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Definition of motorboat

  • stinkpot [ slang ]

Examples of motorboat in a Sentence

These examples are programmatically compiled from various online sources to illustrate current usage of the word 'motorboat.' Any opinions expressed in the examples do not represent those of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us feedback about these examples.

Word History

1890, in the meaning defined above

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Definition of motorboat noun from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

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motorboat meaning

motorboat in British English

Motorboat in american english, examples of 'motorboat' in a sentence motorboat, trends of motorboat.

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  • motorbicycle
  • motorbike accident
  • motorboater
  • motorboating
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Meaning of motorboat in English

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  • cabin cruiser
  • dragon boat
  • rubber dinghy
  • While you can take a motorboat, many people prefer to take the original Venetian taxi, the famous gondola.  

motorboat | Intermediate English

Examples of motorboat, translations of motorboat.

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Fakes and forgeries (Things that are not what they seem to be)

motorboat meaning

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Definition of motorboat

Verb - transitive.

  • See more words with the same meaning: sex activities, practices, moves .
: :


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What does Motorboat mean?

motorboat meaning

Other definitions of Motorboat:

  • To motorboat someone, place your face between their breasts, squishing them together, rock your head side to side (or have them jiggle back and forth), and making an audible "brrrr" noise, which sounds like a motorboat.

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How to use the term Motorboat :

It's doubtful she derives much pleasure other than seeing your amusement when you're motorboating.

Oh, motorboat me harder, baby! Yes, just like that!


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The motorboat, motorboatable.


  • 1.1 Pronunciation


Audio ( ): ( )

motorboating ( uncountable )

  • The act of travelling in a motorboat .
  • ( slang ) The act of placing one's head between a woman's breasts and making the sound of a motorboat with one's lips whilst moving the head from side to side.
  • 2010 , Phil Torcivia, Nice Meeting You , page 183 : (He is referring to her boobs.) Phil: Nice. Dog #1: They are suh-weet! Can you imagine climbing behind that caboose and hanging on to those milk-bags? Dog #2: I'd be motorboating them for hours.
  • 2011 , Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi , A Shore Thing , page 120 : "Mmmm," he mumbled, his face between her boobs, motorboating .
  • 2012 , Alex Langley, The Geek Handbook: Practical Skills and Advice for the Likeable Modern Geek , page 56 : PROBLEM: You accidentally touched your platonic galpal on the boob. SOLUTION: Apologize quickly, making it clear that it was just a slip of the hand. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE: Try to “break the tension” by motorboating your friend's breasts.

motorboat meaning

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[ moh -ter-boh-ting ]

  • the recreational activity of operating or traveling in a motorboat .
  • a malfunction in audio equipment resulting in sounds like those produced by an outboard motor.

Discover More

Word history and origins.

Origin of motorboating 1

Example Sentences

I thought about motorboating them, but that seemed a little past the line.

U.S. surgeon general declares firearm violence a public health crisis

Vivek H. Murthy called on the nation to address gun violence with the vigor used to reduce deaths and injuries from tobacco and motor vehicle crashes.

U.S. Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy declared gun violence a public health crisis Tuesday and called on the nation to address it with the same vigor used to reduce deaths and injuries from tobacco and motor vehicle crashes.

The surgeon general’s advisory marked the first time the nation’s leading voice on public health — the same office that in the 1960s highlighted the lethal consequences of cigarette smoking — had issued an urgent pronouncement on deaths related to firearms. The 39-page advisory underscores the significant physical and mental toll of gun violence on communities nationwide.

motorboat meaning

Podcast episode

Overall, deaths caused by guns rose to a three-decade high in 2021, driven by increases in homicides and suicides, the advisory says. In 2022, more than half of all gun deaths were from suicide, while 40 percent of firearms deaths were homicides.

Murthy, who has long sounded the alarm about the danger of firearms, said the impetus for Tuesday’s advisory stems from the increase in gun violence, especially mass shootings since 2020, which he said exact a profound toll on the nation’s well-being.

“I want people to understand the full impact of firearm violence in our country, and I want them to see it as a public health issue,” Murthy said in an interview. “I know it’s been polarizing, and I know it’s been politicized, but if we can see it as a public health issue, we can come together and implement a public health solution.”

As of 2020, firearm-related injuries had become the leading cause of death for children and adolescents ages 1 to 19 in the United States. Gun-related deaths for youths exceed those from vehicular accidents, cancer and heart disease.

“This isn’t just a law and order policing problem. We need a more public health approach to reducing and preventing gun violence,” said Alexander McCourt, who researches gun laws at the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions.

Gun violence deaths are a uniquely American phenomenon — and an issue that medical groups and public health advocates have sought to address, often with limited success. In 2015, data from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization showed that the United States had a firearm-related death rate 11.4 times higher than 28 other high-income nations. The disparity is even greater for the young: U.S. children up to age 14 accounted for 90 percent of all firearm-related injuries in that age group across the 29 countries in the study.

“We’re clearly the outlier and not in a good way,” Murthy said. “There are parents who are worried about dropping their kids off at school because of school shootings.”

The report argues for measures that put more space between firearms and people at risk of hurting themselves or those around them, including laws meant to prevent children from accessing guns, mandatory universal background checks for firearm transactions — including those given as gifts — and a ban on civilian use of assault weapons.

“We did a study a couple of years ago showing that states that had banned large capacity magazines had fewer mass shootings,” said David Hemenway, professor of health policy at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and director of the Harvard Injury Control Research Center, which conducts firearms research. “And when they had the mass shootings, fewer people were killed.”

Despite the number of gun-related deaths in the United States, legislative efforts often impede implementation of stricter gun restrictions, the surgeon general’s advisory says, perpetuating loose regulations that contribute to the prevalence of mass shootings. Some research shows mass shootings are more likely to happen in states with looser gun laws, according to an analysis by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health .

“Even though we see a lot of effort at the state level, it doesn’t always translate because some states have strict laws bordering states with more relaxed laws so the laws may get diluted and aren’t as effective,” McCourt said.

Despite growing public sentiment favoring stronger firearm laws, gun groups, including the National Rifle Association, have long opposed stricter gun measures. In 2021, the NRA launched a $2 million campaign opposing President Biden’s efforts to bolster gun-control measures. The surgeon general’s advisory also met with criticism from the NRA.

“This is an extension of the Biden Administration’s war on law-abiding gun owners. America has a crime problem caused by criminals,” Randy Kozuch, executive director of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, said in a statement. “The reluctance to prosecute and punish criminals on the part of President Biden and many of his allies is the primary cause of that. That’s a simple fact.”

The advisory on firearm violence arrives a week after the surgeon general issued a pronouncement on another major issue: social media . Murthy urged that warning labels akin to those on packs of cigarettes be applied to social media.

Jonathan M. Metzl, who has been researching gun violence for two decades, said that while he appreciates the advisory on firearm violence, framing it as a purely public health issue does not address deeper forces at play involving race and democracy.

“They said they’re going to use the same playbook as cigarettes, seat belts and other public health interventions. … It’s a mistake to think that people will think of guns the same way,” said Metzl, who directs the department of medicine, health and society at Vanderbilt University.

“For a long time, the NRA tapped into history that framed gun ownership as a privilege of Whiteness, and that wasn’t the case for cigarettes, and that wasn’t the case for cars,” Metzl said. “White gun owners are often coded as patriots, and Black gun owners code as threats or criminals.”

Tuesday’s report on gun violence highlights the effect of mass shooting deaths, which account for about 1 percent of all gun-related deaths, but the frequency of mass shooting incidents is increasing. Mass homicide events, which the advisory defines as four or more victims in addition to the perpetrator, affect a higher proportion of women, White people and children compared with other homicides.

The surgeon general’s advisory says high-schoolers exposed to campus shootings are 20 percent more likely to steer clear of school because of safety concerns compared with peers not exposed to shootings.

“I remember meeting with a group of high school students telling me that when they go for walks in their neighborhood, they hear gunshots all the time, and it makes them worry about walking in their own neighborhoods,” Murthy said.

Health insurance claims from 2007 to 2021 revealed that youths from birth to 19 who were injured by a gun experienced a 117 percent increase in pain disorders and a 68 percent increase in psychiatric disorders compared with youths not injured by gun violence.

The scourge of gun violence is not shared equally. The report cites a nationwide study conducted in 2019 at Northwestern University, which found that firearm homicides and poverty are intertwined, with rates of gun deaths 27 percent higher among residents living in poverty.

Murthy said he worries that the public does not appreciate the psychological trauma inflicted by pervasive gun violence.

There are “people who witness these events, or family members who suffer the loss of a loved one,” Murthy said. “All of them experience negative mental health outcomes.”

Black people in America face the highest risk of gun-related deaths at a rate of 27 per 100,000 compared with 6.2 for all other racial and ethnic groups combined. White people ages 45 and older have the highest rates of gun suicide at 14.8 per 100,000, while for those under age 45, American Indians or Alaska Natives have the highest rates of gun suicide at 12.3 per 100,000. Veterans also have significantly increased rates of suicide by gun.

The report calls for a public health approach to reducing firearm violence. The advisory advocates for increased funding of gun violence research to inform prevention strategies, which include community violence interventions. These interventions involve “credible messengers and practitioners” who prevent violent conflict by disseminating resources within communities, including health-care and employment services, according to the surgeon general’s advisory.

“If you think about health care being a touchpoint for many families … in the name of health and keeping folks safe, I think [doctors] have a major responsibility” for gun violence prevention, said Chethan Sathya, a pediatric trauma surgeon and director of Northwell Health’s Center for Gun Violence Prevention.

The advisory similarly advocates for increasing access to mental health services that help people cope with the trauma inflicted by firearm violence.

“We’ve taken on difficult public health challenges that were complicated … and by taking a thoughtful scientific public health approach, we were able to make real progress,” Murthy said.

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  14. Do women actually enjoy being motorboated or is it just ...

    I mean, I definitely enjoy burying my face in breasts. But yeah, motorboating is just for humor. ... A motorboat is when you shake your face between them and basically blow a raspberry. Nuzzling and whatever else could definitely fall into the sexual category, but a straight up motorboat, no chance. Reply reply

  15. Motorboat Types: Powerboat Terms, Uses, and Definitions

    The Powerboat Basics Powerboats come in all shapes and sizes. The smallest recreational powerboats are craft such as rigid-hulled or inflatable dinghies and personal watercraft, while the largest recreational power craft include large motor yachts and even mega yachts.But before we get buried in the ins and outs of powerboat types, let's take a look at the basic pieces and parts that make up ...

  16. Full Speed Ahead: The Origins of 'Motorboating'

    Urban Dictionary, our modern beacon of slang enlightenment, has an entry for 'motorboat' dating back to 2003. While it's challenging to pinpoint the exact year the term first cropped up, it's clear it's been part of our vernacular for at least a few decades, quietly bubbling under the surface before making a splash in popular culture.

  17. What does motorboat mean? motorboat Definition. Meaning of motorboat

    motorboat: [verb - transitive] to place one's mouth between a female's breasts, and exhale while turning one's head left and right. This creates a sound similar to a motorboat . See more words with the same meaning: sex activities, practices, moves .

  18. Motorboat » What does Motorboat mean? » Slang.org

    The meaning of Motorboat is: A slang term for the act of pushing your face between breasts, rocking your head back and forth, and blowing outward, simulating the noise of a boat's motor.. Find more definitions for Motorboat on Slang.org!

  19. Urban Dictionary: motorboat

    Motorboat is a slang term for the act of pushing one's face in between two ample breasts, and making a "brrr" sound. It can also refer to the sound, the person, or the breasts themselves. See examples and definitions from Urban Dictionary.

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    motorboating ( uncountable) The act of travelling in a motorboat. ( slang) The act of placing one's head between a woman's breasts and making the sound of a motorboat with one's lips whilst moving the head from side to side.

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