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Most beautiful superyachts: 10 of the best as chosen by top designers

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What turns a superyacht into a thing of beauty? We asked scores of the world's leading yacht designers to list the 10 most beautiful superyachts ever built...

The only rules were that they couldn’t pick one of their own and they had to be luxury superyachts over 30 metres. With the votes counted, we can now reveal our definitive rundown of the most beautiful yachts in the world.

We’ve even enlisted some of those same designers to explain what makes the final ten yachts so special. Scroll down to see the full top 10 and read more about each model.

10 of the most beautiful superyachts of all time


10. Limitless

James Roy, managing director of BMT Nigel Gee believes her to be one of the most beautiful superyachts in the world and writes:

“One of the earlier breed of superyachts Limitless is in my opinion from a period when the volume of superstructures were not over imposing producing a well balanced yacht. These proportions coupled with the sheer line and well matched angles of bow profile and rake of superstructure ends all work together.”

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Certainly with her dark blue hull and glistening white superstructure she cuts quite a dash and at night her comprehensive array of on deck illumination and underwater lighting make her look nothing short of spectacular proving that yachts can have beauty 24 hours a day.

Year: 1997 – LOA: 96.25m – Builder: Lürssen – Exterior: Jon Bannenburg – Interior: Catroux

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“It’s a great pleasure to pay tribute to an iconic thoroughbred such as Skat , still standing tall on the horizon,” says Tim Saunders of Rainsford Saunders Design. “Despite her military looks, this is a true superyacht, engineered as a ship at heart and built from the keel up, with every square metre fulfilling the owner’s brief. Skat is a unique design but has not broken traditional yachting rules for the sake of it.

She is a superyacht that has been devised to offer the owner a well-considered relationship between external and internal living spaces, and unlike many of her sisters, she doesn’t opt for maximum density. Skat ’s combination of poise, elegance and balance comes from a clever use of straight, angular lines, facetted surfaces and enhanced ship details.

Each component comes together in a harmonious relationship to offer a daring and bold statement that from a distance has the grace and elegance of something far more organic. She is a yacht that catches your eye from all angles.”

Year: 2002 – LOA: 70.7m – Builder: Lürssen – Exterior: Espin Oeino – Interior: Marco Zanini


8. Alfa Nero

“When we first saw Alfa Nero we were impressed by her smooth exterior lines,” say Mareid Moosbrugger and Georg Decker of Egg and Dart Design. “The superstructure is sleek and elegant without any angular or hard corners. We consider her to be one of the most beautiful yachts afloat today, and we can easily understand why our colleagues agree.

“Walking around her at the 2007 Monaco Yacht Show , we felt the three-dimensional use of space was harmonious with the elements, and there was a true balance between the inside and outside areas of the yacht, with the exterior spaces maintaining a close connection with the natural environment of the sea and sky.

“The decks are open and airy, yet there is a feeling of being safely cocooned, and the superb aft deck in particular maintains a feeling of being at one with the ocean, which is emphasised by the huge pool. The yacht impressed us as a gentle giant: on the one hand huge, voluminous and technically advanced; on the other, stylish, glossy and surprisingly cosy.

“The beautiful interior features a timeless but modern design with elements of Art Deco, and everywhere you can see that the smallest details have been attended to. This yacht is a perfect combination of design, functionality and vision, and offers a unique ambience.”

Year: 2007 – LOA: 81.27m – Builder: Oceanco – Exterior: Nuvolari-Lenard – Interior: Alberto Pinto


Designer Reymond Langton says: “At the time of her creation, she was the largest yacht that we had signed and would be the largest the yard had built. The client is a very experienced yacht owner and for him to have put his trust in us when we had nothing of our own in the water at the time was a massive vote of confidence.

“He allowed us to be a little experimental with the design – this was the first large yacht with a plumb bow. It was fantastic to have landed another contract where we were able to design the exterior and interior as it gave us much more control over the whole project, and gave us the scope to really harmonise the spaces.

“It also allowed us to work hand in hand together, which we thoroughly enjoy and believe delivers the best results for the client. We think she stands out because she has a very striking profile that is easily recognisable from a distance.

“She has a lot of presence on the water due to her powerful lines. Anyone who has been on board will tell you that the high-volume interior feels incredibly luxurious.”

Year: 2007 – LOA: 68.0m – Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen – Exterior: Reymond Langton Design – Interior: Reymond Langton Design


6. Carinthia VII

The Austrian supermarket heiress Heidi Horten replaced Carinthia VI (see below) with this very secret yacht rumoured to run at 26 knots. Voting her as his most beautiful yacht, Rupert Mann of Rainsford Mann Design said, “97m is a good length for a designer to work with, as it gives an opportunity to design longitudinally not vertically and therefore create an elegant yacht which appears low and sleek.

“What makes the design of Carinthia VII so successful is the enhancement of this due to the pure and elegant sheer line that draws your eye from the bow to stern so effortlessly. The clever trick of dropping the sheer line one deck down aft, gives it a dynamic and purposeful bow shape forward, as if carving its path with consummate ease.

The horizontal lines of the super structure are equally uncomplicated, in this instance resisting the addition of unnecessary detail such as fashion plates that often complicate a design. Ultimately I think the strength of the design manifests through its simplicity. It is the most successful of designs, which can be called a ‘timeless classic’.

“A design that will be successful in every genre modern or classic and in every decade, that even 7 years later still is relevant and pleasing to the eye. I would suspect it is this timeless styling and the sheer simplicity, coupled with the poise and balance of the whole composition, that is so appealing to so many of us.”

Year: 2002 – LOA: 97m – Builder: Lürssen – Exterior: Tim Heywood – Interior: Tim Heywood


5. Maltese Falcon

The designer Ken Freivoch, responsible for the way this beautiful yacht looks says, “We are delighted that our fellow designers should have included Maltese Falcon within their shortlist. She was designed without any attempt to be ostentatious or to conform to a set style – it was very much a case of “form follows function”, albeit with very careful attention to essential design principles, balanced proportions and uncluttered and purposeful shapes totally derived from the function they are designed to perform.

The yacht is significant in her innovative sailing system, and our studio took this as a clue to develop the design around such technology, with every effort to develop beautiful and unique solutions aimed at highlighting her unique rig. I can only surmise that a reason why she may have been selected by designers is that she is not a “trendy” design, but the result of going back to first principles, coming out with original and unique solutions, and achieve continuity of concept through from the external styling to the interior design.

A case in point would be the design of the “spider” feature at the aft deck – originally the result of a last minute request from the naval architects to achieve optimum separation between the bearings at the mizzen mast, the announcement from Gerry Dijkstra came something like: “Hey Ken, if we had to place the top bearing for the aft mast 1m above the deck, in the middle of the aft deck – would that be a problem?

“Can you come up with a way to do this, which Tom will not object to? We took this as a clue to design an elegant and purposeful set of arches or buttresses to shore up the bearing in question, and at the same time underline what a unique “machine” the Falcon is – express such function very much along the lines of a watchmaker showing the inner workings of a beautifully crafted watch. Maltese Falcon was a great challenge, exactly the type of challenge that our design team relishes.

For us, the thrill, the excitement and the ultimate satisfaction is to come up with totally unique, “out-of-the-box” solutions, and achieve a design which the owner can feel was truly conceived and executed in response to his brief, to his preferences and to the very specific requirements set out for the project.”

Year: 2006 – LOA: 88m – Builder: Perini Navi – Exterior: Gerard Dijstra – Interior: Ken Freivoch


Espen Oenio was at the time of the design working with Martin Francis and describes the commissioning owner – Mexican media magnate Emilio Azcarraga – as a wonderfully charismatic man. He remembers one meeting in particular early on in the project.

They were at the time sitting on board the owner’s then yacht Lady Azteca (now Achilles ), when he laid out what was to become the mission statement for the whole design process. He told the design team: “I am a very private man. I never spend time in port, I am always cruising. But when I do go into port, I want my presence to be felt through my boat.”

James Roy of BMT Nigel Gee is one designer who voted for Enigma . “It was not until I set eyes on her in the flesh at Cowes Week in 1999 that I really came to appreciate her beauty,” he says.

“The reverse sheer, the sweeping aft deck and those iconic windows – they all meld together to produce a yacht that visually works to perfection and is thoroughly striking even today, 18 years after her launch. It’s very different from anything else that is around.”

Theo Werner of Werner Yacht Design is equally enthusiastic. “When the design of this yacht was first published, I was stunned,” he says. “And when the first photographs appeared in the magazines, I was even more stunned.

“She introduced a new way of thinking that even surpassed the designs of Bannenberg, who I admire very much. Eco included many aspects that are foreign to other ships and yachts, yet Martin Francis managed to combine these with everything that make a ship pretty, such as sleekness, the suggestion of a low freeboard a small superstructure.”

She was subsequently sold to Larry Ellison and is now owned by the British businessman Aidan Barclay and his brother.

Year: 1991 – LOA: 74.5m – Builder: Blomhm & Voss – Exterior: Martin Francis – Interior: Francois Zuretti


3. Endeavour

“Endeavour is one of my favourite yachts for a number of reasons,” Ed Dubois told SuperYacht World . “Firstly, she is a J Class yacht – one of only a few ever built. This class epitomised the very peak of yacht design before World War II and remains still, in technical terms, a class apart. These yachts were extreme in every way and demanded technology that was then in its infancy.

“They were superb yachts to sail upwind, but they were also fast reaching and downwind. They demanded a very high level of sailing skill, and indeed a high level of boatbuilding skill.

“ Endeavour , I believe, is the most beautiful of all the Js built. Her purity of line is exquisite and I think the shape of the sheer is slightly better than any of the others including Velsheda (by the same designer).

“Charles Nicholson designed Endeavour in 1933 and she was used to challenge for the America’s Cup in 1934. It was universally acknowledged that she was faster than the defender Rainbow , and she won the first two races, but better sailing by the Americans allowed them to win overall.

“She has captured the imagination of so many people including, happily, Elizabeth Meyer, who acquired the yacht in the seventies and rebuilt her almost from scratch.

“I believe there is some original plate still present but the hull was rebuilt in the UK and then taken to Royal Huisman Shipyard to be fitted out. The interior, by John Munford, is beautiful – obviously not what was fitted originally when she was a pure racing yacht, but Munford created something that is entirely fitting.

“Endeavour is not a practical yacht to own. She can only be sailed in reasonable conditions, she requires a large crew to race her, most of whom by necessity must sleep ashore, and maintaining a yacht of this type, particularly with regard to sails, rigging, etc is not inexpensive. However, for sheer sailing performance, romantic appeal and beauty I believe she is second to none.”

Year: 1934 – LOA: 39.6m – Builder: Camper & Nicholson – Exterior: C & N – Interior: C & N


Designer Tim Heywood says: “When a client gives you carte blanche to create a design, it is a blessing and a curse, if you do not rise to the challenge, you will not gain the approval of your client or, eventually, the respect of your peers.

“ Pelorus was a great project for us and we are extremely pleased with the end result, as was the client. I was able to develop the internal general arrangement plan, the external global styling themes and the practical engineering details to a level I had not achieved before.

The organic curves & forms of the superstructure are echoed in the lines of the hull, tying the two forms together, to produce a harmony that is easy on the eye, was quite unique at the time and, hopefully, will not date.

“The belt line that runs forward from the stern and sweeps down towards the anchor pocket, is inspired by the armour plating of the light cruiser HMS Belfast , which still lives just up stream from our old London studio.

“If I succeeded in creating a yacht that is thought of as attractive, by my brothers in arms of the design world, I am very pleased. Informed comments from professional, talented designers and client, means more than from any other source, especially if they are not negative!

“My partner, Vanessa, came up with our project name, we always give a name to our yachts, rather than a sterile number, and the client liked the name so much that he confirmed Pelorus as the yacht’s eventual name. The yacht has changed hands, but we are very pleased to see that she has retained her original name.”

“If I succeeded in creating a yacht that is thought of as attractive by my brothers-in-arms of the design world, I am very pleased. Informed comment from professional, talented designers and clients means more than from any other source – especially when they are positive!”

Year: 2003 – LOA: 115m – Builder: Lürssen – Exterior: Tim Heywood – Interior: Terrence Disdale


1. Carinthia VI

Dickie Bannenburg of Bannenburg Designs say: “Famously, and perhaps notoriously, Carinthia VI owes her existence to the fact that her elder sibling Carinthia V survived for only a few months before ending her days several fathoms down in Greek waters.

:The unfortunate captain struggled ashore to find a phone to have an awkward phone conversation with Helmut Horten, his Owner. Mr Horten rang my father up almost the following day and told him to start work on her replacement which has now become, in an often over used phrase, a yachting icon.

“She certainly wasn’t an icon when she appeared out of the Lürssen shed for the first time. With dramatic superstructure on a slim frigate-based hull, grilles and that distinctive blue windshield forward of the wheelhouse, my father’s design scared the pants off people and the perception of him hardened amongst conventional designers and naval architects as a dangerous radical. But now her pared down lines and slender masculinity scream good taste, restraint and a sense of suave style that is rarely seen these days.

“Certainly her interior was purposeful, code for slightly austere, and by today’s standards there was not much interior volume for lavish living, not least due to the presence of three mighty MTU diesels. There are no swoops, no complicated fashion plates and absolutely no ability to walk down steps at the transom to a nice bathing platform.

“But all the better for it. Life on board was, I understand, conducted with a certain Austrian precision and Carinthia ’s elegant and taut exterior, with deep blue paintwork and her gold coachwork stripe cut an unmistakeable dash in the harbours of the Cote d’Azur as she still does today.

“My father was very proud of her. Of course I’m even more proud that his design of almost forty years ago has such an enduring impact.”

Year: 2003 – LOA: 115m – Builder: Lürssen – Exterior: Bannenberg – Interior: Bannenberg

First published in the January 2015 issue of Superyacht World.

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most incredible yachts

The world’s most unique yachts

Home > Relevance Yacht News > The world’s most unique yachts

Posted by Noah Bradshaw 6 Jun 2023

The yachting industry is constantly evolving, pushing the boundaries of shipbuilding to create truly outstanding yachts with world-class design, technology, and extravagant onboard amenities. However, it is the most unique yachts that really make their mark on history, be it for their unusual exterior design, record-breaking technology, racing pedigree, or illustrious history.

The team at Relevance Yacht has had the pleasure of marketing some of the world’s finest superyachts over the past decade. Here we look at the most unusual yachts that have captured our attention while working with some of the world’s leading shipbuilders and yacht brokerages. 

The world’s most unique yachts 

1 – asean lady.

ASEAN LADY is a head-turning 88-metre asymmetrical yacht built by the Chinese shipyard Pride Mega Yachts in 2004. Her design is based on the proa, a bamboo multi-hulled vessel that dates back centuries and was used by the indigenous people of the South Pacific. Her unique design boasts many features, including enhanced space and reduced noise. She boasts serious long-range cruising capabilities and excellent seakeeping; indeed, her unique hull design enabled her to withstand the devastating tsunami of 2004 while anchored in Phuket. Among her many highlights include a luxurious and voluminous interior, including eight large staterooms, with the principal cabin spanning more than 1,700 square feet, and a helipad. And, for the ultimate party trick, this stunning vessel can manoeuvre sideways, making berthing effortless. Her unique design secured her the ‘Most Innovative Motor Yacht’ award by Showboats International in 2005. She is currently listed for sale.  


A boat is docked next to a body of water

The 53-metre GALAXY OF HAPPINESS is the world’s largest and fastest trimaran yacht. Built by the Latvian shipyard Latitude Yachts and launched in 2016, this unique yacht features an eye-catching futuristic design by Coste Design & Partners. She boasts a top speed of 30 knots and is built with advanced propulsion and technological systems that enable her to cruise with zero emissions. Her interior features eye-catching bright white furnishings and dark wooden accents. 


A large ship in the water

CREOLE is by far the oldest yacht on this list, but nearly a century later, she can still compete. She was built in the U.K. and had an uneventful civilian life before being used as a minehunter during World War II. She was later acquired by the Danish government and stripped for use as a training ship. She eventually found her way to Maurizio Gucci, who lovingly restored her to her original condition. Now the sailing yacht of the Gucci family and owned by Allegra Gucci, she has participated in numerous regattas and even won the Monaco Classic Week in 2013. 

4 – YAS

A large ship in a body of water

Yas has a unique yacht design, partially thanks to her origins. She was built by Damen in the Netherlands as HNLMS Piet Hein, a Kortenaer-class anti-submarine frigate,  and commissioned in 1981. She served in the Royal Netherlands Navy before being sold to the United Arab Emirates Navy. She was decommissioned in 2005, and so began the lengthy rebuild process where she would be transformed into one of the world’s most unique superyachts . She now boasts a length of 141-metres and a top speed of 26 knots. Now named YAS, she features a striking interior and exterior design by Pierrejean Design Studio. Indeed, there is no mistaking her for a yacht of the utmost luxury, yet one does not have to look long to see her military origins shine through the sleek exterior and iconic dome. 


A small boat in a large body of water

CHRISTINA O is a 99.13-metre yacht that was originally launched as HMCS Stormont, a River-class frigate designed for anti-submarine warfare in the Atlantic that even took part in the Normandy landings. After the war, she was purchased as a surplus naval vessel by Greek billionaire Aristotle Onassis and named after his daughter, Christina. The CHRISTINA O has hosted numerous celebrities such as John F. Kennedy, Sir Winston Churchill, and Frank Sinatra, and even held the wedding reception for Prince Rainier III of Monaco and his soon-to-be-wife Grace Kelly. After Onassis’ death, the yacht was left to the Greek government as a presidential yacht and allowed to decay before being sold to a family friend of the Onassis’, who restored the CHRISTINA O to her former glory. 


Both a yacht and a piece of art, GUILTY is a 35-metre yacht built by Cantieri Navali Rizzardi in 2008 and designed by Jeff Koons, an American artist, and Ivana Pofiri, an Italian yacht designer. The vessel immediately catches the eye, featuring tones of blue, white, black, and yellow in a paint scheme reminiscent of dazzle camouflage used on World War II naval vessels. The interior design features many art pieces, thanks to owner Dakis Joannous, an avid art collector who wished for his yacht to be both the ultimate floating art piece and collection. 


A small boat in a large body of water

The 49-metre Palmer Johnson superyacht KHALILAH gains a mention on our most unique yachts listings thanks to her eye-catching metallic gold colour. However, there is more to KHALIAH than just her golden good looks. She features a carbon fibre superstructure with deflectors on her sides, giving her an appearance reminiscent of a trimaran. With a reported top speed of 30 knots, KHALILAH is also one of the fastest displacement yachts for her size. Launched in 2014, the vessel’s interior features design by Palmer Johnson, who incorporated Southeast Asian design elements alongside eccentric elements such as a mosaic featuring various sea creatures. KHALILAH is impossible to miss in port or underway, and her performance and styling make for a unique and memorable experience for those on board. 


A large ship in a body of water

Built by German shipyard Nobiskrug, a Relevance Yacht client, the award-winning ARTEFACT is perhaps the most cutting-edge yacht on this list. ARTEFACT is a hybrid yacht and can operate for a limited time without the use of internal combustion engines, thanks to her state-of-the-art solar panels and batteries. The yacht contains other environmentally conscious features as well, including an Azipod system enabling her to hold position without dropping anchor and potentially damaging the sea floor and an advanced wastewater recycling system. Indeed, she was one of the world’s first superyachts to meet IMO Tier II emissions regulations. However, what makes this yacht truly unique is her spectacular use of glass, including an unprecedented floor-to-ceiling glass central section that covers some 740 square metres and weighs almost 60 tonnes. Her striking exterior design incorporates sharp angles, geometric shapes, and irregular-sized windows, making it easy to see why she is such a unique yacht . 


A large ship in a body of water

SAILING YACHT A stunned the yachting industry when she was launched by Nobiskrug in 2017. Her imposing size and radical design are highly divisive, with the yacht’s designer, Philippe Starck, commenting, “Some people hate it, I can understand; some people love it, I can understand also.” Love it or hate it, there is no question that SAILING YACHT A is one of the most unique superyachts on the planet.  At almost 143-metres, she is the largest privately owned sail-assisted yacht in the world. Her interior is shrouded in secrecy, but we do know that the yacht contains eight decks and that the windows are covered in a one-way film, preventing them from being seen from outside. It’s also known that SAILING YACHT A features an underwater observation area. The mystery of what her interior looks like only adds to her appeal, and there is no question that she is a sight to behold in port or underway. 


A large ship in a body of water

Such is the pace of acceleration within the yachting industry that yachts built several decades ago quickly lose some of their lustre. However, this is not the case with MALTESE FALCON, which looks just as striking as the day she was delivered. MALTESE FALCON was built by Perini Navi and is an 88-metre sailing yacht utilising DynaRig technology. The DynaRig technology was first pioneered in Germany during the 1960s as a method to save fuel and use as little crew as possible on cargo vessels. However, it never saw this intended purpose due to a lack of adequate construction materials. Yet by the 1990s, these materials were viable, and the MALTESE FALCON became the first vessel to utilise this modern square rigging technology, sealing her spot as one of the most unique boats in the world. 


A large ship in a body of water

In a world of sleek lines and a near-constant stream of new yacht designs, TATOOSH takes a different approach. Built by Nobiskrug in 2000, TATOOSH is a 92-metre yacht with a classic and timeless design. Her original owner, Craig McGraw, an American mobile phone magnate, wanted her to be built around tenders and helicopters. McGraw is fond of buying antique and vintage furniture and decor at auctions in the United States, and the designers incorporated his eclectic finds into the yacht, making TATOOSH feel like a true home from home. Her interior is full of classic furniture and decor, matching her timeless exterior. She also carries multiple tenders – including a 12-metre racing sailing boat – and has plenty of room for more. Additionally, TATOOSH features bulletproof windows and walls reinforced with Kevlar. This security was paramount to facilitating safe circumnavigation. The ship is reported to have contained a full British armoury and even had eight Gurkhas – elite Nepalese soldiers made famous for their service in the British Army, on board as crew members during McGraw’s time as owner. All of these interesting aspects of TATOOSH have cemented her place as one of the world’s most unique yachts . 


A truly out-of-this-world vessel and the only catamaran on this list, the ROYAL FALCON ONE is a 41.4-metre multi-hull vessel built by Kockums Shipyard and Royal Falcon Fleet in 2019. The design was handled by Studio F.A. Porsche, and one does not have to look far to see the influence of Porsche’s designers. The curves of the vessel are reminiscent of the rear of a Porsche 911. However, the vessel was not originally thought of with Porsche in mind. The owner wanted a vessel that was effectively a floating spaceship. Porsche certainly accomplished this, and the Royal Falcon One attracts attention in every marina thanks to her sleek profile and unique yacht design. The spaceship theme does not stop at the interior, and the designers included a host of features, such as a walkway lined with 14 RGB screens to connect two spaces. Most of the interior is quite open, thanks to the catamaran design, with the main deck being referred to as the capsule. From bow to stern, the ROYAL FALCON ONE is certainly an out-of-this-world vessel. 


GALAXY is a 56-metre Benetti superyacht built in 2005, with a rather typical exterior for a modern yacht. However, what makes GALAXY unique is her interior following a recent five-month refit. Her interior was completely reimagined, bringing new life to the vessel. The main deck of GALAXY has been reimagined as a member’s club with artwork by artist Dylan Cole, known for Disney’s Avatar. Suites on the vessel have been redesigned based on various planets in the solar system, with each suite incorporating the various hues of the planets, with Mars, for instance, featuring tones of reddish brown. The vessel even features a specially engineered floor. These are just a few features the owners incorporated into their new floating home. With this refit, GALAXY went from just another unassuming and commonplace white yacht to a vessel with one of the most unique interiors. 

14 – VENUS

A small boat in a large body of water

VENUS is a 78.2-metre motor yacht built by Feadship with a head-turning, minimalist design. The superyacht was built for the late Apple founder Steve Jobs, who passed away before the vessel was completed. Her beautiful minimalist look is reminiscent of an Apple product, featuring a striking silver paint job, gleaming stainless-steel details and a low-slung superstructure made entirely of glass. Her exterior is extremely clean, with nothing to detract from her slick design; most notably, she has no visible radar arch or satellite equipment. Today, VENUS is still in the family and not available for charter, and her interior is shrouded in secrecy. When photographers were able to get close enough to afford a glimpse inside, they noticed the bridge lined with Mac computer screens. One can only imagine the unique design features Steve Jobs incorporated into his yacht, but even by only considering what is publicly known, VENUS still deserves a place on our most unique yacht list. 

15 –  OLIVIA O 

The 88.51-metre OLIVIA O has one of the most striking exterior hull shapes on this list, reminiscent of commercial ships thanks to the X-BOW design. Her owner has a love for industrial vessels, which explains his yacht’s iconic shape. OLIVIA O was delivered in Norway in 2018 by Ulstein Verft AS. She is the ultimate expedition yacht, well suited to rough seas and with a modern interior making excellent use of both wood and metal. OLIVIA O is described as a “go anywhere, do anything yacht”, adding the luxury one expects from a yacht to the ruggedness and sheer capability of commercial vessels. 

Relevance Yacht is a leading yacht marketing agency with in-depth yachting industry knowledge. Our yacht marketing experts have been crafting impactful digital marketing campaigns for leading shipyards, yacht brokerages, charter agencies, crew agencies and yacht service providers for over a decade. Contact us today if you need yacht marketing support or to learn more about our 360 creative and digital marketing services. 

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19 Outrageous Yacht Designs

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most incredible yachts

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most incredible yachts

20 of the World’s Most Luxurious Yachts

Yachts represent luxury at its highest level, but even so, not all yachts and tenders are created equal. When it comes to the world’s most luxurious yachts, they include features and amenities that were designed to cater to the world’s most pretentious individuals. Bedrooms with queen-sized beds and glass chandeliers just don’t cut it anymore. The world’s elite expects plush king-sized beds, crystal chandeliers, powerful engines, and even helipads. The yachts that you’re about to admire are the best of the best in their class, meaning that we’re not going to include large superyachts exclusively.

In some cases, motor yachts offer that perfect blend of comfort, speed, and versatility. Ideal for shorter trips or weekend getaways, these yachts are synonymous with freedom without compromise. Now that we’re done with introductions, let’s have a look at the world’s most luxurious yachts and superyachts.

20. Sirena 64 Yacht.

Created by a Turkish shipyard named Sirena Yachts, the Sirena 64 yacht is a chic long-range cruising vessel that measures in at 68 feet or 20 meters. Obviously, this isn’t the largest yacht in the world, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as some customers are simply looking for smaller, more nimble, and lighter yachts for their cruising needs.

The interior layout sketched out by Spadolini Design Studio includes several large living spaces, including the bow with its luxe Jacuzzi, and the flybridge area. As far as accommodations are concerned, Sirena 64 offers two en-suite staterooms for guests, while the owners benefit from their own 258-square-feet master suite, which is complemented by a full-beam bathroom. There’s also an optional cabin for 2 crew members on board, which means that eight people can be accommodated on board this vessel at any given time.

Light and airy, the yacht boasts high-quality light-colored fabrics and furnishings, as well as dark wood floors and ceilings for a touch of contrast. The lower decks benefit from LED illumination, which complements the natural lighting provided by the windows. The flybridge measures 410 square feet, and it was designed with entertainment in mind. There’s also a teak swim platform at sea level, a private dining area, and several sunbeds.

Sirena 64 further benefits from a semi-displacement GRP hull and a pair of CAT C12.9 engines that enable a top speed of 27 knots. The yacht is priced at about $1.6 million, which is definitely not an overwhelming sum in the yachting world.

19. Arcadia Yachts Sherpa.

While fully solar-powered vessels are still a bit far into the future at the time of writing, we’re happy to report that forward-thinking companies such as Arcadia Yachts are taking steps in the right direction. What we have here is the Arcadia Yachts Sherpa, which measures 55-feet in length and is available in various configurations that are designed to suit its owner’s needs to the letter.

The name “Sherpa” is related to the Nepalese people that inhabit the most mountainous region of the Himalayas, and it is a fitting, graceful name if you ask us. The vessel’s versatility is proven by two superstructure configurations, one of which includes an open deck perfectly suited for cargo transport, while the other offers a saloon deck. No matter the choice, Sherpa’s lower deck can include one, two, or three cabins, but we should also mention the galley, bridge, and dining area.

Yes, Arcadia Yachts has decided to implement solar panels into its new creation, panels that harness the power of the sun to animate all of the vessel’s onboard systems. The panels are built-in directly into the superstructure, by the way. Thanks to a selection of lightweight materials, the yacht can reach a respectable cruising speed of 20 knots, while the top speed sits at 25 knots.

The Arcadia Yachts Sherpa is the proud winner of two awards at World Yachts Trophies, namely “Most innovative yacht from 50 to 80 feet” , and “ Boat of the Year in the motor yacht category.”

18. Sanlorenzo SL96 Special Edition Superyacht.

Built specifically for the Chinese market by the renowned Italian shipyard Sanlorenzo, the Sanlorenzo SL96 superyacht is in a league of its own when it comes to comfort, spaciousness, and lavishness. This contemporary masterpiece measures 96 feet in length and was designed by the CEO of Sanlorenzo China Holding himself, Traugott Kaminski.

Flaunting 3 decks in total, the Sanlorenzo SL96 offers a high degree of privacy for its fortunate owners, and that’s because the Chinese prefer to use their superyachts for business endeavors or formal entertaining opportunities. Therefore, the yacht was designed in such a way that it would allow the crewmembers to go about their business without disturbing the owners and their guests in any way.

Speaking of the crew members, it’s worth noting that their accommodations can be found at the front part of the lower deck, and they include 2 cabins for up to 4 members. These cabins feature their own showers and ensuite toilets, which means that the crew would always look respectable and would be ready to provide irreproachable service as needed. As with many other Sanlorenzo superyachts, the SL96 is highly customizable and built specifically according to its owner’s preference. For this particular vessel, Traugott Kaminski designed vast open spaces that are flooded with natural light thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows.

Accommodations for the guests involve 4 cabins for up to 10 people. The owner’s suite flaunts high-end amenities as well as walk-in showers for 2 and double vanity units, but the VIP cabin is definitely quite impressive as well. The “regular” guests would find more than adequate sleeping arrangements in 2 guest cabins that feature a pair of single beds as well as a pull-down bed each.

As you would expect from a yacht of this caliber, the Sanlorenzo SL96 includes only the finest materials in its composition, materials such as marble, leather, and European wood. As far as entertainment is concerned, the flybridge includes its own Jacuzzi, a dining table, a flat-screen TV, a special teppanyaki cooking station and a comfortable lounging area.

The active types will be glad to know that the vessel can also carry 2 jet skis as well as a large tender boat in its lower deck. We invite you to have a look at the following images in order to admire this glorious superyacht yourself.

17. Mangusta Oceano 42 Superyacht.

What we have here is a superyacht that was designed to inspire. Its spacious decks, luxurious living arrangements, and exceptional power output make it ideal for relaxing cruising trips all over the world, but honestly, we would expect nothing less from Mangusta, which is an Overmarine Group Brand since 1985. The Mangusta Oceano 42 measures 141 feet in length, or just about 42 meters, and its unique three-deck design was envisioned by Maurizio Balducci.

Boasting a full-aluminum displacement, which is a first for this particular company, this yacht is as elegant as it is imposing, and since it is powered by a pair of MTU 12V 2000 M72 engines, it can reach a cruising speed of 11 knots while offering a generous range of 5,000 nm. The top speed is 15 knots, by the way.

All that aside, it’s time to have a look at some of its most important features, including the social U-shape area, the open sunbathing deck space, and the bar. There’s also a beach club and a bridge deck that comes with its own private breakfast area and wind-free zone, which offers perfect opportunities for relaxation. The foredeck is an open space that comprises an infinity pool and a series of large sun pads.

Accommodation-wise, there are two double cabins and two twin cabins for guests, while the owner benefits from his own lavish cabin. For the crew, the Mangusta Oceano 42 offers three twin cabins, and there’s also a separate cabin reserved for the captain.

16. Aria.S Superyacht.

Representing the very first vessel from Arcadia Yachts’ 100 series, the Aria.S superyacht is as luxurious as it is eco-friendly. Usually, yachts need to use up a lot of fuel in order to be able to ensure the comfort of their passengers, to say nothing of the speeds they need to achieve in order to reach their destinations in a timely manner. However, Aria.S actually includes a series of photovoltaic cells on top of its superstructure, which ensures a total output of 5 kW – plenty of power for all of the vessel’s electrical systems and equipment.

The modern and sleek shape of the yacht’s body was sketched out by Arcadia Yachts in collaboration with Francesco Guida Design and the National Physical Laboratory Of England. When it comes to amenities, we should mention the Skydeck with its Arcadia Wheel, and the L-shaped lounging area that offers perfect opportunities for relaxation and fun. The low-profile interior design complemented by sliding doors give off a functional, minimalistic vibe, while the main decor elements include shades of red and gray.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to present more vessels such as this in the near future, as we believe that eco-friendliness should eventually find its way to some of the world’s most important industries, whether we’re talking about yacht building, motorcycles, cars, and even aircraft.

15. Invictus 280SX Yacht.

The highly appreciated SX series from Invictus Yachts has just received a new member. We’re talking about the Invictus 280SX, of course, a beautiful vessel equipped with contemporary technologies and classic comforts. Designed with performance and leisure in mind, the 280SX measures in at  8.70 meters, which is just a bit over 28 feet. Its impressive performance comes courtesy of a 350-horsepower engine, which is able to deliver a top speed of 38 knots. However, while cruising at 21 knots, this little yacht will offer a perfect balance between speed and range.

The back of the vessel houses a swimming platform, while the front area includes a generously-sized cockpit. We say generously-sized because it is large enough for up to six people, which is quite impressive considering the overall length of the boat. At the console area, the owner is treated to an L-shaped sofa, while an auxiliary C-shaped sofa covers the bow.

While the standard configuration should prove adequate for most clients, you can always customize the Invictus 280SX according to your own tastes and preferences.

14. Invictus 370GT Yacht.

We’ve covered quite a few massive yachts here on Luxefeed. However, it’s time to take a closer look at a smaller vessel, but one that’s impressive nonetheless. We’ll give credit where credit is due: Invictus 370GT impressed us with its clean design, outstanding performance, and stylish interiors, but we were most impressed by its ability to meet multiple roles.

To clarify, this yacht saw the limelight for the first time in 2016 at the Cannes Yachting Festival. Even though it works just fine as a luxury vessel for casual cruising, Invictus 370GT can also fill the role of a chase boat or tender for a larger yacht.

Invictus 370GT bears the signature touch of Anna Fendi. As such, it features unique design motifs inspired by leather goods and customized travel cases. Since we’re on the topic of interiors, the owner’s cabin is of particular interest. That’s because this particular space actually resembles a classic travel case. Bespoke tableware and a mirrored forward bulkhead with nickel elements somehow remind us of another one of Fendi’s projects, the Villa Laetitia hotel.

Exterior highlights comprise a reverse bow, ivory caulking, teak decks, and a stunningly beautiful sculpted hull.

13. Q30 Electric Yacht.

What makes the Q30 electric yacht stand out? Most modern-day yachts boast imposing designs that mirror their impressive performance capabilities. However, when it comes to eco-friendliness, they’re not exactly the greenest of the bunch. It’s true that the world’s top yacht makers have equipped their latest creations with eco-friendly features, which help minimize their impact on the environment. Still, nothing truly compares to an actual electric yacht.

The good people over at Q Yachts are introducing their Q30 electric yacht, which boasts complete independence from fossil fuels. It is a sleek, simple-looking vessel with a crisp white design that will still turn a few heads whenever it makes an appearance.

The Q30 features an Ocean Volt system, which is basically an electric motor capable of delivering 20kW of continuous power. The motor is 100% emission-free, and it is incredibly quiet. This improves the owner’s comfort while also making sure that the local fauna remains undisturbed. The motor gets its juice from a 30kWh lithium battery pack, which can be upgraded to a 60kWh pack upon request.

The Q30 electric yacht measures 9.3 meters, and it can reach a top speed of 15 knots. However, its cruising speed is somewhere at around 9 knots. At this speed, the overall range reaches 42 or 80nm depending on the battery pack.

12. Damen SeaXplorer 77 Superyacht.

Superyachts are designed to be impressive from the ground up, whether we’re talking about their exteriors or their interiors. And while it’s true that it’s probably hard to find a dull superyacht in the world, some of them are undoubtedly more amazing than others. The 77-meter Damen SeaXplorer77 is a great example, as everything about it just screams “extravagance.”

It bears the brand of a Dutch shipyard that’s well-known for its quality vessels. The SeaXplorer77 belongs to an anonymous buyer, but one thing is obvious: the client wanted it to be as large as possible. He definitely got his wish from what we see, as this vessel can house not one but two helicopters.

As its name suggests, the Damen SeaXplorer77 is perfect for braving the world’s most unwelcoming waters. It excels in remote areas, and since incorporates two helidecks and two hangars, it provides access to these areas with ease. Rose Damen, commercial director of yachting for the Dutch company, explained:

“It not only has a fully certified helideck for safe landings, but it also has a standby surface for a backup helicopter. Both helicopters can fit in the below-deck hangar, so they’re protected from the elements.”

Just in case you’re curious, these two helicopters will be Airbus ACH125 models. Other noteworthy highlights comprise a dive and submersible center, jet skis, snowmobiles, and a separate ski room. When it comes to accommodations, the vessel is large enough for 12 guests and a crew of 25. It’s not particularly slow either, as it can reach a very respectable cruising speed of 14.5 knots.

11. Riva 110’ Dolcevita Yacht.

Those of you who are familiar with the Ferretti Group will undoubtedly appreciate Riva, one of the group’s brands and one of the world’s best yacht makers. Riva recently launched a very special vessel at the Yacht Club de Monaco. It is one of its larger yachts, and it bears the name Riva 100′ Dolcevita. A lovely title, wouldn’t you agree?

When it comes to power, we’re looking at two MTU 12V 2000 M96L engines. This powertrain ensures enough juice for a top speed of 24 knots. However, if the range is truly important to you, a cruising speed of 22 knots will ensure the best of both worlds when it comes to speed and fuel efficiency.

The unique design of the Riva 110’ Dolcevita is the hard work of the engineering department of the Ferretti Group alongside Officina Italiana Design and the Strategic Product Committee. Inside, there’s enough room for 20 guests, as well as a plethora of high-end conveniences.

Alberto Galassi, CEO of the Ferretti Group, had a few words to say about this splendid 33-meter masterpiece:

“For the largest Riva ship, we have chosen the name of a time that is still endowed with sparkle and charm. The Dolcevita is a truly Italian style indication, the happy combination where good construction and the good life come together. Cruising on this amazing 33-meter yacht is an aesthetic and emotional experience.”

10. Benetti Air Yacht (Benetti Queen M).

One of the most iconic yachts to grace the world’s seas, the Benetti Queen M, has received a complete refit in 2013. The yacht in question was launched back in 1998, and even then, it set new standards in the world of luxury on seas. Measuring in at 50 meters, the superyacht also received a brand new name, which signifies new beginnings and a breath of fresh air. The Benetti Air is now a contemporary charter yacht, which means that you could take it out for a spin provided you had the cash for it. Small enough to brave the waters of bays and anchorages, Benetti Air is also large enough to host large groups in lavish conditions.

The yacht’s improvements include a complete exterior revamp, as well as redesigned interiors. The nautically inspired main saloon is just one of the most noteworthy highlights, but we should also mention the welcoming and luxurious cabins and the full-beam private apartment located on the upper deck. There are five cabins available in total, which are enough for up to 10 guests. On-board toys include a flyboard, diving gear, a Seadoo watercraft, Seabobs, kayaks, and even fishing gear.

Of course, you could always kick back and enjoy the view from the Jacuzzi, or sip on some delicious cocktails at the wet bar and raised lounge. In order to be able to enjoy these amenities, you’ll have to fork out $210,000 per week. All things considered, that’s not a bad deal at all.

9. Wajer 55 S Motor Yacht.

Not everybody can afford a lavish superyacht, that’s true. But maybe, just maybe, not everybody needs one. If you’re more of a watersport fan, you’ll definitely be better off with a sleek and powerful motor yacht. In comes the Wajer 55 S, a dashing vessel created by Dutch shipyard Wajer Yachts.

Powered by a trio of 435-hp Volvo Penta IPS600 engines, this boat’s top speed surpasses 40 knots, which is enough to impress even the most demanding enthusiast. Power aside, the Wajer 55 S is equipped with a plethora of amenities, which is quite impressive for its size. Its outdoor galley, for example, includes a grill, an icemaker, and a refrigerator. Therefore, you’ll definitely be able to enjoy the view and relax after you’ve put those engines through their paces.

Well, it’s a comfortable experience, that’s for sure. That’s all thanks to a set of forward-facing Stidd captain’s seats and a pair of useful Garmin touchscreens. When it comes to finishes, we should mention the hardtop roof, which comes with a set of removable panels. Once removed, the extra space enhances the lounging area, but the panels can also serve as protection from the sun if the need arises.

Overall, the Wajer 55 S motor yacht ticks all the right boxes when it comes to performance and comfort. It’s hard to imagine anyone finding a serious flaw in this particular vessel, and that says a lot!

8. Sunseeker 76 yacht.

We’ve featured our fair share of Sunseeker yachts here at Luxefeed. There’s a good reason for that too. The British yacht builder is one of the most respected in the world, and we definitely enjoy presenting their newest creations, as they’re always in trend when it comes to design and practicality. Sure, a yacht needs to be luxurious, but it also needs to be quick and comfortable.

The Sunseeker 76 yacht ticks all the right boxes, and even though it measures just 76 feet in length, it’s definitely large enough to make you feel like royalty. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more impressive foredeck social area on a 76-foot yacht. Moreover, the back of the flybridge could house a hot tub with ease, but these are just a few of the vessel’s main highlights. This yacht boasts an open-plan main deck, as well as wenge hardwood flooring and silver-oak interior woodwork. Then there’s the chef’s galley, the two large lounging areas, 360-degree windows, and a modern helm station that meets the most demanding requirements when it comes to equipment and performance.

Speaking of performance, the vessel is powered by a pair of 1,550-hp MAN engines that ensure a respectable top speed of 32 knots and a range of 400 nautical miles. During your stay, you could always relax on the two large sunbeds, or at one of the three large outdoor social areas, each equipped with tables and lounges. The Sunseeker 76 yacht was built for wellness and relaxation, and it is undoubtedly one of the best vessels in its class.

7. Azimut 55 Yacht.

It’s true that it’s not the largest yacht in the world, but Azimut 55 is arguably one of the most impressive vessels of 2018 at the time of writing. That’s because it offers a fantastic mix of high speeds, maneuverability, and lavishness. This small yacht is scheduled to make a debut at Boot Dusseldorf this year.

With a rather large and spacious flybridge, the vessel offers a secondary living area at its rear, which is sheltered from prying eyes. However, the main deck was designed specifically for social activities, which is why it includes a sun lounging area in the bow. Shading is provided by a large bimini top, while the backrest is versatile enough to serve as both a sun lounger and a chaise longue.

Azimut 55 was put together using high-end materials, that’s for sure. These include grey zebrawood and dark oak, bronze, and steel, while a glossy black lacquer adds a final touch of luxuriousness. The main accommodations are located on the lower deck. That’s where we’ll find two double cabins at the bow, as well as a full-beam owner’s cabin with rectangular windows. Performance-wise, Azimut 55 is powered by 800 hp MAN engines, which guarantee a top speed of 31 knots.

6. Elements Motor Yacht.

The living standard for ordinary people nowadays rivals with that of the old Kings. However, the luxury world is constantly evolving, and with it, so is the yachting industry. Nothing spells lavishness quite like an expensive and imposing superyacht. The Elements Motor Yacht is a step ahead of the competition, and you’re about to find out exactly why.

First of all, this vessel measures 262 feet in length, which is about 80 meters. It’s not the largest yacht on the seas by any measure, but it’s large enough to make its owner feel like royalty. Its unique architecture was envisioned by Alfa Marine, and its interior layout is spacious enough for up to 24 guests and a crew of 19. Sketched out by Cristiano Gatto, the interiors are clad with expensive materials such as fine leathers, plush linens, and the finest woods.

Accommodations comprise a superb master suite complemented by four double staterooms, a pair of VIP staterooms, four regular twin cabins, and a smaller twin cabin.

The Elements Motor Yacht is animated by a pair of MTU 16V 4000 M63L diesel engines. The engines ensure a top speed of 18 knots, while a pair of stabilizers make sure that everything stays on your plate while the yacht is anchored. Onboard, the owner and his guests will enjoy access to a plethora of conveniences. These include a spa pool, a beach club, a hammam, a cinema, and an elevator that connects the four decks.

5. Dynamiq GTT 115 Superyacht.

Some time ago, we told you about the GTT 115 hybrid yacht project. You know, the one that was designed by Design Studio Studio F. A. Porsche and built by Dynamiq. Well, it looks like this monumental vessel has finally hit the waves, and we’re proud to present the very first official images of it.

As you can see, the yacht meets and surpasses the most excessive requirements in terms of luxury and lavishness. The fine choice of materials for the interior is definitely something that we’d expect from Dynamiq, especially given the Porsche collaboration. Measuring in at 35 meters in length, the GTT 115 will be a part of a limited edition of just 7 units. Therefore, yachting enthusiasts from all over the world will be racing to get their hands on one of these vessels.

It’s definitely worth noting that this particular model includes features that were never seen before in the yachting world. These include the first superyacht on the market infused with the design spirit of Studio F. A. Porsche, the first to blend a top speed of 21 knots speed with Transat range, and the first yacht equipped with two engine rooms in this size category. Moreover, this is the first yacht that can be configured and ordered completely online.

Speaking of which, if you’re interested in owning one, you should know that there’s only one place where you can configure it. Fortunately, all you have to do is visit Dynamiq’s official configurator for the GTT 115. Powered by a duo of MAN diesel engines, the yacht boasts 3,250 horsepower, but we should also mention the 20.8 kW electric motors. These motors might not seem like much, but they can enable a top speed of 6 knots alone, while the diesel engines ensure a 21-knot speed.

Priced at €12,5 million, the Porsche-designed GTT 115 hybrid yacht by Dynamiq is definitely intimidating, but it’s also worth every penny.

4. Gio Chi Thè Superyacht by Codecasa.

The Italian shipyard Codecasa has been around since 1825, but after it unveiled its Vintage Series about six years ago, it started on a true path to greatness. As the years passed, so did the shipyard’s renown, especially since its experts strived to design and create purely exceptional, classic-looking vessels that are as gorgeous as they are expensive.

Codecasa’s Gio Chi Thè Superyacht represents the pinnacle of years of research and development, as it offers an ideal combination of contemporary technologies, an elegant layout, and a traditional look. Some of its most impressive highlights include spacious outdoor areas that provide ideal opportunities for relaxation and entertainment, particularly the sun deck. This area comes with its own Jacuzzi and built-in sun pads, while the Portuguese deck is perfect for socialization and fun.

As far as accommodations are concerned, we’re looking at two double bed cabins and two twin cabins that were outfitted with modern amenities and colorful decor elements that help create a warm, welcoming ambiance. The master suite comes with its own private office, and it distinguishes itself from the other cabins with a luxurious flair.

Power-wise, the Gio Chi Thè superyacht boasts a pair of Caterpillar 3512C that ensure a  top speed of 16.5 knots as far as light displacement conditions are met. The generous cruising range of 4,000 nautical miles can be achieved at 11 knots, though, which is still respectable for a 43-meter (141-foot) vessel.

3. Eco-Friendly Arcadia 85S Yacht.

If you’re looking for a luxurious and eco-friendly yacht, you should definitely check out some of Arcadia Yachts’ offerings. Our suggestion for the day is represented by the Arcadia 85S yacht, which offers a perfect mix of comfort, sleek looks, and eco-friendly technologies.

Keep in mind that we’re not talking about electric propulsion here, as the 85S is powered by two 730-hp MAN diesel engines. Since we’re on the subject, the engines ensure a top speed of 18 knots, while a 12 knot cruising speed is enough to guarantee a range of 850 nautical miles.

Set to be unveiled during the 2017 edition of the Cannes Yacht Festival, this new Arcadia masterpiece is a clear improvement when compared to the original 85 models. Accommodations include a lavish 345-square-feet master suite, a VIP double cabin at the bow, and two twin cabins. There’s also enough space for a two-person jet ski and a 14-foot tender, but we should definitely mention the sky deck, the open-plan saloon, the small winter garden, and the exceptional dining area.

So where’s the eco-friendliness coming from? Well, that part is taken care of by the 400 square feet of electric solar panels, a high-end set of lithium batteries, and a few skylights. The solar panels offer a power output of 3.5 kilowatts, which ensure plenty of juice for the yacht’s systems, including the water pumps, refrigerators, and audio/video equipment.

2. Sanlorenzo SX88 Yacht.

What makes a yacht perfect anyway? Most of them are luxurious and comfortable, and modern ones are able to traverse the oceans without a care in the world, which means that yacht builders need to get creative when they design and build these exquisite vessels nowadays.

Today, we’re going to focus on a fantastic 27-meter motor yacht named Sanlorenzo SX88, which was unveiled for the first time in September during the 2017 Cannes Yachting Festival. Boasting a GRP hull and a carbon fiber superstructure, the vessel comes with exquisite interiors envisioned by an Italian designer named Piero Lissoni. Naturally, the buyer has the final word when it comes to decorations and materials, which means that each Sanlorenzo SX88 is quite unique in its own way. As for the exterior, it was sketched out by Officina Italiana Design, and it involves a semi-displacement hull created with performance in mind.

The best part is that this vessel was built to have very little impact on the environment. Keep in mind that it can reach a top speed of 23 knots, but precise details about the powertrain are vague at the time of writing. Described as a “Copernican revolution,” this masterpiece blends the most important elements of an explorer yacht and a flybridge yacht into a very promising package.

Consequently, more than six hulls of the SX88 range have already been sold. Keep an eye out on Sanlorenzo’s official website for updates and more information regarding this upcoming range.

1. Heesen Maia Yacht.

Dutch shipyard Heesen Yachts has created a truly monumental superyacht dubbed Maia – a name inspired by a shining star in the Taurus constellation. The vessel in question measures 50 meters or 164 feet in length, and it boasts a full displacement design that will soon amaze yacht lovers from all over the world. The project is still in construction, but its exterior layout envisioned by Clifford Den is almost complete, while the interiors sketched out by Reymond Langton will surely be something to write home about.

Up to ten guests will find exquisite accommodations onboard the Maia, all thanks to its five lavish staterooms, including a sumptuous master suite that’s packed with high-end amenities. The main highlights onboard comprise a beach club with a sauna and a bar, and plenty of space for tenders, just in case the guests are feeling adventurous.

The Heesen Maia yacht is powered by a pair of MTU engines, which ensure a range of 3,800 nm at 12 knots. The top speed, however, is reached at 15 knots, which is definitely not bad at all for a 164-foot vessel. No word on pricing just yet, but you can always keep an eye on Heesen’s own website just in case some information pops up. Below you will find a complete list of specifications for this unique project.

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25 of the Most Luxurious Yachts in the World

SuperYachts released their predictions for the Top 100 largest superyachts in the world earlier this year, with the in-process REV currently anticipated to be the largest yacht in the world upon completion in 2021, but little yet is known about its features. We selected 19 of our favorite yachts on this list that represent leisure and opulence as its finest, many of these being considered “megayachts” (greater than 200 feet long). From helipads to palatial beach clubs, discover some of the world’s most expensive yachts and the fabulous amenities they have to offer.

French designer Christophe Leoni spearheaded the interior design of this boat that accommodates 36 guests and 60 crew members.

Little is known about the interiors of this ship, except that it was designed by Alberto Pinto and Laura Sessa Romboli, so you know it has to be absolutely fabulous.

Flying Fox accommodates 22 guests and a crew of 54. Notable amenities include a swimming pool running through the main deck and a two-floor spa facility that stretches more than 4,000 square feet.

Little is known about the boat's interiors, except that it was designed by U.K.-based firm Redman Whitely Dixon ( RMD Design ).

As you might imagine, the largest yachts in the world are in a league of their own, so much so that they are deemed “superyachts.” Although there is no one definition for making a yacht a “super” one, Worth Avenue Yachts says superyachts are often defined as longer than 78 feet and offer the epitome of luxury and glamour, from oversize guest suites to over-the-top amenities.

Prepare to be amazed by these swoon-worthy boats with posh amenities galore.

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Kyrie Irving hits wild left-handed floater at the buzzer to lift Mavericks past Nuggets

Kyrie Irving lifted the Mavericks to a huge 107-105 win over the Nuggets on Sunday afternoon.

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The most extreme superyacht concepts in the world

BOAT takes a look at the most radical and otherworldy superyacht concepts guaranteed to inspire your inner designer. 

Standout feature: hybrid superyacht-submarine engineering

Believing in the future of "submersibles" as a new category of private vessels, Migaloo PSY had designed a superyacht able to function underwater for approximately four weeks. The 165.8-metre can accommodate between 14-20 guests and 32-40 crew, dependent on the owners' preference in ratio. Leisure highlights include a 200-square-metre spa, an outdoor cinema and a helipad. There are also two "Midget Submarines" on hand for deep sea exploration, while a 12.5-metre limousine tender and two expedition vehicles facilitate adventures on the surface.

Extreme feature: a blimp docking station

Lazzarini Design Studio is the mind behind this 204-metre superyacht, constructed entirely in carbon-fibre with a build cost of $1 billion. Colossea functions as a floating docking station for an airship and is inspired by the airship Norge, the first aircraft to fly over the polar ice cap that separates America and Europe. The vessel can accommodate up to 44 guests and has incredibly spacious decks that lend themselves well to several sunloungers and swimming pools.

Extreme feature: asymmetric decks and its own personal port

Milan-based designer Enzo Manca is the mind behind this curved, military-style concept, designed "with the idea it should become the official flagship mega yacht of the [UAE]." UAE One was conceived with input from a Sheikh, with a focus on privacy and additional space for international meetings, as well as multiple transfer options, including a "mini-internal port" for tenders and a submarine. The 140-metre vessel also houses a spa, wellness centre and 18-metre swimming pool that sits transversely on the sundeck.

Extreme feature: an exterior constructed entirely in glass

Named after the Lakota word for "thunder", the 130-metre trimaran has a minimalist, bird-like silhouette courtesy of Turkish yacht designer Aras Kazar. Full-height tempered glass wraps each deck and allows natural light to fill the interior from all angles, with sculptural wave-like designs shielding the open main deck aft from the elements. Wakíŋyaŋ has also been loaded with electric and hydrofoil technology, giving it an impressive top speed of 32 knots.

Extreme feature: able to "fly" at exhilarating speeds

Plectrum is a 'flying' yacht concept that takes inspiration from the more contemporary America’s Cup sailboats - specifically the Luna Rossa design - and would be the largest example of foiling technology installed on a yacht. Designed by Lazzarini Design Studio , the yacht would have an eye-watering top speed of 75 knots thanks to three hydrogen-powered motors, capable of 5,000hp each. Plectrum is also envisioned with an adjustable beam of up to 20 metres that can be reduced to 15 metres when the yacht is berthed or at anchor.

Extreme feature: its futuristic hull shape

This 80-metre catamaran concept was designed by Andy Waugh Yacht Design, who took his inspiration from the automotive and aeronautical advances seen in the 1920s. The futuristic SWATH hull would allow for several technical developments, such as an estimated 70 percent reduction in pitch and roll movements compared to a conventional monohull superyacht, for greater comfort and safety while on board. Renderings also show retractable inflatable sails, suggesting that the yacht will benefit from added wind power.

Project Amplitude

Extreme feature: a set of computer-controlled sails

M51 and Anthony Glasson's 95-metre concept aims to combine the eco-minded features of a sailboat with the comfort, propulsion and range of a motor yacht of its size. The motorsailer is designed with two inflatable, computer-controlled wing sails, a newly developing technology that reduces the need for complex deck equipment such as winches and halyards. As it stands, this feature would have to be used in conjunction with the prop drive to reduce fuel consumption, but Glasson stated that “as technology improves, one day they could be used alone on a vessel this size.”

Extreme feature: can cruise underwater for six hours

With a depth rating of over 200 metres, Nautilus is a 37.5-metre underwater superyacht by Dutch submersible specialist U-Boat Worx . The diesel-electric model has a surface cruise speed of nine knots and an underwater speed of four knots and it will able to stay underwater for up to four days at a time. At cruise speed, the underwater endurance is six hours. The interior includes a 50-square-metre dinner and lounge area with four four-metre circular windows and elsewhere houses a pressure-resistant electrical tender called Aronnax, which may also be used for transporting five scuba divers underwater to the intended dive spot.

Extreme feature: an exterior inspired by a species of shark

London-based studio State of Craft has released designs for a 120-metre concept named Mako. The superyacht is an adventurous take on explorers and features long-range ice cruising capabilities. Inspired by the Mako species of shark, it will be powered by a propulsion system that combines hydrogen, fuel cells and electric engines to be able to operate with a zero-carbon footprint. Situated above the top deck is a "pavilion" space, intended to be used as an observatory, panoramic lounge, fitness studio or yoga space. Having already created numerous residential developments and private homes, Mako is the first nautical design from State of Craft.

Extreme feature: an experimental take on an open-plan layout

Rob Doyle Design and Van Geest Design collaborated to present Domus, a 40-metre sailing trimaran with an interior volume that rivals a 60-metre motor yacht. The word Domus means a single-storey house built around an atrium, with many rooms opening up off the central atrium. The yacht borrows aspects of this design to create a lofty, open feeling on board. With the aim to become the first truly zero-emission yacht over 750GT, Domus will be able to heel at an angle of two degrees, also ensuring a comfortable cruise with minimal rolling. Amenities include a cinema room, gym and saloon with a bar and also hosts a spa area with a swimming pool. Alongside the 40-metre concept, the design duo are working on a larger version of the concept.

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Yachting World

  • Digital Edition

Yachting World cover

The coolest catamarans and multihulls of all time

  • Toby Heppell
  • April 19, 2023

We asked top sailors and marine industry gurus to choose the coolest catamarans and multihulls of all time, here's what they came up with

most incredible yachts

As with beauty, coolness is in the eye of the beholder. While for some, speed is secondary to function or comfort, inherently any list of coolest catamarans and multihulls is likely to tip towards the high performance designs, whether they are historic trend setters or modern record holders.

We’ve asked a plethora or personalities from the sailing world, from top designers to racer for their thoughts on the coolest catamarans and multihulls. Each selection holds a special place in the heart of one of sailing’s biggest names. Reading about their favourites demonstrates it isn’t always the absolute latest technology that makes some of the boats the coolest catamarans and multihulls out there.

The Coolest Catamarans and Multihulls

Phaedo – mod 70.

“In terms of complexity for speed, there isn’t anything else which has such a good ratio as a MOD 70,” says British pro-sailor Sam Goodchild. “We’ve been over 40 knots [boatspeed] on them, and with Phaedo we used to sail for up to 200 days a year, all around the world, with just two shore crew. We were sailing offshore with just five people, so you’ve got super high performance for relatively easy upkeep.

“We’d be doing the Caribbean regattas against boats like Comanche , they’d have 20-something people on the rail and we had five, doing circles around them! Then we did all the transatlantic races – for me it’s an amazing boat.

Gitana 17 – Ultime

“The Ultimes to me are the most technologically advanced and fastest boats that you can still go offshore with, at incredible speeds and at the same time a robustness and all round performance: 30 knots upwind on the ocean! So I think they are technically the peak of sailing at the moment,” says Co-Owner of The Ocean Race , Johan Salen, who nominates the giant trimaran Maxi Edmond de Rothschild, also known as Gitana 17.

Gitana 17 is a 32m fully foiling trimaran built to a Verdier design to compete in both crewed (by a team of six) and solo races and record attempts. Skippered by Charles Caudrelier, it has won the Rolex Fastnet Race , Transat Jacques Vabre and Brest Atlantiques.

most incredible yachts

Aerial images of Francois Gabart onboard Ultim MACIF, training before the Round the Word Solo Handed Record, off Belle Ile, on October 16th, 2017 – Photo Jean-Marie LIOT / ALEA / MACIF

MACIF – Ultime

“This is a boat only a handful of people have ever been aboard but it’s a boat all the cool kids would really love to sail,” says Dee Caffari – the first woman to sail non-stop round the world in both directions.

“It’s the coolest yacht in the world because it’s very, very fast and because François Gabart set the 24-hour record of 851 miles all on his own.

“And he is very cool himself!”

most incredible yachts

PHOTO CHRISTOPHE LAUNAY / DPPI – Alain Theabault and his crew ( Jacques Vincent – Yves Parlier – Jean Le Cam – Robert Douglas )

Hydroptère – Speed record breaker

“I thought Hydroptère was the most incredible boat for a long time,” says Vendée Globe solo sailor Pip Hare of the groundbreaking 60ft (18m) foiler. “It was the first flying boat we’d ever seen. It crossed oceans and also was going for the 50-knot record.”

The experimental hydrofoil was the brainchild of skipper, helmsman and project founder Alain Thébault, together with design studio VPLP. It was built on principles Thébault proved as early as the Nineties and launched in 2008 – over a decade decade before the Ultimes evolved into the foiling offshore multihull class we know today.

most incredible yachts

Photo: Thierry Martinez

B&Q Castorama – Round the world record breaker

“For me ‘Moby’, as Ellen MacArthur’s trimaran was known, is one of the coolest yachts,” says top yachting photographer, Thierry Martinez of Ellen’s B&Q Castorama.

“In this photograph Ellen is 100 miles off the finish line at Ushant just before she broke her solo round the world record in 2005. I wasn’t working for Ellen at this time, but I had followed her from the boat’s launch in Sydney to the end of successful broken record.

“The trimaran was extra cool because it had two sides: one blue side with a French sponsor, and an orange side for an English sponsor. To shoot both sides was a challenge.”

USA 17 – 2010 America’s Cup winner

“I’d have loved to sail on the America’s Cup AC72 cats in San Francisco in 2013, they were so invigorating,” says Thomas Coville – one of the world’s most successful ocean racing skippers. “Those boats were when Larry Ellison just let free in the America’s Cup and pushed the limits. But perhaps even cooler was the big trimaran challenger, USA 17 [in 2010]. When you saw the size of the wing and the size of Jimmy Spithill steering the boat, and flying on one hull, I think it was totally amazing.

“We should give a medal to the generation who was on the America’s Cup in San Francisco for creating so many new ideas and new dynamics, but for me the first step of sailing by flying was when those guys arrived with a trimaran with wings. Today we are trying to recreate that kind of a step by foiling around the world.”

Foiling F50 – SailGP ‘s foiling catamaran

“Without question the SailGP F50 is the best boat that I have ever sailed,” says America’s Cup skipper, 49er gold medalist and foiling Moth world champion, Nathan Outteridge. “The headline top speeds of over 50 knots are impressive, but there is so much more to these incredible boats.

“The boats are inherently unstable, and so require constant adjustment of the foils to keep them flying at optimum levels. Initially the boats were very hard to sail; the foils are very unstable and not as forgiving as were used in the Bermuda America’s Cup , but with the help of sophisticated computer aided flight controls and user-friendly flight controller hardware the boats are now far easier to sail, which makes for better, closer racing.”

Biscuits Cantreau 2 – Revolutionary trimaran

Biscuits Cantreau 2 was a Formula 40 trimaran designed for Jean Le Cam in 1987. “Formula 40 was a class born in France with a very simple rule for multihulls for offshore racing,” explains Lauriot–Prévost, co-founder of VPLP yacht design. “The boat had to be 40ft long, about 40ft wide, the mast height was 21m, with a sail area of 90m2, and weigh 2.3 tonnes minimum.

“In 1986 the majority of the fleet were catamarans, but we started with a trimaran. For 1987 we sat down with a blank sheet of paper. The challenge was to be at the minimum weight with a trimaran. We wanted to go for a trimaran which sailed like a catamaran, flying a hull. That was really something very new.

“Most trimarans sailed on the main hull, with floats to balance the boat for transverse stability. We had the crew on the windward float, three rudders, and aimed to sail flying a hull. She was faster than all the catamaran fleet, and beat them all.”

Olympus Photo – The original modern multihull

“The late Mike Birch ’s Olympus Photo, designed and built by Walter Greene, sits at the root of all modern multis,” says Guillaume Verdier – one of the most talented and successful naval architects of the modern era. “Mike and his boat began the legend of the Route du Rhum and made offshore racing so popular. With his 12m-long yellow trimaran he beat Michel Malinovsky on his 21m (69ft) monohull Kriter in 1978, by less than two minutes – extraordinary considering they didn’t know each other’s position at the time.

“Greene’s design was a cold moulded wooden-epoxy coated boat with small longitudinal stringers. At the time it was a very original way to build boats, developed by the Gougeon brothers.”

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Ship shape: 5 of the world’s most spectacular royal yachts

By Dora Davies-Evitt

The Dannebrog

Image may contain Transportation Vehicle Boat Watercraft Vessel Yacht Human and Person

This Danish royal yacht serves as an official and private residence for the Danish Queen and other members of the royal family when they are on summer cruises in home waters or on official visits overseas. Made in the naval work yard Orlogsvaerftet, Copenhagen, in 1931, the ship was baptised by Queen Alexandrine, the wife of King Christian X. The yacht has a rich history, with many decades of royalty aboard. King Frederick IX is known to have taken his showers on the boat's bridge, hosed down by a member of his team. It has been anchored in almost every port in Denmark, as well as Greenland, the Faroe Islands, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and all the way to the coastline of the US; training around 30 Danish naval conscripts every year. Based on the design of the floating palaces of the XIX century, the Dannebrog is more than just a boat.

Image may contain Transportation Vehicle Boat and Yacht

By Isaac Zamet

The royal power duo! Princess Anne and Duchess Sophie show off their close bond as they step out for a rare joint engagement in coordinating outfits at Buckingham Palace

By Harriet Johnston

Kate Middleton’s first steps back to public life? Princess of Wales looks ‘happy and well’ as she is seen out-and-about during farm shop visit

The largest privately owned super yacht in the world, this 180-metre vessel was built for Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahyan of Abu Dhabi’s royal family, for use as a day boat to reach his favourite diving grounds. The boat can hold 36 guests and as many as 80 crew members - it also includes a gym, pool and a special ‘golf training room’. It is reported to have cost the sovereign approximately 600 million dollars. Filled with luxury, the engineers apparently worked to ensure that there is as little turbulence as possible, so that the chandeliers don’t tinkle at sea. Its record is soon to be beaten by a new yacht: the REV Ocean. A vessel which, at 183 metres, was designed by Norwegian millionaire Kjell Inge Rokke, and has been created to clean the ocean floors.

HMY Britannia 

Image may contain Transportation Vehicle Boat Yacht Vessel and Watercraft

HMS Britannia 

Built in 1953 for the late Queen Elizabeth II (who was crowned that same year), after 44 years of service the HMS Britannia was decommissioned and is now on display in Edinburgh. The vast and lavishly designed yacht has sailed over one million miles, accommodating 968 official royal visits. The regal vessel was once described by Queen Elizabeth as ‘the one place where I can truly relax’. The boat boasts dining rooms adorned with gifts from around the world, including a whale rib found by her husband on a beach, as well as a sun lounge with furniture chosen by the queen, and a garage built to house the royal Rolls-Royce. Sir Winston Churchill, Boris Yeltsin, Rajiv Gandhi and Nelson Mandela are among those who have joined the Queen on board over the years. Four royal honeymoons have also taken place aboard, including King Charles III and Diana, Princess of Wales's 16-day trip to the Mediterranean in 1981.

Image may contain Vehicle Transportation Boat Yacht Ship Vessel Watercraft Military Cruiser and Navy

Le Norge is the pride of the Norwegian royal family, dating back to 1947. In 1905, after the Norwegians became independent from Sweden, they chose Prince Carl of Denmark as their monarch, proposing to him the yacht on his appointment. However, due to the difficult economic situation in Norway after the dissolution of the union with Sweden, King Haakon VII (formerly Prince Carl) did not call upon the Government to provide a yacht. Instead, the yacht was given as a gift from the people of Norway to their king decades later, purchased after the spread of a nationwide collection effort. The ship, which measures 80 metres in length is maintained by the Royal Norwegian Navy and sets sail during the summer months. It suffered a violent fire in 1985 while under maintenance, with only the shell and the motors saved from the incident. The impressive ship has since been entirely reconstructed. 

Image may contain Transportation Vehicle Boat Ferry Vessel Watercraft Human and Person

Owned by Princess Caroline of Hanover, Pacha III has been passed from hand to hand since it was first put on water in 1936, under the name Arlette II. The 36-metre-long boat has had very many owners: in 1940 it was requisitioned by the Royal Navy, when it went back to the Mediterranean coast under the name Priamar. And in the '50s it was bought by French industrialist Louis Renault, who renamed it Briseis. The yacht was then sold to the painter Bernard Buffet, in 1967, who moored it in Saint-Tropez, in front of the ever glamorous L'Escale restaurant. 

In 1990, by now in a depleted state, it was sold to Stefano Casiraghi and Caroline of Hanover, who had it entirely renovated. Casiraghi was never able to enjoy the yacht, however, after he died during a racing accident that same year. It reportedly took more than two years to restore the vessel to its former splendour and renamed Pacha III (in reference to the initials of Princess Caroline’s children). It is now primarily used to take the Hanover Royal Family on extended Mediterranean escapes. 

The Princess Royal pays subtle tribute to her late mother the Queen as she steps out in Dubai

By Isaac Bickerstaff

Jacob, 4th Lord Rothschild, renowned banker and patron of culture, dies aged 87

By Ollie Macnaughton

Revealed: the incredible story behind the very rare brooch worn by Queen Camilla at the Commonwealth Day Service

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  • Meta Yachts


Yachts and Superyachts, understandably, have a bad name when it comes to being environmentally friendly. But there are many options for enjoying these beasts of the ocean in a greener and more responsible way. Among the growing number of initiatives for lower-impact yachting is hybrid propulsion (the use of a combination of energy sources, such as diesel and battery power), more efficient hulls and choosing sail over motor.  Looking to the future, sustainability is becoming more and more important to those building and buying yachts, and this is reflected in the types of superyachts hitting the water. We take a closer look at the trailblazing eco-friendly yachts of the past 20 years, as well as the most exciting projects on the horizon.

most incredible yachts

SY Ethereal was the first superyacht with a true hybrid system on board / @Franco Pace

Launched by Dutch yard Royal Huisman in 2008, 190-ft ketch  Ethereal  was a trendsetter that paved the way for future ‘eco’ superyachts. The first superyacht with a true hybrid system on board, she was the dream of owners Bill and Shannon Joy who set out to challenge the norm of yacht building. Together with the shipyard, naval architect Ron Holland and exterior/interior designer Pieter Beeldsnijder, the Joys worked to create a yacht that would have the lowest possible impact on the planet. The result was a technologically advanced design that delivered energy efficiency in a sleek and high-performance package.

Thanks to a twin hybrid electro-mechanical propulsion system, which recharges her battery bank,  Ethereal  can operate for long periods of time under the quiet stored power of her own resources. Every detail of  Ethereal  was examined for ways to reduce energy demands—from lighting to air-conditioning—and she delivers an impressively efficient performance when underway. Her open interior, with a warm and welcoming feel, invites guests in— fittingly, as her entire layout was designed to maximize spaces and allow those on board to spend quality time together. Since her launch  Ethereal  has traveled the world, treading lightly wherever she goes.

Black Pearl

Black pearl - Hybrid superyacht

The Black Pearl is capable of crossing the Atlantic without using any fuel / ©Tom Van Oossanen

At 350 ft,  Black Pearl  is the largest sailing superyacht in the world. She is certainly not inconspicuous but, despite her size, she is extremely eco-friendly. Delivered by Oceanco in 2016,  Black Pearl  is said to have the capability to cross the Atlantic using zero fossil fuel. Plans for undertaking this particular feat were underway when Covid-19 hit and delayed this attempt, but her captain, Chris Gartner, says that the owner and the  Black Pearl  team are committed to going ahead with that as soon as possible.

Black Pearl  incorporates features that ensure a lower environmental impact: propellers that can generate electricity when operating in ‘regeneration mode’ and, one of her most impressive features, her sails also double as a source of power. Measuring an incredible 31,215 sq ft,  Black Pearl’s  sails have built-in solar panels that create electricity that is then stored so it can be put to use elsewhere as needed. The DynaRig sails also allow the yacht to be easily operated under sail power as much as possible, greatly reducing the need for fuel.

Savannah Hybrid Superyacht

Savannah was built by Dutch shipyard Feadship/ ©Feadship

Savannah , built by Dutch shipyard Feadship and hailed as the first hybrid motoryacht at her 2015 launch, is also the world’s largest metallic-painted floating object. This beautiful yacht has collected many awards, including the coveted Motor Yacht of the Year at the 2016World Superyacht Awards. Her ‘Breathe’ propulsion system delivers 30% fuel-saving economies, and she can cruise under diesel electric or simply electric battery power.

Savannah  set a precedent for other eco-friendly projects from Feadship, including the ultra-sustainable 308-ft  Viva  (Hull 817), which has made waves since her February 2021 launch. As attractive as she is innovative, her elegant, four-deck floating superstructure pairs world-class technology with timeless style; features include the ‘Nemo Lounge,’ where you can peek below the waves and marvel at passing sea life from the comfort of the yacht. The main deck has a 30-ft pool and two main salons that are divided by a video wall, and the owner’s stateroom boasts a skylight above the master bed for admiring the starscape above.

most incredible yachts

Ice was one of the most technologically advanced yachts when it was launched in 2005 / @Klaus Jordan

Delivered in 2005 by German powerhouse Lürssen, at the time of her launch  ICE  (then named  AIR ) was one of the most technologically advanced yachts. The brief from the owner called for the yacht to be as environmentally friendly as possible, and she delivered that in spades. She was the first yacht in the world to be fitted with Azipods, a diesel-electric propulsion system that offers many benefits including improved fuel efficiency, the option to use multiple energy sources and improved comfort, thanks to lower noise and vibration levels.

Pump jets combined with the Azipods can be controlled by the yacht’s dynamic positioning system, allowing  ICE  to anchor ‘electronically’ in shallow waters, removing the need to drop anchor and potentially damage sensitive underwater environments. Her original owner had a very clear vision of what he wanted from his yacht — it needed to be big on space with sleek lines and well-balanced proportions yet with large volumes. Design legend Tim Heywood took this brief and ran with it, resulting in a graceful yacht characterized by sweeping contours and grand windows that drench the yacht in natural light.

Artefact - hybrid yacht

Artefact sets sail on her maiden voyage in 2020 / ©Francisco Martinez

The impressive 262-ft  Artefact , designed by Gregory C Marshall and delivered by Nobiskrug Yachts in 2020, is a head turner for more than one reason. Her striking exterior, which makes clever use of glass, is the most obvious, but her eco-credentials are her biggest asset. Built for visionary owners who specifically requested a yacht with a reduced environmental impact,  Artefact’s  many solutions for this brief include 248 ft of solar panels and a battery storage system that allows the yacht to operate without its main engines for periods of time.

Added to that is her dynamic positioning system and Azipod propulsion system – these allow  Artefact  to easily hold her position without needing to use her anchors and reduce her emissions while also upping her efficiency. In fact, she was one of the very first superyachts built to meet IMO Tier III emissions regulations. For those wishing to enjoy pristine surroundings without interruption,  Artefact  is also capable of silent operations. This ‘greener’ superyacht certainly doesn’t compromise on comfort and on her launch was the biggest volume yacht of her size in the world. She perfectly pairs form and function… in other words, this award-winning yacht is the full package.

most incredible yachts

Juliet in the Norwegian fjords / ©Jonathan Allan

Originally launched in 1993, the 143-ft  Juliet  was reborn this summer after an extensive “go greener” refit at her original build yard, Royal Huisman. Newly transformed into a hybrid yacht,  Juliet  now bears technologies that will future-proof her for years to come. Her new hybrid system offers numerous benefits including silent operations, zero emissions, peak-shaving, shaft-generated power under sail and reduced fuel consumption. A brand-new gearbox, aligned with a sophisticated new electric motor/generator, will allow electric propulsion that is powered by either the main engine or alternatively the battery pack or generator. Meanwhile, a battery bank will allow  Juliet  to operate in ‘silent ship’ mode.

When stretching her legs under sail, the rotation of the propeller will generate electric power. When at anchor she can run on battery power so guests can relax without any noise pollution that might detract from their surroundings. With nearly a quarter a million miles logged since her launch,  Juliet  is now ready for the next quarter million miles to come.

Swan 88 Hybrid

most incredible yachts

Finnish builders Nautor’s Swan has joined the trend for hybrid yachts with its Swan 88 Hybrid model, which has a hybrid-electric propulsion system that marks a new era for the yard’s Maxi range. This new direction for the yard includes making greater use of eco-friendly materials in its designs. The  Swan 88 Hybrid  is the yard’s first attempt at a hybrid yacht, and the design has already borne fruit – in May 2021 it announced it had already sold the first hull.

Described by Nautor’s Swan as a “dual soul of racer and cruiser,” the  Swan 88 Hybrid  pairs comfort and performance and is an excellent ‘starter size’ superyacht that is spacious but manageable. The minimalist exterior design by German Frers is complemented by “a comfortable, harmonious and magical” interior by Misa Poggi. An easy-handle sail plan makes use of the brand’s long experience in ocean racing, delivering “efficient, uncomplicated and easily managed sailing”. The layout and design has been tailored to maximize guest comfort on longer trips – this first model will be able to travel the world with a lighter footprint thanks to her eco credentials.

Sailing purists the world over treasure the sight of a J Class yacht. Original J Class yachts raced in the 1930s under the Universal Rule, in events including the  America’s Cup.  There have been several replica J Class yachts built in modern times as well. Elegant  Rainbow  is one such replica and was built in Holland in 2012 by Holland Jachtbouw. Her design was based on the original  Rainbow , which won the America’s Cup in 1934, and it paired the best of classic yacht design with all the necessary modern technologies and comforts.

Like many other eco-friendly sailing yachts,  Rainbow  is powered by a hybrid propulsion system – in fact, she was the first J Class to boast this capability. This means a welcome 30% reduction in fuel usage, as well as the option of silent operations when underway. As beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside,  Rainbow ’s luxurious interior makes use of elegant mahogany woods, sophisticated styling and plenty of space to enjoy. If owning a J Class is your dream,  Rainbow  is currently for sale for a cool $8,250,000.

most incredible yachts

The 142-ft Canova takes the title of being Baltic Yachts’s very first zero emissions yacht over 100 ft / ©Baltic Yachts

Built by Finnish firm Baltic Yachts in 2019, the 142-ft  Canova  takes the title of being the yard’s very first zero emissions yacht over 100 ft. This was a mandate of her owner, who wanted his long-distance cruising yacht to be as green as possible.  Canova  more than met the mark and carries an impressive line-up of modern technologies including a power regeneration system that, in theory, allows a never-ending supply for the yacht to make use of. An added first is that  Canova  is the first superyacht to be fitted with a transverse Dynamic Stability System foil, which delivers unprecedented comfort levels for a sailing yacht by reducing heel and motion.

Guests can relax on board  Canova  and enjoy nine hours of ‘silent’ mode made possible by an electric propulsion system that also charges the on-board battery bank. An easy-to-handle, yet powerful, sail plan ensures hoisting the sails is a breeze, meaning  Canova  can make the most of her sailing prowess (again cutting down on engine use). Large spaces and good indoor/outdoor flow make her a home away from home, with communal spaces including the large, sheltered cockpit with drop down glass sides.  Canova  was built to take her owner and guests around the world and will be venturing to a wide variety of destinations over the coming years.

Sw108 Hybrid

most incredible yachts

The SW108 Hybrid will allow for efficient consumption of fossil fuels and reduce harmful emissions

First revealed in 2021, the  SW108 Hybrid  from South African shipyard Southern Wind Shipyard (SWS) is an exciting diesel-electric concept that has been designed with the planet in mind. It is the result of an impressive collaboration between SWS, Nauta Design and Farr Yacht Design. Featuring the ‘SWS Diesel-Electric Hybrid System,’ the  SW108 Hybrid  will allow for efficient consumption of fossil fuels and reduce harmful emissions.

All this is presented in a sleek, elegant and reliable package typical of SWS. Key features include a plus-sized beach club and a garage with room for a 16 ft tender. Sure to appeal to sailors looking for a reliable and comfortable “greener” sailing yacht, the design is what the yard describes as “a more environmentally friendly approach to performance yacht sailing.” The shipyard takes its responsibilities to deliver more eco-friendly yachts very seriously and the  SW108 Hybrid  will likely set the tone for future designs from SWS.

To the Future…

REV Ocean

REV Ocean will be kitted out with the latest sampling, observation, mapping and communication equipment / ©REV Ocean

Due to be completed in 2024, 600-ft  REV   Ocean  will be the world’s largest research vessel. With construction well underway in Norway,  REV   Ocean  is a state-of-the-art yacht that has been designed to ensure ‘one healthy ocean.’ As a luxury floating laboratory, her impressive facilities will allow her to undertake cutting-edge ocean science. She has an abundance of sustainable features, and her assets will include everything from a deep-diving submarine to a lecture theater for discussing discoveries.

“ REV   Ocean’s  hull and propeller were designed for less resistance and more efficiency moving through the water, saving up to 15% on fuel consumption,” explains Lawrence Hislop of  REV   Ocean . “Additionally, lithium-ion battery packs, LED lighting, a heat recovery system, an onboard incinerator and DNV SILENT-R rating all contribute to the philosophy of making  REV Ocean  one of the world’s most sustainable research and expedition vessels.” Want to experience  REV Ocean  for yourself? She will be offering special, once-in-a-lifetime charters that allow guests to play their own part in  REV   Ocean’s  important work.

most incredible yachts

Arksen 85 offers luxurious comfort and large onboard spaces / ©Arksen Yachts

Last year work began on the  Arksen 85  — dubbed  Project Ocean  — the first self-proclaimed “ultimate marine exploration vessel” to be built by Arksen Yachts. Created to travel the world, with a stable, hardy design, the  Arksen 85  is intended to explore with low environmental impact. She’s built in an eco-friendly way, with her hull and superstructure made from low-carbon, recycled aluminum. A range of up to 7,000 nm will give her plenty of scope for adventures, and her eco credentials include a solar array option for zero-carbon electrical power and a hybrid propulsion system.

Buying an Arksen yacht offers several bolt-ons such as membership in the Arksen Explorers’ Club, which helps owners make the most of their vessels, and an invitation to join the Arksen Foundation, where owners are invited to pledge 10% of their vessels’ sea time to ocean-exploration projects. The  Arksen 85  offers luxurious comfort and large onboard spaces. This first build will include a full beam master suite, media room and children’s cabin. She is due to launch in 2022, and a large portion of her time at sea has already been committed to the Arksen Foundation.

Project AQUA

most incredible yachts

The stunning infinity pool on Project AQUA / ©Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design

Project AQUA  made headlines around the world last year when rumors started that she was being built for Bill Gates. This speculation was later dispelled but, in the process, the world got a good look at the 367-ft vessel and so too a glimpse of what the future of yacht design might look like. The work of Lateral Naval Architects in collaboration with Sinot Yacht Design, hydrogen-powered  Project AQUA  represents how yachting might one day achieve zero carbon usage.

“For  Project AQUA  we set ourselves an objective of using near-future technology,” explains Simon Brealey, principal mechanical engineer at Lateral. “Liquid hydrogen has the potential to be created from renewable sources via electrolysis and as such can be considered a zero carbon fuel with the only local emissions being water.  Project AQUA  demonstrates [that] the onboard technology to enable a zero carbon project is ready, and we hope that it acts to inspire superyacht owners, shipyards, the hydrogen infrastructure industry and the wider maritime industry.”

The Sinot team used “an integrated and highly poetic design approach” when creating her: Cascading exterior decks are paired with a minimalist Japanese beach-style interior that provides living spaces in perfect balance with the water on which the vessel sits. ,

most incredible yachts

The 312-ft hybrid yacht Bliss is the most recent Feadship vessel to hit the water / ©Feadship

Dutch yard Feadship now has a good number of eco yachts to its name, and 312-ft hybrid yacht  Bliss  is the most recent to have hit the water. Launched in May 2021,  Bliss  benefits from the very latest advances in technology with an all-new hybrid propulsion system. De Voogt Naval Architects were heavily involved in the design and engineering of the hybrid system, which will allow the yacht to sail in diesel-electric mode. In a win-win for comfort and for the world, “this package helps to protect the environment and provides premium comfort for all who step aboard,” says Feadship.  Bliss  also has Polar Code compliance – what better way to connect with the importance of protecting the health of our planet than by coming face to face with the icy majesty of the Polar regions?

Built for a very hands-on owner,  Bliss  features an exterior design by Jan Schaffers of Studio de Voogt and interior design by Remi Tessier. This team has created an elegant style that they describe as “natural and welcoming, inside and out.” Highlights include nine cabins, a gym and wellness space, a pool and a convertible helideck. Designed for family fun and to see the world this magnificent custom yacht is a timeless triumph.

Eco Explorer

most incredible yachts

Eco Explorer concept is described as “a genuinely eco-friendly superyacht” / ©Feadship

A collaboration between Dutch yard Feadship and French design studio Merveille Yachting, the  Eco Explorer  concept is described by Feadship as “a genuinely eco-friendly superyacht.” The yacht combines all the best elements of motor and sail yachts in one efficient package. She features a mast system that has fully automated wings twice as powerful as a standard sailing yacht rig, while the use of sail power reduces fuel use as well.

Energy is also harnessed from a trio of onboard solutions including wind turbines, solar panels and underwater turbines. These, together with other reduction elements, add up to the use of an estimated 50-70% less fossil fuel, and more than three times the range of an equivalent boat. The 55-ft beam ensures plenty of space on board, with an inviting interior and vast beach club that includes a 49-ft swimming pool. The perfect yacht for seeing the world guilt-free, “the  Eco Explorer  is on the forefront of cutting-edge, environmentally friendly technology,” says Feadship. ,

most incredible yachts

Vento was designed by Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard to be a “manifesto for environmental protection” / ©Nuvolari-Lenard

A mighty 328-ft sailing yacht concept,  Vento  is the brainchild of Nuvolari-Lenard. First revealed in June 2021 at the Venice Boat Show, this behemoth was created by design duo Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard to be a “manifesto for environmental protection” and a visual appeal to superyacht designers to create truly green yachts. This radical concept will use the wind as its main source of propulsion and its slipstream hull will ensure it moves efficiently through the water. Its Wing Sail sail plan is more efficient than traditional rigs, allowing for better performance. A diesel-electric system with variable speed generators and variable pitch propellors will allow operations to be adjusted to achieve maximum efficiency.

Nuvolari and Lenard both believe that it is not enough to design a yacht that is “greener,” and instead our entire mentalities and attitudes towards yacht design needs to shift. “ Vento  speaks to a market sensitive to environmental issues, worried about the future of the marine ecosystem, which is ready to do its part,” they say.  Vento  is their testimony and, they believe, proof that a truly green yacht needn’t mean compromising on innovative designs and luxurious living.  

Project Crystal

most incredible yachts

Project Crystal is named for the distinctive crystalline lattice that forms a striking part of the exterior profile / ©Nick Stark Design

The size of the 308-ft  Project Crystal  is an eco yacht option for buyers who can’t let go of the idea of a very large yacht. She, like the rest on this list, has been designed in a way that will allow efficient operations and energy savings. “As with all our designs, the impact of a vessel on its context is crucial — environmental considerations extend from the controllable pitch propellers which maximize efficiency, through the hydrodynamic optimizations of the hull, hybrid power systems and glazing arrangements that minimize solar gain,” says Nick Stark, naval architect at Nick Stark Design.

Project Crystal  is named for the distinctive crystalline lattice that forms a striking part of the exterior profile. Designed to be a sanctuary,  Project Crystal  is a safe and relaxing space that is both beautiful on board and from afar. “We wanted to create an aesthetic that is celebratory,” says Stark. “The lines flow up and across, both lifting our gaze and also guiding it to what is around us: the people, the community and the environment”. The design is able to achieve swift global navigation and she has been crafted with a relentless focus on hydrodynamic fundamentals – the sleek unadorned underwater lines tick the boxes for both fuel efficiency and superb seakeeping. Not to mention she looks pretty exceptional too.

Sunreef 80 Eco

most incredible yachts

The eco-responsible luxury craft contains the latest green technologies in the industry / ©Sunreef

The  Sunreef 80 Eco  catamaran design is described by Sunreef Yachts as “an eco-responsible luxury craft combining electric propulsion, superyacht living spaces, reliable sailing performance and the latest green technologies in the industry.” The  Sunreef 80 Eco  is the largest in the yard’s Eco range, which boasts a large number of appealing ‘green’ features. These include state-of-the-art batteries, sustainable interiors, wind generators and smart water management. In fact, the entire Sunreef brand has undergone a central shift and rebrand towards producing “eco luxury” catamarans.

Sunreef Yachts have worked hard on developing their own proprietary solar panel system, which has been integrated into the  Sunreef 80 Eco  design, allowing for 1,765 sq ft of ultra-light solar panels installed around the vessel. Pairing comfort and green technology, she has been designed for long range offshore cruising in total silence and in harmony with her surroundings. The entire design can be customized to suit her owners, with plenty of light-filled spaces in close proximity to the ocean. The first Sunreef 80 Eco is currently in build and due to make her debut in 2021.

most incredible yachts

The sailing yacht with the lowest possible environmental footprint / ©TDoS

This year saw Tillberg Design of Sweden (TDoS) release its interpretation of an eco superyacht, the 265-ft  Aegir 2.0 . The design house describes it as “the sailing yacht with the lowest possible environmental footprint.” A big claim indeed. The design has a wind-electric propulsion system that recharges her batteries as she sails. This means her range is theoretically infinite – the world will be her oyster. A Dynarig sail plan will ensure excellent performance, while the trimaran hull delivers excellent seakeeping.

Her eco credentials do not mean a sacrifice on comfort as  Aegir 2.0  has plenty of luxury features including a swimming pool, beach club space and spacious rooms. A minimalist Scandinavian style interior pairs a subtle color palette with natural materials, complemented by large windows that fill all spaces with light.

Lürssen’s fuel cell yacht

There is little public information available about an exciting new project from German yard Lürssen Yachts, but it certainly warrants a place in this list for the feat of being the yard’s first yacht with fuel cell technology. Now in build, the yacht has been commissioned by a forward thinking and technology driven owner. This project is huge news as it represents a big step towards an emission free Lürssen superyacht. Flanking the traditional generators, the fuel cell will offer many benefits including the ability to anchor for 15 days or cruise 1,000 miles at slow speed with no emissions.

Complementing this new build project, the yard has set up an Innovation Laboratory that will “simulate and test the integration and operation of a Marine Hybrid Fuel Cell System on board a yacht powered by methanol.” Lürssen is certainly looking to the future and has ambitious goals to lead the field in the construction of emission free yachts.

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Steve Cornwell


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The most beautiful motorboats and yachts under 24 m

  •   Nautical Expert
  • Yacht Buyer's Guide

The most beautiful motorboats and yachts

Updated on March 10th, 2024

This list is constantly updated. So if you’ve built an amazingly beautiful production boat, please let us know so we can add it for voting.

The final selection of winners was made by the entire magazine editorial team from pre-selected boats through an open vote on social media. There are no first or last places here, all winning boats are added randomly.

Selene 72 Ocean Explorer

Added March 2024

Selene Trawler Yacht 72 Ocean Explorer

Absolutely every Selene trawler yacht deserves to be on this list. But the range of boats from this shipyard is too large to add them all. Therefore, after consulting briefly, we decided to limit ourselves to one of the culmination models – Ocean Explorer 72.

Generally speaking, when we see any trawler, we want to run around and wag our tail, but when we see the Selene trawler, we instantly fall into a meditative state of contemplation.

Super Lauwersmeer SLX54

Added February 2024

Super Lauwersmeer SLX54

This amazing 17-meter boat was first presented by the Dutch shipyard in 2023. The yacht is so unique that there is nothing to compare it with. Moreover, it seems to be not only one of the most beautiful, but also one of the most comfortable flybridge boats in the world.

Elling E4

We have taken Elling yachts out into rough seas several times and can confidently say that these boats are probably one of the most reliable and safe in their size range. This semi-displacement 15-meter yacht is Category A and is capable of self-righting when capsized. In addition, it is incredibly spacious inside and very quiet even at full speed. What else do you need?

Oh, yes, of course, the appearance. Well, it turns out that reliable and seaworthy boats are always beautiful and vice versa. And the E4 model was unanimously recognized as the coolest of the three in the shipyard’s range.

Sialia 57

We immediately fell in love with this boat at first sight. Besides the incredible color combination, this semi-custom electric yacht is well proportioned and very pleasing to the eye. You can read more about this yacht here .

J Craft 42 Torpedo

J Craft Torpedo 42

These are completely unique classic boats from the Swedish shipyard that instantly convey a sense of understated luxury and timeless style. The quality of these boats is so high that it is not just tangible, it is in the air around them. Naturally, all of the above are the main components of incredible beauty, the possession of which is very exclusive.

Sasga Menorquín 55 HT

Sasga Menorquín 55 HT

All Sasga boats are very attractive, but the absolute majority of votes were given to this model. There is probably no need to explain why Sasga is on the list of the most beautiful yachts under 24 meters.

Archipelago 47

Archipelago 47

Yes, it’s a catamaran. And yes, we don’t really like multihulls. However, we made an exception for Archipelago because… Well, this catamaran is very cool. That’s why we even wrote an article about him. It compares favorably with all other motor catamarans not only with its beautiful design and color combination, but also with its aluminum hull.

Apreamare Gozzo 45

Apreamare Gozzo 45

The most charming boats are always heirs to old traditions. The Apreamare shipyard demonstrates this perfectly by building its models, which clearly trace the history coming from the classic Italian fishing boats.

Proton 28

The perfect tender from Proton Yachting that would not exist without Trimm Design. There is also a model in light brown, but it was this model in blue that won. It seems difficult to come up with something more elegant.

Zeelander Z72

Zeelander Z72

These are unique Dutch-built sports cruisers. All three models of the line differ only in size, maintaining the general philosophy of the shipyard. From our point of view, Zeelander yachts are simply synonymous with luxury.

Mulder Favorite 1700

Mulder Favorite 1700

Of course, the Favorite 1500 series from this famous shipyard should also be here. Honestly, absolutely any yacht ever built by the shipyard can be added to this list. In addition to their incredible beauty, these yachts are class A. Of course, there is no doubt about their seaworthiness, since Vripack worked on the naval architecture.

Spirit P70

An excellent example of a modern classic, using the latest construction technologies and the most advanced onboard equipment.

Wallypower 58

Wallypower 58

Futuristic design in the yachting world is rarely beautiful. Usually it’s the other way around. However, the Wallypower 58 boat looks great and was unanimously accepted for this list.


As Riva states, this boat is the crown jewel of their shipyard. But she is also the crown jewel of our list of the most beautiful yachts in the world.

Wajer Yachts

All Wajer yachts are amazing and almost all models received the same number of votes with a slight advantage towards open boats. So we just added a photo at random. Apparently, this is the 55th model. However, you should know that Wajer hardtop yachts are just as beautiful, if not more beautiful, than these luxurious open tenders.

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The Top 20 Celebrity Yachts in The World

When you think of a luxury yacht, you probably think of a celebrity on it, because after all, luxury yachts are for the rich and famous, and they are both. Yachts come in different sizes and styles, but when you spend the kind of money that a luxury costs, you can pretty much guarantee, it is going to be luxurious.

Many celebrities love to get out and sail the open seas to get away from the every day hustle and bustle of Hollywood to spend time with their family and friends. It has become customary to see celebrities playing with their big, expensive toys, from cars, to motorcycles, air planes and yes, super yachts.

These luxurious sailing vessels are worth millions and are the epitome of sumptuous. Some of the most well-known celebrities own super yachts and travel the world on them, from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean. The following are the top 20 celebrity yachts in the world. Take a look at what some of your favorite people in the public eye get to climb aboard.

1. Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton's 47.8 meter super yacht, the Va Bene , is a beautiful sailing vessel that can host up to 12 guests and allows for 13 crew members. Clapton is an American singer, song writer that has won 17 Grammies over his career.

Clapton not only still tours with the band and performs concerts, but he also takes time to do some touring on his super yacht. Kees Cornelissen is the ship builder and Clapton had the yacht refitted to exhibit his style and taste, which it now does with its open and spacious living areas, donned with comfortable furniture pieces, warm colors and movie lounge.

2. Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg is one of the most well-known film director and screen writer and when he's not working doing either of those, he can usually be found sailing on the seven seas, literally.

Spielberg is the owner of the 86-meter Seven Seas built by Oceanco, and it is the epitome of luxury, from bow to stern. The luxury yacht is said to feature a beautiful infinity pool with a 15-foot glass wall that transforms into a large, outdoor cinema screen for watching all of his hit movies on with his guests - maybe.

Bono has had many hit songs in his singing career. He is best known for singing with the band, U2, a highly popular band from the 1980's. He has made millions during his years spent recording and touring with the band, as well as his time spent after, on his own singing as, Bono.

With Bono's millions, it probably doesn't surprise you that he owns his own super yacht, a 49 - meter luxury vessel he's named Cyan , built by the prestigious shipyard, Codecasa.

The super yacht can be chartered and will comfortably host up to 12 guests in 6 cabins. It has a timeless look with the exaggerated, angled bow and is full of luxuries throughout, including a pool and spa on the aft deck and plenty of water toys for fun-in-the-sun.

4. Tiger Woods

The famous golfer who has also been in the news for his gone-public, extra-marital affairs, owns the Privacy , a $25  million super yacht. It was a gift to his ex-wife for their wedding, however, after the divorce, his ex-wife no longer wanted the yacht due to the expense of keeping it up.

 The 164-foot mega yacht, Privacy has 5 bedrooms for entertaining guests and is full of amazing luxuries, such as a 50-inch plasma screen TV that pops up from a built-in cabinet and swivels to face either the dining area or saloon.

The mingling areas are all spacious and open, with lots of natural light and the galley was equipped with a non-standard feature, a Miele Espresso machine.

5. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is an American actor who is best known for his unusual characters he plays in movies; Edward Scissorhands, Who's Eating Gilbert Grape? And The Pirates of the Caribbean , series.

He has always been in the news over the years for one reason or another, whether good news or bad, but despite what the tabloids say about Depp, one thing they can't say is that he hasn't been successful in his career.

His movies have made him millions and one way he has spent some of it, was to buy a super yacht, Amphitrite . The 156-foot yacht isn't the average sailing vessel, it looks more like something out of one of his Pirates of the Caribbean , movies. Surrounded by wood and Teak, cool amenities, however, there is no swimming pool or even a helicopter pad. He just loves to sail.

6. Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood. She is from Australia and is now married to the legendary country singer, Keith Urban, whom she has two daughters with.

When the pair aren't out filming or traveling the country performing concerts, you may find them on the Super yacht, Houkalani . This beautiful yacht boasts of lots of space for moving about inside and out on the decks. There is a beautiful swim platform and a centralized and integrated entertainment system on board as well.

7. Leonardo DiCaprio

One of the biggest stars in Hollywood that has become a household name, is Leonardo DiCaprio. With all of his box office hits, it's no wonder he can afford a beautiful super yacht like Rising Sun. 

It has been reported that the mega yacht cost $200 to build and it is ranked the 11th largest yacht in the world. It can accommodate up to 14 guests, 45 crewmembers, and is loaded with luxuries from one end to the other, including a wine cellar and cinema. It also has a built-in helipad that transforms to a basketball court when not in use.

8. Nicolas Cage

Sarita is the name of the super yacht owned by Nicolas Cage. The famous actor has been seen indulging himself on the Sarita many times, with its impressive amenities, such as the amazing decks that are loaded with things to do, swim, sunbathe, dine, relax, whatever your heart desires.

It can host up to 12 guests in the cabins. There are also plenty of water toys on the Sarita , for his guests to play with out in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean; wherever the sail off to.

Galactica Star is the name of the super yacht owned by Beyoncé. This beautiful, 213-foot liner was built by Heesen Shipyard in the Netherlands. Singer, songwriter Beyoncé has been an icon in the music industry and has sold millions of albums during her career.

She is always recording, touring or taking a little vaca with her husband and daughter, Blue Ivy. Beyoncé has been seen with her family, aboard the luxurious super yacht that is loaded with amenities to fit a queen including a beautiful swimming pool at the aft deck, spa, touch and go helipad, and spacious cabins for hosting up to 12 guests.

10.  Giorgio Armani

Famous Italian, fashion designer Giorgio Armani doesn't just design fabulous clothes, but he also sails the world on his luxury mega yacht,  Main . This is a classy designed super yacht built by Codecasa ship builders and is so stylish, in fact, that the yacht has drawn plenty of attention with its black, almost aggressive look, since he's owned it, and has had photographers searching it out for photo shoots. Armani also had a second yacht that he named, Maria, after his mother. His second yacht is 163 feet in length, while Main, is 65 meters long.

11. Sean "Diddy" Combs

Rapper, record producer, actor and entrepreneur, Sean "Diddy" Combs , is also known as "Puff Daddy, Diddy," or P. Diddy. He's a native from Harlem and has become a fixture in the rapper world and has taken away two Grammys during his career, as well as two MTV music video awards. His success is seen when you see his 54-foot super yacht.

Some of the features the yacht exhibits are a projector screen and stage, a party floor and built-in bar on the top deck of the yacht. The yacht is equipped to handle and requires 10 members on board to run it.

12. David and Victoria Beckham

The Beckhams are each famous in their own right,  but together, they have become a sensation. Famous pro-soccer player, David Beckham , and his famous Spice-girl, Victoria, have several sons together and they have quite the net worth between the two, too. It's not really surprising that the two have invested into a mega yacht, the Seafair . This a gorgeous super yacht with a unique body style, full and robut and looks commanding on the sea.

13. Calvin Klein

His ads are everywhere. Calvin Klein is a super famous fashion designer and the owner of a luxurious super yacht. With a net worth of $700 million, it's fitting that this is one toy he would own. He sails the seas in luxury on a 4.57 meter super yacht built by Palmer Johnson. Klein re-designed the decks in order to be able to host parties better. His yacht includes an on-board Jacuzzi, relaxation pads, BBQ, and bar. There are six cabins to host up to 12 guests.

14. Kendall Jenner

She's a celebrity and one of the most popular names in pop culture. The Jenner's have enough money for a super yacht, and that's exactly what they own. Kendall Jenner is one of the Kardashian's from the realty TV show, The Kardashian's and her and her then, husband, Harry Styles love the 236 foot Axioma and were often seen cruising the Caribbean on the beautifully designed luxury liner.

They were known for hosting sailing parties with such people like Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres. The super yacht sports a Jacuzzi and below-deck cinema and swimming, among other breathtaking luxuries. It has been said that Kendall loves to call on the crew to answer to her every whim and get spoiled well while out at sea on the Axioma .

15. J.K.Rowling

In Jauray of 2016, J.K. Rowling, author of Harry Potter and subsequent books, bought Vajoliroja . It was once owned by another famous name, Johnny Depp, who named it using the initials of several people he loved in his life; his ex-wife, and his children. When J.K. Rowling took ownership, she changed the name to Amphitrite. It is a less aggressive and more sedate looking yacht, compared to the newer, more modern vessels that sail on the seas.

16. Steve Jobs

The late Apple founder was swimming in money, which is why he could afford a super yacht like Venus. This is a 78 metre mega yacht that was constructed by the infamous ship builder, Feadship. The Venus is a very private super yacht with more inside amenities than out, extremely high-tech an covered in glass for the ultimate privacy. 

She sports a computer-packed bridge and probably a host of other cool technology amenities, all over the vessel. Although Jobs passed away, Venus is till owned by the family.  As a matter-of-fact, the yacht was seen cruising around the Greek Isles last summer.

17. Richard Branson

Richard Branson, a famous entrepreneur, does a lot of sailing on his 32-metre catamaran superyacht, Necker Belle , which he named after his famous island hideaway. The superyacht was constructed and launched by CMN in 2003 and has been used for charter while he owned it.

This is a yacht that was truly designed for partying, in luxury. It has a big sundeck that is used for entertaining, along with a wide range of water toys to play with, along the voyage, as well as plenty of space for bringing friends and family. This is the ultimate relaxation super yacht, for those who want to get away from the hustles and bustles of life, and relax.

18. Billy Joel

Billy Joel is a famous singer and song writer from the 1980's who not only is well-known for his music, but is also remembered for his marriage to the famous super model, Christi Brinkley. Joel owns the Vendetta , the modern classic super yacht that measures 17 metres and was designed to be a replica of the old, classic commuter that was launched and popular back in the late 1920's.

They were used for their speed to run down the Long Island Sound and into New York City. Joel has actually used his super "commuter" yacht to run from his home in Long Island, into the city for a concert performance. There was a time that Joel actually owned 5 yachts, one of which was a 29 metre Inace explrer yacht, named Audacious.

19. David Geffen

David Geffen is not only an American film producer and record executive. He's a very successful business man and co-created from Asylum Records, to Dream Works SKG with Steven Spielberg, as well as Geffen Records.

He is the owner of a Jon Bannenberg super yacht and it is one of the largest ships on record. The Rising Sun has an amazing, 82 rooms on board, Jacuzzi tubs in every cabin bathroom, a basketball court, heli-pad, wine cellar and a movie theatre for entertaining guests. The cost of the super yacht was $200 million to build.

20. Paul Allen

Paul Allen is the co-founder of Microsoft ad is one rich guy who can obviously afford some expensive toys, with this 414-foot super yacht being one of them.

The $200 million yacht named, Octopus, and it is loaded with luxurious features, including a movie theater, basketball court, recording studio, two helicopters, a pool, and it can accommodate up to 26 guests in the 41 cabin suites it has, as well there are 26 cabins set-up for the 64 crewman Allen keeps hired to run the vessel.

The super yacht takes Paul Allen $384,000 a week to maintain it. The Octopus also carries two submarines below, for state-of-the-art exploration. The Octopus has been said to be more of a Range Rover rather than a Bentley as far as what it is designed with for exploration with the subs and the two heli-pads set up on the upper deck.

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17 Most Expensive Yachts in the World

Maria McCutchen

Written by  Maria McCutchen

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A Closer Look at Tankoa's T500 Tethys

A closer look at x-yachts new x49e electric sailing boat, check out camper and nicholsons international's 120 ft tecnomar superyacht "lucy", sirena's new fully customizable 78-foot yacht, what boat characteristics make it a yacht, a closer look at the first ferretti 860 yacht.


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24 Incredible Celebrity Yachts You Will Surely Love

By Adrian Prisca

Updated on May 20, 2023

Celebrity Yachts

The rich and famous certainly have a different lifestyle from us regular folks, but we love to see how extravagantly they live. Once they make it to a certain status, owning a yacht is like second-nature, or a rite of passage.

Some of the glamorous amenities onboard those yachts are unheard of, but having all that money can buy pretty much whatever their heart desires.

A love for the sea is what all those celebrities have in common, plus a need to escape constant snapshots from paparazzis. On their own private yachts, they get to relax and be themselves, also spending some quality time with their friends and family.

Have you ever dreamt about sailing on a luxury yacht? Most likely, we all did at some point. And since we like to delve a little deeper into our favorite celebrities’ lives, we thought a good way is by making a list of the luxurious yachts they own.

Without further ado, here are the 25 most incredible celebrity yachts in the world.

  • 24. The Maraya – Sean “Diddy” Combs’s Yacht

Maraya Yacht

Hip-hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs has had a successful music career that set him up for a luxurious life. His private yacht, the Maraya, has a staff of ten. It features a stage with a party floor that has a built-in bar on the top deck and a projector screen. If you know how the hip hop star runs, it’s no surprise he took things up a notch aboard his own yacht.

  • 23. Axioma – Kendall Jenner’s Yacht

Axioma Yacht

One of the world’s highest paying models is one of the most famous women in the world. Part of the Kardashian family, she rents out the Axioma regularly. Not the actual owner per se, it costs her about half a million dollars a week. She spent her 19th birthday onboard this yacht while vacationing in Monaco. The boat has a few jacuzzis, a steam room, a gym, a cinema, along with many other amenities.

  • 22. Freedom – Roberto Cavalli’s Yacht

Freedom Yacht

A co-designer for his bat-mobile look-a-like superyacht, Cavalli designed its interior mostly in animal print. The high-end goods mogul has made a fortune from his decades’ long career. At the moment, he’s enjoying as much time as he can on his favorite yacht. Sleek and stylish, the 90-foot vessel can go up to top speed of 40 knots.

  • 21. Vantage – Calvin Klein’s Yacht

Vantage Yacht

American fashion designer Calvin Klein is known for hosting parties for some of the most famous socialites and highest personalities in the world. Aboard Vantage, there is plenty of room to invite up to 12 guests at a time to spend a few nights. The yacht features a few entertainment rooms, six cabins, a few hot tubs, several bars, all decorated with top-notch designs.

  • 20. Beethoven – Rafael Nadal’s Yacht

Beethoven Yacht

Tennis superstar Rafael Nadal is one of the top players ever, following Federer closely. His work ethic and perseverance makes him one of the best paid athletes of the last couple of decades. He loves his automobiles, but he loves spending time on the water as well. The 76-foot MCY yacht has its own swimming pool, a spa, multiple entertainment rooms and bars.

  • 19. Wajer 77 – Tom Brady’s Yacht

Wajer 77 Yacht

Tom Brady acquired the Wajer 77 only a few short months after purchasing the Wajer 55. He upgraded to the larger model that fits nine passengers in order to accommodate his family for weekend trips. They regularly head over to the Bahamas from their East Coast Florida home, so this yacht is more suitable for their lifestyle.

  • 18. Galactica Star – Beyonce and Jay Z’s Yacht

Galactica Star Yacht

Superstar singer and songwriter Beyonce is a force to be reckoned with. Together with her equally influential husband, Jay-Z, they are loaded. Hence, they own a yacht that is appropriate for their celebrity status.

The Galactica is a 213-foot juggernaut that accommodates up to 12 guests. Lavish decor is to be expected from the music icon, and the many luxurious amenities are out of this world. The yacht features its own helipad and a swimming pool.

  • 17. Rising Sun – Leonardo DiCaprio’s Yacht

Rising Sun Yacht

DiCaprio is one of the highest paid actors in the history of Hollywood, which makes him also one of the most famous. Although quiet in the last couple of years, we assume it is because he spends lots of time aboard this monster yacht, that actually belongs to music producer billionaire David Geffen.

It is believed that the Rising Sun is the eleventh largest yacht on the planet. Tailor-made for someone like the Wolf of Wall Street, it features its own basketball court, cinema, wine cellar, and it has its own helipad, among many other mind-blowing amenities.

David Geffen’s parties are glamorous bashes that people talk about for weeks afterwards, and guests are just as rich and famous as he is. He hangs with the likes of Oprah, the Obamas, Julia Roberts, and of course, Leonardo DiCaprio, just to name a few.

  • 16. Seven Seas – Steven Spielberg’s Yacht

Seven Seas Yacht

Famous film director and screenwriter Steven Spielberg is worth more than 3 billion dollars. The biggest Hollywood director ever made his name back in 1975 with the movie Jaws. His luxury yacht the Seven Seas, is a 282 foot, or 86-meters long ship.

Designed and built by Oceanco, it features an infinity pool that is surrounded by a 15-foot glass wall. As a major movie buff, his yacht obviously also features a cinema screen.

  • 15. LionHeart – Sir Philip Green’s Yacht

LionHeart Yacht

Sir Philip Green grew the Arcadia Group from a simple company to a retail giant. His yacht, the LionHeart, was designed by Benetti, and is 206-foot long. Inside, it contains all the luxurious amenities you can imagine. The on-deck swimming pool, electrically designed sun deck and dedicated bar offer outdoor sunbathing options for their guests.

  • 14. Va Bene – Eric Clapton’s Yacht

Va Bene Yacht

Eric Clapton is one of the most widely-known singers/songwriters in the world, and his celebrity status brought him a luxurious lifestyle. His 157 foot luxury yacht, Va Bene, was previously owned by Bernie Ecclestone.

While chartering the vessel back in 2005, Clapton fell in love with the boat and made Ecclestone an offer he couldn’t refuse. Since then, the musician and up to 12 of his friends frequently spend time aboard.

  • 13. Main – Giorgio Armani’s Yacht

Armani’s Main Yacht

Fashion designer Giorgio Armani is often seen sailing the seas in his luxury yacht, Main. The design of the yacht matches the fashion magnate’s flair. Classy yet fashionable, the interior of the all-black yacht frequently attracts photographers that like to use it for their contracts.

His second yacht is named Maria, after his mother, and it is equally luxurious. But the Main is his favorite, so you’ll see him spending most of his time aboard.

  • 12. Cyan – Bono’s Yacht

Cyan yacht

When he needs to get away to recover after a busy life on the road, rockstar Bono retreats to his luxury yacht Cyan. Built by Codecasa, it often goes by its other name, Kingdom Come. This 160 foot, or 49 meters long yacht can go as fast as 20 knots.

The vessel has a baby grand piano, of course. Among other amenities, you will find wave runners, snorkeling gear, kite surfers, and its own swimming pool.

  • 11. Venus –  Steve Jobs’s Yacht

Venus Yacht

Steve Jobs wanted Phillippe Stark to build this yacht a few years before he passed. Unfortunately he never got to see the final result, but his widow, Laurene Powell Jobs, still owns it today. Inspired by the Apple store designs, the vessel has many glass features and is run by a group of 27-inch iMac computers.

The top-of-the-line electronic communication system is one of the best, and it facilitated on-board messaging. The yacht has six bedrooms, so it can accommodate up to 12 guests.

  • 10. Privacy – Tiger Woods’s Yacht

Privacy Yacht

One of the greatest golfers in the world lives up to his celebrity status. Although he’s seen his share of controversy a few years back, he’s still one of the most popular celebrities on the planet. His yacht, named Privacy, is 154 feet, or 47 meters long.

It’s so comfy that he uses it as a second home when he’s playing in major tournaments away from home. The jacuzzi, decompression chamber, and wet bar help the athlete and nine other guests unwind and relax.

  • 9. The TM Blue One – Valentino Garavani’s Yacht

The TM Blue One Yacht

Named for the fashion maven’s parents, Teresa and Mauro, the TM Blue One is Garavani’s essential hotspot for himself and his entourage. His yacht is designed by architect Peter Marino, the same one who also designed his New York apartment.

He has owned it since 1988, probably the longest of any of the celebrities mentioned on this list. He frequently has people onboard, and at times he hosts themed parties in which his guests are encouraged to partake in.

  • 8. Hokulani – Nicole Kidman’s Yacht

Hokulani Yacht

Over the last couple of decades, Nicole Kidman has become one of the best paid female actors to ever exist. She was smart with her money through the years, and Hokulani is not only an escape, but a great investment. Known for doing lots of philanthropic work, she needs a break every now and then.

She loves to chill out on her custom-made yacht that comes with a centralized entertainment system, a swimming platform, along with many other luxurious perks. Hokulani is large enough to accommodate up to 20 guests.

  • 7. Necker Belle – Richard Branson’s Former Yacht

Necker Belle Yacht

With ownership of over 400 brands, Richard Branson is one of the richest music magnates in the world. The British mogul is the name behind Virgin Records, but he never stopped giving back to numerous charities and making his employees feel valued.

One of the fastest catamarans to ever exist, it can go as fast as 20 knots. Not the largest yachts on our list, it can hold up to ten guests. It is also available to rent for a weekly price of over $100,000 US dollars.

  • 6. EOS – Diane Von Furstenberg’s Yacht

EOS Yacht

The renowned fashion designer and her husband Barry Dillar own EOS, one of the largest private yachts in the world. Since she used to be a real-life princess, the fashion designer is used to living like royalty.

Launched by the acclaimed yacht brand Lurssen, this incredible sailing yacht was stylish and simply beautiful, and it saw many lavish high-society gatherings. It used to be one of the longest yachts in the world at 305 feet in length. That’s before it caught fire outside of Norway back in 2012. Thankfully, no casualties were reported.

  • 5. Vajoliroja – Johnny Depp’s Yacht

Vajoliroja yacht

If there’s been one celebrity that caused a lot of gossip in the last couple of months, it’s none other than Johnny Depp. But we’re not here to talk about that. His most prized possession, the Vajoliroja, is a modern superyacht that was built in Turkey. With 47 meters in length, or 154 feet, he spent his time sailing his favorite places.

The yacht was named after his family with his ex-wife, Vanessa Paradis, and his two kids, Lily Rose and Jack. In 2016, he sold it to J.K Rowlings, who also happened to be caught up in her shares of controversy in the last couple of years.

  • 4. Octopus – Paul Allen’s Yacht

Octopus Yacht

The self-made billionaire became one of the most famous people in the world thanks to his Microsoft involvement. In case you didn’t know, he’s the one, along with childhood friend Bill Gates, that founded the multibillion dollar corporation.

His superyacht named the Octopus features multiple game rooms, two submarines, a recording studio, a spa, and many other luxurious amenities. The two helipads make access from any location a lot easier. He spent lots of his free time aboard before his passing.

  • 3. Eclipse – Roman Abramovich’s Yacht

Eclipse Yacht

With an estimated net worth of over 12 billion dollars, oligarch Abramovich is the owner of Norilsk Nickel, Millhouse LLC, Evraz, and football team Chelsea FC. That is until just a few weeks ago, when Todd Boehly took ownership . Still, he is one of the richest men in the world, and his favorite yacht, the Eclipse, is one of the biggest privately-owned yachts in the world.

It is 533 feet long, has two helipads, two swimming pools, and a mini-submarine. With 24 cabins, a few hot tubs, and a disco hall, he can invite numerous guests aboard for a good time.

  • 2. Seven – David and Victoria Beckham’s Yacht

Seven Yacht

David Beckham is the new owner of this Riva Argo 90, which he named Seven, after his iconic football shirt number. The boat was constructed by Ferretti Engineering Department for naval architecture. Officina Italiana Design are responsible for the design of both the interior and exterior of the yacht. The MTU diesel engine allows it to go up to 30 knots.

It was launched in October 2021, and it has some pretty cool features. Among its most standout designs is the sun lounging spot on the foredeck. They also own The Seafair, which is nicknamed ‘The Sophisticated Lady”, for Victoria.

1. Topaz (or A+) – Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s Yacht

Topaz Yacht

The Deputy Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nayhan, owns one of the longest yachts to sail the waters. Mostly known as “Sheik Mansour”, he is the Manchester City owner, among many other holdings. At 482 feet long, or 147 meters, it is longer than some cruise ships. We are all curious to find out how the interior looks, but he’s a very private person, and no pictures are available.

So we are all left to speculate, but we can only imagine the luxurious amenities the yacht contains on-board. What we do know is that the yacht has its own cinema, swimming pools, on-deck jacuzzis, and its own helipad.

  • Final Thoughts

Although celebrities are people just like us, the way they live doesn’t compare to that of people that live paycheck to paycheck. But every now and again we like to see how luxurious their lives are. It makes us dream and wish, and these incredible yachts we just listed are just part of their glamorous world. We hope you enjoyed this virtual tour into the lives of the rich and famous.

Avatar photo

About Adrian Prisca

Founder of Luxatic and countless other projects, Adrian has shaped this website into a go-to source for discerning readers looking for the latest in luxury products and experiences. He has over 15 years of experience in creating, managing and publishing lifestyle content across numerous platforms and he’s considered a leading voice in the luxury industry. Learn more about Luxatic's Editorial Process .

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Organised crime figures who splash out on yachts, penthouse suites and sex workers will be targeted by the Victorian government, under new laws that will force them to repay any wealth they cannot prove was lawfully acquired.

The state’s attorney general, Jaclyn Symes, and police minister, Anthony Carbines, on Tuesday announced they will introduce the Confiscation Amendment (Unexplained Wealth) Bill to parliament, in an effort to deprive criminals of the “use and enjoyment of their unexplained wealth”.

Symes said the new laws would flip the onus from police and prosecutors – who currently have to prove a direct link between a criminal and their wealth – to the offender.

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“The barrier has been is that we’ve had to demonstrate that [wealth] is connected to criminal activity. The onus now will be flipped under this legislation, you will have to demonstrate that you obtained it by legal means,” she said.

“It’s very likely unless they won Tattslotto and they can show their winning ticket. They probably were doing illegal activities to obtain their wealth.”

Victoria’s attorney general Jaclyn Symes announced the reforms on Tuesday.

Carbines said the changes will also capture assets bought in a partner or relative’s name as well as gifts, “consumable wealth and wealth that has been gifted, disposed of or expended”.

“If you want to swan around with ill-gotten gains and wealth that doesn’t belong to you, that you’ve accrued illegally, police will be able to pursue you. They’ll be able to pursue your family and your partners,” he said.

“If organised crime bosses think that they can have the fancy cars, flashy yachts, spend their money on hotels and strippers, if you draw your attention to yourself, Victoria police will be after you.

“They will be able to use these laws to crack out and reclaim the stolen wealth that ill gotten gains, and it’s about continuing to make sure we put the pressure on organised crime.”

The new laws will allow the Director of Public Prosecutions to apply to a court for an order if there are reasonable grounds to suspect that a person’s total wealth exceeds their lawfully acquired wealth by at least $200,000.

If a person can’t satisfy a court that they have lawfully obtained their wealth, a court may order them to pay the state the value of anything they cannot prove was lawfully acquired.

The laws have been modelled on those currently in place in Western Australian, but are also similar to New South Wales’ laws, which were also bolstered in 2023 to allow police to seize and freeze wealth and assets without a specific offence.

The opposition leader, John Pesutto, questioned why it had taken so long for the government to introduce the legislation, though he said he supported the concept in principal.

“Frankly, after 10 years, you have to ask, what is it actually doing to crack down on organised crime?” he said.

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  • Crime - Australia
  • Law (Australia)

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Before you make your next trade, you’ll want to know this.

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But let me just say: what the champions will get courtesy of Jon Rahm is downright perfect. It’s tapas and pintxos! Featuring Iberico ham, Spanish potato omelets and chicken croquettes — side note, if you haven’t had Spanish tapas, you need to!

That’s followed by a crab salad and the main course will be Pil-Pil fish or ribeye. Dessert? It’s cake.

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The 15 Most Expensive Yachts in the World

These dream machines show what's possible when money is no object., rachel cormack.

Digital Editor

Rachel Cormack's Most Recent Stories

  • All the Sea’s a Stage: This Bonkers Entertainment Venue Aims to Bring Live Music and More to the Water
  • Mike Tyson’s Former Range Rover Limo Is Heading to Auction
  • Elvis Presley Gave This Vintage Gold Baume & Mercier Watch to Dodie Marshall. Now It’s Heading to Auction.
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Al Saïd Lürssen

As superyachts continue to get bigger and more extravagant than ever before, so too do the accompanying price tags. According to the Boats Group’s market index, the average cost of a yacht above 80 feet in the US last year was $5.3 million. As you’ll see below, though, there are a handful of high-end vessels that blow that figure out of the water.

Although it’s difficult to get exact prices in what is a fiercely secretive industry, sales of luxury yachts have surged amid the pandemic and the ultra-wealthy are more willing than ever to fork out for ostentatious ocean goers. Case in point: Billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos reportedly parted with $485 million for his Oceanco megayacht that’s currently in build.

Believe it or not, that’s quite a modest price compared to at least half of the entries on this list. Lürssen’s Dilbar , for instance, is rumored to have cost in the ballpark of $800 million. As alluded to, the shipyards behind these lavish, nine-figure designs seldom share details regarding ownership or price. Therefore, the amounts cited here are estimates pulled together from Wikipedia and other reliable sources. Still, the 15 vessels here give you a good idea of what’s possible when money is no object and the best builders in the business are at your whim.

Lürssen: ‘Dilbar’ — $800 Million

EU authorities began to seize Russian Oligarch's superyachts

Delivered in 2016, Lürssen’s Dilbar is the largest motor yacht in the world by gross tonnage. It’s also the most expensive with an original price tag in the ballpark of $800 million. Weighing in at 15,917 tons, the monolithic 512-footer is one of the most complex and challenging vessels the German yard has ever built. Penned by Espen Øino, Dilbar features a classic profile and a light ivory hull with bronze accents. Onboard, meanwhile, the elegant interiors were brought to life by Winch Design and outfitted with only the best luxury materials. The pièce de résistance is, of course, the 82-foot swimming pool. Lürssen says it is the largest pool ever to have been installed on a yacht. Seafarers also have access to 41,000 square feet of saloons, staterooms, spas and cinemas to explore. German authorities impounded Dilbar earlier this year after establishing it was linked to a Russian billionaire. According to the US Treasury Department, the yacht is now worth between $600 million and $700 million, with annual maintenance costs of about $60 million.

Blohm+Voss: ‘Eclipse’ — $600 Million

Blohm & Voss "Eclipse" Superyacht

The epic 533-foot Blohm+Voss superyacht Eclipse took half a decade to come to fruition before it was finally delivered to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich in 2010. At that time, it was the largest yacht in the world and certainly one of the most expensive. It has now been 20-odd years and Eclipse still sits at the top of both lists and is estimated to be worth over $600 million. Designed inside and out by Terence Disdale, the vessel is equipped with 17 staterooms, a 185-foot-long owner’s deck with a palatial owner’s suite, a giant swimming pool that doubles as a dance floor, a gym, a beach club and a spa. Other highlights include a helicopter hangar with space for three choppers and a garage that can hold six tenders. On top of that, Eclipse has a top-end speed of 21 knots, with a range of 6,000 nautical miles.

Lürssen: ‘Azzam’ — $600 Million

most incredible yachts

Lürssen has proven itself adept at delivering sizable (and expensive) vessels. In fact, the German yard is behind the world’s longest superyacht, which reportedly set one private owner back more than $600 million. Delivered in 2013, Azzam measures just shy of 593 feet and offers a volume of 13,136 GT. Penned by Nauta Yacht, the yacht’s exterior is characterized by a long, sleek forward area and a series of tiers ascending to the skydeck. The interior, meanwhile, was brought to life by Christophe Leoni and showcases luxurious decor inspired by the Empire style of the early 19th century. Azzam is no slouch on the high seas, either, with a top speed of more than 30 knots. Astonishingly, the behemoth only took three years to build after one year of engineering. Azzam also underwent a refit in 2020 that likely resulted in a few more dollars being spent on her.

Lürssen: ‘Al Said’ — $600 Million

most incredible yachts

Another nine-figure Lürssen megayacht on the list is Al Saïd . Delivered in 2008, the 508-footer reportedly set the Sultan of Oman roughly $600 million and, well, you can tell. Designed by Espen Øino, Al Saïd ’s exterior is reminiscent of a classic cruise liner with the twin-exhaust stacks in the center of the superstructure. Sporting a steel hull and lightweight aluminum superstructure, the yacht is capable of 25 knots flat out, with a cruising speed of 22 knots. Inside, meanwhile, the contemporary interior was penned by Redman Whiteley Dixon. Highlights include a concert hall that can hold a 50-piece orchestra.

Lürssen: ‘A+’ (Topaz) — $527 Million

Lürssen Topaz largest yachts in the world

Lürssen megayacht A+ , previously known as Topaz , reportedly cost approximately $527 million (€400 million) to come to fruition. It is the fourth-largest yacht ever built by the German shipyard and was launched back in 2012. It’s rumored that Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al Nahyan, the deputy prime minister of the UAE and owner of Manchester City Football Club, took delivery of the vessel and is the current owner. A+ ’s exterior was penned by Tim Heywood Designs, while her interior was brought to life by Terence Disdale. She is equipped with cabins for 62 guests and 72 crew, as well as two helipads, a pool and a large swim platform. What more do you need?

Fincantieri: ‘Serene’ — $444 Million

A float plane flies over the super yacht Serene during take off in Ketchikan, Alaska Friday morning. Work began on the 493-foot 3-inch yacht in 2007 by Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri. The ship has a crew of 52 and room for 24 guests. The seven deck vessel has landing capabilities for two helicopters and for a submarine and a sea water pool. (AP Photo/Ketchikan Daily News, Hall Anderson)

Fincantieri’s first superyacht turned out to be big in terms of both proportions and price. The 439-footer was the largest yacht ever launched in Italy when it hit the water in 2011 and cost approximately $444 million (€450 million) to complete. Designed by Espen Øino, the seven-deck vessel is characterized by a sleek blue hull, a contrasting white superstructure and a ton of racy curves. She’s brimming with amenities, too, including an enclosed winter garden for dining in any season, a tender garage large enough to house a submarine and a supersized swimming pool for soaking. She also has two helipads and a hangar to facilitate comings and goings. Although the details of Serene ’s interior remain tightly under wraps, we do know Pascale Reymond of Reymond Langton Design penned the 43,056-square-foot living quarters.

Platinum Yachts: ‘Dubai’ — $400 Million

DUBAI UAE - DEC 16: Dubai - yacht of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum the ruler of the Emirate of Dubai. December 16 2014 in Dubai UAE

Dubai was, quite literally, built for royalty at a princely fee of roughly $400 million. The superyacht was originally commissioned by Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei as a joint project between Blohm+Voss and Lürssen. The duo only got to finish the bare hull and skeletal superstructure before construction was halted in 1998. The incomplete design was then sold to the government of Dubai and turned into a royal yacht for the country’s ruler. The 532-footer, which was finished off by Platinum Yachts, was delivered to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in 2006. Penned by Winch Design, Dubai spans seven decks and can sleep 24 guests and 88 crew. Befitting a sheikh, she is also equipped with a landing pad for a Black Hawk helicopter, a submarine garage, a disco and a cinema.

Blohm+Voss : ‘Motor Yacht A’ — $300 Million

Motor Yacht A 2008

Legend has it that architect Philippe Starck sketched the design for Motor Yacht A on a napkin in a matter of minutes. Blohm + Voss then sold the superyacht for approximately $300 million. Commissioned by Russian industrialist Andrey Melnichenko, the 390-footer is characterized by a minimalist exterior and a highly distinctive pelican bow that cuts a striking silhouette. With a beam of 62 feet, the vessel offers a generous interior volume of 5,500 GT. She offers accommodation for 14 guests and 42 crew. She also has no less than three swimming pools, one of which has a glass bottom that creates a wow factor on the deck below. Melnichenko kept  Motor Yacht A for nearly a decade before replacing it with Nobiskrug’s Sailing Yacht A . The 468-footer is not only the largest sailing yacht in the world, but also the most expensive with an estimated value of $578 million .

Lürssen: ‘Radiant’ — $300 Million

most incredible yachts

The tale behind Radiant ’s price tag is almost as long as the 360-footer itself. Rumor has it, the superyacht was built for Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky at a cost of roughly $149 million (€148.5 million). After Berezovsky ran into financial difficulties, he asked Edmiston to list the vessel for $352 million (€350 million) and it eventually sold for a hair under that. Delivered in 2010, Radiant sports a steel hull, an aluminum superstructure and gorgeous teak decking. She can comfortably accommodate up to 20 guests in 10 suites, as well as up to 44 crew. Her top-tier amenities include a movie theatre, a beauty salon, a beach club, a gym, a pool, a Jacuzzi, a helipad and a fully stocked tender garage. Certainly sounds worthy of $300 million to us.

Lürssen: ‘Pelorus’ — $300 Million

most incredible yachts

In the late ‘90s, Saudi Arabian businessman Abdulmohsen Abdulmalik Al-Sheikh commissioned Lürssen to create Pelorus . The 377-footer hit the seas in 2003 and was the 11th-largest yacht in the world at the time. During her maiden voyage, Pelorus was sold to Roman Abramovich. The Russian entrepreneur had it altered by Blohm & Voss, adding a second helipad and other lavish amenities. Fast forward to 2009, Irina Abramovich received the yacht as part of her divorce settlement from Roman. She sold it to David Geffen in 2011 via broker Merle Wood for $300 million. Pelorus features a sleek exterior designed by Tim Heywood and a beachy chic interior penned by Terence Disdale. She has several terraces with doors that open out to the sea to create a true indoor/outdoor feel.

Peters Werft: ‘Al Mirqab’ — $300 Million

most incredible yachts

The 436-foot Al Mirqab is one of the largest yachts in the world and has a price tag to match. Launched in 2008, the $300 million vessel was built for Qatar’s former prime minister under the supervision of Kusch Yachts in the Peters Werft shipyard in Germany. Penned by Tim Heywood, the elegant exterior pairs a long, navy-blue hull with a contrasting white superstructure. The interior, meanwhile, was brought to life by Andrew Winch and has won several awards. Arguably, the most striking feature is the Arabic-influenced motifs on the marble floors. Another highlight is the swimming pool on the lower deck, which can be opened up to the sea via side hatches in the hull. Al Mirqab has staterooms for 36, and crew quarters for 45. She was also treated to a refit in 2014 and thus looks fresher than your average 14-year-old vessel.

Abeking & Rasmussen: ‘Aviva’ — $250 Million

most incredible yachts

Abeking & Rasmussen’s Aviva shows what kind of lavish amenities you can get with $250 million. The 323-footer, which was delivered in 2017, features the largest gym on any yacht. It’s so big, in fact, that it houses a full-size paddle tennis court that pulls double duty as a soccer field when the nets are down. Penned by Toby Silverton and Reymond Langton Design, Aviva pairs a curvacious blue exterior with a chic modern interior. She is equipped with a hybrid propulsion system that enables her to reach up to 11 knots using only electric motors or 20 knots with the addition of diesel power. The yacht is reportedly the sequel to another smaller Aviva that was delivered to British billionaire Joe Lewis in 2007. The yacht was launched just 33 months after the signing of the contract, which is quite an impressive feat given the complexity and scope of the project.

Lürssen: ‘Octopus’ — $200 Million 

Octopus Superyacht Exterior

Launched in 2003 at a cost of approximately $200 million, Octopus was built by Lürssen for late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. The 414-footer is regularly loaned out for expeditions and scientific research initiatives. A true explorer, it features a dive center with a hyperbaric chamber, a yellow submarine named Pagoo and a remotely operated vehicle that can dive thousands of feet below the surface. Of course, this is complemented by state-of-the-art research technology. In addition, Octopus features two helipads, a hangar and seven tenders to facilitate comings and goings. She is also equipped with 13 staterooms, several bars, a recording studio, a cinema, a spa, a gym, a library and a basketball court. (You might remember Allen once owned the Portland Trail Blazers.) What’s more, Octopus appears to be climbing in price as time goes on. In 2019, the vessel was listed for sale for a cool $325 million .

Lürssen: ‘Rising Sun’ — $200 Million

Lürssen Rising Sun superyacht

Rising Sun was designed by one of the brightest minds in the industry: the late, legendary Jon Bannenberg. In fact, it was the last yacht the Australian designer penned before he died in 2002. The $200 million vessel was built by Lürssen and delivered to Oracle CEO Larry Ellison two years later in 2004. The 138-footer is characterized by large expanses of glass that let in plenty of the sun’s rays. In addition, it offers 86,000 square feet of living space brought to life by Seccombe Design. There are nine cabins for up to 18 guests and generous crew quarters for up to 46 crew. Elsewhere, you’ll find a gym, a cinema, a wine cellar and a basketball court. As for grunt, Rising Sun promises a maximum speed of 28 knots and a cruising speed of 26 knots. She was last refitted in 2011 and is currently owned by billionaire David Geffen.

Lürssen: ‘Solandge’ — $150 Million

Lürssen’s Solandge

Lürssen’s Solandge is rumored to have cost $150 million to come to fruition, and you can tell. Delivered in 2013, the 279-footer is replete with the finest materials. The floor, for example, sports no less than 50 types of exotic wood. There are also around 50 samples of natural stone in the bathrooms. Designed by Espen Øino, Solandge has a sleek exterior with elegant, clean lines. Aileen Rodriguez’s interior, meanwhile, is full to the brim with extravagant amenities. The spa comprises multiple pools on different decks, along with a hammam and a sauna. In addition, the yacht features a beauty salon is equipped with a sink and crane that together creates “snow” à la a snow room, as well as a gym and a massage room. As Lürssen puts it, Solandge was built with pure yachting pleasure in mind.

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