlife.

  17. Kauai Zodiac Tourz

    Whatever your preference, Kauai Z Tours promises unforgettable adventures that cater to every member of the family. Delve into a "Honu World" with us and experience the magic of Kauai like never before. Most Popular Tour! From $135.50. User. 5 years +. Hour Glass. Approximately 3 hours from start to finish.

  18. Catamaran Kahanu

    Most Popular! From $225 $205 Year-round 5 hours Ages 5+ Nā Pali Coast Catamaran Boat Tour Sail Kauai's Nā Pali Coast! Get up close and personal with majestic cliffs, sea caves, and a cascading waterfalls. You may even see dolphins 🐬, sea turtles 🐢, and whales 🐋! Book Now Learn More From $120 $120 Dec 20 - April 15 2 hours Ages 5+

  19. 8 Awesome Catamaran Tours in Kauai [2024]

    Whale Watching Catamaran Tours in Kauai (Seasonal) 4. Whale Watching Cocktail Tour. Duration: 2 hours; Includes: Snacks, drinks (including beer, wine, and Mai Tais!) If you happen to be visiting during the winter in Hawaii (from December through March), this is one of the only catamaran tours in Kauai that's specifically designed for seeing ...

  20. 2024 'IMILOA

    Get a firsthand look at humpback whales during peak migration season on this fun Kauai whale-watching cruise. Sail aboard a deluxe, double-decker catamaran while a captain and crew help spot passing whales and dolphins. Sip your choice of beer, wine, or tropical mai tais and enjoy traditional Hawaiian appetizers along the way. from $135.90 $122.31

  21. Kauai Whale Watching Tours Pictures

    Kauai Whale Watching "Experience the majestic humpback whales acrobatic displays aboard Holo Holo!" Every year, thousands of humpback whales migrate thousands of miles, moving seasonally between the polar waters of Russia, Alaska and Canada to the tropical waters of Mexico, Hawaii and Japan.

  22. Poipu Whale Watching Small Boat Tour

    Location: South Shore, Kauai If you want to get up-close and personal with the Humpback Whales then this is the tour for you.

  23. Whale Watching: Where to Go For the Best Views

    2 hours. Ages 3+. Join us for a fun adventure as we go whale watching along Kauai's south shore to find the gentle giants of the sea. Available during the height of Hawaii's Whale season (December - March). Available December - March9a, 12p, and 3p. Book Now.