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[ seyl -boht ]

  • a boat having sails as its principal means of propulsion.

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Other words from.

  • sailboater noun
  • sailboating noun

Word History and Origins

Origin of sailboat 1

Compare Meanings

How does sailboat compare to similar and commonly confused words? Explore the most common comparisons:

  • yacht vs. sailboat

Example Sentences

Have a bite to eat at a former sailboat repair shop at Rockport’s Glow.

He traveled to Monaco, and saw sailing yachts like the Parsifal and it has been “big sailboats” ever since.

A sweep of the space takes in a copy of “Philosophy of Nietzsche,” Batman and Robin action figures, random trophies and a miniature sailboat in the window.

For many years he was a carpenter, even building his own sailboat which, the last he knew, still floats.

His name was Peter Nickless and he lived in Baja California, on a sailboat called Expectation.

That it would sit there and bob calmly like a sailboat on a millpond-calm sea?

There is a confessional in the bookstore and the main table was made out of a sailboat by a friend.

Across the street from Dockside and the VFW, another 30-foot sailboat was capsized.

There was a channel among the reefs, which a small sailboat could pursue, if one were accurately acquainted with its windings.

Suddenly, without warning, he put his tiller over so that the sailboat headed away from the Viking for an instant.

Presently an unexpected hail came across the water to them from a sailboat they had overhauled.

Enough light remained, though, for the sharp eyes of Ferral to read the name on the sailboat's stern.

The Hawk followed the sailboat as far as the channel leading through the bar at the entrance to the Inlet.

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Sailing & boating

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Searching out and tracking down: talking about finding or discovering things

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Definition of sailing boat noun from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

  • sailing boat

is sailboating a word


Parts of the boat, parts related to sails, other terms.

...because it isn't as easy as 'left', 'right', 'front' and 'back'. No, no.

Port is the left side of the boat. It's as simple as that. I'm not entirely sure why don't they just call it 'left' these days. The name came to existence because centuries ago, you always docked your big boat with the harbor (port) being on the left side. And the word stuck with us till today.

is sailboating a word

Starboard is the right side of the boat. If in a car, you say 'look to your right', on a boat, you say 'look to the starboard'. Again, you might as well just call it 'right'. Oh, wait… you wouldn't seem as cool if you did. Alright, let's keep calling it starboard.

is sailboating a word

The bow is the front of the boat. The word likely comes from the Middle Dutch 'boech' (nowadays spelled 'boeg'). If you call it 'front' instead, you will get your message across just as well. But it won't get you the admiring looks from those around you.

is sailboating a word

Stern is the back of the boat. That is where you, as a captain, will spend most of your time. Whether you will force your crew to call it 'stern' or let them use the word 'back', like the dry land creatures they are, is up to you. After all, you are the captain.

is sailboating a word

The windward side of the boat is the side facing into the wind. So if the wind is coming from the right side, the windward side is on the right. Unlike some of the previous ones, this term actually makes sense - at times you need to talk about a direction not fixed in relation to the boat, but rather relative to the direction of the wind.

is sailboating a word

Leeward side of the boat is the lee side. If the wind is coming from the right side, the leeward side is on the left. Note that neither windward nor leeward specify the angle of the wind. Thus even if the wind was coming 20 degrees right off of the direction of the boat, so almost from the front, left would still be considered the leeward side.

is sailboating a word

Since there are gadgets and parts on the boat that you won't see anywhere else, it only makes sense they all have their own special name. You want to know these because unlike the direction terms where you can do with 'left' and 'right', you don't want to call a tiller 'that stick thing back there'.

Helm is the boat's steering wheel. In this case, I forgive those who came up with this name, since it is shorter than 'steering wheel' and thus saves valuable time that we can spend on sailing. Though I doubt linguistic economy was the reason.

is sailboating a word

Tiller is the long stick that operates your boat's rudder. A steering stick, if you will. It has the same function as a helm does, but it is usually used on smaller boats, where a helm would take up too much space. Or by people who prefer it to a helm, since a tiller offers a bit more in terms of response.

is sailboating a word

The rudder is the long, flat piece of metal or wood that sits underwater below the back of your boat. Connected to a tiller or a helm, it is used to control the direction of your exciting voyage. By the way, since aerodynamics and hydrodynamics work in similar ways, a plane is also operated by a rudder. Though that one isn't underwater. Hopefully.

is sailboating a word

Hull is the boat's body. Whatever the shape or size, whether opened on top (like a dinghy) or closed by a deck, (like a traditional sailboat) it's all called a hull. Structures sitting on top of the deck, like a deck salon or cabins, aren't considered a part of the hull anymore.

is sailboating a word

The keel is an underwater fin below the boat's belly. The sizes and shapes vary, sometimes it is relatively short and goes deep, (fin keel) sometimes it runs from the front all the way to the back (full keel or ballast keel). It is there mainly for stability and to help maintain forward direction when sailing.

is sailboating a word

The cockpit is the area where a boat is operated from. On sailboats, it is usually in the back and it is an open area without a roof, though this varies. You will find the rudder control and winches there. In 'smaller' (below 70 ft or so) sailboats this area oftentimes doubles as a deck dining place with a table and seating.

is sailboating a word

The bimini is a sun roof or shade that is covers the cockpit, and is generally attached to a steel frame which runs over the cockpit.

This is where things tend to get confusing. There are a whole lot of parts and a whole lot of names for them. It pays off for you and your crew to know them though, as during the stormier moments, you all want to be on the same boat (ha, ha) linguistically, as every second counts.

Lines are ropes. Not much more to add here. I suppose a 'line' sounds a bit fancier than a 'rope'. One thing this article will teach you is that if there is the slightest crack in the wall of your boat, linguistic elitism will leak its way in.

is sailboating a word

This one is quite self-explanatory. The mainsail is the main, largest sail of the boat, attached to the mast on the side and the boom at the bottom. It has a triangular shape and serves as the most important sail, the first one you should get acquainted with if you are just starting out.

is sailboating a word

The jib is the front sail of your boat, sometimes also called the genoa. That is as long as you are sailing on the traditional sloop - the classical two sail setup you see the most often. The jib is wrapped around the line that goes from the top of your mast to the boat's bow.

is sailboating a word

Spinnaker is the third type of sail you are the most likely to encounter on your travels. It goes in front of your boat and has a half balloon or kite-like shape. This is because it is constructed specifically for sailing downwind. Its purpose is to grab as much backwind as it can and drag your boat forward. It is not attached to the boat most of the time like the mainsail or the jib, instead, it is stored separately and used only when needed.

is sailboating a word

The mast is the tall, vertical pole that goes from the floor of your salon, through the deck, meters above your boat. All the sails are attached to it, also radars and lights, giving sailboats radio and visual visibility far greater than that of equally sized motorboats. Take that, ya noisy stinkies!

is sailboating a word

The boom is the horizontal pole right above the deck, attached to the mast at the right angle. The bottom of the mainsail is attached to it, it is used to determine its shape and direction. It is also where the mainsail is often stored, folded and covered with a protective sheet. The boom is also among the top causes of injuries on a sailboat, as in certain winds it tends to swing with force powerful enough to knock a few grown men overboard. Stay away from its reach at all times when under sail.

is sailboating a word

The forestay is the cable going from the top of the mast to the very front of the bow. It is there to hold the mast in place. Sometimes you will find people refer to it as the 'headstay'. It is often made of steel, so it is safe to hold on to it when you are pretending to be Jack on the bow of the Titanic's, the boat hits a wave and you lose your balance.

is sailboating a word

This diagram is from our guide on sailboat parts , which I really recommend for beginners. It walks you through all the most important sailboat parts in normal words.

The backstay is the cable going from the top of the mast to the very back of the boat. In many cases it is doubled at the bottom, each end attached to one corner of the back of the boat so that they don't interfere with space and provide more stability for the mast. Just as with forestay, these are made of steel.

Shrouds are the cables going from the top of the mast to the left and right side of the boat. Sometimes there are four, two on each side. Together with forestay and backstay, they make sure your mast withstands all the forces exerted on it when the wind pushes the sails.

The foot of a sail is its bottom edge. If you imagine a sail as a triangle, the base is called the foot. You probably won't use this term while sailing, but when researching proper sail trim, it is likely you will stumble upon it.

is sailboating a word

This diagram is again from our guide on sailboat parts , which I really recommend for beginners. If you're looking for a good starting point to learn your sailboat ins and outs, this article is perfect for you.

Leech of a sail is its back side edge. Thus it is the part closest to you when you are standing at the helm. Just as with the foot, this is a term quite often used when describing sail trimming techniques, since the shape of the leech determines the shape of the whole sail.

Luff of a sail is its front side edge. Thus the part the furthest from you when you are standing at the helm. For mainsail, it is the edge that is right next to the mast, for the foresail it is the edge right next to the forestay. Just as with foot and leech, the shape of these edges determines the overall shape of the sail so you will most likely encounter these terms in trimming lessons and tutorials.

The head of a sail is its top corner. On a traditional sloop, you will have the 'main head' and the 'jib head'. There is usually a reinforcing patch of some kind on these corners, as you will find a hole in them to which a line is attached.

It's also something else entirely, but more on that later ...

Halyard is the line attached to the sail head. On your boat, you will most likely have two. The 'main halyard' which is what you use to hoist your mainsail if it is folded on the boom, and the 'jib halyard' which holds the jib head up.

is sailboating a word

Clew of a sail is its back corner. The line attached to the 'main clew' will be used to hoist your mainsail if it is wrapped inside of the mast. The line attached to the 'jib clew' will be used to open the jib on most sailboats since jibs are most often wrapped around the luff.

Telltales are light, usually cotton or wool pieces of ropes attached to a sail, showing you the airflow around it. These are important because they help you determine if your trim is effective or not. Because of the material they are made of, you might sometimes encounter them being called 'woolies'.

Vang, or a 'boom vang' is a device pulling the boom down. This is important because it controls the tension of the mainsail, influencing its shape greatly. You won't find it on every boat though. Holiday cruisers often don't have it, as it is a piece of equipment focused on performance and thus not necessary for your average trip.

is sailboating a word

Topping Lift

The topping lift is a line that is attached to the aft (back) end of the boom and runs to the top of the mast. It supports the boom whenever you take down the mainsail.

Also referred to as a 'horse', the traveler is a side to side track to which the boom is attached, allowing the control of the extent to which the boom goes off the centerline. This is important especially if the wind is blowing from behind and you need to control the angle of the mainsheet.

is sailboating a word

Outhaul is the line attached to the mainsail or the jib clew, allowing the control of the foot tension. This is important for determining the sail shape - for instance in stronger winds, you want the foot to be more tense to achieve a more effective airflow as opposed to slower winds where you can allow the foot to arch more.

is sailboating a word

Reefing is reducing the sail area to lessen the power exerted on it by the wind. You may want to reef if the wind is getting too strong for your boat, or if it is changing too rapidly, as an overpowered boat is difficult to control. Fun fact: they say that when you feel you need to reef because the wind got too strong, it is already too late to reef.

is sailboating a word

A batten is a slat placed horizontally in the body of the sail to support its shape. You will not find them on all sailboats, it is a performance-enhancing element that many cruisers lack. It helps tremendously as without it, sails tend to belly out and lose their shape under certain conditions.

The cleat is a piece of fitting where a line can be secured and immobilized, even if under great tension. It usually consists of two cogwheel-like pieces fastened close to each other, in the middle of which the rope is placed, unable to move thanks to friction. This type is great as it allows for a quick release. Sometimes though, it is a simple piece of metal or plastic where the rope is tied.

...and then there are all those things that just float around you when sailing, those little things that are the reason for you having to carry a dictionary in your pocket.

Fenders are bumpers allowing some contact with other boats or piers while docked, without scraping the paint. They are often balloon-shaped, made of rubber or some relatively soft material. They are usually attached to the boat's railing and you move them around as you need.

is sailboating a word

The beam is the width of the boat. Could be just called width, I know. The word comes from the fact that there are transverse reinforcing beams in the boat hull and deck. Next time you are choosing your charter boat for holidays, you will know what this attribute means.

True wind is the actual direction and speed of the wind. This is different than the apparent wind, which is wind direction and speed relative to the boat. Apparent wind is a combination of the true wind and the headwind, which is the wind the boat experiences solely by being in motion.

The berth is a sleeping space on a boat. Thus if a boat has eight berths, it means eight people can comfortably sleep on it. Note that this often includes the salon couches, so a berth is not necessarily a space in an actual bed for one person.

is sailboating a word

Boat's draft is the distance from the water surface to the deepest point of the boat. In other words, the draft is the minimum water depth you can go to and not scrape your hull or keel. Better double this number when sailing, just to be safe, as hitting the seabed can have disastrous consequences.

Tacking is zig-zagging towards your destination. It is necessary in case your destination is in the direction of the wind since sailboats can not go directly into it. Since the closest to the wind direction you can sail is around 45 degrees, you have to change direction left and right from your desired course.

is sailboating a word

This diagram is from our guide on sailing into the wind for beginners , which explains in 7 simple steps how to get good upwind sailing performance.

Bareboat is a boat without a skipper. You will encounter this term in boat charters and it means you rent the boat without any crew, thus you need to operate it yourself. It is the best way to sail unless you enjoy living in close proximity to a sea wolf who you also have to feed.

The chart is a nautical map. It differs from classical maps as it depicts information relevant for a sailor - water depth, navigational hazards, seabed material, anchorages and so on. Formerly made of paper, these days made of ones and zeros. As is everything in this digital world.

is sailboating a word

We have a guide that explains all the different chart types clearly for beginners - read it here .

Galley on a boat is its kitchen. Also a medieval warship, but if you find this term in a boat's description, war is not likely what they have in mind.

is sailboating a word

Heads on a boat is the bathroom. Though in all my years of sailing I have never ever heard anybody use this term instead of a 'bathroom'. I suppose saying that you are going to use the heads just sounds odd.

is sailboating a word

A knot is the unit of speed of boats. It is equal to one nautical mile per hour. That is 1.852 kilometers per hour or 1.5078 miles per hour. Though a bit confusing and annoying at times, you will have to get used to this, since most of your boat's instruments will use this unit. It dates all the way back to the seventeenth century when boat's speed was measured with a rope with knots tied on it.

is sailboating a word

Mooring is attaching the boat to a buoy that is anchored to the seabed. This is usually a cheaper option to docking in a marina. It also means larger space between the boats anchored in the same area, thus more privacy. Though you will have to use your dinghy to get to shore instead of just stepping on the pier directly from your deck.

is sailboating a word

A salon on a boat is its living room. On smaller boats, it is usually in the same room as the boat's kitchen and the captain's corner with navigation instruments.

is sailboating a word

A skipper is the captain of a sailboat. If you ask me, the word 'captain' is much better than a skipper, which to me sounds like a small boy who sits on the shore the whole day, skipping stones. But hey, who am I to talk.

is sailboating a word

A monohull is a classical boat with a single hull. A boat with two hulls is called a catamaran, or a 'cat'. Although rare, there are also trimarans, boats with three hulls. Multihulls with four or more hulls do happen but they are an unnecessary freak of nature.

is sailboating a word

So there you have it. Fifty sailing terms you will encounter the most when traveling or learning. I know you might think some of them are a bit unnecessary since they have a perfectly fine 'real world' equivalent. I agree. But until the tradition changes, you might want to get some of these under your skin.

A boat's freeboard is the distance from the upper deck to the waterline. Classic yachts have low freeboards, so they appear to lay deeper in the water, as opposed to more modern yachts, which have a higher freeboard. It literally means 'free-board' : the amount of visible board.

The lunch hook is a light anchor setup that is used to moor small yachts temporarily. It typically uses a lightweight anchor on a short scope that takes little effort to set. The lunch hook is only used when the crew is on board and will be monitoring the anchor.

In naval architecture and ship design: “Head” = WC = Bathroom. A toilet is still a toilet. The toilet is in the head. In olden day, the toilet was a hole in the head.

Hi Rich, you’re absolutely right. I’ve corrected the error. Thanks for pointing it out.

A nautical mile is one minute of a degree, so if you travel 60 nautical miles that means you have gone 1 degree around the “globe”. (Note: arc length not actual length.) This is the original definition. As such the average was agreed upon and the lengths given a standardization. Which you mentioned.

As such 1 knot is to travel one nautical mile in an hour.

Also 1.5078. I think you made a mistake as it should be 1.1508 miles to a nautical mile.

Thanks for the information. Sorry about being a pedantic mathematics teacher.

So, where is the “nautical mile” calculated from, the equator or one of the tropic lines?

Just to clarify a nautical mile. If you draw an imaginary line from the North Pole or South Pole to the center of the Earth and draw another line from the center of the Earth to any point on the equator, it forms a right angle, which is 90 degrees. This equates to latitude. The equator is 0 degrees and the poles are 90 degrees. Your latitude is the angle that you are north or south of the equator. Each degree of latitude is divided into 60 minutes. A minute of latitude is the same distance matter where you are on Earth. It is 6,076 feet. This is the length of a nautical mile. A statute mile is 5,280 feet, so a nautical mile is 1.1508 statute miles.

Thank you very clear and well explained. Hopefully I’ll remember The Fifty


Really? No gunwale? No transom? Those or basic terms to the Washington State Boater Education Card required to operate watercraft here. Definitely more of a “need to know” than bimini.

Thank you, those definitions and explanations were clear, thorough, and helpful. I’m really glad I found my way (somehow) to your webpage.

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is sailboating a word

How To Live On a Boat For Free: How I'd Do It

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Thesaurus Definition of sailboat

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  • square - rigger

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sailing 101

Sailing 101: A Beginner’s Guide

is sailboating a word

Table of Contents

Last Updated on September 1, 2023 by Boatsetter Team

Many people think it takes years of training and experience to navigate the waters when it comes to sailing safely. While there is some truth to this, it certainly doesn’t take much to get started. The first step to becoming a sailor starts with knowing the rules and basic vocabulary associated with sailing and then moving on to more hands-on training with your sailboat. 

Sailing is one of the most invigorating sports or hobbies out there; almost everyone has dreamed of sailing the seas at one time or another. This luxurious sounding goal can certainly be accomplished by  renting or chartering a boat , but having and sailing your own boat comes with the freedom and flexibility most sailboat owners are seeking.

There is a lot to be learned when starting out and learning to sail a boat of your own. While this Sailing tutorial only gives you the basic information you need to get started, once learned, this knowledge can serve as the doorway to your grandest adventures at sea.  

Important Vocabulary

Knowing the vocabulary is crucial when it comes to sailing and communicating with   others on the water. As you progress through the trials and joys of sailboat ownership, you’ll become more familiar with the terms and vocabulary associated with sailing .  

There are over a hundred terms unique to sailing, sailboats, and boating in general. The terms described below are the very basic vocabulary needed to get started on your journey, so familiarizing yourself with them is key to starting on the right foot.

Aft:  The aft of the boat means the back end of the boat. If something is said to be “aft,” it’s referring to a location at the back of the boat. The aft of the boat is also known as the stern .

Boom:  The boom is the giant horizontal pole attached to the mainsail. Adjusting the boom allows the sail to harness the power of the wind . 

Bow :  The bow is the front end of the boat. Anything in the front end of the boat will be referred to as “ forward ” of the boat.

Helm :  The helm of the boat is the area in which you steer the boat. Most sailboats have a wheel at the helm of the boat that is used for steering.

Heeling:  This is when the wind picks up under your sailboat, causing it to lean over and speed up.

Jib:  The jib is the secondary sail on a sailboat. The jib is located forward on the mast and does not have a boom. 

Keel :  The keel of the boat is the long shark-fin-looking thing protruding from the boat’s bottom. The keel gives the boat stability and helps to prevent the boat from capsizing.

Leeward:  Leeward means the opposite direction of the wind or the side of the boat opposite to the wind; the low side when heeling over.

Lines:  In the boating community, ropes are referred to as lines.

Mainsail:  The mainsail is the biggest sail on the boat . It is triangular and is attached to the boom.

Port :  This is anything to the left of the bow. You won’t hear the terms left and right very often on a sailboat; you’re more likely going to hear port instead of left.  

Starboard :   Anything to the right-hand side of the bow is considered starboard. This term is used instead of saying right-hand side. Left and right can become confusing on the open seas, so these terms were established based on the front of the sailboat.  

Tacking : refers to the action of changing direction by bringing the bow of the boat through the wind in the process.

Windward:  Windward refers to the side of the boat closest to the wind, the high side, and the direction the wind is currently blowing.

Be Prepared

Learning how to sail

As romantic as it sounds, most first-time sailing trips are not the carefree sail you imagine. They are more a part of a huge learning curve experienced by all sailors at one time or another. Some things can certainly make you more comfortable, and there are probably items that you will inevitably wish you’d brought.

Things can get rough out there, especially if you’re a novice sailor. Don’t be discouraged, though; you have to start somewhere. Make sure you have a waterproof jacket, shoes that won’t slip and slide on wet surfaces, sunscreen, and a life jacket for yourself and everyone on board. Also, make sure the fire extinguishers are up to date…. just in case. 

Checking the weather before you go sailing is always a good idea, especially if you’re new to it. Windy conditions can make for some great sailing but can also be a recipe for disaster. Scheduling your inaugural trip on a slightly less breezy day is ideal for getting to know the ropes. Always get your weather forecast from a  reliable weather source  that’s focused on boating and weather at sea. 

One thing that new sailboat owners are not accustomed to is avoiding getting struck by the swinging boom. Until a combination of muscle memory and autonomic reflexes takes over in your brain, it’s going to take some conscious observation to avoid getting hit in the back of the head when the boom swings.  

Know the Rules

Knowing the rules  of boating is of utmost importance when taking to the water. Could you imagine someone getting a car and driving around not knowing a single rule of the road, sounds like a chaotic mess; the same applies to sailing. Besides, it can be pretty scary when you are heading straight toward the bow of an enormous sailboat, and you’re not sure who has the right of way.

The most common boating rules and regulations can be obtained from boating websites which give you the basics. However, each state has its own set of rules, much of which varies from state to state. Check the rules and regulations for out on the water and those associated with owning and registering your sailboat.  

Starting Out

There are various ways to gain valuable experience before hitting the high seas with your crew . There’s almost no amount of reading material that can fully prepare you for sailing, so getting out there beforehand is key to your success.

Take a hands-on sailing course:  Taking a sailing class that puts you out on the water with professionals is by far the best way to gain experience. While some of the courses may be pricey, you get valuable information and an opportunity to experience sailboating with other like-minded individuals. You may even make some new friends.

Go out with friends:  If you’re considering taking on sailing as a hobby or sport, it’s likely that you either have friends or family involved already or you are living in an area that encourages sailing. Tagging along on a friend’s boat can give you valuable training hours while enjoying the day with a buddy or two.  

Rent a boat…and a captain  : Renting a boat is a good way to get out on the water with little to no pressure. This is particularly helpful when deciding what kind of sailboat you want to buy . Some websites link boat owners and captains to individuals and families wanting an outing on the water.

Get Out and Practice

practice sailing

The next step of your sailing adventures begins with practicing. It’s very tempting to hit the water the minute you acquire your new sailboat, but this isn’t necessarily a good idea. Starting slow and getting to know your boat can save you a lot of stress while working through potential mishaps that could otherwise have escalated into a serious problem.

Start slow and small if possible. If you have the opportunity to  rent a boat  a little lighter or smaller than the one you plan on using, your chances of successfully navigating a bigger sailboat are improved exponentially`. 

Take an experienced sailor with you on your first couple of times out in your boat. Let them guide you along as they see potential mistakes while still allowing you a learning curve.

Go to an area that is less likely to be crowded by other boats; it’s easier to focus on the ins and outs of learning to sail when you’re not worried about getting plowed down by a party yacht.

Plan your practice runs when the weather is ideal. As with overcrowding, not having to worry about the weather allows you to fine-tune your technique.

This practice time is the perfect opportunity to learn the points of the sail. There are 8 points of the sail in total, with each having a different effect on the direction and speed of your sailboat. Learning to master the points of sail is essential for quick maneuvers and sudden weather changes. 

It’s one thing to start out slow and easy, but eventually, it’s time to get serious about sailing. Once you’re comfortable and confident in your sailboat, it’s time to introduce some environmental factors you’re likely to encounter while out on your boat, like the bad weather and crowded waters that were being avoided during practice.

Have an experienced sailor accompany you as you venture out into choppy waters, wind gusts, and whatever weather your geographic region might throw at you. Have an expert there as you navigate your way through the inevitable.

The same applies to sailing in crowded waters. This can be very intimidating at first, and it’s best to ease into it with a seasoned sailor on hand. Having someone to help maneuver you through a maze of various-sized boats will be a worthwhile lesson.

Hit the Water

rent a sailboat

Most sailors know intuitively when they are ready and confident enough to sail without a chaperone. Having someone knowledgeable about sailing onboard is always a good idea in case of an emergency, if at all possible.

There is a fire or your boat capsizes; you must have a plan. Preparing for these events depends on your boat and other environmental factors particular to your geographic region. Having a medical kit and first-hand knowledge of CPR is also a valuable tool for boating safety and emergencies.

Many boaters will have real-time practice drills where they intentionally capsize their boat to train and prepare for the worst-case scenario; others will practice the routine for rescuing someone who’s fallen overboard. It’s good to know the  correct procedure  for dealing with sailing and boating emergencies.

As a boat owner, it’s also your responsibility to go above and beyond the state laws to protect the waters you choose to sail in. There are many environmental factors to consider, like fuel and oil leaks and greywater disposal, to name a few. Familiarizing yourself with some of the  eco-friendly best practices  will be beneficial at any level.

It takes some sailors many years to perfect their craft, and even then, each time out serves as an opportunity to learn something more about sailing or experience something new out at sea. Once you get out there and spend time with other sailboat owners, you’ll learn the secrets of the seas and the tricks of the trade.

Sailing is unlike any other sport or hobby out there. For some, it serves as a sense of freedom, others exhilaration. Many sailboat owners enjoy the lifestyle that comes with owning a sailboat; sitting on your sailboat with friends as the sun sets over the ocean certainty exudes a passion for the finer things in life!

boatsetter loco

Boatsetter empowers people to explore with confidence by showing them a world of possibility on the water. Rent  a boat,  list  your boat, or become a  Boatsetter captain  today.

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What Should You Do If Your Boat Capsizes

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As boating season nears, safety measures urged

With boating season upon us, people are being urged to prioritize safety before heading out on the water.

During the summer months, B.C.’s waterways are filled with recreational boats and thousands of commercial vessels, all vying for space.

According to Sean Baxter, the harbour master with the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, some of the deep sea vessels are nearly 360 meters in length, the equivalent of up to six hockey rinks.

“Trade is growing through the port of Vancouver, and with that comes more opportunity for interaction between commercial vessels and recreational vessels,” he said.

Baxter said it’s important for recreational boat users to be vigilant while setting sail.

“Be deliberate with your actions,” he said. “Deep sea vessels can’t always see recreational vessels, especially in narrow channels. Stay to the right of the channel. Stay out of the way.”

While the water may appear calm, it can be deceiving, especially as you near the Lions Gate and Ironworkers Memorial bridges.

Sgt. Darin McDougall, with the Vancouver Police Department's marine units, said the funneling of the water through these narrow channels can create dangerous tides.

“They actually cause recreational boats to sink,” he said. “One or two a year in each of those locations.”

Danielle Wensauer, the associate director of marine safety and security with Transport Canada, said it’s crucial for people to be prepared before heading out.

She encourages recreational boat users to get their pleasure craft operator card, check the weather before leaving, make sure they have safety equipment, boat sober, and always wear a life jacket that fits.

“There are almost 500 drownings a year in Canada, with roughly 100 of those related to recreational boating,” Wensauer said. “For me, the more startling statistic is this one: (Of) all boating-related deaths, 80 per cent of those involve a person not wearing a life jacket.” 

Vancouver Top Stories

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'Horrible, disastrous consequences': Residents call on government to fix dangerous Metro Vancouver intersection

is sailboating a word

B.C. study tracks breaths of killer whales using stunning drone video

is sailboating a word

Canucks prepare for potential series-clinching Game 6 in Edmonton

is sailboating a word

B.C. court rules on condo purchase dispute that ended long-term friendship

is sailboating a word

'Unconscionable': B.C. mayor warns against sharing videos of properties destroyed by fire

is sailboating a word

Stolen excavator recovered using GPS in Maple Ridge, RCMP say

is sailboating a word

Men found dead in Surrey, B.C., home didn't have criminal records

is sailboating a word

Former B.C. university security guard convicted of manslaughter avoids jail time

Ctvnews.ca top stories.

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The Slovak prime minister is stable after 'miracles' in the hospital as suspect appears in court

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico's condition was stable but serious Saturday as the man accused of trying to assassinate him faced his first court appearance.

Banking mogul suing government after intelligence leaks leave him shut out of Canadian economy

Chinese Canadian banking mogul Shenglin Xian has launched a $300 million lawsuit against the federal government. It’s a means to find the source of intelligence leaks which Xian says has cost him his livelihood.

Woman with liver failure rejected for a transplant after medical review highlights alcohol use

For nearly three months, Amanda Huska has been in an Ontario hospital, part of it on life support, because of severe liver failure. Her history of alcohol use is getting in the way of her only potential treatment: a liver transplant.

Box tree moths have infested Ontario and experts say more are coming. Here's what to do to protect your garden

An invasive moth species is on the rise in Canada and, if you've planted a certain shrub, it could stand to ruin your garden.

Serial sexual offender linked to unsolved 1970s homicides of four Calgary girls, women

An investigation into unsolved historical homicides from the 1970s has linked the deaths of two girls and two young women in and around Calgary to a now-deceased serial offender.

Flash floods due to unusually heavy seasonal rains kill at least 68 people in Afghanistan

Flash floods from heavy seasonal rains have killed at least 68 people in Afghanistan, Taliban officials said Saturday, adding the death toll was based on preliminary reports.

B.C. man 'attacked suddenly' by adult grizzly near Alberta boundary: RCMP

A B.C. man is recovering from multiple injuries after he was "attacked suddenly" by an adult grizzly bear near Elkford Thursday afternoon.

Oilers focus on Saturday's game, try to ignore prospect of elimination from playoffs

They're on the verge of being eliminated, but there's only one thing the Edmonton Oilers can do, says their coach: Remain focused.

N.B. man takes talent to the air, hoping others catch his love for extreme pogo stick performing

Duncan Murray is one of only a handful of Canadians to be considered a professional extreme pogo athlete.

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Police remain tight-lipped one year after crash killed municipal worker near Victoria

One year after an allegedly reckless driver careened into a municipal park east of Victoria, killing a 52-year-old husband and father of two young children, there are few answers about what led to the crash and no criminal charges have been forwarded to prosecutors.

The mayor of a northeast British Columbia community threatened by wildfires is warning people who stayed behind in the evacuation zone to stay on their properties and not share images of fire destruction on social media.

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'Altercation' in Penticton leaves 1 dead: RCMP

One person is dead after a fight in Penticton early Sunday morning, according to authorities.

Suspect fled in 2-door Fiat after convenience store robbery, Merritt RCMP say

A suspect is at large after robbing a convenience store at gunpoint in Merritt, B.C., Friday, according to local police.

Kamloops RCMP issue public warning about 2 men allegedly at centre of 'organized crime conflict'

After four targeted shootings in four days, Mounties in Kamloops are taking the unusual step of warning the public about two men they believe are likely to be targeted in future violent incidents.

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Police searching for black Ford Fusion after road rage incident in Edmonton

Police are looking for three people after a road rage incident in south Edmonton on Friday morning.

is sailboating a word

Alberta Medical Association sounds alarm over lack of available oncologists

The Alberta Medical Association is expressing deep concerns to the provincial government over a lack of oncologists needed to provide cancer care to keep up with population growth.

Pride societies rally against UCP policy proposal for International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia

Friday was the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia and several dozen supporters gathered at a rally in Calgary’s Beltline community to raise awareness of rights and violations.

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Lethbridge home prices continue to rise

The average home price in Lethbridge has jumped 11.6 per cent in the last year. A home in Lethbridge now costs just over $374,000 on average. That's according to the latest data from the Alberta Real Estate Association.

Downtown Lethbridge lawlessness task force seeing positive progress

Lethbridge has been working to address lawlessness in the city’s downtown over the past six months.

Patios and parklets program returns to downtown Lethbridge for 2024

It's just about patio season in Lethbridge, and the city is once again rolling out its annual patios and parklets program.

is sailboating a word

To plant or not to plant? Gardening tips for May long weekend

May long weekend is finally here, and with the extra time off you may be getting the itch to head out to your garden and plant. However, the old debate whether you should plant now, or wait, is still ever-present.

UPDATED | Bomb unit removes 'volatile substance' from Winnipeg hospital research centre

The Winnipeg police bomb unit removed a 'volatile substance' from a Winnipeg hospital research centre Friday afternoon, prompting an evacuation.

Cleanup, damage assessment underway after Winnipeg thunderstorm and hail

Winnipeggers were left surveying the damage and cleaning up after a thunderstorm rolled through the city Thursday afternoon.

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Sask. Teachers' Federation recommending tentative deal with province to its members

The Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation (STF) and province announced that a tentative agreement had been reached on Friday afternoon, with the STF recommending and endorsing the potential deal to teachers.

'Unequivocally false': Sask. premier says of legislative Speakers' claims of harassment, intimidation

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe says claims of intimidation and harassment by legislative Speaker Randy Weekes are 'unequivocally false.'

WEATHER | Windy start to long weekend expected, sun and showers possible

A look at what to expect weather wise in Regina this May long weekend.

is sailboating a word

Sask. doctor says physicians aren’t being paid correctly under province’s new billing system

A Saskatoon family doctor says the province’s new billing system is a disaster.

'The car was half inside my children's room': Car crashes into Saskatoon apartment building

Firefighters responded to a scene on the 300 Block of Herold Road Friday morning after a car collided with an apartment building.

is sailboating a word

$500K-worth of elvers seized at Toronto airport

Fishery and border service officers seized more than 100 kilograms of unauthorized elvers at the Toronto Pearson International Airport on Wednesday.

Victoria Day long weekend: where to watch fireworks?

For those looking to watch the fireworks this weekend, here's a list of celebrations from the GTA to the Niagara region.

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His SUV was stolen on Montreal's South Shore. Then he got a $156 parking ticket

A couple is frustrated after their SUV was stolen from Montreal's South Shore in March and they received a parking ticket for the same vehicle last week.

Online obituary business from Quebec City catching flak for posting unauthorized death notices

Some within the funeral home and mortuary services industries in Quebec say they are frustrated with an online obituary site that publishes death notices from public information posted on the internet. They claim the site is doing so without consent from the families.

2 men plead guilty in Leonardo Rizzuto attempted murder

Two men pleaded guilty to the 2023 attempted murder of Leonardo Rizzuto, the youngest son of the late reputed Mafia boss Vito Rizzuto.

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NEW THIS MORNING | The eight most expensive homes for sale in Ottawa this spring

Ottawa's ultra luxury housing market is blooming like the tulips this spring, with a significant increase in the number of homes sold worth more than $2 million.

Off to cloudy, rainy, hot Saturday in Ottawa

Though it's quite hot in Ottawa Saturday, it's going to be a mainly cloudy and rainy day.

St.Laurent Station remains closed Saturday, here's the alternative

Though the rail service Saturday will launch as planned, St-Laurent Station remains closed after finding evidence of corrosion and concrete delamination during a regular inspection on the ceiling tiles on Friday, OC Transpo says.

is sailboating a word

Campers issued ticket after Halifax firefighters forced to extinguish fire in Stillwater Lake, N.S.

Two campers have been issued a ticket after Halifax firefighters had to extinguish a fire in Stillwater Lake, N.S., Friday.

'You can really start to feel the excitement': Unofficial start to summer kicks off in the Maritimes

Maritimers and tourists are gearing up for the unofficial start to summer as the May Long Weekend gets underway.

Laura Lee Langley named new president of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

A former high-profile Nova Scotia civil servant has been appointed as head of a well-known federal agency.

is sailboating a word

CTV News London's top stories from this week

In case you missed it, CTV News London has compiled all the top local stories from this week into one video for your convenience.

Warm, sunny conditions expected this holiday weekend

After cloudy conditions clear early Saturday morning, Midwestern Ontario is in store for a beautiful long weekend.

London mother sentenced in stabbing death of former Helix guitarist

A London, Ont. mother of five was sentenced to seven years in prison Friday for her part in the stabbing death of Daniel Fawcett, the ex-guitarist for the rock band Helix.

is sailboating a word

Impaired driver sentenced to 7 years after double-fatal Cambridge crash

A man who killed two people in a drunk driving crash was sentenced Friday to seven years behind bars.

Remembering the ‘perfect storm’ that was 1974 Cambridge flood

The Grand River burst its banks on May 17, 1974 and water spilled onto several city streets - a day Cambridge, and residents, will never forget.

New tech tool used in search for missing Kitchener man

Waterloo regional police used a new tech tool as part of their search for a missing elderly man this week.

Northern Ontario

is sailboating a word

Northern Ont. man jailed 10 days for fishing violations

A Sault Ste. Marie man has been jailed for 10 days for failing to comply with a court order banning him from fishing.

Stumbling impaired driver in the Sault was on wrong side of the road, crashed into a house

A 29-year-old suspect in Sault Ste. Marie has been charged after police received reports this week of an extremely intoxicated person getting into a vehicle.

is sailboating a word

The latest advice for expecting parents? Sign up for child care as soon as you're pregnant

Canada's new $10-a-day child care program is expanding, but there's growing evidence that demand for the program is rising even faster, leaving many parents on the outside looking in.

Study says aquaculture likely driving wild salmon extinction in Newfoundland

A new study shows an Atlantic salmon population in southern Newfoundland is disappearing, and it says nearby aquaculture operations are a likely contributor to the decline.

'Irate male' assaulted Newfoundland officers with block of cheese, police say

Police in Newfoundland say patrol officers were assaulted Thursday by a "very irate male" wielding a block of cheese.

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  1. Sailboat Definition & Meaning

    The meaning of SAILBOAT is a boat usually propelled by sail.


    SAILBOAT meaning: 1. a small boat with sails 2. a small boat with sails 3. a boat with one or more sails used to move…. Learn more.

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    Sailboat definition: . See examples of SAILBOAT used in a sentence.


    SAILBOAT definition: 1. a small boat with sails 2. a small boat with sails 3. a boat with one or more sails used to move…. Learn more.

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    Definition of sailboating from the Collins English Dictionary. Read about the team of authors behind Collins Dictionaries. New from Collins Quick word challenge. ... We have almost 200 lists of words from topics as varied as types of butterflies, jackets, currencies, vegetables and knots! Amaze your friends with your new-found knowledge!

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    Especially US and Canadian the sport of using a sailing boat.... Click for English pronunciations, examples sentences, video.

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    Definition of sailboat noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more.

  8. SAILBOAT Definition & Meaning

    Sailboat definition: a boat having sails as its principal means of propulsion.. See examples of SAILBOAT used in a sentence.

  9. SAILBOAT definition in American English

    sailboating. noun. Word origin [1790-1800; sail + boat] Examples of 'sailboat' in a sentence sailboat. ... We have almost 200 lists of words from topics as varied as types of butterflies, jackets, currencies, vegetables and knots! Amaze your friends with your new-found knowledge!

  10. Sailboating Definition & Meaning

    Sailboating definition: The act of travelling in a sailboat . Find Similar Words Find similar words to sailboating using the buttons below.

  11. 50 Nautical, Sailing & Boat Terms for Beginners

    Shroud - a part of the boat's rigging that supports the mast from side-to-side. Stay - a part of the boat's rigging that supports the mast fore and aft. Tacking - changing direction under sail where the bow swings through the eye of the wind. Trim - to adjust sails inward or closer to the centerline of a boat.

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    Look up the word SAILBOATING in the free online Wordplays Dictionary. Find words when you play Scrabble. Dictionary lookups are free. Check if the word SAILBOATING is in the dictionary and get the dictionary definition for English words used in Words with Friends and the Scrabble Crossword game. Learn about Official Scrabble® Word Lists, or study Scrabble word lists and sharpen your skills ...

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    sailboat: 1 n a small sailing vessel; usually with a single mast Synonyms: sailing boat Types: show 4 types... hide 4 types... catamaran a sailboat with two parallel hulls held together by single deck catboat a sailboat with a single mast set far forward sharpie a shallow-draft sailboat with a sharp prow, flat bottom, and triangular sail; ...

  14. Sailing & boating

    Sailing & boating - related words and phrases | Cambridge SMART Vocabulary

  15. Sailboat Definition & Meaning

    Sailboat definition: A small boat propelled partially or wholly by sail.

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    sailboat - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free.

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    Definition of sailing boat noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more.

  18. The Only 50 Sailing Terms You'll Need To Know (With Pictures)

    The bow is the front of the boat. The word likely comes from the Middle Dutch 'boech' (nowadays spelled 'boeg'). If you call it 'front' instead, you will get your message across just as well. But it won't get you the admiring looks from those around you. Stern. Stern is the back of the boat. That is where you, as a captain, will spend most of ...

  19. SAILBOAT Synonyms: 38 Similar Words

    Synonyms for SAILBOAT: yacht, ship, schooner, sloop, dinghy, frigate, vessel, galley, bark, windjammer

  20. Sailing 101: A Beginners Guide

    Heeling:This is when the wind picks up under your sailboat, causing it to lean over and speed up. Jib:The jib is the secondary sail on a sailboat. The jib is located forward on the mast and does not have a boom. Keel:The keel of the boat is the long shark-fin-looking thing protruding from the boat's bottom.

  21. Nautical (Sailing) Terms (Words & Phrases), Nomenclature and

    Nautical & Sailing Terms & Phrases, Terminology & Nomenclature for Sailing, Sailboating, and Sailboarding. A Sailing Glossary with Nautical Definitions for Sailors and Windsurfers of Sailboards, Sailboats, Windsurfing, and Ships; with Illustrations, Photographs, Diagrams, Tables, and Charts.

  22. Metro Vancouver boaters urged to be safe this summer

    Published May 16, 2024 5:30 p.m. PDT. Share. With boating season upon us, people are being urged to prioritize safety before heading out on the water. During the summer months, B.C.'s waterways ...

  23. SAILBOAT definition and meaning

    A sailboat is the same as a →sailing boat. [mainly US].... Click for English pronunciations, examples sentences, video.

  24. Elon Musk Says the Tesla Cybertruck Can Float Like a Boat

    According to Fox News report from 2020, Musk said the Cybertruck "can float for a while." Physically speaking, just about any truck or vehicle with an enclosed bottom can float. The currently ...