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avangard yacht service zadar

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Yacht Charter in Zadar: The Best Companies

Situated on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast, the sun-drenched city of Zadar is a hugely popular jumping off point for yachting excursions

avangard yacht service zadar

A sailing boat bobs on the water against a Zadar sunset (Photo: Camilla K via Flickr / CC0 1.0 DEED)

Relatively crowd-free compared with so many of its Croatian counterparts, the city is best known for its cliffs, coves and ancient Roman streets. Sunsets here are something special, too, and are perhaps at their most striking when viewed from the crystalline waters of the Adriatic sea. It’s also one of the many reasons why yachting around Zadar is such a magical experience. Here are three great resources for chartering a yacht in Zadar.

Based in Florida, Ritzy Charters have a wide choice of crewed vessels for yachting adventures of a week or longer, including sailboat, motoryacht and catamaran charter. The booking process is simple and intuitive – all you do is fill in details about your trip, including number of guests, travel dates and preferred itinerary, then ask for a quote and wait to receive a shortlist of vessels available for the specified dates. When we looked at availability across Croatia, we found over 140 vessels available – although not all of these will be possible to charter in Zadar – with rates starting at €9,800 per week for a 57-foot catamaran that sleeps up to six guests.


Plain Sailing

PlainSailing are experts in charters across the Mediterranean, with a particularly impressive number of vessels available as bareboat, making them our number one pick for those keen to navigate the waters around Zadar solo. The company only work with the best professional charter companies in each country and offer 24/7 technical help with all guests who take out one of their well-maintained boats. Over the years, their dedication to customer service has led to thousands of happy customers, and their Feefo rating is 5 out of 5 stars after 350+ online reviews. When we searched for boats in Zadar, we found prices starting at €885 per week for a motoryacht that can sleep 6 people and is available bareboat.


Itai Boat Rental

A renowned local company, Itai Boats Rental offer everything from one-day to multi-day boat rental, with or without a skipper, in Zadar, and provide curated tour itineraries that can be adjusted to your preference and needs. They have a fleet of around 15 vessels, ranging from super-fast inflatable boats great for island hopping to modern designed motorboats and luxury yachts, all safe and stable, yet easy to manoeuvre and fuel-efficient. They also offer a wide range of water toys, including snorkelling equipment and water skis, for rent to add some thrills and spills to your charter.


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+385 91 568 5427 / [email protected]

avangard yacht service zadar

High-level professionals will advise you throughout the year to ensure quality services in all areas related to sailing, including wintering, launching, service, maintenance, repairs, storage ashore, daily cleaning, refueling stops, etc. We can also offer advice and services related to management, leasing, conveying, staffing, technical support, propeller cleaning, berths, and so on. Do not hesitate to entrust us with the maintenance of your yacht, before or after the season. Along with experience, Nautimar has the networking and the know-how to work on your yacht. YOU WILL FIND A TEAM THAT SPECIALIZES IN: • POLISHING • ANTIFOULING • TRAVEL LIFT • MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR • REFIT • WINTERING • EQUIPMENT

Nautimar offers you repair work, repairs and special constructions made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GRP). Fiber-reinforced plastic, or GRP (glass-fiber reinforced plastic), or fiberglass, is a fiber-plastic composite made of plastic and glass fibers. Duroplastic plastics, such as polyester resin (UP) or epoxy resin, as well as thermoplastics (polyamide, for example), can be considered as the basis of the composite. In the non-specialist world, the material is often referred to as fiber-reinforced plastic or carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP). However, without the plastic matrix that gives the form and surface, the components couldn't be produced at all. Wondering about GRP or carbon fiber? We will advise you!

We can find an adequate shipyard for your vessel, assemble a safe and solid construction for the balloon, dismantle and finally install all equipment on board (satellite dishes, stainless steel fences…). We can sandblast and clean any diseased parts of the vessel, replace teak and all wooden details on vessel, as well as paint the entire vessel. In short, we can restore your vessel to factory conditions in superyacht standards.

Balloon is a visibly solid facility with a galvanized structure that is used as scaffolding for the necessary works.


Take a look at some of our work

Picchoti 42 m

Sanlorenzo sd 112, ferretti 108 custom line, mangusta 107 sport special.

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NAUTIC d.o.o. is a company that was founded with the aim to provide you full comfort, a sense of security and pleasure in every moment at sea..

NAUTIC d.o.o. Marina Dalmacija 10, 23206 Sukošan, Croatia [email protected]

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NAUTIC d.o.o.

Nautic zadar, yacht service & shop, our store is fully equipped with newest technology and newest equipment so that we can correctly diagnose and service your ship., our knowledge and skills are recognizable as a symbol of the quality relationship between you and your vessel. the hit offer of our company is a contract for the maintenance of a vessel that gives you ability to pay less as you get more services.

avangard yacht service zadar


We can build in everything you buy from us..

Our nautical equipment shop is also part of our company where you can find everything you need for your water pet, and what you can not find can be ordered.

Nautic d.o.o. is a company that offers complete service and maintenance of ships, as well as specialized repairs:

Plasticisation of damaged parts, service, maintenance, repairs and repairs of the enginea, repairs of damage to woodworks, interiors, carpentry, metal ship repairs, electrical work, installation and maintenance of electronic equipment, antifouling i gel coat reparature, washing and polishing of the boat, moisturizing and reparation of the osmosis - antiosmosis, installation of equipment and modifications on ships at the order of the customer, come or call and see our quality. to the disgruntled parties, we guarantee a full refund. call with confidence and our team will find a solution to your problem and will meet you in the shortest time possible. thank you for your trust , nautic d.o.o. team, eminent trademarks.

avangard yacht service zadar

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Yacht & Catamaran Charter in Zadar, Croatia

We can help you find the perfect yacht or catamaran to sail from Zadar!

Zadar Yacht and Catamaran Charter - now in realtime

Sailing from Zadar

Zadar is a great place to set sail from. - it has terrific weather and sailing conditions, and it's the perfect starting point for exploring the Kornati islands - 89 completely unspoilt islands out in the Adriatic sea which are home to a vast range of stunning beaches, cute villages, delightful bays and teeming with wildlife.  You can also head up the coastline to get way, way off the beaten track and find secluded beaches just for you, or south to find the most heart-shaped island in the world!

Zadar itself is a city which has gained in international prominence in recent years and is fast developing into a major tourist destination in its own right - people flock here to see its Roman history and architecture, and a fun-loving atmosphere - and it's even better to see it all from the sea. We can help you find and book your ideal yacht or catamaran, with one of our trusted Charter Partners - just get in touch or search in the pink box with live prices and availability !  

Must See if you're Sailing from Zadar

 SAILING RATING:  Beginner - With easy line-of-sight navigation, clear waters and light winds it's a great start point for sailors (and an easy cruising ground for experienced ones).  Peak season is July & August, but you can sail here from March to October.

 MUST-SEE:  Our full suggested itinerary is further down the page, but we'd highly recommend taking in Lover's Island , the most heart-shaped island on the planet, the idyllic ancient fishing village of Veli Iz , and the amazing beaches and beautiful panoramic views of the Kornati National Park .

 WHAT WE CAN OFFER:  We have a great range of yachts and catamarans available for charter from our trusted Charter Partners, all available bareboat or Skippered. We can also arrange a Hostess, Personal Chef and other crew.

 GETTING THERE:  Both marinas we use in Zadar are c. 15 minutes drive from Zadar airport. We can organise transfers for you - a 4 person taxi is c. €35-45.

 WHY BOOK WITH US?  We only work with the very best professional charter operators , who we have met, know, and trust to give you the same outstanding customer service as you'll get from PlainSailing.com.  

 WHAT NEXT?  Use the pink box to search for yachts or catamarans with LIVE pricing & availability - if you have any other questions or requests, get in touch via Live Chat, the Contact Form , or by phone.

Zadar is a great place to set sail from. - it has terrific weather and sailing conditions, and it's the perfect starting point for exploring the Kornati islands - 89 completely unspoilt islands out in the Adriatic sea which are home to a vast range of stunning beaches, cute villages, delightful bays and teeming with wildlife.  You can also head up the coastline to get way, way off the beaten track and find secluded beaches just for you, or south to find the most heart-shaped island in the world!

Zadar itself is a city which has gained in international prominence in recent years and is fast developing into a major tourist destination in its own right - people flock here to see its Roman history and architecture, and a fun-loving atmosphere - and it's even better to see it all from the sea. We can help you find and book your ideal yacht or catamaran, with one of our trusted Charter Partners - just get in touch or search in the pink box with live prices and availability !  

 SAILING RATING:  Beginner - With easy line-of-sight navigation, clear waters and light winds it's a great start point for sailors (and an easy cruising ground for experienced ones).  Peak season is July & August, but you can sail here from March to October.

 MUST-SEE:  Our full suggested itinerary is further down the page, but we'd highly recommend taking in Lover's Island , the most heart-shaped island on the planet, the idyllic ancient fishing village of Veli Iz , and the amazing beaches and beautiful panoramic views of the Kornati National Park .

 WHAT WE CAN OFFER:  We have a great range of yachts and catamarans available for charter from our trusted Charter Partners, all available bareboat or Skippered. We can also arrange a Hostess, Personal Chef and other crew.

 GETTING THERE:  Both marinas we use in Zadar are c. 15 minutes drive from Zadar airport. We can organise transfers for you - a 4 person taxi is c. €35-45.

 WHY BOOK WITH US?  We only work with the very best professional charter operators , who we have met, know, and trust to give you the same outstanding customer service as you'll get from PlainSailing.com.  

 WHAT NEXT?  Use the pink box to search for yachts or catamarans with LIVE pricing & availability - if you have any other questions or requests, get in touch via Live Chat, the Contact Form , or by phone.

Why book with PlainSailing.com?

Suggested sailing itinerary, wind & weather conditions, marina details, sample prices   -   zadar sailing itinerary  -   wind & weather  -   marina details.


6-day Sailing Itinerary from Zadar

There’s so much to see and so many places to visit from Zadar, that one week just isn’t long enough to see and visit them all. Most places you go, you’ll find unspoilt beaches, bays, cliffs and islands, along with idyllic little fishing and farming villages, so you can’t go too far wrong, even if you just follow your nose and decide spontaneously where to go.

Zadar - 6 day sailing itinerary

This route takes in a lot of the nearby islands and clocks in at 116 nautical miles – which works out at just under 20 nM a day. As you’ll likely be going at a pace of 5 knots or above, that means the sailing should only take 4-5 hours a day, which leaves plenty of time to go at a leisurely pace, to explore your start or end destinations in depth, or to take your time and bob into bays, swim on some beaches, practice man-overboard drills, or just relax.

As we’ll be spending a night in the Kornati marine national park, it’s worth buying an entry pass in advance (since the ticket inspectors will sting you for an extra 50%, and they patrol the islands every night). The unwritten rule is that you need a pass for every day that you’re in the national park after 4pm, so if you’re following our itinerary, a one day pass should suffice.  


From Zadar, we’re heading in a north-westerly direction. You’ll pass lots of other charter yachts heading other directions, but we’re heading off the beaten track to a small farming village on the island of Ist. The prevailing wind is landward from the sea, so it should be a simple reach or broad reach to sail there.

Ist is an island of vines and olive groves, as well as sandy beaches, and it’s a quiet and tranquil place to spend the night, even though there are ferry connections to other islands. There’s a couple of bars and a church, but essentially this is a place to get away from it all and to enjoy life on the ocean waves.  

Veli Iz

There are beaches on the south side of Molat, or you could pop into the town itself – which, oddly enough, was visited by King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson in 1939. But then we’re heading in a south-westerly direction, reaching against the prevailing wind as we follow the channels between the islands and to the east side of Iz.

Veli Iz is a small fishing village which also happens to have its own Roman fort and 14th century church. Founded by fishermen way back when, the village also has a number of decent seafood restaurants, and is famous for its decorative pottery (for which there is even a museum). Sadly, though there were 70 pottery companies on the island in bygone years, there is now only one left.  


You certainly need to stock up because Zut is out in the wilderness. Situated in a sheltered bay which has been used by sailors for centuries, the tourist board built a pontoon and walkway in the bay in recent years to make it easier for sailors to get to shore, and to increase the number of jobs on the island by 1200% - from 1 to 12 people.

When you moor up you’ll find a couple of small shops and bars or eateries (don’t rely on them to be open, just in case, but they’re good if they are), and not much else. It’s a very peaceful bay to spend the night in, and a very unspoilt island to explore.  


There are beaches and bays to explore, and you’re allowed to walk on the islands if you dare to brave the heat. The view from the top of the hills is certainly quite special, but it can take a bit of effort to get there.

From Zut, we’re heading west (likely beating or close-hauled) to pass over the top of Kornati island - the biggest island in the national park – and following down it’s western coast in a south-easterly direction, probably in a broad reach against the prevailing summer wind. Enjoy weaving your way around the islands, finding beaches, bays and even bars on the largely unspoilt islands. You need to head slightly west to ensure that you hit the west coast of Piskera, but it is fairly straight-forward to find the well-sheltered marina and to moor up for the night.

Piskera is similar to Zut in that it is a marina which was built primarily to make the Kornati islands easier for sailors to explore, so you won’t find a town here – though you will find a restaurant, an over-priced shop (but heck, it’s in the middle of nowhere, so it can’t be easy to stock it up!) and modern toilet facilities. It should be another tranquil night, although the bar here can get quite lively if there are enough sailors in the marina.  


Starting in a south-easterly direction until we reach the southern tip of Kornati island, we then need to bear north-easterly to traverse across the channel to Murter. This should be a simple run with the prevailing wind, and you might be able to get away with a broad reach, but bonus marks are available if you manage to goose-wing your way back towards the mainland.

Murter is the largest town on the island of Murter (which isn’t really an island any more, since the arrival of a road connection to the mainland). Surrounded by brilliant beaches, it’s also popular with land-lubbing tourists, and there’s plenty of lively bars and restaurants along the waterfront, which will make a change of atmosphere from Piskera and Zut.

The best beaches are on the west coast, and you could anchor up here if you had time, or, if you fancy some exercise, you could walk to the top of the hill (where there is world war two military base) and enjoy watching the sun set over the Kornati islands.  


Working our way up the coast, we’ll sail past Biograd, which is one of the most popular charter bases in Europe, and the home to the biggest boat show in Croatia (check out our destination guide for Biograd if you want to find out more about it, but it’s not worth stopping there today as it will be busy with people returning their charter yachts).

Further up the channel is lovers island. This is the most perfect heart-shaped island in the world. It was only really ‘discovered’ after the invention of Google Earth, but it’s now a romantic destination in it’s own right, and hundreds of people come and propose here each year. It’s a romantic place to go, and it’s traditional to loop around the island (or make a heart shape on your plotter if you’re skilled enough) if you’re going past it, and throwing a euro into the waters around here is supposed to sort out your love life.

Follow the coast further north and you’ll arrive back at Sukosan (the biggest marina in Croatia) or Zadar marina. You should refuel your yacht or catamaran before returning the boat to roughly the same space you took her from on day one. Someone will come and inspect the boat, but you’ll still be sleeping on her tonight.

If you’ve not had chance to visit the old town of Zadar, then now is a good time to go and see the 3,000 year old UNESCO world heritage site. Most bars near both marina’s will be lively with happy sailors recounting their adventures to anyone who will listen tonight, and it’s the last night of the holiday for so many people that it shouldn’t be difficult to find a lively atmosphere.

Hopefully you’ve been impressed by the sun, sea, sailing and general tranquillity of the Croatian islands, hopefully your crew all got on well together (and maybe there was a holiday romance?), and hopefully you’ve had a brilliant, enjoyable and relaxing holiday. Have a safe trip home, and, when you start to miss the sea and the sunshine, remember to visit PlainSailing.com to start planning your next epic adventure!

Sailing Conditions

Croatia Sailing - Wind Conditions

The winds are particularly reliable throughout the sailing season, when local sailors claim that they can set their watch by them: there are Mistral winds during the day which peak between 9am and mid-day, then take a break for a couple of hours, before returning (“after lunch”) for another few hours at 3pm until dusk, when the winds die down to a light breeze, if anything at all.

The daytime winds are usually Force 4 or Force 5, and their prevailing direction is landward, which is driven by the sun – as the land warms up and the air above it rises during the day, air is sucked from the sea. A little further out from the coast, and away from the Mistral winds, then the winds shoots down the Adriatic channel into the heart of the Mediterranean.

Zadar - Average Temperature

We use three marinas in Zadar, each offering excellent and modern facilities, and great levels of care for our guests.

If you're staying in the area before or after your charter, we can recommend these places that are close to Marina Zadar and D-Marin Borik - Prestige design rooms or El mirador rooms - or these places next to Sukosan - Hotel Joso or White Residence .

Marina Zadar

Marina Zadar is based right in the centre of town, which means it’s quite an atmospheric place to spend the night, and there’s plenty of bars and restaurants. The marina also boasts its own casino!

Marina Zadar

Marina Dalmacija, Sukosan

The recently built Marina Dalmacija is just 7km to the south of the historic old town (in the suburb of Sukosan), and, with space for 1,200 boats, is the biggest marina in Croatia. It has all the latest mod cons, including a swish beach bar and a waterfront restaurant with stunning decking over the sea.

Marina Dalmacija, Sukosan

D-Marin Borik, Zadar

D-Marin Borik, Zadar

Blogs about Sailing in Zadar


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Photo credit to xbrchx from Shutterstock

avangard yacht service zadar


Yacht charter in zadar.

December 15, 2021

30 minute read

Enjoy a unique yachting experience in the heart of central Dalmatia. Moor your yacht right next to the Old Town promenade and explore the 3000-year-old streets, where ancient times meet the modern era.

Discover a picturesque city with a unique atmosphere and a long history, just a few steps from your superyacht. Find out why yachtsmen all over the world have been drawn to Zadar throughout history and enjoy a memorable yacht charter in Zadar.

Grab the best seats on your yacht sun deck and watch the majestic sunset in the middle of the Zadar Channel, which is famous for its majestic beauty. During your yacht charter in Zadar, you will explore the rugged coastline with over 300 islands, full of unspoiled nature. Enjoy cruising around countless secluded bays and find out why it is known as a nautical paradise.

You will certainly enjoy the scenery full of extraordinary views and untouched nature. The SuperYachts Croatia team will assist in exploring all the best spots, that are only familiar to local experts. This way, your charter holiday will be a highly-curated and private experience, far away from the brimming city crowds and prying eyes. You will also get a chance to explore 89 uninhabited, mostly private islands with countless mesmerizing bays and enjoy all the best summer activities from the comfort of your yacht charter.

Make sure to visit the otherworldly Kornati Islands, just an hour of cruising from Zadar, where you can spend most of your charter holiday and enjoy all the perks of the yachting lifestyle. Do not miss out on nearby islands such as Dugi Otok, Ugljan or “The island of olives” and the ancient Pašman, full of unique natural features and magnificent locations fit for a perfect yacht charter holiday.


You will have the best berth in the world! Explore the 3000-year-old city centre and moor your yacht charter in Zadar, right next to the Old Town peninsula. Relax on your yacht deck and listen to the majestic symphony of nature on the “Sea Organ” ,and discover why this unique engineering masterpiece is worth visiting. Enjoy the world-famous solar installation “Greeting to the Sun” and witness a spectacle of light you can only experience in Zadar.

Discover why Florida sunsets cannot match those in Zadar. Secure the best spot and anchor your yacht in the middle of the Zadar channel. Grab a glass of champagne and enjoy the vibrant burst of vivid colours on the horizon, so you can witness a breathtaking sunset so bright, even Hitchcock mentioned its beauty in his memoirs.

Zadar has the best position to start your charter vacation. Except for the town’s extraordinary beauty and remarkable architecture, the location of the city alone is very practical, meaning that it will save lots of time, which you can then spend cruising around the stunning archipelago instead of travelling to far-away destinations. Zadar is a city of exceptional historical and natural beauty, surrounded by the sea, the majestic Velebit mountain range, 4 National parks and 2 Parks of nature.

The city even has its own airport just 20 minutes from the town center, connected to Zadar by a highway. The SuperYachts Croatia Team will gladly organise a VIP transfer for you and your charter guests from the airport to your superyacht. You will enjoy a panoramic view of the city and a short stop in one of the most beautiful places in town, perfect for a toast before the start of your charter in Zadar.

Zadar can provide even more reasons for a yacht charter holiday in Croatia! Anchor your floating castle near Europe’s only sphinx and enjoy the peaceful Maestral Bay. You can also moor your yacht in the Zadar Marina, which is fully equipped to meet all your needs and located only 100 meters from the city centre. When strolling through Zadar`s old core, soak up the lively atmosphere of historical streets and enjoy a unique place, where ancient mixes with the modern.

Enjoy the unparalleled local gastronomy in exquisite restaurants with native cuisine that leaves every guest asking for seconds. Taste the quality of wines and liquors in charming bars hidden between narrow cobbled streets. Get ready to mingle and have a night out at the exciting open-air clubs in the middle of the historic 5 Wells Square!

Yacht Charter in Zadar Old Town and Marina Zadar


The charter season in Zadar begins in April and lasts until November. The sailing conditions are exquisite, and the weather is excellent all year round. We recommend booking your yacht charter in Zadar at the end of June and first 2 weeks of July, so you can enjoy ideal weather conditions.

The most popular time for a yacht charter in Zadar region is during the summer months i.e. between June and September. Summer in this region means that you will be blessed with 13 hours of sunshine per day and temperatures between 25 and 30 C ° (77-86 Fahrenheit).

The Mediterranean climate promises a dry and warm summer with winds of no more than 10-20 knots. The peak season for sailors is July and August, with an insanely high number of sunny days and a great number of yachts on the water, while June, September, and October offer equally satisfying sailing conditions but fewer crowds.

For a truly tranquil yacht charter in Zadar, April, May, and November are ideal for exploring the 300+ islands, islets, and reefs. Thanks to the low boat traffic, the underwater world is at its peak during these months. You will have the opportunity to explore the region in all its glory, without the summer crowds. Imagine waking up on your yacht in a peaceful, pristine bay and seeing curious dolphins jumping around your boat.

The winds are particularly reliable during the yachting season when local yacht lovers claim they can set their watch by relying on their frequency. The mistral wind blows during the day, peaking between 9 am and 12 pm, then taking a break for a couple of hours before returning at 3 pm (“after lunch”) for a few more hours until dusk, when the winds die down to a light breeze.

Yacht Charter in Zadar air temperature graph

Zadar has mild winters and warm summers, but the temperatures are never too extreme. In the yacht charter season from May to September, conditions are practically perfect – the temperature is somewhere between 20 and 25 C °   (68-77 Fahrenheit) which means swimsuits, light clothes and bare feet are the order of the day.

The Adriatic is very well protected and enclosed, so temperatures never drop below 15 degrees, and the sea is swimmable all year round. By the end of May, swimming in the sea becomes pleasant and refreshing at around 20 degrees, and by the end of August, at 25 degrees, it feels like you are swimming in a pool.

Yacht Charter in Zadar promenade


Zadar is a picturesque historical town in southwestern Croatia, considered to be located in the “Heart of Dalmatia”, with its roots dating back to the time of ancient Roman emperors. The city is separated from the islands of Ugljan and Pašman by the Zadar  Sea Channel, meaning that this town is the ideal base for your yacht charter holiday, because it has a natural deep-sea harbor protected from harsh weather by the dotted islands and the Velebit mountain range. You can reach Zadar very easily, by air, sea, and land.

Zadar airport is located in Zemunik Donji, 9 km southeast of the city. The airport is well connected with the whole of Europe and other international destinations. You can easily find a direct flight to Zadar from any major European city, especially during the summer months. Once you land, the SuperYachts Croatia team can arrange a VIP transfer for you and your charter guests.

Zadar is also excellently connected via highway to all major cities in Croatia. You can reach Zadar by driving on the A1 or enjoy the scenic route along with the Velebit Mountain range by way of the famous Jadranska Magistrala (D8).

If you are arriving by sea, your yacht charter in Zadar will be awaiting your transfer! Yachts can moor on the peninsula next to Old Town, giving guests the possibility to enjoy all the amenities of the attractive Old Town, as well as transfer quickly between vessles.

Yacht Charter in Zadar alalaya yacht


Island hopping around nearby islands.

Enjoy island-hopping adventures by sailing between nearby islands in the greater Zadar region. Discover unspoiled nature, crystal clear sea, and secluded bays, only 2.5 km from the city centre! Along the way, stop at the smallest inhabited island in the country – Galevac. On your next stop, take a moment to soak in the view of the lush scenery on the “Island of Olives” – Ugljan. Visit the ancient island of Pašman and discover the heart-shaped island of Galešnjak. Also, do not miss “The Island of Diversity” – Dugi Otok.

Visit the “Island of Olives” – Ugljan

On Ugljan island, you will discover rich vegetation and more than 200,000 olive trees. While cruising along the coastline, explore the 7 “Island jewels” of Ugljan; seven authentic and traditional villages surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation. On Ugljan, you can also escape from the crowds and enjoy complete solitude in charming fishing villages.

This majestic island is also perfect for nature lovers, as well as various outdoor activities. You will enjoy peaceful walks in unspoiled nature, hikes under the shade of pine trees and relaxing bike rides along its 24km long coastline.

Moor in one of the countless natural lagoons around Ugljan island and immerse yourself in various water sports around pristine bays. If you are looking for wonderful coves with a hint of privacy and excitement around Ugljan – try Mulina bay, which offers suitable moorings for yachts and a secluded corner for naturists.

Yacht Charter in Zadar agram Ugljan island

Cruising around a nautical paradise – Kornati Islands

Escape to Kornati Islands and explore countless private islands, with an interesting history. These 90-or-so islands were originally owned by ancient aristocratic families in Zadar, which used the islands to pay their workers for hard labour. Today, those same barren and once considered worthless, islands are priceless and deemed to be a nautical paradise.

Kornati islands will impress you with their crystal-clear sea and beautiful seascape. Cruise around a true oasis for yachts, full of unique experiences and turquoise bays. Witness spectacular views from high ocean cliffs or swim and snorkel in pristine waters, surrounded by wild fish.

Cruise around the limestone island Taljurić, famous for its flat surface that reminds of a plate, standing only 3m above the sea surface. This islet is not easily accessible by larger boats, but if you wish to take a few spectacular photos, hop on your tender and take a closer look.

Drop your anchor in a private bay on Mana island, and just a short hike away, you will discover scattered stone ruins on top of the island, which were part of a movie set from the 1950s movie named “As the Sea Rages” with old school Hollywood stars Maria Schell, Cliff Robertson, and Cameron Mitchell.

Yacht Charter in Zadar Kornati islands national park

Discover Pašman, an Ancient Roman Island

Explore the `Island without frontiers` – Pašman , where you will discover the wonders of a 60 km long island filled with countless private coves, ideal for spending a night at anchor or having fun with water toys in the afternoon. Soak up the sun on your yacht deck, cruise around the island and explore the 7 breathtaking sandy lagoons of this island paradise.

Since Pašman was populated from ancient Roman times , it has a rich heritage and many traditions. Enjoy a unique atmosphere, while visiting ancient ruins and 2 historical monasteries around the island. – the Franciscan Monastery of St. Dujm in Kraj, or the Benedictine Monastery of Saints Kuzma and Damjan, near Tkon. Besides the monasteries, you can also explore a few old churches, including the Church of Our Lady of Loreto on the hill of Mali Bokolj.

Yacht charter in Zadar island pašman yacht africa

Enjoy the romance on the heart-shaped island – Galešnjak

You can enjoy a romantic date, an anniversary dinner or a proposal on Galešnjak, also known as the “Island of Love”. With the help of the SuperYachts Croatia team, your romantic plans on this unique, heart-shaped islet will go smoothly. Prepare for an exquisite fine dining experience for you and your beloved, with impeccable service and top-notch cuisine, right on Galešnjak island.

Yacht Charter in Zadar, island of love Galešnjak

Explore the Island of diversity – Dugi Otok

Known as ‘The Island of Diversity’, Dugi Otok has a lot to offer, like exploring shipwrecks filled with fish and coral. Located near Veli Rat, Michelle is an Italian merchant ship that sank in 1984; today, she is a very attractive spot for divers or snorkelers.

The wreck is partially above the surface, so it is easily accessible and visible.  There are 2 more shipwrecks to explore in the nearby Muline bay -. Cargo ship Etna and a military ship named  Muline. Both ships are located in pair, near a peaceful and secluded cove. Grab your snorkeling gear and get ready for a unique underwater adventure.

The north side of Dugi Otok hides another kind of experience;  relax under the shade of pine trees, near the 800m long sandy beach – Sakarun. Swim in the crystal clear sea of Veli Žal or moor your yacht in one of the turquoise bays of your choice.

You can visit the highest lighthouse in the Adriatic- Punta Bianca, or cruise around to the southern side of Dugi Otok to enjoy the remarkable Nature Park Telaščica, home to an infinite number of secluded coves, majestic cliffs and awe-inspiring nature. Embark on an adventure in the Telaščicaa Nature Park and reconnect with your natural self. This island park is a popular destination for yachtsmen, as well as nature lovers.

Yacht Charter in Zadar Golubinka Sea Cave

Visit the “Island of Captains” and snorkel next to sarcophagi on Silba

If you plan on staying longer on your yacht charter in the Zadar region, be sure to also visit Silba or the “Island of Captains”. This island is a lush, tranquil oasis without cars and the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. On Silba, you will learn about the love story behind the Torretta tower, built by the legendary captain Marinić.

Climb to the top of this enchanted tower and enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the island Silba. Except for being known as the `Island of  Captains`, Silba is also recognized for great cuisine and fresh seafood dishes. Enjoy delicious local food near the stone wells in restaurant Leggero, relax under the shade of the olive trees and watch the food being prepared in front of you on an open grill.

Yacht Charter in Zadar Silba Sotorišće Bay

Cruise around Olib island, the Adriatic king of sandy beaches

Enjoy exploring countless sandy beaches around the island of Olib. This isle is full of lush vegetation, untouched nature and awe-inspiring sandy lagoons, where you can enjoy complete seclusion in this Adriatic paradise on your yacht charter holiday. Olib has only one settlement, famous for producing pillows made entirely out of seagrass. Purchase a unique souvenir that will always remind of that perfect charter vacation in Croatia.

Bask in the sun, alongside music from the Sea Organ

Dock your yacht charter in Zadar, on the peninsula next to the Old Town promenade and experience a unique symphony of the sea combined with a solar-powered light show. Zadar is home to a one-of-a-kind installation which you can find only on the city promenade.

The Sea Organ is an experimental musical instrument built by local architect Nikola Bašić, and inspired by the deep voices of Dalmatian traditional a-capella singers. Take a stroll on the seafront and sit on majestic marble steps, so you could listen to the song of the wind and sea.

This sound is made by using pipes of different sizes and diameters, built under a series of huge cascade steps. This wonderful technical masterpiece is the place where all locals and tourists gather to enjoy spectacular sunsets while listening to “Nature`s orchestra”.

If you prefer listening to this spectacular melody in more private surroundings, you can listen to it from your yacht deck or hop on your tender and enjoy the concert from the sea, with a view on Zadar and the spectacular Velebit mountain range.

Yacht charter in Zadar sea organ

Witness the world’s most extraordinary sunset experience

Experience an awe-inspiring, out-of-this-world moment on your next charter holiday right here. Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world, at least that’s what Alfred Hitchcock claimed . Whether it’s true or not, it is up to you to decide.

Imagine the sun’s rays breaking over the horizon and gently setting into the Adriatic Sea, while warm orange tones paint a vivid picture in the sky, together with clouds that change colours right in front of your eyes. You can enjoy this spectacular vista on your main deck aft alfresco area, with a glass of the finest champagne, right in the middle of the Zadar Channel.

Yacht Charter in Zadar Zadar sunset in Old Town

Enjoy a shopping spree on your yacht charter in Zadar

Enjoy a tour of the old Roman streets and shop during your sightseeing walkabout in Zadar. As you stroll around the ancient marble walkways, you will discover many charming boutiques around Old Town. Make sure to stop by the green market or the fisherman’s market, where you can find traditional, locally grown produce from the Zadar region, as well as freshly caught fish. , There are also dozens of little souvenir and craft shops, right next to the Old Town promenade.

Zadar has 2 large shopping malls with dozens of shops. The City Galleria shopping centre is within walking distance from Old Town, while the Supernova shopping centre is slightly outside city limits.

This is the largest shopping centre in the region and has all the stores you need in one place. Supernova offers dozens of shops, stores, and many other services. This shopping centre has a large number of parking spaces, so you can park right in front of the mall.

Visit these must-see sightseeing spots

Roman Forum and the city Landmarks – Only a few steps away from your yacht charter, you will discover the largest preserved Roman Forum in Dalmatia. During ancient times, the forum was the centre of city life.

Since Zadar was destroyed and rebuilt 4 times throughout history, you will be able to see numerous remains,  including the famous pillar of shame and the majestic Church of St. Donatus , a must-see landmark of the city. Near the St. Donatus church, you will discover a majestic bell tower, which is open for visitors.

Climb up to the top, and witness a spectacular 360 panorama of the entire town and archipelago. Near the cathedral, you can find the best Gelato in the region in the Donat Ice cream shop.

Yacht Charter in Zadar Catheedral Zadar(1)

Nearby, you will also be able to see the Monastery of St. Mary, where you can visit the famous exhibit inside the church -the  “Gold and Silver of Zadar”. From this location, you can take a stroll along Kalelarga – the main street which will lead you to the main square.

The People’s Square – Everything that has ever mattered in Zadar, happened on this square. The People’s Square is the centre of urban life, a place where locals enjoy their macchiatos and a place that draws visitors in with a unique atmosphere. Here you will find the first lamp ever put in town, as well as City hall and main street Via Magna, also known as Kalelarga. If you keep walking straight, you will find St. Simon’s church and the 5 wells square.

The Five Wells Square – This unique system of cisterns with 5 wells from 1574 once saved the city from an Ottoman siege, providing it with water from Lake Vrana. Today, this square is a popular clubbing destination with 2 clubs surrounding it. Svarog bar near the 26m tall Captain’s Tower and Ledana Lounge bar on the left in the park of Queen Jelena Madijevka. These clubs provide a unique blend of experiences, mixing ancient with the modern, alongside great music.

The Foša harbour and the Land Gate – This charming little harbour hides three spectacular things. First, the Venetian Landgates, followed by a fine-dining restaurant also named Foša, and lastly, a UNESCO heritage site i.e. the fortifications of Zadar. These mighty walls were considered impenetrable, and they defended the city from all conquerors for centuries.

The Sea Organ & Greeting to the Sun installations – Just a step or two from your moored yacht, you can stumble upon 2 unique installations. “Greeting to the Sun” is a solar-powered installation, made by the famous architect Nikola Bašić. It represents our solar system while performing a spectacular light show after sunset. On the same spot, you will find the magnificent Sea Organs, which will let you listen to the symphony of the sea.

Yacht Charter in Zadar greeting to the sun

The Footbridge & the Rowing Boatmen – the Zadar peninsula is connected to the mainland part of the city with the Footbridge, which is within a 10-minute walking distance from the Zadar marina. You can enjoy a tranquil stroll around the marina and cross the footbridge to get into the Old Town, but there is a faster way.

The Rowing boatmen will take you from the Marina Zadar pier to  Oldtown in no time. Venice has gondoliers, and Zadar has boatmen! For centuries now, from dawn until dusk, the hardworking boatmen row in their orange wooden boats transporting people across the channel. Moor your yacht in Marina Zadar, and try out a traditional rowing boat ride across the blackwater, for a much faster route to the city centre.

Yacht Charter in Zadar Rowing Boatsmen Barkajol


The culinary scene in Zadar is fantastic, with choices ranging from Dalmatian cuisine to Italian and international flavours. However, if you do not know what to pick, always opt for seafood, the true speciality of Zadar, caught in the Adriatic Sea and brought straight to your plate.

Meat lovers will get the opportunity to try mouth-watering steaks, marinated with first-class spices and prepared with great expertise. For vegetarians and vegans, there is a wide selection of dishes made from organic vegetables grown in the Zadar region. Exceptional dishes are not the only thing Zadar has to offer, you can try a wide selection of award-winning local wines, gins, liqueurs, and much more.

Harbour Cookhouse and Club – Enjoy a unique dining experience right on the seafront, while you soak up the spectacular view of Old Town and its famous footbridge. This place will amaze you with its one-of-a-kind decor made completely out of wooden ship parts. You can observe a real-life wooden deck in the middle of this cookhouse, which certainly gives this place a special atmosphere, perfect for savouring exquisite cuisine, impeccable service and a stunning fine-dining vibe. We also recommend trying the award-winning local wines from Degarra winery or Kraljevski vinogradi vinery.

Yacht Charter in Zadar Harbour Cookhouse and club fine dining

Restaurant Foša – The best and most famous seafood restaurant in Zadar will amaze with its open-air terrace, overlooking the mighty Zadar walls and the majestic Land Gate adorned with the Venetian winged lion. Enjoy first-class dining, an astonishing sea view, a delightful atmosphere, great service and freshly caught seafood.

Restaurant Bruschetta – Discover Bruschetta, a charming restaurant located on the promenade, only a short walk away from your yacht.  Sit down and enjoy dining in privacy, with attentive service and extraordinary food.

Ravni Žakan – Accessible only by your yacht, this inhabited islet has one of the most famous island restaurants for yacht enthusiasts, and it is a must-see spot of surreal beauty. This island is a luxury destination and is recommended for people who appreciate the beauty of nature, combined with outstanding food and atmosphere and complemented by top-notch service. All this makes Konoba Ravni Žakan a unique fine-dining spot in an unbelievable surrounding, far away from prying eyes.

Šporka Mare – visit the oldest restaurant around the Kornati islands archipelago. This historic place is located on the south shore of the islet Katina, near the Proversa Vela channel (the north gate of Kornati National Park) and is owned by a family which kept it running for 4 generations.

They received the bare island Katina in the 19th century from Zadar’s noblemen and that’s where the story begins. The old family stone house on the shore was a storm shelter for fishermen, but also a place for unloading fishing nets.

Slowly, this shelter for fishermen and sailors became the first restaurant on the Kornati islands, and over time it got an outstanding reputation among yacht lovers, fishermen and sailors, who named it after its owner – grandma Mare. Today this restaurant is a must-visit spot for yacht charters in Zadar, famous for its extraordinary seafood dishes and fine impeccable service. Enjoy top-notch seafood made from Mare’s cookbook and served in traditional hand-made pottery.

Konoba Opat – Discover an eco-friendly paradise in Opat bay in the heart of the marvellous Kornati Islands. This extraordinary restaurant will welcome you with warm hospitality, professional service and a stone house restaurant made of eco-friendly materials.

You will enjoy fresh seafood on the open-air terrace by the sea in Konoba Opat and witness the stunning vistas while you enjoy Mediterranean cuisine. Relax in a unique Dalmatian atmosphere, extraordinary views and a 1st class fine-dining restaurant incorporated into the natural environment.

Restaurant Core & Lounge bar is a modern, impeccably designed venue in Vrulje bay. Enjoy homemade food and a great selection of wine and fantastic view of the Kornati archipelago. All the dishes in Core have a traditional base implemented with innovative culinary methods and chic ingredients.

Except for mouth-watering gourmet food, this place will offer a stunning lounge bar, with a glamping resort nearby. Moor your yacht on the restaurant dock and try out colourful cocktails at the bar while the skilful chef prepares your meal, or simply enjoy swimming in the Vrulje bay with backdrop vistas of the splendid Kornati Islands.


Explore countless secluded bays and discover beautiful private bays, as well as unspoiled nature and rich heritage, all in one place. Moreover, because Zadar has a unique atmosphere, it is a great place to start your yacht charter holiday. Keep reading for our suggested seven-day yacht charter in Zadar.

Yacht Charter in Zadar SuperYachts Croatia map

Day 1: Zadar – Ugljan – Pašman

Start your yacht charter in Zadar by visiting the nearby islands of Ugljan and Pašman. Located only 2.5 nautical miles from Zadar, Ugljan will take your breath away with its lush landscapes.

This green island is a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and the summer crowds. On your way from Zadar to Ugljan, make sure to visit the smallest inhabited island in the Adriatic – Galevac.

There you can explore the Franciscan monastery in the heart of the islet. Afterwards, drop your anchor in Mala Lamjana bay, one of the largest and most beautiful coves on Ugljan island. Here, you can find diverse underwater life with plenty of fish and shellfish, skittering on the sandy sea bottom.

Sail from Ugljan to the nearby island of Pašman and experience the true meaning of the Adriatic spirit. Ask your charter crew to anchor your yacht charter in a private bay and sunbathe in complete privacy, under the shade of pine trees, while your diligent crew serve refreshing cocktails and terrific finger food.

Yacht Charter in Zadar Preko Ugljan Školjic

Day 2: Pašman – Galešnjak

Pašman is connected to Ugljan island via the bridge, so you can take a bike ride along Ugljan and Pašman or hop on your Vespa and enjoy breathtaking views while you ride. Because of its unique character, this place overwhelms your soul and enters the pores of your innermost being.

We suggest dropping anchor in Kobiljak cove, a secluded bay adorned with exceptional beauty. This bay is exposed to the scirocco wind, and it has a 4-10 m deep sandy bottom. Another lovely cove, where you can enjoy the surreal beauty of Pašman island is St. Ante Bay.

This bay is located on the SW coast of the island, and it is one of the favourite anchorages for yachts on Pašman island. This bay was named after the nearby church of St. Ante, which you can visit with your tender. The SuperYacht Croatia Team will gladly procure a Vespa, a motorcycle, an e-bike, a quad or a scooter, so you can enjoy exploring 2 islands of remarkable beauty.

Nearby, in the Pašman Channel, you will find the heart-shaped island of Galešnjak – a world-famous “Island of love”. It is so popular that even the world-famous singer Beyonce celebrated her 39th birthday here . The island has an area of 0.132 square meters, and although it is small in size, it has a grand effect on people. Even Forbes recognized that! Galesnjak was on the Forbes list of the most romantic Valentine’s destinations.

Day 3: Kornati Islands

This labyrinth of remarkable beauty, according to the legend, was created from the rocks that God had left after creating the world. He tossed them into the sea and decided the Kornati were so perfect that nothing else needed to be changed.

On your cruising adventures around the stunning Kornati islands , notice the incredible landscape of the Kornati crowns (cliffs) which were shaped by the sea. These magnificent cliffs will make your cruise worthwhile and impress you over and over.

No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced scuba diver, you can enjoy snorkeling around Kornati or diving with your private diving instructor to explore the Kornati underwater crowns, which are full of colourful marine life. We suggest the spots around Piškera and Rašip islands.

Kornati Islands are also recognized as famous gastronomical heaven for yachts. Moor right in front of numerous restaurants and enjoy exquisite fine dining, as well as various seafood and unmatched service. The SuperYachts Croatia team will make sure you have the best seats in the 1st class restaurant of your choice.

Yacht Charter in Zadar Kornati Islands

Day 4: Telašćica Nature Park

Embark on a wild adventure in the Telašćica Nature Park and reconnect with unspoiled nature on the southern side of Dugi Otok. This island park is a popular destination for yachts and nature lovers. Apart from pristine bays, you will get to discover majestic white cliffs, roaring 200m above sea level, mighty and unmovable.

You will also have the opportunity to visit the salty lake “Mir” ( translated to “peace” in Croatian) and soak in its waters, which are known to possess healing properties. You can also discover countless private coves around its 13 surrounding islands; witness this lush Eden of the Adriatic, also home to more than 500 different plant species.

Imagine starting your day snorkeling with numerous colourful marine animals, sponges and corals that have found their home in this exceptional park.

Yacht Charter in Zadar_novela_yacht_telascica_nature_park

Day 5: Dugi Otok

Drop your anchor at Sakarun , the best wild beach in Croatia, famous for its white sand and crystal clear sea. There are a few beach bars that offer cocktails, lounging areas and light snacks. Enjoy the fine white sand and Caribbean colours, which are truly a unique phenomenon in the Adriatic.

This 800-meter-long lagoon offers enough space for a perfect beach escape under a lush pine forest. Since Sakarun bay slopes very gently, kids can splash around in the sea and play in the sand as they please.

For your next spot on Dugi Otok, we suggest exploring the majestic Golubinka sea cave. Here, you can dive straight into the ‘underground world’ and discover a beautiful pebbly cave beach. Outside the cave, you can try cliff jumping, if you are up for the challenge, or just relax and enjoy the shallow turquoise Brbišćica

Drop your anchor in stunning Pantera Bay, one of the most beautiful and popular destinations for yachtsmen, located on the northwestern side of the island. From here you can take a relaxing walk through the pine forest and explore the Punta Bianca at Veli Cape,  overlooking the majestic bays of Dugi Otok .

Besides the extraordinary nature, Dugi Otok is also home to the remains of a 70 meters long military tunnel. used for sheltering submarines. Explore this fantastic army hideout and find out more about submarine warfare in the Adriatic from your knowledgeable crew.

Yacht Charter in Zadar Dugi Otok Dragos Eye

Day 6: Silba – Olib

On Silba island, experience a unique snorkeling adventure and discover hidden treasures beneath the surface of the sea, better known as the sunken sarcophagi near Pocukmarak bay. On the other hand, you could also enjoy swimming in the crystal-clear sea near the sandy Sotorišće Bay or just take a nice and relaxing walk through an island without any cars or traffic.

Visit the Open Air Art gallery and admire the unique sculptures made by the Croatian sculptress Marija Ujević- Galetović. Cruise with your yacht charter to the nearby island Olib and moor your yacht near Slatina bay on Olib island, which will charm you with its stunning seabed.

Refresh yourself with an afternoon dip in St. Nikola bay, full of untouched nature. Feel the sand beneath your feet as you relax with a refreshing drink or a cocktail in the shallow sandy lagoon and soak up the surroundings. Enjoy exploring the countless secluded coves, dive with exciting fish species or just relax in your yacht pool, far away from the crowd with a spectacular view.

Yacht Charter in Zadar Silba and Olib islands

Day 7: Olib – Pag – Velebit – Zadar

On your last day of yacht charter in the Zadar area, you can observe the majestic landscape or Croatia`s biggest mountain chain, by cruising through the Velebit Channel and enjoying the view of the islands and the Velebit mountain range. Be sure to visit the island of Pag, which is full of culinary surprises.

Yacht Charter in Zadar Pag Island

Try Paški cheese and Paška lamb and enjoy the magnificent views of the bare and unreal surface of Pag. This unique island got its nickname “the Moon Island” because its bare landscape reminds people of the surface of the moon, especially in the evening when the moon shines over the calm sea with a silvery haze.

The truth is, Pag is bare due to strong Bura winds from the north, although its moonlike appearance made Pag a perfect filming location for multiple TV shows like ‘The Terror’ , ‘Winnetou’, ‘Top Gear’ and many commercials for famous brands like Bugatti, Rimac and Audi.

Apart from UNESCO heritage treasures like Paška lace , Pag conceals another gem – the impressive Zrće beach , also known as the “Croatian Ibiza”, where you can moor your yacht at Club Noa and enjoy the beats from your yacht deck.

Zrće beach is one of the best spots for electronic music in Europe and every year it hosts numerous big names from the electronic scene (Guetta, Tiesto, Garrix, Carl Cox, Hardwell, Van Buuren, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike..) with world-known celebrities.

Yacht Charter in Zadar Zrće beach Noa club yacht party


You will find two top-class marinas for your yacht charter in Zadar – Marina Zadar Tankerkomerc and Marina Borik. The Zadar region has the largest concentration of marinas in Croatia, with several marinas on the central Dalmatian coast between Zadar and Šibenik.

In the Zadar archipelago, there are numerous berths with a good mix of marina berths and free-swinging anchorages. Further south lays the marina Dalmacija in Sukošan – the largest marina in Croatia (located 7 km south of the historical town of Zadar) and the beautiful marina Biograd.

Marina Zadar (Tankerkomerc) – You can get to this marina quite easily from the airport, by taxi or a VIP transfer, arranged by the SuperYachts Croatia team. The journey from the airport to the marina takes less than 15 minutes, and there’s no real effort, except to sit back and enjoy a scenic ride through Zadar.

Tankerkomerc Marina Zadar has a total capacity of 300 wet berths and 200 dry berths, all of which are equipped with water, electricity and other amenities. It can accommodate yachts up to 45 m in length. Sea depth in the marina ranges from 8 to 12 m, and at the breakwater between 12 and 15 m.

Marina Zadar is located right in the city centre, which means that it is a very atmospheric place to stay, with many bars and restaurants nearby. The nearest supermarket is Konzum on the main road leading from the marina towards the bridge to the old town and should have everything you need.

Yacht Charter in Zadar marina Zadar Tankerkomerc

Marina Borik (D-Marin) – The premier boutique marina D-Marin Borik is a fantastic gateway to the dotted Adriatic coast. Marina Borik has 177 berths with a maximum draft of 3.5m and a maximum boat length of up to 40m, and it has sufficient facilities to accommodate up to 185 vessels in the sea.

This marina offers six floating pontoons with depths up to 6m and is equipped with a side finger pier mooring system. This marina is also equipped with freshwater outlets and a 220 V power bollard.

D-Marin Borik is located near the famous Sailing club Uskok, where you will find many sailors and professional skippers. Here you can also witness some regattas, such as the traditional regatta Zadarska Koka in October which is a delightful sight. Near the marina, you can enjoy the sandy beach Borik or the pebble beach Uskok.

D-Marin Dalmacija – the largest and most luxurious marina on the Croatian coast, located near the city of Zadar, with first-class facilities and top-notch gastro and hospitality services. This marina has a berthing capacity of 200 wet berths and 300 dry docks, and a capacity for superyachts up to 70m.

The marina is only 12 km from Zadar Airport, which has a direct connection to London, Manchester, Dublin, Glasgow, and many other European cities. This marina is open all year round, and it is located south of Zadar near Sukošan. There are enough berths to accommodate 1200 boats.

The marina has many facilities, including a reception, water and electricity connections, telephone connections, a small shop, a hotel, a casino, a yacht club, an indoor Olympic swimming pool, laundry, and dry-cleaning services, sports fields, medical services, and a charter fleet. The marina has a lift and is equipped for repairs as well as the many amenities and services you might need.

Telašćica Bay – anchor your superyacht in the extraordinary Telašćica bay, known as the largest, safest, and most beautiful Croatian harbour full of unspoiled nature. This paradise is located in the SE part of Dugi Otok and it offers protection from all winds. Due to its extreme beauty, it was declared a nature park in 1988.

Telašćica is popular amongst the yachts lovers for its calm emerald bays and pristine nature. This stunning bay is one of the most beautiful places in the Adriatic, filled with lush vegetation and majestic white cliffs.

Yacht Charter in Zadar Africa yacht and jet ski in Kornati

Sakarun Bay – Anchor your yacht charter on one of the most famous beaches in Croatia – the 800m long Sakrun bay, widely recognized for its white sand. You will enjoy a hint of the tropical atmosphere and feel the Caribbean flare while you swim in the turquoise lagoons that is Sakarun bay.

Levrnaka Island – cruise with your yacht to the island Levrnaka, a place of truly remarkable beauty. This small island offers two anchorages – one on the north side and the other on the SW side. They offer good protection from north and south winds. The bay on the N side is deep and suitable for larger boats.

The bay on the Southwestern side has a sandy bottom and offers mooring buoys. Here you will find the only sandy lagoon in the Kornati archipelago – Lojena.


yacht charter in zadar, things you didn't know about zadar


SuperYachts Croatia will make sure you have experienced a fully-tailored yacht charter experience, suited to your needs and preferences. We will make sure that everything corresponds to the highest levels of superyacht hospitality.

Trust in our local know-how, relax and enjoy your yacht charter in Zadar. Let us make all your dreams come true because nothing is impossible for your SuperYacht brokerage team.

avangard yacht service zadar

SuperYachts Croatia

Is a yacht connoisseur, agent, broker, local tour operator, destination manager, organizer ... a wholehearted company that will provide you with a list of luxury yachts available for charter in Croatia. Find all relevant information about your yacht charter & get in touch with us in order to book your dream superyacht.

Yacht Charter Experience

Towable water toys on yachts

Inflatable water toys aboard yachts in Croatia

Electric Surfboards on a Yacht Charter in Croatia

SeaBob on a yacht charter in Croatia

Charter Yachts

We present to you the best selling yachts for charter in 2021. Slide through these different yachts, ranging from 20 to 80 meters in length, and choose the best option for you. If you have any questions regarding yacht charter, destinations & yacht support, contact us.

from 105.000 € p/w

31m | 11 guests

from 210.000 € p/w

43m | 12 guests

from 160.000 € p/w

47m | 12 guests

from 76.875 € p/w

25m | 8 guests

from 775.000 € p/w

80m | 12 guests

from 72.000 € p/w

30m | 8 guests

from 30.000 € p/w

24m | 8 guests

from 280.000 € p/w

55m | 12 guests

from 99.800 € p/w

39m | 12 guests

from 64.000 € p/w

31m | 10 guests

from 218.000 € p/w

45m | 10 guests

from 68.000 € p/w

26m | 9 guests

Spice of Life II

from 18.000 € p/w

20m | 6 guests

from 100.000 € p/w

29m | 8 guests

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Avangard Transfers Logo

Zadar region 6 days

Arrival at Zadar airport, transfer to 4 stars hotel (Hotel Bastion is located in the center of the old town, luxury rooms or apartments with breakfast will welcome you. The hotel has its own restaurant where you can have lunch and dinner a la carte)

You can stay at Villa Portulaca (luxury villa in a very quiet village close to Zadar, here you have the possibility to have your own chef and barman inside the villa.) Villa Portulaca is an exqusite place representing a perfect base for exploring this part of Croatian coast and Mediterranean warm paradise. It is named after a stunning flower which simply adores the bright sunlight. The remarkable first impression is based on an immaculate spatious garden with trimmed lawns and mature trees, as well as on the attractive large swimming pool and its alluring sun terrace. A special feature of this amazing house is its marvelous organic garden from where guests themselves can choose and pick their own seasonal eco-vegetables for preparing dishes to their own liking. Next to the main villa there is a garden house with another fully-equiped kitchen. Another place to enjoy a spectacular meal is at the end of the garden next to the stone built-in barbecue in the summer dinning area. Considering your own needs and wishes, you can swim in the private pool, just lay in the shadow, exercise in the fitness area or ride one of the three bikes on the premises.)

This enchanting villa is situated in a small village, in its peaceful part surrounded by farms and forests, not far from the ancient Dalmatian city of Zadar. Relax is a must with this surrounding.

avangard yacht service zadar

Hotel Bastion in center of Zadar

avangard yacht service zadar

Villa Portulaca in vilage near Zadar

Organized guide tour of Zadar city ( old town, city walls, St. Anastasia Cathedral, Donat baptistery, Museums, all according to our client’s wishes).

Zadar’s old city center offers cultural and historical heritage worth seeing: ancient, medieval and Renaissance monument as The Romans’ town square from the 1st century, the church of Saint Donatus from the 9th century, the church of Saint Mary originally from the 11th and then later rebuilt in the 16th century, the cathedral of Saint Anastasia dating in the 12th-13th century, the parts of defence walls etc. Today it is mostly well-known for its new installations – the Sea Organ that produces wave symphonies and the Greeting to the Sun that creates light shows. Legendary Alfred Hitchcock stated that Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the whole world, be sure to see it! Apart from the historical sites and famous architecture, Zadar provides numerous beaches and restaurants with Mediterranean cuisine. There are several national and nature parks in the close proximity: Plitvice lakes, Krka waterfalls, Kornati islands, Telašćica and Paklenica. You will not be disappointed if you are looking for some other type of fun either: pleanty of different coffee bars and beach clubs as well as night bars and clubs will be to your liking. To round up your visit to Zadar, please taste the famous local cherry liquor Marascino.

Lunch according to our client’s preferences, local restaurants, local foods or asian type restaurant.

We can suggest a fish restaurant : Foša, a meat restaurant : Dva Ribara and Maguro restaurant for sushi.

Free afternoon , dinner in town according to client’s preferences.

avangard yacht service zadar

After breakfast excursion to Krka river.

The most beautiful karst river in Croatia.

For two-thirds of its course this virginally pure karstic river, with its seven magical waterfalls and which rises near the town of Knin, flows through canyons. The area is exceptionally rich in endemic flora and fauna, containing 222 types of bird. The watermills along the rivers and above the waterfalls, ruins of fortifications rising above the canyons, the picturesque mouth of the River Čikola above Skradinski buk waterfall – all are specific features of the river landscape. The Krka’s estuary, the 23.5 km-long Lake Pruklja, which reaches up to Skradinski buk is rich in shellfish, freshwater and saltwater fish. Sitting in Lake Visovac, between Roški slap and Skradinski buk (13 km) waterfalls, is a tiny island upon which, set amid a park of sylvan charm, is a Franciscan monastery with a long history. The Krka Monastery (Arhanđelovac) is located in the area of Kistanje, at the point where the canyon widens. The quiet river and lakes are ideal for canoe and kayak tours, but for which it is necessary to obtain a special permit.

In the evening we are returning to the hotel.

avangard yacht service zadar

After breakfast free time for walking down town or spa relax/ massage at the hotel.

After lunch at the hotel or in a local restaurant in town, transfer to Degarra winery (Winery tour and wine degustation of all the type of grapes.)  

“Degarra Winery” is a small boutique winery located in Zadar. The winery is the result of common vision of two friends Dane Šulentića and Mate Pestića, they had all the necessary items in order to achieve their ambition and dream : good will, passion and knowledge.

Degarra Winery produces limited edition wines. Their goal is to produce high quality wines and be part of Zadar wine history.

Degarra name it comes from the French espression  „Vin de Garage“  which is synonim in France and around the world for  small passionate wine producers. They have only a small production high quality wines.

In the evening we are bringing our guests back to their accomodation.

avangard yacht service zadar

After breakfast excursion to Kornati islands by boat transfer.

Lunch and swimming at Kornati islands.

Excursion at Kornati islands by boat is a special experience for our visitors. Only by boat you can discover and enjoy the best of Kornati Archipelago marine life and very attactive bays. Swimming stop in a nice bay and then the lunch break will be in a traditional place where the visitors can experience the local fish and sea food flavours. Kornati islands is a real hedonistic experience.

Kornati aquatorium became in 1980 a National Park thanks to the beautiful nature, the several diversity of type of coast and the rich marine flora and fauna. The total surface of the Natural Park is  220 squre kilometers and it counts 89 islands, islets and rocks.

The Kornati National Park is not only famous for the very special natural beauties but also for the cultural heritage. From several viewpoints you can experience stunning panoramas admiring the untouch and unspoiled natural beauties.

Vertical cliffs of the Kornati islands, reseambling to a crown, is the most impressive  natural thing to be seen at the Kornati. Those cliffs towards the open sea in many of the islands in the Natural park make this area rarely populated.

Natural Park Telašćica is the place where all the unique natural beauties are preserved, where you can see all the natural contrasts from sharp cliffs, quiet bays and the lake Mir.

At Telašćice you can see three natural phenomenons at the same time: first Telašćica bay is the biggest and safest port in the Adriatic sea, second the so called „klifovi“ (cliffs ) present at Dugi island they are 161 meters above the sea and 90 meters deep into the sea and third is the Mir salty lake with natural curative properties. The rich Mediteranean vegetation counts more than 500 types of different plants. The rich undersea world counts 300 type of plants and 300 type of animal species.

Lunch in a local restaurant with local typical food.

In the evening driving back to the hotel.

avangard yacht service zadar

Relaxing day according to client wishes, packing and transfer to the airport with Mercedes van.

avangard yacht service zadar

Portside of Avangard small yacht in the Mediterranean.

Please note that the Avangard yacht is not actively sailing any Croatia small ship cruises listed with AdventureSmith Explorations, but is available as a  Mediterranean yacht charter .  Contact us  for current information on this ship and comparable options, or browse all of our small  Mediterranean cruise ships  to filter by ship size and ship type.

The M/V Avangard, sister ship of  M/V Futura , is a deluxe vessel built in 2017 for cruising in Croatia. With supreme technology, comfort and the latest trends in small ship construction, Avangard is an exciting home base for your Adriatic small ship cruise. She offers a maximum capacity of 36 passengers in 18 twin or double cabins, guaranteeing an intimate setting for your explorations by small ship.

Avangard Review

AdventureSmith Explorations’ Avangard review includes a detailed description of the small ship including deck plans and a photo gallery. Our experts have been aboard nearly every first-class vessel in the Mediterranean. Please read our Avangard review below then contact our cruise experts to compare the Avangard with other  small cruise ships and yachts offering Mediterranean small ship cruises . 

Choose the M/V Avangard for her modern interior and spacious sun deck for viewing the beautiful Croatian coastline and islands. She is part of a newly built fleet of sleek, modern yachts that are elegant enough to make your vacation feel upscale but affordable enough that you can add a European land package to your cruise. She has a bright interior with the feel of a private mega yacht.

Common Areas Aboard Avangard

A fully air-conditioned upper deck dining room can accommodate all passengers at once, yet offers a great degree of privacy for each guest. The restaurant includes a bar area with an LCD TV and a corner table for buffet breakfast. A portion of the dining area extends outdoors as a lounge area, offering sweeping panoramic views of the surroundings. Free WiFi is available on board and the hot tub is a great way to relax after a day of exploring.

Cabins & Deck Plan Aboard Avangard

Avangard’s 18 two-bedded cabins are built by up-to-date standards and are fully equipped with A/C, safe deposit box, fire alarm and audio system for announcements by the captain or tour director. Bathrooms are equipped with toilet, shower, wash basin and hair dryer.

Lower Deck Cabin with 3 portholes, couch, and bed aboard Avangard.

There are 8 twin/double cabins on Avangard’s Lower Deck (#1-2 are twin beds only), with portholes at the waterline that cannot be opened.

Main Deck Cabin with bed and desk aboard Avangard

There are 10 twin/double cabins on the Avangard’s Main Deck, with large windows.

Deck plan of Avangard Mediterranean small ship showing 3 passenger decks with 18 cabins.

100+ combined years of experience, 7 continents explored, decades of expedition cruising around the world & here to help you find & book your dream trip.

Learn More About Small Ship Cruising in the Mediterranean

Looking for tips on how to choose the right cruise ship? Seeking the latest deals? Browse our small cruise ship guides to learn more and find inspiration for your next vacation. Research further on your own with these resources, or contact our experts any time for a personalized recommendation.

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Yacht Communication & Navigation System

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Yacht Communication & Navigation System

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    Zadar Yacht Charter Guide An ancient city with an exceptional amount of history and culture to discover, Zadar is a coastal Croatian destination in the heart of the Adriatic. As picturesque as its cousins Dubrovnik , Split and Zagreb, Zadar's popularity has increased in recent years but still remains quieter than the southern stretch of the ...

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    Nautimar is a company from Croatia (Zadar) for service and yacht consulting (painting yacht, cleaning, waxing, washing, maintenance, plastic works, antifouling, gel coat, ...). Nautimar is also very familiar with other vessel painting yacht programs. +385 91 568 5427 / [email protected]. HOME hover;

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    service, maintenance, repairs and repairs of the enginea. repairs of damage to woodworks, interiors, carpentry. metal ship repairs. electrical work. installation and maintenance of electronic equipment. antifouling i gel coat reparature. washing and polishing of the boat. moisturizing and reparation of the osmosis - antiosmosis.

  13. Zadar Yacht & Catamaran Charter Guide

    Sailing from Zadar. Zadar is a great place to set sail from. - it has terrific weather and sailing conditions, and it's the perfect starting point for exploring the Kornati islands - 89 completely unspoilt islands out in the Adriatic sea which are home to a vast range of stunning beaches, cute villages, delightful bays and teeming with wildlife.

  14. Yacht Charter in Zadar

    Tankerkomerc Marina Zadar has a total capacity of 300 wet berths and 200 dry berths, all of which are equipped with water, electricity and other amenities. It can accommodate yachts up to 45 m in length. Sea depth in the marina ranges from 8 to 12 m, and at the breakwater between 12 and 15 m.

  15. Zadar region 6 days

    Avangard travel d.o.o. Ivana Meštrovića 27 23000 Zadar, Croatia OIB: 48031986447 IBAN: HR8823600001000000013 Registered at: Commercial court in Zadar - num. Tt-18/622-4, MBS:110078543 Share capital of the company HRK 20,000.00 paid in full

  16. Avangard Shipyards

    Istria - Croatia. Istria, as the most western part of Croatia, is the heart of the north Adriatic Sea. Close to the old seafarer port of Trieste and only a few hours by boat from Venice the port of Pula is the shipyard "AVANGARD SHIPYARDS". It is a wonderful deep-water port, well protected and perfect for larger yachts to stay and start ...

  17. Avangard Shipyards

    Yacht distance service is our fast yacht service on place and on demand offered to clients for urgent repairs and also for yachts maintenance. With high quality, expertly executed jobs, very affordable and reasonable prices Avangard Shipyards stands out among others. Our fast yacht services for urgent repairs and yachts maintenance are ...

  18. Avangard Shipyards

    Avangard Shipyards Contact Info. Address Avangard Shipyards d.d. Sv. Polikarpa 8 52100 Pula Croatia Info Desk Phone: +385 (0)52 375 500 Fax.: +385 (0)52 375 510 E-mail: [email protected]. Commercial Department ... Avangard Shipyards offers a complete service for your yacht.

  19. Avangard Yacht Service D.o.o.


  20. Avangard Shipyards

    Avangard Shipyards - Services The services which Avangard Shipyards can offer for the complete taking care of your yacht are: » Teak Deck » Interior Yacht design » Furniture manufacturing - Interior furniture » Furniture manufacturing - Exterior furniture » Upholstery » Painting Jobs - Painting

  21. Avangard

    The M/V Avangard, sister ship of M/V Futura, is a deluxe vessel built in 2017 for cruising in Croatia. With supreme technology, comfort and the latest trends in small ship construction, Avangard is an exciting home base for your Adriatic small ship cruise. She offers a maximum capacity of 36 passengers in 18 twin or double cabins, guaranteeing ...

  22. Avangard Shipyards

    The services which we can offer for your yacht are: Teak Deck, Painting, Antifouling, Electrical, Navigation system, Deck equipment, Mechanical jobs.

  23. Avangard Shipyards

    Electrical works: - Production and installation of all types of cable runs - Repairs and modifications to existing electrical installations - Installation of new electric cable lines - Repairs and modifications of existing electrical equipment (starters, main boards, distribution boxes) - Development of new el.starters, panels and automation ...