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▾ dictionary (english), yacht noun —, yacht club n —, motor yacht n —, sailing yacht n —, yacht race n —, yacht harbour be n —, yacht marina n —, racing yacht n —, luxury yacht n —, cruising yacht n —, yacht building n —, cruise yacht n —, monohull yacht n —, yacht harbor ae n —, ▸ dictionary (french), yacht noun, masculine —, yacht de luxe m —, yacht à voile m —, yacht de course m —, yacht club m —, club de yacht m —, yacht motorisé m —, yacht luxueux m —, ▸ wikipedia, ▸ external sources (english), ▾ external sources (french).

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Yacht in the oxford-hachette french dictionary, yacht in the pons dictionary, yacht examples from the pons dictionary (editorially verified), monolingual examples (not verified by pons editors), translations for yacht in the french » english dictionary (go to english » french ), yacht [ˈjot] n m.

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yacht-club < pl yacht-clubs> [ˈjotklœb] N m

Translations for yacht in the english » french dictionary (go to french » english ), yacht [jɔt] n m.

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What is the translation of "yachting" in English?

"yachting" in english, yachting {m}.

  • volume_up boating

faire du yachting {vb} [example]

  • volume_up go yachting

"yachting" in French

  • volume_up navigation de plaisance
  • volume_up naviguer
  • volume_up yacht
  • navire de plaisance
  • volume_up char à voile sur glace
  • volume_up char à voile


Yachting {masculine}.

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faire du yachting {verb} [example]

Yachting {noun}, yacht [ yachted|yachted ] {transitive verb}, yacht {noun}, ice yacht {noun}, land yacht {noun}, context sentences, french english contextual examples of "yachting" in english.

These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. bab.la is not responsible for their content.

Monolingual examples

French how to use "yachting" in a sentence, french how to use "go yachting" in a sentence, synonyms (french) for "yachting":, synonyms (english) for "yachting":.

  • racing yacht
  • y voir clair
  • y être de sa poche
  • y être jusqu'au cou
  • y être pour quelque chose
  • y être pour quelque chose dans
  • y-a-t-il des suggestions?
  • yacht de croisière
  • yacht à moteur
  • yaoundéenne
  • yaoundéennes

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French Sailing & Water Sports Vocabulary

French Sailing & Water Sports Vocabulary

On this page you will find a complete list of sailing vocabulary words and terms as well as water sports words in French. With thousands of miles of beautiful coast line and scores of inland lakes and rivers, France is one of the most popular destinations worldwide for boating sports. Also, if you’ve entered a sailing competition and will be sailing to a French-speaking country then you should find these sailing words very useful.

Image: Man on sailboat

  • la voile  sailing, sail
  • le mât  mast
  • l’arrière  stern
  • l’avant  bow
  • la voile d’avant  headsail
  • le pont de côté  sidedeck
  • la coque  hull
  • la bouée de sauvetage  lifebuoy
  • la plance à voile  windsurfing
  • la bride  footstrap
  • le surf  surfing
  • le motonautisme  speed boating
  • le kayak  kayak
  • le rameur  rower
  • le vent  wind
  • les rapides  rapids
  • le skieur natique  waterskier
  • chavirer  to capsize
  • le yacht  yacht
  • le gréement  rigging
  • le compas  compass
  • naviguer  to navigate
  • le gilet de sauvetage  life jacket
  • la fusée éclairante  flare
  • le planchiste  windsurfer
  • le ski nautique  waterskiing
  • le jet-ski  jet skiing
  • la pagaie  paddle
  • la rame  row
  • la vague  wave
  • l’équipage  team
  • l’écoute  sheet
  • la dérive  centerboard
  • la grand-voile  mainsail
  • la bôme  boom
  • l’ancre  anchor
  • le taquet  cleat
  • la barre tiller
  • le radeau de sauvetage  life raft
  • les sports aquatiques  watersports
  • la planche  board
  • la planche  surfboard
  • le rafting  rafting
  • le canoë  canoeing
  • ramer  to row
  • le bateau à rame  row boat
  • l’écume  surf
  • le surfeur  surfer
  • le gouvernail  rudder

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  • Swimming vocabulary
  • Sports vocabulary

yachting in french

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Discover yachting in France: from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic and the tropics

  • Discover yachting in France: from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic and the tropics

France is often overlooked by European skippers, which is surprising considering the options it offers sailors. France provides opportunities for beginners and families to indulge in tranquil Mediterranean sailing along the French Riviera, sporty cruises around Corsica or in the oceanic waters of Brittany and the Bay of Biscay, and even exotic tropical islands. France really has it all.

France holds the distinction of having the most time zones within its territory, spanning twelve different zones due to its overseas territories acquired through colonization and still formally administered. This offers a significant benefit for European sailors — the option to enjoy a lavish Caribbean cruise without needing a visa (all you need is a passport).

Conditions for sailing in France

The French have a passion for sailing , which is evident in the renowned boat brands such as Jeanneau, Bénéteau, Dufour, Lagoon, Catana, and Nautitech, all of which hail from France. Marinas in the country are typically modern and well-equipped, and the overall sailing infrastructure is exceptional.

It's true that France can be more expensive in certain aspects. However, if you're accustomed to cooking on your boat , you can find high-quality ingredients at reasonable prices in local supermarkets. Additionally, boat rental rates are not significantly different from those in other parts of the Mediterranean, and as the cost can be shared among the crew, yachting holidays a often a more attractive option than staying in hotels .

Antibes on the French Riviera

Weather in France

The Mediterranean climate of the French Riviera   is quite similar to that of Italy or Croatia, characterised by warm and sunny summers and mild winters with average temperatures ranging between 15 and 30°C. The warmest months, between July and August, also coincide with the main sailing season. One notable feature is the stunning blue sky, which remains cloudless on most days. This is due to the Mistral — the powerful cold wind blowing in from the Bay of Biscay across the interior of France, sweeping away clouds and even pollution from larger cities out to sea.

The weather in  Corsica  is not vastly different from that on the French mainland and winters are similarly mild, although wetter. Summers can be quite hot, with temperatures reaching up to 40 °C in July and August. The weather here is influenced not only by the Mistral, a strong cold wind, but also by the Sirocco —  a warm, dry wind from the southeast that originates over the Sahara.

The weather in northern and southern Brittany is largely influenced by the Atlantic Ocean, resulting in milder summers and colder winters. Additionally, expect higher humidity and strong winds that create short, choppy waves. The conditions in northern Brittany are further impacted by the English Channel, which is known for its strong winds, currents, fog , and unpredictable seas.

The Bay of Biscay , located off the west coast of France, is known for its unpredictable and changeable conditions throughout the year. While the warm Gulf Stream contributes to a mild climate, ocean currents and areas of high and low pressure frequently interact and cause dramatic shifts in the weather. Indeed, this is the region where the renowned Mistral wind originates.

The Caribbean is characterised by tropical warmth and sunshine, accompanied by high humidity. Temperatures typically range between 26 and 29 °C. A gentle breeze, usually devoid of significant gusts, provides a pleasant cooling effect and steady propulsion for boats. Most Caribbean islands experience two distinct seasons — the dry season and the rainy season. The dry season, spanning from December to May, features mild temperatures and minimal rainfall. Conversely, the rainy season, from June to November, brings higher temperatures and increased rainfall. Additionally, tropical storms and hurricanes pose threats during this period, inflicting damage on the islands and generating large, unmanageable waves at sea.

French Riviera

French Riviera

The Côte d'Azur, also known as the French Riviera, is among the most coveted Mediterranean destinations. Defining the exact boundaries of the French Riviera can be challenging. It is commonly said to stretch from the town of Menton, near the Italian border, to the port of Cassis. However, Marseille, located slightly farther away, is often associated with the French Riviera as well.

Marseille is the second-largest city in France. Boasting an international airport and a port that can accommodate around three thousand vessels, it is frequently the top choice for skippers. This cosmopolitan metropolis provides an excellent blend of historic monuments and modern amenities, allowing you to indulge in the city's delights before embarking on your sailing adventure.

This harbour town, nestled in a stunning rocky bay, is renowned for its fortifications and local stone. The stone has significantly influenced the architecture of this port, as well as those in Marseille, Algiers, and Alexandria in Egypt. Interestingly, the same stone was also used as the base for New York's Statue of Liberty.


The village of Saint-Mandrier-sur-Mer is a popular starting point for sailors, as many boats are chartered here. Its convenient location roughly halfway between Marseille and Saint-Tropez enables you to discover the beauty of the Côte d'Azur in both directions. Today, we recommend sailing eastwards to explore the renowned ports of Nice, Antibes, and perhaps the lesser-known Hyères Islands.

Sailing route tip from Saint-Mandrier-sur-Mer

  • Saint-Mandrier-sur-Mer — Porquerolles (14 NM)
  • Porquerolles — Saint-Tropez (40 NM)
  • Saint-Tropez — Iles de Lerins (28 NM)
  • Iles de Lerins — Antibes (12 NM)
  • Antibes — Nice (15 NM)
  • Nice — Calanques de Cassis (47 NM)
  • Calanques de Cassis — Saint-Mandrier-sur-Mer (27 NM)


This once insignificant fishing village  gained fame through movie stars in the 1950s. Since then, the town has undergone a remarkable transformation and has become synonymous with summer holidays in France. To this day, it maintains a strong connection to cinema, particularly the series of films about gendarmes starring Louis de Funès, which even has an entire museum dedicated to it.

Port Grimaud

Often referred to as the Venice of France, Port Grimaud is a city built on water, connecting several peninsulas and islands in a similar manner to Venice in Italy. Constructed in the 1960s, the harbour's architecture may not be as old or intricate as its more famous counterpart. However, if you enjoy cruising the canals, Port Grimaud is the perfect destination for you.

Port Grimaud on the French Riviera

Cannes is a city that will likely forever be linked with its renowned film festival and luxury brands. The original historic centre, though small, is somewhat overshadowed by the hotels, restaurants, and spas that have emerged over the years.

Antibes is a city of contrasts. On one hand, you can witness the yachts of the world's wealthiest individuals in the Mediterranean's largest private marina. On the other hand, you have the opportunity to enjoy genuine Provençal hospitality and purchase delicacies directly from the people who grew and crafted them at the local market.

The harbour town of Menton, with its vibrantly painted houses, ascends the hillside and strikingly resembles Porto in Spain or the resorts of the Amalfi Coast. The town is renowned for its delicious oranges, mandarins, and lemons, which are celebrated annually with a colourful and delightful festival. Apart from that, the town has a more tourist-oriented atmosphere.

Crossing the entire French Riviera

  • Marseilles — Cassis (14 NM)
  • Cassis — Toulon (45 NM)
  • Toulon — Porquerolles (25 NM)
  • Saint-Tropez — Cannes (17 NM)
  • Cannes — Nice (21 NM)
  • Nice — Menton (14 NM)
YACHTING.COM TIP: Rent a boat in one port and return it in another. We will be happy to coordinate this option with the charter company for you .

Menton French Riviera

Hyères Islands

The so-called Golden Isles are located near Hyères and offer an excellent opportunity to escape the bustling resorts and immerse yourself in nature. For instance, the island of Porquerolles is not only renowned for its wine production and stunning beaches but also for its relatively flat landscape, which is ideal for cycling. You can rent a bike here. Palud beach on Port-Cros is reputed to be one of the best Mediterranean spots for snorkelling.

Cruising route around the Hyères Islands

  • Porquerolles — Port-Cros — Île du Levant (15 NM)
  • Île du Levant — Saint-Tropez (25 NM)
  • Iles de Lerins — Hyères (12 NM)
  • Hyères - Presqu'île de Giens — Calanque de Port d'Alon (38 NM)
  • Calanque de Port d'Alon — Saint-Mandrier-sur-Mer (22 NM)
YACHTING.COM TIP:  If you enjoy the wilderness, be sure to visit the Camargue National Park just outside Marseille. This unique area is co-inhabited by wild white horses and flamingos. Revel in their company and explore the untamed beaches that this beautiful park has to offer.  

Lion's Bay

To the west of Marseille, the French Mediterranean coastline has a different character. The Gulf of Lion spans the ports and waters between Marseille and Cape Creus in north-eastern Spain. In contrast to the French Riviera, the coastline here is less developed and more laid-back for such a popular tourist destination. The centres of the larger towns are set further inland, and overall, the yachting infrastructure is not as sophisticated as on the Côte d'Azur. However, the area exudes a romantic medieval charm. In almost every town, you'll find a well-preserved fortress, an imposing religious building, or simply impressive stone bridges and houses.

The Bay of Lions is an attractive destination for those who prefer a more secluded experience, away from busy tourist resorts. It can also be an interesting sailing adventure to embark from the French coast to the Spanish coast or even to the Balearic Islands , providing a diverse and enjoyable sailing experience.

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For seasoned crews, a crossing from the European mainland to Corsica offers an exhilarating 100-nautical-mile journey. Alternatively, you can fly directly to Corsica and hire a boat on-site. Most charters and boats on the island are concentrated in a few ports, such as Ajaccio, Propriano, Bonifacio, Calvi, and Bastia, so marinas might be crowded during peak season. Nevertheless, Corsica's coastline is rugged and boasts many beautiful coves where you can anchor for free, enjoying privacy and tranquillity in these idyllic spots.

Corsica is truly unique with its wild and slightly rugged charm, which will leave a lasting impression and create wonderful memories. Give Corsica a chance and experience a more adventurous cruise in the Strait of Bonifacio .

Brittany and the Bay of Biscay

Typically, it's to Brittany that people venture for their initial experience of ocean sailing. For newcomers, we recommend the more gentle southern Brittany, but we know from experience that even the northern region can be managed under the guidance of a skilled skipper. In any case, be prepared for strong winds, large waves, and a chill that necessitates more advanced sailing gear. However, you will earn your sailing stripes, enjoy exhilarating sailing, and take in the views of magnificent lighthouses standing tall over the rugged coastline. Additionally, Brittany is known for its excellent beer and cider.

The more southerly Bay of Biscay is notably warmer than Brittany, but regular ocean currents, cyclones, and anticyclones can cause the weather to change from one hour to the next. You can begin exploring the Bay of Biscay area from the port of La Rochelle, which is well protected from the winds and waves of the Atlantic by the neighbouring islands of Ré and Oléron. This route might seem straightforward, but the waters here should not be underestimated. Navigating this area will provide you with your first experience of the Bay of Biscay while allowing you to get your bearings.

Possible itinerary for a Bay of Biscay voyage

  • La Rochelle — Les Minimes (2 NM)
  • Les Minimes — La Flotte on Île de Ré (14 NM)
  • La Flotte — Île d'Oléron (20 NM)
  • Île d'Oléron — Rochefort (25 NM)
  • Rochefort — La Rochelle (25 NM)
  • La Rochelle — Île d'Aix (15 NM)
  • Île d'Aix — La Rochelle (15 NM)

Bay of Biscay in France

Bay of Biscay

Tropical yachting in the French Caribbean

If the idea of exceptional sailing in a tropical haven while brushing up on your French appeals to you, these destinations provide the perfect opportunity for both yacht and catamaran sailing experiences:

St. Martin (Lesser Antilles)

St. Martin is famous for Maho Beach, where planes fly incredibly low during landing, thrilling tourists who enjoy being blown out to sea by the aircraft. The island is split into a Dutch and a French section, with the northern French part being much more tranquil. The marinas here exude a sophisticated French ambiance. For an authentic memento, you can pick up a custom-blended fragrance from the local Tijon perfumery.

Guadeloupe (Lesser Antilles)

Take in the breathtaking views of the sheer white cliffs and lush greenery from the deck of a catamaran, pay a visit to the iguanas, relish the enticing aroma of spices at the renowned Saint-Antoine market, or indulge in a romantic bath at the local hot springs.


Martinique, often referred to as the island of flowers, certainly lives up to its name. The lush island vegetation is ever-present, whether you're lounging on a beautiful sandy beach or hiking to the summit of the Montagne Pelée volcano. If flowers aren't your primary interest, the island is also known for producing some of the world's finest rum.

YACHTING.COM TIP:  We too have fallen in love with Martinique and have put together our recommendations, including a 10-day sailing itinerary from Martinique to St. Vincent and the Grenadines .

French Polynesia

Sailing among the 118 islands of French Polynesia offers endless opportunities for exploration and discovery. This vast area, composed of several archipelagos, is believed to be one of the last places on Earth to be inhabited. It's quite remarkable, given the abundance of natural treasures found here, such as black pearls, coffee, pineapples, and vanilla. Each time you sail through these breathtaking islands, you're bound to encounter new and captivating sights, experiences, and flavors that will leave you in awe of this extraordinary destination.

New Caledonia

For those passionate about diving and snorkelling, New Caledonia is the equivalent of Mount Everest for mountaineers. Nearby, there is a 1,500-foot-long coral reef that has earned a spot on UNESCO's list of natural monuments.

YACHTING.COM TIP:  A yacht holiday in exotic destinations is a completely different experience. Read our practical tips and advice to make sure you enjoy it to the fullest.

Sail to France this year. We'll be happy to help you choose your boat, destination and itinerary.

Denisa Nguyenová

Denisa Nguyenová

Faqs: yachting in france.

Less experienced crews will enjoy sailing along the French Riviera. In high season there is a gentle trade wind, the waves are small and the ports are relatively close.

For ocean cruises, head to Brittany and the Bay of Biscay.

Not necessarily. Just avoid restaurants, hotels and paid attractions. You can get reasonably priced food in supermarkets, and if you dock in a bay now and then instead of a marina, you'll save money too.

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yachting in french

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1,003  Crewed Luxury Yachts for Charter in the French Riviera

French Riviera Yacht Charters

The French Riviera is renowned throughout the world as the ultimate luxury yacht destination, where the elite go to enjoy the stunning coastline, beautiful beaches and exclusive atmosphere. Stretching from Monaco down to the Iles d’Hyéres, its exclusive seaside towns have long been considered some of the most glamorous and high-profile charter destinations.

Yacht Charters in the French Riviera

A summer charter vacation in the French Riviera offer the ultimate all-round cruising experience, incorporating world-class restaurants, cosmopolitan lifestyle and fantastic nightlife with stunning natural beauty and warm Mediterranean waters. The close proximity of the main destination points make it ideal for multi stop-offs or to combine with an Italian Riviera luxury yacht charter itinerary.

French Riviera charter guide

When planning your yacht charter in the South of France , you’ll need to at first figure out which destinations appeal to you and your party most. For instance, if you’re inclined towards traditional French glamour, then you might want to consider Cannes, whilst any sunbathers in a charter party will be happy to sip cocktails at the iconic Club 55 over at St Tropez.

French Riviera Yacht Charter Itineraries

The famous coastline of the Côte d’Azur encompasses a string of exciting superyacht destinations such as Nice, Antibes, St Tropez, Marseilles and Cannes as well as some quieter but very charming ports such as Ville Franche and St Jean Cap Ferrat. This creates a fantastic opportunity to indulge in some glamorous night time revelry with the elite crowd in world-famous nightclubs and move on the next day to relax on a picturesque secluded beach.

The French Riviera also plays host to a number of highly acclaimed sporting and luxury events, from the Monaco Grand Prix to the Cannes Film Festival and offers a fantastic opportunity to host an impressive corporate charter or event. 

Renting a Private Yacht in the French Riviera

There a wide selection of luxury yachts available for charter in the French Riviera for summer cruising vacation, see our full guide and contact your yacht charter broker for more advice.

Google map

French Riviera Timezone

Local Time: 21:28.  GMT + 1

Google map

Discover the French Riviera

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O'Pari Yacht Charter in French Riviera

95m   Golden Yachts

from $1,187,000 p/week ♦︎

Carinthia VII Yacht Charter in French Riviera

Carinthia VII

Faith Yacht Charter in French Riviera

122m Lurssen

122m   2024

from $3,000,000 p/w eek

Ahpo Yacht Charter in French Riviera

115m Lurssen

115m   2021

from $2,805,000 p/w eek ♦︎

IJE Yacht Charter in French Riviera

108m Benetti

108m   2019

from $1,942,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Dream Yacht Charter in French Riviera

107m Olympic Yacht Services

107m   1997/2022

from $2,157,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Black Pearl Yacht Charter in French Riviera

Black Pearl 14

105m Oceanco

105m   2018

Christina O Yacht Charter in French Riviera

Christina O 34

99m Canadian Vickers

99m   1943/2020

from $755,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Carinthia VII Yacht Charter in French Riviera

Carinthia VII 12

97m Lurssen

97m   2002/2023

from $1,510,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Faith Yacht Charter in French Riviera

97m Feadship

97m   2017/2022

from $1,726,000 p/w eek ♦︎

CC-Summer Yacht Charter in French Riviera

CC-Summer 12

95m Lurssen

O'Pari Yacht Charter in French Riviera

95m Golden Yachts

from $1,187,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Whisper Yacht Charter in French Riviera

from $1,294,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Lady S Yacht Charter in French Riviera

93m Feadship

Tatoosh Yacht Charter in French Riviera

92m Nobiskrug

92m   2000/2023

from $1,025,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Aquarius Yacht Charter in French Riviera

Aquarius 12

92m Feadship

from $1,500,000 p/w eek

Moonlight II Yacht Charter in French Riviera

Moonlight II 36

91m Neorion

91m   2005/2020

from $696,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Tranquility Yacht Charter in French Riviera

Tranquility 22

92m Oceanco

92m   2014/2023

from $1,100,000 p/w eek

Nero Yacht Charter in French Riviera

90m Corsair Yachts

90m   2007/2021

from $497,000 p/w eek

Phoenix 2 Yacht Charter in French Riviera

Phoenix 2 12

90m Lurssen

90m   2010/2024

from $1,000,000 p/w eek

Athena Yacht Charter in French Riviera

90m Royal Huisman

90m   2004/2024

from $324,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Dar Yacht Charter in French Riviera

90m Oceanco

90m   2018/2024

Lauren L Yacht Charter in French Riviera

Lauren L 36

90m Cassens-Werft

90m   2002/2008

from $750,000 p/w eek ♦︎ *

Barbara Yacht Charter in French Riviera

88m Oceanco

Maltese Falcon Yacht Charter in French Riviera

Maltese Falcon 12

88m Perini Navi

88m   2006/2023

from $490,000 p/w eek

Project X Yacht Charter in French Riviera

Project X 12

88m Golden Yachts

Chakra Yacht Charter in French Riviera

86m Scheepswerf Gebr. van der Werf

86m   1998/2024

from $534,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Man of Steel Yacht Charter in French Riviera

Man of Steel 12

86m Oceanco

86m   2010/2023

Aquila Yacht Charter in French Riviera

86m Derecktor Shipyards

86m   2010/2021

from $945,000 p/w eek

B2 Yacht Charter in French Riviera

86m Abeking & Rasmussen

86m   2008/2022

from $917,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Sunrays Yacht Charter in French Riviera

86m   2010/2018

from $1,241,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Bold Yacht Charter in French Riviera

85m SilverYachts

from $944,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Grand Ocean Yacht Charter in French Riviera

Grand Ocean 12

85m Blohm + Voss

85m   1990/2019

from $703,136 p/w eek

Meridian A Yacht Charter in French Riviera

Meridian A 12

85m Lurssen

85m   2011/2019

O'Ptasia Yacht Charter in French Riviera

O'Ptasia 12

85m Golden Yachts

85m   2018/2022

from $971,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Solandge Yacht Charter in French Riviera

Solandge 12

85m   2013/2022

from $1,079,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Victorious Yacht Charter in French Riviera

Victorious 12

85m Ak Yachts

from $863,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Savannah Yacht Charter in French Riviera

Savannah 12

84m Feadship

84m   2015/2020

Emir Yacht Charter in French Riviera

83m Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

83m   2004/2022

from $750,000 p/w eek

Alfa Nero Yacht Charter in French Riviera

Alfa Nero 12

81m Oceanco

81m   2007/2021

from $728,000 p/w eek *

Air Yacht Charter in French Riviera

81m Feadship

81m   2011/2017

from $998,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Aalto Yacht Charter in French Riviera

80m Oceanco

80m   2007/2019

from $836,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Elements Yacht Charter in French Riviera

Elements 12

80m Yachtley

Dragon Yacht Charter in French Riviera

80m Columbus Yachts

Excellence Yacht Charter in French Riviera

Excellence 12

80m Abeking & Rasmussen

from $1,150,000 p/w eek

Tatiana Yacht Charter in French Riviera

80m Bilgin Yachts

Mimtee Yacht Charter in French Riviera

Amaryllis 12

78m Abeking & Rasmussen

78m   2011/2022

from $770,000 p/w eek

Malia Yacht Charter in French Riviera

78m Golden Yachts

78m   2023/2024

from $809,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Legend Yacht Charter in French Riviera

77m IHC Verschure

77m   1974/2019

from $642,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Boadicea Yacht Charter in French Riviera

Boadicea 12

77m   1999/2022

from $645,000 p/w eek

Stad Amsterdam Yacht Charter in French Riviera

Stad Amsterdam 28

76m Damen Oranjewerf

76m   2000/2009

from $102,500 p/w eek

Wheels Yacht Charter in French Riviera

76m Oceanco

76m   2008/2019

from $852,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Kensho Yacht Charter in French Riviera

75m Admiral Yachts

Arrow Yacht Charter in French Riviera

75m Feadship

from $900,000 p/w eek *

M'Brace Yacht Charter in French Riviera

75m Abeking & Rasmussen

from $880,000 p/w eek

Andrea Yacht Charter in French Riviera

from $982,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Cocoa Bean Yacht Charter in French Riviera

Cocoa Bean 12

74m Trinity Yachts

74m   2014/2020

from $593,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Lady Vera Yacht Charter in French Riviera

Lady Vera 12

74m Nobiskrug

74m   2011/2023

Naia Yacht Charter in French Riviera

74m Freire Shipyard

74m   2011/2014

from $595,000 p/w eek

Siren Yacht Charter in French Riviera

74m   2008/2013

from $561,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Coral Ocean Yacht Charter in French Riviera

Coral Ocean 13

73m Lurssen

73m   1994/2022

from $701,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Laurel Yacht Charter in French Riviera

73m Delta Marine

73m   2006/2015

from $525,000 p/w eek

Nautilus Yacht Charter in French Riviera

Nautilus 12

73m Picchiotti

from $808,000 p/w eek ♦︎

Planet Nine Yacht Charter in French Riviera

Planet Nine 12

73m Admiral Yachts

from $650,000 p/w eek

Titania Yacht Charter in French Riviera

73m   2006/2020

from $615,000 p/w eek

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A seized superyacht shows up in Everett — minus one Russian oligarch owner

Paul Roberts

EVERETT — It’s not clear whether Russian oligarch Suleiman Kerimov had plans to visit Puget Sound this spring — the French Riviera is more the style of the U.S.-sanctioned mining and energy multibillionaire.

But Monday morning, the Amadea, a 348-foot, $300 million-plus superyacht said to be owned by Kerimov, arrived in the Port of Everett to have some work done at a local shipyard. 

A sleek, white shark of a ship with a knifelike bow, raked profile and quarters for 16 guests and 36 crew, Amadea swanned past Everett’s industrial waterfront with a tug escort and all the made-for-TV glamour of an international celebrity fugitive. Kerimov, of course, was not on board.

In 2022, Amadea (“God’s love” in Latin) was seized in Fiji at the request of U.S. authorities who claim Kerimov has enabled Russian aggression in Ukraine and Syria. Money laundering and conspiracy were also alleged.

At the time, the seizure was hailed as a warning to “every corrupt Russian oligarch that they cannot hide — not even in the remotest part of the world,” as a deputy U.S. attorney general put it in a press statement . 

But as any boat owner in this boat-focused community will tell you , seizing a superyacht is one thing. Maintaining its value as an asset is another — especially when the asset is the size of a ferry and equipped with a theater, a gym, beauty salon, teak decks, 30-foot-long pool, helipad and twin 5,766-horsepower diesels. 

“They’re saying it’s costing us $7 million a year to keep it up,” said Chris Petersen, a retired fisherman who runs a metal coatings shop on West Marine View Drive, a few blocks from the port and who, like many here, has been following the superyacht saga since Monday.

Indeed, fuel, maintenance, insurance and salary for the crew of Amadea during its impoundment in San Diego ran around $740,000 a month, according to federal court filings by the Marshals Service. 

In February, the Justice Department told a federal court it intended to halt this “excessive … drain on the public” purse by auctioning off Amadea, which the government claims Kerimov acquired in 2021.

But selling off this excessive drain has been complicated. 

There is litigation challenging Amadea’s seizure because the vessel allegedly wasn’t owned by Kerimov, but by another Russian oligarch, who is not sanctioned, according to court papers. 

Another complication, more relevant to Everett: Amadea’s insurance policy, according to court filings, requires service that can only be done by hauling the vessel out of the water — a job that appears to be slated for the dry dock facilities at Everett Ship Repair, on the port’s East Waterway. 

Few details of the project have been shared. Port officials have referred all questions to Everett Ship Repair, whose vice president of service sales, Lane Richards, politely declined to comment.

But a Justice Department spokesperson confirmed Thursday that Amadea was indeed “in Washington for standard dry dock maintenance.”

And on Wednesday, the vessel in question could be seen berthed, like a slightly lost Imperial Starship, on the south side of Pier 3, adjacent to Everett Ship Repair’s dry dock and the Washington State Ferry Salish. 

All the no-commenting has only added to the atmosphere of maritime intrigue and speculation in a town ordinarily unperturbed by big, secrecy-shrouded ships, including those at the nearby Everett Naval Station. 

Many here wonder why the U.S. government spent the money to bring Amadea all the way to Everett, when there are dry dock facilities in San Diego, San Francisco and Portland; even Seattle is 5 nautical miles closer to San Diego. 

Amadea’s fuel burn “is probably in the 8-to-10 gallons per mile range,” said Dennis Butterfield, a retired car dealership manager and former boat owner, as he kept an eye on the Russian superyacht Wednesday from a viewpoint on Warren Avenue. “That’s the United States government at work, if you ask me.”

Butterfield’s estimate was close: based on vessel specifications featured on the yachting website, YachCharterFleet , the 4,400-ton Amadea burns roughly 11 gallons per mile at a cruising speed of 15 mph.

The Justice Department declined to justify Amadea’s four-day journey from San Diego to Everett.

Such secrecy would likely suit Kerimov, who Forbes once described as “one of the most private Russian billionaires,” and who is also said to have close ties to the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The 58-year-old serves in the Russian Federation Senate, is reportedly worth nearly $11 billion and has owned villas on the French Riviera and elsewhere.

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He may also have owned a rare Fabergé egg, according to accounts of the search of the Amadea after its seizure .

Beginning in 2017, Kerimov was listed by U.S. officials as one of a number of Russian oligarchs “who profit from the Russian government through corruption and its malign activity around the globe .”

In March 2022, after the FBI reportedly linked Kerimov to the Amadea , the vessel was seized under a program known as Task Force KleptoCapture and eventually sailed to San Diego under an American flag.

But Amadea’s more recent trip likely had less to do with the vessel’s checkered lineage than with a shortage of West Coast dry dock capacity, especially for large vessels. 

Unlike the East Coast and the Gulf Coast, ship repair infrastructure on the West Coast is “is woefully undersized,” said Craig Hooper, a former naval ship building industry executive who writes and advises on security and defense issues.

In recent decades, several private shipyards with dry dock facilities have closed and building new capacity faces high costs and regulatory hurdles, Hooper said. As a result, “long transits to an open facility are relatively commonplace these days,” he added. 

In the case of the Amadea, Hooper hypothesized, “the responsible party may have put the job out for bid and an Everett yard was the available, lowest-cost option.”

According to court filings, Amadea’s dry dock work is expected to cost $5.6 million and take two months. 

By that time, federal officials may have sorted Amadea’s other complications. 

Last fall, attorneys for Eduard Khudainatov, the former head of state-owned oil company Rosneft, claimed Amadea isn’t owned by Kerimov, but by Khudainatov. Attorneys argue that since Khudainatov wasn’t under sanctions, the yacht was “not forfeitable, as it neither constitutes nor is derived from any unlawful activity.”

But federal prosecutors contend “that Khudainatov is just a straw owner put forward to disguise Kerimov’s ownership of the vessel,” according to an April 19 filing in a federal court in New York, where the case is ongoing.

In the meantime, Everett will take some pleasure in the Amadea’s august presence. 

Port of Everett officials, though tight-lipped about the vessel’s particulars, were clearly pleased by the message it sends of the port’s growing status as a maritime hub.

“Anything that puts Everett on the international map is a good thing!” said Kate Anderson, port spokesperson, in an email response to an inquiry about the Amadea.

Locals, too, appeared to be enjoying the celebrity by association.

“That magnitude of wealth — it’s just another world,” said Petersen, the retired fisherman.

Others wondered who would be foolish enough to buy a vessel whose ownership was being contested by Russian oligarchs.

But mostly, folks here appeared to sympathize with Uncle Sam’s desire to be rid of the costly, controversial craft. 

That was the sentiment of John Mostrom, who had taken a break from mowing his lawn Wednesday to peer down at the Amadea from the Warren Avenue overlook. 

“They say the two happiest days of a boat owner’s life,” Mostrom noted, “are when they buy the boat and when they sell it.”

The opinions expressed in reader comments are those of the author only and do not reflect the opinions of The Seattle Times.

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yachting in french

7 amazing cruise itineraries to book in 2024

I don't know about you, but each year, as the weather turns cold, I start daydreaming about getting out of Dodge — or, in my case, Pennsylvania. My mind wanders to cruises that will take me to places where the temperature is warmer, but I also take a hard look at the (exceptionally lengthy) list of places I'm longing to visit.

After digging through what's new for 2024, I've come up with a shortlist of sailings that I think are noteworthy. They range from a standard Bahamas voyage with a new twist and an extended Alaska sailing that includes a foray across the Arctic Circle to more far-flung destinations in the Asia-Pacific region.

Dream on, dear reader, and add these to your list of 2024 cruise itineraries.

Note: All prices listed are per person, based on double occupancy, unless otherwise noted. Fares do not include taxes and fees.

For more cruise news, reviews and tips, sign up for TPG's cruise newsletter .

Seabourn's 'Kimberley Expedition: Waterfalls and Wandjinas' itinerary

Last year, the Australia and New Zealand cruise region gained momentum following the pandemic shutdown. In 2024, the hardly populated Australia region of The Kimberley is gaining popularity. Luxury cruise brand Seabourn will be offering a series of six 10-night voyages between Broome and Darwin on expedition vessel Seabourn Pursuit during what will be early winter in the southern hemisphere.

The line's " Kimberley Expedition: Waterfalls and Wandjinas " will take passengers to places along the coast few passengers are able to visit to see the stunning teal waters and horizontal waterfalls of Talbot Bay, sample wines in the Hunter River Region and check out nature preserves in Wyndham.

Details: The first sailing, from Darwin to Broome, embarks on June 12. The final voyage, from Broome to Darwin, departs on Aug. 1. Prices start from $6,134 per person ($613 per person, per night), double occupancy, for the July 2 cruise. All accommodations are suites with balconies.

Celebrity's 'Best of Japan' and 'Vietnam and Thailand' cruises

The number of voyages in Asia was trending upward notably prior to 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic brought cruising in the region to an extended halt. And it's once again on the rise. Following that curve, Celebrity Cruises will be running new 11- to 13-night Asia sailings in 2024 on two ships — Celebrity Millennium and Celebrity Solstice — that bring stops in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Thailand.

What's notable about the offerings is that they will aim to immerse passengers further into the destinations by including overnights in a total of 11 ports across all itineraries. That means more time to explore Hanoi's Old Quarter as the sun sets, indulge in nighttime gastronomy in Hong Kong, visit one of Bangkok's many markets, or learn why Osaka is known for street food.

Details: Celebrity Millennium's " Best of Japan " cruises run from early mid-March to early October. At press time, the least expensive fares — for a 12-night sailing — start from $1,330 per person ($111 per person, per night) for an inside cabin. It travels round-trip from Yokohama and visits Hiroshima, Pusan and other ports, including Osaka, where the ship will overnight.

Celerbrity Solstice's Vietnam and Thailand cruises kick off in mid-January and run through March. The ship will resume them again in the fall of 2024 and run through the winter season. Prices start from $1,255 per person ($105 per person, per night) for an inside cabin. The voyage sails from Hong Kong to Singapore with stops in Da Nang and Koh Samui, plus overnights in Hanoi and Bangkok.

SeaDream's 'Yachting the Adriatic & Greek Isles' sailing

Here's one to put on your radar if you're looking to book — but not necessarily sail — in 2024. It's a new Mediterranean itinerary that doesn't start up for nearly three more years, in 2026. The SeaDream routing brings stops at seven ports that are rarely visited by cruise passengers. During the seven-night voyages, there will be calls at Primosten, Croatia; Cesme, Turkey; Cetubal, Portugal; and Kythira, Kythnos, Syvota and Tinos, Greece — making these sailings unique and well-suited to anyone who loves the region but who's looking for new places to experience.

SeaDream's small ships, each of which carries just 112 people, are able to reach locales about which passengers on megaships can only fantasize. Couple that with excellent service, and you'll be visiting the Our Lady of Loretto statue in Primosten, touring the Cesme Castle and lounging on stunning Greek beaches from a home base that puts you squarely in the lap of luxury.

Details: An itinerary that includes three of the seven new ports is the 11-night " Yachting the Adriatic & Greek Isles " itinerary from Venice, Italy, to Athens, Greece, departing on Aug. 8, 2026, on SeaDream I. Prices start from $10,399 per person ($946 per person, per night) for a room with a porthole view.

Holland America's 'Alaska Arctic Circle Solstice' Legendary Voyage

Alaska is an absolute must for anyone who enjoys the vastness of untouched wilderness, the wildlife it houses and adventurous pursuits it provides. (Think whale-watching, hiking on glaciers and salmon fishing.) However, Holland America 's Westerdam is hosting a 28-day sailing that's anything but your standard cruise to the Last Frontier .

Passengers will visit the usual Alaska ports, such as Ketchikan, Sitka and Juneau, with scenic sailing through the Inside Passage, past Hubbard Glacier and to Glacier Bay. But they can also expect less-common stops at places like Nome, Kodiak, Anchorage (with an overnight) and Homer. Plus, about halfway through, this cruise crosses the Arctic Circle — a rite of passage for many travelers.

Details: Holland America's 28-day " Alaska Arctic Circle Solstice " cruise — one of the line's Legendary Voyages, known for longer durations and a unique mix of port calls — sails June 9-July 7, round-trip from Seattle. Inside cabins start from $5,299 per person (about $189 per person, per night).

Silversea's summertime French Polynesia cruises

Another consideration for future travel is Silversea Cruises , which is featuring its first full-summer season in French Polynesia in 2026. Silver Whisper will offer two immersive itineraries, including overnights, across 17 voyages between April and September.

Passengers can choose seven-night sailings that visit idyllic favorites like Tahiti, Moorea and Huahine and which also include overnights in Bora Bora. Or, they can cruise for twice as long by selecting a 14-night voyage that calls on the same ports as the seven-night option but with Fakarava, Nuku Hiva, Fatu Hiva, Atuona and Tahuata added.

Details: Silversea's seven-night voyages begin April 6, 2026, and start from $5,650 per person ($808 per person, per night) for an ocean-view cabin.

The line's 14-night sailings start on April 20, 2026. Fares start from $10,450 per person ($747 per person, per night) for ocean-view accommodations.

New Bermuda voyages on Carnival Venezia

Beginning in May of 2025, Carnival Cruise Line 's Carnival Venezia will sail a series of eight four- and five-night cruises to Bermuda from New York. These itineraries are notable because the line is aiming to increase its presence there but also because the style of the ship is new to even most of the brand's most dedicated passengers.

In 2022, Carnival announced its Costa by Carnival concept after revealing it would be transferring ships from its Costa sister brand to the Carnival fleet. Now, when travelers visit the Gibb's Hill Lighthouse or check out the island's renowned pink-sand beaches during a sailing on Carnival Venezia, they can enjoy both the Italian style of the ship and Carnival's fun atmosphere and high service standards.

Details: Voyages kick off on May 22, 2025. Prices start from $429 per person ($108 per person, per night) for an inside cabin on a four-night cruise departing Sept. 18, 2025.

Disney Cruise Line's Lighthouse Point itineraries

Disney Cruise Line 's new Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point , a private destination on the Bahamian island of Eleuthera, is set to open in June with a three-night preview sailing on June 6 aboard Disney Magic. Following the initial voyage, the line will run regular three- to seven-night voyages to Lighthouse Point on Disney Magic, Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream.

The island will feature a dedicated family beach and water play area, an arts and culture pavilion focused on Bahamian culture, 20 family cabanas, an adults-only beach and a selection of shore excursion options.

Details: Prices for itineraries that include Lighthouse Point start from $624 per person ($208 per person, per night) for a three-night cruise on Disney Magic. The cruise departs Nov. 5 and sails from Fort Lauderdale's Port Everglades to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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Editorial disclaimer: Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone, not those of any bank, credit card issuer, airline or hotel chain, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities.

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    1. general. yachting (also: boating, sailing) volume_up. navigation de plaisance {f} more_vert. The meeting also recognized the important contribution of the yachting sector. expand_more La Réunion a noté par ailleurs le rôle important du secteur de la navigation de plaisance.

  3. yachting

    yachting translate: navigation de plaisance. Learn more in the Cambridge English-French Dictionary.

  4. yacht

    yacht translate: yacht [masculine], (de) yacht. Learn more in the Cambridge English-French Dictionary.

  5. yacht

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  6. YACHT

    yacht {noun} volume_up. 1. nautical science. yacht. volume_up. yacht {m} more_vert. He is reported as: 'enjoying his summer holiday, sailing on a yacht '. expand_more On a indiqué qu'il "profitait de ses vacances d'été sur un yacht ".

  7. yacht

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  8. yacht

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    French English Contextual examples of "yachting" in English These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. bab.la is not responsible for their content. Selon Yachting Magazine, Montserrat dispose des atouts nécessaires pour devenir un site majeur pour la navigation de plaisance.

  10. yacht translation in French

    Specific standards and criteria are defined for the completed yacht.: Des normes et critères spécifiques sont définis une fois le yacht livré.: We advertise your yacht on various sources on the internet.: Nous annonçons votre yacht sur de diverses sources sur l'internet.: The yacht and the technical team are still in Gosport.: Le bateau et l'équipe technique sont toujours à Gosport.

  11. Translate "YACHT" from English into French

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  12. yacht translation in English

    yacht à glace. cruising yacht. n. yacht de croisière. "yacht": examples and translations in context. Nous suivons avec intérêt un départ mouvementé d'un yacht charter. We follow with interest an eventful start of a charter yacht.

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    The Mediterranean climate of the French Riviera is quite similar to that of Italy or Croatia, characterised by warm and sunny summers and mild winters with average temperatures ranging between 15 and 30°C. The warmest months, between July and August, also coincide with the main sailing season. One notable feature is the stunning blue sky, which remains cloudless on most days.

  15. English Translation of "YACHT"

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  18. yacht

    yacht translations: yacht, yacht. Learn more in the Cambridge French-English Dictionary.

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  20. YACHT

    YACHT translate: yacht, yacht. Learn more in the Cambridge French-English Dictionary.

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